‘Fantastic Four’ Cast Update: Kate Mara is the Invisible Woman; Jamie Bell to Play The Thing

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Kate Mara Jamie Bell Fantastic Four Cast Fantastic Four Cast Update: Kate Mara is the Invisible Woman; Jamie Bell to Play The Thing

Marvel comic book adaptations are everywhere these days. Disney is paving the way to Phase 3 of The Avengers shared universe, Sony is busy establishing a longterm Spider-Man plot line (involving the Sinister Six and a Venom solo movie), while Fox is preparing a generation-bending team-up in X-Men: Days of Future Past (to be followed by an Apocalypse story). As a result, with a flashy new trailer for Guardians of the Galaxy to analyze, it can be easy to forget that Fox is also working on a reboot of the Fantastic Four.

Lately, casting news has kept the project on our radar, with one unceremonious quasi-confirmation after another. After reports confirmed Chronicle‘s Michael B. Jordan will play Johnny Storm in the upcoming film and Miles Teller (Project X) strongly hinted that he was also attached as Reed Richards, all eyes have been on the roles of Sue Storm/The Invisible Woman and Ben Grimm/The Thing. Today, it sounds like we might finally know which two performers are expected to round out the cast.

josh trank fantastic four rumors 570x294 Fantastic Four Cast Update: Kate Mara is the Invisible Woman; Jamie Bell to Play The Thing

According to a report from The Wrap, Jamie Bell (Jumper) is expected to play Grimm – though the studio has yet to extend him an official contract. The write-up also re-confirms what most people have already accepted as a given at this point – that Teller will play Reed Richards/Mr. Fantastic, assuming the actor and the studio can finalize schedules (and his overall deal). Meanwhile, Variety suggests that Kate Mara (House of Cards) has actually accepted an offer to play Storm.

Mara has been rumored as a possibility for weeks – after prior rumors asserted that Saoirse Ronan and Margot Robbie were also in the running for Storm. However, Variety‘s report is the first one to say that Mara has officially signed-on – and, given the specificity of where things stand with Teller and Bell as well, it’s very possible this updated information is also accurate.

Of course, the official casting of Mara raises a key question that has been at the forefront of the Fantastic Four reboot, ever since Jordan was rumored as Johnny Storm: given that Jordan is black and Mara is white, has screenwriter Simon Kinberg outright abandoned the traditional brother-sister relationship between the pair – or does he have a different explanation in mind (such as adoption)? It’ll be interesting to find out; though, both Mara and Jordan have offered solid performances in notable action fare and character-driven indies – meaning that whatever their relationship is in the reboot, the actors should have no problem delivering in the roles.

fantastic four movie reboot cast 570x294 Fantastic Four Cast Update: Kate Mara is the Invisible Woman; Jamie Bell to Play The Thing

On the other hand, The Wrap‘s post represents the first we’re hearing of Jamie Bell, best known for voicing the titular character in Steven Spielberg’s The Adventures of Tintin. That said, the actor is a star on the rise – with a notable turn in film festival favorite Snowpiercer followed by the impending (and controversial) release of Lars von Trier’s Nymphomaniac: Volume I and II. Like Mara and Jordan, Bell is a smart catch for the Fantastic Four reboot – one that should be especially encouraging to anyone who was rolling their eyes at the thought of Josh Gad as The Thing.

Assuming that director Josh Trank takes advantage of similar technologies as Joss Whedon used to capture Mark Ruffalo’s performance for the Hulk in The Avengers, we won’t get to see a lot of Bell (at least not after the initial accident  turns him into a superhero) but he has strong enough acting chops to ensure that Grimm’s humanity shows through his stony CGI exterior.

fantastic four movie reboot release date 2015 570x294 Fantastic Four Cast Update: Kate Mara is the Invisible Woman; Jamie Bell to Play The Thing

Obviously, industry reports are not the same thing as official confirmation but, as mentioned, the write-ups suggest knowing insight into where the studio is at with each of the primary cast members. Not to mention, earlier rumors indicated the script is now complete - and that potential cast members would be testing this month (February 2014). If the reports are to be believed, that means half of the team could now be confirmed, Mara and Jordan, with Teller and Bell still in talks. Given how much Teller has been spouting off about the project, even teasing casting news “soon,” it’s unlikely that he’ll drop out. Yet, anything is possible.

