Michael B. Jordan Addresses ‘Fantastic Four’ Reboot and Human Torch Rumor

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michael b jordan fantastic four Michael B. Jordan Addresses Fantastic Four Reboot and Human Torch Rumor

Last time on news stories about the Fantastic Four reboot: the fan discussion got really heated really quickly, thanks to the rumor that Michael B. Jordan – costar of the acclaimed found-footage super-powered teen flick Chronicle made by director Josh Trank (who is developing the new F4 movie) – is up for consideration to play literal hot-head daredevil Johnny Storm (a.k.a. Human Torch) in the film.

Well, that idea prompted impassioned reactions and arguments presented on both sides of the divide - I freely admit to having lit the fuse on that figurative stick of dynamite in my write-up – and Jordan has since weighed in on just how much truth there is behind said rumor (in addition to sharing his own feelings about the issue).

Jordan is attending the 2013 Cannes Film Festival to promote Fruitvale Station (watch the trailer), the Sundance award-winning film where he portrays the late Oscar Grant, the victim of a 2009 police shooting. While there, the actor – an alum of critically-lauded TV series like The Wire and Friday Night Lights – offered up the following to USA Today, about him being cast in Trank’s Fantastic Four movie:

“Nothing is real. Everyone knows [Josh Trank and I are] good friends. It’s something that if it happened I would be ecstatic,” says Jordan, giving a big wink. “I’d love to be a part of it.”

“That wink was off the record,” he then laughs.

He went on to say that he feels most of the people complaining about him playing Johnny Storm “have a continuity problem,” in reference to how the character is traditionally portrayed as caucasian. Nonetheless, Jordan emphasized that he has already received a lot of support on this issue from comic book geeks, saying that “If you go looking for negative things you’re going to find it. You never go through a girl’s phone. If you’re looking for trouble, you’re going to find it. But we’ll see where this all goes.”

fantastic four chris evans human torch1 Michael B. Jordan Addresses Fantastic Four Reboot and Human Torch Rumor

Chris Evans as Johnny Storm in ‘Fantastic Four’ (2005)

Our Kofi Outlaw’s “Changing Face” feature examines how comic book characters and superhero’s race/ethnicity occasionally change over the years, either to keep up with the modern times or to fit a storyteller’s new vision. It should only be seen as a problem when the character’s essence is lost or disrespected; hence, it was fine when Michael Clarke Duncan played Kingpin in the 2003 Daredevil movie – or, conversely, when Bane’s Caribbean heritage was dropped in The Dark Knight Rises – as the qualities that make them great villains were preserved (in my opinion).

Jordan indicated as much, when he commented about him (maybe) playing the Human Torch:

“Things change and time goes on, it’s 2013 right now,” Jordan says of the Torch talk. “The characteristics of the Human Torch are his name is Johnny Storm, he’s charismatic, and he’s a playboy. That’s it. You know what I’m saying? That’s all there is.”

There are, of course, several instances where a character’s racial background does need to be carried over, in order to be true to their original form. Luke Cage, for example, is a superhero whose African-American heritage is a definitive element of his identity (partly because black superheroes were, and still are, a rarity when he was created); similarly, Steve Rogers/Captain America simply would not really make sense as anything but a white American man, given his traditional backstory. However, as I’ve argued before, the Human Torch is not one of those instances.

Chronicle Found Footage Movie Michael B. Jordan Addresses Fantastic Four Reboot and Human Torch Rumor

Dane DeHaan, Michael B. Jordan and Alex Russell in ‘Chronicle’

Jordan is an excellent choice for the role of Johnny Storm – based on his previous acting work – and the same goes for Allison Williams (Girls), who is said to be on the shortlist to play the maternalistic Sue Storm/Invisible Woman in Trank’s F4 reboot.

After all, in this particular comic book-based universe (populated by super-powered humans and alien visitors), it wouldn’t require an explanation as to how Johnny and Sue are brother and sister, even if they have different skin colors. They could be adopted siblings, from parents of different races, or anything else one can imagine to connect these dots.

So, how about it – Michael B. Jordan as the Human Torch in Fantastic Four, yay or nay? Let us know in the comments section.


Fantastic Four is being directed by Josh Trank and produced by Matthew Vaughn (director of Kick-Ass and X-Men: First Class), based on a script written by Jeremy Slater and revised by Seth Grahame-Smith.

It will open in U.S. theaters on March 6th, 2015.

Source: USA Today

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  1. As an ebony earthling (hey, I’m forward thinking) and comic book collector, I do find it amusing that the news came out this month “aka – Black History Month”, but I’ll strike that up to coincidence. Nevertheless, I will now address the elephant in the room…

    1- I appreciate the “lets add diversity” to the normal lily white Hollywood landscape, but changing a title character with a long rich history is just ridiculous. Need remind the producers of the ill conceived “Billy D Williams” as “Harvey Dent” in the first Batman movie. Stop screwing up established comic book characters with your liberal Hollywood guilt.

