‘Fantastic Four’ Actor Shortlist for Doctor Doom

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image1 Fantastic Four Actor Shortlist for Doctor Doom

There was a lot of speculation over who director Josh Trank would pick as the leads for his younger, hipper, edgier Fantastic Four before the casting of Miles Teller, Michael B. Jordan, Kate Mara, and Jamie Bell was officially announced. In all that talk, however, there was barely ever any mention of the reboot’s villain, who – by the standards set by basically every Fantastic Four story ever – is presumably Dr. Doom.

Way back before Trank had even joined Fantastic Four, there had been a rumor Fox was interested in Stephen Moyer (True Blood), but clearly the project has moved in a different (i.e., younger) direction. Then, around the time of the recent casting news for FF, there was another rumor Trank was looking to gender-swap the role, which Trank very quickly denied. Now there’s a shortlist of actors making the rounds that he and Fox are supposedly interested in for Dr. Doom.

The scoop comes from The Wrap‘s Jeff Sneider, who reports he’s learned from a reliable source that Trank’s shortlist is comprised of Sam Riley (On The Road), Eddie Redmayne (Les Miserables), Toby Kebbell (Rocknrolla), and Domnhall Gleason (Harry Potter).

Fantastic Four Reboot Doctor Doom Actors Fantastic Four Actor Shortlist for Doctor Doom

As you can see, it’s not an extremely varied list and it points directly at the type of actor Trank is interested in (whether his final choice be among them or not). For one, they’re all young or youngish, falling in an age range of 30-34, which matches with the ages if not the apparent ages of Teller, Jordan, Mara, and Bell.

Three of them – Riley, Redmayne, and Kebbel – come from England while Gleason is Irish, and that means they each have Hollywood’s number one prerequisite for any villain: an accent. Plus, each of them has this morose, melancholy look about them, Riley more so than the others, that would serve them well as the brooding Dr. Doom.

We’ll soon see Riley in Maleficent and Redmayne in Jupitor Ascending, which means these two are a pair of rapidly rising stars. Gleason, known for his turn as Bill Weasley in the Harry Potter series, recently took a stab at playing the leading man in the British rom-com About Time. As for Kebbel, he’s probably best known for his roll as the rock n’ roller in Guy Ritchie’s Rocknrolla, but he also appeared in Prince of PersiaWar Horse, and Wrath of the Titans, and will soon be appearing in Dawn of the Planet of the Apes.

Doctor Doom Actor Shortlist for Fantastic Four 570x324 Fantastic Four Actor Shortlist for Doctor Doom
Any one of these actors would likely benefit from snagging a role like Dr. Doom in Fantastic Four – considered by many comic book fans to be one of the greatest supervillains ever – just as Tom Hiddleston did with Loki in Thor.

Since so little is actually known about the direction Trank’s Fantastic Four reboot is taking, it’s hard to speculate about which version of Dr. Doom will appear in the film. It’s probably safe to assume there will be more similarities with Marvel’s Ultimate version of Doom, where his last name was van Damme and his entire body was covered in metal in the same accident that gave the Fantastic Four their powers.

Of the four actors, who would you cast as Doctor Doom and why? Let us know in the comments below.


Fantastic Four is expected to hit theaters on June 19th, 2015.

Source: The Wrap

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    • Now that would be a fun change!!

  1. My enthusiasm for this movie is dipping into the negative digits with every new casting rumor.

    • I agree. As it stands now I am not sure I would even see it on DVD.

      • Then dont.

      • I admit, a young pup as Doctor Doom is a bit weird to me. The article compares it to Loki. Okay. I don’t agree, because it seems like “me too”, but okay.

        And then the female Doom idea…

        What a weird movie.

    • You caring enough to comment says different.

      • People comment for a variety of reasons. Besides commenting doesn’t automatically equal seeing a movie. Your comment is wrong. People here about a film they were exited about then get disappointed with the decisions. They are still interested doesn’t mean they will see it.

  2. I’m really sad that the female Doctor Doom thing appears to be a false rumor. I’d have loved that, Eva Green or someone similar. But I can see how it was a pipe dream.

    All that I know is that Gleason was terrific as a lovable, friendly character in About Time. It’d seriously rally my mind for him to get this role.

      • Oh, I agree that too much is riding on Dr. Doom for Fox to take the relative-risk of switching the gender of the character. They need the character to please the fanbase and make an impression, and while a female version *could* perhaps pull that off, sticking closer to the source material makes sense, practically speaking. They’ve already made some changes, so playing this safer is what I would expect.

        I’m curious, though – why do you feel that the X-Men are on track to derail?

