‘Fantastic Four’ Cast Update: Kate Mara is the Invisible Woman; Jamie Bell to Play The Thing

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Kate Mara Jamie Bell Fantastic Four Cast Fantastic Four Cast Update: Kate Mara is the Invisible Woman; Jamie Bell to Play The Thing

Marvel comic book adaptations are everywhere these days. Disney is paving the way to Phase 3 of The Avengers shared universe, Sony is busy establishing a longterm Spider-Man plot line (involving the Sinister Six and a Venom solo movie), while Fox is preparing a generation-bending team-up in X-Men: Days of Future Past (to be followed by an Apocalypse story). As a result, with a flashy new trailer for Guardians of the Galaxy to analyze, it can be easy to forget that Fox is also working on a reboot of the Fantastic Four.

Lately, casting news has kept the project on our radar, with one unceremonious quasi-confirmation after another. After reports confirmed Chronicle‘s Michael B. Jordan will play Johnny Storm in the upcoming film and Miles Teller (Project X) strongly hinted that he was also attached as Reed Richards, all eyes have been on the roles of Sue Storm/The Invisible Woman and Ben Grimm/The Thing. Today, it sounds like we might finally know which two performers are expected to round out the cast.

josh trank fantastic four rumors 570x294 Fantastic Four Cast Update: Kate Mara is the Invisible Woman; Jamie Bell to Play The Thing

According to a report from The Wrap, Jamie Bell (Jumper) is expected to play Grimm – though the studio has yet to extend him an official contract. The write-up also re-confirms what most people have already accepted as a given at this point – that Teller will play Reed Richards/Mr. Fantastic, assuming the actor and the studio can finalize schedules (and his overall deal). Meanwhile, Variety suggests that Kate Mara (House of Cards) has actually accepted an offer to play Storm.

Mara has been rumored as a possibility for weeks – after prior rumors asserted that Saoirse Ronan and Margot Robbie were also in the running for Storm. However, Variety‘s report is the first one to say that Mara has officially signed-on – and, given the specificity of where things stand with Teller and Bell as well, it’s very possible this updated information is also accurate.

Of course, the official casting of Mara raises a key question that has been at the forefront of the Fantastic Four reboot, ever since Jordan was rumored as Johnny Storm: given that Jordan is black and Mara is white, has screenwriter Simon Kinberg outright abandoned the traditional brother-sister relationship between the pair – or does he have a different explanation in mind (such as adoption)? It’ll be interesting to find out; though, both Mara and Jordan have offered solid performances in notable action fare and character-driven indies – meaning that whatever their relationship is in the reboot, the actors should have no problem delivering in the roles.

fantastic four movie reboot cast 570x294 Fantastic Four Cast Update: Kate Mara is the Invisible Woman; Jamie Bell to Play The Thing

On the other hand, The Wrap‘s post represents the first we’re hearing of Jamie Bell, best known for voicing the titular character in Steven Spielberg’s The Adventures of Tintin. That said, the actor is a star on the rise – with a notable turn in film festival favorite Snowpiercer followed by the impending (and controversial) release of Lars von Trier’s Nymphomaniac: Volume I and II. Like Mara and Jordan, Bell is a smart catch for the Fantastic Four reboot – one that should be especially encouraging to anyone who was rolling their eyes at the thought of Josh Gad as The Thing.

Assuming that director Josh Trank takes advantage of similar technologies as Joss Whedon used to capture Mark Ruffalo’s performance for the Hulk in The Avengers, we won’t get to see a lot of Bell (at least not after the initial accident  turns him into a superhero) but he has strong enough acting chops to ensure that Grimm’s humanity shows through his stony CGI exterior.

fantastic four movie reboot release date 2015 570x294 Fantastic Four Cast Update: Kate Mara is the Invisible Woman; Jamie Bell to Play The Thing

Obviously, industry reports are not the same thing as official confirmation but, as mentioned, the write-ups suggest knowing insight into where the studio is at with each of the primary cast members. Not to mention, earlier rumors indicated the script is now complete - and that potential cast members would be testing this month (February 2014). If the reports are to be believed, that means half of the team could now be confirmed, Mara and Jordan, with Teller and Bell still in talks. Given how much Teller has been spouting off about the project, even teasing casting news “soon,” it’s unlikely that he’ll drop out. Yet, anything is possible.

