Michael B. Jordan Addresses ‘Fantastic Four’ Reboot and Human Torch Rumor

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michael b jordan fantastic four Michael B. Jordan Addresses Fantastic Four Reboot and Human Torch Rumor

Last time on news stories about the Fantastic Four reboot: the fan discussion got really heated really quickly, thanks to the rumor that Michael B. Jordan – costar of the acclaimed found-footage super-powered teen flick Chronicle made by director Josh Trank (who is developing the new F4 movie) – is up for consideration to play literal hot-head daredevil Johnny Storm (a.k.a. Human Torch) in the film.

Well, that idea prompted impassioned reactions and arguments presented on both sides of the divide - I freely admit to having lit the fuse on that figurative stick of dynamite in my write-up – and Jordan has since weighed in on just how much truth there is behind said rumor (in addition to sharing his own feelings about the issue).

Jordan is attending the 2013 Cannes Film Festival to promote Fruitvale Station (watch the trailer), the Sundance award-winning film where he portrays the late Oscar Grant, the victim of a 2009 police shooting. While there, the actor – an alum of critically-lauded TV series like The Wire and Friday Night Lights – offered up the following to USA Today, about him being cast in Trank’s Fantastic Four movie:

“Nothing is real. Everyone knows [Josh Trank and I are] good friends. It’s something that if it happened I would be ecstatic,” says Jordan, giving a big wink. “I’d love to be a part of it.”

“That wink was off the record,” he then laughs.

He went on to say that he feels most of the people complaining about him playing Johnny Storm “have a continuity problem,” in reference to how the character is traditionally portrayed as caucasian. Nonetheless, Jordan emphasized that he has already received a lot of support on this issue from comic book geeks, saying that “If you go looking for negative things you’re going to find it. You never go through a girl’s phone. If you’re looking for trouble, you’re going to find it. But we’ll see where this all goes.”

fantastic four chris evans human torch1 Michael B. Jordan Addresses Fantastic Four Reboot and Human Torch Rumor

Chris Evans as Johnny Storm in ‘Fantastic Four’ (2005)

Our Kofi Outlaw’s “Changing Face” feature examines how comic book characters and superhero’s race/ethnicity occasionally change over the years, either to keep up with the modern times or to fit a storyteller’s new vision. It should only be seen as a problem when the character’s essence is lost or disrespected; hence, it was fine when Michael Clarke Duncan played Kingpin in the 2003 Daredevil movie – or, conversely, when Bane’s Caribbean heritage was dropped in The Dark Knight Rises – as the qualities that make them great villains were preserved (in my opinion).

Jordan indicated as much, when he commented about him (maybe) playing the Human Torch:

“Things change and time goes on, it’s 2013 right now,” Jordan says of the Torch talk. “The characteristics of the Human Torch are his name is Johnny Storm, he’s charismatic, and he’s a playboy. That’s it. You know what I’m saying? That’s all there is.”

There are, of course, several instances where a character’s racial background does need to be carried over, in order to be true to their original form. Luke Cage, for example, is a superhero whose African-American heritage is a definitive element of his identity (partly because black superheroes were, and still are, a rarity when he was created); similarly, Steve Rogers/Captain America simply would not really make sense as anything but a white American man, given his traditional backstory. However, as I’ve argued before, the Human Torch is not one of those instances.

Chronicle Found Footage Movie Michael B. Jordan Addresses Fantastic Four Reboot and Human Torch Rumor

Dane DeHaan, Michael B. Jordan and Alex Russell in ‘Chronicle’

Jordan is an excellent choice for the role of Johnny Storm – based on his previous acting work – and the same goes for Allison Williams (Girls), who is said to be on the shortlist to play the maternalistic Sue Storm/Invisible Woman in Trank’s F4 reboot.

After all, in this particular comic book-based universe (populated by super-powered humans and alien visitors), it wouldn’t require an explanation as to how Johnny and Sue are brother and sister, even if they have different skin colors. They could be adopted siblings, from parents of different races, or anything else one can imagine to connect these dots.

So, how about it – Michael B. Jordan as the Human Torch in Fantastic Four, yay or nay? Let us know in the comments section.


Fantastic Four is being directed by Josh Trank and produced by Matthew Vaughn (director of Kick-Ass and X-Men: First Class), based on a script written by Jeremy Slater and revised by Seth Grahame-Smith.

It will open in U.S. theaters on March 6th, 2015.

Source: USA Today

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  1. Go for it. Unless someone else has a better audition or on screen chemistry with the other actors. Than give the part to them.

    • Agreed, Jordan was excellent in Chronicle and was my favourite character in it. Really hoping he lands this role!

