Michael B. Jordan Addresses ‘Fantastic Four’ Reboot and Human Torch Rumor

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michael b jordan fantastic four Michael B. Jordan Addresses Fantastic Four Reboot and Human Torch Rumor

Last time on news stories about the Fantastic Four reboot: the fan discussion got really heated really quickly, thanks to the rumor that Michael B. Jordan – costar of the acclaimed found-footage super-powered teen flick Chronicle made by director Josh Trank (who is developing the new F4 movie) – is up for consideration to play literal hot-head daredevil Johnny Storm (a.k.a. Human Torch) in the film.

Well, that idea prompted impassioned reactions and arguments presented on both sides of the divide - I freely admit to having lit the fuse on that figurative stick of dynamite in my write-up – and Jordan has since weighed in on just how much truth there is behind said rumor (in addition to sharing his own feelings about the issue).

Jordan is attending the 2013 Cannes Film Festival to promote Fruitvale Station (watch the trailer), the Sundance award-winning film where he portrays the late Oscar Grant, the victim of a 2009 police shooting. While there, the actor – an alum of critically-lauded TV series like The Wire and Friday Night Lights – offered up the following to USA Today, about him being cast in Trank’s Fantastic Four movie:

“Nothing is real. Everyone knows [Josh Trank and I are] good friends. It’s something that if it happened I would be ecstatic,” says Jordan, giving a big wink. “I’d love to be a part of it.”

“That wink was off the record,” he then laughs.

He went on to say that he feels most of the people complaining about him playing Johnny Storm “have a continuity problem,” in reference to how the character is traditionally portrayed as caucasian. Nonetheless, Jordan emphasized that he has already received a lot of support on this issue from comic book geeks, saying that “If you go looking for negative things you’re going to find it. You never go through a girl’s phone. If you’re looking for trouble, you’re going to find it. But we’ll see where this all goes.”

fantastic four chris evans human torch1 Michael B. Jordan Addresses Fantastic Four Reboot and Human Torch Rumor

Chris Evans as Johnny Storm in ‘Fantastic Four’ (2005)

Our Kofi Outlaw’s “Changing Face” feature examines how comic book characters and superhero’s race/ethnicity occasionally change over the years, either to keep up with the modern times or to fit a storyteller’s new vision. It should only be seen as a problem when the character’s essence is lost or disrespected; hence, it was fine when Michael Clarke Duncan played Kingpin in the 2003 Daredevil movie – or, conversely, when Bane’s Caribbean heritage was dropped in The Dark Knight Rises – as the qualities that make them great villains were preserved (in my opinion).

Jordan indicated as much, when he commented about him (maybe) playing the Human Torch:

“Things change and time goes on, it’s 2013 right now,” Jordan says of the Torch talk. “The characteristics of the Human Torch are his name is Johnny Storm, he’s charismatic, and he’s a playboy. That’s it. You know what I’m saying? That’s all there is.”

There are, of course, several instances where a character’s racial background does need to be carried over, in order to be true to their original form. Luke Cage, for example, is a superhero whose African-American heritage is a definitive element of his identity (partly because black superheroes were, and still are, a rarity when he was created); similarly, Steve Rogers/Captain America simply would not really make sense as anything but a white American man, given his traditional backstory. However, as I’ve argued before, the Human Torch is not one of those instances.

Chronicle Found Footage Movie Michael B. Jordan Addresses Fantastic Four Reboot and Human Torch Rumor

Dane DeHaan, Michael B. Jordan and Alex Russell in ‘Chronicle’

Jordan is an excellent choice for the role of Johnny Storm – based on his previous acting work – and the same goes for Allison Williams (Girls), who is said to be on the shortlist to play the maternalistic Sue Storm/Invisible Woman in Trank’s F4 reboot.

After all, in this particular comic book-based universe (populated by super-powered humans and alien visitors), it wouldn’t require an explanation as to how Johnny and Sue are brother and sister, even if they have different skin colors. They could be adopted siblings, from parents of different races, or anything else one can imagine to connect these dots.

So, how about it – Michael B. Jordan as the Human Torch in Fantastic Four, yay or nay? Let us know in the comments section.


Fantastic Four is being directed by Josh Trank and produced by Matthew Vaughn (director of Kick-Ass and X-Men: First Class), based on a script written by Jeremy Slater and revised by Seth Grahame-Smith.

It will open in U.S. theaters on March 6th, 2015.

