‘Fantastic Four’ Reboot Snags ‘X-Men’ Director Matthew Vaughn as Producer

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Matthew Vaughn Producing Fantastic Four Reboot Josh Trank Fantastic Four Reboot Snags X Men Director Matthew Vaughn as Producer

With all the hype surrounding Marvel Studios projects like Iron Man 3 and Guardians of Galaxy - or DC/Warner Bros.’ Man of Steel and (possible) Justice League team film – it can be hard to remember that Fox is also rolling out its own slate of shared universe superhero films.

The Wolverine has yet to enter its big marketing push, while X-Men: Days of Future Past is still locking down cast members by the day. With Fox’s shared X-Men universe not yet on the radar of most moviegoers, Chronicle director Josh Trank’s Fantastic Four reboot could be considered a pipe dream. However, with today’s news, that pipe dream is quickly taking some very real shape.

Kick-Ass and Ultimate X-Men creator Mark Millar is “Godfathering” Fox’s shared Marvel universe - much in the same way Joss Whedon will guid Marvel Studios’ “Phase Two” initiative until it reaches Avengers 2. We’ve long chronicled (no pun) Millar’s habit of ‘pre-emptive speaking,’ but the writer is now taking to Twitter to drop some news that is hard not to consider “official”:

Vaughn, is of course, the man who made Millar’s Kick-Ass comic book into a cult movie hit, before graduating to blockbuster superhero success with X-Men: First Class. The notoriously finicky writer/director/producer was lined up to helm Fox’s First Class sequel, Days of Future Past, but ultimately left that project in the hands of Bryan Singer (who ironically enough was going to direct First Class before leaving it to Vaughn).

Vaughn has also stepped away from the upcoming Kick-Ass 2, leaving that project in the hands of Cry  Wolf  director, Jeff Wadlow. For a minute it looked like Vaughn was directing Star Wars Episode VII – but with J.J. Abrams confirmed for that director’s chair, the plan to adapt Millar’s The Secret Service comic book still seems to be Vaughn’s most likely new directing gig. He has been a solid shepherd when it comes to taking ideas from the comic book page to the big screen – and though this announcement that he’s producing the new Fantastic Four raises more questions than it answers (what WILL his level of involvement be?), just seeing his name attached to the project will thrill many fans of his previous work  - or those fanboys/gals just hoping for good Fantastic Four movie.


Fantastic Four Future Foundation Costumes 570x397 Fantastic Four Reboot Snags X Men Director Matthew Vaughn as Producer

Director Tim Story’s mid-2000s adaptation of the iconic Marvel comic (including a sequel film featuring the Silver Surfer) left many, many fans cold; conversely, Josh Trank’s Chronicle – a low-budget hit about normal humans transformed into super-powered beings by alien influence – left many clamoring for the director’s next project. Millar and Trank have both opened up about the big things being done for the FF reboot, and how the Fantastic Four and X-Men could even share the screen somewhere down the line.

There’s still a lot to be figured out (like that big issue of casting a new FF), but with Matthew Vaughn onboard helping to make the calls alongside Trank and Millar, it seems that – for now - Fantastic Four  is in the right hands (if any hands besides Marvel’s could be considered “right,” that is). 


Fantastic Four will be in theaters presumably sometime in 2015.

Source: Mark Millar’s Twitter

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  1. Out of all the marvel properties that belong to fox and Sony, I want the FF to revert to marvel studios the most. Mostly because out of Spider-Man, X-Men and the FF, the FF have much bigger role within the marvel universe, whereas spidey is a loner and only really crosses over with the FF from time to time and other loners like daredevil. And the x-men have they’re own little pocket universe, that very rarely crosses over with anything outside of mutant related events.

    • You, me, a ton of fans and even Marvel/Disney wants that. They sicked a team of lawyers on the contract and sadly couldn’t come up with any loopholes that would allow marvel to get their IP back unless Fox agreed to it (along with a swimming pool full of cash)

      We will just have to wait for Fox to get bored of rebooting what they have or Disney has the capital of a small country to afford the selling price.

      • “You, me, a ton of fans and even Marvel/Disney wants that.”

        You are so right, Mongoose.

      • :’(

    • So you guys want a reboot on top of another reboot? I don’t understand, so you guys want Fox to maybe screw up the new reboot and then give the FF properties to Marvel/Disney to get another reboot just to see then in The Avengers? I don’t know about you guys but I am tire of so many reboots, if were up to me I have no FF movie for the moment.