We’ll keep you up to date as Fox offers official information (or official denials) – including who might play the film’s villain.


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Fantastic Four is scheduled to open in U.S. theaters on June 19th, 2015.

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Sources: The Wrap and Variety

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  1. I don’t really get why Josh Trank wants to follow up his hit movie of a coming of age story about 3 boys who get fantastical powers with a coming of age story about 3 boys and 1 girl who gets fantastical powers.

    What next?

    I know, a coming of age story about 2 boys, 2 girls and 1 horse alien who gets fantastical powers….

    Josh Trank is a master of his craft….or a one trick pony.

    • Think you! I thought I was the only one taking notice

      • And both of you fail to notice that Mark Millar and Brian Michael Bendis created the “3 boys and 1 girl get superpowers” story in Ultimate Fantastic Four back in the early part of the previous decade which is being adapted for this movie.

        Not so much “one trick pony” as “smart way of using a popular re-imagining to cast younger actors for a potentially long-running franchise without having to replace aging actors or reboot in future”.

        I don’t even like Fantastic Four and have only read a handful of stories at best but it feels like most people check their brains at the door before commenting on this site.

        • I don’t fail to notice anything including your rude behavior consistently. Go bug someone else.

          Thanks and have a nice day!

    • two movies

    • One trick pony? This is only his second movie.

      • If you quote me, quote me accurantely…I said “…a master of his craft…or one trick pony”.

        Just an observation that it could be either…and that the 3 movie might give us some insight at that point.


    • Animorphs!

  2. Give me a decent story and I’ll be in the theater. I’ll wait for the reviews before I go though, which I think is par for the course for Fox’s Marvel films anyway.

  3. Silver Surfer was black in the last FF movie.

    • Actually he was silver. Your comment would only make sense if they put white paint on the new torch in this context. Who played the silver surfer is sort of irrelevant since whoever the actor was, he was not going to be seen as that actor.

      But I get the point you were trying to make.

      • Then why rebutt it LOL!

        I was just making the point that I don’t care what color the skin is as long as it’s done right. But looking at this cast just makes me cringe. I just cant see it. Other than that I could care less if Johnny was white or black. I never liked the Ultimates version and I wished they would have just stuck with Stan Lee’s FF instead of trying too hard. I didn’t mind Chronicle, but it wasn’t the greatest flick I have ever seen. It was OK. Trank is an OK director. Nothing stellar about him and that’s why I don’t think this movie is gonna take off. I’m pretty certain I will not be seeing this at all. But then again I did rent green lanturd after I was adamant about never seeing it. So…

        • I rebutted it cause I obviously disagree.

          Johnny Storm is white. Its really irrelevant if you think its okay to make him black or not…its really irrelevant if people think its not part of his character…its just what it is.

          And as far as that second argument goes as its bandied about on here, it does not make sense.

          Granted he is a fictional character on paper, but generally speaking Johnny is who he is based on the sum total of his experiences…that includes having a sister who is his real sibling…that includes having the white experience growing up….etc….

          I get your point, I was just pointing out that while I do get it, your argument makes no sense because the Silver Surfer was, well, Silver on the screen, not black.

          I would have no issue with Dr. Doom being black, but that is mostly because he could have been. He is generally covered up ( like the surfer ) and any backstory we might know about him could or could not be spun by him over the years.

          Johnny is clearly white and there has never been any indication that he never anything but a blonde haired white snotty sarcastic kid. That is just a fact regardless of how anyone wants to spin it. LOL.

          I have no problem with changing his race if that is what the consensus wants to do but at that point, its not really the Fantastic Four….its basically a “What if” story…an alternate reality story that has nothing to do with our Fantastic Four reality.

