Michael B. Jordan Addresses ‘Fantastic Four’ Reboot and Human Torch Rumor

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michael b jordan fantastic four Michael B. Jordan Addresses Fantastic Four Reboot and Human Torch Rumor

Last time on news stories about the Fantastic Four reboot: the fan discussion got really heated really quickly, thanks to the rumor that Michael B. Jordan – costar of the acclaimed found-footage super-powered teen flick Chronicle made by director Josh Trank (who is developing the new F4 movie) – is up for consideration to play literal hot-head daredevil Johnny Storm (a.k.a. Human Torch) in the film.

Well, that idea prompted impassioned reactions and arguments presented on both sides of the divide – I freely admit to having lit the fuse on that figurative stick of dynamite in my write-up – and Jordan has since weighed in on just how much truth there is behind said rumor (in addition to sharing his own feelings about the issue).

Jordan is attending the 2013 Cannes Film Festival to promote Fruitvale Station (watch the trailer), the Sundance award-winning film where he portrays the late Oscar Grant, the victim of a 2009 police shooting. While there, the actor – an alum of critically-lauded TV series like The Wire and Friday Night Lights – offered up the following to USA Today, about him being cast in Trank’s Fantastic Four movie:

“Nothing is real. Everyone knows [Josh Trank and I are] good friends. It’s something that if it happened I would be ecstatic,” says Jordan, giving a big wink. “I’d love to be a part of it.”

“That wink was off the record,” he then laughs.

He went on to say that he feels most of the people complaining about him playing Johnny Storm “have a continuity problem,” in reference to how the character is traditionally portrayed as caucasian. Nonetheless, Jordan emphasized that he has already received a lot of support on this issue from comic book geeks, saying that “If you go looking for negative things you’re going to find it. You never go through a girl’s phone. If you’re looking for trouble, you’re going to find it. But we’ll see where this all goes.”

fantastic four chris evans human torch1 Michael B. Jordan Addresses Fantastic Four Reboot and Human Torch Rumor

Chris Evans as Johnny Storm in ‘Fantastic Four’ (2005)

Our Kofi Outlaw’s “Changing Face” feature examines how comic book characters and superhero’s race/ethnicity occasionally change over the years, either to keep up with the modern times or to fit a storyteller’s new vision. It should only be seen as a problem when the character’s essence is lost or disrespected; hence, it was fine when Michael Clarke Duncan played Kingpin in the 2003 Daredevil movie – or, conversely, when Bane’s Caribbean heritage was dropped in The Dark Knight Rises – as the qualities that make them great villains were preserved (in my opinion).

Jordan indicated as much, when he commented about him (maybe) playing the Human Torch:

“Things change and time goes on, it’s 2013 right now,” Jordan says of the Torch talk. “The characteristics of the Human Torch are his name is Johnny Storm, he’s charismatic, and he’s a playboy. That’s it. You know what I’m saying? That’s all there is.”

There are, of course, several instances where a character’s racial background does need to be carried over, in order to be true to their original form. Luke Cage, for example, is a superhero whose African-American heritage is a definitive element of his identity (partly because black superheroes were, and still are, a rarity when he was created); similarly, Steve Rogers/Captain America simply would not really make sense as anything but a white American man, given his traditional backstory. However, as I’ve argued before, the Human Torch is not one of those instances.

Chronicle Found Footage Movie Michael B. Jordan Addresses Fantastic Four Reboot and Human Torch Rumor

Dane DeHaan, Michael B. Jordan and Alex Russell in ‘Chronicle’

Jordan is an excellent choice for the role of Johnny Storm – based on his previous acting work – and the same goes for Allison Williams (Girls), who is said to be on the shortlist to play the maternalistic Sue Storm/Invisible Woman in Trank’s F4 reboot.

After all, in this particular comic book-based universe (populated by super-powered humans and alien visitors), it wouldn’t require an explanation as to how Johnny and Sue are brother and sister, even if they have different skin colors. They could be adopted siblings, from parents of different races, or anything else one can imagine to connect these dots.

So, how about it – Michael B. Jordan as the Human Torch in Fantastic Four, yay or nay? Let us know in the comments section.


Fantastic Four is being directed by Josh Trank and produced by Matthew Vaughn (director of Kick-Ass and X-Men: First Class), based on a script written by Jeremy Slater and revised by Seth Grahame-Smith.

