Who Should Play The New Fantastic Four?

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fantastic four reboot cas2t Who Should Play The New Fantastic Four?

Ok so I had to redo this intro because as I was writing this MTV Splash Page happened to post (a day earlier than usual) their weekly fantasy casting column about…the Fantastic Four. My goal was to get this up today and scoop the usual Friday, blogosphere speculation fest… but C’est la vie.

Thankfully for me, Splash Page cast their Fantastic Four flick using a mostly older set of actors; I myself have been envisioning a more youthful (not too young, though) version of Fantastic Four. Check out what my vision for this upcoming reboot is, and who I picked to take on the roles of Marvel’s favorite superhero family.

Ok, so before we start I thought I’d talk a little bit about the Fantastic Four, as I have come to understand the characters over the years. The thing that has always stuck with me about the FF is the way that – beyond all the superpowered adventures and exploration that made for pretty thrilling sci-fi – the characters and their powers worked on a whole other level as a clever metaphor for the family dynamic and some all-too familiar roles within that dynamic.

Think about it: Reed Richards’ “rubber man” power is also a great metaphor for his brilliant mind, which is limitless in its creative possibilities (just like his body), but limited by its tendency to forget the basic shape of everyday life (such as family and friends); Sue Richards often feels like an invisible woman to the one person she should matter most to (Reed); Johnny Storm thinks he’s hot you-know-what; and Ben Grimm is that hard-ass “uncle” who has a big heart he hides behind a rocky shell.

fantastic four movie Who Should Play The New Fantastic Four?

What I believe the last two Fantastic Four films failed to nail down was that underlying (and very relatable) family drama – lost somewhere in all the flashy f/x, bad dialogue and gratuitous exploits such as having Jessica Alba run around without clothes for no reason (which they SOMEHOW turned into a bad thing). This reboot cannot make that same mistake: family must come first if you want the story of the Fantastic Four to resonate beyond the halls of geekdom. The dynamic between the actors selected to play these roles is going to be CRUCIAL; they need to spark such good chemistry that they can improv their dialogue and still have it sound as real and natural as the arguments around YOUR family’s Sunday dinner table – while still managing to save the world.

That said, I’m making my choices based not only on the usual “he/she looks like a good fit” criteria, but also based on proven history of good chemistry with their fellow actors. I’ve also shied away from any really A-list stars – because let’s face it, with an ensemble of leading roles like this, no egos (or massive paychecks) can be allowed to rock the boat. Also, as I stated, I’ve gone with a more youthful incarnation of the Four: I would prefer to see a newly married Reed and Sue Richards, trying to figure out what shape the next phase of their adult lives should take, while having to deal with the baggage of in-laws (Johnny Storm) and close friends (Ben Grimm).

Without further ado, here is my new Fantastic Four:

(Continue to pg. 2 for the Fantastic Four casting picks)

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  1. What was wrong with the old Fantasic Four?????
    New Hulk, new Punisher, new new new new new new it’s driving me crazy!!! lol

  2. how about a new cast as in unknowns? save money by not paying big name actors and make sure the script and CGI is done right. i just want a quality story and script and no dumb comedy.

  3. fail

  4. I liked the cast from the first Fantastic Four. I just thought the stories could have been better and we didn’t get to see nearly enough good guys versus bad guys in either movie. The ending battle with doom in the first movie was very good. We just needed more of that. The second movie just kind of felt all over the place. Doom came back…sort of, but he didn’t look like Doom anymore, the silver surfer appears, then ends up being useless. They just needed to dial up the action, and let the FF use their powers together in battle and kick butt. I think Jessica Alba makes a great Sue Richards, and Chris is the perfect Torch. The other two fit their characters just fine. No more reboots for crying out loud. Just give us another movie and do it right this time.

  5. I dont have any specific choices .
    I just want good actors .
    I dont care if they are famous or not.

  6. I say Morrison and Bauer-definitely, Gilsig-a definite maybe, but I guess I could sorta see Kwanten, but I don’t get his charm (and is it really THAT hard to play a dumb-blonde?!) I have no clue who Lewis is, but that picture kind of makes him look geeky!
    You really, think Skarsgård is too old?

  7. I just want to get it out there that FOX will not allow to bring DOOM physically in the reboot. They are going to follow the Iron Man formula and give hints by portraying him as someone who is pulling the strings i.e. getting his dirty job done by others.

    Kinda like Mandarin in the first iron man movie.

  8. Get Chris Pine as the Torch, Kristen Bell as Sue Storm, Michael Jai White as Thing (oh no he is black, who cares he has talent and is a huge dude, and he is Black Dynamite) and as Reed get James Franco (who cares if he was GG in Spiderman 3)

  9. i like the old FF team, the looked so much like the comic characters (except the guy that played human torch, but he wasnt that bad)
    i hate it how marvel and other studios do all these remakes/reboots, it just turns me of from watching the remakes because i think about how they’re really only doing it for money and to revive the franchise (money again!!!)
    FF 1+2 werent all that bad, they had minor “family issues” involved and the action was reasonable (especially the team combo in first one)
    the second one however was completely crap imo, they should have added the skrull in instead of making johnny being able to “absorb” the teams powers, this would have made it open for them to make a 3 with the skrull planet added.