      • Hm. I thought DeHaan was the best actor in Chronicle with the more interesting character while Jordan made Steve likable but the character was still pretty one dimensional. The less said about the third guy though, the better. He was just “there”.

        • Aw yeah Dehaan was definitely the best actor in the movie, hands down. Jordan’s character definitely wasn’t the best but for me personally, like you said, he was just very likable, I really enjoyed how he was sort of the spark of light in the group in the beginning of the movie.

    • I completely agree. He is black, so what? If he is great in the part, let him play The Human Torch. In my opinion, I would actually want to go see the movie more if things were shaken up and he was cast. There is such an absence of black superheroes that it is ridiculous. The only one that I can think of prevalent today is Storm. Everyone should at least give him a chance before they bash him.

      • SPAWN

        • BLADE … Black Panther …John Hancock … Bishop (X-Men)

          • Im talking about current BLACK superheroes in current movies. Last time I checked Black Panther wasn’t adapted to film yet.

    • Chemistry pssh… he is the first and only choice and soley because of Josh Trank. It’s ridiculous, if Josh Trank wants to romance black guys, he should do it on his own dime.

  2. nay

  3. Have him play someone else not human torch

    • Yes, i agree

  4. Honestl the dudes a talented actor. If he cares about the material and wants to be apart of it. I say why not. There are ways around the “racial issue” even though it’s not really a issue. It’s simple hire the best actor and if he’s the best who’s auditioning. Hire him.

    • Completely agree, if someone addresses race as an issue, I usually just see that person as the issue.

    • Spoken like a true Avengers fan lol what’s he care about Fantastic Four. lol

  5. i do think that superheroes SHOULD be recast in roles where Race is not important….BUT I am not sure the Fantastic Four is one of them. I don’t think at the end of the day it makes a difference…they did it TWICE with Catwoman and I really don’t remember their being a fuss about it.

    In this case however you then have to explain the racial difference or it will be the elephant in the room. If you cast Sue as a black woman…then you have an interracial relationship…and that could be a distraction from the story.

    I would like to see

    Robin, recast as an African American
    Wonder Woman recast as Latina
    Daredevil and Catwoman recast as Asian
    Captain Marvel (Shazam) as a middle easterner
    Hawkeye recast as a native American

    • You should read Batwing. He’s basically African Batman. At least up until issue 17 or so where they kinda screwed him over with a new person instead of the original guy.

      • There was a Muslim Green Lantern as well recently wasn’t there?

        • Simon Bam, I think?

    • Naya Rivera for Wonder Woman and Tony Amendola for the wizard Shazam

    • Why can’t Sue & Johnny be step-siblings? Can Johnny be adopted? I think it’s something that wouldn’t really hinder the Fantastic Four story…it might even give it a little more weight by adding a twist to their relationships.

      In that you can go two ways. Johnny is headstrong, arrogant, flashy and over the top because he’s always been trying to fit in with Sue. Often times an adopted child that’s aware of their status will look to impress their parents and prove their worth. Or you can play tension between the two of them as Johnny doesn’t always get along with Sue and doesn’t listen because she doesn’t understand him as an adopted child or African-American. There might even be a parallel narrative between him and The Thing, about being accepting who you are and that who you are on the outside has nothing to do with what’s on the inside.

      Am I rooting for him to be casted as Johnny? Not really…I think it would be an interesting choice if they did though. I’m 50/50, I think if they’re going to do it. Because he’s such a marquee character in the story unlike say “Heimdall” (Idris Elba – Thor), let’s find some compelling things to do with it also that we couldn’t otherwise.

      • ^ – this

      • Not only can they be step siblings but lets not forget they can be blood related. I know of people that have a half sibling of another race due to interracial relationships. They could have the same mother different fathers or vice-versa! President Obama is a good example of that! He has two siblings that appear to be two different races.

    • I would be fine with that!

    • Captain Marvel is middle eastern.
      And Wonder Woman is Greek so that kind of locks down her race( especially with the new52 origin)
      the rest race is a non-issue so it doesn’t matter.

  6. Sue’s adopted younger brother. There we go, audiences won’t care once that 2 second exposition is done.

    • But why is the black guy gotta be adopted ?
      How about Sue being the adopted one

    • Why do they have to be brother and sister? I hate the “adopted” idea because it is so cheap and contrived. There are hundreds of FF stories that won’t be at all affected if they aren’t related.