          And no amount of arguing is going to change that simple fact. I will admit I will see it on DVD just cause its probably going to be fairly decent and I have no problem with 4 kids getting fantastic powers much like I really enjoyed Chronicle…but at the end of the day, thats all its going to be….4 kids who get powers…not the Fantastic Four.

          • Plus Johnny Storm is Sue storms brother

          • The white experience? Come on, man. We aren’t living in the 1960′s anymore.

            • Can I ask why the white experience is a 1960′s concept? He grew up white…that has to be different than growing up black, right?

              Generally speaking I think that growing up white has to be somewhat different than growing up black. But the same can be said of growing up Hispanic, growing up Asian, growning up Indian, growing up Norweigian, growing up French….there are just going to be differences in local culture, parenting, neighborhoods, schools, history, etc…

              This is not a racism arguement its just reality….I don’t think someone who grew up with parents who believe that you should have an arranged marriage say, would have the same life experiences I would have who parents could care less how I grew up. :)

              If Johnny had grown up black, he would be by definition a much different person. Just like if the Black Panther had grown up white and the son of Queen Elizabeth…he just would not be the Black Panther…and the reason is not his skin color…the reason is he grew up *differently*. He would not have the same life experiences that formed his pesonality…that is a 1960′s racism comment..that is just reality…you say a rose and a tulip are the same flower just because you want to swap flowerbeds.

              But by all means, lets cry out racism everytime someone says that. Amazing.

            • Being white and male is still easier sadly.

            • It’s the Stormfront crowd, coming to speak their mind.

          • I do agree with you. And my Silver Surfer comment was more being sarcastic than anything.
            When I look at the cast I am trying to not look at the color but at the cast itself and I just don’t see Fantastic Four with this cast. Not saying they suck at acting, just saying I am not sold that this is Fantastic Four. Maybe when footage comes out I may lean more pro than con. Not going to play into the race card with this comment, but I don’t think Johnny Storm should be black. And it’s nothing to do with race but the fact that Johnny is all in all white. I have never seen a black torch at all in any of the FF books. Now I am all for black characters in film and I am all for “adjustments” to characters in comics, but I dunno, not sold on this flick at all.

            GotG on the other hand looks like an awesome flick and I am more excited for that movie than I am for FF, Spider-Man and X-Men combined.

      • Good thing they didn’t do “before” shots of Noran Radd before he became SS. The internet would have fried!

    • The Silver Surfer was played by Doug Jones (White) but voiced by Lawrence Fishburne he was white AND black.

      • oh snap he was, damn maybe that’s why he’s “silver” lol

        • ……………….*chuckles, looks around*……………………*waits till people leave*………LOLOLOLOLOL

  4. Stil take Roger Cormans cast over this. Won’t waste my money. Wait for dvd..

  5. i really dont get it,why would they hire michael b jordan as human torch i mean dont get me wrong i like the guy especially in the fruitvale station he’s a very good actor but its like hiring a white actor to play black panther or luke cage.i think FOX knows how to mess things up for marvel,i feel sorry for the FF,dang i wish they were in the MCU

  6. I love most of the comic book movies…I even (sort of) liked the other FF4 and Daredevil movies. But this just doesn’t sound right to me. It reminds me of the 90′s Godzilla remake – had the Godzilla name; had minor similarities; but was not really a Godzilla movie. The story was different, the creature was different, it behaved differently…it was not Godzilla. That’s how I feel about this movie. It’s just not the Fantastic 4. At all. Even if it turns out to be a decent movie it is simply not a FF4 movie. They should have just used this idea to create a new group that could be and do their own thing and left the FF4 movie alone to be done as an actual FF4 movie.

    • I totally agree.

    • Take this cast and do New Warriors. Speedball, Night Thrasher, Namorita and Nova.

  7. I can’t really think of worse casting (I know it’s early and not 100% confirmed). What’s The Thing gonna look like? Is the fem Doc Doom still happening ? What a cluster F

  8. Comic book fans,boycott this movie to show Hollywood that we are tired of their crap,then maybe they will make movies that we actually want to go see.

