Miles Teller Hints At ‘Fantastic Four’ Casting News Coming Soon

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Miles Teller Reed Richards Mr Fantastic Fantastic Four Casting News Miles Teller Hints At Fantastic Four Casting News Coming Soon

It was almost half a year ago when news started to break that Miles Teller (Project X, 21 & Over)  had reportedly met with director Josh Trank to discuss a lead role in Twentieth Century Fox’s reboot of Fantastic Four. A few months later, Teller confirmed that he had been in talks but claimed to be unsure of his involvement.

While Fox is busy promoting their second most expensive film of all-time in X-Men: Days of Future Past, banking on it to potentially relaunch the franchise in a sense, their next Marvel movie has had little to no news when it comes to story and characters. We know it begins shooting this year to meet its summer 2015 release date and with Batman vs. Superman recently being delayed to 2016, Fox needs to take advantage of their 2015 release date to reboot Fantastic Four, arguably one of the more challenging properties to make bankable in a year where The Avengers: Age of Ultron is also debuting.

We learned last week that Fox was revving up to begin principal photography on Fantastic Four in Louisiana either this spring or summer and that means we’re going to start hearing a lot of news on the casting front very soon. According to Teller himself while chatting with Punch Drunk Critics, we can expect some news in the coming weeks.

“Yeah, that should be coming up in the next few weeks”.

While nothing yet is official, all signs point towards Miles Teller being the prime candidate to play Reed Richards aka Mr. Fantastic in Trank’s FF adaptation with his That Awkward Moment co-star Michael B. Jordan (Chronicle) having been namedropped to play the Human Torch. Judging by his words, Teller – who has skyrocketed in popularity and demand over the last year – could very well be one of the faces of Fox’s next superhero team. He’s certainly not denying it.

Who will fill out the rest of the cast we don’t yet know but it sounds as if Josh Trank and Fox may already have in mind who some, or most of their leads will be and are waiting for the right time to unveil it. They’re clearly going for a younger version of the team, possibly taking cues from the Ultimate Marvel Comics version of the Fantastic Four and we can only hope that means it won’t be long before they crossover with the X-Men franchise, perhaps even to battle Apocalypse in 2016 – again just like in the Ultimate comics. There’s a reason the studio’s comic consult Mark Millar continues to discuss the possibility of crossovers and why screenwriter Simon Kinberg signed a three-year deal with Fox to help “build stories over multiple movies.”


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The Wolverine is now available on home video, X-Men: Days of Future Past hits theaters May 23, 2014. Fantastic Four opens June 19, 2015X-Men: Apocalypse releases May 27, 2016.

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Source: Punch Drunk Critics (via CBM)

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  1. I don’t mean to be negative or anything but I just can’t see many people rallying behind this movie. I’ll wait until a trailer to make judgments but I got a feeling when the average moviegoers see a trailer for this they will be reminded of the previous two sh*tty movies and just think its stupid Fantastic Four again. Aside from Josh Trank directing, everything about this movie so far just isn’t working for me. And this is coming from a guy who’s excited for just about anything superhero related, Spider-Man, Marvel Studios, WB/DC and Fox is slowly winning me over the X-Men: Days of Future Past but not so much with Fantastic Four.

    • It is hard to get excited based on the misuse of that entire universe in the last two movies, but I mean it is still Fantastic Four and that’s pretty exciting.
      Still am a little iffy on how the whole younger ultimate FF team is going to play out though. That’s my biggest worry.

      • With the average audience of superhero movies being under 30, and perhaps even under 25, at a stretch, I can see why. And young actors can certainly play these characters. With the exception of Mark Ruffalo and Robert Downy Jr, ‘The Avengers’ team were young, and look how that worked out. Josh Trank will give his studio confidence with a younger cast, and I fully support him in that decision- it means more marketing and more studio built hype.

        • That depends on how you define “young.” I wouldn’t call it a young cast by any stretch. They weren’t old, don’t get me wrong, but they certainly weren’t 25 and under. Scarlet Johansson was the youngest member, and she was 28 at the time.

    • Nicely put… you… Insufferable Deadpool.

  2. If Fox continues with their crazy project of F4 it would only harm the goal of having a crossover with the X Men. They must stick to the traits of the characters or else face the doom of a possible franchise. I will endorse the project with my tickets as long as Fox respects the characters.

  3. way too young for Mr. Fantastic. I def see him as Johnny Storm. e has good comedic timing and fits the party

    • Fits the part*

    • Actually, he is exactly the right age to play Reed Richards. Reed is in his mid-twenties when they do the experiment/flight.