It will open in U.S. theaters on March 6th, 2015.

Source: USA Today

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  1. I didn’t mind Michael Clarke Duncan as Kingpin.
    Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury? Go for it.
    Black Electro? By all means!
    Even Black Heimdall!
    But the HUMAN MOTHER******* TORCH??
    And I’m black so you can’t say I’m being racist or bigoted or whatever, because I’m not. It’s just about the basis of the character himself. He just wouldn’t work as a black guy.

    • EXPLAIN!

      • His sister is completely blonde

        • Lmao! And?? His sister can be black, too. Or on of them could just be adopted. It really doesn’t change anything important.

          • If it really doesn’t change anything important, then why the change?

            • If it really doesn’t change anything important, then why does anyone care at all…? Anyone should be able to play him.

              • How about Patrick Stewart? ? Maybe John Goodman? The Rock?

                Jennifer Lawrence? She’s the Hot s*** right now and a very talented actor. She’s perfect.

            • she couldn’t answer the question.

    • But Ultimate Electro IS black. ULTIMATE Nick Fury IS black (and he was modeled after Samuel Jackson). Just sayin’.

  2. love the kid but wouldnt this make his sister black aswell? hell might as well make an entire black fantasic four.

    • Yes I do realize that. I just wanted to clarify that I’m black in case some hardass internet guy wanted to give me a hard time.

      • oh I was not aiming it at you. i’m merely putting in evidence that it go both ways. Fact I agree with you entirely, a black johny Storm wouldn’t work and i sure as hell won’t pay 20 $ to see it.

  3. Cast a white actor as Johnny Storm and MJB as the Human Torch. Problem solved! Bad joke there… Although I am for diversity, I am not sure that it would work in this case. The relationship with Sue…yeah one can be adopted or not, but it would change the story too much for my taste. It’s like when Frank Castle was an FBI agent and his ENTIRE family was murdered. In the Caribbean.

  4. I am for diversity, I am not sure that it would work in this case. The relationship with Sue…yeah one can be adopted or not, but it would change the story too much for my taste. It’s like when Frank Castle was an FBI agent and his ENTIRE family was murdered. In the Caribbean.

  5. The fact that you’re all forgetting the last Sue Storm, played by Jessica Alba, who is clearly of Mexican decent and was supposed to be related to super white Chris Evans aka human torch, proves that if the character is well acted thats all that counts.
    It is time for a change, its no secret that most comic book characters are white because they were written that way back in the sixties. And why does this movie need to have a similar cast like the last one? If you’re going to do a new movie, it makes sense for it to be different than the last.

    • you dont see the point hes not just a movie hero hes a hudge fictional charecter and the actor (not just his skin tone) looks nothing like the charecter it will just seem like a random guy with fire powers it wont scream human torch its like making a dragon ball z movie with a bald goku

    • jessica alba and chris evans while good individually were bad as a duo because she’s supposed to be older than him and it was screamingly obvious he was older than she.

      • you can be older then someone and still less emotionally mature then them.

    • yay

  6. If you want a black Human Torch, you need a black Invisible woman. While I agree that Johnnys race isn’t important to his character, Johnnys relationship with his sister is EXTREMELY important to his character. I think having them be step siblinsg or adopted siblings might change their relationship.

  7. ok here’s my opinion take it or leave it. i had no problem with black alicia fromm ff or perry white from man of steel. i loved michael clarke dunca as kingpin because no one else could have played him properly. i initially had a problem with samuel l. jackson playing nick fury, but not because of race. in the comics, “black” nick fury (for lack of a better way of referring to him) is the nick fury from the ultimate marvel universe. my reaction was “oh no, we’re in the ultimate universe?!?. my problem with idris elba as heimdall was, he’s sif’s brother. sif was played by a white adress. hello!!!!. as for michael b. jordan playing the torch, fine! but the actress playing invisible woman should also be black, or else it’s gonna look stupid

    • sif was played by a white ADRESS? sigh, ACTRESS. thank you

  8. Why is it ALWAYS a black person when they decide to change a character’s ethnicity so the movie will be more “diverse”. Why not a Sioux, Navajo, or Inuit? They don’t get ANY representation…EVER (Johnny Depp in redface doesn’t count).

