Fox Head Talks ‘F4′ Reboot & Singer Directing ‘X-Men: Apocalypse’

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X Men Fantastic Four Universes Fox Head Talks F4 Reboot & Singer Directing X Men: Apocalypse

Though X-Men: First Class and The Wolverine were both successful – they made around $400 million worldwide against $160 and $120 million budgets, respectively – X-Men: Days of Future Past has made nearly $700 million so far and is being hailed as one of the best X-Men films ever made (if not the best).

Basically, Fox couldn’t have asked for a better start to their new endeavor into superhero films, which may still include a shared universe between their two biggest superhero properties: the X-Men and The Fantastic Four.

Fox’s president of production, Emma Watts spoke with THR in their most recent issue about the studio’s future, which involves both superhero properties. She discussed what’s next for the X-Men franchise – including director Bryan Singer’s potential involvement – and what we can expect from Josh Trank’s The Fantastic Four.

Watts commented on Days of Future Past‘s overwhelming success, which she credits almost entirely to bringing Singer back as a director. Citing the ongoing debate over original titles and rehashing old material, Watts said it all comes down to the director:

It was the management of the franchise. And a big part of it was getting Bryan [Singer] back [as director]. The debate about originality versus familiar titles is interesting. You can have original movies that feel derivative in their execution, and you can have franchise titles that feel solely original and aspirational in terms of the talent attached, the story, et cetera. So I think the reason for ‘Days of Future Past’s success is, it doesn’t underestimate what the audience is wanting or capable of enjoying.

Obviously, Fox wants to keep their most profitable franchise under that same management, and Watts confirms it is their intention for Singer to return and direct X-Men: Apocalypse. “Right now we are totally at the outlining phase,” Watts said, “but nothing would make me happier than if it all worked out. It’s always been the intention for him to do it.

X Men Apocalypse Movie Writers Fox Head Talks F4 Reboot & Singer Directing X Men: Apocalypse

Only recently there was some speculation Fox was looking for a new director given the controversy currently surrounding Singer, but the studio appears supportive of the director. And when he’s able to deliver a hit like Days of Future Past, it’s easy to see why.

Onto their next gamble, Watts said she isn’t too worried about audiences being burnt out on superheroes before The Fantastic Four release in 2015:

Certainly, the audience seems to still be really enjoying it. We’re making a big bet for 2015 with ‘The Fantastic Four’ and director Josh Trank. To me, the key is the originality of the filmmakers and the choices they make. Josh is another really interesting example, who is using the vision he gave us in ‘Chronicle’ to reinvent a franchise he’s loved his whole life. It’s not that you can’t make original ideas – you can, and we did it with ‘Chronicle.’ The director is the key to not letting superhero movies go stale. That’s the truth.

There she goes again, reiterating the importance of having a director with vision to ensure your superhero movies please fans and general audiences alike. Watts also hinted that we could see the found footage style Trank used so effectively in Chronicle appearing in The Fantastic Four as well. “It’s Josh, so it can’t not have that feel,” said Watts, “That’s his talent, that’s what he does, and that’s what excites him about it.”

We’ve already heard The Fantastic Four will be a coming-of-age story from the film’s screenwriter, Simon Kinberg, and actor Tim Nelson claims the script hasas much soul as it does action,” but this is the first mention of it adapting the found footage style of Chronicle. This isn’t to say the entire film will be presented in such a way – that would a HUGE gamble, indeed – but it’s possible the filming style could be incorporated in the accident that grants the team their powers or perhaps when the characters are first testing them out.

What do you think of Emma Watts comments about the future of the X-Men and Fantastic Four franchises? Would you like to see Bryan Singer return to direct X-Men: Apocalypse? And could the found footage style of filmmaking be effective in The Fantastic Four? Let us hear what you think in the comments below!


The Fantastic Four releases June 19, 2015. X-Men: Apocalypse is expected on May 27th, 2016.

Source: THR

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  1. If Scott isn’t the leader of this new X-Men team I will consider this movie a fail.

    If the Human torch isn’t the leader i will also consider the movie a fail.

    This new Human Torch looks like he should be leading the team.

    • Seriously? Who is this guy?

    • LOl have you ever read a FF comic? Human torch as the leader. No just no. If Reed had to not lead I’d go with Sue.

    • I would not consider the next Xmen movie a fail is Scott is not a leader (not necessarily, that is).

      I WILL consider FF a fail if Human Torch is the leader, though.

  2. no comments says IT ALL

    • well, there were NO comments when I wrote that! THANKS SCOTT!!! LOL

  3. I’m waiting for someone to make a joke about the FF having elements of found footage and having Josh Trank finding an old box of junk, dusting off a long-forgotten reel and saying “Hey, I found some footage!” and playing the 2005 movie instead.