        • The reason I feel XMen is headed for disaster is because of the Quicksilver duality of Marvel Avengers Vs. Marvel X-Men and I think its going to get to flooded on X-Men when they push for those story arcs as Marvel will have much more story adaptibility than Fox and X-Men will have. I think they are trying to get the most money out of a Franchise they’ve literally butchered (except SOME casting) from the original Idea of Beast, Gambit, Wolverine, to the now Sentinel designs, Quicksilver, and the entire timeline story arc is room for error. However NOT going to lie, I am a bit excited to see how they do X-Men Apocalypse

  3. Hopefully doom is like andrew from chronicle.

  4. I’d like Zachary Quinto as Doom, I miss his Sylar persona

  5. Sam Riley is the only guy that looks like he comes from a place called Latveria

    • ^This

  6. That photo of Gleason makes him look perfect for Doom

  7. Toby Kebell would be my first pick of the bunch but he is the only one I have seen in more than a couple of films. Sam Riley seems too mopey and if it’s Eddie Redmayne I might have to skip the movie.

  8. 1. queen latifah as FAT DOOM who falls for human torch and they turn against rest of group, LOL.

  9. Not that it reallly matters, but I always thought Jeffrey Donovan would make an imposing Doom.

    • Oh, I for one think it matters a lot. I’ve been asking myself what he’s up to after Burn Notice wrapped and why he only got to portray a d-bag in “Hitch” and a run-of-the-mill cop in “Changeling”. This guy, although he doesn’t look it in the least, is pushing 50 without having been given a real chance to shine besides tv shows. What shame!

  10. Benedict Cumberbatch as Dr. Doom would be awesome

    • I really don’t want to see him in anything else for like the next couple of years.

  11. This movie is going to tank sooooo bad.

    • Disagree.

  12. No to the Harry Potter guy. No to the singing guy. Yes to the other two in the top of the picture.

    The Gleason family are likeable but Dohmhall does not look as villainous & magnetic as Sam & Toby. Plus the latter two look more like the beauty type. Doom’s story is that of Beast from Beauty & the Beast, so he should be an immediately gorgeous man with a dash of evil.

  13. Dr. Doom & The Quidlickers

  14. Fassbender would have been the perfect choice. But to be honest a Magneto/Dr. Doom team-up on film would be just insane!!

  15. Trank denies female Doctor Doom rumors, he had previously denied he was casting Miles Teller and Michael B. Jordan.

  16. I like a lot of these choices I think I would want Gleason or Kebell for the part most of all of themive only seen Gleason in a movie and that was Harry potter and true gritt and even though his role was really small I loved him in both with Kebell the dude just looks cool in the pic posted above so yeah I’m just really going off the pictures that they have for the other actors because I haven’t seen them in anything really but most of them sound good a young doctor doom interests me but I hope his origin isn’t tied into the origin of the ff like it was in the first two movies… I thought doom was one of the worst things about the originals I hated what they did with him I thought in the comics head such a unique origin story along with great powers and villainous perspectives so with doom I hope that they base him more off the originals than the ultimates. Overall I like these choices.

  17. I want Cher. Mom demographics would be covered, Screerant. #Cher4Doom

  18. What? No Dakota Goyo on this list? I call fowl!

    • Dakoto Goyo for FF reboot in 4 years….I’m in.

  19. I will NOT be viewing this film. Marvel, please buy back the rights to this franchise.

  20. If Trank is going for a more “grounded” FF then he needs to ditch Doom as the first villain and make it Mole Man, but he won’t and the movie will surely Tank harder than Ghost Rider 2.

    • I would say, yes, the Mole Men would be pretty grounded for sure!

      This movie seems like the result of a meeting in which some people decided to take characters and how we see them, and stray as far from that as possible to make as many fans as possible squirm. So the whole movie sounds weird. This movie sounds like an experiment to me. It’s a bet between two higher-ups that fans can be infuriated and still benefit the investment.

  21. Not bad choices. They are all good picks. But they’d want an accent due to a “Latervia” connection so it makessense. What doesn’t make sense is going with The Ultimates version – which is what the previous franchise did to a certain degree.

    From this list I’ll focus on Toby Kebbel.

  22. Fortunately Doom wears a mask so it doesn´t mind that much what casting are doing this time. This movie can´t already look worst.


    • +1

  24. I’m glad they are keeping Doctor Doom’s gender male. Now I hope they Make Doom as powerful as he is suppose to be I also hope they have more than 1 villain besides Dr. Doom.

    I cant wait for them to cross over with the X-men, X-force, or Deadpool. I hope this will be great.

    Since I can’t have Wolverine and Hulk in the same movie, Wolverine and The Thing will have to do.

  25. I will be forced to see this movie if Dr. Doom is in it, no question, but I dont have to like it. I think the main casting is terrible, but if Dr. Doom is cast well I will be happy.

    Whomever it is better do a better job than Julian McMahon (I think the post it note on the side of my computer could do a better job actually).

  26. They’ve ruined this movie.