Rumor Patrol: Michael B. Jordan Signed on to Play Johnny Storm in ‘Fantastic Four’?

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Michael B Jordan in Fruitvale Station1 Rumor Patrol: Michael B. Jordan Signed on to Play Johnny Storm in Fantastic Four?

The talk of Chronicle star Michael B. Jordan potentially playing Johnny Storm AKA the Human Torch in Twentieth Century Fox’s Fantastic Four reboot has provoked some pretty polarized reactions. While Jordan’s previous work has left a lot of people excited by the prospect of him joining the superhero team, some fans of the comics are less than happy with the idea of the originally white Johnny Storm being played by a black actor.

There is a lot to be said for casting Jordan, who is the right age to play the character, has the right kind of athletic build and has already proven adept at portraying charismatic and slightly brash characters. The debate has been dragged out, however, by the fact that talk of this particular casting choice has been resurfacing for months without Jordan either officially taking the role or turning it down.

After a whole lot of maybes, there are now claims of a certainty. A “trusted source” from within Jordan’s agency reportedly told Schmoes Know that the actor has signed on the dotted line to play Johnny Storm, which would make him the first actor who be firmly attached to the reboot.

A few different sites have erroneously described this casting as “official” despite the fact that the source is unnamed and, most notably, the major trades like THR and Deadline have not yet reported it. The story began spreading very fast as soon as it broke, but every other story links back to the Schmoes Know article and right now there are no other sources corroborating or confirming the story.

human torch kevin pennington Rumor Patrol: Michael B. Jordan Signed on to Play Johnny Storm in Fantastic Four?

We’ll keep a question mark next to the news of Jordan actually signing on to play the role for now, but whether pen has been put to paper or not it’s already looking very likely that he’s going to get the part. Rumors that director Josh Trank and Twentieth Century Fox were considering Jordan for the role have been circulating since this summer and Jordan himself recently said that he’s “definitely interested” in the project. While multiple actors have been mentioned as possibilities for the other three members of the team, Jordan’s name is the only one that’s been connected with the Johnny Storm role.

Jordan and Trank are already old friends and both of them hit the spotlight after Trank’s found footage superhero movie Chronicle. Jordan recently played the lead in true-life drama Fruitvale Station, for which he won Best Actor awards at the Zurich Film Festival, the Hollywood Film Festival and the Hamptons International Film Festival. Jordan will also star alongside Zac Efron in upcoming raunchy comedy That Awkward Moment and will play the grandson of Apollo Creed in Rocky spin-off Creed. He’s definitely popular enough to be a draw for the Fantastic Four reboot whilst still being affordable within a film that will necessarily have a big FX budget.

Michael B Jordan in Talks for Independence Day 2 Rumor Patrol: Michael B. Jordan Signed on to Play Johnny Storm in Fantastic Four?

One of the questions raised by fans amidst the backlash is whether or not Johnny Storm being played by a black actor will affect his relationship with Sue Storm, since the actors rumored to be in line for that role – Saoirse Ronan, Margot Robbie and Kate Mara – are all white. There are numerous ways that this could be handled, for example by one of the Storms being adopted or by them being half-siblings or step-siblings, but a lot of fans have been throwing out their own suggestions for who should play Sue. Orange is the New Black‘s Samira Wiley is a current favorite, along with Zoe Saldana (Star Trek Into Darkness) and Kerry Washington (who starred in the last two Fantastic Four movies as Alicia Masters).

Consider this rumor to be unconfirmed for now, but it is definitely in line with the direction that the Fantastic Four casting seems to be taking. Since the movie was originally supposed to start filming in September, we can hopefully expect more concrete details soon as Fox moves to use the Fantastic Four rights or risk losing them.


Fantastic Four is set for release on March 6th, 2015.

Source: Schmoes Know

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  1. The great thing about this article is that we can read the comments and see who deserves to procreate and who should be put down for being racists.

    It’s like a litmus test of sorts.

    Where were these racists when we had a Latino Spider-Man? Or when comic book fans campaigned to get Donald Glover the main role in The Amazing Spider-Man and then to have a black Spider-Man in the comic books that looked like Glover?

