‘Fantastic Four’ Cast Test Update; Michael B. Jordan is Attached [Updated]

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fantastic four movie reboot cast Fantastic Four Cast Test Update; Michael B. Jordan is Attached [Updated]

There’s been several rumors about the Fantastic Four movie reboot – ranging from who’s in serious discussion to join the cast to plot details – and while you’re probably as tired of reading (and as tired as we are of reporting them) as director Josh Trank, the film will soon finalize its cast ahead of production this spring.

A handful of 20-something up and comers are reported as having been either given consideration or tested for roles in Trank’s F4, which may take its cues from the Ultimate Fantastic Four comic book continuity and make the eponymous superheroes (as a whole) younger than they are in non-Ultimate F4 comics. Those aren’t the only steps in a new direction for the F4 movie franchise that this reboot looks to take, as you may’ve heard by now.

THR is confirming a longstanding claim that Michael B. Jordan (as Johnny Storm/Human Torch) is the only actor attached to the F4 reboot currently, as a result of 20th Century Fox “exercising the option” it has on the actor following the found-footage hit Chronicle (also directed by Trank). That Jordan is a handsome and charismatic actor whose star is rapidly on the rise – thanks to his performances in films like Fruitvale Station – makes him a nice catch for the film and arguably deserving of the role, despite controversy over the “race-switching” of the Human Torch character.

michael b jordran fantastic four reboot Fantastic Four Cast Test Update; Michael B. Jordan is Attached [Updated]

Michael B. Jordan is attached to ‘Fantastic Four’

Speaking of departures from the traditional F4 mythos, THR‘s Heat Vision has also been hearing that classic F4 villain Dr. Doom will again be the central antagonist in Trank’s movie reboot. The word from their insiders is that the role will be filled by a big name – a bigger name than Julian McMahon (who played Doom in director Tim Story’s F4 movies) anyway – and that the character might be gender-switched. Nothing is set in stone just yet, though, so best to wait for additional information on this topic.

UPDATE: Josh Trank has commented on the Doom gender-switch rumor:

Meanwhile, screen testing is ongoing for Trank’s comic book film, though some of the previously-mentioned names have been ruled out due to scheduling conflicts or related issues. The two actresses reported to have tested for Sue Storm/Invisible Woman just yesterday are Kate Mara (House of Cards) and Emmy Rossum (Shameless), while Christian Cooke (Romeo and Juliet (2013)) is reported to have recently tested for Ben Grimm/Thing. In addition, Miles Teller (That Awkward Moment) appears to still be the front-runner to play Reed Richards/Mr. Fantastic, as competitor Kit Harington (Game of Thrones) has moved on to other projects.

Mara has been shortlisted for the F4 reboot for several months now, whereas other previously-named starlets like Saoirse Ronan (The Grand Budapest Hotel) and Margot Robbie (The Wolf of Wall Street) appear to be no longer in the running. Like Teller and Jordan, Mara in particular is someone who’s arguably “earned” the right to headline a superhero franchise, after doing fine character work on shows like House of Cards and American Horror Story, in addition to films like 127 Hours and 10 Years.

Kate Mara Transcendence Cast Fantastic Four Cast Test Update; Michael B. Jordan is Attached [Updated]

Kate Mara is in the running for ‘Fantastic Four’

If nothing else, the cast shortlist for the F4 reboot is evidence of something that our editors discussed on a recent Screen Rant Underground Podcast episode (as part of a conversation that partly dealt with the latest Batman vs. Superman casting): that in general, major studios are no longer interested in pleasing hardcore fans with the casting for superhero comic book movie blockbusters. Even Marvel Studios – widely considered to be one of the more fan-friendly studios – has begun to move further and further away from that box (see: Ant-Man casting).

So far, though, a good chunk of these casting selections/rumors (including those for F4) have involved bringing in top-notch talent and/or embraced diversity and change in the comic book industry (if only for commercial/demographic-marketing purposes) – neither of which reads as a bad thing, when you stop to give it a fair amount of thought. Feel free to take that into consideration, while sounding off about the latest F4 news in the comments section of this article.


