‘Fantastic Four’ Reboot & ‘Legend of Conan’ Get Screenwriters

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Fantastic Four Reboot and Legend of Conan Get Screenwriters Fantastic Four Reboot & Legend of Conan Get Screenwriters

The Fantastic Four reboot and the belated sequel The Legend of Conan are both returns to franchises that were not so well received the last time out. In the case of FF, every iteration – from the 1994 Roger Corman film (beloved for how laugh-out-loud terrible it is) to Tim Story’s version (2005) and its sequel (2007) – has received scathing reviews. In the case of Conan, only the original Conan the Barbarian (starring Arnold Schwarzenegger) is considered a cult classic; the sequel and the 2011 reboot, not so much.

We haven’t heard much in the way of concrete information about either film in the past few months, though Mark Millar did confirm that an X-Men/Fantastic Four was in the works, and there was a rumor that Legend would kickstart a trilogy of new Conan films starring Schwarzenegger. Now we have word that both films have new screenwriters.

First, in Fantastic Four news – THR is reporting that X-Men: Days of Future Past writer Simon Kinberg has been hired to do a substantial rewrite of the forthcoming reboot of Marvel’s first super family. He’s the fifth screenwriter to take a crack at the script after Jeremy Slater, Michael Green, Seth Grahame-Smith, and T.S. Nowlin all failed to produce something satisfactory for the studio.

Chronicle Director Shoots Down Fantastic Four Rumors Fantastic Four Reboot & Legend of Conan Get Screenwriters

In addition to Days of Future Past, Kinberg has previously worked with Fox on X-Men: The Last Stand and X-Men: First Class. The studio must be fairly satisfied with his DoFP work to bring him on board the FF reboot as well. Perhaps he’s become accustomed to the tone and general vibe that this new shared universe is supposed to have.

As previously stated, we don’t know a whole lot about the film in an official capacity except that Josh Trank (Chronicle) is directing it. Rumors have indicated that Allison Williams (Girls) and Michael B. Jordan (Fruitvale Station) are/were in talks to play Sue and Johnny Storm, respectively – but again, nothing there has been confirmed at this point.

The last official news was that production on the reboot would be moving from Canada to Louisiana, and that shooting would begin in September. Considering Simon Kinberg’s rewrite of the script will (apparently) be “substantial,” is it possible that the start-date could be moved back?

We’ll let you know when we do.

In Legend of Conan news – Deadline is reporting that Andrea Berloff has just signed on to write the sequel, which will see Arnold Schwarzenegger as an aged barbarian king who has take take up the sword again after years of retirement.

Berloff isn’t particularly prolific in the screenwriting department. Her only feature writing credit to reach the big screen was Oliver Stone’s World Trade Center, the true-life story of two Port Authority officers who were trapped under the rubble of the World Trade Center on 9/11. Does her talent naturally lend itself to the ridiculously over-the-top action, violence, and crudeness that made the original Conan the Barbarian so great? We’ll have to wait and see.

legend conan arnold schwarzenegger1 Fantastic Four Reboot & Legend of Conan Get Screenwriters

There’s certainly been a few signs that Legend has been heading in the right direction, particularly producer Fredrik Malmberg’s insistence that the movie would not be some passing of the torch vehicle where a sidekick gets to see if he/she has what it takes to take over for the iconic hero in a future installment (a la Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, A Good Day to Die Hard, etc.).

Here’s what Malmberg had to say about that:

“The idea for this particular film is that he will be the lead, a lot of people ask if we’re going to introduce a son of Conan and passing the torch? The idea is to not. No, this is Conan’s movie. This is Arnold’s movie!”

Then again, it could be entertaining/hilarious to see a whiny, weak, and spoiled son attempt to fill Conan’s warrior role and fail miserably – in spectacular, blood-soaked fashion – prompting Conan to seek revenge.

What say you, Screen Ranters? Are you looking forward to the Fantastic Four reboot and the long-awaited Conan sequel? Drop us a line in the comments.


The Fantastic Four reboot hits theaters March 6th, 2015. Last we heard, The Legend of Conan was aiming for a 2014 release date, but that seems unlikely at this point; expect that film to be pushed to the overcrowded 2015, as well.

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Sources: THR & Deadline

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  1. F4 comes out March 6, odd time for release, anyway isnt it meant to begin filming pretty soon? Not sure how this reboot will turn out but it may suprise.

    • It’s a packed year. They’ve got to avoid all the big opening months/weekends if they don’t want to flop.

  2. FF4 I’m hoping will be good conan I don’t care about and if Arnold is back then ima have to really pass dude is like 100 yrs old js

    • I’m sure that “dude” whom you believe is “like 100 yrs old” could kick your a–, anytime, anywhere.