    • Just because I don’t like him being cast as the Human Torch does not make me a racist. I’m more of a comic purist really. It’s like if they cast a white guy to be Luke Cage or the Fantastic Four were all women. I’d still be upset over that.

      FYI, just because you disagree with something race wise, does not make that person an automatic racist. You are brainwashed by the media.

    • “Where were these racists when we had a Latino Spider-Man? Or when comic book fans campaigned to get Donald Glover the main role in The Amazing Spider-Man”

      Here is an education for ya.

      1.Pure Latinos are Spanish/Portuguese. They are White/Caucasian ergo.

      2.Pure Italians descended from the original Romans are White. The darker Italians are descendants of the Slaves of the Roman conquests that were brought to Rome.

      So it doesent matter in a lot of cases where the lead actor may be a foreigner because they may be Caucasian/White all the same.

      Johnny Storm was White. Always was always White always will be. The Hulk was Green, always was, always will be. Superman was White and always will be. Tony Stark was White, always will be. If Black people want Black superheroes then let them create their own comics and then have Spike Lee direct em. Still crying that there were no Black Hobbits in the LOTR films no doubt.

      In the end, you are the racist, cause race-baiting is all you have in your life.

  2. I have only been half following this thread, but is it to soon to make the obvious joke about being the human torch charcoal colored Johnny?

    I know before you yell that it was not a great joke but I was bored at work. :)

  3. I heard rumors that Oprah was playing Sue Storm. What a fantastic choice!

    • Actually Oprah would make a great Doctor Doom…two politically correct birds with one stone and then she could slap the hell out of Reed for allowing Latverian slavery.

      • Oprah for doc Doom is a great choice. Super Minority!! Maybe the girl who played Precious for Sue Storm??

  4. I think the problem is in some people’s heads. The issue here is the way the character was done. If the comic states that the character is white, then respect that.

    I don’t care if he is black or if he is a good actor or not. I read F4 comics. I watched the cartoons. I even bought actions figures. The image is imprinted in my mind. If it wasn’t for the fan base, there wouldn’t even be a chance to make a film in the first place.

    If this guy is offered the part for a Jedi Knight, I’m more than OK with it. If Idris Elba is the next Blade, great. Just respect the comic and the fans.

  5. I think the problem is in some people’s heads. The issue here is the way the character was done. If the comic states that the character is white, then respect that.

    I don’t care if he is black or if he is a good actor or not. I read F4 comics. I watched the cartoons. I even bought actions figures. The image is imprinted in my mind. If it wasn’t for the fan base, there wouldn’t even be a chance to make a film in the first place.

    If this guy is offered the part for a Jedi Knight, I’m more than OK with it. If Idris Elba is the next Blade, great. Just respect the comic and the fans.

    • No, Karl Urban should be the next Blade. There’s nothing in his origin that says he has to be black.

  6. Sounds like if you’re against the idea then you are called a racist. Johnny Storm was White — leave it as such! Is Sue going to be Black too? Reed Richards? Hell, turn it into a Cosby Show instead of staying true to a comic book that been with us for 50 years?

    It’d be like Hollywood’s ‘re-make’ of Wild, Wild West where Will Smith played the main character during a time in history Blacks didn’t work in such professions for the government mainly because Slavery was still the norm in the USA. No wonder that movie didn’t do very well.

  7. Here’s how to make Black Panther white.

    When he is a boy, His parents are zoologists on safari in Wakanda they take him with them, his parents are also close friends with the Wakandian Royal Family, a huge vibranium meteorite falls from the sky and causes a stampede in which his parents are killed, he is gravely injured, the doctor fixes him up as best as he can but will die without a blood transfusion he has a very rare blood type which they have none in stock and the only available donor is the king himself so the king gives him his blood. The king’s biological son is also in the stampede he survives but looses a hand. The King then shuts off the country from outsiders. The king and queen adopt the boy. Years later the king’s biological son is caught selling vibranium to outsiders and banished. The king then dies and then the boy now called T’Challa becomes the Black Panther, the biological son returns now calling himself Klaw.

