‘Fantastic Four': Reg E. Cathey Cast as Storm Family Father

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Fantastic Four origin story Fantastic Four: Reg E. Cathey Cast as Storm Family Father

It’s been obvious for some time that director Josh Trank wasn’t looking to simply remake the Fantastic Four films with his upcoming reboot, but chart an entirely different course. With a younger cast comes a chance to tell a coming of age story unlike the previous adaptations, but apparently this younger cast will need some older guidance. It’s been announced today that it will likely come in the form of Reg E. Cathey (The Wire, House of Cards), who has been cast as Franklin Storm, father of Sue (Kate Mara) and Johnny (Michael B. Jordan).

As reported by THR, Cathey joins the cast in the role of the brilliant scientist Dr. Franklin Storm. No further information on the role he’ll be playing has been given, but the actor’s credits – most notably on HBO’s The Wire alongside his soon-to-be son Michael B. Jordan (but seen most recently as ‘Freddy’ on Netflix’s House of Cards) – add to the already impressive cast being assembled. Not to mention hinting at how the reboot will continue to stray from the version of the Fantastic Four movie fans are most familiar with.

It’s hard to tell if director Josh Trank is simply re-watching HBO’s police drama and Kevin Spacey’s political mastermind and simply jotting down names for his superhero origin story, but it’s hard to argue with the results. Cathey, Jordan, Mara, Miles Teller and Jamie Bell may not be the most bankable names (yet), but each have a strong reputation for playing standout roles alongside star-studded casts. The plan, it would seem, is to combine their talents off screen as well as on.

Fantastic Four Actor Reg Cathey Franklin Storm Fantastic Four: Reg E. Cathey Cast as Storm Family Father

The fact that Franklin Storm is mentioned as a “scientist,” not a surgeon, also offers more evidence that Fox (like Marvel) is leaning more heavily towards the “Ultimate” version of the superteam. In that continuity, Dr. Franklin Storm was the reason for Sue’s interest in cutting-edge science – and later, Reed Richards (Teller). It was that shared scientific curiosity that led to the group’s superpowers, with son Johnny (Jordan) unwillingly pulled into the mix. In other words: fans need not worry about seeing the same origin story played out so soon.

In addition to the story implications, the casting of an African-American actor continues Trank’s clear vision of a mixed-race family at the heart of his drama (and Fox’s clear decision to appeal to multiple demographics). Jordan offered perhaps the best response possible to those who took issue with Trank’s casting, but however the filmmakers chooses to contextualize Cathey, Mara and Jordan as a family, we tend to side with Captain America: The Winter Soldier‘s Anthony Mackie in saying: good actors make good movies, regardless of all else.

Since Cathey’s most recent role had him play one of the only characters not intimidated by Kevin Spacey’s ‘Frank Underwood’ – as the humble owner of a rib restaurant – then he may be just the actor that’s needed to help guide his children through their new lifestyles. The film’s script is said to have significant “heart” and “soul,” so don’t be surprised if Cathey is a major reason.

fantastic four movie reboot release date 2015 Fantastic Four: Reg E. Cathey Cast as Storm Family Father

What are your thoughts on the casting? Are you happy to see that family will be playing a much larger role in this film than several other superhero films? Do you have your own theories on how Dr. Storm’s own experiments will be worked into the team’s origin? Be sure to share your thoughts in the comments below.


Fantastic Four opens in U.S. theaters on June 19th, 2015.

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Source: THR

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  1. They could easily have the same father but different mothers …

  2. I am a long time fan of FF since 1972. I have collected these book since I could walk and always wanted a movie version of quality to be made especially Marvel. I dont care how good the actors are, I care about these characters that I love and supported for years. If it wasnt for the generation x comic book fans these books may not be on the big screen. The Fantastic Four is not a interracial family.
    I dont appreciate what FOX is doing so that they can reach different demographics. Next this you know Tom Sawyer will be Hispanic and Uncle Tom will be asian just because its popular or profitable. The characters are what the authors made them and should not be changed. It was bad when they changed Kingpin into a african American now this is a joke.
    I would be ad if FOX change the Black Panther into a white character or Luke Cage into something he isnt. I wont support this film and I will not buy the merchandise or books, I am not the only one who shares this view but many of us fans. Fox has time to correct this issue if not they will loose.