      • and then he’ll be bach for more

      • Just so you know supetman couldnt fly for quite a while in comic books. He was created first without flight i believe

    • lets make a ninja turtles movie that’s called tmnt back in action , and change the turtles into middles school human girls who are in a hip hop dance competition . lets scrap splinter because he was just fake smart and lets make shredder black and have him be played by the actor who voiced him in the original comics. not tmnt will be about 4 middle school girls with no coach and their main adversary is the father from the fresh prince of beliar who is the coach of a nother hip hop dance team, and his name is the shredder . that sounds better then your idea for ff4

    • Fantastic Four versus Frightful Four (Sandman, Wizard, Trapster, Medusa): that’s what I want. Or bring in Kang as a villain, if Avengers franchise does not have him.
      A FF/X-Men flick would be OK, but I reiterate: bring in Cyclops (said it before, will say it again). And-we-don’t-need-Wolverine-in-there!

  3. IMHO Fantastic Four is a difficult story to tackle, considering that if you go with a grounded-darker take, it will lose part of its identity of being family friendly and well, flashy and fun. If they are going with that route, its definite that it will not be true to its comicbook root, and with all the quick-tempered environment called the internet nowadays, there’s bound to be a number of fans who would react negatively.
    I just hope they will do it at least right, not that I think the previous ones were ‘that bad’, those movies were good and just need to fix some issues. It’s not the story that I’m worried with, but the studio that is handling it.

  4. I have a hard time believing Fox can do Fantastic Four justice. Marvel Studios would definitely pull it off, the tone of their whole movie-verse is perfect for F4… but Fox, not so much.

  5. actually I like sci-fi sequel movies

  6. Wow, Mr. Fantastic is looking pretty badass in that second picture.

    • right I think that would be a good tone for him in the ff4 reboots. he can start as a nerd and still be a nerd when he gets his powers. in the first movie his softness will cost some people their lifes sending him on a crusade to not let it happen again.

  7. Legend of Conan complete with the theme music from the original and homage to the late Mako? Bring on bearded King Conan.

    • I’ve been waiting for Legend of Conan for a long time. It does look like Arnold is getting in better shape for it, too. Just hope it begins filming soon, before it gets set aside for other projects.

  8. Someone want to explain how Sue Storm would be white, while her brother would be black? Nothing like changing the race of a character soley for the purpose of changing the race of a character because it’s the politically motivated thing to do, even when it makes absolutely no sense.

    • While I agree that it’s not the best idea ever, there’s plenty of ways to explain it: different mom or dad, step brother/sister or adoption would all be acceptable and realistic solutions.

      • Those might be explanations, but they are not acceptable. Did Sue Storm and Johnny Storm ever have a storyline in which one of them was adopted, or that they had different parents? Nope. Which again, just makes it a change in race for PC brownie points, and nothing else. What do you think happens if they do make a Black Panther film, and decide that the Black Panther is a white guy, just because?

        • Yeah, it would be a whole new storyline if they decide to do it… different or altered plots work if they’re done well (see Marvel Studios), although Fox seems incapable of making a very good or great comic book movie.

          That being said, you must REALLY hate Fox’s X-Men movies (I do), those don’t follow ANY comics I’ve ever read.

          • You would be correct, I think Fox as fumbled over and over again with the X-Men franchise, and I’m in the “time for a total re-boot” camp. I was very disappointed with The Wolverine, thought it was only marginally better than Origins, and I have little hope that DOFP is going to be anything but a convoluted mess of incoherent nonsense.

            • I was in that camp, now I’ve moved into the “time for a new studio” camp. My secret wish is that Legendary partners with Marvel Studios and they take over the X-Men movies. Yeah, I know it’ll never happen, but I can hope.

              Fantastic Four would be great if Marvel Studios had them back. They’re universe is already set up PERFECTLY for F4.

              Although it wasn’t perfect by far, I really liked Sony’s rebooted Spider-Man… but I’ll wait to judge further until after I see ASM2.

    • ya If they are going to make someone black they should make the thing black and have mf make him a device that changes his apperence by to his old self

    • They all should be white. Not biased, but stick to canon. Anything else is just a reverse-discrimination move by liberal leftists. Good actors or not:
      Whites play whites.
      Blacks play blacks.
      Critics: shut up!

      • There is no such thing as reverse discrimination and if you feel that way about white washing or in this case black washing please explain to me why holly wood has white washed the new Moses he is should be Egyptian but they have cast white actors for different races if holly wood can do it for every movie with different races why can`t they now do it with fantastic four

        • No such thing as reverse discrimination?!

          Ah, yea, sure…

          Only if you mean to imply that discrimination, by any other name, is still discrimination.

        • Boy, I can’t wait to see everyone applaud when Martin Luther King, Malcolm X, Black Panther, Luke cage, and Michael Jackson are all played by white actors. If that happens, I am sure every one of you will be smiling in your contented dreamy Liberal-land.

          • Those are terrible examples. You’re comparing a comic book character with a real person? A person from the pages of a book to a historical figure? Ridiculous. And because Black Panther’s background is anything similar to Johnny Storm? Tell me, what would change if Johnny Storm is black in the film? Tell everyone specifically. If everyone creating films and comic books had a mindset like this, we wouldn’t have half the brilliant films we have right now.

