‘Fantastic Four’ Reboot Won’t Be Based on the Comic Books [UPDATED]

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Fantastic Four Movie Reboot Comic Book Differences Fantastic Four Reboot Wont Be Based on the Comic Books [UPDATED]

UPDATE: Someone Misspoke. READ HERE how The Fantastic Four reboot Relates to the Comics.


Fox’s reboot of The Fantastic Four has been criticized since its inception as being a bastardized knockoff of the classic Marvel Comics property. The two biggest reasons why hardcore fans have been so upset over this new take on the F4 (shephereded by Chronicle director Josh Trank) have been unorthodox casting choices (read: they made the Human Torch black) and a script that – even while wrapped in secrecy – seems to be taking some big liberties with the comic book source material.

As Comic-Con 2014 rolls around (where we expect some Fantastic Four surprises), it seems that this film could be under heavy scrutiny (read: all-out assault) – especially when fans learn that The Fantastic Four has even less to do with the comic books than they may have originally thought.

Now, just to be clear: Nobody really knows what Trank and his co-writers Simon Kinberg (Days of Future Past) and T.S. Nowlin (ThMaze Runner) have in store for us – but according to one of the principal cast members of the film, they aren’t looking to the comic books for any inspiration. Here’s what Kate Mara (a.k.a. the new Sue Storm/Invisible Woman) had to say to Esquire Latinoamérica:

I’ve never been a fan of comics, I’ve never actually read one. I was going to for this movie but the director said it wasn’t necessary. Well, actually he told us that we shouldn’t do it because the plot won’t be based on any history of anything already published. So I chose to follow his instructions. The one fact is I am a fan of comic book movies, so it’s very exciting to be part of a movie like this.

I don’t feel more responsibility with this role that I’ve felt with others. I understand that there are many fans of Fantastic Four and I guess they expect a lot from me, but I prefer not to be pressured by that. We are also trying to create a new way of seeing these superheroes, I’m focusing on making her (Susan Storm) as real as possible.

I was excited, but I only focused on doing the best I could. I think there are roles you get if that’s what needs to happen. I kept everything in perspective although expected to stay with the paper, because the movie has great actors like Michael B. Jordan (who will be the Human Torch).

Fantastic Four Sue Storm Invisible Woman Wallpaper 1024x640 Fantastic Four Reboot Wont Be Based on the Comic Books [UPDATED]


Now, just to be clear again: An actor does NOT have to be a die-hard comic book fan to portray a superhero onscreen in convincing and honorable fashion. An actor simply has to understand his or her character, which the writers have hopefully adapted in a way that jibes with the core elements of the source material. So Kate Mara never having read a comic book is not the crime here.


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  1. the crime is that these fools can’t possibly understand the characters if they don’t read the books. our new fantastic four, written by posers and performed by ignorance. sad. i’m not trying to troll, this is just really disappointing.

  2. “Fantastic Four has had some of the lowest comic book sales of any Marvel property for quite some time. In other words: the source material isn’t that popular.” — Then WHY make a movie of such “unpopular” material?

    • i don’t think anyone is saying that they should be pulling from current storylines. nobody is doing that with any comic book properties for the most part, but the original run was the first in the fantastic marvel universe that stan lee and jack kirby put together in the 60s so there are elements of that which are very important. also, like i said before, if you are going to portray a character then it’s important to know who that character is. if they don’t go to the source material for things like personality then its just a bunch of clowns in FF costumes.

    • Why does everyone make excuses for all of the poor choices being made in the production of this reboot?

      Don’t bother reading the comics or researching your part, because they don’t sell well. LMAO!!!


    • My thoughts exactly… Are the times so bad that movie studios would rather take a poor selling comic and license it’s characters for a movie in an attempted imagining than to take a chance on some new characters by a young creative person that doesn’t require a property license? The answer is yes, yes things are that bad.

    • “Then WHY make a movie of such “unpopular” material?”

      Um…least you forget, Iron Man was also a very unpopular source material(arguably even less so then Fantastic Four) but that didn’t stop the films from becoming the most lucrative solo superhero franchise(yes, even more then Batman, which vastly outsells Iron Man in the comic market ). The movies have the potential to achieve a level of popularity that is intrinsically contrary to the comics. The Iron Man movies can be a blossoming box office juggernaut, while the Iron Man comics can be the opposite side of spectrum; barely bleeding to reach thousands in sales. Green Lantern sells more than Iron Man in the comic world, but that didn’t stop the Green Lantern film from being a financial dud that never matched the voluminous box office intake of the first Iron Man flick. The lesson to be learned here: The popularity of a comic franchise should not always be determinable to whether it should be adapted or not because when your making a movie based of a comic then chances are that a majority of audience would not have read the source material(the majority of the audience who will go to them probably have never even flipped the page of comic, let alone read them.

      • You are wrong. Batman movies have made more than Iron Man movies. Batman is still well ahead of Iron Man.

        • At the box office:

          Batman Begins: 374 million
          Iron Man (1): 585 million

          The Dark Knight: 1 billion
          Iron Man 2: 623 million

          The Dark Knight Rises: 1.1 billion
          Iron Man 3: 1.2 billion

          Total TDK trilogy: 2.474 billion
          Total Iron Man trilogy: 2.408 billion

          So you’re right, Batman is ahead. But not well ahead. I’d consider it pretty close. And Mangrid still has a good point about the difference between the movies and the comic books.

          • Dont forgot Batman Returns Batman Forever, and batman and Robin. And my comment was more towards the box office comment. Was not commenting on his other stuff.

            • Forgot to type Batman in prior post.