    2- Sue Storm has a younger brother, not a young brotha named Johnny. I doubt the back-story will be one of her parents getting a case of jungle fever. I suspect, he will be adopted (a nod to “Different Strokes” or more recently “The Blind Side”). We in the black community appreciate our rich white friends, helping raise our children while making a decent profit when selling the rights of their story to a studio.

    3- Changing the skin color of an established character, to separate the new film from the old is simplistic. How about putting a film together that doesn’t stink. Sure the old films made money, but lacked: the family unity of the team, a May/December marriage, suit of armor for Dr. Doom, a cgi created Thing and of course not making Galactus look like a cloud.

    4- With such a change, it’s going to be interesting how they explain this in the comics. Notice, after marvel movie come out, the characters in the actual comics tend to get their appearance and history altered. Unlike “Nick Fury”, who although popular, was not a central figure. It’s not going to be easy to “black wash” the character, you’ll just confuse all those new comic buyers who want their Johnny Storm with flavor.

    5- At some point, a new game will be developed whenever we hear “Flame On” throughout the movie. I imagine many people taking a toke on their choice of bud.

    • who said he would be black, Robert Downy jr was black in tropic thunder

      • And what a success Tropic Thunder was. How many have these films have actually made money? Yep not worth it!

        • Hmmm, Robert Downey Jr. wasn`t actually black: he was a blonde, blue-eyed Australian actor in lenses, wig and “procedure” that turned his skin dark. In his own words: “I’m the dude playin’ a dude, disguised as another dude!!”

    • Why can’t Michael B Jordan just be seen as an excellent actor portraying an excellent character. People made the same fuss over Green Lantern initially being rebooted as a black character. The Black Green Lantern was awesome and Denzel Washington is in talks to portray him on the upcoming Superman movie. As excellent of an actor as Denzel is black or white, he’s still being challenged by some fans same as Michael B Jordan. RIDICULOUS! Lets keep an open mind. Michael B Jordan will be a great Johnny Storm because he is an excellent actor. The fact that he has a sister of another race reflects modern times. Their are multi racial families in every inner city! Michael B Jordan himself can be bi racial so why are people making such a fuss over him having a white sister. Again, OPEN YOUR EYES AND MIND!

      • of course “there are multi racial families in every inner city”…but this is not a movie about a multi racial family. this is a movie about the fantastic four. so the reason michael b jordan can’t be johnny storm is dead simple: johnny storm is white. what you’re saying is that it would be ok to let brad pitt play martin luther king jr b/c pitt is an excellent actor. who cares how excellent the actor is if it’s not faithful to the character he’s portraying? martin luther king jr was not white. should tom cruise have played nelson mandela in the recent mandela movie? gimme a break.

        • @Michael, You tried to draw comparisons between Johnny Storm and Martin Luther King. Wow, that shows your lack of INTELLECT and IGNORANCE. As an American citizen you have the right to be ignorant. However I don’t entertain it and you will not get another response from me.

          • I think the point he might be making is, it makes little sense to cast white actors as well known black personalities and vice versa. I think Jordan would make a good Torch but I don’t think casting a black guy as a historically white character is necessary. It’s kind of like casting an Asian in the role of Blade – what would be the point? Why can’t white characters be white and black characters be black?

            • The point he was trying to make fails horribly. The fantastic four is a NON FICTIONAL story; Johnny Storm (human tourch)does not and never will exist! Wake up people its make believe! Why Tom Cruise cant play MLK is because he was an actual living person who had an existence in this world. So drawing a comparison like that truly shows your ignorance, comics aren’t real grow the fu@k up.

              • Dear Retard.

                It’s nice to see when people are self-aware. The person you are referring to might have taken the wrong example to illustrate his point and therefore failed to support it properly. However, so did you by saying that the story is, I quote, “NON FICTIONAL” and then proceeding to explain how it’s all fiction.

                Don’t you have characters/shows/comics from your childhood that you grew up with and therefore don’t like seeing someone mess with them for the simple reason that “I can because it’s fiction”? If not, I feel sad for you. However, I assure you that it’s not wrong to care about fictional characters just because it’s fiction, especially if the characters have been around for 50+ years – more than your lifetime, I guess. And care people do. Otherwise all the movies, series and cartoon would be mere documentaries. Sounds like fun, right?

                Maybe you just grew up too fast. Why don’t you relax and try to get a hold of a comic book? They are ridiculously fun! Some of them involve superheroes moving the freaking moon – with their hands! I bet you won’t find that anywhere else!

          • Nick, He is making a point and I see his point. You on the other hand are claiming a lack of intellect and calling him ignorant because of his opinion. Please get a life loser.