        • Well, apparently race shouldn’t matter. So I protest: why can’t my born-in-America-but-descended-from-Danes-Welsh-Scots-English lily-white buttaroo play Moses? Or actually, since it is usually blacks or people trying to help them wave their banner that protest, I wanna play a black part! Dumb-bells, I am not being racially-biased at all, you just want to think I am. I just think everyone should stick to canon as the author wrote the characters. Would you want someone changing anything you wrote around to fit their own agenda? Doubtful, indeed! Why can’t whites play white parts, and blacks play blacks, Latinos play Latinos, Asians play Asians, etc? It is not me who has the problem, it is you rabble-rousers.

      • Go on. How is it “reverse discrimination”? You think Josh Trank, who’s white, said, “I hate white people!” Or do you think, more likely, that he said, “Michael B. Jordan’s my friend, he’s a really good actor, I’m gonna hire him for this part.” Which one seems more likely to you?

        • +1
          Look at all the variables that come into play too.

          Great actor
          Suits the part
          Worked with Josh Trank before on a great film

          Don’t cast:
          He isn’t white

          If there is a plausible reason not to cast Michael B Jordan, I’d love to hear it. Not, “Well he doesn’t look like the character on the pages very much”. Are people really going to reject this casting idea for the simple reason that they can’t get passed his looks?

    • Did you see what happened to the Mandarin in Iron Man 3! Anything is possible NOW in superhero movies, no matter how asinine or absurd.

  9. looking forward to conan! curious about FF4 I’ll wait for a trailer to see if I’m on board.

  10. I actually liked both the F4 movies, and the Conan sequel (more than the first). Not sure what all the hate was about. Sure they had over the top powers. Who cares. It’s a comic book movie. You just accept that – kind of like how you accept that a guy bitten by a spider could get super spider powers, or that a guy from another planet could fly around in our world.

  11. Conan yeah fantastic four no first 2sucked please no

    • Sucked or not, they are all we have for FF, so love them just a little bit, but learn from mistakes and make the next ones better.

    • They did meet in some early comics. FF, Avengers, and X-Men as well as Spidey all pretty much had at least one team-up with members of the other groups, etc. It was not an everyday occurence in the comics, tho.

        • Agreed, BS! Enough Magneto, good or not. Mr. Sinister and Apocalypse, Kang, Frightful Four, Skrulls & Super-Skrull as you mentioned…lots of villains to choose from, or villain team-ups!

  12. So it seems pretty clear that FF is not on the schedule we were previously led to blieve it was on, unless I am missing something here. Hopefully the rewriting results in a genuinely good script. Unlike, say, Wonder Woman (which is doable), FF should be pretty straightforward IMO, but I care about it and want it to be REALLY GOOD. Chronicle does bode well, for whatever that is worth.

  13. Simon Kinberg has had solid and poor films so I think he’s an ‘up in the air’ choice. I’m hoping he delivers since I really want to see a Fantastic Four film done well. And wow there’s been a lot of writers who’ve taken a crack at it. I’m guessing Fox is being cautious with this since it can possibly lead into a badass X-Men and Fantastic Four crossover.

    I don’t know much about Allison Williams so I wouldn’t be able to say much about this rumor if it indeed ends up being true. Michael B. Jordan I can definitely say is a great choice in my eyes. He’s got everything Johnny Storm needs and is a great actor. Make it happen!

  14. Ah yes, the eternal drafting and redrafting. Got to love that

  15. Maybe I’m the only one who was more interested in the Conon part, but I have doubts considering they’re getting someone who’s never written action before. That last attempt was lame, and I think this will be also. They should continue where the original with Arnald left off….”He went on to win a kingdom with his sword…But that’s another story”. That’s the Conan I want to see

  16. Once again, if you are planning a F4 film without the essentials of the comic then why don’t the studio use another name for it. Johnny Storm is White as well as Sue. That can’t be changed no matter how good the actor is. The people at the studio has to come to their senses.

    • Why?

  17. They remake a lot comic movies other

  18. I am sure FF will get a good treatment. Still not in love with Fox though. Go figure. Once producing cult films like Alien, Star Wars, Die Hard, Home Alone, Independence Day, Speed, Edward Scissorhands… and now look at what they come out with.

    The last cult film they probably made was, pft… The Devil Wears Prada.

    Conan on the other hand.

    Sorry Arnie, but you’re a ******* sap.
    You’re rich, you’re famous, now go retire on your Hawaiian island cottage with some dumb blonde who can barely communicate.

    That is, if you still have the cottage after your settlement.

  19. If the Box Office performance of 2011’s Conan The Barbarian didn’t bury the character’s cinematic exploits, Andrea Berloff’s script surely will… there’s no chance in hell that she’s suitable for the task at hand. RIP Conan…

  20. I would care about the FF if Fox wasn’t in charge. Won’t be seeing this crap and I especially don’t care about it if the people who were attached to this were the ones responsible for FoX-Men: First Craps. That movie (and every other Marvel based Fox movie) was freaking terrible from a comic book fan’s perspective.
    They have a lot to do to change my mind on this and what’s been released for/about DoFP so far has not been impressive in the least. I’m less inclined to see any movie Fox produces (not just Marvel based films) than ever.