      • Guess it’s a good thing it’s not up to you then, eh?

    • am i the only one is rather tired (and annoyed) with people whining about wanting Marvel/Disney getting the rights back. We all know they will never be able to afford enough for Fox to give up X-men or for Sony to give up Spider-man. Time to move on.

      • No, you´re not the only who´s annoyed by it. There´s no guarantee that Marvel Studios will produce a better film than Fox. And I bet that all those people who whine and b**** about the rights are the first in line to see the film.

        • Ah Mr.Goat……someone who I always neglected from responding to in the past since you have a habbit of trashing people with your comments, & not having the decent courtesy of checking to see if they wrote a reply message back to you. However, this time I couldn’t resist pointing out your lack of knowing the obvious unless it smacked you right in the face, & even then you still wouldn’t know what was going on unless someone told you. So let me tell you this. It might not be guaranteed that Marvel would do better than FOX, but based purely on both of their track record so far makes your comment as irrelevant as your friend Ghost…….Period.

        • It’d be easier if they agreed to share the profits fairly (like that’ll ever happen) and occasionally pool resources to have one huge team up across Disney, Fox and Sony’s Marvel properties.

          I’m sure SR said we were close to something similar when they came close to having Oscorp Tower feature in the skyline during The Avengers so it would be amazing.

          That way, Marvel can get their people involved with every studio, we have one huge continuity, nothing has to be rebooted again due to properties changing hands between studios and we can have an epic movie every decade with say, Spiderman swinging by in a Fantastic Four scene or Captain America fighting alongside a WW2 era Wolverine just briefly.

        • Well, yeah. Kinda hard to critique a movie you haven’t seen. You’re right, there’s no guarantee that Marvel Studios would do better. There is, however, a much higher probability that they’d do better based on what they’ve produced thus far.

          • My last comment was a reply to Scapegoat.

      • @Ghost

        Considering that you have absolutely no clue as to how much Disney has(in terms of financial wealth)this comment makes you sound foolish & irrelevant.

        • So, I´m the guy who trashes people, but yet you´re the one who calls Ghost “foolish & irrelevant”.

          • Comprehend what you read first before you make YOURSELF sound foolish. I never called him those words directly. What I was referring to is what he was saying is what made him SOUND foolish. Now……do……you……understand. If not I can’t say I’m surprised.

    • i respect sony for bringing marvel superhero’s into the mainstream. disney prob wouldn’t be making marvel movies if it wasn’t for the success of the super-man movie franchise. sony is the godfather of the marvel superheros on the big screen, so show some respect.

      • Its fairly simple, if people absolutely want the ff right to one day revert to marvel the only for that to happen is to not support the film in anyway shspe or form. In the end, fox wants this franchise because it makes them money.

      • spider-man*

  2. See the picture at the top of the page? THAT is the Thing, not the wimpy small version in the matching white outfit. It would be a complete waste to go full CGI on him and not do the big (and impossible to do with prosthetics)version.

    AS for Vaughn being attached to this……meh. He’s a good director but it’s all about the script and no amount of stellar directing is going to save a bad story.

    • How do you know if the story is bad? And that top page picture of the Thing looks just like the bottom picture.

      • You think the Thing in both those pictures looks the same? Really? The bottom one looks like the version we just had in the last 2 FF movies; Human sized and rocky, while the top version is 7+ feet tall and about 3′ wide with a huge brow.

        And I have no clue if the story is bad, it’s just that IF it is, it doesn’t matter who’s directing (or producing it), it just be a turkey with big names attached to it.

        Considering Fox’s track record, I have little confidence however this movie will be good (and still stay true to the comicbook version)

        • The problem with Fox is that they don’t understand those characters. Fantastic Four, X-Men, they just don’t understand them. Marvel understand their characters and have the ability to portray them accurately.
          Fox wasted Reed Richards, they turned the serious genius he is into a clueless insignificant moron. They wasted Doom. They wasted the Silver Surfer (what, he gets his power from the board now???) and YES they wasted the Thing.
          And I’m not even talking about the complete mess that is X-Men with the inexistant Cyclops…

          The Thing should be 7+ feet tall and about 3′ wide. He should have huge brow. He should be completely CG! He shouldn’t be human sized. He should be more like the Hulk!

          Fox should give the rights back to those who understand the characters well and can render them faithfully.

    • He’s producing. Not directing. There is a difference.

    • I agree, the tiny Thing in the white outfit is a embarrassment!

      • Yes.