Fantastic Four is scheduled to open in U.S. theaters on June 19th, 2015.

Source: THR

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  1. Good lord, this is going to be terrible. So now Johnny Storm is black (I guess he’s Sue’s half brother or adopted sibling?) and Dr. Doom is going to be a woman. Token gestures by Fox to be more PC.

    • This is old news…where have you been?

    • Good Lord, our president is black and we now have women in high offices and gays can get married.. where have you been for the past lifetime?

      • One has nothing to do with the other… I don’t want a black Sherlock Holmes or a black James Bond… Make new diverse characters, don’t muck with the ones already established. it’s pandering crap.

        • Thank you. You know they could make Ben Grimm, Dr. Doom or even Reed Richards black and it wouldn’t affect the story at all because those characters are more based on their gender than their race. A good example of this was the Kingpin in Daredevil being portrayed by Michael Clarke Duncan. Now imagine if the Kingpin was played by a woman. Totally changes the character. Sue Storm and Johnny Storm should be the same race, whether it’s white, black, hispanic or asian.

    • OMG! Johnny Storm is black! OMG OMG… get over it.

    • He’s definitely going to have to be adopted. how else are you going to explain it? I’m an African american, and I hate this decision if it’s one the studio is going with. Say what you will about the original movies, but at least they got it right when it came to the family dynamics.

    • AWESOME!!! Another reason for me NOT to spend my money on this movie!!!

  2. hold up…are you saying Dr.Doom is going to be a female?

  3. They’re changing the race of Torch, and the gender of Doctor Doom? Not a big deal, I’m just tired of the black and white thing. If they really want diversity, and getting the role is about talent, then how about some of the other races being represented. Last time I looked America wasn’t just white or black. Where’s the Hispanics, Indians, Chinese, or any other group? And I’m white.

    • Just be honest…you dont wanna see any black people in the movies….

  4. I don’t see a problem (as I have posted before) with a different race playing the part, as long as the actor plays the part well. If anything, sue could be black too or he could be adopted. As long as the powers don’t come from a genetic thing (read: mutation) they could still see each other as siblings even if they are related by blood.

    The gender switching on the other hand seems far out there. I am not a comic book reader but I’m sure there are plenty of female villains to choose from. If they found a strong female character to be the bad guy, use a different character. That way dr. Doom can still come around in a later film. Right?

  5. Dr. Doom will be a woman? Will she still be the monarch of an eastern european country? I’m trying to picture it but it seems very odd… this has to be a false rumor or something.

  6. Dr. Doom a female? Will she be Reed’s jilted/scorned lover or something?

  7. I am getting sicker and sicker to my stomach the more I hear about this movie. I understand that they don’t feel the need cater to the hard core comic fans, but normally even the hard core fans will go and support a comic based movie when there are some changes, but you make too many CORE changes to the story fans know and love, they are going to start boycotting it, and that will be a larger cross section of movie-goers than I think they realize.

  8. some serious stunt casting it’s sad if true

  9. This project is dead to me. How could they cast someone like that in such an iconic role? Is nothing sacred anymore? I mean, a woman as Doctor Doom? My god, they are monsters!

  10. A lack of respect for the material, compels my lack of respect for this production team.
    I (who saw both previous FF4 films in the theater) will not be going to see this film.

    I want a Fantastic Four film.

    NOT a film inspired by the Fantastic Four. :P

  11. I just hope they stay true to old-fashioned gender stereotypes and have her refer to herself as “Princess Doom”.

  12. Even I’m thinking this is getting weird.

    I genuinely feel bad for Mike B. Not going to be easy for the first black guy playing a super hero who ignites on fire. It’s like handing knuckleheads a prime target for “burnt black” jokes…

    Female Doc Doom? Strange. (See what I did there?)

    • Maybe the torch will start out white until his first “flame on”….

      • …and then he would heal and turn back to white again?

        The most stupid comment I’ve read today.