  8. If you don’t want a black Human Torch, and he’s happened to be played by a black actor, don’t watch the movie haha. In the end it’s up to none of us who gets the role and I don’t care, as a fan of the Fantastic Four I’m going to watch the movie. Honestly the people in charge don’t care if you want a black Johnny Storm or not, they’re going to hire who they believe is best for the role. Comic fans are so annoying. And being one myself, I can back that opinion up… Stop being big babies and go back to your jobs.

  9. I haven’t read all the posts (sorry :-( ), so I might just repeat other ideas. But I wanted to give in my two cents.

    I don’t consider myself a racist. I believe there is only one race, the Human Race, with variabilities in skin tone, hair color, eye color, height, size, etc…

    Having said that, I’m a huge defender of canon. Tony Stark is a white guy with dark hair. Steve Rogers is blond. Luke Cage has black skin, and is a huge guy with huge muscles. Johnny Storm is a white guy with blond hair. It’s how he’s always been portrayed, and in my mind it’s how he’s supposed to be. It has nothing to do with race, it has to do with respecting canon. For more than fifty years, people have known Johnny to be this white, blond guy. There have been comics, cartoons, several freakin’ movies.

    So, sorry, I will never buy a black Johnny Storm. Just as I would never buy a white Luke Cage, or an Asian Black Panther (?!?!?). So, no, I would not go see the movie, because it wouldn’t be the “real” FF.

    Some would say that it’s my loss. They would be right. It’s only my personal feel. I’m all for diversity. But canon weighs more to me. Sorry.

    • I almost totally agree. Sometimes I think things can be changed to please a wider audience. The black Johnny Storm, however, is not even close to one of these things. The big thing is that the dynamic of the FF is great because they feed off each other. A huge part of that is the siblings, Sue and Johnny, and the best friends, Reed & Thing.

      I really have a strong feeling that this was a Mark Millar move. He is a very good writer, but my god is he liberal. I don’t really care about anyone’s politics, until they start shoving it down my throat. He was behind the Superhero civil war because he wanted to bash Bush. But you will never see a damn thing bashing the various atrocities of Obama. Game of Drones perhaps?

    • I love the disclaimer…. I’m not ____ buuuuuuut I’ll be ______ hahahahaha

    • Oh, calling B.S. since ever Avengers fugded canon completely! OOOOoooh the story…(CANON)Can be different as long as the color (canon) matches. So, No canon weighs feather to you vs air or something. Wrong you say? Maybe you should re-watch some of you beloved “canon” comic book movies and compare, HAHAHAHA Canon..weighs…hee hee yeah.Keep the change.

      • Hahahaha, your argument makes absolutely no sense. I didn’t like IM3′s Mandarin deal because he was IM’s best villain but they made him a joke. I hate the fact that Pym is not creating Ultron. And I don’t like the fact that the FF dynamic has to be changed for no legitimate reason. I guess it could be alright if they get a black Sue Storm and keep them as siblings, but the dynamic is what makes the FF.

        So, whatever, I’ll concede to being a racist but not a bigot. Or if you so chose, I can be a bigot too. It’s nice to have race to use as a weapon in stupid arguments though. I’m of Puerto Rican decent, so I guess I should slam everyone who isn’t fighting for more Hispanic heroes.

        • Makes perfect sense aaaaaand you just changed your statement. I guess you didn’t even notice….INCEPTION!

          • I have no idea what you’re talking about. I’m just going to come out and say that you’re a homophobic bigot. Man, I really need to start using my minority card as a weapon.

            I didn’t change my argument. I clarified what the FF dynamic is and gave examples of other canon I thought was dumb to change. I did this because of some clown calling everyone who doesn’t want this change to a 60 year old comic book a racist.

            • Of course you don’t! Woo, homophobic… You should use it as a weapon. Remember in Marvel’s Blade Trinity movie. Blade told Abby Whistler to use it sooooooo.. use it! USE IT! This is the part you give a half hearted scream! And…go! Wait, Am I the homophobic bigot because I’m supposedly don’t accept you as a homosexual Puerto Rican or because I won’t let you have your way? Oh, wait this is that race card thing! I can totally respeck! tha! USE IT!!