  3. How can we rescue the FF and the x-men and just about every marvel property that fox has the rights to, because in my estimation it is these superheroes who need to be rescued.

    • @Mr.Day

      “the FF and the x-men and just about every marvel property that fox has the rights to”

      I believe those are the properties FOX has a hold on. Nothing more…..nothing less.

    • The X-Men are fine,they don’t need rescued, X-Men First Class was awesome.

    • Dont support the film finanacially. Dont go see them. Dont buy merch. In the end fox holds on to it because they feel they can make money on these properties. Its purely financial. Heck start a petition for people to not go see the movie, a bomb is the only thing that might push fox to sell the tights back to marvel.

  4. sounds kinda ‘guid’ to me :p. However whats up with the future foundation outfits? I dont think those would translate to the big screen very well either

  5. why a reboot, why ?

    • Because the first two sucked donkey balls, that’s why! ;)
      And unless Fox makes another FF movie soon, the rights will revert back to Marvel Studios.

      • and then we might see ff in avengers!! =D

      • That’s really our only hope at this stage……that this project will somehow get mired down in the process for some reason and cause the contract to lapse. I doubt that will happen considering the way Fox is talking about their shared universe vision but until they are actually underway we can still cling to hope.

        • I bet Franklin Richards will at least have a cameo in DOFP. IMO that´s a good starting point.

        • There is another hope… we can also hope that the reboot is good ;)

          • @Avenger

            Thank you for pointing out the obvious man. Now if only I could take that point & slap some of these guys in the face with it like a wake up call or something. Most of them have no clue on what they’re talking about.

  6. At least sony, with the amazing spiderman, did not drastically change spiderman himself. I have said before that sony is a little better than fox when it comes to making movies based on marvel properties. What annoys me about sony is the little tinkerings they may do here and there, such as the “power ranger” type suit (as some refer to it) they gave the green goblin, and not giving the Lizard a snout, and not letting the lizard wear his tattered lab coat throughout the movie. I thought they could have placed the green goblin in spandex with actual make-up. However, fox (in my opinion) is just terrible.

    I do not like fox’s handling of the x-men, wolverine, and the ff. I mean the picture with reed, sue, and the thing dressed in white looks really ridiculous. The thing does not even look like THE thing or even A thing. The pic of the ff at the very top of this page is an actual marvel pic i believe, and yet the pic under has the thing looking vastly different. WHY? If that drawn pic is what fox is going with, as it concerns the Thing, please scrap it. I mean why are they trying to be different (whether intentionally or not) as if they know marvel characters better than marvel itself. He looks more human than his name suggests. It was Ben Grimm himself who named himself the Thing because he felt he no longer looked human, but like…a THING. Again, if that pic with the three in white represents what they are going to do in this potential movie, my question to them is WHY ARE YOU TRYING TO MAKE HIM LOOK MORE HUMAN, WHEN HIS NAME BASICALLY REPRESENTS HIM NOT LOOKING HUMAN?

    To me, fox ruined the x-men, wolverine, and the ff. Some folks may have liked some of the movies just named, but real fans know fox’s renditions of these characters are all wrong, even down to the casting.

    what Mongoose said…”We will just have to wait for Fox to get bored of rebooting what they have or Disney has the capital of a small country to afford the selling price.”

    I would ask all FANBOYS AND FANGIRLS TO AVOID SEEING THIS MOVIE AND EVERY MARVEL RELATED MOVIE FOX HAS THE RIGHTS TO. It’s probably the only way to help get fox to give up the rights to these properties because although they may still make a profit, we (THE FANBOYS AND FANGIRLS) do not have to and should not add to their revenue intake.

    • Umm… The picture if them in white is straight from the Marvel comics. The New Future Foundation if I’m not mistaken, where Spider-Man is a member instead of The Human Torch. Before you make fun of Fox’s crazy ideas, saying Marvel would never do that, probably make sure Marvel isn’t already doing that.

      • Ahh, avatar. There you go again. I think you are smarting from our last debate, which i believe was about the avengers, somewhere around the time when the avengers came out. With that said, i said nothing about the ff’s white clothing being ugly. My remarks were regarding the thing’s appearance in a potential “new” ff movie. Now, while the pic there is FOR MARVEL, I will have you know it was only made to present new costumes for the ff as Tom Brevoort (the big guy at marvel) who hired artist marko djurdjevic to make, wanted for the purpose of representing the new ff series in a world that “feels like a black and white world.” That is a direct quote from Brevoort himself (hence the black and white costumes which was Brevoort’s idea). As for the appearance of the thing, that’s djurdjevic’s artistry, but not one i like as stated in the comment you replied to because the thing looks more human.