  7. I will be okay with it.
    When I think of the Fantastic Four I of course envision them in a certain way but I am sure most would not complain if the character in question was Ben Grimm, the Thing in human form.
    I understand people do not want to much change, just as I might not accept a black Bruce Wayne or Spider-Man. Its strange for me.
    Perhaps I feel this way because overall while the Human Torch is not a secondary character, such as Kingpin or Bane or Perry White, but he is also not the only primary protagonisy. That duty is shared with the rest of the team equally and one of the major themes of book is family.
    This can be a good literal method of showing family as being diversity within themselves. Its a modern retelling of thestory of this super-powered dysfunctional family- one not defines by the “traditional” means of family but a group of people who really and deeply care about each other no matter petty conflucts.
    If anything, as long as the actor nails the essence of the character and it does not detract from the story.

  8. John and Sue being siblings is the only issue I have with this. If they can get that right I say give Wallace a shot.

  9. I think if the story makes sense and the actor is good people will be happy. But I do think its funny how the tone changes when the article tells people what they should think. Comments sound much different than the last article.

  10. I feel like as long as you have the talent, then why not.

  11. You guys know there is a black Captain America, right?

    • Arent there two? The original and his son that took up the mantle?

      • grand so and he is named patriot in young avengers

    • Call me crazy but i have a feeling that Falcon will be a mix of that (falcon and son of black capt america or some variant of that). Hell be augmented comparably to Capt America with the addition of his wings.

    • The Patriot. Yes.

  12. If Jonny Depp can be a native American, than I think anything is fair game.

    Seriously, I would love to see Jordan land this role. I wanted to see more of his Character in Chronicle.

    • You talk as though you speak for everyone, but you don’t. I feel like people who have a problem with making the character black are just a rather vocal minority. If you want to give your opinion, that’s fine. That’s what comment sections and forums are for. Just don’t act like you speak for everyone.

      • That wasn’t supposed to go there…

    • You…..ummm……so realize he is part native American, right?

      • Wanna know how to piss off an Indian? Tell ‘em your 1/16 cherokee.

        Here’s the deal: In order to be in the Part Native Maerican Club there’s some criteria:

        Preferably you should speak the language, have grown up on the reservation or have close relative who are “full-blooded” Indians…you should have a real connection to the culure in a meaningful way.

        AT THE VERY LEAST you need to go through life being occasioanlly asked “What race are you”?

        On the other hand, if you’ve never been mistaken for anything but a white person, and you have no meaningful connection to the culture, and never been the recipient of racism, you don’t get to be in the Part Indian Club.

        Johnny Depp can say he’s “part Indian” all day long, but to those of us who are in the Club it’s yet another white person saying he’s “1/16 Cherokee”, and it means nothing. He’s white. Period.

        Whoever thought it was ok to have a white guy playing an Indian needs to be made aware that it’s not ok. It’s not ok to have a black guy playing Johnny Storm either.

  13. Whatever dude. Do what u want. I can live without watching another stupid F4 movie. Not that F4 is stupid but if this guy thinks this way… then the direction of the movie will suck. Due to the lack of doing what is right. None of this is right but again whatever. I wont make a big deal out of this, I will state my position and everyone will have to respect that. This is a mistake and understand that the route this dude is going is going to loose FOX money. F4 are characters that mostly fans would want to go see and you are already pissing us off. You dont get pissed at situations like this… you are not a true fan. Period

    • LMAO

    • Well I am a “true fan” as you say. I’ve been reading these characters my entire life and this does not bother me in the slightest. I’m just looking for a good movie with a strong story and great actors to portray iconic characters that I hav read during my life.

      And for the record a majority of the comments seem pretty into this idea. It’s simple man the best actor plays the role regardless of race or ethnicity or whatever

      • Glad it doesnt bother you. Guess you would be the first in line to see Gerard Butler’s portrayal as the Black Panther! Along with the majority of the commenters who are “pretty into the idea”. U throw Majority Rule in the conversation and you are automatically correct in your argument? What are we…6 years old!? Guarantee it will suck, not bc the dude isnt white but bc it would b a mistake in direction to do it due to lack of commitment to the canon and bc of the direction of the movie will not be true. How are you gonna make this dude and Susan siblings? Make her a race she isnt too? Change the fact that they arent siblings? Step siblings? The ideas are endless… but they are not truth. Argue all you want and keep looking stupid but I posted above that I wont make a big deal of this. This is truth… deal with it and get this stupid prejudice crap out of ur heads. Bc it never was about that. To be so adamant about a race change just to prove you are not racist isnt becoming of anybody and doesnt prove S#!@.

        • Ironman just crossed 1 billion. Clearly adhering to comic book lore isn’t needed for a comic to be good and/or successful. Spin it however you want, comic book purism aside, but if your saying a movie will go from good to bad for no other reason than a white character is now black, to me, that’s racist.

          Side note, stop with the black to white argument for characters like Black Panther. It’s been made clear why that would be different.