We’ll keep you up to date as Fox offers official information (or official denials) – including who might play the film’s villain.


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Fantastic Four is scheduled to open in U.S. theaters on June 19th, 2015.

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Sources: The Wrap and Variety

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  1. …..so what will be sue and johhnys relationship?

    Are they siblings? Is one adopted? Mixed racial family? I mean this 21 centry and all but that will be on peoples minds.

    Also how is the reed/ sue relationship gonna pan out. Will we see bens girl? Will johnny be a playboy?

    Honestly there is so many questions on how this movie will work by changing johnnys race. I really need detail for the film before making a call but this is a left feild idea to race change one of your main cast.

    Espessially when his sister is a different race. That needs to be addressed in some way because it doenst settle right story wise about their relationship.

    • Or you could just give the movie a chance and see what they have in store with the stories. Stop being so jaded and needing the entire story spelled out. Patience. This generation of viewers are extremely obnoxious with detail and explanation..

      • How about you tone it down with the brow beating. They were just asking legitimate questions that is on many peoples’ minds.

        • How is Chicago Guy “browbeating”? He is making just as reasonable and calm a statement as kevin.

          • Well it’s simple, he insinuated he was slow and he called him jaded for asking questions.

            Even you should be able to see that, Achaeon.

            • Ah, MovieB…

              Reading whatever you want into another’s comment simply to justify your sad presence. Hmmm…

  2. I’ve read through many of these comments but I have yet to see anyone support the need for Johnny and Sue Storm to be brother and sister. I fully admit I haven’t read many of the comics and most of my exposure to them is from the last movies and the 90′s cartoon series, but I don’t recall them being siblings having a huge impact on their overall backgrounds or stories. Even if there is a story arc that relied upon this fact, I doubt the movie would be using that.

    • “I fully admit I haven’t read many of the comics”

      Well there you go then. They are siblings and that can’t be changed, there’s a huge dymanic between both of them even from the original source material. Sue would usually appear on Johnny’s solo adventures in Strange Tales for example, as it was shown they lived together and had a strong supportive hole. Sue is a caring sister and is depicted like a motherly figure to Johnny and is always looking after him. In the same manner, Johnny is heavilly affected by anything that happens to Sue. On one of the stories for example he challenges the Sub-Mariner mostly because of Namor’s constant flirting with Sue getting on Johnny’s nerves.

      This can’t be changed, and it probably won’t, whatever is their explanation.

      • It can be changed, its a movie, and most of the people watching it will have never read the comic, so they can do what they like.

      • So if they were life long friends, they wouldn’t have that deep of a commitment to each other then? Wouldn’t Reed or even Ben have similar reactions to your points? That’s the impression I got from my limited exposure. Heck, Reed and Ben have a brotherly relationship but they aren’t brothers by blood. Nothing you pointed out here is inherently dependent upon the fact that they are brother and sister, which is my whole point. The only time I could see it becoming an issue is if something happened to their parents or some other Storm family emergency which is completely avoidable for storytelling purposes.

    • He joined the Fantastic Four because of his sister. He was raised by his sister. He sacrificed his life to save his nephew…

      But…They can have him being a troubled youth who was adopted and cared for by Sue.

  3. A lot of drama queens on here.Jamie Bell as The Thing has definitely peaked my interest, he’s a good actor. Ben is suppose to be a tough street guy, he was in a gang in his early years. I think Bell can bring that.

    • hahaha just because he was in a gang in his early years means he can pull off Ben Grimm the Yancy Street Brawler??? LOL! I can picture it now with his sideways hat and baggy jeans sagging to his knees.

      • You do know that the Thing will mainly be consisted of CGI. Jamie Bell will merely be providing the voice.