Source: USA Today

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  1. Well I hope you’re all happy because you’re sacrificing everything you liked about comics and how they relate to movies on the alter of price point. If you think race has anything to do with this you’re being blinded by political correctness. This is such an important point that even Marvel’s own movie arm is suborned to it. The proof is the latest Iron Man movie. You liked RDJ as Iron Man well say good-by to that he’s too expensive. You like Cyclops in X-Men? Too bad he didn’t test well enough in our polls Wolverine is the new field commander of the X-Men. By the way he always was.. At least that’s how it will be told; In the movies. Any favorite stories or favorite parts of stories you really want to see? Well forget about seeing them! The Auteurs’ vision is way more important, hell the accountant’s dry cleaners vision is more important than yours. They’ll do whatever the hell they want and you’ll buy it anyway! Why? Because they know exactly what buttons to push to get you to do exactly what they want!! After all you’re just consumers or should that be sheeple instead…

    • “The characteristics of the Human Torch are his name is Johnny Storm, he’s charismatic, and he’s a playboy. That’s it.” For Jordan to think the character is this simple shows that he is not the best actor to play the human torch, regardless of race.

      Anyhow, I believe the Human Torch’s race is part of his character, as he is meant to be the classic interpretation of american good looks, e.g. White, Blonde

      • What u mean white, blonde this is why he need to play the part because of the stereotype

    • wow. bitter much?

      • Hey, quinine water is my after dinner drink!

        Seriously though I take a dimm view of studios using race like some kind of sledge hammer to pound people who have respect for the comics. It’s a front end execuse for political aims. They have nothing but contempt from me for this. Bitter? I’m angry!

  2. I really hate when a studio or director think its fine to change an beloved character like the human torch race just to make more diversity superheroes, like if they really want to make more diverse superheroes why don’t they make movie that are based off black superheroes like for example black panther,luke cage, static shock, black lighting etc than just getting fanboys pissed off because of there stupidity of changing the source material here is what they can do create a new character

    • Cause that’s exactly what’s going through their minds, they might cast Jordan because he’s black, that’s exactly why.

  3. I don’t think they’re thinking about him just to diversify the genre, he’s a good actor, and after seeing him in chronicle, i think he could play the part well.

  4. Cause that’s exactly what’s going through their minds, they might cast Jordan because he’s black, that’s exactly why.

  5. Call me a racist if you wish, but I will not watch an all black Fantastic Four or an FF movie where two of the main characters are black. There’s no reason for such a change in major characters like that.

    • Yup, I don’t know why neither. Besides that I’m pretty sure Jordan can pull it off but yes, there’s no need for that change. What next ? Asian black panther ? x)

      • All of you guys can talk because all of the comic universes are white, with a sprinkle of color here and there. I not a fan of some color changes but some you just shouldn’t give a crap about. Blacks have a few characters to look for period, but you what about the Asian’s, Hispanics,Indians or the original people the Native Americans. Lets not forget that 1 of Stan Lee’s biggest influences when making X-men was the Black Panther party, and how did that work out, with 1 sister and she’s from Africa.

        • see thats where you’re wrong….there is alot more black characters than you thin, just because you’re looking in the main more popular superheroes and dont see them doesnt mean that there are few characters to look for…look right here and tell me there arent alot to look for http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_black_superheroes#Marvel_Comics just because you dont look doesnt mean they dont exist

    • Your not racist but you won’t watch a movie because of a chance in race? Sure your NOT a racist.

      • Your not racist but you won’t watch a movie because of a change in race? Sure your NOT a racist.

        • I won’t watch it either…it’s not what I’ve been reading for 20years. Don’t try and tell me it is.

      • +1

        • Yeah I put chance and thought when I changed it to change it was editing the first post instead of replying…

      • you’re*

        • You’re a grammar nazi

    • I wouldn’t see it with the Fantastic Four race change. Sorry, it’d be like a black Tony Stark. An Asian Jean Grey. An Indian Professor Xavier. Just doesn’t work.


  7. I don’t support changes like this, so I wouldn’t watch the movie. Nothing against the guy, haven’t actually seen Chronicle, but it’s just plain stupid to make this change.