    I’m not going to question why a cast ALWAYS has to have non-white representation. Apparently it’s the rule. Whatever. What I will ask is why, when a character’s “race” is changed, why is it ALWAYS to a black person and NEVER to a Native American, or an Asian, or maybe a Maori or Australian Aborigine?

    If the priority is to represent human racial diversity (which it apparently is), how about we actually do that instead of pretending that the only two “races” are black and white?

    How about we recast the Black Panther as the Black Jaguar and have him played by a Native American? That ought to be perfectly acceptable, right? Or maybe Black Panther could be an Indian (from India) – they have black panthers in Asia.

    Or they could just cast an actor who sort of looks like how the character was drawn.

    • Black Jag sounds like a great idea, actually. Problem is that Black Panther is very tied to Wakanda in Africa. You could transplant Wakanda to Central/South America and change the name but then you lose some of the synchronicity Panther has with other African characters like Storm.

      I disagree with the article. The issue isn’t race, it’s disregarding integral facets of a character’s back story or previously established relationships. Johnny and Susan are siblings and should be of the same race. I don’t care if they’re white, black, asian etc just make them the same race. They SHOULD look like siblings because they ARE siblings. Reed Richards or Ben Grimm could be black and it doesn’t require explanation or changes. Just have some respect for the established characters, ya know.

      • No, it IS about race, because the filmmakers are changing the race of one of the characters in order to appeal to a larger demographic.

        This sort of thing irritates me for a couple different reasons. The main one is the hypocrisy.

        Out of one side of their mouth, people will say, “There’s nothing wrong with casting a black guy because race doesn’t matter!”. But, if race doesn’t matter than why the change? If race really didn’t matter, it would never even cross anyone’s mind to cast someone who isn’t a young, male, white blond guy as Johnny Storm, because that’s what he looks like.

        But they are deliberately casting a black guy because race DOES matter – if it truly didn’t matter than they wouldn’t feel the need to change a character’s race.

        So on that front it irritates me.

        It also irritates me because this kind of racially-motivated casting never goes beyond black/white. It’s NEVER anything but a white character changed to a black character. It’s NEVER a white character played by a Native American (they’re not extinct, by the way), or Middle Eastern, or East Asian, or any of the countless other “races” that make up human diversity. Alway white->black (the one exception being Johnny Depp as Tanto). Why is that? Someone explain it to me, please.

        This is the other reason this sort of thing is irritating.

        But wait, there’s more: …we’ve all heard the following argument so many times that it’s easy to ignore, but it’s still true: If, say, Spawn was recast as a white guy, people would be $h!tting bricks – the SAME people who say “race doesn’t matter!” when it’s a white character played with a black actor.

        And one more….

        If you bring up ANY of these things…if you say anything other than, “Gee what a great idea! He’s a great actor!”, then you’re a racist and a bigot. And admittedly, if being irritated when they recast a white character with a black actor, or when they cast Johnny Depp as Tanto makes me a racist, then yes: by that definition, I am a racist. I’m still right though – casting a black guy as Johnny Storm is as stupid as casting Johnny Depp as Tanto.

        • Johnny Depp as tanto was disneys attempt to make the character similar to jack sparrow which was stupid on there part. I would love to see quite a few of these superheroes played by different races. The world we live in isn’t black&white. I would be proud to show my kids heroes don’t have to be white

    • Lucy Liu as Watson
      Because apparently a character’s gender isn’t important anymore either.

  9. Wow, I am disappointed that us as fans are turning this into a debate about race. Whether Sue Storm is portrayed as black, white, blue or green doesn’t matter. In this day and age their are so many biracial marriages and kids of different ethnicities being adopted by different families of different races this is what your arguing about. Nick fury was white in the comics but I bet every last one of you loved Samuel Jackson as Nick Fury. Him being black is an issue? Our government just had a shutdown and u worried if Johnny Storm is white?

    • Fans aren’t turning this into a debate about race. The filmmakers are.

      “But race doesn’t matter!”

      Ok, fine. Race doesn’t matter. It’s a social construct with no intrinsic reality. Ok.

      Then why not just cast a guy who looks like how Johnny Storm has always been drawn?

      • Micheal b. Jordan is a talented actor and honestly I wouldn’t mind seeing other races stepping up filling in the roles that was created during a time when the only race that seemed to matter when they were created was white.