        • You’re comparing the potrayal of a fictional character to a potential biography about a real historical figure. The fundamental difference is that the fictional character is an element drawn upon from the source material owned by Marvel — a company who is notorious for retconning characters and plot lines within their own medium.

      • There’s nothing wrong rebooting The Green Lantern with a black guy but that’s only because the Green Lantern is actually spans multiple people and not just one guy.

        • Yes I totally agree Jon Stewart is a great GL. Almost as good as HJ.

    • Dumbest casting job EVER! Well maybe Gal Gadot as WW is pretty bad too. ENOUGH with the PC b*******!

  2. While some people may have racist overtones in their displeasure of the casting, not everyone. I ask a black man thought wasn’t feeling him playing Johnny Storm either. I always saw him as white cause he was the brother of Sue Storm who married Reed Richards and what not. I also didn’t like how they had Chris Evans in Fantastic Four, then had him as Captain America; Idris Elba went from being in Ghost Rider to Thor and things such as that. Now with Nick Fury, he actually is black in Ultimate Universe so it’s a little different and there is a new black Spiderman Miles Morales that takes over from Peter Parker or like how Steel was a black Superman after Kal-El was taken out by Doomsday. But there is no black iteration of Johnny Storm. Just like this “black James Bond” talk, I’d much rather see original black characters than a black version of an originally white character. What about Black Panther, Bishop, Cyborg, Green Lantern John Stewart, or Captain America Isaiah Bradley.

    • Actually, Nick Fury wasn’t black until the early 2000′s. He was white the majority of his comic existence until a REBOOT. Actually what literally took place is Samuel L. Jackson played Nick Fury in Iron Man and was so good and profound in becoming the face of that character that Marvel decided to make an Ultimate version of Nick Fury with his likeness. This ‘version’ of Nick Fury became the most widely accepted version although the character was in existence since 1963, through the popularity garnered by Samuel L. Jackson’s believable portrayal. Thus Marvel from that point retired all the original versions of Nick Fury for the secondary and REBOOTED version.

      While some may argue that its wrong, what people often forget is REBOOTS aren’t always designed for the faithful but for those that are new to the medium or experience. Personally, as a person of color (Black male) while I despise token black actors placed in movies where they don’t belong, and I agree that some characters shouldn’t be altered, I welcome the change. Because in the end the race of who Johnny Storm really does not factor into his character. He’s shallow, the only deep love he regularly shows is to his sister, he’s a ball of fire 65% of the time, he’s ego driven and he’s resistant to any form of maturity with the only exception being in moments of necessity, exactly what about his character says he’s white besides the fact he was drawn that way for years because he was created initially during a time where diversity and knowledge of other backgrounds was limited?

      In short, who cares unless he sucks? If he’s great, The Human Torch will most likely be black and bad ass (not bad ass because he’s black but because of the portrayal, much like Sam and Fury) from here on out, if not the Human Torch stays as he is. Either way its a win win.

      • One of the most level-headed comments in this thread.

      • Nick Fury became black in Ultimates 2 (2002)
        Samuel L Jackson as Nick Fury in Iron Man (2008)

        You make a well written argument but the facts are wrong, just saying.

  3. I don’t understand the problem here just because the actor is black doesn’t mean he is going to be black in the movie, in this day and age they have make up and CGI effects that can make him look white, the Human Torch is mostly CGI anyways this is like complaining that a black actor is playing the Hulk give it a rest noobs.

    • You see, that’s the problem, a lot of movies today have been using CGI effects a LOT! They seem to forget the originality of movies and have been relying on CGI more than they used to, back in the 80s , we had rubber suits , and those even seemed more real than CGI effects. Why not Get yourself a white actor and get this fella a role for a Black MARVEL character? Is it too hard to find a cast to play Johnny Storm?

      • Chris Evans was wonderful, I do not know why they think everyone else has to change? They think everything has to be re-made. The idiot’s in Holly-weird, would not know an original idea if it slapped them in the face. All you see is a re-make of a re-make !

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  5. When its good leave it alone times change, that we get when you start changing everything by a directors point of view? You have forgotten the fan’s I have always loved Marvel comic’s but I canceled my Cable because of HOLLYWEIRD We will just quit movies too.

    Sometimes somethings are better left unchanged.

  6. Is it soooooo hard to stay “true” to the original comic character. Why does Hollywood always change tradition. I grew up reading these comics and as a child they were special. Now they are just “politically correct” or they must have a love scene i guess. Some changes I just say its to attract the female audience….Superman telling Lois Lane who he is…Batman telling Vicki Vale who he is…Spider-man just falling head over heel and heck showing everyone who he is. There is suppose to be some mystery to the Comic superhero, even if it is a little weird like Clark Kent and Superman. Face is identical except glasses but just can’t tell they are one in the same. But a black man as Johnny Storm, come on! Sue is his sister so what the heck, oh I forgot, Politically correct. Of course we have to appeal to the mix marriages in America today. Don’t get me wrong here, I am Black and I’m glad to see the young man get the work but… This is one of the comics I grew up reading and it kinda pisses me off that they would change the core of the comic this much. I know Micheal will do a great job in the role, it is just that it is a white role and that it that. He should have been the next Green Lantern (John Stewart). Now that would be AWESOME!