        Furthermore, I have said in past that if changes are made to marvel characters I would prefer that marvel do the changes because it is their characters. If Marvel decides to give the thing a more human-like appearance, then i am fine with it because it is their property. However, if a third party, like fox, drastically changes anything relating to marvel characters when their changes DO NOT match what marvel has, then I sure will be in disagreement because the the character(s) does not belong to them. It’s called being a fan, avatar.

        Also, Mongoose FIRST made a negative reference to the same pic, yet you said absolutely nothing to him, but to me. Hence, I think you are smarting.

        Check your sources before you comment.

        • Avatar is correct about the bottom pic: http://whenfallsthecoliseum.com/wp-content/uploads/Spider-Man-with-Fantastic-Four-Future-Foundation.jpg

          There are MANY incarnations of our characters and not everyone likes all of them (like I absolutely HATE the 90′s big eyed, anorexic version of Spider-man…..hate)Both you and I would prefer the version of Thing where he looks like a freakin’ orange brick wall and not just some guy covered in rocks. (plus the white outfits are just….blech….especially poor Spidey)

          • LOLOL

    • @”and not giving the Lizard a snout, and not letting the lizard wear his tattered lab coat throughout the movie.”

      Do you really think that would have changed the character at all? We would have still gotten the same version from Rhys Ifans. Having The Lizard wear a lab coat or have a snout would not change a thing.

      • No but it would have given us dissenters 2 less things to b*tch out. :)

        It would have been nice to say, “yeah they ***** the outfit and twisted the story too much just to be different but damn, they nailed The Lizard!”

      • Wrong, same personification but it would have looked WAY cooler (in opinion). That is a “thing” that would have changed. It’s an aspect of image, not characterization. But yes it still would have been Rhys Ifans portrail of it.

        • His portrayal waas better than your portrail :P

          • Forgive me, I’ve been conducting trains in the bay area lately.

      • Ghost, I said nothing about Ifans portrayal of doctor connors/lizard. It was good acting indeed, hence I made no comment(s) saying otherwise. All I said/am saying is that it would have been nice and it would have worked to have the Lizard with a snout and a tattered lab coat. Him wearing a lab coat or not has nothing to do with Ifans’s acting, man. I don’t think I would have mind if they just gave the lizard the lab coat minus the pants, just some article of clothing since he wears it in the books. Frankly, the pants thing worked on screen when bruce banner turned into the hulk as was proven with the 2008 hulk movie, so it (lizard wearing pants) would have worked in THE AMAZING SPIDERMAN. However, I am not up in arms about it. I hope that clears it up.

  7. Reading this just makes me remember how much I hated the other two. I did’nt mind the casting except Jessica Alba and I loved whats his name as Doctor Doom. The second one was even worse because they completely messed up one of the most powerful super heroes ever, Silver Surfer. And made Galactus almost as cheesy as Parallax in the Green Lantern movie. Fantastic Four deserves better because it pretty much kicked off Marvel comics. I hope this reboot gets it right but like most fans I just wished Mickey Mouse would kick down Fox’s door and take X-Men and Fantastic Four back. Oh yeah, CGI THING PEOPLE!!! CGI THING!!!

  8. Blame Avi Arad folks. He’s the one that sold some of those Marvel properties to fox, and Sony. He probably didn’t act alone but he had a huge hand in it.

    • Without selling them we’d probably not have even half of the Marvel property movies that have been made so far. Marvel didn’t have a movie studio set up at the time those movie rights were sold and even with all the success they’ve had since they started out, they can still only do about two a year. Complain all you want about how bad the movies are but at least we’ve got the movies made so we can complain about them.

      • Without selling the rights to some of their characters, we’d probably have NO Marvel Studios movies at all, and Marvel Comics would likely have gone bankrupt before the ‘Civil War’ mini series came out.

        • Not ‘likely’ but surely. Marvel WAS bankrupt in the 90s. That´s why they sold the rights to the films studios. And that´s why they did this ridiculous Marvel/DC crossover and other studpid things. Avi Arad had nothing to do with those choices, he was just the guy who was in charge of over seeing the Marvel properties in the movie business, just like Kevin Feige is now.