    • I agree with you. And this, as you pointed out, goes for a lot of other comic book characters.

    • Everything you said is all true and true. Iam latino (central american) and i have no
      Interest in a guatemalan spiderman or mexican or black human torch. I want to see
      Better roles for minorities but not like this. If fox had shang chi the master of kung
      Fu they would make him british and daredevil a mexican from durango, LOL!

  3. CATHEY. Is Johnny’s & Sue’s Blood dad. They have different moms.. Cathey is the Storm and you are your fathers child! Sue has a white mom.. Johnny has a black mom! As they said one drop of black blood then you are black lol. Now coming from a family with multiple bi racial children etc.. You can infact look like one race while being bi racial. My cousin looks exactly like a full’ blooded caucasian just like her mom however har lips are s little then her mother’s however my hair is blonde her eyes are blue and you would never know if you didn’t know who her dad was now her other sister is a bit bit tanner and her hair is a little bit curlier than her sisters and her eyes are blue as well now their brother is light brown skin with curly blond hair and brown eyes… . Plus he is African American he already had white blood in him.. Just because u are mixed race doesn’t mean u always look it..

  4. Doesn’t matter what color the actors are as long as the movie is good. The characte are cartoons, the minute it goes to the big screen all bets are off. Not a single marvel movie has a character that looks like the cartoon nor has any one been fateful to the comic story. So why have an issue with race and color when the dont even stick to the story? Sorry not buying the comments about keeping it fateful to what the authors made them. Besides artist drew the characters in a time when racism was rampant in this country, plenty have said that they were pigion hold by the company. So if you don’t like it and you want to support the horrible past that this country imposed on its citizens and the authors? Strangely enough you don’t hear them complaining, so why are you? Hmmm.

  5. I’m not worried about having poc in films based on comics. In fact, the more the merrier! Equality ftw. What I don’t like is the fact that Sue and Johnny won’t look alike – the actors are very physically dissimilar. If they were both poc I’d be happier, but they’re not, and they don’t look like family.

    • I think it depend’s on your definition on what a family look’s like doesn’t it. I agree with Don & Daria this the modern age an these are golden age character’s i don’t here anybody complaining about colossus being turned gay in x-men or quick silver and scarlett witch not being mutant’s in the upcoming Avenger’s movie that’s huge is far as I’m concerned that’s something u should be bother by in comic world than modernization of american house hold’s heck there’s only like two or three black character’s in the marvel universe any way get real people.

  6. Oh dont think it doesnt upset us when changes are made. It upsets us allot because we invested in these characters not just time and loyalty but finances to which isn’t as meaningful as our passion but speaks volumes considering I have now been collecting for 42 years now. Scarlett Witch and quicksilver are mutants not hydra made supersoldiers no matter who owns a name lol. Colosses’ s was never gay no matter how popular it is now in the real world and the ultimate universe is made for artist that couldn’t be creative enough to make their own hero’s and villains.
    If by turning races around because it makes people happy then I demand that Black Panther be made Hispanic and blade be made into an asian woman…. oh don’t forget we should turn Silver surfer into an American Indian female, Tony stark needs to be killed off so we keep up with times and make him hmm oh I know a Chinese gay man married to a Russian super soldier… Oh this is going good… Now if I missed anyone in the world we still have many superheroes that have been created since the 1940s that can be changed to meet the needs of everyone. I know my friend would love to see the Master of Kung Funny be turned into a street walker female from Tibet who’s brother is a baby in power pack hmmm.