  7. Casting a black guy as Johnny Storm initially isn’t right since the character isn’t black. That’s not the biggest problem, the issue is that Sue Storm is still white, these two characters are literally siblings. You can make a film more “ethnic friendly” to market to more people like minorities since they tend to get the short end of the stick in films. You still need to make siblings the same race. Changing race isn’t hard, changing the concept or relationship of characters is because you’re changing the story which isn’t cool. You have to be careful when altering key aspects of a book(comic) to film adaption and it’s obvious that if this casting is final that Fox has no respect towards the source material and will ultimately lose the rights back to Marvel which means this half-assed reboot will not last long. I have no intentions of seeing this at this point, but the trailers may change my mind or if they do some recasting. Honestly I had no problem with the first two Fantastic Four movies.

  8. Okay, so I am completely fine with his race, but if they are going to make Sue a white character, then that just gets rid of the fact that THEY ARE SIBLINGS

    • Uh, no it doesn’t. There is a such thing as multi racial families! Michael B Jordan can be biracial. As sometimes biracial kids are as dark or darker than he is.

  9. Lets not forget. We’ve already seen this play out with Green Lantern. He was traditionally a white character but when DC Comics decided to do away with “Black lightning” they rebooted Green Lantern as a black American. People love him as a black and white superhero. As a matter of fact Denzel Washington may be the next Green Lantern on the big screen. Yes, some people were angry but they got over it. The Black Green Lantern did have a different character from the white as he was a no nonsense type of Superhero, muscular and fearless. The white Green Lantern was slimmer and less intense and was portrayed to be somewhat silly when played by Ryan Reynolds. Times change and I agree with the author. Certain character changes to keep up with the times does make sense. In this case Michael B Jordan fits that character.

    • I want to know why they can’t just all be white.

      No one’s actually answered that question.

      Why is that so bad as to be unacceptable?

      • Really….. It’s simple. Because the filmmaker wants him to be black. It’s just that simple.

        • Ok, I’ll accept that explanation.

          But once we accept that, we can no longer say stuff like, “Race doesn’t matter”.

          And we can stop pretending like this Jordan person is being offered the part solely because he’s a “Great Actor” – he might be a “Great Actor”, but the first priority is to get a black guy.

          • Race will always matter but doesn’t mean it’s the sole reason. I personally don’t feel as if Johnny STORM needs to be black. However, I do believe if he is then Michael B Jordan is an excellent choice. He’s young, handsome, and a great diverse actor that just happens to be black!

            • Ok, so we can agree that race DOES matter. We’re making some progress now.

              The next question is how come he doesn’t happen to be Asian or Mexican or Maori or Sioux?

              Why is it ALWAYS white-> black?

              If “Racial Diversity” is more important than staying true to the source material, why does “Diversity” never go beyond making a white character black?

              There’s probably several answers to that question, but one thing is clear: If “Diversity” is the Top Priority, then Black people are unfairly overrepresented – it’s like Hollywood thinks Humanity consists solely of White & Black, and that it’s somehow offensive to not have the Token Black Person. There’s ALWAYS a Token Black Person, but never a Token Inuit or a Token Polynesian or a Token Apache.

              It’s irritating and nerve-grating. If I ever wind up being a studio executive, my #1 Rule will be: No Black People, but ALWAYS cast at least one Native American.

              • Wow… I’m hardly ever speechless but this is one of those moments. If you ever become an executive and choose not to cast blacks that’s your prerogative. Not only is that ill advised thinking but you would be ignoring a whole demographic which means fewer ratings and less money. Uh… Not smart. Statistics show that tv ratings with black characters cast in prominent roles are doing better than average. To name a few: Scandal, Sleepy Hollow, American Horror Story, The Walking Dead. All have black characters in starring or co-starring roles and these shows have the highest ratings on tv. Lets not forget about the Matrix. One of the best franchises in movie history. Did very well with black Americans having prominent roles. Things are slowly changing and so is America.

                • See, this is the thing that everyone is missing: They are not casting him because it makes a statement about diversity, guilt, or ability… It’s because Fox has always believed there is a science to making a successful movie. I believe the equation is this: [(Recognized franchise + 1 black character + script written at sixth grade level + 3D)*Reboot]^explosions = BLOCKBUSTER. That’s it folks. They would cast Morgan Freeman as George Washington and Michael Fasbender as Abraham Lincoln in a Revolutionary War “Reimagining” of Rush Hour if “historic remakes of buddy cop movies” were hot instead of comicbook movies.