  10. Wow, Kofi, GREAT choice for Ben Grimm. When I wrote the post about Chris Evans not being in the reboot, the one character I just could NOT think of ANYONE for was The Thing. But Lombardozzi (who’s amazing on the miracle that is The Wire), as you say, looks the part, and has the accent/atittude down right.

    Good thinking, Kofi.

  11. Kofi, Gilsig is actually a great pick for Sue. She’s a nice mix between not too old, not too young, easy on the eyes and plenty of talent. She has the heroes thing down from, well, “Heroes,” and I’ve just loved her since “Boston Public.”

    And Lombardozzi would be a hilarious Thing! I’m a huge “Wire” fan so I’d love to see that.

  12. Sue Richards = Tricia Helfer

  13. @Josh Wigler,

    Glad to meet (if only online) another Wire fan. Perfeccione televisión (that’s Spanish for “Perfect Television” in case you didn’t get that :P).

  14. i don’t care if everyone else is recast, but leave Jessica Alba alone, please? ;)

  15. I don’t agree with those choices but in all honesty I can’t think of anyone right now to play these characters.

  16. Thing should be CGI with a voice-actor who nail the Bronx accent.

    Doom needs to be more like comic book. So he’s Vaderish. So what. FF pre-dates Star Wars. Doom was the scary guy with the mask and cape first. Give him a deep menacing voice like Vader had and a walk like Vader’s.

    And yeah….. a hand on a chair, a voice off panel, etc. does seem cool for a first film.

    But who do they fight if he is just behind the scenes in the film? The Frightful Four would probably be too soon.

  17. Misha Collins as Mr. Fantastic. The episode where he played Jimmy on Supernatural seemed like a good fit for Reed, awkward not goofy.

  18. I say keep the same cast and spend the money on the writing!!!

    It wasn’t the cast that sucked the life out of the last 2 films!!! Gimme a break!!!

  19. @790

    bingo! The actors were fine, but the writing was on a par for stiltedness with The Phantom Menace.

    All you have to see is the BBC production of the Horatio Hornblower films with Griffydd and you can see he can act, same with Chilkis as the Thing. Alba isn’t Meryl Streep, but for crying out loud who is? and it’s not as if this role had unspoken nuances of great emotional depth, just tighten it up, and find a director who doesn’t require that there be a beat between the reading of each line of dialogue.

  20. Haha,,,Piratedan!!!
    You have to admit that Alba was perfectly cast.

    If you get my drift,,, heee heee!

  21. It wasn’t the actors that were bad in those films, far from it.
    it was the director and the writer they want to re-boot. it’s always the same thing in the end…. bad writing! Zack whathisname stinks yet they keep employing him to write comic book films?
    Get the script right! get the Director right! and you’ve a good chance of having a great comic book movie on your hands.
    (mind you I thought the second film was pretty decent to be honest but no one bothered with it as the fist one stank a bit.)

  22. Yeah brilliant casting making one of the hottest chics on the planet the invisible woman! Brilliant!!!!

  23. How about axe the reboot option. You guys didnt get it right the first time so now you want our money again? TDK proved to everyone that these comicbook movies can be taken seriously. But these guys were afraid to take that risk before Dark Knight came out. Now everyone want to make their SH movies Dark. All Fans should be against this on principle. BUT as usual you guys fall into the trap. so I’m totally wasting my time even writing this.

  24. Oh and Jessica Alba is not an actress. FACT

  25. @justin

    I cry foul on thee sir! How can thee denigrate her wondrous turn as the stripper with a heart of gold (if not a skin of gold) in Sin City? Come on man, she’s easy on the eyes and as it has been mentioned previously, it’s a comic book character, who do you want? Judi Dench? Helen Mirren? If you want her to be darker (after all, she’s the invisible woman, how does dark exactly come into play here?) I’m sure she can spend more time on the beach if needed.

    I thot I was getting old enough to not be getting hung up on stuff like this, but I repeat, it’s a comic book, If you want dark, go watch Akira again.

  26. Whoever mentioned Misha Collins for Reed, that’s a great, great idea.

    Reed – Misha Collins
    Sue – Kristen Bell
    Johnny – Ryan Kwanten (Not perfect, but I can’t think of anyone better)
    Thing – Adam Baldwin

    I’d prefer they stray away from Doom, just because he was in the first one.

  27. sign’em up !

  28. First of all. Sue Storm is a mature woman. If the actress can still play a highschool student and pull it off. She cannot Play sue storm. Honestly you guys are repeating the same mistakes with your casting. Kirsten Bell>???? R u serious?
    Get a mature blonde to play Sue storm. Not only is she a BIG sister to johnny but also a second mother type. You guys need to start thinking. We keep getting crap after crap after crap.

  29. Kirsten Bell needs to do a photo shoot. I think I speak for a few readers here.
    Then we can all move on,,, ;-)