Matthew Vaughn Comments on ‘Fantastic Four’ Reboot

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fantastic four movie reboot cast Matthew Vaughn Comments on Fantastic Four Reboot

As the various competing superhero franchises gear up for the next round of 2014 releases – Captain America: The Winter Soldier in April and The Amazing Spider-Man 2 in May – our eyes are also on the various 2015 offerings. One project in particular, Fox’s Fantastic Four reboot, has the potential to be a franchise-rejuvenating success.

The first two attempts to bring Marvel’s superhero team to the big-screen were famously derided by both fans and critics, which means that Chronicle director Josh Trank and Fox’s Marvel Universe guru Simon Kinberg’s take on the material has a lot riding on it. They have a fascinating cast lined up so far, with Michael B. Jordan playing Johnny Storm, Kate Mara as Invisible Woman, Jamie Bell as The Thing, and Miles Teller as Reed Richards/Mr. Fantastic.

Aside from some unconfirmed rumors, details on the reboot’s story have so far been kept firmly under wraps, but given director Trank’s dark, powerful take on what super-human powers can do people in Chronicle, few are expecting something completely light and fluffy. According to X-Men: First Class director Matthew Vaughn, who is serving as a producer on Fantastic Four, this update is very far removed from Fox’s first two attempts.

While speaking to Empire Magazine (hat tip to Superhero Movie News), Vaughn went on the record about the film’s tone, saying:

“Its a total reboot, that’s for sure. It’s got nothing to do with the other bloody ones. It’s not stretchy guy and a guy running around in rock that looks like it’s made of polystyrene. And its not a comedy.”

This early effort to distance the reboot from director Tim Story’s films is not surprising, and in this age of the “gritty” and “realistic” updates of properties with a history of rather cornball renderings, the more serious approach Vaughn talks about is almost a given.

fantastic four reboot cast miles teller Matthew Vaughn Comments on Fantastic Four Reboot

If we’re really getting the X-Men/Fantastic Four crossover teased by Mark Millar, then a far darker take on these characters by Kinberg – who also wrote X-Men: Days of Future Past - makes sense. While we don’t know exactly which comic book incarnation of the Four the film will draw from, the ages of the principle cast members point strongly toward the Ultimate Fantastic Four continuity.

As for the “not a comedy” line, it’s safe to say no one was really expecting a laugh-fest from Trank and Kinberg, but for Vaughn to underline it like this means that the filmmakers want the public to erase the older films from their memory. Further details on the film’s plotline will go a long way toward indicating this, so expect more updates soon, given that production is due to begin this month.


Fantastic Four will open in theaters on June 19, 2015.

Source: Superhero Movie News

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  1. lol its not a comedy, tell that to marvel

    • Finally! Someone becomes aware of the excess of the pathetic comedy Marvel attempts to aggravate towards its own films!

      • Yes, because superheroes r srs bsns.

        If you need serious or realistic try watching the news. Those of us that have these crazy new things called jobs, and lives that aren’t lived entirely online, all in this magical place you might have heard of called outside (yes, such a place does exist! *gasp*), actually sometimes want our entertainment to be, you know, entertaining.

        • I don’t mind that they have some humor in them, it just pisses me off when they try to make you laugh during the main/final fight scene(im looking at you thor 2)

        • You’re not special, funny or clever.

          • Haha! I was just thinking the same

      • I may stand alone on this opinion, but the Marvel Comics movies are just that, movies. This is the movie. If you want the comic book, go read the comic book. If you want the cartoon, go watch the cartoon, this is the movie. It is NOT the comic book. It is not the cartoon or tv series. It’s not.

        The Watchmen is pretty much what you get when you follow the comic book. Nothing new… nothing different. That was probably the best comic book adaptation put on film as far as honoring the source material is concerned and the money it made back was not so spectacular.

        • Stop being rational, that goes against canon….

    • Comedy… Comedic… comedian…. comical… comic book… stand up comic… comedian…

  2. When it comes to this property, I’m more concerned about the portrayal of Dr. Doom and Galactus above everything else.

    Here’s to hoping they get it right this time around.

    • what? you didn’t like the space cloud?

      • I threw down what was left of my drink and popcorn and stormed out once it was revealed that Galactus was a space cloud.

