‘Fantastic Four’ Actor Shortlist for Doctor Doom

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image1 Fantastic Four Actor Shortlist for Doctor Doom

There was a lot of speculation over who director Josh Trank would pick as the leads for his younger, hipper, edgier Fantastic Four before the casting of Miles Teller, Michael B. Jordan, Kate Mara, and Jamie Bell was officially announced. In all that talk, however, there was barely ever any mention of the reboot’s villain, who – by the standards set by basically every Fantastic Four story ever – is presumably Dr. Doom.

Way back before Trank had even joined Fantastic Four, there had been a rumor Fox was interested in Stephen Moyer (True Blood), but clearly the project has moved in a different (i.e., younger) direction. Then, around the time of the recent casting news for FF, there was another rumor Trank was looking to gender-swap the role, which Trank very quickly denied. Now there’s a shortlist of actors making the rounds that he and Fox are supposedly interested in for Dr. Doom.

The scoop comes from The Wrap‘s Jeff Sneider, who reports he’s learned from a reliable source that Trank’s shortlist is comprised of Sam Riley (On The Road), Eddie Redmayne (Les Miserables), Toby Kebbell (Rocknrolla), and Domnhall Gleason (Harry Potter).

Fantastic Four Reboot Doctor Doom Actors Fantastic Four Actor Shortlist for Doctor Doom

As you can see, it’s not an extremely varied list and it points directly at the type of actor Trank is interested in (whether his final choice be among them or not). For one, they’re all young or youngish, falling in an age range of 30-34, which matches with the ages if not the apparent ages of Teller, Jordan, Mara, and Bell.

Three of them – Riley, Redmayne, and Kebbel – come from England while Gleason is Irish, and that means they each have Hollywood’s number one prerequisite for any villain: an accent. Plus, each of them has this morose, melancholy look about them, Riley more so than the others, that would serve them well as the brooding Dr. Doom.

We’ll soon see Riley in Maleficent and Redmayne in Jupitor Ascending, which means these two are a pair of rapidly rising stars. Gleason, known for his turn as Bill Weasley in the Harry Potter series, recently took a stab at playing the leading man in the British rom-com About Time. As for Kebbel, he’s probably best known for his roll as the rock n’ roller in Guy Ritchie’s Rocknrolla, but he also appeared in Prince of PersiaWar Horse, and Wrath of the Titans, and will soon be appearing in Dawn of the Planet of the Apes.

Doctor Doom Actor Shortlist for Fantastic Four 570x324 Fantastic Four Actor Shortlist for Doctor Doom
Any one of these actors would likely benefit from snagging a role like Dr. Doom in Fantastic Four – considered by many comic book fans to be one of the greatest supervillains ever – just as Tom Hiddleston did with Loki in Thor.

Since so little is actually known about the direction Trank’s Fantastic Four reboot is taking, it’s hard to speculate about which version of Dr. Doom will appear in the film. It’s probably safe to assume there will be more similarities with Marvel’s Ultimate version of Doom, where his last name was van Damme and his entire body was covered in metal in the same accident that gave the Fantastic Four their powers.

Of the four actors, who would you cast as Doctor Doom and why? Let us know in the comments below.


Fantastic Four is expected to hit theaters on June 19th, 2015.

Source: The Wrap

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  1. I’ll probably get flamed for this, but I actually liked Fantastic Four Rise of Silver Surfer and I thought it was a much better story from the first movie. Galactus was a letdown, but Dr. Doom getting Silver Surfer’s Surfboard was awesome and I thought Doom was a much better character in the second movie. Also the character interaction was way better then the first one.

    But I dunno, I am just not feeling this movie revamp. I may change my mind, I’ve been known to, but right now I probably will not see this flick. Something huge will have to change my mind, like a trailer.

    • He was a better villain in the second film but, Galactus aside, the idea that the Silver Surfer gets his power from his board is ridiculous.

      • Agreed, that was so bogus, but, all in all it was correct in some aspects, he did receive his “The Power Cosmic” from Galactus just not in the form of a board but, the board should have definitely been explored and explained more by now. Truth is I am way more interested in a Silver Surfer film.

    • Brave stand. I agree with you, though obviously Galactus was a let down. Once it got past the wedding the movie really picked up.

    • Yeah the whole concept of SS pulling his powers from the board was a bit off, but I was just happy to see SS on the screen and actually looked good.

      Trank is going to have to pull one out of his butt in order for me to see his rendition. I liked Chronicle but it just seems that this movie is loaded to fail.

      • I’m actually with you on the two existing films not really being all that bad. With some story tweaks, they really aren’t that far off in tone from the current MCU and they had believable casting (outside of Doom, but they reconciled that in the second one).

        I fairly open about film, but I just can’t bring myself to hand over my money to a product that seems questionable just to see if it is any good anymore. That is the portion of the audience these studios depend on because, if it’s bad, they’ve already taken your money and considered it a financial, if not critical, success.

        It’s likely I’ll be waiting until after release and then, if they surprise me, I’ll consider offering a monetary contribution.