  13. A female Dr. Doom?

    Thats straying a lil too far from canon.

  14. LOL I agree let’s blacktop the comics world now First they make Perry White “black” hey let’s make BLACK Panther a white guy when the time comes.. then the other camp will raise cain over it.go ahead make reed Hispanic The thing oriental and Sue an Eskimo that will cover the globe and totally crapfest this stupid remake

    • Screw off with Perry White. Nothing changed with him being a black guy.

    • “Oriental”???… U must be racist.

  15. I was excited for this movie – Loved CHRONICLE and Mile B Jordan could be awesome as Johnny. Seems a little level headed for the hot head though… While I would not care for Peter Parker & Cap to have their races changed given their heritage, there are many characters I personally don’t care and just want to see a great movie.

    That said, making DR. DOOM a woman? Seriously? Thats just crazy. I mean it’ll open up plenty of jokes, i.e. a woman scorned etc. But seriously, DOOM is frankly one of the most feared human characters in all of Marvel Comics, like raging Magneto fearsome. And I am already groaning seeing what they are going to do with his/her armor/breastplate.

    I mean DOOM is supposed to be Romanian, a gypsy, who takes over a small country for his own. Not to say a woman CAN’T be crazy. But um… yeah far less excited. In fact at this point consider my enthusiasm waned. Gonna take a hell of a trailer to fix it now.

  16. So does this make Johnny Sue’s brother or brotha?

    “And when I say brother, I don’t mean, like, an actual brother, but I mean it like the way black people use it. Which is more meaningful I think.” Derek Zoolander

  17. This whole movie is crap from the get go. What a waste of a good property. Give the rights back to Marvel…

  18. Didn’t mind the Jordan casting.

    Didn’t mind them basing it (potentially) on Ultimate FF with the younger team.

    Not sure if we should have a female Doom though but it’s just rumour so thinking nothing more of it.

  19. Wow….and they say that dc is taking risks with casting.

    I agree with kofi and the other editors writers. Sometimes directors want to make a movie they wanna make. No amount of fan outcry and petitions will change their minds.

    On that I must say I can’t seem to get hyped for this one. Sony is try to revieve the spiderman francise and seems to have a strong following and support. Marvel even with risks like gotg and the changes to mythos of the mutants to make them fit and casting hank pym as a retired hero….those are hard pills to swallow. Even dc is makeing waves with casting and pushing back the release….but people are still hyped about it.

    Even xmen is still getting people excited but this is one film no one seems behind. MBJ is a solid actor but the rest of the cast I’m not sure.

    Also I don’t like the tone of how some say these people deserve to be in a superhero movie. Look at batman vs superman and how everyones dream cast is torn to shreads. We can think xyz deserve to be in a superhero movie but its all up to directors to make a choice. And in the last 6 movies I’ve looked at none were choices id make but id still watch and see.

  20. If they want to use a woman, they should use Lucia von Bardas INSTEAD of Doctor Doom. That way, they have their female Latverian antagonist, but won’t have to worry about angering thousands of fans.

    • It’s a better idea than changing a character to Victoria Von Doom.

  21. this is gonna be horrible

  22. Why can’t they just ask the fans online like “hey
    you guys should give us some ideas and we will
    see what we can do”

    • No. Please, no, don’t EVER ask fans online who to cast.

      You’ve seen the comments on this site alone. People have the dumbest ideas ever and cast based on looks rather than acting ability or potential in the role.

      • @Dazz, completely agreed. Actors also don’t want every role, particularly if they’re meaningless and one-dimensional.

        But no, actors aren’t human. They’re brand names, and we want those brand names on our new (figurative) pair of jeans.

      • @Dazz, another thing… Every time I see your avatar, I think it’s a chameleon. Only the other day did I look closer and see it’s a woman, but I thought it’s a lizard with orange eyes on a green background. :/

        • Haha, yeah, it’s Harley Quinn from the cover of Suicide Squad Volume 1 with the rest of the team behind her.