  10. And by the way I hope Michael B Jordan gets the role and kills it so u bigots have something real to talk about

    • No it’s more than that, these characters were someones brainchild, someones baby, when you butcher someones baby, it tends to be offensive.

  11. Does this mean Sue Storm is going to be black as well?

    • No way man. That’s carrying things too far. One token black person. That’s the rule.

      • It’s more offensive you believe white people have no culture…or background worth preserving just because the right asskisser is casting.

  12. His sister?! He’s a blonde lol a ditzy, beach hitting, blonde, dude, that’s why. This is stupid, so is Jamie Fox as Electro and Paul Gimatti(i dont care enough to see if this the correct spelling of his last name lol) as Rhino. So the wrong body type, they will kill these frachises because they have this cookie cutter formula they think we as the audience will respond too. Thank you for figuring us all out, now go when it come out again so I can avoid the brainwashing.

  13. Soon there will be no white people, why preserve their history, culture, or works of art. Assimilate them, they are a dying breed, they don’t need their heros. lol

    • Joseph, you’re just a bit crazy then, huh?

      • No, I make a valid argument which you have trouble finding a suitable rebuttal so you’re resorting to name-calling. It’s spinning out of control. I’m just pointing it out.

  14. History, culture, and origin are important…when you can disagree with that you can disagree with me, because that’s essentially all I’m saying.

  15. the way i see, human torch and invisible woman can be adopted brother and sister, nothing is wrong with that, i want Michael B. Jordan to play Human Torch, Josh Trank should definitely listen to the fans and have him play him

    • “Nothing is wrong with that”

      Except that it changes the backstory of the characters. Comic book fans HATE it when they needlessly change the backstory. And this is needless.

      If the FF is too “white”, then maybe they just shouldn’t make the movie.

      “Listen to the fans”

      Fans of the FF want people cast who look like how the characters are drawn and act like how the characters are portrayed. Johnny Storm is a young cocky blond kid. Not a twenty-something black guy. He’s Sue Storm’s brother-brother, not her adopted brother. Those are the characters. If people don’t like those characters, then don’t make the movie.

  16. I don’t see the issue here at all. If Micheal B. Jordan is a good actor and does a good job playing the characters why should it matter what race he is.

    Anyway characters in comics change all the time. I’m sure that compared to some of the changes Johnny Storm has gone through since he was originally created, a version of him with more melanin in his skin is pretty tame.

  17. I don’t get why so many people are okay with this. Think about it in reverse: if say, Falcon was cast as a white guy, would people be mad? There would be OUTRAGE! I don’t care what the characters look like, as long as it’s true to the comics.

    Fury is being used quite a lot, but to be fair, he looked EXACTLY like that in Ultimates, and he wasn’t even a main character.

    • That said, there are hardly any WOMEN in superhero roles. Surely we need to increase that diversity as well? Why don’t we make Hawkeye female? Or Nightcrawler? How about Professor X? We could have Ant-Woman! Or maybe even WOLVERINE?

      • There are female versions of just about every super hero in the comics, there is a female Hawkeye her name is Kate Bishop, there is a female Nightcrawler named Nocturne, there is a female version of Ant-Man by the name of Stature, there is a female clone of Wolverine named X-23.

  18. I see no problem with a white, black, hispanic, asian, etc.

    If the story line is essentially the same then why not?

    I’ve seen this before back when “The Amazing Spider-man” was announced.
    It was said Donald Glover (a black male) may have been cast for the role of spider-man.
    Many people argued so hard about the fact he’s black, but in a sense he would have been “perfect” for the role. As long as the story didn’t differ from what it was, then why not?

    In the comics he was white, yes I know… The Nick Fury thing always comes up along side The Kingpin. Also you have the people who want to complain if they changed The Black Panther ….. Because we all know he’s of African descent … When someone explains how they could have a diverse actor and still keep the same story, you bring up characters we just can’t change because their specific story demands it…

    Does playing Johnny Storm demand a white actor?

    Like Michael B. Jordan said, “The characteristics of the Human Torch are his name is Johnny Storm, he’s charismatic, and he’s a playboy. That’s it. You know what I’m saying? That’s all there is.”

    So are people saying only a white man can play that role? Or is it not because of the skin but the hair color? He just needs to be blond?