        • Yep. It was a necessary evil that had long reaching ramifications but if I had been in Arad’s shoes I would have done the same thing (although I would have NEVER included the clause in the contracts, “in perpetuity” THAT was the only stupid thing done imho)

  9. Wow people on here are still crying & complaining. FF, X-Men & Spider-Man are not going back to Marvel anytime soon so wipe the tears and deal with it smh.

    • we are dealing it, by showing our disapproval of their terrible renditions. Should we lie and say we liked their movies when it is clear that we and a lot of other people, many of whom who are not even on screenrant because they never heard of screenrant, don’t like it? Come on, dude.

      • I enjoyed the 1st Fantastic Four, the 1st X-Men films & Daredevil. They could have been better, but IMHO they were good movies. The Marvel movies owned by fox have pros AND cons, just like the Marvel movies that are owned by Disney & the ones owned by Sony.

        • Well said. The only X-Men film I felt that REALLY missed the mark was X-3. Wolverine had it’s issues (especially with Deadpool), but I liked a lot of it for the most part. If Marvel hadn’t sold off these properties to Fox and Sony we might NEVER have seen any of the Marvel heroes on the big screen. The success of X-Men and Spider-Man led to Iron Man and The Avengers.

      • But constant whining and complaining only makes yall look immature.

    • Bt what if Disney wants to buy them all?
      They seem to take over the world at the rate they’re going at buying companies
      ABC, Marvel, ESPN, A&E, Lucusfilms (Star Wars, Indiana Jones)The Muppets, Buena Vista…

      I think Apple Inc. will be next…

    • Especially Spider-Man & X-Men. Sony & Fox know that these are two high dollar franchises and the only way to keep the rights is to continuously have them in production. That’s why Amazing came out so fast and why its sequel is already set to start filming after the first one’s release last July. Same with X-Men. As much as I would be curious to see what Disney could do with both, they will simply never get a chance. Even if the Mouse House threw a truck load or two at Sony and Fox.

      • @Josh

        Always remember that everyone has a price. So saying something will never happen based on passing of the dollar isn’t a smart thing to say.

  10. The originals weren’t very good but they weren’t that bad either. The only thing I didn’t like was the terrible writing that made some scenes play out way too slowly for my liking. Otherwise, the casting was perfect, I just hope that if Galactus shows up again sometime, he isn’t a cloud.

    • The only reason Galactus was a cloud in the FF movie, was because director Tim Story said “There won´t be any giant robots in my movies.” That´s a proof that the guy had no idea about Galactus or the comic books in general.

      • Story doesn’t have a SINGLE good movie on his resumé.

  11. @Mr. Day I’d love to see your reaction when Marvel Studios puts out a below average project. At the end of the day, i don’t let people like you cloud my judgement, because like you try to turn a opinion into a fact. That sh*t is aggravating.

    • Hey Norrin, it’s not a fact that there are fans who dislike some or all of these movies? I am not looking to “cloud you judgement,” as you put it. You can have your own opinion that’s fine. But you are the one who came on here saying folks are “complaining and crying” just because some had mentioned their dislike for the movies that were made. I mean what’s the deal, man? This site is called screenRANT. If some don’t like a movie they have a right to say that, just as much as you have a right to say you like it, but who comes on here insulting others because they like movie as you with your “crying and complaining” remarks to those who dislike it? That’s what is aggravating.

      • By the way, if marvel made a terrible movie of their characters, of course I would say they made a terrible movie. I just came out of the captain america site mentioning how I disliked thor and stated my reasons, while I liked Iron Man, Hulk (2008), and the Captain America movies.

  12. I noticed that the author of the article is talking down on 20th Century Fox a little bit, being a little bias i see.

    • BiasED. There’s an “ed” at the end. Sorry but it just bugs me when grammar is misused. There are other words I’ve seen here and on other forums that bug me due to the horrendous spelling, just can’t recall them right now.

      Anyway, as for your comment….I saw no bias at all. We can talk down a little to any studio who we deem deserving of scorn and cynicism for whatever reason. I would’ve done the same for WB after the horrendous Batman movies that came after the 1989 one but then they and Legendary Pictures gave us the Nolan trilogy and redeemed themselves.

      Once Fox have redeemed themselves with their Marvel properties, people won’t be so down on them.

      • Keep in mind that not everyone who posts here, posts in his (or her) native language when he (or she) posts in english. Get off your high horse.

        • Talk about “the pot calling the kettle black”. Jeeeeeez!!

        • Not on any high horse (funny how I’m replying to someone who seems permanently trapped on his own high horse judging by his comments the past 12 months I’ve been reading Screen Rant’s articles and comments).

