‘Fantastic Four’ Reboot Shortlist Includes Kit Harington & Saoirse Ronan

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Fantastic Four Reboot Cast Fantastic Four Reboot Shortlist Includes Kit Harington & Saoirse Ronan

Fans of the Fantastic Four were given something to look forward to when it was announced over one year ago that Chronicle director Josh Trank would be rebooting Marvel’s first family. Recently, Simon Kinberg had been tapped to do rewrites for the upcoming reboot, and now rumors have surfaced on who might be joining the cast.

Over the last few months, there have been plenty of rumors regarding who might play each member of the Fantastic Four. The most noteworthy rumor was that Michael B. Jordan was up for the role of Johnny Storm a.k.a. The Human Torch. Since Fox wants to start the production on the Fantastic Four relatively soon, it makes sense that a shortlist would pop up for the lead roles – namely that of Reed Richards and Sue Storm.

According to Deadline, Fox is testing Kit Harington (Game of Thrones), Miles Teller (Divergent), and Jack O’Connell (300: Rise of an Empire) for the role of Reed Richards a.k.a. Mr. Fantastic. Meanwhile, Saoirse Ronan (Hanna), Kate Mara (House of Cards) and Margot Robbie (The Wolf of Wall Streethave joined Alison Williams (Girls) on the rumored list of actresses testing to play Sue Storm a.k.a. The Invisible Woman.

Saoirse Ronan Kit Harrington Fantastic Four Rumors Fantastic Four Reboot Shortlist Includes Kit Harington & Saoirse Ronan

For those who are unfamiliar with the Fantastic Four, Mr. Fantastic is the leader of the group and one of the most brilliant minds in the Marvel Universe. He possesses the ability to stretch his body into any shape. Sue Storm is given the name The Invisible Woman because of her ability to render herself invisible (she can also project force fields).

It’s good to hear that Trank is opting to test some fresh faces for the reboot instead of finding veteran actors to play the parts. Kit Harington is the most recognizable of the actors on the shortlist for his popular portrayal of Jon Snow on Game of Thrones. Harington could be a great Reed Richards if given the opportunity, but word is that Miles Teller’s performance in The Spectacular Now was pretty fantastic, too.

Fox has also rounded up a great list of actresses to test for the role of Sue Storm. Kate Mara (sister to Rooney Mara of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo fame) has been in a few films and shows, but her breakout role was that of Zoe Barnes in House of Cards. She stole every scene she was in and could easily play the part of The Invisible Woman.

Of course, there’s no denying that Saoirse Ronan is one of the best young talents working in film, but if rumors are true, she may already have her hands full with another blockbuster franchise.

Though producers are only testing these actors at this time, it’s possible we may see one or two of them cast in the Josh Trank directed reboot soon. Stay tuned to Screen Rant as more news becomes available.

Do you think these actors and actresses are good choices for Reed Richards and Sue Storm? Let us know in the comments.


Fantastic Four is scheduled to hit theaters March 6th, 2015.

Source: Deadline & Variety

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  1. Young F4? no thank you. no thank you.

  2. hmm Kit Harrington in fantastic four? now this has my attention

  3. So far, these are pretty bad choices. Once again, Johnny Storm is not black and nooo, I’m not a racist. That’s the way the character was done. If they are planning to portray these characters in a different limelight, then change the name. Don’t say F4 or tell people you are telling the, What If…? comic book. In that way, the studio and director can do whatever mess they what to make and we as fans can decide if we will watch the film or not.

    • When you have to say I’m not racist them you usually are.

      • I have no problem with them casting a black actor as the Human Torch so long as they also cast a black actress as Invisible Woman because Johnny and Susan are brother and sister, which I really hope these people realize.
        I swear if they go cast Michel B. Jordan as Johnny but then go and cast someone like Saroise Roman as Susan then I will lose any desire to see this movie.

        • Anyone saying “you can’t have a black Johnny but a white Sue ” It’s called half siblings, it’s called step siblings, it’s called adoption.

  4. Listen, I am black. I hate the f**k out of racism. But I actually don’t want Johnny Storm to be black. Why the hell do that and never make movies for the actual Black Super Heroes ( Black Panther, Luke Cage, etc.) or reboot previous iterations ( Spawn, Blade, etc.).

    • I think Mark Whalberg would be an awesome Black Panther. And why not Kristen Bell for Luke Cage’s rol?