        • It’s not about slamming people who are not fighting for more comic book characters of various races, there just seems to be this disconnect for some as to the reason why a move like this even comes up at this stage in the game. The so-called “icon” comic book characters come from a time period where there was little to no Black, Hispanic, Asian or any other non-White characters depicted. The fact that many of the people involved in making these films do not want to say it could even be seen as a bit of hypocrisy on their part, but the economical reality is that the customer base for these movies is more racially diverse than the source material and the film companies are aware of it to an almost paranoid degree. The flip-side to that is the notion they have that a minority character will not sell tickets in the numbers that they want, so these cosmetic changes are proposed as a way to hedge their bets and play both sides against the middle.

          As for people wanting to see characters in comics that they relate to, hey if you feel strongly enough about your culture or heritage not being represented then you have every right to complain about it, or to vote with your dollar and not patronize the comic book business anymore. Maybe at some point things will even out and there won’t even be a need for a minority to be shoe-horned into a role to create the illusion of diversity, but at this point there seems to be need to do it someone’s mind.

          • Voting with your dollar is basically the only way to make a change. I have no problem with anyone who wants a black, Arab, or purple Johnny Storm as long as those people don’t attack those of us who say there is no real reason they are changing this at all. It didn’t need to be done, thus it is a gimmick.

            I’ve read comics since I was 12 and I can tell you that it is not about relating to the character, it is more like loving a great band and feeling like they are a friend. Then your friend is swapped with a black man only because it will stir the pot. Those who can’t understand the relationship the reader has with a character are fine, but don’t attack me for having it.

            My biggest problem is seeing the race card thrown around so often. People who knew me know that I don’t conform to any stereotypes and I sure as hell don’t take kindly to being called a racist. But it’s easy for small minds to jump on the band wagon. Those are the ones who know nothing but running with the herd while celebrating diversity.

        • You’r right though there should be more Hispanic heroes. I can only think of two Hispanic characters in Marvel at the moment: White Tiger and Reptile both of whom are awesome characters.

          Think of it like this LMD. There are a lot of ethnicity characters in Marvel but the larger majority of them were added way back and aren’t the most recognised. I mean even Power Man isn’t one of the first guys most fans think of.

          Or The Justice League, nobody thinks of Cyborg first it’s always Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman and then Martian Manhunter, Aquaman, Green Lantern, The Flash and then Cyborg. My point? Marvel has ethnicity characters but most of them are minor characters that the majority of people don’t know about,

          The black characters very rarely get any recognition in the world of Marvel and the reason it’s ok to change a white character into a black character and not vice versa is because there’s far more white character roles then there are black, Hispanic and so on. I mean how would you feel if there was an Avengers Academy film and they cast a white kid to play Reptile? (I mean come on Imaginary Hollywood in my head, there’s tons of Hispanic actors who want to play a superhero!)

          You’d be furious and rightfully so and you know what? I’d be in full support of you. Why? Like you said we should be fighting for more Hispanic heroes, in fact I only just realised how bad it is they Marvel only has two freaking Hispanic heroes…so in answer to you’r question: yes you should be slamming people who don’t want more Hispanic heroes and it’s a bad thing that there’s only two characters of Hispanic descent who are freaking minor characters (Read Avengers Academy, Reptile is awesome!)

  10. Dear Angry White Comic Book Fans,

    Please take a moment to recognize your privilege. You can’t say you’re not racist and then say a racist thing like you’re not going to see a film because an actor is black.

    More roles exist for white actors. Especially in superhero movies. You’re concerned because one of your beloved characters is having a change of backstory relating to race. In the meantime, you forget how often blacks have been screwed by the media, especially in the film industry. Our country is more diverse than ever. It is about time we get a black actor playing a prominent superhero on screen. This is your chance to stand on the right side of history and show that this country is willing to finally recognize that we are all different shades of the same color. If you refuse to see this film because of a character’s race, I feel sorry for you and your warped view.