  4. Hey just heard that JJ Abrams is making Lando white and Han is now black. jus sayin

    • Lucas already did that when Lando used Solo’s clothes

  5. Haha wow you can just smell the racists! To be honest, I want Jordan to turn this role down now. He plays a white superhero and next thing you know he gets gunned down at some FL press junket by an old white guy backed by the stand your ground law.
    what’s crazy is all of the comments that this film will bomb and Fox is effing it up” because what? Johnny Storm could be played by someone not white!? I’m sorry buttt, you’re racist. And the whole “what if black panther was white” thing just solidifies not only your racial ignorance but your social awareness as well. Black folks dont care about no damn Black Panther like that! Because he’s African he’s gotta be my superhero messiah!? Personally I’m a Cap fan through and through. But my argument stems from here: your beloved Christian Bale is British yet Batman is American…Henry Cavill is British but Superman (truth, justice, and the american way) Professor X is American yet the films turned him British! Andrew Garfield is British, Peter Parker is American. Hugh Jackman is Australian, Wolverine? Canadian. Heath Ledger, Australian! Joker is American! Tom Hardy is British and Bane is South American! They gave Mexican American Jessica Alba platinum blonde hair, blue contacts and a white Chris Evans as her Brother. The only difference, the only reason why these changes were accepted is because all of these actors, have white skin. So if you have an issue with an actor having brown skin…sorry but you’re probably racist.
    And hold on, in the 616 Marvel universe Nick Fury is white, yet under the Ultimate banner he’s black…Marvel Studios went with a black actor for Fury…so who’s to say Marvel wouldn’t do the same with anyone.

    • I take offense that you call everyone here racists cause they don’t like the casting of someone of color in a role that has been a white character since the 60′s. Michael B Jordan is a good actor and I liked him in Chronicle I just don’t like the casting choice for FF. in fact I don’t even like the white actors who were cast. So I must be racist against whites as well.

      • You’re right I should have been more clear on who I was addressing. I just get tired of people acting like a black dude playing a white character is the end of the world when other similar castings happen no one cares ya know. To be honest I’m just happy a new F4 is being made period. I did get a bit too passionate tho.

        • I wonder how badly I would be lynched suggesting a black character be played by a white actor? Not being racist or trying to torch anyone off, just sayin’…think about it. Who would scream then?

          • The actual racists since they seem to be the ones who scream “RACISM” & “RACIST” the loudest these days, shouting anyone down who would dare suggest what you just suggested. Thumbs up to your suggestion by the way.
            Now we’d better put our ear muffs on & get ready for the screams to begin.

        • Yeah, because we see white actors being cast in black roles every other day to the point its become passé. I wonder exactly who the race baiters even are who find it so necessary to change & swap out an established characters color to begin with.

      • “has been a white character since the 60′s”

        That right there tells you everything you need to know. These characters were created in the 50′s and 60′s when racism and discrimination against people of color was so much worse than it is now. How many black actors did you see in movies and television back then?

        • Back then! If you can name me one single dark skinned female actress, who has been consistently cast in mainstream leading roles in the last ten years, I will eat my car.
          And by dark i mean not like sexy milk chocolate zoe saldana,or halle, and you can’t have whoopi shes retired.
          Before you all start googleing, the answer is there isnt one.

    • Superman is an alien.

    • Ultimate Nick Fury is black…
      I guess its a wait and see on how this one goes…

  6. Disney is paving the way to Phase 3 of The Avengers shared universe, Sony is busy establishing a longterm Spider-Man plot line (involving the Sinister Six and a Venom solo movie), while Fox is preparing a generation-bending team-up in X-Men: Days of Future Past (to be followed by an Apocalypse story). As a result, with a flashy new trailer for Guardians of the Galaxy to analyze,

    —- for the love God – learn how to write and please stop trying to throw in so much “flourish” into your “reporting” —

    1 – Marvel is making the Avengers – not Disney – is Marvel a part of Disney – yes – but MARVEL calls the shots (not Disney).
    2 – “Fox is preparing a generation-bending team-up” …. WRONG … Fox is in post-production or you could say they’re “soon releasing” – the new X-Men film is well beyond “preparing” (aka pre-production) .. and it’s not a “generation-bending team-up” …. it’s a time-travel story – where essentially/ likely – only ONE character is traveling in time (mentally) – and other than Wolverine – it’s likely that no other characters will interact from the two different casts. so really there will likely be no overlap of characters –

    what the F is “generation-bending” even mean ??