    I love Kate Mara,but how in the hell is Jamie Bell The Thing?! And nevermind about Jordan as The Human Torch,because that’s an easy argument against right now,but this movie is shaping up more and more to become a train wreck.

    I’m not wasting a single cent on this one.

    • Agreed. This is just absurd.

      I am curious how the media would have reacted had they cast a white guy as Hawk or Bishop.

      Liberalism is one thing. But flinging it in people’s faces in spite of canon is pushing an agenda. It’s not artistic. It’s political.

      • Falcon* not Hawk. Sorry.

        • Now we’re doing political conspiracies about superhero movies? LOL.

          It’s just called “playing the demographics.” Fantastic Four isn’t a big enough draw on its own, so by adding a black character you get a that whole black demographic to take an interest in the movie.

          It’s not politics, man. Just industry. Which is ALWAYS the agenda of the “Film Industry.”

          • It’s not conspiratorial at all. It’s pretty well established that Hollywood is extremely liberal in it’s inclinations. I don’t think even you can argue that.

            I will give that maybe my correlation could be a stretch. But, it’s backed by evidence over the years that decisions made by studios tend to be populist and liberally biased.

            In this case and with Electro and Gamora, the actors are black. Why? The last time I checked, I am fairly certain there were other demographics in the world to choose from. If they were casting for the sake of being artistically challenging, why bang the same drum?

            This is academic. Johnny Storm and and Sue Storm are brother/sister. Why in the world would you make one black and the other white? Why would you make them of disparate ethnicities of any kind for that matter?

            I don’t expect Hollywood to change it’s tone. But when you start messing with a fan base’s canon, you’re not only making a bad business decision, but also contentious one that is unnecessarily divisive.

          • So Kofi what you are saying then since Shaft won’t play well with white audiences because of Demographics, us white folk can take Shaft and make him white in our next movie so it sells more tickets. hahahaha load of horsespit.

            • People don’t rule out movies because the characters don’t match their race, but sometimes people do have a renewed interest in a movie because of the cultural connection they can make with it. Would Dances with Wolves or The Last Samurai have been popular in the US if they featured an all Native American or All Japanese cast? Probably not as much, and that is because many would feel they couldn’t connect with the story.

              Them making a character black that was once white is just a way to help different aspects of the audience make a cultural connection with the movie, which should improve ticket sales.

              I get that its contradictory to the notion of siblings to make them from different races, but the fact is that having children of mixed races is more common these days, because the concept of family has been constantly evolving. Anyone who grows up their whole life in the same house with someone is going to consider them family, regardless of race. People need to quit getting so hung up on the details…

              • Then have Hollywood make a Quantum and Woody movie.

  9. Well, I suppose one out of four not being atrocious decisions isn’t too bad.

  10. So I don’t mind the casting choices, but I really think Bell should play Johnny Storm, and Jordan should pla Ben Grimm. It makes more sense to me that way. Reading the comics, the Thing could have easily been created as a black character except they weren’t making black super heroes back then. Also, Bell and Nara look like they could be siblings.

    • Right. Okay, I agree with Kate Mara as Storm but Jamie Bell as the Thing? Jordan as the Thing makes more sense to me and I can see it but Bell is more of the Human Touch type. It just makes me wonder if casting is being done by Fox or the director/producers. I don’t know. Trank is either a genuis or this movie is going to be an epic fail. From what I’m reading, Trank is given free range on this project so if it fails, it all falls on Trank IMO

      • I don’t think Jamie Bell will be wearing the suit or whatever that Michael Chiklis wore in the old FF movies. He has done motion capture work before so maybe he will be doing motion capture for The Thing and voicing.

