‘Fantastic Four’ Reboot Snags ‘X-Men’ Director Matthew Vaughn as Producer

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Matthew Vaughn Producing Fantastic Four Reboot Josh Trank Fantastic Four Reboot Snags X Men Director Matthew Vaughn as Producer

With all the hype surrounding Marvel Studios projects like Iron Man 3 and Guardians of Galaxy - or DC/Warner Bros.’ Man of Steel and (possible) Justice League team film – it can be hard to remember that Fox is also rolling out its own slate of shared universe superhero films.

The Wolverine has yet to enter its big marketing push, while X-Men: Days of Future Past is still locking down cast members by the day. With Fox’s shared X-Men universe not yet on the radar of most moviegoers, Chronicle director Josh Trank’s Fantastic Four reboot could be considered a pipe dream. However, with today’s news, that pipe dream is quickly taking some very real shape.

Kick-Ass and Ultimate X-Men creator Mark Millar is “Godfathering” Fox’s shared Marvel universe - much in the same way Joss Whedon will guid Marvel Studios’ “Phase Two” initiative until it reaches Avengers 2. We’ve long chronicled (no pun) Millar’s habit of ‘pre-emptive speaking,’ but the writer is now taking to Twitter to drop some news that is hard not to consider “official”:

Vaughn, is of course, the man who made Millar’s Kick-Ass comic book into a cult movie hit, before graduating to blockbuster superhero success with X-Men: First Class. The notoriously finicky writer/director/producer was lined up to helm Fox’s First Class sequel, Days of Future Past, but ultimately left that project in the hands of Bryan Singer (who ironically enough was going to direct First Class before leaving it to Vaughn).

Vaughn has also stepped away from the upcoming Kick-Ass 2, leaving that project in the hands of Cry  Wolf  director, Jeff Wadlow. For a minute it looked like Vaughn was directing Star Wars Episode VII – but with J.J. Abrams confirmed for that director’s chair, the plan to adapt Millar’s The Secret Service comic book still seems to be Vaughn’s most likely new directing gig. He has been a solid shepherd when it comes to taking ideas from the comic book page to the big screen – and though this announcement that he’s producing the new Fantastic Four raises more questions than it answers (what WILL his level of involvement be?), just seeing his name attached to the project will thrill many fans of his previous work  - or those fanboys/gals just hoping for good Fantastic Four movie.


Fantastic Four Future Foundation Costumes 570x397 Fantastic Four Reboot Snags X Men Director Matthew Vaughn as Producer

Director Tim Story’s mid-2000s adaptation of the iconic Marvel comic (including a sequel film featuring the Silver Surfer) left many, many fans cold; conversely, Josh Trank’s Chronicle – a low-budget hit about normal humans transformed into super-powered beings by alien influence – left many clamoring for the director’s next project. Millar and Trank have both opened up about the big things being done for the FF reboot, and how the Fantastic Four and X-Men could even share the screen somewhere down the line.

There’s still a lot to be figured out (like that big issue of casting a new FF), but with Matthew Vaughn onboard helping to make the calls alongside Trank and Millar, it seems that – for now - Fantastic Four  is in the right hands (if any hands besides Marvel’s could be considered “right,” that is). 


Fantastic Four will be in theaters presumably sometime in 2015.

Source: Mark Millar’s Twitter

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  1. It has taken me too long to realize it, but we have the Bond films to blame for the rebooting trend. There were never ANY changes to the timeline of Bond, from Dr. No to Die Another Day. Same Bond. That character was the same, different actors. No need to explain why he could have done all those things and not be 70 years old. They adjusted the time a bit here and there. Audiences were smart emough to accept a different actor in the role. But then Casino Royale. Changed it all, and honestly for the better. The franchise was withering. Why couldn’t we have another Fantastic Four film, no origin, just make it better? When Robert Downey is done as Iron Man, why reboot? Put someone else in the suit. Reboot is just an easy way to avoid doing something hard: come up with an original idea or twist with that which already exists. We are smart enough to accept different actor. There are, after all. THREE different Sherlock Holmes right now.

    • Well,it’s understandable to reboot a franchise that is significantly old and the actors have outgrown it also. But the reason why FOX reboots is because they know they FAILED on many levels(even if they may have made some money)they also want to hold onto the IP rights of the franchise by “re-newing” it. Fox didn’t know whether to call “X-Men First Class” a prequel, re-boot, pre-boot, whatever. They had the opportunity to start all over with the “original” 5 X-Men like it is in the comics and start off with a clean slate. The comics have many mythos and some continuity changes but THAT is appropriate within the comicbook company that actually makes the comics who can appropriately explain the changes but still continue to have some form of “proper” or “classic” continuity so as not to confuse fans or new readers.

      When you have the ground floor laid out for you, just follow it and don’t try to put your “own” stamp on it by unnecessarily changing things like Fox has done then wondering why fans are angry at you because of it. As far as The Fantastic Four, Marvel/Disney has played it too cool and nice but I think now is the time to get serious about at least getting this franchise back. Not having this franchise won’t be the all end all for Marvel’s cosmic side but it hinders much for Marvel not being able to use certain characters that fit more with Marvel Studios. X-Men can stay with Fox for all I care but Fantastic Four is “Marvel’s First Family” and it is more proper for at least THEM to be at home.


        • @Mr.Day, Thanks

    • @ Brett

      Maybe you know since you brought up James Bond…but is it true that the character of james bond as it pertains to his name, that the name JAMES BOND is simply a moniker or code name given to the secret agent selected to handle certin types of missions, while the 007 tag simply gives him a “license to kill?”

      By the way, anyone is free to answer this if they know.