    more important – all these casting rumors – that’s all they are – are possibly NOT REAL … and until an actor signs a contract they are NOT cast – and s*** even if they do …. still doesn’t mean anything – UNTIL they actually start filming, they can drop out or change actors at anytime. There is no such thing as “quasi-cast” — an actor is either cast or they’re not. – kind of like wearing a shoe – you’re either wearing your shoe or you’re not.

    you spend all this time writing an article but at anytime – have you actually contacted FOX (or any of the other companies for those rumors – ie. VIsion being AoU) ?? Get a direct quote from someone, even if it’s a denial – do some actual journalism & may be start trying to produce an article that all the other websites, etc – are quoting YOU on – be the source of a story not just the re-hasher.

    stop being focused on reporting rumors that have no basis in facts – other than some other website reporting what some unverified person told them. Wasn’t there supposed be a Ghostbusters 3 by now – with or without Bill Murray ? whatever happened to those rumors ? or the Justice League film that was all cast and ready to go supposedly years ago – I remember those rumors.

    look through past articles of the last year – all the rumors that didn’t pan out …. and yet you reported them anyways.

    • I won’t lie, I gave up half way through your comment, But from what I read I learned two things one, you spend way to much time, reading up on the production of kids movies, and two, that you are a di*k.

  7. Sue Storm: hot, blonde, blue eyes.
    We get Kate Mara.
    Billy Elliott, as The Thing.
    Sue storm’s brother… is probably gonna be black.
    And Miles Teller as Reed.
    This film looks great!!! [sarcasm]

    Remind me to stop complaining about DC’s casting yeesh!

    • Yeah, the casting is a disaster already. I’m pretty sure this movie will suck and bomb into oblivion. Fox can’t cast for sh*t.

  8. We are talking about established characters. By established we mean that they have certain characteristics that must be respected, otherwise you are talking about a totally different character. Next thing we know Batman or Superman are going to be portrayed by Asian actors and Black Panther is going to be female and will be played by an Australian actress.

    • I totally agree, but you do know that Black Panther’s sister wears the cowl and is Leader of Wakanda, so a female Black Panther isn’t too far fetched. :)

  9. Oh, you don’t think a brother and sister can be two different races… oh, you raciest… oh… oh..
    Ah for Pete’s sake… LOL!!!

  10. I can’t stand when people who don’t even read comics comment on these CBM articles. Or why people who aren’t interested in the film of said article feel the need to share their opinions. You’re waiting for NetFlix? No one cares! Me personally, I don’t comment on articles about films I don’t plan on seeing or don’t care or know all that much about. I’ve always liked Star Wars but it’s just another film to me so I’ll see it and probably enjoy it with no qualms as to the casting or story direction. I love BatMan, since birth, but DC as a whole I’m not so into, not for a lack of trying, but wouldn’t I be a crazy person to troll the DC based articles? I don’t watch Arrow so why disrespect those who do by commenting unnecessary nonsense on the articles.

    • but you can come on screenrant and call everyone a racist that doesn’t agree with the casting just to make yourself feel better?

      • Not necessarily. I have no problem with people disagreeing with certain casting choices. That’s the whole point of being able to state our own personal opinions… I have no idea whether this kid will be the worst choice for Human Torch or the best, it remains to be seen. But what I do have a problem with is the ignorant ass arguments certain comnenters use to voice their disagreement, “if black panther was white…” or “I’m not racist but..” and the passionate arguments about how a white character shouldn’t be black…
        I’m black and I live in Alabama but I’m originally from Seattle, and I have to deal with racism everyday so i’m good at identifying it. Maybe you’re right though, I should have checked myself before commenting. I didn’t mean to just blatantly call everyone racists haha.
        But I think some passionate individuals need to be checked, as you have checked me. That being said, I don’t personally like Affleck for Bat-Man but I’m going to troll DC articles about how Snyder and WB are effing up BatsVSupes and the movie is already gonna bomb, ya know. But sorry if I offended you bro.