  8. Hopefully, he will get the part!

    • +1

  9. Typically i don’t comment, but being an open-minded comic book nerd, and a fan of the Human Torch, i had to say something. I’ll break it down like this, because (and no offense to some of you on this thread) I could barely understand your counterarguments…or grammar (“I” is capitalized…I’m a grammar Nazi ;) So here are my arguments, and ultimately, in 2013, what should really matter:
    1. Pick the best actor. I don’t care if he’s black or white, but if he’s got that hotshot attitude of Johnny’s down, and good chemistry with the other members of the cast, then let him have it. And in this case, I think Jordan would be great for that role; I loved Chronicle, and his character had A LOT of the same qualities Storm has. However, if they find a white guy, or an Asian guy, or what hell, a g****** purple guy, who could be be better in the role, so be it.
    2. That character isn’t defined by his race. And please, don’t say “well if that’s the case then Black Panther can replace hur dur dur..” No. You see, as the name, and the comic, and his origin, implies, the Black Panther is very African, and he carries himself as a true, bonafide African Prince; it’s a crucial part of his character, and his heroic exploits, like Batman’s for Gotham, come from him being a native resident and rule of that country (I know Wayne doesn’t rule Gotham, but he genuinely cares for it). Same goes for Luke Cage, and same goes for, as our excellent and thankfully open-minded Screenrant writers have reminded us, Captain America. Although I’ve recently found he has a black alternative, which is interesting, I’ll be checking that out. But alas, you comic bookies who say they should remain in “canon”, Johnny Storm isn’t like that. It shouldn’t really matter whether he was adopted our not; he’s not defined by color; he’s defined by his bad ass , bombastic, hotshot attitude and his relationship with his sister, and they would still be very close if (hello), he was adopted by her parents or vice versa, when she was very young, and they’ve truly bonded over the years.
    3.Canon; have y’all watched new comic book movies?
    Yeah…don’t even. Between the Mandarin in Iron Man 3 (AND I LOVE IRON MAN), the lack of Spidey’s webslingers in the original trilogy, as well as the god awful version of Dr. lizard in the new one (which was subpar imo) to Wolverine and X-men (oh…geez poor Wolverine. Hugh does a good job but geez they messed his origins up) to DC, where Christopher Nolan dropped the more fantastical elements of the iconic hero to bring in gritty, somber realism to the character, which worked (and please, don’t even start that. Huge Bats fan, thought they were great. They made him Dark again, instead of that Adam West/George Clooney/bat nipples camp crap)My point being; no comic book movie is ever really close to canon, they just take the core and introduce it to mainstream audiences in a more accessible manner (no alternate universes, etc.)
    4. It’s 2013…please don’t be so narrow minded
    You know what’s funny; I’m a mixed kid (Black, white, and Latino) and I just don’t really see color at all, especially in America. I see everyone, and judge everyone as a person. Same goes with talent, and here is no different; Jordan is talented-if he can nail the part give it to him. If not, someone else. But color shouldn’t matter here, not with this character. Please have an open mind people.
    After all, Superman was created by Jews, and he fought the KKK when he first came out.
    Food for thought.

    • oh *** me, I forgot to capitalize two I’s…talk about hypocritical ;)

    • Perfect post! Well for me anyway, the two I’s that weren’t capitalized may have messed it up for you =P. I’m glad some people don’t mind the change, as they shouldn’t. If it has nothing to do with the character themselves, what’re you really losing or gaining. In the end, there really isn’t any difference.

      • @ The Bat
        +infinity, couldn’t have said it better myself

    • Amen.

    • Well said sir!

      And regarding the changes to Iron Man; why are people SO upset over the mandarin (he’s iconic, they shoulda blah blah blah…)yet nobody is upset over the change to Jarvis? he went from being an actual butler to an A.I. Where are the cries of outrage? Why aren’t the villagers marching down to Marvel headquarters, with torches and pitchforks in hand, demanding Feige’s head on a pole? I’ll tell you why, because they are a bunch of GD-jump-on-the-hate-bandwagon-i-know-better-than-everyone-else-wannabe-screenplay-writers/film-critics!

    • PREACH

  10. Whoever is calling another person a racist because they don’t agree a characters origin should be changed needs to stop. Your childish offensive slander is unnecessary. Everyone has opinions and you don’t need to agree with them. But you have no right to flat out call someone a bigot or a racist just because they don’t agree with you. There is nothing that anyone said here that is racist. Here is the definition.

    racism or racialism

    — n
    1. the belief that races have distinctive cultural characteristics determined by hereditary factors and that this endows some races with an intrinsic superiority over others
    2. abusive or aggressive behaviour towards members of another race on the basis of such a belief

    Also, everyone saying that no one cared when Nick Fury changed from white to black is dumb. He appeared to the world in the comic universe first in 2002. That’s 11 years worth of written story to fall back on.