    • I’m assuming since I am Puerto Rican you’re not referring to me, but I’m sure your accusations are meant for anyone with differing opinions. I don’t like to bring it up, but nobody knows who I am on here so I will. I am a closeted gay man, so that must mean that I should be fighting for Latino gay men to get more prominent roles. Believe me, you want discrimination then try being a gay Latino man in a very religious family. My own kind doesn’t take kindly to my own kind.

      • ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzz…whu?…zzzzzzzzzzzzzz

        • Excellent point. Wow, what I homophobic bigot you are.

          • He’s a homophobe because he thinks you’re boring? How does that work?

            • It works like this: you call everyone who disagrees with you a racist then I can do the same. Makes no sense but that’s the point.

              • That’s not how it works…RACIST!

    • Dear angry black comic fan. I being a minority too see your arguement as baseless and unintelligent. If a black actor has to forced it is wrong plain and simple. The nick fury change was great and in cannon with the ultimate universe. We are getting falcon and war machine will be in avengers 2. We are getting a luke cage series and hopefully him in avengers 3. Great characters, if anything i should be whining about the lack of spanish heroes or villains. But i dont because i dont use my skin color as a crutch i rise above it.

  11. Reading all of these comments, I’m disgusted. So much racism. So much “we’re white so what we want is all that matters.”

    It is ugly

    • Yes, all us racists hate blacks so we have to make sure they don’t get any roles. I had to hide the fact that I want Luke Cage, Black Panther, Bishop, Falcon, the Patriot etc to be made. Man,it’s sad your warped mind has to make legitimate gripes be racist. It’s boring anymore. Find a new hobby besides race baiting.

      • Racist don’t have to hate a color. Racism is about the preserving the favored race. You liking those characters , good on you, means you’re not a bigot.

        • What, the only reason anyone black likes this decision is because he is black how isn’t that “preserving the favored race” which equals racism according to you. This is stupid, he doesn’t remind me of the human torch in anything he is done but, since him and Josh Trank are lovers(dont tell lol) he gets the part. Ridiculous. You don’t even see the real problem, they thought they had the best Human Torch with Chris Evans, but, where’s he now? hmmm So as to not compete with their poached staff they took the easy way out…Josh Trank’s a sucker. And 2015 will be sucker free for me, you won’t catch me seeing that at the theater, I can tell you that. Get an original idea you #$%^&^&* hacks.

          • By your definition, you’re all bigots, how’s that feeling?

  12. I want to this guy in more stuff anyways. I can easily get over them not following the source. I feel they’re casting him as a gimmick. Seeing how these clowns cry about color buuuut when they royally EHF-up the stories of comicbook movies they are okay with that? X-men…SPAWN!….Superman Returns? Yeah if they can make a better heck GREAT Fantastic Four movie after a quick dermal color swap BRING IT!

  13. If it did turn out that that either Johnny or Sue was adopted, it would actually strengthen the themes of family that run through Fantastic Four comics in a far more poignant way than having them be biologically related.

    If you consider what’s important about the FF as a group it’s actually a smart move.

    As far Michael B Jordan taking the role goes… Not one person here has been able to give a single reason why he isn’t appropriate for the role apart from, “he’s not white!”, “he’s not blond!”, “respect the cannon of white, blond heroes!”, “you people have Blade and Lando already, now you’re just being greedy!”.

    There are no characteristics of Johnny storm that are dependant on him being white and blond.

    Correct me if I’m wrong but he is a brash, cocky, womanising, prankster. He’s as shallow as a pond but always comes through for his family and does the heroic thing with it comes down to it.

    What else is there?