    As for X-Men, I couldn’t care any less for that franchise now. The Wolverine was the only good film and DOFP never interested me enough to tempt me towards a cinema to pay hard-earned money just to see it so I’m giving up on it.

    • Ok we get it, it doesn’t interest you. You can stop now, stop saying you’re not gonna see it and yet still claim it sucks it’s kinda dumb.

    • Man I’ve seen you rip on others for complaining about movies they’ve never seen and you constantly say xmen sucks yet yoivr never seen it and can’t give valid criticism as to why it might suck or not, not that you offer any real critisim aside from ‘spider mans better’ and just general whining with no purpose.

      • Uhhh dude, it’s the internet; ya can’t go around making sense like that.

        Nasty big ppl will show up at your house & force your mom to cook for them. And then kill you.

        PS: +1! (Shhhh!)

    • Seriously Dazz, what are you on? and where can I get some, cause like dayumn, you are seein some sh#*, the two wolverines and x 3 are considered the worst of the franchise, while First Class and Days Of Future Past are the best, like wake up already man, your honest to goodness tastes are literally the same as bad troll opinion, facts are facts, that was awful compared to those two, and they kicked ass by a long shot, “wolverine” only good one” gtfo out of here.

      • Origins was by and far considered a mess, but The Wolverine got generally favorable reviews and is in the “Fresh” realm on Rotten Tomatoes. The third act was criticized for going all “comic book”, but generally it seems like people liked it, especially over Origins.

  4. I wouldn’t be worried about the Fantastic Four film either because the true fans wont see it and then FOX will kick themselves for not listening a little bit to the fans and then the licenses will go back to Marvel who will then make a REAL FF movie where Johnny is white and Reed Richards is a older guy not a High school student etc. FOX you better aim this at the G audience because everyone I talk to in the comic shops and in College hate what your doing. We don’t care how good the actors are you are messing with MARVELS first comic book ever published and that is a sin. PS Wolverine isn’t 6’2 hes very short like 5’5 ish and he doesn’t get knocked out every other fight.

    • So if Johnny is black that means true fans won’t see the movie? Guess it doesn’t matter if the movie is actually good. Yeah all the fanboys can say what they want if the movie looks good they will go. I still say Jordan should play Reed & the other guy play Johnny. It is a sin to make a white character black, lol. Gotta love the internet.

    • all these characters are fictional – so they can actually do whatever they want. – and I’ld hardly call it a “sin”
      murder – that’s a sin. don’t be so dramatic

      • Its a sin since they rape the original 😉

  5. although the x-men movies confuse me with its time plot. i still like them a lot, so i’m hoping they confuse me again in apocalypse.
    and fantastic four is my favorite marvel characters, please don’t ruin it again this time. -__-

  6. I’m sorry but Bryan Singer is a bit overrated to me. I liked the fact that DoFP had that X1 and X2 feel. But the whole time I was thinking: this woulda been better had Matthew Vaughn came back.
    And I’m honestly thinking F4 will be pretty good. Like the new Star Trek’s. Found footage and lens flares!

  7. This FF reboot will crash and burn hard, and by thunder, it deserves to! The casting is wrong top to bottom, heroes and villains, and it does not resemble anything like the original canon. And if you can’t respect the canon, you deserve to be shot down by it. As for X-Men, and their spin-offs, they have all been bland and midiocre and coonfusing at best, except for the first two. How can you have two amazing comics, and amazing franchise potentials, and go from amazing to a-blazing as it crashes and burns in flames is beyond me. I hope this Apocalypse and DOFP ones redeem themselves, or else it will be epic fail, and flush the pail!

  8. I’m not anticipating the new X-Men because these origin stories are getting old and played out. I want to see the X-Men in the present, not them as teenagers. I have never been an FF fan but I’m trying to root for the reboot because I’m a fan of Michael B. Jordan despite the fan backlash of Fox casting a black man to play Human Torch. I’m going to wait to see an official movie trailer before I decide on if I want to see it or not.

    If you ask me, I think the writers and artists of the comics should be apart of the script writing process. They are the reasons why audiences fell in love with these characters. They are also the reason why all these filmmakers are huge fans too. I know artists want to maintain creative integrity an put their stamp on whatever they make, but when you’ve been tasked with bringing to life someone else’s work, the least you can do it keep certain elements the way they were written.

    Just to re-iterate, it seems like the comic book writers are far more suited to create a story that is true to the characters and can have commercial success as well, then you hire a professional screenwriter to polish the story. Makes sense to me!