    Race changes for others that people pointed out like Kingpin, Bane, and Ra’s Al Ghul hadnt been portrayed on the silver screen yet so therefore the “everyday people” wouldn’t know any better. Johnny Storm was portrayed by a white actor 6 years ago. And he has yet to be written into a comic as a black character. It would be a drastic change.

    Yes, there is a black Spider Man. His name is Miles Morales, not Peter Parker. There is a black “Batman” (Batwing), his name is David Zimbabwe, not Bruce Wayne. There is a black Captain America, his name is Isaiah Bradley, not Steve Rogers. Make those movies with those characters and there isn’t a huge deal.

    There isn’t a comic universe that exists right now with a black Johnny Storm. So the “Nick Fury” rebuttle doesn’t work. There isn’t a black Human Torch, so the afore mentioned rebuttles doesn’t work. Change anyone of those aspects and it will be accepted with open arms. Until then, you’re going to have problems.

    • You sir, made my day.

    • Your definition of racism, while technically accurate, is wrong in today’s politically correct culture. Racism is when white people think they are better than everyone else. Black people and other minorities can not ever be racist according to today’s liberal ideology. So when the Black Panther Party says they want to kill all white people, its isn’t being racist its them having a justifiable reaction to slavery. That’s the F’d up country we live in today.

      • Yeah but the Black Panther party isn’t even around anymore

        • He’s probably referring to the “New Black Panther Party”. The old Black Panthers shun these new guys.

          • Really? Given they do have much of a presence I’d say people have learnt their lesson from the KKK and the original black panthers.

    • ‘David Zimbabwe’. Made my day. You make a good point

    • so, according to you, as long as the character hasn’t been in a movie, then s/he can be any race,but once you make a film, s/he is that race forever, no changes allowed?

      • You’re not a very good reader.

        • and your not very good at receiving criticism

  11. Ok I’m going to put this as simply as I can but up the ante philosophically. This isn’t about race this is about whether you’ll sell your soul for a bowl of soup. So will you??

    • Not even for all the sticks of gum in the world!

  12. Remake shaft with Gary oldman and machete with jason Statham and I’m sure everything will be peachy ;)

  13. Remake shaft with Gary oldman and machete with jason Statham and I’m sure everything will be peachy

  14. Let’s not forget the real problem with this casting rumor: Us fanboys delve into comic universes to escape reality, not to be confronted with real questions highlighting our comfort level with racial issues (or lack thereof). This is madness! What’s next? Giving female superheroes more practical (and by extension, less blatantly sexist) costumes? But it won’t fit the established continuity! And don’t even get me started on “Man Of Steel” trying to “humanize” Superman: WTF is that all about?!

  15. Let’s not forget the real problem with this casting rumor: Us fanboys delve into comic universes to escape reality, not to be confronted with real questions highlighting our comfort level with racial issues (or lack thereof). This is madness! What’s next? Giving female superheroes more practical (and by extension, less blatantly sexist) costumes? But it won’t fit the established continuity! And don’t even get me started on “Man Of Steel” trying to “humanize” Superman: what the hell is that all about?!

    • To your last comment, it’s a different method of film making and writing and in my opinion, it’s a great method.

  16. Ok, i get it, Jordan is so perfect for the character from various aspects, but is he really that good to make this change? Is finding a good white artist for this rule really that hard? What is so important about drastically changing a genuinely established character and taking unnecessary risks by completely ignoring the group of people who wants to see the portrayal of their favorite characters to be as true to their origin as possible? I am not white and color is a non-issue to me unless it’s about some characters that has been sketched so explicitly in my mind. All the people who are so concerned about racial issues and classifying differently-opinionated people as racists, better go and do something truly effective against the social harassment black people are suffering from in the societies ruled by white people. Aggressive changes doesn’t support equality. Casting Micheal B. Jordan or any other black artist as Johny storm will do nothing but just piss off a group of fan boys.

  17. I actually love this idea. I thi k it will work for Johnny but I don’t want to see any other FF members black. I can also understand why people are angry because I wouldn’t want to see Bruce Wayne as being black. But I seriously think it’ll work out.