    The name is the (HUMAN Torch) not the Race Torch.

    And as for Sue and Johnny being brother and sister, why can’t they still be?
    I’m black, and I look black right, but get this; my brother is mixed but he looks Hispanic.

    Sue and Johnny could have a core parent that they are both related to. Nobody has to be adopted. as for the other parent that could be a step-mom or step-dad.

    In reality you DON’T have to change the whole cast for one character.

    I don’t even think the problem is race, because it’s not … I think the problem is that people are afraid of change (even if it does no harm) and this… Isn’t harming anyone.

  19. It doesn’t really matter how we feel, it only matters how casting feels. So if they want MBJ, they will have MBJ. I myself am not that interested in this interpretation. It’s the challenge they have supposedly accepted and when you change the only core facts that do exist of what we know about these characters, that’s like cheating, it’s definitely not honoring the commitment. Do whatever you feel but, you can bet after this “hot-mess” the next production company will more than likely have more respect for the source and most of the core facts will remain intact.

  20. Simple solution…they can be adopted siblings. This would make the bond between them STRONGER. We all know that Sue is a sweet and caring person. As a child she would have wanted adopted Johnny to feel welcomed and loved which would make younger adopted Johnny more inclined to stick with Sue because she cared for him.

  21. The problem with him being black is that when comic book fans go to see a movie they want to see live action adaptations of the stories and characters they love. When you change it, fans won’t like it. Of course they can’t keep it 100% true to the source material but they don’t need to make weird changes that only cause confusion. Fans who only experience characters through movies will believe that the movie version is what the real version. This annoys the fans who have experienced the source material before the movie because they would rather see the characters they love on screen as they’re supposed to be.

  22. I don’t like it. Don’t mess with the character. It would be like taking a very well known character like Storm from the X-Men and having a white actress play her. Storm is half African and Egyptian. Her heritage and ethnic background is part of who the character is. I would say the same thing for Torch. Why mess with a good thing? Makes no since to me and I will be pretty upset if they mess with the character to that extent.

  23. The human torch is cocky , arogant and a playboy. Hes like a superstar athelete. Now seeing how most atheletes are black i kinda think it works. I think the human torch totally works as a blackman.

    • It does not work. That will not be the real Human Torch to me. I will be another awesome character that Hollywood has managed to yet again rape of his character and origins. Stop messing with these amazing characters. I say again, Storm is my favorite and she is African/Egyptian. Keep her that way and keep Torch as he was written and drawn.

  24. This is wrong. Bane, Kingpin and Electro are, first of all, super-VILLAINS. They were not the center of the story. They were created to inflict impact to the main character, the super-HERO. This is why they can be easily manipulated and could have varying backgrounds. Same as with Nick Fury, who was never a hero but rather an anti-hero. He has no complicated side story and backgrounds to deal with, thus making him a viable subject for change.

    But Johnny Storm. He has been a popular character from the old ages. He is a HERO who has been always portrayed a caucasian playboy. It would be somehow shameful to change his basic traits.

    • I have sat through these comments and read many arguments for and against, and I have come to the conclusion that I am all for it.

      The character of Johnny Storm is that of an overindulgent, carefree, playboy jokester who consistently irritates the other Fantastic Four members with his immaturity and his seeming lack of personal responsibility, but surprises the other members at times with his true generosity and compassion.

      A character like that can be any color, but the argument doesn’t end there. The argument is more about his ethnic background than his characterization, and Will his ethnically Caucasian values be preserved in the movie through a genetically Black man?

      To answer this question we must recognize the difference between Race and Ethnicity and define ethnicity. Race is a genetic characteristic and is used as a moniker to identify specific differing physical attributes, especially skin color content propensity (or melanin), that exists amongst all of mankind.

      Ethnicity can best be described as valued virtues and destructive vices believed by a group of men and women on the scale of a society. Thus an ethnic group can be formed through nationalities, religions/philosophies, and economic backgrounds/shared hardships or prosperity.

      Ethnicity can appear to be strongly correlated with race, but that is not always the case. 2 men can come from ethnically differing backgrounds, but share the same race. A white American Rich Southern Business man can be ethnically and philosophically different than a white American poor Northern Urban Day-Laborer man. It’s all about values and what people groups hold dear.