  4. I CANNOT see how a younger cast will translate into a marketable franchise for this property. I can get behind the making Johnny Storm Black, that can be written as a step brother or adopted brother scenario, but turning a genius scientist into a a early/mid 20′s character just doesn’t work…….. what are they going to do? Turn Reed into a Hipster kid who drives a Prius and lives in Williamsburg, and gains his powers on a trip to SxSW?

    And on top of it, they were discussing how this will tie into a FF/X-Men crossover universe down the line….. I really don’t see this working, as Deadpool said, I too am pretty much excited for all things comic movie related…. this may be the one I have to pass on

    • Sounds to me like they’re aiming for Ultimate Fantastic Four scenario with much younger team.

    • Yes because the plausibility of a 20 something genius level person is just to far fetched when placed in a movie about super heroes.

      The Ultimate Universe did just that and was pretty successful as Rob points out.

      • Also we “genius level” people in real life.

    • From wikipedia
      “in his mid-20s, Reed used his inheritance, along with government funding, to finance his research. Determined to go to Mars and beyond, Richards based the fateful project in Central City. Susan Storm, now a young adult, moved into the area, and within a short time, found herself engaged to Reed. Due to her family’s lucrative savings and involvement in charitable foundations, she provided more funding when his money ran out. Likewise, Reed’s old college roommate, Ben Grimm, now a successful test pilot and astronaut, was indeed slated to pilot the craft.
      All seemed well; however, when the government threatened to cut funding and cancel the project, Reed, Ben, Sue, and Sue’s younger brother Johnny, agreed to sneak aboard the starship and take it up immediately. They knew they had not completed all the testing that had been planned, but Reed was confident they would be safe. Ben was initially skeptical about the unknown effects of radiation, while Reed theorized that their ship’s shielding would be adequate to protect them.
      It was on Reed’s initiative that the fateful mission which had Susan Storm, Johnny Storm and Ben Grimm accompanying him into space took place. “

      • In the comics, which I started reading in the 60s with the first issue, Reed never looked all that young. He always looked in his 30s or older, and that is how he should be depicted here, so he has had enough time to become a seasoned and well-educated scientist, and has the maturity to lead his super-hero team.

      • Also from Wikipedia:

        In their (Ultimate) version, Millar and Bendis wrote a story in which Reed Richards is a child prodigy, protected by his burly friend Ben Grimm from bullies, and a genius who had invented a method of teleportation in his youth. He is discovered by government official Willie Lumpkin, and subsequently recruited into a child prodigy think tank/school located in the upper floors of the Baxter building. There he meets Professor Storm, who leads the project, and his children, bioengineer Susan Storm and her younger brother Johnny. Reed also becomes the rival of Victor Van Damme, a fellow student. When Reed becomes 21, he plans to teleport an apple into a parallel universe (the “N-Zone”), but Van Damme claims Reed’s calculations are wrong and changes the setup at the last minute. The five students get teleported through the N-Zone, and when they rematerialize, they return heavily mutated.

        This is what I want in the movie.

  5. I would tell the people at Fox; thank you but no thank you. I much rather read the comics. The good ones.

  6. Or just at the very least Fox needs to give up their space characters. I want a Thor vs Silver Surfer fight on screen before I die. Not Silver Surfer and whatever stupid character they pair him up with or whatever.

  7. I’m usually not the kind to take a dump on a movie before I see the trailer but…I give up on this thing.

  8. I’m pumped for this movie, as long as I get to see Silver Surfer sometime in the future I’m cool

  9. I don’t like it -.- Something about teller seems a little bit off… On one side, I can’t accept him as Reed (Not that I have anything against him, but I don’t really relate him to the character), on the other side, he could play it and everything, but I wouldn’t be interested that much.
    As for Johnny, I like Jordan in other movies and everything, but as almost everyone says, changing the Human Torch from white to black seems extremely weird, I really hope they don’t do it (Sorry Jordan…). Besides, what about Sue, she is a white and blonde character, is not like no one would notice, and I just can begin to imagine her as a black character. Unless they’re not brothers or something, but still…

    • I never got why Human Torch has to be black if they’re going to (presumably) make Sue white. Why not Ben Grimm?

      • I think the casting is specific to Michael B. Jordan because of his good working relationship with Teller and his talent as an actor. Also, Jordan’s personality seems similar to Johnny Storm. If Jordan is hired as Johnny then there are two options. One of the Storms is adopted or the Storm family is black. Either way works.