  11. Fox has no idea what to do with the Fantastic Four. Trank seems to be clueless as well.

    The casting choices make no sense. Take Jordan’s race out of the discussion and it still makes no sense. Reed and Johnny are not friends and they meet thru their shared connection to Sue. Johnny is much younger than Reed. Johnny is shorter than Reed. Johnny is a teenager when the accident occurs.

    If Trank wants to keep Jordan and Teller both then why not have Jordan portray Ben Grimm. Ben and Reed are college buddies. Ben’s origin needs no tweaking or explanation of his race being different. It could also present opportunities to explore the Thing in new ways. For example, Ben Grimm being black adds new layers to his identity crisis and early perception as a monster.

    If the execs at Fox had any clue they would have re-booted Fantastic Four in partnership with Sony/Spiderman.

    • I could see that take on Ben Grimm but then people would complain cause they made Ben Grimm into a gangbanger stereotype. (even though Ben Grimm was in a gang) but yeah I would rather see that instead.

  12. Margot Robbie is an absolute hottie. Maybe she could be Ms Marvel in the future?

  13. Going to be a worthless movie and in all honesty, they are just making it to keep the copywrites in foxes hands for a little while longer. I am not impressed by casting. Ben was a massive man when he was human and honestly been needs to stay a massive tough guy. Sue and J Storm need to be of the same race. I am sorry, Continuity is king for these movies and series. Considering the fact that most of the people who will watch these movies will be the a fans, Lets look at green lantern as an example of what happens when you take liberties with a fandom’s pretty with out thinking it through. It goes bad. If the movie is successful as a mainstream movie then it would be good for them. However, if people did pick up the comics, it would create problems. Espeacially if Johny was identified as a strong black hero in these movies. People will pick up the comic see he is white and think they made him black so her can be the token black guy in the marvel movie. I just don’t want this to turn into a situation where NO ONE LOVES THE MOVIE or it forces marvel to make continuity changes in the comic boosk. Then no one will be happy. Not even the fans. You know, like the silver surfer movie that was about the giant planer eating cloud when we really wanted to see big ass galactus coming from the sky to eat your planet’s soul.

  14. Sometimes studios and directors have to learn the hard way. This film is going to be the next Batman & Robin and these actors the next Anakin Skywalker. I just feel sorry for Jamie Bell. Already nominated for the Golden Raspberry Awards. All of them will have my vote.

  15. I have a …. “thing” for Kate Mara.

    This is good news.

  16. I don’t care who the characters are because I’m not a fan of the fantastic four. Sure, I’ll watch it when it premieres but I won’t have a baby over cannon or character changes. Not sure why a reboot is even necessary considering it was lucky enough to get two films. Meanwhile, other great characters in Marvel’s universe are being ignored.

    1. Black Panther – long overdue for solo film.
    2. Storm – grossly ignored despite her awesome powers.

  17. Rumour has it the casting choices as well as the script were made while in the loo. I guess that is the way crap is done these days. No pun intended.