        My brothers make fun of me for that to this day.

        ^^^ True story.

        • Giant Sentient Planet-Consuming Space Storm > Giant Purple Man in Space

          • Yeah, when Disney requested the rights back to Galactus what Disney was after was the giant cloud form version…



            Cause they totally can’t do that EXACT thing and call it something else.

            There is a damn good reason the Mouse requested the rights back for the giant purple guy, make fun of it all you want but it’s true.

            • The giant purple guy with the silly helmet is way cooler and more interesting to look at than a cloud. In fact that image is more scarier than a cloud. Think about it, A celestial being that looks humanoid and happens to be stand at 300-400 meters high, heck why not just make him the size of the moon, coming down to us from space! The disturbing image of a gaint face brushing past clouds with its mouth wide open, cut to people down below screaming their pants of and rioting.

    • If I were writing an origin for Doom in this film, and if this reboot is gonna play off the ultimate version, I’d have Dr. Doom be a some one from an alternate Earth that entered our world through the portal that gave the FF their powers. The idea being that on his Earth, Doom is exactly like he is in the comics but defeated the FF on his earth. Plus FF comics are kinda of like star trek in that its all partakes in heavy sci-fi plots.

    • I don’t think Galactus could ever look good on screen as he is in the comics.

      • Why not? if audiences can suspend their disbelief for aline invasion movies and the giant blue cat people from Avatar and ignore their looks, then surely they can accept a gaint dude in purple with a funny a helmet. Really the giant puffball traveling through space was just film crew being too lazy to get creative with the character. The same thing happened in Green Lantern with paralax.

        • While I disliked Paralax, I actually think that the “Galactus as cloud” thing was a good idea. For a general audience member without a connection to the comics Galactus, it’s easier to take seriously, and IMO makes more sense. Granted, it could have been executed better.

          • Ultimate Fantastic Four description of Galactus:

            “Gah Lak Tus is shown to be a group mind of city-sized robotic drones which attack worlds via envoys (similar to the Silver Surfer) who introduce a flesh-eating virus.”

            • Boooooo

              FOX is sitting on a gold mine with the World Eater, perhaps now they have figured that out and it took Disney trying to strong arm him back to get there attention.

              Again, we can only hope.

              • Truth be told every studio that has to rights to any popular source material is sitting on goldmine.

  3. Even with not liking the casting choice I’m curious to see where they go with this movie.

    • Everyone is curious to see where this is going.

  4. isn’t Reed Richards supposed to be a stretchy guy wtf

    • It is weird that he said that, I can only assume he means Funny stretchy guy and Funny Rock guy, because even during all the action sequences of the first two films there powers where used for comedic purposes.

      • Yeah, I think that he meant that their powers/appearances are not going to be played as comedic gimmicks.

  5. I hope The Thing they use is the 90′s mutated version with the jagged shards of rock jutting from his forehead, fists and shoulders.

    I’m down for this FF, I was just reading the FF/xmen days of future present crossover with Ahab and the SCARY POWERFUL Franklin Richards… that dude is not to be messed with. He erased people from existance.

  6. I guess no body got Galactus. It Wasnt a space cloud. It was his ship. If you read the books, you would know that is how he was fed. The Cloud part was the give off of the power cosmic.

    • That was what I thought it was, as well, his ship with tentacle-like extensions that would act as absorption devices. Even then, though, “concealing” it all within a cloud was a cop-out, though.

  7. Very interesting I’m hoping that this will not be crazy dark at all in all honesty I would expect the tone of the movie to be similar to that of the first Singer X-Men movie which I’ll call darkish with a few humorous moments I think its good to know that they’re not following the same formula of the last ones I imagine theyre gonna be hard at work with this one to unlock the real potential of the FF because the FF really deserves a good movie I didn’t really like the last one except for Michael Chiklis as the Thing… I LOVED HIM

    I wonder who the bad guy will be I’m actually kinda hoping its not Doom because theyve got a really cool rogues gallery if they use Doom hope hes cool and I’ll be fine but I’d like to see the Frightful Four on the big screen or the Sub-Mariner (even though I hear that Fox does not own the rights to him I think he would be really cool) there are a lot of things they can do with this they’ve already started with this really bizarre cast that I don’t mind for the most part but I will say it by no means is what I expected… I wish good luck to them :)

    • You thought the first X-Men movie was “darkish with humourous tones”?