    • I don’t get why people keep saying why don’t they make movies for black people. Do you think they’re looking at Jordan for the sole reason that he’s black? Also, I don’t think Fox even owns Luke Cage, Black Panther, Spawn, or Blade lol.

      • I thought the whole point to Stan creating characters like X-Men, Black Panther and Falcon were to end prejudices and look past the colour of someone’s skin and ignore their differences.

        And why are the movies made specifically for black people (mostly Tyler Perry works) ignored for blatantly catering to one portion of society but then a character is possibly changing race and people are up in arms over it?

    • Yeah, I mean, with Johnny and Sue being bioligical brother and sister (neither are adopted), they’d have to make Sue black as well. That’s just a lot of changes that they’d have to make both to the characters, and their stories.

    • I am white, definitely not racist, but would like to see Black Panther and Captain America together in a flick, as well as Luke Cage and Danny Rand (Power man and Iron Fist) in a flick as well.

    • If you payed any attention at all to what’s going on in the film industry you’d see that they actually are in the pre-production process of filming the Black Panther–tentative release date 2014…..

  5. They are too old! Find younger people! Find babies, for god’s sake!

    • I’m…I’m thinking that you’re being sarcastic, because these actors are too young.

  6. Simply terrible. Not gonna go see it.

  7. Well, we had Blade with Mr. Snipes playing the part. The first two films were pretty good. We have Mr. Jackson playing Fury. And that’s my point, These movies were good because they had the actors playing the characters the way they were meant to be.

    • Nick Fury was white in the original comics. But when he was with the Howling Commandoes, he was not smart enough to become the leader of Shield. Sorry but it’s true, despite his intelligence “recreation” in the comics that elevated him to someone more cerebral who could run Shield. I will say that although I am a fan of sticking with canon, Mr. Jackson did do a credible job of playing the Nick Fury head of Shield the movie people rewrote and tried to portray. I do like Mr. Jackson as an actor. I just hate to see parts rewritten to serve someone’s ethnic or gender fetishes.

      • The movie version of Fury was based on the likeness of Samuel L. Jackson, so this is as faithful to the comic books as it gets.

      • Ultimate Nick Fury is literally Samuel L. Jackson, so they decided to cast him as Nick Fury. No problems there so I have no idea what you’re smoking. The Avengers movie universe isn’t exactly like the comic books anyway, it’s serving as it’s own timeline.

  8. If Johnny Storm was black, then he’d be another extremely egotistical larger-than-life black stereotype. It would kinda really suck.

  9. almost none of this actors look like the Fantastic Four.

    Saorsi as Sue Storm??…… seriosly???

    it must be one of the most random casts ever, and Kit is a cool guy and all, but no way he looks like Reed Richards

    • That’s why I think it’d be better to go with Billy Burke as Reed, Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Ben (then CGIed Hulk style when he changes) and Mads Mikkelson as Doom.

      Burke and Morgan can do stunts easily and the epic fight scenes could either be played by Mads or a stunt double in the suit.

      • On the other hand, despite the fact that Doom is the FF’s biggest baddie, why does he need to be the adversary again? He has been done twice now, 100% of the FF “real” films we have so far (2). How about the Frightful Four (Medusa, Trapster, Wizard, Sandman)? {Of course, there might be rights problems there with them}. Or Kang? Or Diablo and….???.

  10. This movie is gonna suck if they keep shovelling all these stupid pc /BS garbage instead of following canon . I have a feeling this reboot will make the last 2 movies look like gold .

  11. oded fehr should be dr doom

    • + 1

  12. Someone please explain how the FF rights have not reverted back to Marvel.The last movie was in 2007 and correct if I’m wrong but I thought they had to get movies out every fie years to retain the rights. Like how Fox lost Daredevil.

    • *five

    • I believe it varies, but in the case of Daredevil they had 10 years.

    • Fox and Marvel Studios made a deal. As far as I remember, Marvel got the rights for Daredevil and a couple of other characters back, so Fox can produce more FF movies. I´m sure there´s an article on here. Maybe one of the editors can help? Paul?

  13. I think the big lesson of the Avengers, which made more money than any movie in history, is that the producers need to stay as close to the Millar/Hitch version as possible.

    The great lesson of the previous Fantastic Four movies, now in need of a reboot, if that if you stray from Millar/Hitch you will blow it.