              Batman $411,348,924
              Batman Forever $336,529,144
              Batman Returns $266,822,354
              Batman & Robin $238,207,122

              Grand total of $3,805,543,530.

              • I wasn’t counting the 90s movies because they was part of a different era.

                Also, it becomes an unfair comparison when you pitch 7 movies against 3 movies.

                • I didn’t know you only meant 2000′s. How is it unfair the Batman has more movies released? I would not think it would be about fairness. If a series has more movies than it happens to have more movies. Lots of instances like that. Not fair or unfair.

                  • Well, I listed the movies I was counting. Didn’t it kind of go without saying that I wasn’t counting movies I wasn’t listing? ;)

                    It’s not unfair that Batman has more movies relased. You chopped out the word “comparison”. I said it becomes an unfair comparison. Not that the number of releases in itself is unfair.

                    But if you still want to compare and count all, then we should calculate the revenue per movie of each franchise. That’s the common practive when you’re comparing something of different quantities.

                    For example you compare countries with numbers per citizen because they would otherwise be obscured by the different sizes of population.

                    So let’s try to do that.

                    Batman: 544 million per movie
                    Iron Man: 802 million per movie

                    • I did not mean any trouble with the posts. Was not trying to target you. Was just interested in the Batman Box Office numbers. You did not specifically state you were just comparing Bale Batman trilogy and Iron Man trilogy so though I would post the others. Sorry for misunderstanding.

                    • For country population comment did you mean outright poulation or another calculation? Looks like you mean total number but asking in case you mean something else.

                    • I did not chop out comparison. Not know you only meant different eras I was posting the 80′s/90′s movies to see the total comparison. Though based on your reply now you only wanted 2000′s comparison so i se thta now.

                    • Nevermind I think I see what you mean by the population. Do you mean with stats like gun ownership per citizen, movie visits per citizen, video games owned per citizen stuff like that?

                    • Yup, I meant it like your examples.

        • Oh, but Iron Man 1 still made more than Begins, while Iron Man 3 made more money then any Bat-flick( As of now it’s the sixth highest grossing film of all time). But either way, my basic point still stands. One minor factual error does not diminish my overall point. Actually, the fact that the first Iron Man movie made more than Begins(Remember Begins is based on a character that outsells Iron Man in the comics market) augments my point even further. Iron Man was not an A-list character until AFTER the first film came out, prior to that he was an obscure character that was the bottom of the barrel in terms of sales(actually still is the bottom barrel in terms of sales) but that didn’t stop the first Iron Man flick from resonating with audiences( even more so then Begins,) enough that it became the heavy champion of superhero box office. Why? Because the popularity of comics was ultimately extraneous to the Box Office potentiality.

  3. according to cinemablend her publicist is doing some major back peddling on her behalf.

  4. “So Kate Mara never having read a comic book is not the crime here.”

    Says you. Any actor playing a comic book character should read at the very least an agreed-upon key story of the character. PERIOD. Anyone says otherwise is afraid of offending the normals.

    • No they really don’t have to read the comics to give a good performance, Ledger didn’t read any for Dark Knight, but the writers and directors absolutely have to read them no questions ask. That’s what you should do when you’re making an adaption of something. The real crime here is Kate Mara wanting to do more research on her character than Josh Trank.

  5. “We are also trying to create a new way of seeing these superheroes, I’m focusing on making her (Susan Storm) as real as possible.”

    and she’s doing this byyyyy not understanding the character at all? Because Susan Storm-Richards is probably one of the most “real” characters in the Marvel universe already.

    From what I understand so far: They’re making a superhero movie that won’t be about superheroes, that won’t follow any established canon, that has completely revamped characters with different interpersonal relations and histories, and the actors are going to be playing the parts without understanding a single thing about the characters, basically they’ll just be building them from the ground up.

    For crying out loud just can this piece of garbage already. Abandon ship. Why not just make a completely different movie that DOESN’T have the Fantastic Four headline on it? That’s already what it is anyway.

    Give the rights back to Marvel if you don’t want to do anything with the franchise.

  6. Good! lets make it original. I’m getting sick of the “source material” argument. Comic books are always changing and rebooting anyways, who cares! I like comic books and comic book movies but this constant complaining of source material and you ruined my childhood is b*******.

  7. also, some of the writing and stories in comic books are downright horrible. I cant believe fanboys would actually defend that stuff.

    • if you don’t like the comics, then don’t wasting our time and stay away from this arguments. The ruin of the movies is that they listen to people like you and try to satisfy people who don’t know nothing of the comics instead of the true fans. Thus are how bullsh*ts like constantine and elektra are born and now this idiotic reboot. The fantastic four have wonderful stories and wonderful characters, they have no need to be reboot, especially to satisfy you.

      • It can’t just be for true fans or fan-boys. They need to make movies for the general audience. Its not just comic-book fans that are going to make money for this movie. In the end that’s what its all about, if it doesn’t produce it wont get a sequel. I do agree with you about movies like Electra & Constantine but its a combination of things that ruin a movie. It seems like studios are getting smarter with Directors and writers and the type of Actors they pick. I just want to see a good original story with good acting and epic super-hero battles, of they happen to change the race of a person or alter their costumes I’m not going to complain about it and say “they’re not sticking to source material and it ruined my childhood” lame!

  8. this movie will DOA and it’s not that the torch is black. It the whole cast that’s going to (doom doom doom) the whole movie. None of the people they have chosen could act their way out of a wet paper bag. and they are barely out of diapers. And I imagine the writers are probably of the same caliber. This movie is gonna be the biggest flop of all the super hero movie ever made. But they will try to make up for the lack by just having a lot of big explosions and blowing every thing up..Its literally gonna be a bomb of sh*t and its (doomed doomed doomed) hahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!