      Even when it released, I thought it looked and felt completely goofy and laughable.

    • I thought that F4 andF4-2 were okay but they weren’t great. They were ok entertainment. For me, the major problem with these movies is that they failed to go beyond mediocre entertainment when it would have been so easy for them to do so.

      Personally, I find that superhero movies generally work best when they have a more serious tone. The 2 exceptions to this rule, that I can think of, are: (1) the 1st G.I. Joe movie, and, (2) the 1st Iron Man movie, both of which were heavy on comedic elements, but were also very well done.

      The F4 and F4-2 movies’ although mildly entertaining, failed to deliver the emotions that I expect from any great movie. These movies didn’t make me laugh (I mean seriously laugh like I,m going to split my guts), and they didn’t make me cry, they weren’t suspenseful and they weren’t dramatic. They did not provide a roller coaster of emotional highs and lows.

      In terms of a letter grade, I would give each of these movies a “B-”, meaning that they were entertaining. The second movie was a bit better and I might give that one a “B”.

      I believe that each of these movies could have easily been turned into “very good” movies with a “B+” or “A-” rating with minor changes, largely by making the movie more emotional and dramatic and giving these movies more of a “life or death” feel.

      I didn’t have a problem with the casting except for the guy that played Dr. Doom. In my view, for this role they could have brought in a completey unknown, but very experienced, European, probably Shakespearean stage actor. (Someone like a lesser known version of the guy that played Loki, in the Thor movies.)

      Finally, I’m not so sure that Mathew Vaughan should be so quick to criticize F4 and F4-2. Like I tried to explain above, these movies weren’t bad, although they weren’t great either. In my opinion some of Mathew Vaughan’s stuff really isn’t that great and deserves no more than (at best, if I’m being generous) a B- rating. I’m thinking of “Kick Ass”, which, I know did well at the box office, but in my opinion really was not that great.

    • I wish they’d use someone besides Doom as well but it seems that Fox doesn’t really know that they don’t have to make Magneto the big bad at the end of every single x-flick so expecting them to use anyone else but Doom for every single F4 film is probably pointless :/

  8. How can it be considered “realistic” to the story when Sue and Johnny are brother and sister in the story? Not that a black human torch is terrible, just wish they would stay “realistic” to characters. But I see one of the people that ruined several characters in X-Men First Class is involved, so I shouldn’t be shocked they’re screwing with these characters as well.

    • Did you complain about the first two garbage ff movies? Thanks for repeating the unorigional brother sister question that’s been asked now for the zillionth time across these sites. I’m excited for the movie. Their innovative casting, and comments about the past two flops, can only mean improvement.

    • With regards Johnny and Sue being siblings, it’s actually quite possible for them to still be brother and sister but not the same color.

      Some years ago I read a story where a mixed race couple (husband is black, wife is white) gave birth to twins, one was black, the other was white.

      Obviously not a common occurrence, but it does happen, so technically they could still be brother and sister.

    • Not sure what you are getting at. In the real world there IS such a thing as Black/white blood brothers or sisters. I hope you are aware of that

      • The Willis’ on the Jeffersons had a Black daughter & a White son and there was not a clamoring of disbelief. Get with the 70′s and move on…

      • You are taking about extremely rare anomalies. If they are full blood brother / sisters it would be very unlikely that they would not look the same or at least similar. Changing one’s race And not the other is just dumb because it bring up questions which now have to be answered. And a one sentence “we’re adopted” or “due to genetic variance…” Is not gonna cut it.

        • Who cares. Why don’t they make Reed Richards a 12 year old kid, Sue Richards a 300 lb woman, and the Thing a furry white monkey????? Why because it would be a huge deviation from the source material.

          This movie will suck!

  9. FF reboot, now you have my attention.

  10. I thought I watched an interview where the whole space cloud thing was Stan Lee’s idea.

    • Link?

  11. Honestly, now that this film finally appears to be really moving into production, I’m excited. I like pretty much everything I’m hearing, I like the people involved, and it’s cool/intriguing to not know what kind of spin we’re gonna get.