  18. Well… I gotta say it is absolutely nothing what I expected more or less had in mind lol. Allow me to take you all through my mind on the phases of this movie’s casting news when Jordan was rumored I didn’t look that far into it because I just assumed there wouldn’t be that much truth behind it then I realized that I was wrong, Kate Mara I was always fine with I think she is a fine actress I have never seen House of Cards but have heard some incredible things about it, believe it or not the one that I’m really on the fence about is Miles Teller before I had no idea how to describe why I was not okay with him in the role but now I think I have figured it out, keep in mind I have not seen him in anything so I know nothing about how he acts (I’m sure he acts fine) which will immediately tell you… the only thing I am going off is his physical appearance… he just doesnt fit the image in my head of Mr. Fantastic of course the image that the creative team has in mind could very well be different from mine I honestly expect it to be… but digging further into what I just said (physically) Mr. F always had an intelligent physical appearance like a Steve Jobbs for lack of a better example Teller to me looks more comical and playful to me. And last but not least Jamie Bell as the Thing… I woke up this morning and saw the article on Screen Rant at first I didn’t understand it but then I thought that he’s a pretty good actor (which reminds me if any of you wanna see a really good performance by him I suggest Defiance its a great flick) he is really the example of the cast not being what I expected because Ben Grimm I always thought was someone physically muscular and intimidating and Bell isn’t all that muscular to me granted he could bulk up but Grimm was always really tall to me… the reason i think why I’m not so worried about Bell as the Thing though is because unlike Jordan and Teller I’ve seen Bell act and I’ve seen him play confused, sad, tough guy, wisecracking characters before and I think those are some of the qualities that make Ben Grimm so loveable… and well… Ben Grimm.
    Overall I don’t mind the cast and I am by no means giving up on the movie I love the creative team that they’ve got I may be a little bit shaky on the cast, and that reminds me to talk about the casting of Johnny Storm a little bit more, I have not seen Jordan in anything but things he has been in I have heard plenty of great things, I honestly don’t mind the race change I think thats actually a new interesting thing to try but to me part of what made Johnny Storm so cool and fun was the chemistry he had with Sue (his sister for those of you that don’t know) and I worry that their relationship may not appear as strong if one is adopted or whatever they decide to do but I’m sure it will be fine both actors seem really good for the roles to me.

    Keepin my fingers crossed away we go… And Trank, as a wisecracker once said “It’s Clobbering Time” Go gettem :)

  19. She is one of the most gorgeous women on the planet, I’m totally glad they chose her. She’s got some decent acting chops to boot, she’ll certainly bring the sexy to the role.

  20. It’s official, if you don’t like the casting of the new FF then you’re a racist. So says:http://www.theatlantic.com/entertainment/archive/2014/02/the-incoherent-backlashes-to-black-actors-playing-white-superheroes/283979/#disqus_thread

    A choice comment:
    “Comics need to expand and become more inclusive if they’re going to survive in this new century. Marvel seems to get this — Carol Danvers finally got promoted to Captain Marvel, and Kamala Kahn, a muslim woman, is taking up the mantle of Ms Marvel. In the Ultimates universe Peter Parker has died and been replaced by biracial Miles Morales. I’m glad to see that they’re starting to apply this philosphy to their films as well and wish Jordan the best, I’m sure he’s going to have a lot of fun. The only people I ever hear whining are the jerks who like to believe that they are the gatekeepers of comics fandom. They’re starting to become a minority, though, as fewer people are willing to tolerate their BS.”

    Nice to being a loyal comic book reader and a fanboy that supported a dying industry back in the day means nothing.

    • I also love the new Ms. Marvel, but I guess that is also irrelevant.

  21. PLEASE – keep your racist opinions to yourself.
    Screen Rant editors – please ban this guy from the site – if other readers agree – please state your opinion.

    • x2, ban the guy.

  22. I hope Jordan backs out of this movie just so people can stop complaining. That said the if the Fantastic Four was this popular they would not have “killed off” after Onslaught for a reboot.

    Comic book fans have evolved into religious dogma with something that was supposed to spur imagination and new ideas. Congratulations for being just like everyone else……

    • This

    • “Comic book fans have evolved into religious dogma with something that was supposed to spur imagination and new ideas.”

      That is a sweeping statement. Has it ever occurred to you that many comic fans have had to defend their fandom to people who couldn’t care less about comics before they were billion dollar movie franchises? People get upset for all sorts of silly reason, comics are no different than music or film or sports.

      There is no dogma because there is no church, no authority. Stan Lee maybe, but even he has his limits. Just a bunch of people with opinions, most reasonable and a few offensive. the offensive ones are obvious trolls.

      • I used to collect comic books and I always found some segments of the population to act like the stereotypes that usually needed defending. This Human Torch thing is a variation on the same old arguments some fans have made whenever there was an attempt to change something. The use of the concept of cannon to argue against any type of change in a comic book comes across like a type of dogma to me, since it assumes that something fictional is somehow written in stone.