        The biggest problem with casting Jordan would be that Johnny is much younger than Reed in the comics. Like 8 to 10 years younger. Teller is the right age for Reed though, he was in his mid-twenties when he conducted the test flight, he was a child prodigy.

  10. Seriously, I had to create a profile on here just to comment on how awful this looks. And I say this as someone who was and will continue to be a Marvel die-hard.

    Torch is not supposed to be black. Mr. Fantastic is not supposed to be a kid (he’s 26 IRL). And if they ruin this property for the 3rd time, it’ll be dead and gone for at least a decade, leaving fans up the creek without a paddle.

  11. I personally think this bodes well for the F4! A cocky a-hole genius Reed Richards, and a black guy for Johnny Storm, arguably the ‘coolest’ Marvel character. The Fantastic Four needs to be re-done and done well. Teller and Jordan will do a fine job growing into these characters over a nicely fleshed out trilogy, and for some reason the Storms as adopted siblings seems like it’ll work. I’d rather them bicker as equals than Sue looking down on her younger bro.
    but honestly, anything to see Dr. Doom done right!!

  12. Question:
    The Skrulls were introduced in F4..
    does FOX own ‘em?

    • Who owns the Skrulls is a good question. Could be shared property. Though Marvel has the Cosmic Cube so the Skrulls may belong to Marvel.

      • Feige has already confirmed (at the same time he talked about QS and SW) they are a shared property.

  13. Sounds awful.

  14. Although they where far from perfect i actually quite liked the 2 Fantastic Four movies.
    They where better then Spider-Man 3 and X-Men 3.

  15. Demographics casting, people should be used to it by now. Fans of the comics from the 60′s,70,’s and 80′s need to realize they are not marketing these movies to that age group anymore. If you show up fine, but they see these films and the Harry Potter/Twilight cash grabs now.

    • As a fan of the Fantastic Four from the 70′s, I’m cool with using the Ultimates version.Why is it ok for MARVEL to do the same thing when FOX gets sh.t on?

      Johnny Storm is a fictional character that is not the icon Superman,Batman and Spider-Man are, so he could be any color as long
      as he’s otherwise honest to the character by being a hot headed ladies man who has a disapproving sister and pokes fun at Ben.

      Reading some of these comments makes me wonder what rock some people crawled out of. Susan Storm can still be a blonde
      white girl and nobody will give a sh.t if she has an adopted or step black brother.

      Its the 21st century.Mixed families are mainstream.Modern Family is big hit.Get over it.Maybe in the next reboot in 10/15 years the Storms will have two moms or two dads, so having this version be an adoptive family or a merged one is really not as radical as things could be.

      • Yup. Let’s change everything because it’s “mainstream” to do so in society.

      • Bikyank, how can you possibly say Johnny Storm/Human Torch is not an iconic character, like Superman, Batman, or Spiderman (because he’s fictional!!).

        Err….last time I checked, so are Superman, Batman and Spiderman! This character is now 52 years old, has always been white, blonde haired, and brother to Sue Storm. Not half brother, blood brother, or adopted brother.

        I get where you’re coming from with the Modern Family reference. Howevwer, you totally miss the point. Modern Family is a parody of fly on the wall documentaries, and it works, because all the characters in it, were specifically created for that show, to interact with each other in certain ways, that give us laugh out loud funny moments.

        Fantastic Four, on the other hand, was created by Stan Lee with a specific set of characters, who have a specific set of characteristics. If he’d wanted Johnny to be a black, adopted brother of Sue’s, then don’t you think he would have made him so?

        Fox, have already royally screwed up the Fantastic Four twice, and if they continue along this “Twilight” path, for their casting choices, or changing racial characteristics of characters, just because a certain actor is flavour of the month right now (and they want to attract the Tweenie set), then let them do so, but they won’t be getting my money, when the movie opens. In fact, I can see this being the biggest box bomb, in a long time.

        • The whole change of age and race of certain characters whether they are based off the original comic run or a newer volume speaks to one of the main issues with many of these comic book based adaptions. Comics and characters created from the 1930′s to the 60′s reflected the times and those who created them. These issues have been debated to death and in the end it is clear that both the publishers and movie makers are very aware of how the “diversity” factor of these properties look and how it will affect the sales of their product.

          There is also the fact that the Fantastic Four, while long-running and known in comic book circles, lost much of it’s popularity over the years and might not be nearly as recognizable to casual movie goers. While the changes in the books may not be popular among “purists” or old-school fans it has to be noted that many of those fans may have stopped following any of these titles and trying to gear everything toward a diminishing fan base is never a wise business move.