          I also know about the “non-English speaking” thing, had to deal with it when I staffed Dave Bautista’s official message boards and also a best friend who was dyslexic.

          Just re-reading my comments about the grammar and spelling of the other poster and I really can’t see anything that could’ve upset you so much to respond. Then again, you seem to enjoy trolling to get a rise out of people and I took the bait. Shame on me.

  13. I’m beginning to wonder if there is even an audience for Fantastic Four? Both movies failed and the tv show No Ordinary Family which had the same basic premise of a family with super powers also failed.

    But then we have the huge success of The Incredibles CGI cartoon. So what was missing from the live action that was in the cartoon? Or has the audience changed since the cartoon?

    • I’d guess a lot of it was down to people knowing who Pixar were due to their previous successes and No Ordinary Family perhaps not getting the kind of hype it deserves before airing (I know you had to watch the channel it aired on over here to see commercials for it and it was a channel that not many people tuned into until Dynamo had his second season of magic tricks and appeared all over tv promoting it beforehand).

      Don’t know what to say about Fantastic Four other than the writing sucked. Can’t use the “they’re obscure characters” excuse because so was Iron Man and before that released, RDJ was known to a few people (at least over here anyway) as the screwed up guy who hadn’t made a decent movie since Chaplin (while the majority of the UK hadn’t heard of him at all) but now both the character and the actor are guaranteed box office sales so who knows.

      I guess there’s also the fact that the first FF movie came out the same year as Batman Begins and that movie really changed the game as far as giving audiences a comic book movie that could be taken seriously and wasn’t overly goofy like the others before it (other than the first Blade movie and The Punisher).

    • Fantastic Four is a relatively well-known comic do to it’s longevity, but the books were not super popular back in the 80′s or 90′s. The Thing was the better seller on his own and without a really strong story and villain the team itself may not be enough to draw in a movie crowd.

      • @Slayer

        Well known to who though?

        Again, I love comic books and knew who they were before the first movie but from a non-US perspective, they weren’t very known outside of a little-watched cartoon in the 90s.

        • Exactly. If you ask a German citizen about Die Fantastischen Vier (the german translation), they´ll tell you about a four piece rap band that goes by the same name.

          • There have been 3 animated series’ of FF. There was also a Motown group of the same name in the 60′s or 70′s, I believe. The oldest animated series from the 60′s is really quite comical.

        • Like I said the name is familiar due to the comic being around for decades, but it was not a huge sales draw when I collected in the 80′s and 90′s. But back when there were not as many comics as there are now it was one of the titles the people who collected comics were at least a little aware of.

          Nowadays I really can not say how popular many of these character are with the general public, but it is the same argument made about characters like Ant-man, Green Lantern or Guardians of the Galaxy. People actively collecting comics have the perception they are well-known (because they are aware of them), but some are loath to admit they may be as popular or even less well known then something like the Fantastic Four. This is why many of these movies may not be the slam dunk hits many hope they will be.

    • All depends on Story. The Incredibles was really the fantastic four under a different name and I would line up to see a sequel to that movie.

      • Exactly.

        • Fantastic Five, if you count baby Jax :D

  14. http://www.comicbookmovie.com/news/?a=74658
    here is my fancast and story

  15. I am not really sure how to feel about this news. Have only seen X-Men: First Class as evidence of his work/talents. And I must say with all the issues that occurred during production an continuity issue the film has, I feel the film still was enjoyable and showed that without any of the production issues it could have been an even greater film. So just as The Wolverine seek to offer a more definitive version of the character and erase Origins from memory and Days of Future Past seeks to escalate the scale while providing a great sequel and fix the series, I think Vaughn attachment is a point in the right direction of for the FF reboot. I mean I like the “working together” aspect, having the same film makers behind the scenes of what is planned to sooner or later be a shared universe

  16. As far as the mention of X-Men: Days of Future Past, goes, I will say one thing that is important above all: we need to bring back Cyclops…lots and lots of Cyclops. Not bringing him back? Well, the viewing audience is your to lose, but I know what I and all the other fans want!

    As far as the Fantastic Four goes, don’t try to make it too big of a humor fest, no bedroom scenes or dancing, crying, or drinking super-heroes. Those things will ruin a movie in no time flat. As for the Fantastic Four villains, it’s gotta be the Frightful Four: Wizard, Medusa, Trapster, and sandman! Dr. Doom is great, but he’s already been done, and we don’t need leftovers served up a third time. Let’s move onto something else. There might have to be some negotiating around in Sandman’s case for the character between studios, though? But just do it, get those rights! The Frightful Four (the original team) were some of the best villains with the best plots ever in the early Fantastic Four comics!