  12. I’m glad they are going more serious for this one. My son’s favorite movie to watch on dvd (back in 2006) was the horrible first Fantastic Four.

    He would watch it over and over again. Ugh, I know that movie by heart.

    • Lol sorry man

  13. Didn’t this movie bomb yet? (coughcoughgarbagecough)

    • What’s wrong with the casting?

      Haven’t seen anything yet… so…

  14. We got two comical FF movies so far. By a huge margin, most MARVEL superhero movies are pretty much comedies, with a couple pseudo-dramatic scenes tossed in. This movie has already cast a bunch of kids to play the leads.
    I really don’t care what the producer of this movie said, or even the author of this story. I’m expecting comedy, and won’t watch it until people all come around and tell me how really DARK and realistic it is. Remember, M Bay is a director, and has been known to lie ALL THROUGH his descriptions of his ridiculous transformers movies.
    They’ll lie to get your butt into the seats. Period. I’m waiting until the REAL reviews for this come out. I haven’t spent two cents to watch any of Bay’s abominations, and I won’t for this either, until someone tells the truth for once.

    • “By a huge margin, most MARVEL superhero movies are pretty much comedies, with a couple pseudo-dramatic scenes tossed in.”

      I disagree. Captain America 2 does not look like a comedy, it looks like a spy thriller/action movie. Marvel did not make the first two F4 movies, that was all Fox.

  15. From the casting it doesn’t seem like a reboot. It seems like a complete different team altogether. Why is it even being called Fantastic Four?

    • Strange that when you cast different actors in the same roles it becomes a “different team”, rather than a reboot. Surely then Batman Begins wasnt a reboot, given the major differences between Michael Keaton and Christian Bale?

      • What Ted means to say is the casting is way too radical compared to the source material and thus making it feel like a different team.

        • Casting is often radically different from the source material. Tony Stark became more like RDJ AFTER the first film’s success. Laurence Fishburne was cast as Perry White despite his ethnicity, Jesse Eisenberg has been cast as Lex Luthor despite never haven taken any previous role remotely similar. Actors get paid to act. It’s hardly an argument that the casting of these characters makes it not the Fantastic Four. Let’s see how they do and then judge, rather than writing this off as not being the Fantastic Four. In my opinion, they have four very talented actors and I’m looking forward to how they depict their respective characters. Also Michael B. Jordan as the Human Torch is genius, despite the racist sentiment that has been sweeping across the Internet.

          • Not wanting to bash Jamie Bell or Jordan, cuz those guys are really good actors but in terms of looks its extremely different. To me Fishburne’s casting as Perry White didn’t really matter cuz the story of Superman doesn’t revolve around Perry, Jimmy being changed to a chick didn’t matter much either, as long as Superman’s character wasn’t 100% altered I was fine with it. Now with this I feel these 2 were miscast, Bell would’ve been better off as Torch and Jordan would’ve owned The Thing. My arguement being that a character like the Thing could’ve been treated like the heart and soul of the group and that’s something I would’ve love to see Jordan convey on screen. Now he’s just gonna play the same character as he did in Chronicle.

              • oh wow! really? So this whole time screenrant and other movie sites had us all convinced they swapped Jimmy’s gender, well wth wasn’t their an article where Goyer talks about the gender change?

                • I didn’t really follow any of it before, but a lot of the stuff I can find right now seems to point that it was just a rumor and that when Goyer was asked about it he always said he can’t comment. So maybe the whole Jenny Olsen thing was just a rumor that just grew and grew. I know from reading wrestling sites that there are a few times that something can be a rumor, but all these sites will pick it up and run with it like it’s the truth.

    • It’s based on the Ultimate Fantastic Four comics that released a decade ago.

      Didn’t you read the article? It mentions that fact.

    • Oh I don’t know. Maybe because they are 4 astronauts that got their powers during a cosmic accident. One is a stretchy guy, his girlfriend turns invisible, her bro flys and gets on fire and their friend is made of rock ! Oh and they are Fantastic!

  16. “The first two attempts to bring Marvel’s superhero team to the big-screen were famously derided by both fans and critics, ”

    By some fans and some critics. Do I need to do a google search for positive reviews?