    • Wow, now a white guy is playing the race card. Not everyone thinks about skin color for every aspect of their lives. Nick Fury and Heimdel were white characters turned black, and it was a great idea. (Even though there were no black Vikings that I’m aware of.)Johnny Storm being black is a bad idea. Mainly because the FF was Marvel’s first family, deviation from the formula that has worked and that comic book fans loved is just a gimmick. Make Ben Grimm or even Reed Richards black before Johnny Storm. You’re right, he is a cocky prankster, who is based on a surfer mentality. It just doesn’t work for me and just because those of us who want to see the characters based on the books doesn’t mean we are racists. I am so sick of everyone throwing that in everyone’s face. Like I’ve mentioned before, I can tell you stories of real discrimination from the standpoint of a gay Latino. You people have no idea what discrimination is if this is what you call racist.

      • Dude, when did I call out people for being rascist OR (as you put it) play the race card? You’re the one actively insulting me it seems as none of my comments on this subject were directly aimed at you. I’m honestly just interested in the debate and as I’ve seen over the past year or two, you’re a good writer with a varied range of opinions. Call me liberal (to be honest my dumb self doesn’t properly comprehend what that means), but I just don’t see the issue in this case.Fantastic Four is also the comic I’ve read longest (just over a decade). To be clear, I don’t think this change would be appropriate for every character so please don’t assume I’m some P.C nutjob. I just want people to think a little harder about exactly why this change would bother them and maybe a response to my point that it would strengthen the family heart of the book.

        • If I could rebuild the FF from scratch. I would make that change.

          • If the casting is true, eventually Stan Lee will weigh in and I’d bet anything he’ll say the same thing. I just saw him in a documentary where he talked about Marvel wanting to be inclusive. If he’d created FF, Spidey, and Avengers only a few years later (more in the Civil Rights era), we’d see the diversity they were going for in the later 60′s early 70′s in the team.

            As it is, the FF was created only technically in the 60′s, but it was really in the 50′s era.

            The only thing I don’t like is that Johnny is an uneducated, hothead, prankster, womanizing, etc. character. Not that a black person can’t be like that, but I kind of think it’s a overused common stereotype in most movies already.

        • You played the race card by making comments like “respect canon for white, blond heroes”. If you are one who built a relationship with these characters and have grown fond of them, then how is it solely based on race to want to keep them the same character? If there was a valid reason for the change, okay. There is not that I have heard.

          Changing a character like Fury or Heimdel is a lot different from Johnny Storm. With the former, you are not changing any set dynamic. With the later, it is disrupting an entire backstory. To me, there has to be a reason for that. To attack someone for thinking like I do is unacceptable. We’ve given our reason but nobody throwing the word “racism” around wants to hear it. They only want parrots repeating what they already think.

          • Enjoying the debate. No malice meant in anything I post. At NO point did I call you racist. And as much as I appreciate your stance I’m still not sure you’ve addressed my point. This isn’t really about racism or discrimination, more about general shallowness when it comes to character looks I guess. Why is the aesthetic of a white and blonde Johnny storm so important? Does it inform his character in any significant way? I dont believe it does and any actor who can embody the character traits of Johnny should be allowed to run for the role. Common sense dictates that the actor should be of a certain age and physicality as they are factors directly relating to character. Even if they kept a white actor in the role I still believe making Johny adopted would strengthen the themes of family and acceptance that resonate through the best FF stories. How do you feel about that specific point life model decoy? Also, what crucial elements of Johnny’s backstory changes if he’s played by a black actor?

            • You’ll have to forgive my overreaction as I read your comments while I was responding to Black Comic Fan and his hateful rhetoric. I have no problem with making Johnny black if he’s adopted, but I still don’t see much point in it. For the point of being inclusive?? I don’t see how any comic material is not inclusive.

              I guess it’s similar to the Redskins debate. People want to keep the name of that football team mainly because of tradition. It seems that traditions mean nothing anymore and everything is reboots and whitewashes.

              Now, some traditions are not good for certain people. Certain things hurt people, like the old Civil Rights Jim Crow laws, and they needed to be changed. I hardly think that having a white Johnny Storm is hurting anyone.

      • So as long as it’s not a main character being Black it’s okay? How about the dark knight movies did you refuse to see those becuase they took non white characters and made them white?