  11. With this official casting announcement I ‘officially’ have written off this reboot. I have zero interest in this cast and yet another Hollywood A-hole thinking that the source material means nothing. The day they decide to make Falcon, Blade, or Black Panther played by a white dude and I hear all you people say “it doesn’t matter if Black Panther is white as long as it’s done well”… then I may change my mind. Changing the gender, the race, the name, the origin… it just sucks. I can’t stand the hypocrisy from all these holier-than-thou people (especially that comment on here) who have no respect for source material.

    • They’re are dozens of really big and popular white comic book heroes. They’re literally only name five black ones off the top of my head. So no, its not the same.

      • LOL

      • +100000000000

      • No… you don’t get internet points for rebutting with anecdotal irrelevancy.

    • @stevenlaw: It’s incredible how people like you are unable to see that what you’re saying is insanely stupid. Sorry, but there are actually rather simple and justifiable reasons as to why certain characters actually can’t be changed while it’s fine for others – and if you can’t reach those conclusions yourself then you must be a pretty stupid person, sorry to say :/

      • It’s incredible that you would berate someone as an argument. It doesn’t support yours to do so. In fat, it undermines it.

        Instead of calling someone stupid, why don’t you try forming a cogent argument for what you believe. Trust me, it works better.

    • Could not agree more with the majority of posts on here – I’m a comic book fan with ZERO interest in this because of goofy casting. I always loved the FF and it’s a shame for these potentially quality characters. You can have black roles, but not for established characters that have been around forever that are clearly white. Create or remake some other movie if you want to create quality black roles for your actors, but don’t make Johnny Storm black and don’t make Dr Doom a female – that’s disrespectful to the core audience of these characters of 40 years and outright dumb.

    • I never understand why people assume that if things happen “the reverse way” that it will be the exact same reaction. You don’t really know that. It also kinda comes off as a back-door acknowledgement that you know your own “it’s wrong to change it” reaction is not 100 A-Ok.

    • Just curious what your thoughts are then when “A-hole” comic writers and publishers choose to change the source material on a whim to increase sales and whatnot? You do know that almost every comic book character has had their origins altered at some time or another in their long histories and that’s part of the problem these film studios are having, determining which canon they’re supposed to be following.

  12. I dont understand the whole obsession with being faithful to the source material. If you want to see the same story and same ideas over and over then re-read the comics. There is no reason for films to be “faithful” to source material except for sucking in fanboys who won’t see it otherwise. Film is a different medium and has the ability to tell a different story and if Josh Trank sees fit to cast a black actor as Johnny Storm then he probably has a good reason. If the film comes out and it sucks then fine whine all you want but until then don’t freak out about not sticking to the source material as if it is some perfect ideal.

  13. I was not a big fan of the original films, but one thing that I appreciated was that Michael Chiklis insisted that he be put in pounds of heavy makeup and a hot costume to play the Thing, instead of CGI (don;t know if mo- cap was an option). He reasoned that that was how Ben should be portrayed, as deep under the rocky exterior, there was still a human soul there. He got it.

  14. Hmmm…

    Good thing I don’t have to remind those people using terms like “abortion”, “fail”, “POS”, etc. about that (possibly?) different casting of Janet (van Dyne?) as Hank Pym’s daughter in the “real” Marvel cinematic universe, instead of his wife. After all, they would then OBVIOUSLY boycott the “Ant Man” film coming…those gosh-darned Marvel company people making those gosh-darned unnecessary changes…Oh, wait.

    As for those people complaining about Fox’s adaptation of the “Ultimate Universe”…You’re right. It’s not like the “real” Marvel films use those character versions…of Hawkeye or Captain America or Fury. Phew! Close call! Oh, wait.


  15. Jamie Bell would make a better Johnny Storm/Human Torch.

  16. This movie is going to suck. 20th Century Fox always tries to be “different” from the comics but it never works right. All I need to say is Bryan Singer’s Quicksilver. A laughing stock.

    • Bryan Singer said that his quicksilver will be far removed from his comic-book roots, I think he looks silly as well but not a laughing stock, people tend to overreact.