          Thinking of updating it since she has her own solo series again now.

        • Dammit, I’ll try a 3rd time.

          It’s Harley Quinn with the rest of the S*icide Squad behind her in The New 52 version of the team.

          No clue why my comment hasn’t shown so far.

  23. I was willing to give Michael B Jordan a chance, even though I want CMB movies to stay somewhat true to the comics. But a female Dr. Doom.

    If that’s true I wont be seeing this movie. Just make a female villain don’t change Dr.Doom. They will learn when this film flops, if this rumor is true.

  24. I like MBJ and have no problem with him as the Torch. Why not remove the obstacle course and just cast one of the many talented, young black actresses as Sue Storm. Problem solved and will cause no distraction or change to the script. I should get a consulting fee. :)

    • They should just get Zac Efron to play Ben and make it a Fantastic Four version of that awkward moment.

      • I already asked Efron – he was not interested: http://screenrant.com/fantastic-four-michael-jordan-miles-teller-cast-2015/

        • That’s disappointing. I don’t really get how any particular actor or actress deserves a superhero role but I adore Zac so I think he can do anything. Miles is quickly becoming one of my favorites right now so hopefully he does get cast in this movie.

  25. “Meryl Streep could play Batman and be the right choice.”

  26. Failure is beneath doom… Doom is the best marvel villain. Stop changing the material you have to work with fox… Just stop making comic
    Book movies because from what I can already see. Your “shared” universe is going nowhere.

  27. Hmm, well the Movie universe is not the 616 so for that I’m always open to reinterpretation of characters and the world in which they exist. Provided the characters personality/motivations/temperament etc his/her “Essence” isnt destroyed/neutered or altered to the point where they might as well have gone with a different name. The torch’s ethnicity, meh, who cares, there is nothing about him that makes his character dependent on his racial background. He’s a hot headed, show boat who cares about his family.. Thats it. So whatever, even if it were never addressed in the film directly, adoption or reconstituted famillies from divorce are quite common and topical, I’m sure any discerning viewer could put it together without it altering ones enjoyment in the least. Wether they are biological sibling or not is irrelevant since for all intent and purposes the Ff has always been about genuinely caring for each other and treat each other as family.

    The female Doom rumor is an odd one and harder to envision. If a woman where to act as Doom does in the comics/cartoons etc it would look out of place. Not saying its not possible simply that Doom attitude/ego/superiority complex is infused with so much machismo that i dont think a woman would approach the conquest of a country and goals of global domination in quite the same way. Perhaps thats just my personal bias though. But if the character has the same standing as its male 616 counterpart, yet doesnt act like the character.. What is the point then in calling him/her Doom? I’ll wait and see if this is remotely true and were it to be, how they would go about interpreting that version of doom (i keep seeing Charlize Theron’s character in that Huntsman movie as a basic template perhaps).

  28. doom…the Dr. Doom…MARVEL’s leading and most awesome bad guy….a woman….SOMEONE IS GOING TO DIE!!!!!!!

    On the plus side when this movie super tanks MARVEL and Disney can buy back the rights for a bargain!

    Think positive, that’s my moto!

  29. Someone please explain to me how in the hell Fox still owns the FF rights when we haven’t seen a new movie in the franchise since 2007? I thought that in order for these studios that still own the rights to Marvel properties have to get a new movie in active production within 5 years or lose the rights. If that’s the case, Fox should have lost the rights way back in 2012. How do they still have them? I would just love an explanation.

    • They rushed production to get things started in October 2012, just before the deadline that would’ve reverted the rights back to Marvel.

      Basicaly, they had no movie at that point but started some pre-production just to prevent Marvel getting the rights back while allowing Daredevil and Ghost Rider to return to Feige’s hands.

    • Actually I think it is 10 years, not 5. I wish it was 5!

      • Nope, again, they had until October 2012 to start production on a FF, Ghost Rider and Daredevil movie and decided to let the DD and GH rights revert to Marvel but rushed FF into pre-production to keep the team within their roster of movie properties.