      I am racially a Black man, but my ethnic qualities reflect that more of a Southern Conservative Texan African American male than an Urban Libertarian Jamaican. We may share the same race, but we are not the same.

      Now that we have cleared up some issues let’s delve into Sue and Johnny’s ethnic background and beliefs. Sue and Johnny are White American New Yorkers, which doesn’t tell you much about how they really are yet. Sue seems very conservative yet independent, most likely due to her parents untimely death and her now taking the role of surrogate mother to young Johnny. Sue’s values help to show what ethnic values her father and mother may have purported; that family is important and getting an education was high on her list is a very good example.

      Now if we are to talk of stereotypes:(which come from perceived recurring ethnic traditions and can be falsely and wrongly be attributed to a whole racial group)then rock music, Metal bands, All American ( and other sometimes horrifyingly ridiculous stereotypical activities and values attributed to White American youth) can easily be reconciled with Michael B. Jordan’s Human Torch’s past of living as an adopted child in a white family.

      I understand that some of the arguments are about exact representation of the comic character’s art, but that was tried three times before in the other Fantastic Four movies and each received very little to modest fanfare (in contrast to the major successes of the other Marvel franchises). The problem was with the production process, acting, and writing. Michael B. Jordan may be the best believable Johnny Storm ever, fulfilling every trait described above wondrously. He could bring the character to life forever and be the definitive definition of the character much as Heath Ledger was to the Joker. And he could do it all while being racially black and ethnically Johnny Storm.

  25. Yah

  26. Hell Yea MBJ as Johnny Storm smh excellent idea

  27. I appreciate what they are trying to do with making characters different ethnicities. However, the actress playing Suzan Storm is white, and the actor playing Johnny Storm is black, but they are supposed to be brother and sister. Neither one of them has a biracial look to them, so I can’t see how they could explain it. Jordan’s statement on how Johnny Storm’s main characteristics are, he is charismatic and a playboy are both right, but he left out the fact that he has a sister.
    The change in race of the Kingpin and Nick Furry, who were both originally white, is okay because there were no other characters attached to them with regard to race, unlike the Storm siblings. If the makers really want Johnny Storm to be black, then his sister needs to be black too. However doing this just makes it look like the writers a trying too hard to be inclusive to the black/ African-American people just to please them at the expense of the continuity of the story.

  28. This is a horrible idea. Not because of MBJ he’s a great actor, and I watched his movies, and Friday Night Lights. BUT…. HE IS NOT THE HUMAN TORCH.

    The Human Torch is just as big of a MAIN CHARACTER as the other 3. That’s what makes the FF so great it’s 4 superheroes, not one.

    They could have made Dr. Doom black? Or even The Thing, but Johnny Storm? Even the damn name sounds white.

    I’m all for race change in characters, not really main superheroes, but in general I’m ok with it, but this I’m not. I will NOT be going to see this new reboot.. I might…just maybe will rent this with a dollar and change at the redbox when it hits dvd. This movie will bomb big time… hell they even tried harder on the older FF movies, and they still bombed so this re-casting of Human Torch is only throwing more fuel in the fire that’s just going to see the fire burn this movie.

    This is just a terrible idea, and it has nothing to do with MBJ being “the guy” for that role, or being a great actor… it’s because he’s black, and has worked with the director before. MBJ is quickly getting too much praise. Every movie he has been in had other outstanding supporting cast members. Don’t get me wrong he’s a great actor himself, but too much praise too quick. I hate it when the media targets the black demographic, and anyone with a decent size brain and common sense can tell when they’re trying “too hard” to please the black america.

    This is out of his depth as far as acting. Chronicle is one thing because he wasn’t a superhero in a costume, and had fire coming out of him. No he was just a normal teen with powers, not a superhero. So the comparison doesn’t hold up.

    Also I’m not racist… my wife is black, my son is half black, and my bestfriend, and brother is black. So that’s all I gotta say… They don’t have to worry about me spending 10 a ticket to see something that’s still fresh in peoples minds. The old FF movies aren’t even that old.

    ONE MORE THING…. IF YOU’RE NOT GOING TO TIE THIS IN WITH THE JUSTICE LEAGUE MOVIE THEN WHY BOTHER? DR. Doom is one of the most feared rivals of the justice league, not just FF.

    • Wait… The Justice League? Do you mean The Avengers?