      • I don’t think that’s true, in the books of course it’s the same person, and also James Bond, no matter which actor plays him, always has almost the same personality

  2. The thing is, I know there can be a far better rendition of the x-men, the FF, and wolverine than what has already been given to us. If some folks want to settle for the blandness of what these movies were, then they are free to do it. However, I (and I would like to think most or all who dislikes fox’s handling of these characters), know that these charaters can be better handled.

    Also, the folks who are really whining and complaning are the folks who dislike the comments by other people who say they dislike what fox has done with marvel characters and who want the rights to revert back to marvel, especially since we are all on a site called sceenRANT which allows us to RANT our likes and dislikes about past, present, and future films. People have a right to say that they dislike a movie that already came out just as much as the folks who say that they like the same movie. These same folks get upset if you say you feel you are going to dislike a movie not yet made and they get upset if you say you disliked a movie that was already made. It makes no sense.

    Again, these same folks criticize the people who say that they feel they are going to dislike a film that has not yet been made or released, even though their decision of disliking said movie is based on the information given in an article by screenrant; the same information that others use to come to the conclusion that they feel they will like the same not-yet-made-or-released movie. Come on, folks.

    • @Mr.Day First of all, what is sceenRANT?

      And I smell bullsh*t because if I were to say that Nolan’s Batman movies or The Avengers were not great movie. The people on this site will get very very sensitive. So therefore, on screenRANT (that’s how we spell it in the real world) no one is entitled to their own opinion because everyone will get attacked. Saying that fox makes bad comic book movies is a OPINION, you try to make it seem like a fact. Do you know the difference between fact and opinion? If not, please pick up a Dictionary. They don’t cost that much.

      • Let me stop arguing with people over ‘net, i’m bigger then that.

        • LOL, for someone who says others are complaining and crying, you sure are the one doing the “complaining” as your comment shows. For starters, I’m not sure what you smell. You can say Batman or the Avengers was bad, it won’t bother me, and it won’t bother me because that is how you feel. It is your opinion. Secondly, You ask if I know the difference between fact and opinion…norrin, do you know the difference between someone, such as myself, stating an opinion or fact? You have no argument because me not liking the ff movies or x-men movies that fox made is how I feel (which is my opinion). If I say I do not like their movies because it was bad, it is obvious that it is my opinion, as the same would be true for you if you said you liked them. Nevertheless, I do think your reply to me is because you are upset because I dislike the FF and x-men movies, which you just so happen like, and stated why I disliked them. Sort of like getting upset with someone (who you don’t know and who does not know you) because they think a woman who you like is unattractive, when the same woman you like also does not know you.

          As for some of the folks on screenrant being sensitive, that’s on them, not me. They can be up in arms all they want, but the point is screenRANT is screenRANT because the bloggers that come on have the right (as screenRANT allows) to RANT what they want about whatever the page article above is talking about. If their rant just so happens to be that they like a movie, fine. However, you need to undertsand that it is just as fine if another’s rant is about them disliking the same movie you like. If you can’t handle that then you shouldn’t come to screenRANT. It’s that’s simple.

          With that said, you are contradicting yourself.

          By the way, since you asked…the word rant itself means: to utter or declaim (especially when used with an object). And the object here are movies. Hence the name SCREENRANT; which is a website that allows its bloggers to utter or declaim (to utter aloud in a oratorical manner) about movies on the the big SCREEN or small SCREEN. If I am wrong about the screen part Kofi (since this is his article and page) is free to correct me.

          • @Norrin

            My apologies. Sorry for that.

            Just to explain…I am a fan of, but not limited to, the characters which fox has made movies about. I’m passionate about these characters and do believe that a better rendition can be made than what was given to us by fox. I do feel that fox is not even trying, but simply just looking to make something without the effort because the know they are going to money on these characters, whether the movie(s) is good or bad. They could not even get the casting right. I do believe that some folks are just willing to settle for the less than mediocre effort by fox because movies about these characters are finally being made. However, (IN MY OPINION) they are being made without any real effort or substance. These movies could be stellar, and they are not. Wasn’t cameron’s avatar movie seen as the test subject/guinea pig for the brand new cgi tech that was made, and if those tests showed good results on the big screen they would then be used in movies that would require cgi? Here’s another, for example…why couldn’t fox just get a real african actress to play storm (but one who also looks like her)? Why could they not simply do the same for wolverine, which would have authenticated these characters? These are just 2 small examples. Then there’s the continuity issue, the hiring of a director to do an x-men movie who i think said that he has never read an x-men comic book before, the casting of an actor to play the main character (wolverine) because he will attract the ladies (I believe I heard), even though he looks nothing like the main character. Then there’s the softening of certain characters and the movie in an effort to appeal to kids, etc.

            I mentioned months ago how there was no blood on wolverine’s claws when he stabbed sabretooth in X-Men Origins: Wolverine because (IN MY OPINION) the studios wanted to be sensitive to the kids, and a poster on screenrant claimed it was because of sabretooth’s healing factor that blood was not present on wolverine’s claws. Such a rebuttal not only makes no sense, but was also purely wrong because there was also no blood on deadpool’s swords when he stabbed the 2 guys in scene when striker and Team X came out of the elevator seeking the adamantium from the african general in his office.

            The fans deserve better. The whole notion of IF WE MAKE A MOVIE TRUE TO THE COMICS AND ADD SUBSTANCE AND DETAILS TO THE CHARACTERS WILL CAUSE THE MOVIE TO FAIL is ridiculous. I mean come on. I know not everything from the comics will work on screen, and that’s fine to change those things (which do not work on screen), but to just do everything different simply because it is in a clause in the contract papers, I disagree with.

  3. @Mr Day

    Whatever you say.

  4. EMERGENCY!! Can anyone help? Norrin Radd and Mr Day have both lost the toys they threw out of their prams!