                  • Not only that, but Fox doesn’t even care about the Fantastic Four (story, characters, whatever). They are only making the movie so that they don’t lose the rights back to Marvel and trying to grab as much money as possible in the process. The Silver Surfer was not a success, so they used this controversy to raise interest in their next attempt. I agree that is has nothing to do with diversity, anti-racist statements or whatever. Although it is a convenient cover to announce themselves as liberal and progressive while branding everyone who might disagree as bigoted racists and earning quite a sum of money in the process, I have to give them that.

                    What they seem to miss is it’s not the diversity that made the Avengers such a critical and commercial success, it’s the story. And given Fox’s previous masterpieces, such as Daredevil, Electra and Wolverine, I have next to no hope for their next endeavour.

    • That’s your opinion and you are entitled to it. Got rid of, “downsized,” same difference. Comics, and cartoons vary in storylines so I wouldn’t even compare the two. However, You missed my point which is the Super Friends/Justice League only seem to have one black hero at a time. They would never have had a black Green Lantern and a Black Lightening in the same series. As if having two black super heroes in the same series would be too much for white viewers. That’s just being realistic. Furthermore the use of “Black” as part of Lightening’s name was stereotypical. As things evolve with time I believed that was looked upon as a negative. Years to come the younger generation will mainly know of the black Johnny Storm, same with the black Green Lantern. How many DC Comic fans realize that the first cat woman on tv was black. Eartha Kitt. Audiences didn’t complain because they loved her! She was great. I said that to say that sometimes changing the race of a character works out. I believe it will with Michael B Jordan as Johnny Storm.

      • “Years to come the younger generation will mainly know of the black Johnny Storm, same with the black Green Lantern.” I adore John Stewart as the Green Lantern and he’s positively my favourite of them all, but what you seem to forget is that he wasn’t the established character changing race. He was an entirely new character created for the story who just happened to be black, and I would have strongly objected to him being portrayed as anything other than black. Just like I would object to, say, Wonder Woman suddenly have blond hair instead of black (though this would make sense since her mother is, in fact, a blonde). It’s continuity and there’s nothing more to it.

        You can’t just take an established, iconic character whose image has been formed for years and years and suddenly make him change race for no purpose. Heck, I grew up with those characters and this just seems like nothing more than an unnecessary violation. Those characters are widely known and recognizable as they are. Why change that?

        BTW, if the only argument is racism – the F4 movies changed the race of Ben’s girlfriend, making her black, and no one even talks about it. You know why? Her image isn’t so widely known and iconic, so it doesn’t matter what she really looks like, only her character. In Johnny Storm’s case, it does matter. His blond hair and blue eyes ARE iconic. The white stripes on Reed’s brown hair are iconic, and so is the patch of white on Rogue’s red hair, and so is Beast being blue and not green (or black). Many people objected against Gambit’s eyes not being red on black in movie version, how is that racism? Those things shouldn’t be changed for the sake of being politically correct and grabbing more cash.

        • @ RAIN, I am aware of both Green Lanterns origins. I do understand your perspective and you have valid points. Maybe it doesn’t bother me because I was never in love with the original Johnny Storm. However, give it a chance. You may just come to love the new “Black” Johnny Storm as I’m sure Michael B Jordan will put his own spin on that character. Though I’ve always been a fan of the original Fantastic Four, I look forward to seeing the new fantastic four and how they bring it all together.

          • Nick, I respect your opinion and I understand your position. There is no doubt that Michael Jordan is a great actor and that he would make a wonderful job.

            However, the problem is that, to be honest, I don’t want a “spin”, I just want the original Johnny Storm. I have no doubt that that is the root of the problem for most fans who are complaining about the choice of the actor. No matter how great the actor or the movie are, it just wouldn’t be the same.

            And then there is also the fear that the pattern will stick, and the original character will just cease to exist, either changing race permanently or being replaced by someone from another dimension. After all, it happened to Fury. Not that I cared, I didn’t read much comic books at the time and wasn’t invested in the character, so it didn’t really bother me. I wouldn’t fault those who were bothered, though. And with all that, you can’t even write that off as a one-time deal.

            If we need more black characters, why change the race of the already established ones with 50+ years of continuity? Why not create compelling new ones? Or better yet, why not direct attention to the awesome badass black characters that already exist in the universe? That just seems so… crude and pointless.