    • Sadly Jack Kirkby who invented died years ago, he was part of the Fantastic Four cartoon though and that was amazing… Back in the day. His family are fighting for the right to reclaim the rights to his characters and none more so then the Fantastic Four. weirdly Marvel asked him to sign a contract to say the characters belonged to them, but he said no and went to work for DC creating the Bronze Age of comics.

      I hope Trask sticks to Kirbys fantastic four, for many reasons, because I loved the comics and the cartoon, but also because if his family win the current court battle then they may well sue to have the Fantastic Four cancelled if it isn’t what they want it to be.

      Time will tell, but as all the unions are standing up with the Kirkby estate I am hoping the theft of his work (as I said he never signed any contract as many people seem to think) and the theft of other creative peoples work in film, TV, comics, art and music will be stopped and compensation in the form of returning copyright to those that created the work.

    • “I’m not anticipating the new X-Men because these origin stories are getting old and played out. I want to see the X-Men in the present, not them as teenagers.” What are you even talking about? DoFP was mostly set in the ’70s but the events thereof change the present timeline. Apocalypse is set in the present day.

  9. This’ll be better than ASM2 and probably DoFP as well. Teller, Jordan and Jamie Bell are all solid actors. Chronicle was good so Trank is decent. And if a Fassbender caliber actor is cast for Dr Doom…This won’t be half bad.
    With all the haters coming out the woodwork you’d think F4 has the best fans in all Comic-dom.

    • Toby Kebbel will be dr doom. He is in rocknrolla and koba in the upcoming planet of the apes

  10. Super excited for both of these movies. I trust Bryan Singer’s vision for the franchise. If he had directed X3, he would’ve gone with his interpretation of the Phoenix Saga. What I love about him is that he’s able to deviate so much from the comic books and still make it work! If Josh Trank can do the same with Fantastic Four, it would be just as awesome.

  11. I was looking forward to seeing fantastic 4 up until they said director josh trank would be using his found footage style of directing i absolutely cannot stand that style it gives me a headache and i don’t see how you can make the movie feel grand when you film it that way to me it feels one sided amd small and makes the scope of the movie small.

    • Yeah i forgot about the casting issues with this production honestly what is the studio thinking why are they screwing with the original characters all this is the director playing favorites with the actors he worked with in chronicle this movie is going to bomb so bad because the studio doesn’t listen to the fans.

    • I wouldn’t mind if they had like one or two scenes of people watching them off of their cellphones or computer, but any more than that and I’d puke.

  12. Fox based Marvel movies are garbage. Who cares how they polish these turds?

    Singer was my last glimmer of hope. Once he decided to take a heaping dump on continuity, I knew all hope was lost.

    He used to be a reputable director, but everything since X-2 has been VERY lackluster.

    Like I’ve said, and will continue to say, I’m done with series that don’t take continuity seriously. The allegations against Singer are just a weird creepy turn at this point in the “Will I pay to see a non-Marvel MARVEL film?” consideration process. They hold no baring on my decision to see the film, and regardless of how it all pans out, it’s just sad. That either Singer would do something like that to a person, or flip side, that someone would accuse a person of something like that just to get some money. I just hope the truth comes out.

    • Why do you think all of the sequels after X3 were actually prequels? X3 destroyed the franchise. DoFP written by the writer of X3 no less, is a reset button to fix the atrocities committed to the franchise.

  13. I cant wait for F4!!! and YES! BRING BACK SINGER

  14. As soon as I read, “exec”, I skipped to the comments sections just to type this. I won`t read what an “exec” has to say. Especially one from this company. That first wolverine movie said it all – we know who makes the decisions in this company.

  15. “The director is the key to not letting superhero movies go stale. That’s the truth.”

    Yet Fox rejected Landis’s idea for a Chronicle sequel saying, “No, we want Chronicle again.”

  16. It’s hard to take someone’s comment seriously when they’re saying “You can have original movies that feel completely derivative, and then you can have original movies that are all-new and fresh, like Chronicle”. The whole movie was a mash-up of superhero and found footage to begin with, not to mention an almost-remake of Akira. It was supposed to feel derivative.

  17. What’s the latest on Singer’s lawsuit ? Has it been settled or is it still ongoing ?
    Could somebody give us an update ?

  18. I hope they remain interested in keeping Singer the director, and they need to cast a perfect Scott, I wouldn’t mind the return of James Marsden, but oh yeah Cyclops is a teenager. Oh Dave Franco is still ripe for the taking.

    I really loved Chronicle and if Trank uses the found footage style, I think it will be like in IM3 when IM was checking his new MK. if not, I don’t think I will like it, coz its not Chronicle it FF!

    I hope X-Men gets the upper hand, if ever the shared universe happens.

