‘Fantastic Four’: Toby Kebbell in Talks to Play Doctor Doom

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Dr. Doom cast in Fantastic Four Reboot Fantastic Four: Toby Kebbell in Talks to Play Doctor Doom

While the last decade or so has seen the release of some truly great superhero movies, Twentieth Century Fox’s Fantastic Four titles aren’t really counted among the winners. Despite modest box office success, the big screen adaptations of Marvel’s first superhero team-up comic are regarded relatively poorly by fans and critics alike.

Fox isn’t ready to give up on the property just yet however, and is instead turning over a new page with Chronicle director Josh Trank, a brand new cast and (presumably) another attempt at an origin story for the Fantastic Four. The studio is so confident, in fact, that its already staked out a release date for Fantastic Four 2 in summer 2017.

A rumor that the antagonist, Doctor Doom, would be reinvented as a woman was quickly shot down by Trank, but just in case it needed an extra toe tag a new report by Variety reveals that Fox has settled on Toby Kebbell (RocknRolla) as the actor they want for the role. Kebbell was on a shortlist of young British actors that also included Sam Riley, Eddie Redmayne and Domhnall Gleeson. Assuming the deal gets closed he will be joining Jamie Bell, Michael B. Jordan, Kate Mara and Miles Teller on set this spring.

Toby Kebbell in RocknRolla Fantastic Four: Toby Kebbell in Talks to Play Doctor Doom

Kebbell fits well into a cast of actors who are recognizable, but not yet Hollywood stars, and despite not being the first name that most would pick to play Doctor Doom he’s likely to be one of the less controversial casting announcements. At 33 years old he also follows the pattern of somewhat younger actors that have been chosen for Trank’s reboot of the movie franchise, which seems to drawing inspiration from the Ultimate Universe rather than the standard Earth-616 Marvel Comics continuity.

This year Kebbell will reprise his role as the sinister, half-blind intelligent ape Koba in Dawn of the Planet of the Apes. His best known role to date is art thief Johnny Quid in Guy Ritchie’s 2008 gangster film RocknRolla, and he’s also played supporting parts in other action films like Prince of Persia and Wrath of the Titans.

In the most recent big screen adaptations – Fantastic Four and Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer – Victor von Doom was played both times by Nip/Tuck star Julian McMahon. It’s a vital role, since comic book movies tend to rise or fall depending on the strength of their villain, and Kebbell seems like a solid choice.


Fantastic Four will arrive in theaters on June 19, 2015, with Fantastic Four 2 set for release on July 14, 2017.

Source: Variety

Dr. Doom Artwork by Gabriele Dell’otto

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  1. awesome, awesome, awesome news. I’m looking forward to this movie even more so. He was great playing an “evil sidekick” in sorcerer’s apprentice.

  2. Thank goodness it’s not Victoria Von Doom .
    Good casting decision (for once). Toby will knock it outta the park.

      • “There is nothing–I repeat, NOTHING…good about this movie.”

        That’s an impressive assessment considering the movie doesn’t even exist yet.

          • LOL

            • Merci’!

      • Come back and apologize if you”re wrong? You’d be the first one.

      • Doesn’t matter if they look like the comic since they’re drawings and their look changes depending on the artist. That is honestly the most superficial complaint one can have.

        • K. looks like a beanpole.

      • Totally agree. Kebbell does not have metal skin, or a dark green hooded cloak. He looks nothing like the character.

      • Well said!!!! Trank needs to pull his head out and take a deep breath, maybe he would think better with fresh air.

    • “Knock it out of the park?”! Son, this movie won’t even get on first base!

      • Being directed by the guy behind Chronicle, with exceptional talent in most of the roles? It’s gonna at least round second. If they get the script right, and having a black guy playing The Human Torch is not automatically a bad thing, I see this movie easily going all the way.

        • The last thing I had doubts about that I heard about going “all the way” was a low-life at the local pick-up bar, and he caught a social disease.

      • You’ll probably catch it on Netflix anyway.


        • *IF* I watch it, that is where it will be. At least I won’t catch an empty wallet from paying a theater price just to see it and likely be disappointed.

  3. Not a fan of his, but he will fit right in with the rest of the caste…for good or ill.

  4. The most memorable part of Chronicle was when the boys got their powers. It was eerie and exciting!
    If I wrote F4 for Trank I’d wanna capture that magic.
    Open the film with Dr. Doom growing up in Latveria, discovering his abilities; and close the film (after the climactic battle) with the F4 gaining their powers.
    A sort of reverse origin, in which the public knows of the Fantastic Four and their deeds but the audience has to wait to see the origin.