  17. I doubt Stan Lee will make a cameo in this reboot.

  18. I actually kind of like the fact that this film will have a more serious tone. Maybe if it gets a PG-13 rating, more people will go to see it. But I’m hopeful that this movie will be good. I’m also understanding that it’s a good thing that Marvel has their properties spread across different studios because then we wouldn’t be able to see so many Marvel characters on screen. We probably wouldn’t even have X-Men, Spider-Man or Fantastic Four movies and Guardians of The Galaxy would have never gotten made.

    I’m excited for this movie and will definitely being see it when it comes out. Here’s to a trailer to come out in December! LOL. Even though I still would have preferred Sue Storm to be black as well (sorry had to say it)!

  19. I get the same feeling about FF as I do about MOS2/Bat vs Sup, its being forced. Same with Days Future Past. Something went south with the X films and they are trying this hodge podge fix-all thing. You can’t force it. The successful movies come together organically I think. The ones that don’t, well we can all name plenty. I think the heart of the original two FF movies was in the right place. Its a story about a family. It was naturally a hokey story. Somethings can’t be made dark and edgy. FF has always been a little tounge in cheek as it should. And Michael B. Jordan as the human torch is just a publicity stunt or a misguided effort by an out of touch producer/director thinking that a black guy automatically translates to “hip”. Honestly they are drawing attention from the core story with the race change because it has to be over explained and it becomes a focal point. And they do a disservice to the story, the source material, the character and most of all the actor who is being used as a gimmick. I’m not going to curse this movie or the people making it, but I believe that true talent and storytelling ability can make the movie great. Using gimmicks and making arbitrary changes don’t equal vision and imagination. It actually illustrates just how much of those qualities the filmmaker is lacking.

    • A film like batman/superman was inevitable, WB was just being slow about it, X-men and Ff are just an example of Fox jumping on the shared universe bandwagon that Marvel studios made years ago while everyone was laughing at the idea of an avengers film. Black human torch means Fox could less for other minority superheroes, not even the ones in the x-men franchise, and instead chose to just go the lazy route of changing a character’s race.

  20. this film is quite the joke and with casting these actors as the ultimates is a total waste
    of time, fox already blew their chance long ago at putting ff,xmen and daredevil in the
    same movie. the director and actors have talent but they really misfired on the cast.
    glad that kiefer sutherland wont be involved with these clowns.

    • Daredevil has been in a cinematic flick with X-men and FF?? Sure about that? never heard about it..?? Whats the movie?

  21. It will be darker, alright…because they will be shutting the lights out early in the theaters when nobody shows up, and the staff will go home.
    That. Is. All.

  22. Stan Lee, As good as he is, Ruins these movies with his pathetic little cameo’s, Case in point.. Thor 2. WTF was with that? How can someone think its a good idea to put him in? I love all the marvel/fox movies, Dark, Humourous, But Stan Lee is a big negative, in all of em.. & FF Re-boot is gonna be schweeeeeet!!!

    • you know the studios ask him to do those

  23. A lot of you guys must be American? All im hearing is RACIAL BIGATORY, Its disgusting, Give em a chance to prove they can do a good movie, If then it doesn’t work, Scream and b**** to your hearts content, Because I seriously doubt any of you could write/produce/direct/cast a movie of this calibre.. If you could… You would be doing it… RANT OVER!!

    • What are you saying, that anyone making movies can do it well because they are doing it, as if no bad movies have ever been made? As for others here being able to do it this industry requires more than skill alone. There would likely be some who could do it who would never get the opportunity to break in.

      Can you provide a quote for the racial bigotry? I could have missed it. Or are you suggesting that anyone disagreeing with an African/American portraying a white character must be racist?

      What is clear is you are quite derogatory toward Americans. Ironic.

    • Your two sentences are the most unintentionally funny thing I’ve ever read on this site. Please see if you can see what I see. Bwahahahaha

    • Like anything, connections matter.

  24. Well SR is on the new F4 movie bandwagon. It not hard to see your trying to convince us this is all good. This casting does not spell success. Not by any “stretch” of the imagination. I defend most casting when others don’t but 3 out of 4 are pretty bad choices for the F4 I know and love (Kate Mara could work). This movie may hit a younger audience but no fan of the books, both their stories and artwork, will see this. It’s that far off.