    • They’ll lose the audience if they don’t have Cyclops in it? Ok….he should be in it because he’s the leader of the team and all but to say millions worldwide will choose not to watch because Cyclops isn’t in it…well, that’s bordering on the ridiculous, isn’t it?

      • Dazz, don’t feed the beast. Goldilocks has a thunderous crush on Cyclops- it’s actually kinda disturbing.

  17. First Class was terrific and really saved the X – Men franchise so this is really exciting news.

    One thing I loved about Kick Ass is the guy got to do the deed with his girl something they would never do with Spiderman.

    Not saying I want sex in the new Fantastic Four but trusting Vaugh won’t be inhibited when it comes to choices that will make the film stronger.

    I will say this, good luck finding another actress to play Susan Storm who is as hot as Jessica Alba.

    • They may not find someone hotter than Alba, but I think that they can find someone much, much more suited to play the actual character of Susan Storm. I love watching Alba as much as anyone, but was disappointed as an FF fan; to me, she did not fit the part authentically…but then again, a lot of it was the screenplay itself…

    • Yeah, in all honesty, I’d rather have a woman that better fits the character than some random hot chick. It was nice to see JA in that skin-tight suit in the first film (for some reason, she wasn’t as hot in the second film), but her portrayal of the character was lacking.

    • You do realise Kick-Ass was an adult content comic book before it was a movie, right?

      Just saying because it wasn’t Vaughn that put that in the movie, it was already in the source material.

      • Vaughn is only producing this, not writing or directing. Just sayin’

    • Yvonne Strahovski as Sue Storm. ‘Nuf said.

  18. I’ve got a feeling that this reboot will be a lot better than the originals which i personally thought weren’t all that great. I still have to see Chronicle and i want to i think its gonna be great. Good to know they got in my opinion a great movie maker like Vaughn on board to lend a hand

  19. As a long time FF fan, I really want this to turn out good, and Vaughn’s involvement is a good sign to me. But the main thing is that an FF film needs a good, serious screenplay (!) and the cast needs to be chose carefully.

    The previous films were far too cute and lighthearted. They were reasonably fun for what they were, but did not come close to doing the source material justice. While I liked the casting for Thing and Torch, Reed and Susan were waaay miscast. I think that someone like Charlize Theron or Naomi Watts could be great as Susan; maybe someone younger, but that type of actress. And for goodness’ sake, cast a Reed who has some mature screen presence. I like Groanfeld (sp?) and Alba, but they were not the right people for those parts.

    • For some reason, I always thought of Bruce Greenwood for Reed Richards. Not sure why. Big show for the role of the Thing! Who’s with me?!!

  20. Glad to see that many agree with me that “Fox” and “comic book movies” don’t necessarily go together. Let’s hope they finally do some justice to the FF with this reboot. I’ve already given up hope for a decent X-Men movie.

    • +1

  21. Maybe they should go all Nolan on the ff this time around.

    Given that they will not likely be doing a crossover with The Avengers no reason to not step it up a notch into the real world.

  22. FF2 came out in 2007. It’s been over 5 years and yet no movie has come out. How did the rights not revert back to Marvel then? Did Fox sign for an extension? Fox lost the Daredevil rights after no movie was made after the 2003 original.

    • They negotiated with Marvel. Marvel got the Daredevil back, as well as some other characters, so that Fox could keep the FF franchise.

      • That’s not how it worked. The Daredevil rights were right on the cusp of expiring back to Marvel. Marvel wanted to give Fox an extension on Daredevil in exchange for FF back early. Fox, not being complete idiots, knew that FF was the more lucrative franchise and didn’t take them up on the offer. Fox still has a few years to make a FF film before the rights revert back.

        I don’t know the exact time before it snaps back, but considering Daredevil took until 2012 to revert back, despite being made in ’03, I’d assume they’ve still got a few years.

        • correct.

          The idea of trading an extension for rights to SS and Galactus was even discussed but Fox wouldn’t go for that (sadly). Marvel really needs those two back when they venture into the cosmic side.

          The agreements Marvel made with the various studios were all different from one another, so they might have 7+ years to start production on a new FF movie. The fact is, outside of the studios, no one really knows the exact terms of any of those contracts.

        • I remember that, not long ago, SR posted something about those negotiations.

          Maybe one of the editors can help out and respond to this with the link to the article.