    • Most memorable part was the ending credits. Chronicle didn’t say anything new that any other origin superhero film hadn’t already done.

    • Exactly what abilities does Dr. Doom have to discover? He’s a genious like Reed. He’s also a fairly powerful socerer, but I always thought he learned those skills later in life. Maybe that’s what you’re talking about.

      • @Pman67
        Yea just basically him studying sorcery, reading books, practicing spells. I worded my comment that way because I figure not a lot of casual fans really know much about Doom.

  5. Whhhaaaaaa?

  6. Hmm…not impressed.

  7. His daddy was a bank robber…


    • They were casting alright…casting about blindly!

  9. What! Doctor Doom isn’t going to be an Asian guy?

  10. Man, I thought for sure they’d pull out all the stops and go with female Dr. Doom! Color me disappointed…

  11. Great pick, sadly this makes want to cheer for the villain the FF is all wrong (not because of race) but just Batman VS Superman and TMNT I will keep an open mind till I see a trailer or something I just really hope others would to.

  12. How about a sequel to RocknRolla? Have we run out of superhero’s to make movies about?

  13. This just sounds like it could be the long awaited reboot of the dreadful Chronicle except this time it will be darker and the characters will be slightly less annoying.

  14. Let me just say, this is the best casting they could have done for this role – Kebbel is bloody brilliant and is criminally underrated. Anyone who hasn’t seen his Black Mirror episode needs to check it out. A masterclass in acting and psychological paranoia.

    He will be outstanding. Good to see him getting bigger roles!

  15. I can’t believe he didn’t win an Oscar for the Apes movie, look at that physical transformation. To imagine the diet he must have went through to look so ape-like, I mean I really thought he was an ape! Bravo.

    • Domhnall Gleeson Is Irish, not British.

  16. Great casting choice. This movie now has a chance of not being the worst but second worst movie of 2015

  17. IMO everything they have done with casting so far (along with having Trank direct) is very optimistic.

    HOWEVER, I still just have zero interest in seeing another F4 movie. The first two were awful, and I was never a fan of the comic-books. Unless the trailers really blow my mind, I’ll probably wait till this is released on DVD to see it. Also, even less interest in a crossover film with this and X-Men. That sounds truly awful.

  18. I have to admit, I dont know this guys work. I hope he does a good job with this. Dr. Doom is my favorite character in anything created ever and Julian McMahon was TERRIBLE!

    What saddens me is my second favorite character is Magento and both are owned by Fox, which means neither will ever be greatly represented in a movie (Though Fassbender and McKellan were the best part of their respective movies).

    What pleases me is that since they are both owned by Fox, I will (hopefully) get to see Fassbender and Kebbell join forces in a movie soon.

    • OK, just looked up his IMDB page. He is also in the Warcraft movie. If he does both of these right, he could possibly become huge and fast!

  19. WB: WE have the most miscast superhero movie! FOX: No, WE have the most miscast superhero movie! WB: NO! WE DO! FOX: NO, WE DO!

    • If nothing else, at least Fox wins on having the most number of miscast superhero movies…

  20. This film will turn out good I was just watching Layer Cake the other day and thought damn Matthew Vaughn did an exceptional job with the tone of the film a nice balance of gritty action and witty humor and since he’s on this film as a producer I know he’ll produce something visually stunning.

  21. Supposedly, they were going to change everything and make Doom a female villain, no?
    Supposedly people at Fox are being original and have reinvented the wheel with this “film”, haven’t they?

    So, why the change of heart, fear?

    They might already see that this film will likely fail at the box office and many people will only watch it as a rental. X Men Staff, stay away from this conundrum.

  22. He does well on his roles but somehow he plays cocky characters, cant wait to see how he will portray Victor von Doom himself (not the guy with the mask) that’s the easy part

  23. I WANT TOBY KEBBELL TO PLAY DOCTOR DOOM AND I want doctor doom suit to be like the picture and I WANT 10 INCH FANTASTIC FOUR REBOOT MOVIE ACTION FIGURE TOYS AND I want 10 inch doctor doom action figure toys.

  24. Maybe this is all a ruse and the movie will actually be Chronicle 2. One can hope.

  25. Im a tad concerned that thi film has not tarted to fim and it is coming out in 14 months. The movie is going to rely heavly on effects and such. Im not sold that they will make there dead line of june 2015 at this rate. I mean we dont have the cast set yet?

    Are they actually gonna film This?