    Again I say, the only reason for a resurgent Marvel film is because of the trail blazed by Mark Millar and Bryan Hitch.

  14. It is just a fact of history that a single vision, Millar/Hitch in the Ultimates and Fantastic four for Marvel or The Dark Knight Returns and Frank Miller for DC, can ignite, revive, bring back to life a moribund comic title, and these visions are the sole driving factor for the continued success of the franchise.

    People want to see the Millar Hitch Fantastic Four on the big screen with as few changes as humanly possible. To the extent Marvel can make this happen is the extent of another record making blockbuster verses another train wreck needing a reboot.

  15. There is one reason and one reason only for the existence of The Avengers movie, which made the most money of any movie in history last I checked, and that reason is the Ultimates.

    Any director or producer not aware of that needs to be fired and replaced immediately with one who knows this on their own without anyone having to explain it.

    Stick to Millar/Hitch and it is money in the bank. Stray, you’ve got broke angry fans and investors.

    • The one reason and one reason only for The Avengers movie is because it is Titz ona Ritz!

  16. Or something anyway….

    There is a story arc from the Ultimate Fantastic Four #27-29 titled “President Thor” that if the producers could just film this Skrull invasion you would have a screaming success probably as big or bigger than the Avengers.

    I don’t understand why they don’t just do that, a clear easy path to a massive fortune.

    • Aha, there is a good villain or villains: the Skrulls or Super Skrull!

  17. They could do a music-focused adaption (in fact, I hope that they do go for an electronic soundtrack like Tron: Legacy) and cast it like this:

    Sting as Reed (*he would be obnoxious)
    Madonna as Sue
    Justin Timberlake as Johnny
    Ice Cube as Ben
    David Bowie as Doom

    • Really really nice cast list!

  18. Andrew Lincoln as Mr. Fantastic. Alls I’m saying.

  19. This Micheal B. Jordan/Human Torch issue is turning into a dead horse. Can’t we all just get passed skin pigmentation and melanin content? There is one race of humans. Singular. Race and racism is a lie and a tool created by one group of people to oppress another. Hundreds of years ago lighter skinned people enslaved darker skinned people for the purpose of building their empires. Thousands of years before that darker people enslaved lighter people to do the same. Can we let it rest and move on? 2013 almost done 2014 on the way.

    • OK, Chinese Mandarin for Torch!

    • We’re all pink on the inside.

    • We are all human but far from one race. We look different, we see things differently, and we ACT different. But that’s a great thing. What you describe is boring. I think I know what you are going for but saying we are all the same won’t get us there. If people act accordingly and accept each other’s differences then we can end racism. But you CREATE racism when you do this cross gender casting pc nonsense for beloved characters. Ending racism can only be accomplished by not creating it to appease one race. Duh.

  20. I think Saoirse would be excellent as Sue Storm!

  21. Blandest choices ever for Sue. But at least I’m not much of a F4 fan. So I can’t complain.

  22. sorry to say it but I still prefer Jessica alba….don’t know or care about these other chicks

  23. How come I never see the people complain when an White actor is cast for another race? I’m sorry but y are and hypocrites. Sorry,keep seeing the same people complaining whenever this subject comes up. :/

    • When did that happen?

  24. Well guess what FOX Studios – I’ll be exercising my consumer rights by not spending a dime to see this film. Not until your studio produces films with a ‘white’ Black Panther, and a ‘white’ Luke Cage/Power Man, etc., etc. That would be stupid huh? I mean seriously – I would never go see those films either! Hmmm… I wonder how all of you ‘non-racists’ would feel about that?

  25. I would much rather see Amber Dawn Stevens or Kylie Bunbury cast as Sue Storm. It would be pretty cool to have minorities cast as superheroes instead of them all being white

  26. Wow, I am disappointed that us as fans are turning this into a debate about race. Whether Sue Storm is portrayed as black, white, blue or green doesn’t matter. In this day and age their are so many biracial marriages and kids of different ethnicities being adopted by different families of different races this is what your arguing about. Nick fury was white in the comics but I bet every last one of you loved Samuel Jackson as Nick Fury. Him being black is an issue? Our government just had a shutdown and u worried if Johnny Storm is white? I personally would for Amber Dawn Stevens or Kylie Bunbury to be cast as Sue Storm. It would nice to see Super Heroes of different races for a change.