          • why would that be different….if someone white were to be perfect for the role then how is it any different than a black man being perfect for the role of johnny storm…you do realize there are caucasian people that live in africa too right??? they would just change the story to he’s T’Chakas adopted son from south africa rather than wakanda, just like everyone saying this guy would be susans adopted broter, or half brother…you cant have things one way and the other way around is somehow still racist…

            • @xmisfit666x, Well, Black Panther’s culture, ethnicity and background also reflect his character. Having a White South Africa in that place would stretch it to the point where it’d be blatantly deliberate and forced. T’Challa is also an “African” King.

              • ok and making johnny storm black for the sake of an actor and changing his backstory to him being an adopted child or half brother to sue storm is a blantantly deliberate stretch to me seeing as it’s been well established that both johnny and sue are brother and sister to the same mother and father…

                • @xmisfit666x,No I agree on the unnecessary stretch with making Johnny Storm Black, I don’t think in this case it’s a good idea, trying to force this character to change his origins this way. But with certain characters, their ethnicity and or cultural background is an integral part of the essence of the character. In this case not so much with Johnny Storm BUT the fact that his sister is white and that they have to change a bunch of stuff even after people still remember seeing a white Johnny Storm in the previous horrible movies, let alone reading the comics, this does still seem unnecessary and stupid.

                  If they are trying to diversify, then maybe they need to figure out another way. As a person of color myself, I’m all about giving more people of color roles in movies an Hollywood but this is still reaching unnecessarily too hard, and borders an affirmative action type of move. It’s probably also being done in order to create controversy for the film to bring more attention to it. This guy is a descent actor But no, I’m not of fan of Fox, nor this idea.

                  • and i completely agree with you there, i would rather see more prominent roles of black actors in actual black characters, like black panther,falcon,storm and bishop from the xmen, luke cage, even some of the lesser known to the movie goers like goliath, captain universe, cloak…the list goes on, theres no shortage of characters, its just a shame that no tie ins to alot of these characters is really happening, at least for a while cause i know i heard at least panther and luke cage were going to be movies sometime in the future… but i agree the johnny thing seems like a far stretch to me too

            • Besides [xmisfit666x] they already did that:


          • Funny I see IM3 being suceessful bc it made alot of money and not bc it was good! And it doesnt matter what you think… its about fact. Again read the comment I posted above… it pertains to u too Acathla.

            Side note. If its true then it WILL be argued.

            Adopt him and its not true Bellcure. I got an idea lets make a movie about Mr Obama and make him a white actor. Woo Hoo Let the heads role!!! But what does it matter? As long as the actor is talented. Right? U ppl again dont get it. U ride this prejudice crap bc its the only thing ur tiny brains can comprehend. We want truth to our stories. Yeah funny how we are so adamant about giving this kid the spot if he is good enough but what Im reading is he is good friends with the director. Sounds like favoritism to me. Oh but there I go being prejudice again:(

            • What would change if Johnny Storm were black in the comics?

              • How many times do I have to say the same things?

                • Just give a straight answer, would anything be different in the comics. Would being black dictate any of his actions or the things he says, would it change his personality? Would characters in the comics treat him any different? Unless it’s from the 50s or 60s or something, what with all the racial issues.

                  • Yes once a movie succeeds that character is portrayed n that manner. Whether it be color, story, whatever.

                    • What?

              • Absolutely nothing

            • Your Obama example is rather weak, considering the fact that he is a real person and Johnny Storm is fake. And you speak of truth… the least you could do is call the man what he really is “multiracial”.

              • ya know that always bugged me when people would get all bent out of shape when i tried to say he not black, hes multi or bi-racial, like its taking away from his “blackness” or something lol, or like they just cant handel the fact that they diddnt get the 1st african american president, they got the 1st bi-racial president lmao

                • @xmisfit666x,
                  I honestly see where you’re coming from but Let me ask you a question. Have you Heard of the “ONE DRP RULE” that was invented at the time of high racial Tension. Then if you have you know that although He is mixed, Obama is considered Black

                  • OMG! I meant “ONE DROP RULE” Lol

                    • lol i was wondering what one derp rule meant lol, but either way no i dont know about that, im just saying, make as many rules as you want, he is what he is….doesnt matter if a piece of paper says he can be only considered one or the other, hes still mixed lol, not that that takes anything away from him im just saying

              • Hold on there, Turbolobster. I’ll remind you of 2 movies that were based on real persons in which such a change was made. Walking tall and Grirdiron gang. In both movies, starring The rock, Dwayne Johnson, the person it’s based on is white. So bring on the movie with a white actor playing Obama, after all there is precedence….