        My sweeping statement may seem like an overreaching condemnation, but it is the Internet so it is aimed at those it applies to. These post are just a larger scale version of all of the letters that were sent in when they changed Spider-Man’s costume, replaced Steve Rogers and all the other gimmicks they tried in the 90′s that caused some people to lose their minds. The content of some of these comments are probably just trolling, and it is not even a point of being racist some of it just sounds ignorant.

        • I agree, it is a diverse population that does include an easy stereotype that is frequently abused.

        • As to the casting, Teller is the only one who looks anything like his comic book counterpart. Jordan could be great as Johnny, but then they need to find a new Reed who is taller and older than Jordan. Personally, I think not casting a black woman as his sited is just weird, not that it does not happen in RL but it isn’t anything like the comics. The Storms almost look like twins.

          Bottom line, if the movie is good than it is good. If it tanks then this whole issue will come back up, even if the movie is terrible. Anyways, that is my guess.

          I’m holding out final judgement for Dr. Doom and fx stills. For me, the biggest problem with the last FF movies were Doom and ironically Chris Evans as Johnny Storm.

  23. I like Jamie Bell and I like Miles Teller, but I cannot picture them in these roles.

  24. I like how the solution to the whole, well Johnny and Sue are siblings dilemma was to make one of them adopted since they are of different color or races. I mean i can digg it, its plausible and maybe that whole he’s my step brother and black thing growing up could have totally upped their bond together… But why? Can’t a black man or woman fall in love with a white significant other? And sure the actors look young and that is the approach btw, but they are about the same age as the previous casting. For Victor Von Doom I’m suggesting none other than mads mikkelsen, to me he seems just right. Having him in the movie might definately combat their youthfulness adding to the films star power. Have him be some sort of mentor, some sort of billionaire who hires the brilliant young scientists, but don’t have him go mad in full costume until one or two movies later.

  25. Mara is probably the only one who actually looks like their comic counterparts. Reed Richards has always been the older and wiser one of the group but now he’s going to be younger than Sue Storm? And well Jordan as Johnny Storm? No just no. And it isn’t even about it being possible to have a black and white sibling, it’s about them matching the comics.

    The only wild card I can’t comment on is who is playing Grimm since it’s long been rumored The Thing will be 100% CGI (of course I can’t picture a short, thin white guy as an ex-football superstar jock so it’s not looking good)

    • This Bell guy is listed as 5’7″. Michael Chiklis, 5’7″. The actor in the first unseen Fantastic Four film who played the Thing Michael Bailey Smith 6,4″.

      • Well Chiklis also DOES look like an ex-football jock though, height was just one of the things I listed ;)

    • Actually, I can not name a single redeeming aspect of this movie…not one. get wise, folks, save some money and cancel this whole project, until you can do it right, just like the comics. Until then, forget it.

  26. Cast Zoe Zaldana as the Invisible Woman and problem solved.

    • Might as well. Zoe has replaced Jessica Alba as “queen of the nerds” in my book.

  27. And for the next FF installment, we will have the FF tweens, complete with skank outfit and five o’clock shadow face paint. Outside of the Xmen, Marvel has turned into complete, mass-marketed garbage. I hate DC, but give me their realistic movies any day. Guess I’ll stick with my FF comics from the seventies and eighties.

  28. Hey, Stupid…I reported you to the site-runners. Please, go away…and/or drop dead.

    (Sorry, SR staff…I held my tongue on this nimrod as long as I could.)

  29. I looks like a CW TV series going to the big screen.

    • Exactly what I keep thinking. Casting aside; that’s whatever. It’s the plot that bothers me. The plot that’s been floating around seems to make no sense. Marvel could just be waiting for Fox to bomb this (AGAIN) and reboot it themselves for Phase 4.

    • Exactly what I keep thinking. Casting aside; that’s whatever. It’s the plot that bothers me. The plot that’s been floating around seems to make no sense. Marvel could just be waiting for Fox to bomb this (AGAIN) and reboot it themselves for Phase 4 or 5.