    • So essentially you don’t care as long as they aren’t massively altering a character you have invested interest in. While all these arguments fall as flat as Josh Tranks Face in Michael B Jordans ass cheeks, nothing is changing, that is of course, unless we don’t go see it or buy the DVDs. They need to know were not blubbering monkeys that will be fed any story they want to tell with a familiar name on the cover. You want Chronicle2, make Chronicle2, don’t **** with comic origins. Don’t see this movie if you feel this way, not even for something to do, don’t buy the discs either, furthermore if you feel Amazing Spider-Man is being handled poorly, avoid that too. A fat Rhino, an Electro thats not a nazi, a flat faced Lizard, Dennis Leary…where does it stop. It stops here!!!nuff said

  18. and again people are using pejorative terms to describe anyone who is not a fan of this. I used to be an avid comic book reader, and I cannot stand the way PC crowd, mainly Hollywood has to get its hands on a base idea and make it different for the sake of community or whatever it is being spouted as. The writer mentions Luke Cage needs to be black and I agree. I would HATE if they tried to make him different than anything we have come to know and follow which to me, doesn’t do respect to the character. Would Mr Jordan be using the community argument if Producers rebooted Blade with Ryan Gosseling? Or made Shaft with Bruce Wilis? Maybe Matt Damon could be the next Spawn (though a short one). I would dare say Spike Lee would raise much hell in Hollywood. But what does it matter…we are all people…. separate but equal right?
    BTW, Green Lantern is a unique character, not dependent on a central person ans it is The Green Lantern Corp more open to change and not reooted in character growth and development. Just like a new, NEW Spiderman is black/hispanic….great idea to me….b/c its NEW not Peter Parker.
    When I had a daughter, I realized the importance for her to see women in media/pop culture etc because it HELPS (helps not defines) her strive to achieve or look up to something. But I am one who believes in the roots and traditions of a beloved character. Johnny Storm is a White man…when did this become bad? I know, in the new Xmen movie, Warpath will make an appearance…lets make him black or hispanic. How cares about native Americans…hell our Pro Football teams can be named slang after them anyway.
    Please please please Hollywood….entertain us….quit preaching or trying to mkae a point b/c you think you can. Quit messing with our heros…black, white, red, brown whatever.

    • I think the author addressed this. See, many of the white characters being named aren’t really defined by their race. Most of the black characters, however, are. By necessity mostly. I mean just look at most of the names of early black superheroes? “black” lightning, “black” panther, “black” goliath. Most of their stories and personalities were intrinsically tied to their race, mainly because there were/are so few of them they had to make sure they were really REALLY black instead of just making more and having a diverse crowd. That’s why you can do something like make johnny storm black and who cares? Because what’s special about johnny storm is his character, not his background. But you make storm or black panther white and you got a whole lot of explaining to do. It’s a weakness in the medium.

      • Uuumm it’s not Black Goliath, it’s just Goliath and he was originally Hank Pym a white guy. Black Lightning could just as easily be a white guy, there is nothing intrinsically ethnic about his background, he was just a teacher.

      • open a book on animals…Blavk panthers do exist and t’challa superhero name and outfit is derived from the existing animal. under the black panther hood could be anyone if it were not for the fact he’s king of wakanda.

  19. The Falcon’s race isn’t a huge part of his identity, but if they had hired a white guy for Captain America 2, the very same people supporting Michael B Jordan as the Torch would be up in arms over it. As would I.

    I don’t want the race to be changed on anyyy of the characters that I have come to know. It’s not just race, it’s other features. I wouldn’t want Sue Storm to NOT be blonde and have blue eyes. I’d hate it if Reed Richards didn’t have greying temples. I WANT the Falcon to be black.

    Whether YOU consider race to be necessary to a character’s identity is purely subjective, and your criteria for it would be endless if you tried to explain why or why not. You should pick a side of whether you’re okay with anybody just playing anybody or you’d like the actors to resemble the character.

    Michael B. Jordan seems like a REALLY cool guy and I loved him in “Chronicle”. I’d LOVE for him to play another hero. He’d make a great Goliath. Probably not Black Panther, though. But quit calling me racist just because I don’t want him to be the Torch. What a dumb thing to accuse someone of racism over.

    • It’s completely understandable to want Sue to have blue eyes and blonde hair, I was sort of bummed to see Megan Fox not die her hair red for the upcoming TMNT film but i got over it within minutes and I’m someone who grew up watching most of the Ninja Turtles’ incarnations. But I don’t think someone can expect a comic book movie, any movie for that matter, to perfectly replicate what’s on the pages of a comic book or novel. Once you start narrowing down the actors to their eye colour, hair colour and skin colour, you’re most likely left with actors that may not even be able to pull off the characters well. Like I said, I totally get where you’re coming from, but I guess it’s all up to being open minded to changes.