        • couldnt have said it better myself lol

          • Easy Nick Fury! Need u ask? Not only his color which now portrays him as black in not only the comics but even the anime Marvel is bringing out. Not to mention he no longer is the Bad Ass soldier he once was but some pussified commander. As he once was BEFORE the changes, he never backed down from a fire fight. Now the puss is sitting around in a coffee shop needing someone to do his dirty work for him. Cmon man. I like Samuel L Jackson and dont really care that Nick Fury is black (as ive been telling u tools it aint bout race) but its bout what it does to the canon, how that character is presented to the world and what it does to the continuity of the beloved @#% @ we grew up reading. Marvel and DC are always looking to UPGRADE their properties to the NOW. Bc the more ppl they connect to, the more money they make. Y u think they r making movies! It doesnt really matter what I say tho. Tho I speak facts, you ppl speak garbage. Aint one thing I said false and it seems to me SR puts this stuff on here just so we all will argue over it

        • Jesus H, why is it that in 2013 race stuff is still such a big deal. All they need to say is he was adopted into Sue fam’s as a baby/child. Done. Frig. Who cares. There’s nothing about Johnny Storm that says he has to be a certain skin color, it just not intergral to the character’s being. Or you know what why in the hell can’t Sue Storm have been the one adopted by Johnny’s family??? That would be even better. Imagine that, a capable, loving african american family opened their home to a caucasian baby/child and raised it as their own along biological son Johnny. Actually, thats exactly what I wanna see. Put that in your pipe and smoke it bigots.

          • He only has a problem with it because he is a closed minded racist. He can paint his picture however he wants but that doesn’t change the truth.

            • If that’s what (racism) makes the movie stupid, it indeed is stupid. Sorry i’m not white but i won’t see the movie if Jordan plays the character of Johny Storm.

          • Why does he have to be the one adopted ?
            Why couldn’t Sue be adopted into a rich influential black family ?

        • you talk as if these characters are real people lol

        • @kylerenner

          ” The ideas are endless… but they are not truth.”
          you just shot a hole in you’re entire argument. if they were making a biopic about george washington, and cast him as african, or asian, then yeah, you’re criticism would be valid. however; this is a fictional character, and his race has nothing to do with his character. it’s whatever the writers want to make him. i challenge you to present any kind of argument that would show johnny storm HAS to be portrayed as caucasian. claiming “that was how stan lee or jack kirby (or whoever really created those characters) originally wrote him, so he HAS to be white” is not a valid reason. if you feel i’m wrong, then by all means, tell my why JS MUST remain a white guy. how would being portrayed as african-american makes him any less of a (fictional) person?
          the gerard butler as black panther comment was silly, as no one has (as of yet) ever suggested black panther be played by someone other than a black african (i don’t know what the correct term would be, i’m trying to stay off any slippery slopes) so thats not really a counter point

        • Black Panthers race is central to his Identity…how do you explain the king of wakanda being played by a scottish actor? lol….no less one who cant do an accent to save his life.

          Just as Steve Rogers race is essential to Captain America…you could have said Luke Cage or maybe even Blade…why go with one of the most ethnic superheroes in Marvel…lol.

    • -> Joker in the Dark Knight didn’t fall in a tub of Acid
      -> Ra’s Al Ghul wasn’t Oriental
      -> Spider-Man didn’t have web shooters in Raimi’s trilogy
      -> Nick Fury is Black in The Avengers
      -> Catwoman was both black and white in the last decade in two different films

      All these films apart from one of the Catwoman films are rated 85% or over on Rotten Tomatoes, audiences consisting of, comic enthusiates and normal movie goers, and critics saying they’re brilliant films.

      Things in comics change all the time, there’s a black Spider-Man running around in case you haven’t noticed. If you hate this ridiculously minor change in the movie, you must be dissatisfied with every comic book movie that’s ever been released. You’re loss to be honest, sucks that you can’t open that narrow mind atleast a little. Honestly what do you think Josh Trank is going to do, he sees an actor that portrays Johnny Storm great, but won’t hire him because he’s black lmao. Tell that to any family member, friend or stranger, and I assure you, they will laugh in your face or be disgusted.

      • nick fury is black because nick fury is black in the comics….. maby you should have read some of them instead of assuming you knew what you were talking about

        • I actually collect Ultimate Comics aha. But you know what’s weird though, why are there two Nick Furies in the comic book world, I thought there was only supposed to be one definite one hm.