          As for why Fox catches so much heat for changing up characters and stories while Marvel seems to get away with it, it seems like only die-hard Internet fans even know or acknowledge any of these so-called earth shattering changes in “canon”.

        • “Fantastic Four, on the other hand, was created by Stan Lee with a specific set of characters, who have a specific set of characteristics. If he’d wanted Johnny to be a black, adopted brother of Sue’s, then don’t you think he would have made him so?”

          Avggolfer, I’m not advocating that they make Johnny Storm black, but I’ve seen this argument many times and it drives me crazy.

          It seems like people have forgotten or don’t realize the Fantastic Four debuted in 1961. Even if Stan Lee had wanted to make Johnny Storm black at the time, he probably wouldn’t have been allowed to do so. Or the book just wouldn’t have sold. The Falcon is recognized as the first black superhero and he didn’t show up until roughly 10 years later. You’re talking about a totally different time in America, a time when large parts of the country was still segregated. The general public wouldn’t have excepted a black characters as one of the leads in Marvel’s flagship book.

          You also didn’t here a lot about adoption during those times either. Look at Bruce Wayne and Dick Grayson, he was always listed as Bruce’s “ward”. Doesn’t it make sense that this super rich dude would have just adopted the kid and been done with it.

          All I’m say is that it’s ok if you don’t like when they change a character’s race it doesn’t necessarily make you a racist. I believe that for some characters it’s no big deal, but for others their race is integral to the character. Just don’t use the excuse that this is the way they were meant to be, because the truth of the matter is that when most of these characters were created white was the only option available or acceptable.

          • Pman67, since my best friend is Barbadian, I’m hardly a racist. I know you weren’t accusing me of being one, however, it really annoys me, when people say, it’s ok to change a comic book characters race, because it’s not integral to that particular character.

            If that’s the case, then let’s have a black Superman. He’s from Krypton, and gains all his strength and powers from the earth’s sun. Who’s to say that Kryptonians are, or indeed have to be, white caucasians??!!

            You could make this argument about any comic book character, to change their race. For instance, why does Bruce Wayne have to the son of a wealthy white industrialist. There are plenty of wealthy black industrialists too! I could go on and on with examples, where you could change a characters race, and it wouldn’t affect the choices they make as heroes, but nobody ever advocates changing the race profile, of the “heavy hitters” of the comic book world, so to speak.

            The only reason Michael B. Jordan is being talked about (or even already cast) as Johnny Storm, is because Fox fancy him as the next big thing. That he may well be, but cast his as Forge in the X-Force spin off they’re talking about, if they’re so desperate to get him into one of their comic book franchises.

            I really am excited about pretty much all the comic book properties coming our way over the next few years, whether they’re Marvel or DC, but every post I see regarding this Fantastic Four reboot, just makes me squirm. And it really isn’t just the Michael B. Jordan casting issue, but Miles Teller as Mr. Fantastic? Give me a break!

            • Avggolfer, I’m glad you realize that I wasn’t calling or insinuating that you are racist, because that was never my intention. I think we’re closer on this issue than you realize, but for different reason. I’m not a fan of studios changing the race of characters either. As the king of an African nation, The Black Panther should be black. As America’s symbol of hope during WWII, it wouldn’t make sense for Captain America to be anything but a caucasian.

              I do contend that for “MOST” characters their race isn’t integral to their character. But that doesn’t mean they should be changed just to be changed. In most cases the changes seem contrived and forced. Truthfully, Superman and Batman could be black, white or any other race, but they’re not and I see no good reason to change them.

              I think you’re right about Jordan, the studio think he’s going to be the next big thing and it also helps that he’s worked with the director before. Like I said before, the change seems forced and unnecessary. I don’t really like the change, but I guess I don’t care much because I expect FOX to screw things up.

              • Pman, I’m glad we’re a lot closer than I originally thought, and I most certainly never believed you were accusing me of being a racist, but just felt I had to spell that out for anyone else reading my post.

                It does indeed seem like a forced choice to cast (possibly cast) Michael B. for Johnny Storm. As I affirmed earlier, if this is the case, I will not be shelling out to see the movie, and I probably wouldn’t even watch when it finally arrives on TV. It does annoy me, because I grew up reading the FF in the late 60′s, and there are some amazing stories to be told if done right, but FOX seem hell bent on alienating people like myself.