    But rather than lose my dignity in a chat room I will simply not pay good money to see this. That’s all any of us can do when we don’t like these choices. Don’t support it when it hits the theaters.

    • I am a fan of the books, and I like this cast. It’s clearly an adaption, a different take, but not everyone who cares about the FF is feeling negative about this film. The casting spells neither success or failure; the quality of the film as a whole will determine that, and we haven’t seen it yet.

      • Studios and filmmakers usually try hard to create positive buzz for a movie: during pre-production, filming and release. The fact that there is this much negative reaction to some of the choices will impact the box office. To what degree is the question.

      • I can’t agree you are a fan if you like this cast. Sorry bub.

      • The only casting choice I actually like is the girl who plays Sue Storm and I think she might be the only one who got the role through auditions. But I think I get what you’re saying about the casting because even though I think the casting is horrible, the writing of the movie can be great as well as the whole visualization of the film. So even with this casting, the movie can still end up being good.

  25. Here is how I would go about rebooting the FF franchise so with the Fantastic Four they certainly are not your average Superhero team, unlike other super hero teams all the people in the FF knew each other ahead of time so they’re relationships with one another can change differently than those of the avengers friendships that have lasted for what can feel like an eternity between Reed, Ben, Sue, and Johnny can grow into something more or become more serious or sometimes even end because of the hardships and changes that come their way… So anyway a big difference between the FF and other teams is that while the other super hero teams like the Avengers fight to save and rescue others the FF is more of the like the Star Trek enterprise crew in the sense that they are explorers out looking for new discoveries and often encounter earth or universe threatening obstacles in the explorations and use their skills to save the universe or world. This to me was a really big thing that was missing in the original two movies… The fantastic four are explorers just as much if not more than they are super heroes and the movies portrayed them more as the Avengers or JLA in the sense that they were always out to fight bad guys and save the world when at the hear they are different from that particular structure… we never got to see other planets or dimensions or nations (other than japan) in the originals for the most part they were just in New York in the first one and in the sequel they were in various nations but failed to follow the explorer formula that they had in the original stories. So now that I’m done with all that boring stuff here is what I would do as a story… Reed Ben Johnny and Sue are scientists trying to develop a portal to another dimension Reed and Ben have been BFF since college and Johnny and Sue grew up together as brother and sister while experimenting however there is spoiler alert!!… and accident that alters their bodies and gives them powers in attempt to rid themselves of their abilities they journey into the dimension which they later name the Negative Zone in search of a cure, on their journey however they encounter a creature known as Annihulus who is bent on destroying the earth, the four characters must then use their skills to prevent him and by doing so realize the potential that they have for using their abilities to discover new things about the world and save it at the same time I would also make Doom a background villain somehow so he could be the villain of the inevitable sequel but I’m not sure what I really would not want him to be a lame business man like he was in the originals I always thought that portrayal was really lame.

    • This Milly chick’s extended family really , really likes ther Mercedes-Benz acquisitions. You would think one of them would buy something else with all that extra cash, like maybe the rights to the Fantastic Four so we can get it right. :o

  26. This movie will not actually be a fantastic four movie. It will be a movie based on the characters created by Marvel Comics. Case in point Godzilla 1998 decent movie but shouldn’t have been called Godzilla. It should be called Chronicle 2 (lol). It might do better at the box office.

  27. Sure, there’s no guarantee that this film will be good. But what will all of those people who are convinced it will be bad have to say if it turns out great?

    • I doubt they will have anything new to say. Lets be honest. The FF is a family oriented adventure story for the most part.

      There is no real family here. Its not going to be family oriented. And I doubt there is going to be adventure. Its going to be a re-hash of Chronicle where Trank gets to play with “real” heros instead of the made up kids he did the first time around.

      Except he is not playing with the real heros, he is changing them enough to be almost unrecognizable.

      So while the movie might be spectacular if it was called Chronicle Prime ( which I have no doubt it will if you go to see the movie and try to ignore every reference in to to Reed, Sue, Ben and Johnny ), its going to suck if sold under the Fantastic Four banner…cause well, its not the Fantastic Four…similar to Halloween 3.

      A movie can be excellent or horrible depending on its marketing…and trying to market this as a FF movie just makes no sense…market it as something else and you will make everyone happy.