            • I hear you and agree that there are many “bad ass” black characters that can be added in addition to the existing characters. At this point it’s a done deal. Michael B. Jordan has been casted. Unfortunately for original Johnny Storm fans they will have to endure this particular movie and hope to see the original Johnny Storm in a different production. It’s going to be a win for Marvel simply because people are going to be intrigued with the “Black” Johnny Storms role as it relates to his sister Sue. Not to mention that they will now reach a whole new demographic in the US and overseas. There is a whole lot there before it even gets to the plot that has fans intrigued. Not all but many fans that aren’t happy about the swap will probably buy a ticket to see the movie anyway. This equates to ticket sales! For Marvel it’s a win either way.
              It would however been kool to introduce a 5th Fantastic character with a different ability, The Fantastic 5, lol. Maybe Reed and Sue possibly adopting a foster teen with mutant abilities. There are many ways to introduce an ethnic character into the original cast but the director chose replacing. Again, either way it’s a win win for Marvel!
              PS I love the way Falcon was introduced in Captain America. Great cast.

              • Nick, I respect your opinion and I hope you enjoy the movie. Personally, I’d prefer if the creators cared more about the franchise they are bringing to the big screen than the PR and the tickets sold, so I think I’ll skip on that one. It’s not only about Johnny – Reed is too young and Ben is too small and skinny, and the only actor who actually looks the part is Susan.

                P.S. I agree! I loved Falcon and the actor who played him was great. I hope we’ll see him again in the Avengers 2!

                • @RAIN, Nice exchanging thoughts with you. Until the next one. Take care.

  10. I also want to say. People forget that on the big screen the original and best portrayed cat woman was black! Eartha Kitt was the best cat woman ever and she was a black woman. She seems to always get overlooked but lets give credit where it’s due. She had the looks, pur, & the charisma, everything that was needed to be the best cat woman. It’s not just about race but which actor/actress can better transform that character into something special. I think Michael B Jordan will do an excellent job.

    • Joker, Though I respect your opinion I have to respectfully disagree.

  11. Here’s another question I’ve posed that no one seems willing or able to answer, so I’ll ask it again.

    Why is it ALWAYS White->Black?

    Why is it mandatory to ALWAYS have Black Representation, but never, say, Native American or Mexican or *pick an ethnicity*.

    In the other FF movies, Alicia went from White->Black. Nick Fury…White->Black. Kingpin…White->Black.

    Why is it Absolutely Required to have a Token Black Person (even if that means changing a white character to black), but Token Asians are totally optional and Token Native Americans are unheard of?

    • @Two Gun. After perusing through various post I noticed that you have several posts regarding black/white issues. That’s not normal. It is what it is. Johnny Storm will now be played by a black actor. Get over it! If it bothers you so much that you have to repost the same non sense over and over then you should seek professional help. Really. I wish you well.

  12. Well I have no desire to see this now. I think people want to see how their imagined characters from the printed page play out on the screen in a good storyline coupled with good effects. Changing just to change or because you have an “in” with the producers or directors does not sound promising. Nah, I think I’ll pass on this one. Marvel’s done a good job so far. Too bad this FF will be a stinker.

  13. @ RAIN, I am aware of both Green Lanterns origins. I do understand your perspective and you have valid points. Maybe it doesn’t bother me because I was never in love with the original Johnny Storm. However, give it a chance. You may just come to love the new “Black” Johnny Storm as I’m sure Michael B Jordan will put his own spin on that character. Though I’ve always been a fan of the original Fantastic Four, I look forward to seeing the new fantastic four and how they bring it all together.

  14. bla bla bla
    If they make a good First Family it will be a good movie. The audience will want to know Why Sue’s brother is black, if they make it work then rock and roll. Without knowing the script though, it seems burdensome.

  15. Why not cast him as Mr. Fantastic? I actually think that would be a much more interesting choice than Johnny Storm. That way the siblings stay conventional bro/sis and you get a an interacial couple out of the deal.

  16. Well, I don’t mean to go all deep in genetics and such, but there is such a thing as phenotypes and genotypes. There are plenty of people with African heritage who look Caucasian or Hispanic, for example. There are some instances of Caucasian parents having children with a black phenotype and vice-versa. And I am not necessarily speaking of interracial marriages, but it does happen either way. In any case, I doubt that they will explain it that way and I will still see the movie as I am curious to see if it’s gonna be any better than the previous series. All the actors are talented as far as I know, so…

    I also agree that they shouldn’t change the origin of established characters, whether is be the race, or their origin story (hated the fact that Frank Castle in Punisher 2004 was an FBI agent). Nick Fury is already black in the Ultimate Universe, so, he didn’t change for the sake of the movies. Jon Stewart already exists in the comics, the new Spiderman, etc. It seems though, that when ethnic characters are replaced by Caucasian actors, no one really says anything. If it’s the other way around though…I mean, did anyone not see Star Trek: Into Darkness because Khan was played by Cumberbatch?

    Who knows…it may not even be an origin story: perhaps we’ll just see him in Human Torch form?