      • Plus changes like these really don’t dictate whether the film will be good or not, there are several great movies that didn’t fully follow the comics, I’m sure you know several of those films.

      • Sounds like you a little too picky, she could have dyed it, and be wearing contacts, but, whats being changed here is someones whole background. I think you’re downplaying this to cement a point here that really has no validity in this conversation.

  20. Hes very cocky this one.

  21. Well, they destroyed the character of Dr. Doom royally in the first 2 Fantastic Four movies, so apparently they’re going to continue that trend with the reboot by making the Human Torch black. Why would you even do that? What the Hell’s so special about these so-called modern times we live in that justifies changing an established character of over 50 years ethnicity?! What is the true motivation in pandering to make yet another established Caucasian superhero black? I’ve about had my fill of this PC Bull$hit. If you want black superheroes so d@mn bad then go CREATE some & quite hijacking characters with already established ethnicity for God sake. Go reboot Spawn & tell fans he’s going to be white guy & watch the fallout, but then there’s always double standards when it comes to this kind of racial cr@p. Oh well, this will be one movie I know I wont be wasting good money on if they’re so bent on b@st@rdizing it before they even start filming it. Leave it to Hollywood to mess up a wet dream tho’.

  22. Are there any other significant Marvel characters as closely related as the Storm siblings in FF? Is it so hard to cast those two characters so that they look alike? I know that normal families vary greatly and that’s cool, but why go about making uneccessary changes to beloved characters whose respective appearances are well established over many decades of source material?

  23. Who gives a $h** if he’s black. It has nothing to do with anything…make superman black. Make batman an Asian. Who cares. These superhero movies could use a little flavor away from the good lookin young white guy that stars in everyone….they are going to have to start throwing some unexpected changes in these movies soon before the mainstream gets sick of them and turns on them..

  24. I think casting Michael B. Jordan makes a lot of sense..I mean, with all the fire that’s generating from your skin..who wouldn’t be burnt?haha just kidding..I was just imitating racist ranters all over the net..seriously though, It ain’t a bad idea and it’s very interesting..although, this decision is a gamble..it may be a hit or miss..idk, i have a feeling that they’d still stick with the white guy Johnny Storm.. :/

  25. He can play as The Original Human Torch from the WWII era.You know there are 2 Human Torches in the Marvel Universe ,right?

    • The original human torch is an android with white skin. Check your sources carefully. He’s also a member of the invaders along with Namor, captain america, Bucky and the young sidekick of that era human torch.

  26. I originally was against the idea, but at this point I don’t really care.
    Generally speaking when Hollywood bends over backwards to cast people of color, they’re just hoping to capitalize on a greater audience for the film. In this case, I think Josh Trank thought of Jordan, because they worked together before.
    Jordan is a good actor, the best thing about Chronicle imo. And I’m looking forward to seeing his performance in “Fruitvale Station”. I also thought that Chris Evans was the only one having any fun in those crappy FF movies, but now that he’s Cap, he can’t be the Torch.
    Johnny Storm is a shallow, one note character and maybe a better script and actor (regardless of race) can bring more depth to him.

  27. IMO If you’re going to do a black Johnny storm (which i think is great), it only makes sense to cast a black sue storm. I know they want to try to avoid making this a “black movie” as most white movie-makers do, so they have to keep the number of black people in starring roles to a minimum, but why set up something where you have to come up with some random, contrived explanation for the relatedness of two siblings? (let’s make an awkward joke about growing up as adopted children in a multicultural home for no reason at all other than to clue the audience in.) Zoe saldana and paula patton strike me as two women of color that have some action chops, even though the latter might be a tad older to play sue.

    • I simply wouldn’t make them brother and sister. I don’t like the “adopted” idea either. I don’t think the relationship is that crucial to any major story.

      • That’s a slippery slope. Now they aren’t brother and sister..why not make the Thing able to change to human form whenever he wants, or make Reed a woman? Eventually, its just not the FF

      • That’s a slippery slope. Now they aren’t brother and sister..why not make the Thing able to change to human form whenever he wants, or make Reed a woman? Eventually, its just not the FF.

  28. The only problem I have with this is someone from Girls playing Susan Storm. I don’t see that working out. Otherwise, I’m interested in seeing how they sell the Storm siblings being different skin colors. Even a two second explanation could be a fascinating story.

  29. So then, would Sue be black? Because they’re siblings. That would just be weird. Would we just go ahead and call it Tyler Perry’s Fantastic Four? UGH.