      • Far removed from the canon? then why the heck have the character in it at all? It was just Bryan Singer trying to sting Joss Whedon cause he’s all butt hurt that Joss was using Quicksilver in the Avengers movie. Bryan Singer is better off not using the character at all if he’s going to take the character so far off his origins that he’s not even Quicksilver anymore. I hate directors who view characters as just another lump of clay they think they can just mold them into whatever and people will buy it. Well I’m not buying it.

  17. I’ve been reading Marvel comics (including FF) since I could read. Before that, I looked at the pictures while my dad read me the words. Marvel has meant a lot to me, and the stories from their comics have honestly taught me a lot and helped me to be who I am today. Because this means a lot to me, I just need to say something. Anyone who is angry about Jordan as Johnny Storm is absolutely ridiculous. I’ve seen arguments saying that the “experience of being white” is part of what made him who he is in the comics. No. That isn’t a thing. I understand generalizations, but the experience of growing up cannot be contained in just that. Many other factors come into play. Jordan has proved himself an excellent actor who can be comedic, outgoing, charming, hot-headed, and everything that Johnny Storm is. The casting in this movie sounds great so far (Jamie Bell as Ben Grimmm will be interesting), and I can’t wait for this movie.

    • Peter Dinklage is an outstanding actor as well. But would it make sense to cast him as Shaq in a Shaqueal O’Neil biography?

      There are things that makes sense from a rational point of view and there are others that simply don’t. There are casting choices that can be played around with and others that require a specific type.

      Casting Jordan as Johnny Storm (brother to a white Sue Storm) is just taking “artistic license” past the point of suspension of disbelief.

      And getting indignant about it doesn’t reinforce your position.

      • Shaq is a real person. Johnny Storm is not. Comic book characters have a history of retconning their origins.

        Plus, aside from skin color, Michael B. fits the mold of the Human Torch. Also, there are many families with children of different races, so the concept isn’t far-fetched. Certainly not as far-fetched as 45 year old, 4’5″ actor portraying a 7’1″ 320 pound basketball player. I’d be fine if The Dinklage played the role of a short, mid-40′s superhero that was previous portrayed as black.

        • Johnny Storm is an established icon in the comic world as much as Shaq is in the basketball world.

        • +1

          People act like MBJ doesn’t fit the exact mold of Johnny Storm. He has demonstrated quite succinctly the ability to fit the role like a glove. Comparing him to Dinklage playing Shaq (a real person no less) is not even remotely close to a sound argument.

  18. I can only assume that Fox and WB are having some sort of competition to see who can make the worst casting choices.

    • LOL!! Good one!

    • @ JP

      + 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000

      Boy you said it JP.
      How much more obvious could it be that the ONLY studio in Hollywood that has ANY clue on how to make a CBM, & actually makes great ones is Marvel Studios. If not for them the CBM genre would be total crap.
      WB, Fox & Sony (to some degree) just seem to not have a clue on how to handle CBM character right. It’s sad really.

  19. I might be the only one lol, but I absolutely love these choices. Don’t know much about Jamie Bell but Kate Mara seems like a great choice if you ask me. Mix that with Michael B. Jordan and Miles Teller and you have my attention. Really looking forward to this movie, I’m sure Josh Trank will do wonders with this property.

    • You are definitely NOT the only one. I am intrigued by and interested in these choices. I look forward to seeing what comes of them… :)

  20. I just don’t understand why they would make this movie at all. They’re not that interesting… I mean for me at least. Its boring…but I do agree with everyone about the lack of care with the source material. I love the x men films if only because there are no others so I’m really in a sense, desperate enough to enjoy it.
    If they had made the same free will changes to Harry potter or LOTR then the movies would’ve bombed and probably would’ve come under heavy criticism from fans… And that’s accepted. Being that the source is from a comic seems to make them think that they have freedom to change whatever they want to fit into their story because idk… Comics are silly? I don’t care about Brian singers vision. He got lucky with usual suspects but… Really… The first x men film is unrecognizable to fans. The whole “something’s don’t translate well into film from the comics” isn’t even the issue but yet their excuse.