                I agree that Superman or Batman could be black, but as you point out, there is no good reason to change them (even if it were possible to cast the most amazing black actor who’s ever lived!!)……just like there is no good reason to change Johnny Storm, other than the fact the studio fancy Michael B. Jordan. Well boo hoo. If the actor had anything about him….and he is going to be the star material everyone believes……and really wants to be part of a comic book franchise………then why not hold out for the part of an iconic black superhero??? Black Panther isn’t that far away from being developed. I could see him nailing that role, and making it his own just like RDJ with Iron Man. In fact, I’d probably be the first on these message boards, to praise that choice. But, at the end of the day, it’s going to be FOX’s loss, if they continue down the path they have chosen with this movie.

                I doubt if it’ll happen, but I’m seriously hoping this tanks badly, and Marvel can get their hands back on the rights. Wouldn’t it be amazing to see characters like Galactus, the Silver Surfer, and the Skrulls in the MCU, where they could be done proper justice. Particularly since they already have the Kree, and the Skrull/Kree war would truly be a sight to behold. It certainly wouldn’t be done in one movie, because it would be on the scale of something like Lord Of The Rings. We can but dream I guess. ;-)

      • Well said.

  16. I have absolutely no interest in this movie. What I’ve heard so far doesn’t even warrant waiting for a rental. Doesn’t even sound as good as the Green Hornet!

    • trolololol

  17. I don’t understand why someone would waste their time leaving negative comments on films they have no interest in.

  18. It’s like a slap in the face of the article writer. Pointless.

  19. With Teller in the role of Mr. Fantastic, I don’t see it being a problem, honestly. I see it, Fox/”the suits” see it.

    I can take MBJ as Torch. I don’t see the problem with changing a race of a character if it benefits the story.

    You people need to fully realize that this is f i c t i o n a l, it’s not real life. I think they have the right to change a characters race IF, and only if it doesn’t hurt the story / comics. In this case, it’s not hurting anyone or anything related to anything at all. Take a chill pill, and open your mind to different possibilities people.

    Making them the “younger 4″ or the “Ultimate FF4″ isn’t hurting anyone, they’re trying something different. It obviously didn’t work well with an “older” cast of FF4, the story telling, hell, even the director.

    I believe it’s going to be just fine.

    Hey, I may be the minority in this, but I’ve gotta say I’m not opposed to the decision if it doesn’t hurt the story/the source material. Straying away isn’t such a bad thing. Embrace change, or don’t see the film… your choice.

  20. Teller was good in The Spectacular Now but he’s done nothing to suggest he can pull off playing a super genius. He’s pretty much played the opposite in most his movies. Richards is one of my favorite characters and I don’t see Teller being a good fit. At all. :(

  21. Thing is…this guy would be perfect as Human Torch…and seems like he would be awful for Mr. Fantastic.

  22. NOOOOOOOOO IT HAS TO BE DAVID TENNANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  23. He kind of looks like him in the picture.Here’s the thing,if they’re going young who the hell are they getting for a Dr.Doom? Taylor Lautner? Gimmie a break.Plus for a strange reason I can’t picture Doom in the same universe as the X-Men if this is gonna be a crossover like intended.

  24. Mr. Fantastic: Colin Donnell
    Invisible Woman: Laura Vandervoort
    Human Torch: Shane Kippel
    The Thing: Eric Stonestreet

  25. They are battling an uphill bad rap on the first two FF movies as it is. I hope they seriously reconsider the Jordan casting for Johnny, or they are gonna give themselves yet another bad mark before they even get the movie written and up on the big screen. Look, nothing against Jordan, black actors, or anything like that at all. NOTHING! It is just I believe in canon, and no matter what kind of “politically-correct”, (God, I hate that term and all it’s implications), liberal, all-encompassing brotherly-love and equality for all type of reasoning anyone wants to use, the facts are the facts, and they are that Johnny was written originally as white, not black. Therefore, he is white, whether anyone else wants to admit it or not, and that is not a crime. Just as Black Panther and Luke Cage and Falcon and John Stewart/GL are black, and should not be turned white in the depictions. If someone did try to change that, I would protest just as loudly. No bias in me either way. You do not change the primary characters. Like it or not, that is just the way it is, and there is not any way to justify the change.

    Having said all that, I will also say I did not mind the first two FF movies, and hope this reboot does well. I did not like the dancing superhero scene in the one, though. I do not want my heroes crying, dancing, cracking too many humorless and dorky jokes, or fornicating. I want them fighting baddies in serious fashion like a good superhero should, be they Reed Richards, Tony Stark, Peter Parker, or anyone else.

  26. Please keep the fantastic four out of the X-Men universe

  27. Could they make a worse choice for Mr. Fantastic? (Because this guy ain’t it) Well ok, they could but they would have to work at it.

    Any glimmer of hope I had for this movie was snuffed out long ago.