          • do i really have to explain this to you -_-……..the “ultimate” marvel comics are of a alternate universe…. which is why everyones stories have started over again, just like with the differences between amazing/fantastic/ultimate spiderman for example are all different parts of the marvel universe all taking place in alternate realities like the 2027 (i think i got the right year) series….which is why nick fury is black in the “ultimate universe” as opposed to the white nick fury from the older comics which take place in an alternate reality

            • Exactly! That makes perfect sense, what I should’ve said from the beginning ><. That's what comic book movies are, alternate universes that grab influence from all comic books. Like someone's own interpretation of a character. It's not there to serve comic books, it's there to introduce a new vision, the director's and writer's vision.

              • wow i didn’t even read your whole comment before posting mine -.-, right after you said alternate universe i took to the keyboard.

              • and that would make sence to me if there were a storyline of ff4 where johnny was adopted or sue and him were half siblings…hell even if his family with sue and their father were all black in the 1st place…my only beef with this is there arent any storylines like that of ff4 and the problem im having is that they are probably going to make drastic changes to his backstory just to fit this actor in there and thats something i just dont agree with, it just doesnt feel organic to me…like i said if there was a story where all i said had happened then fine, no big deal…my problem with alot of these people on here is they cry out equality this and that but call out racism if someone doesnt agree with their particular opinion or offers a different perspective on an established black superherolike black panther or storm from the x-men being changed to another race as an example… its rediculous….i think they just need to find a person that can play johnny storm for what and who his character is, i just dont see big changes in the story like that are neccesary

                • Well that makes sense, but honestly to me anyway, they can just make tSue mixed or something, heck I use to know black and white siblings. Totally understand what you’re saying, but if Jordan is really that good of a fit for the role, changes like those I think are definitely worth it. In the end I’m pretty sure we want the same thing, a great representation of both characters.

                  • yeah i guess so lol, im just saying when they get around to changing things they end up doing it really bad lol and to please the masses that have never read a comic in their life, i just dont think its a good idea to make changes like that just to accomidate one actor is all

                    • That’s true, but looking at Chronicle, Josh Trank is pretty good at his job so there’s a possibility he’ll make it work without it looking stupid or corny. On the other hand, he’s only really made one movie aha. I guess we’ll have to wait and see. Let’s hope for the best cause there’s a lot riding on this movie, after the failure of the other two, this is sort of a second chance and if it does well in both reviews and box office, there’s definitely chance it can be as big as Iron Man or Spider-man.

                    • John, I entirely agree with you. I have no problem with the race of The Human Torch at all and your arguments are Valid.
                      @nobodygottimefothat, Although I don’t completely agree with you, I do see where you’re coming from. But I still believe that his race does not define him as others do.
                      Personally, If Jordan is Hired, I would be happy but, In the end,Let’s Hope they do fine a very Talented actor for the part and have a win win situation. :)

                • @nobodygottimeforthat, I agree, and I know that Marvel Studios has recently major a major blunder to it’s core fans but since when did Fox follow continuity? So I’m not surprised and as a matter of fact, I hope this helps them fail with this franchise even further.

                  • personaly i hope they dont fail with this, i love the ff4, its been my favorate comic ever, thats mostly why i just dont agree with all this talk of him becoming johnny, got nothing to do with black, white, or anything, i just dont think a change like that is a good choice here, i think maby he could do well as a possible younger black panther or something but i just dont see him as johnny, and to change the story just to fit him in doesnt seem right

                    • @ wanderer, for some reason it wont let me reply directly to your comment lol, but either way at least your somewhat understanding instead of the usual YOUR RACIST CAUSE YOUR OPINION IS DIFFERENT comments lol, personally i dont think of it as the race defining him either, my problem is with them having to change the story to make him as an actor fit into the part….like they would be taloring the story around him as an actor just so he could get the part…thats basicaly what my problem with that would be is all…liek i said if it were a situation of if the ff4 had a comic story line where the family was black and they diddnt have to chang the story around so he as an actor could fit the part then i wouldnt have a problem whatsoever…i just dont think changes like that are neccesary to make the movie work is all

                    • what change? sue introduces him to someone as her brother, she sees the slight puzzled look, and she says “he adopted”,better yet, he says “SHE’S adopted”. 2 seconds of exposition. now what has changed to the person (besides the skin tone) thats is of major concern to you? do the parents storm figure much into any FF4 story? it is not a major change, but for some reason it is to you, and it appears to be racially motivated. prove me wrong.

                • well, if they make the movie with MBJ, then there WILL be a story line about what you speak of; or MUST it have been in the comics first? put down the rule book dude!

        • Nick Fury, the ORIGINAL Nick Fury in the comics, was WHITE. You might want to get your facts straight by doing a little bit of research before you post.

          • i think we already covered that one pal….thanks for the input at such a critical point in the conversation though :D

  14. never finished watching Chronicle but I do remember him being good in it. yeah the racial non-issue should just be that, a non-issue. the racial makeup of the first family of comics was never integral to their story anyway.