  17. I have to say that, reading over the comments, a lot have missed the point with the “controversy” regarding it. Seems most are boiling it down to race purely which it isn’t about. People saying “Johnny Storm shouldn’t be black!” aren’t being racist they’re just sticking to the source material. Having a black and white brother and sister isn’t the issue neither. (Also, as a side note, I’ve noticed not one single person has highlighted Idris Elba playing Heimdall who’s Sif’s brother in the comics… something they’ve not acknowledged at all in both Thor films so far.)

    As Rain said it’s about changing aspects of the source material which is the issue. Branding people who disagree with the choice as racist is moronic. If Clint Eastwood or Robert De Niro were cast as Johnny Storm you’d have people say they’re too old for it. Would people start branding them agist because they’re the right race? Both of them are great actors and would, like Michael B. Jordan, bring their own take to it and no doubt do a good job. Nobody is doubting his ability to portray the character but the fact is he’s not the right person for it. Taking the age aspect into it and using another quality actor… Morgan Freeman. If he was given the role and the same people objected race would, again, be brought into it unnecessarily.

    As an actor, yes, I think Michael is a creditable choice. As Johnny Storm? No. Absolutely not. If they were going to use him as a character who he could, and arguably should, be playing then it’s simple. King T’Challa, the Black Panther. Fox no doubt have the rights under the FF image rights to use him seeing as he debuted in the FF. Also, as they’re talking about making the X-Men and FF exist in the same universe, then you’ve got your Storm/Panther relationship for cross-overs.

    • @Mace, You stated, “fact is he’s not the right person for it.” That’s were you are wrong. There are no facts when it comes to opinions. If the director cast someone for a role that’s his/her preference. For as many people as there are on here complaining there will be millions of more that will turn out to see the movie. Now that’s a fact! Like it or not it’s a done deal so complaining isn’t going to change that Michael has already been casted for the role. Everyone is entitled to his/her own opinion. Yours has been duly noted.

      • @ Nick. “There are no facts when it comes to opinions.” It’s not an opinion that this particular character has been drawn as white for an entire lifetime. It’s a fact. It’s only logical that this particular actor is not the right choice. Visually, it’s a fact. Not talking character-wise here.

        And why are you so certain that this actor has been cast because it was the director’s best choice and not as a mere clever promotion move? Because all the facts that we do know actually indicate it was the latter.

        • Same old redundant cries… Who cares why he’s been casted. The “fact” is that he has been. Get over it! I don’t mind having a healthy dialogue with open minded individuals but clearly you are simply here to rant. Bottom line, Michael has been casted. The movie will be successful, & Johnny Storm is now black. GET IT OVER IT, GET OVER IT, GET OVER IT!

          • Actually I’m not the one who is writing in caps lock here. =) No offence. Caps does read like crying.

            But really, why is pointing out some logical holes in your statements considered ranting? I’m all for calm healthy dialogue. No need to be offensive.

        • @Nick As Elf points out it’s not a personal opinion I’m basing it on. It’s a fact that for nearly 53 years now Johnny Storm has been continually drawn as a blonde caucasian. So to say it’s a fact that having a black man portray a character with over 5 decades of being white is an incorrect choice isn’t an invalid statement to make.

          As I say, as an actor, yeah he’s got talent. I’ve no doubt he can give a good take on Johnny Storm. But it doesn’t make it the right choice based on the source material.

  18. Let’s make this easy. Throughout the history of this story Sue and Johnny are sibling born of the same parents. So logic dictates:
    if (Actor(Johnny Storm) == Michael B Jordan) {Ethnicity(Sue Storm) = Ethnicity(Michael B Jordan)}
    Recast Sue Storm. ‘Nuff Said!

  19. I don’t think the Johnny Storm Character should be black, unless they also do the same to his sister.

    I do know some mixed race people and even when one looks more white than black and vice versa, they still look like siblings and Kate Mara looks nothing like MB Jordan.

    Bad casting.

  20. I take white to black race bending with a grain of salt usually especially if the actor does a really good job like Samuel L Jackson. But really the criteria for being able to get past it is if the change has absolutely no affect on the character. There is no reason Nick fury couldn’t be a black guy nor the kingpin being a black guy, however I think having a black kingpin makes that character subject to being a stereotype and I think that the kingpin being a white guy is a little more intrinsic to the character, as the kingpin is supposed to be an upper-class businessman, hiding in plain sight with the business elite. But you could ignore that completely regardless.

    Now on the surface there is no reason that Johnny storm has to be white, however they just added an additional dimension that was never present in the comics, and that is the fact that it is going to be difficult for anyone to think of this new Johnny and Sue being biological brother and sister. Either they have to break that connection and make them adopted brother and sister, or they are going to have to be half brother and sister. They are going to at least have to address it in the movie, which really should be unnecessary and it is distracting.