    • Hell, let’s just change it to ‘Mz. Doom’ and swap genders while their at it… Jeez this is gonna suck. At least I’ll be able to pick it up for 5.00 in the Barg Bin at WalMart!

  2. I find it funny that the article neglected to mention that Ultimate Doctor Doom also has goat legs XD

    • Exactly, when will they just come clean and admit that the idea of basing it on the Ultimates was an afterthought!? The two don’t seem alike at all, asides from him picking a very young looking group. Stop trying to say it’s based on the only FF comic you ever read Josh, eventually it will all come to light and you’ll look like a fraud.

  3. That means they each have Hollywood’s number two prerequisite for any villain: a lower pay grade.

  4. Ultimate Doom isn’t going to happen. They’re trying to distance themselves from the last two films, so it’s more likely they will go with the Ultimate Team and Classic Doom.

  5. Hire the one with the ability to adopt the most intimidating voice. For all the things I was kind of “meh” on the Alba FF movies, Doom’s (rather pleasant) voice was one of the most dissapointing aspects for me.

  6. My suggestion would be Mads Mikkelson

    • Mads? Really?

      How would that work?

      In the Ultimate universe, Victor Van Damme is in his early 20s when he, his best friend Reed, the slightly younger Sue and Johnny and the slightly older Ben travel through the Negative Zone and get their powers during an experiment in Professor Storm’s academy for gifted students.

      What would be the explanation behind Mads being Dr Doom? Held back in class for some 20 years?

      • My suggestion was based on the idea they would have the four be younger while having doom as older.

      • The “Ultimate” story lines are garbage. All of them.

        • Yup, for the most part asides from a select few(and I do mean few) there’s only certain concepts in the Utimates that can be salvaged and passed off as Marvel mythos. The rest is desperate garbage universe. JK sorry Marvel…actually I’m not kidding lol

  7. Better said, they (Fox) have/has distanced from the whole concept. This is a guy (director) with a bunch of ideas in his head that thinks will work well. This is just a mess, full of egos from all the people in charge thinking they have reinvented the wheel. It is so sad!

    • Egos in what way?

      They seem to be determined to adapt the Ultimate FF comics pretty accurately. Seems like they’re succeeding so far.

      • Accurately how?

        • Yea, Daz, how?

  8. Every film needs a Brit / Irish actor in it or directing it and that’s a well known fact :)

  9. Going by the pictures, I’d say Riley.

    I still see Domnhall Gleeson as the tech guy Lena Headey bullied into working for her in Dredd.

  10. Its pretty funny when Roger Corman showed more reverence to the source material then this piece of garbage does…

    • Oh, you’ve seen it than? Shh. No spoilers. Although I am very interested to know how you’ve seen it since it hasn’t even started filming yet. Cause that’s the only way to know if it’s garbage or how close it will end up being to the source material.

      • You don´t need to watch the movie to know that it´s not going to be even slightly close to the source material, you already know it.

        And maybe this movie turns out to be good for a certain part of the audience that don´t care too much about that. For the ones that want to watch a movie about the FF that we can read every month in comics it´s almost guaranteed that it´s going to be garbage.

  11. i think of the ones on the left would be good but i’m still a little doubtful of this movie

  12. *either* of the ones on the left, sorry

    • I would love to see the actual Fantastic 4 and X-Men but that ain’t happening :/

  13. No way these people are 30+
    This entire cast looks like it just got out of high school. Maybe that’s the target audience?

  14. Really you just need some unknown to do some quick scenes as Doom unarmored and then just have a good voice actor and either cgi or a stunt guy do the body armor part.

  15. Not really excited about this movie. Mainly the first 2 Fantastic Four movies were pretty bad. I’d like to see a Silver Surfer movie.

  16. Don’t have much juice for this movie.I did not think the prev 2 movies were that terrible,but so far the casting for this reboot seems odd to me.I’m not familiar with the Ultimate f4 material,but if Fox is going for the “gritty,edgier,angst ridden” teenage super hero angle,I think they will lose a lot of fan interest.

  17. Probably would pick the one in the upper left if i had to, but none look right. All four actors for the heroes are wrong-wrong-wrong. This is a flick doomed to fail, and earned that “F” grade honestly. It’s a mess on purpose!!!

    • You mean that “FF” grade.

  18. Dr. DummAz has been done before. Boring. This movie will land on the heap with those forgotten flix for FF and Captain America from many years ago.

  19. That last rant was meant for the Inhumans Theory article,I blame the long-lasting on my subordinate Kif

  20. The ONE thing which made me not like the previous Fantastic Four movies was Dr. Doom! I’ve always been a huge fan of Doom, and everything about him in those movies was wrong. The voice, the costume…PLEASE let them at least get the costume right!

    I’m such a fan of Doctor Doom, if they got him even close to who he was in the comics, I wouldn’t care if the Fantastic Four was played by Muppets…

  21. Domnhall Gleason or Riley gets my vote.