  15. give the man a proper character: black panther.

    cast jamie bell as johnny storm and game on!

    • *flame on

  16. True to the canon.

  17. It seems like no one is addressing the fact that Sue and Johnny could be distinctly different in terms of skin color and still be full brother and sister, it isn’t uncommon for interracial couples to have kids that take after one parent in terms of racial appearance, while the other does the opposite. Anyways, MBJ is amazing, and I’d love it if we get some members of The Wire into The MCU.

    • cough*stringerbellidriselbaheimdall*cough

  18. I like it. Black Nick Fury would approve.

  19. Why stop there? Make him also homosexual.

    FLAME ON!!

  20. here, lets just make it fair to everyone and make alllll superheroes minorities so no one feels bad about anything lol, and while were at it lets make alllll supervillans mean old white people because that seems to be what everyone wants, i mean black panther HAS to stay black,falcon HAS to stay black….any other black superhero HAS to stay black but lets make a big fuss about a white superhero and make him black because thats fair and this is 2013 and everything needs to be UPDATED and all the characters backstories need to be changed so black people dont feel left out anymore and if you dont agree with any of it then your a DIRTY RACIST, its rediculous, im not predjudice or anything but if a character is white then guuuues what…maby you should just cast a white person, just like if your casting for black panther, falcon, or nick fury (ultimate universe) then cast a black person because obviously thats what the part calls for and i wouldnt want to see those parts changed either just because theres a white/spanish/asian etc. actor that wants to try for it, theres no good reason to change a characters whole story so you can play the whole guilty white people/equality card, cast the characters for what and who they are, i dont see a point in changing the story like that for any reason, if this were based off of a ff4 comic storyline where johnny was black then there would be no problem at all, just like how they casted sam jackson for nick fury …why…because they nick fury character they casted WAS BLACK already

    • Lets rush the trend… make everyone black n every story we tell from here on out. Its what everyone wants. I know its what I want so ppl dont think less of me.

      • LMAO!! XD

        • You are the ones bringing up other characters and changing them to make your case.

          This is one character that change.

          And nobody, in this case, the words you are typing are prejudiced. You are only lying to yourself…or this one character would not be such a big deal to you.

          Now, I am ready for your personal attacks because that is the only way you will be able to argue with my logic.

          • well, im not going to bother with personal attacks since thats the only thing you seem to think works…but, i dont really know how to respond to your attempt at an insult because you seem to need some lessons on sentence structure when talking to someone and i dont quite understand what you’re trying to get by there so i’ll make an attempt. so yes i brought up changing other characters as well, AS AN EXAMPLE, that is if you know what an example is. i guess you just seem to be one of those people that think if i dont agree with your point of view then im wrong and im a racist right? well it’s ok that you think im predjudice just because i dont agree with changing a characters whole backstory and life basicaly just to fit around one actor. it does not feel organic to the story, it feels forced to me and thats why it’s a big deal to me because this is a character i grew up with and for them to just throw away his whole identity and backstory altogether just to accomidate this guy isnt right…so yeah if you want to think im predjudice and racist and blahh blahh blahh go ahead, but i think there are plenty of already established black superhero characters he could play (probably alot better) rather than changing a character just so he can fit into the movie….and “GASP” i diddnt need any personal attacks to debate (not argue, since arguing is for things of fact, not personal opinion) your opinion :O

    • Let’s agree that at the beginning of the 20th Century, If a writer had created a black superhero, It would have been a tough sell because of the society they lived in at the time. But let’s say that the superhero culture was born this century, How many superheroes do you think could have been of different races. Superman could have been black. It’s just a matter of the time. Now that time has changed, It seems that us Human has to follow.
      nobodygottimefothat, The only thing that is constant in this life my friend is change. And if you do not adapt, then time will leave you behind.
      Are you a racist because we differ in our opinion. NOPE. You are just saying how you feel. and how you feel is perfectly normal my friend. I just hope that in the near future, maybe you will be a little more Flexible concerning this subjet. :)

      • well like i said in my comment to what you said earlier its got nothing to do with being flexible or anything….creating new superheroes that are black or any other race is perfectly fine….the fact that they want to change a white one to a black character just because they would rather not adept one of the black/asian/spanish etc. superheroes stories is a big shame because there are alot of good stories out of those characters…i just dont see a point in a change like this, it doesnt feel organic to the story to me is all, nothing biggoted, nothing hatefull behind it, nothing even closed minded behind it, i just find it typical that they want to change someones character like this because they would rather do the whole equality thing in an established ip that people know and love instead of showing it through one of the many superheroes that are already established as an black/spanish/asian character that the kids of those origins could look up to instead

  21. Yeah he’s black, i bet that will look real good on the big screen! A black man on fire! Yeah no problem there…

    • Oh I see what you did there!