        • Yes, the Dark Knight movies are terrible, well they got terrible, Heath Ledger saved the second one but God himself couldn’t save that train wreck of a last installment, why bother!? I felt like I could take Bane with the right weather conditions, that shouldn’t be, the mask looked like a hindrance and Bane’s immense plus he was Latin, like literally every said about him points to the fact. These were foreseeable mistakes, as this is. Good luck.

    • A-frickin-men!!!

      I’ve been screaming the exact sh*t for months!

      • Ooops… My comment was directed at Mark Bartlett’s first comment.

    • You can’t even spell blonde, that’s how little you care about the characteristic, do you really think you should have a say, how many FF comics do you own?

    • @MarkBartlett lol
      “”Not one person here has been able to give a single reason why he isn’t appropriate for the role apart from, “he’s not white!”, “he’s not blond!”, “respect the cannon of white, blond heroes!”,””

      You should see how ridiculous this reads, like a pharmaceutical commercial, before you say there’s nothing about this character that is being changed that a whole lot of changing won’t

      • What you mean to say is, there is nothing about this character I care about apart from when he’s on fire. lol

      • @joseph Russo . None of what you wrote makes any sense whatsoever. Please enlighten me as to why Johnny Storm’s skintone is intrinsic to his character/personality?

  14. Sue and Johnny should have pink skin and yellow hair (worn in fifties styles), and they should say things like “gosh” and “gee whiz.”

    Because that’s the way they were created.

    And preferably all the male characters should look virtually identical to one another and be distinguishable only by bright colored costumes and/or hair in some primary color.

    Because that’s the way they were created.

    The “scientists” in the movies should talk in obviously made up childish fake-science vernacular.

    Because that’s the way they were created.

    • Comment awaiting moderation. I’m guessing it’s because I used the hot-button word “created.”

      • And rightfully so, what good did creating ever do?

  15. If they wanted to add a black person to the FF why not make it Ben Grimm? He already has the personality of a streetwise black guy anyway and once he turns orange it’s irrelevant. Plus he’s not related so it isn’t going to cause problems that way and they already made Alicia black in the previous movies so that would work out well too.

    • Brace yourself. The responses you receive to that suggestion will not be pleasant.

    • Ben is Jewish, so that would make it a tad bit strange…though there ARE black Jews, of course. Johnny can be an athletic, obnoxious, womanizing hothead as a white (or Hispanic or Native American or Asian) OR black guy and even maintain the essential family dynamic without messing up the character at all.

  16. Where was this outrage when Tom Hardy was cast as Bane? Who always appears as Afro-hispanic in the comic books. Hollywood rarely ever sticks to comics when it comes to casting, Chris Evans didn’t exactly meet the comic book criteria, wasn’t blonde hair blue eyes the only likeness that he was white. Jessica Alba is hispanic, but there was no outcry when she played Sue, so what gives? This isn’t the first time someone has been cast in a role that didn’t fit the comic book image and won’t be the last, and the movie will still perform well regardless if the ppl don’t like the casting goes to see the film or not,

  17. It shouldn’t have to be handled, the only reason the movies even being made have absolutely nothing to do with the people making this decision. Seriously, what would they do if they couldn’t steal other peoples work!?

  18. And Tom Hardy was a terrible Bane, I’m glad you mentioned that.

  19. Chris Evans is a blonde with blue eyes, Trevor you are not helping your cause…

  20. As an artist if I pull a character out of the air, it means little to change a character in any way in it’s developmental stages, ironically, it’s called fleshing out a character. This is not so for Johnny Storm AKA The Human Torch, this character has been fleshed out and character description stood the test of time. No further changes are needed as the formula has proved likable sell-able and become familiar to most, as far as the character is concerned. I’m certain no one green lit this project thinking, that was a great bunch of characters…I hope they change everything. lol It’s one thing if it was exclusively a book with no illustration but, no. These books depend both on illustration and script equally, so he has been visual represented with the same core features visually his whole tenure in the Marvel Universe, since 1961. Their are extreme situations where a character needs major changes like this to keep him or her current. This is not the case with this character, more so I’d say the FF core has done quite well for themselves as far as comic characters go, despite the poor handling of the product.

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