    If they really want to be progressive why not make the thing a black guy? It would change nothing about the character you wouldn’t question his origins as having to be different and anyone who protests is either just being a stickler for comics accuracy or a bona fide racist. You could even take it a step further and make sue storm a black woman. While that would cause some uproar, the story need not suffer because then the important character information about Sue and Johnny being biological brothers and sisters would be satisfied. You could even make read Richards a black guy and it wouldn’t affect the story as much as changing one of the storm siblings and not the other.

    Stick to the source material or make the changes make sense. Stop the half assign.

  21. Im against michael b jordan as the human torch. Im not opposed to the idea because hes black as long as the charecter is black itself. I am just asking for a little continuty here i am pissed of they tinkered with kingpin as well as the bane changes. Im an avid reader and would like to se a correct casting, also verry upset with the cast overall, i think they are too young. I believe that this whole make head line characters who were white black because you want to look more pollitcly correct or with the times is racist and instead of being polliticly correct just be correct correct. Im not bashing on nick furry all to much since the ultimate verse he is black but as a reader white fury is way more bad ass.

  22. I meant to say not because hes black

  23. In my opinion the casting for FF was chosen to generate discussion and interest in a movie franchise that wasn’t going anywhere. Even if it ticks people off and they swear they will boycott the film they are still talking about it. Good or bad it creates attention.

    As I read through the comments I see two sides fighting back and forth. Those people that love comics and are ticked at the casting and those that enjoy action films and don’t care who plays what role as long as they are a good actor. The comic lovers are expecting casting to match the comics, which makes sense, and the action film lovers trying to convince them to open their minds and be more accepting. In my opinion the comic lovers are right. Stick to the comic’s history. And the action film lovers project onto them that it’s a racial or biracial issue rearing it’s ugly head.

    So to all the action film fans…it’s about accuracy. That’s it. If you mixed it up with different races…then this movie is not the Fantastic Four. It’s a whole other team. If you’ve ever read the James Patterson Alex Cross series the main character is black. Ok, then you keep him black. You don’t need to make the guy Asian or White. He’s a black detective. I don’t want a white Alex Cross. Same with the John Stewart Green Lantern. He needs to stay black. And frankly in this fearful racially obsessed society they would never ever make him white. Can you imagine the uproar? It’s okay to make a white character black, but don’t ever turn a black character white. And how come we don’t hear more rants from over weight people? Why don’t we hear people complaining that there aren’t more obese superhoeroes? How about a fat Wolverine? Or a fat Spider-Man? Or a whole team of fat superheroes? You see what I’m saying? In every single comic the heroes are in perfect ripped shape. So if we are going to change Johnny Storm into a black character why not take it a step further and make him gay and fat too?

  24. why not make the whole fantastic four black and have the thing a white dude?
    problem solved, they have to be blood related for the story to work.

    they have to be one ethnic, I don’t care if they are Asian which would work too.

    we don’t have many asians in the marvel universe, I think we need more.

  25. Its stupid for Marvel changing the way Comics werw written. Johnny Storm is white. He has always been white. You want to have a coon yes I said it a coon play the role written and created as a whitw person then go right ahead. I will npt be wasting anymore of my $ on anything Marvel related. My children will also suffer because there is nothing in this world to stop me from being involved with associating with the likes of Blacks. Yes if you havent guessed I am making a racial statement and theres nothing anyone on here can or will do about it.You can delete my post but you can’t take away my freedom or my freedom of speech. A freedom that the white man gave to blacks. Your welcome you bunch of crack smoking unemployment collecting food stamp gathering Africans.

  26. “He’s charmistic and he’s playboy, know what I saying?” Noooo…. I don’t know what you saying about. U can do that other films but not this senseless of fiction character in F4 reboot, MBJ, period! Go away, u whine complained and look what u have done, u caused the fans in race war comments.

  27. As a blonde hair blue eyed person Im offended that Hollywoood is doing everything they can to eliminate my race. Why cant us pale pasty people have a part. Im tired of racist hollywood.

  28. There is a British guy playing Superman. How are White people going to get pissed off with a Black person playing the Human Torch when there’s a British person playing the most American character that has been ever made next to Captain America.

    • hmmm, Superman is an alien not American.

      Although you make a good point, as he was brought up from a baby by small town middle American parents he should sound American. Exactly as Johnny Storm should be white.

      As has been stated accuracy to the source material should always be the motivating factor in making any filmic adaptation.

  29. i’m half black, half white. i’m a comics fan.
    this is the stupidist decision since matt smith as the doctor.
    johnny storm is white. mister jordan is black. that’s ridiculous.
    am i racist for saying that white people are white? i don’t think so. i find it insulting, as an ethnic minority, that fox assumes i won’t watch some of my favorite characters unless there’s a token black guy.
    at least marvel will get the rights back once this bombs.