  19. As follows is my explanation for the apparent timeline discrepancies and plot holes of the X-Men movie universe. X-Men Origins: Wolverine happened in a parallel dimension of some sort and isn’t a part of the official X-Men canon that includes the original three movies, The Wolverine, and DOFP. Unknown events happened that led to the initiation of the original X-Men trilogy (i.e. the events of First Class and that trilogy didn’t lead to the original trilogy); this is how Professor X was shown able to walk during his older years in The Last Stand, this is why Mystique had no signs of prior relationship to Charles on any occasion in the original movies, this is why, in the original movies, Moira was a doctor of some sort but was, in First Class, a CIA operative, and this is how Charles, in the first movie, once said that he met Erik when he was a teenager but seems to have met him in his twenties in X-Men: First Class. The only things that, for certain, happened to lead up to the original trilogy were the facts that Stryker bonded the adamantium to Wolverine’s skeleton and that Mystique killed Trask, leading to the creation of the Sentinels as a sort of last resort protective force against mutants. The Sentinels, though, were like the nuclear bomb of their day. They were such controversial subjects and weapons that the U.S. next to never pulled them out for use, only reserving them for the absolute worst of threats, threats for which things like the nuclear option would be considered (and over the time between the 70s and the warzone time period of X-Men: DOFP, the Sentinels were, though they were almost never used, consistently upgraded to be made more modern with the times, so that they’d be useful tools if they ever did become necessary for use). This explains why they were never brought in during the final battle of The Last Stand. The events of the first three X-Men movies happened. The Wolverine happened. The events leading to the warzone future of DOFP happened (those events including that, at some point, Magneto used his powers to bond more adamantium to Wolverine’s bone claws so that he could be of his optimal use in the coming war against the Sentinels). The Sentinels became deemed “necessary,” due to the growing mutant threat (due, perhaps, to public fear after the events of The Last Stand) and their consistent upgrades (which included being given Mystique’s DNA, which would have been acquired from her after she got her powers back following the events of The Last Stand [remember, the “cure” was only temporary]) finally created creatures that were almost unbeatable threats but also were almost fully independent AI that had the capability to reason for themselves. They eventually reasoned that all humanity needed to be exterminated because all humanity was a threat. The opening events of the warzone future of the DOFP movie occurred. Wolverine was sent back in time to stop Mystique from killing Trask. But Kitty and the other X-Men didn’t understand the full implications of time travel. Wolverine’s mind’s travelling in time caused a sort of temporal anomaly that messed up events in the timeline, not too drastically, but enough to change some key details. This caused the events of First Class to happen the way they did (Charles met Magneto in his twenties versus his teens, Charles had a relationship with Mystique, Charles lost the use of his legs decades earlier than he originally would have, Moira was a CIA operative, etc.). This caused the events that came in between First Class and Wolverine’s landing in his younger body to happen. Wolverine landed in his younger body. The rest of DOFP happened the way that the viewers saw in the movie. A new timeline was created. The day was saved. And now X-Men: Apocalypse can focus on what happened between Wolverine’s “drowning” in that river and the time that he landed back in his 21st Century body.

    P.S. To explain how Charles “survived” Jean’s killing him in The Last Stand, I posit that he did, indeed, use the mind transfer trick that he explained earlier in the movie and implanted his consciousness (apparently including his powers) into the body of that comatose patient from the end of The Last Stand. Charles then used his powers to consistently keep up around him a mental barrier that caused everyone who saw him to think that he still had the appearance of the elderly Charles that was familiar to them all and also had Charles’ voice. Either the comatose patient was a paraplegic (explaining why Charles would still need a wheelchair) or he was able to walk and part of Charles’ mental barrier gave the appearance of his still needing the wheelchair.

  20. I have been a comic book collector for about 41 years now. And the fans that supported the book for all these years made it so popular that people would want to see this on the big screen with quality. FF to a comic book fan is iconic because it’s the flagship of marvel because it is the first and without it being popular we may have not seen books like Spider-Man or X-men.
    As a fan myself I want to see it done as close to the book as possible and what they are doing and putting out there isn’t even close to what made the book important.
    I truly hope this film takes a huge poo at the box office because I want marvel and Disney to make a epic film rather then some twilight version of FF. Next thing we hear is the thing twinkles when he uses his power and Mr fantastic is the school idiot.

  21. I hope they don’t do found footage for fantastic 4… Found footage sucks it ruined Chronicle, PA movies and it just make a movie feel cheep…

  22. Nothing against the actors cast in the new F4 film but the people that are making those decisions at Fox are ruining Marvels “first family” of comics. Everybody knows the source material which has decades of success so why on earth would they mess with that! I won’t waste my hard earned dollars on this movie if it stays on the course its on now.

  23. Found footage feel? It’s asinine decisions like that which nearly killed the genre in the 90s. Yes, it’s right up there with Bat-nips.