  21. Fox has no choice, they have to stunt cast, honestly they don’t have good cards in their hands.

    plus what other characters do they have right too? kind of like always seeing the Pumpkin thrower in Spidey

  22. I’ve commented before, about this film and it’s casting choices, but this will be the last time,because Fox and Josh Trank can stick their FF reboot where the sun don’t shine.

    And for all you MBJ as Johnny Storm apologists out there, tell me it’s ok when they cast a black actor to play Superman, Batman, or any one of the other heavyweights of the comic book world, and I will go see this movie!

  23. I’m starting to think that the superhero genre is in a decline. Just a few years ago, Batman vs the Joker was enough to sell tickets. Now the studios are just toying with the fans with crazy timelines (x-men), multiple reboots (spider-man, ff) and giant team-ups (superman/batman, avengers, x-men). Constant reboots fail, because the audience doesn’t get to grow with the characters. Team-ups are cool during the final action scenes, but character development gets under served (think cyclops, iceman, and hawkeye to name a few).

    • The crazy timeline thing is a result of the terrible continuity of the x-men movies, it isn’t really a gimmick to draw people into the theater. Superman and Batman teaming up on screen is something that has been desired for a very long time but its not happening because of the boom in popularity of superheroes. It’s all about money, it always has been of course there will be reboots, Sony has to reboot Spider-Man because it’s not like they have a TON of characters to headline movies, and the same with Fantastic Four. Hawkeye didn’t get developed because nobody cares, from the movies we know that he is an experienced, gifted archer, who worked with Black Widow in the past in Budapest and him and Black Widow had potential conflict in the past because he was going to kill her.

      This genre isn’t going anywhere for the next 10 years

    • I personally don’t think it’s in a decline but what I DO think is happening is all the studios are in it for the money now. period. This means twisting and screwing with the canon to make it more mass appealing (like turning the FF here into a “tweenie”, ethnically diverse cast). They would rather alienate the 5% of comicbook fans to have 10% more ticket sales.

  24. I’m very interested in this new casting. It looks like a fresh new start for the F4.
    But of course, there WILL BE racist out there that won’t like it.
    Who cares what they like/dislike, they’re at least 2 decades behind everyone else, stuck in their primitive 50s mindset.
    Looking forward to the film. One more year to go.

    • Typical response is to call people who disagree with this casting a racist. thanks for calling me and everyone on here who disagrees with the casting racists. Makes my day being lumped in with some of the most vile human beings on the planet. All because I don’t like the cast but like the actors.

  25. I couldn’t care less about casting a black guy as a fictional character previously portrayed as a white dude. It’s the age of the actors that’s bothering me. Why would a group of mid-twenties young adults be on a space mission? Despite being 27, Miles Teller looks like a teenager. Is there a FF origin that doesn’t involve them obtaining their powers from cosmic space rays?

  26. So, I’m sure that all of the people up in arms over a black guy playing Johnny Storm are equally as upset about a Brit playing The Thing. Right?


    • You can change your voice. Not your chromosomes.

  27. This looks really awful! What is wrong with directors, writers, and producers, that they go out of their way to garbage up what could be a good flick or franchise? Unbelievable. usually if a movie looks good, I’ll buy the DVD sight unseen, but this one I will wait to hear the reviews and maybe watch on Netflix first to see if it has any business in my collection. I could list all the things wrong with it, but frankly, it is everything! especially the casting. I would be hard-pressed to find anything right about it so far. The first two had lots of faults but were not too bad (except for the dancing superhero garbage), and initially I might have been OK, tho, with a reboot, but this is one of those movies that just simply should not be made!

  28. I so want this movie to fail. So many liberties, the age, demographics, the story, the relationship between the brothers, a female villain. These people think they are so smart, thinking that these changes will get people into watching this films. In the end this movie is just a bunch of crap. Hope it fails so the rights go back to Marvel. ¿I wonder how they feel about this crap?

  29. Will Kate Mara go blonde or pull an Amy Adams and stick with her red hair?