  22. What both MBJ and the article failed to mention is that Johnny and Sue are siblings. That, I believe, is the true flashpoint if their is one, and should be addressed. It doesn’t bother me in the least for him to be black, but I happen to have a strong sentimental attachment to he and Sue resembling each other. I know that it is perfectly real-life plausible for a family to be composed of siblings with different biological parents.

    I just really have my hopes up for this FF reboot to remedy the casting deficiencies of the earlier films. If MBJ is the best choice for Johnny, then I am fine with it regardless of who is cast as Sue. Best actors = best film. But I refuse to feel petty about wanting them to be as close as possible to the comic book origins, and honestly this isn’t something that needs to be “shaken up” to be realistic or relevant.

    • Amen

    • ^ “there”, not “their”.

    • Because Jessica Alba and Chris Evans resembled each other so much..yea, that’s it.

      • Not a good example, her being cast was a big issue with a lot of people. If you read other FF threads most people on this site didn’t like those movies as a whole.

        • Exactly the point that I would make. They miscast Susan Storm last time around, and as someone who has been a FF fan since I was very young, I just really want the filmmakers to get it right by the source material this time. I want Johnny and Sue to resemble each other – it’s that simple. Not at the cost of good acting, but we FF fans deserve as faithful an adaption as possible. There is nothing wrong with that.

    • Dude…this is Fox were talking about here. lol they laugh in the face of continuity.

  23. HE CANT PLAY JOHNNY STORM BECAUSE IN REAL LIFE HE WA……oh wait…fictional character people…im sure in about seven years when its rebooted again they’ll make him white again so chill

    • I WILL NOT CHILL…..seriously i cant chill, its like 80 degrees in here…

  24. Well, I liked Chronicle okay, but I hate the show, Girls, so I’m not enthusiastic. Not because he’s African American, but because of why fan boys said they didn’t like the original two films! They hated how Dr. Doom was portrayed and changed. I actually liked their take on him and I enjoyed both films. So, FOX is going to alter a beloved comic even more?! This might bomb so bad!

  25. If they cast him, then Sue needs to be black as well, its not a race issue so much as an issue with the characters’ dynamics. Step siblings or adopted siblings just don’t have the same relationship, even half-siblings have a different type of bond. I have both step and half siblings and it’s just not the same. I just think that so much of their character’s revolve around their close brother-sister bonds, that itneeds to remain intact.

    • The problem with that is, that you think that everyone else is like you. I have a closer bond with my step brother than I do my own sibling.

      This is why I have such a problem with the lot of you on this board, you are only expressing your narrow dogmatic view of the jed..I mean yourself.

      • you seem to be a verry upset and/or angry person…..i think you’re taking this stuff a little too seriously there,oh and nice job at being super critical of the guy for his opinion though, makes you look like a real genius ;)

      • i never once said that I thought everyone was like me.
        Merely expressing an informed opinion on relationship dynamics as seen through my own PERSONAL experiences.
        I’m glad you get along so well with your step-brother.
        My step-brother was an only child until we came along and he resented losing that status which led to friction. My half-sisters, on the otherhand, are very close to me, but the huge difference in age changes the relationship dynamic.
        Either way you look at it the relationship is different than that of full blooded siblings close in age. I can only imagine that race would exacerbate the situation.
        As I said I have no problem with HT being black I just want Sue to be the same race. I don’t really see how that makes me narrow-minded.

  26. i dont think thats true, the only blood brother i have is half, and the bond we have is as strong as any sibling with both the same parents could have

  27. I was one of the people who were cautious about changing Johnny Storm. My reason being is that I can relate to a character regardless of what his skin color is. As I stated in the previous article, I think it would be much better if new characters are created. If he is cast, it’s not the end of the world; just make the movie better than the last Fantastic Four films.

  28. Let’s agree that at the beginning of the 20th Century, If a writer had created a black superhero, It would have been a tough sell because of the society they lived in at the time. But let’s say that the superhero culture was born this century, How many superheroes do you think could have been of different races. Superman could have been black. It’s just a matter of the time. Now that time has changed, It seems that us Human has to follow.
    nobodygottimefothat, The only thing that is constant in this life my friend is change. And if you do not adapt, then time will leave you behind.
    Are you a racist because we differ in our opinion. NOPE. You are just saying how you feel. and how you feel is perfectly normal my friend. I just hope that in the near future, maybe you will be a little more Flexible concerning this subjet.

  29. Oops! I posted this twice sorry. :)

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