  23. I am excited about the new Fantastic Four movie. I think it is in good hands. I kinda hope they use the new white uniforms the FF has been using lately. Either way, I am excited!

  24. Are those new costumes the F4 wear in the comics?

  25. I really hope that Fox takes a look at Marvel, sees Robert Downjey Jr and Mark Ruffalo, and the great reception they got from fans, and takes a hint when it’s time to cast Reed Richards.

    You NEED someone older than what they cast in the first films. You NEED someone who you can buy as effortlessly smart. Greg Kinnear is almost 50, so that’s maybe pushing it, but I’ve always thought he’d do the role justice. At the very least, I think Fox should just put down a rule that says the actor playing Reed has to be minimum 30 years old.

    • No, he needs to be in his mid 40s. In my opinion, of course.

  26. Here is the casting call to F4 Reboot:

    Sam Worthington as Reed Richards/Mr. Fantastic
    Claire Danes as Susan Storm/Invisible Woman
    Gerald Hellund as Johnny Storm/Human Torch
    Brendan Fraser as Benjamin Grimm/The Thing

    Comments: ?

    • Im not trying to be mean but you are trolling right? Everything about that is terrible but Brendan Fraser as The Thing?? Seriously, youre trollin huh?

      • Here´s my take on the casting:

        Thomas Gibson as Reed Richards
        Charlize Theron as Susan Richards
        Aaron Paul as Johnny Storm
        Bruce Willis as Ben Grimm/The Thing (motion capture of course)


        Bryan Cranston as Doctor Doom (if they have him as the villain)

      • No,

      • Dont use word troll its offending, I am here to ask People questions what they like or dont like

        • Don´t worry. Calling people a troll, because they share their opinion seems to be the new black on here.

          • so, you are fine with folks SHARING THEIR THOUGHTS on screenrant, yet you said you are in agreement (with Ghost) with being annoyed with people SHARING THEIR THOUGHTS of wanting the rights to revert back to marvel. Hmmm

            • I never called anyone a troll, because I don´t share their opinion.

              • Thank you, there’s rules on here back off

  27. Even though I’ve grown a bit weary of Vaughn he started out producing Guy Ritchie’s early films so he’s a capable producer. But, as he’s directed more films he’s developed a style and tone of his own so I hope he let’s Trank have the control he’ll need to make FF a film that’s his own. IMO Chronicle was enough of a success that I’m now interested in seeing what Trank can do with a proper “big budget” film.

  28. @mongoose, I’m not quite sure the original Thing was 7+ foot tall. That was the original Hulk’s height and he has always been bigger. Now everything’s gone grand scale and Hulk’s almost 10+! But way back when anthropometrics really mattered in comics, what made Thing unique was that he was regular height, though bulky (with fists the size of his face), but packed quite a punch far beyond his size and body mass. Then if you saw a pic of FF, Reed would be half a head taller than the rest. So I think Fox got it a bit right traditionally speaking.

    Their superhero names are a bit childish though- well, Sue’s and Reed’s to be specific. They might have to work around it and use their real names (like in Xmen and the previous FF) to be taken seriously. Like someone said earlier, FF’s link to the cosmic universe of Marvel is really what makes them interesting. Like a team of Dr Whos. It opens possibilities.

  29. To buttress my point on Thing’s height. This is taken from Marvel Comics Database: “The Thing is officially listed as 6 feet tall and 500 pounds, however, he is often depicted as being much taller (and presumably heavier). Usually he is drawn taller than the 6’1″ Mr. Fantastic and is often the same height as the 6’7″ She-Hulk.” There are many artistic depictions but the official height which complies with the Jack Kirby’s concept is 6ft. We cannot blame Fox for not following our favourite height depiction of Thing. Personally, a 7+ Thing is new to me as I’ve always remembered the regular height Thing with enough brute force to challenge the Hulk and handle a 100 tons! His strength-body ratio was way out there. This uniqueness is diminished IMO when he is seen as a giant. But I do agree with Exodus that Thing lost part of his ID in Fox by losing the big eyebrows. But even that has to be handled maturely because daring CGI could sometimes come off as ‘cartoony’ when placed side by side with real life individuals.

    I think the failure of the FF movies has far less to do with their depictions- regardless of our personal preferences (like I’d have preferred a more mature Reed)and more to do with flat stories with little similarity to the Marvel mythos. The Silver Surfer/Galactus classic tale started well with SS’s intro to Earth but it had a terribe middle and ending.