‘Fantastic Four’ Cast Test Update; Michael B. Jordan is Attached [Updated]

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fantastic four movie reboot cast Fantastic Four Cast Test Update; Michael B. Jordan is Attached [Updated]

There’s been several rumors about the Fantastic Four movie reboot – ranging from who’s in serious discussion to join the cast to plot details – and while you’re probably as tired of reading (and as tired as we are of reporting them) as director Josh Trank, the film will soon finalize its cast ahead of production this spring.

A handful of 20-something up and comers are reported as having been either given consideration or tested for roles in Trank’s F4, which may take its cues from the Ultimate Fantastic Four comic book continuity and make the eponymous superheroes (as a whole) younger than they are in non-Ultimate F4 comics. Those aren’t the only steps in a new direction for the F4 movie franchise that this reboot looks to take, as you may’ve heard by now.

THR is confirming a longstanding claim that Michael B. Jordan (as Johnny Storm/Human Torch) is the only actor attached to the F4 reboot currently, as a result of 20th Century Fox “exercising the option” it has on the actor following the found-footage hit Chronicle (also directed by Trank). That Jordan is a handsome and charismatic actor whose star is rapidly on the rise – thanks to his performances in films like Fruitvale Station – makes him a nice catch for the film and arguably deserving of the role, despite controversy over the “race-switching” of the Human Torch character.

michael b jordran fantastic four reboot Fantastic Four Cast Test Update; Michael B. Jordan is Attached [Updated]

Michael B. Jordan is attached to ‘Fantastic Four’

Speaking of departures from the traditional F4 mythos, THR‘s Heat Vision has also been hearing that classic F4 villain Dr. Doom will again be the central antagonist in Trank’s movie reboot. The word from their insiders is that the role will be filled by a big name – a bigger name than Julian McMahon (who played Doom in director Tim Story’s F4 movies) anyway – and that the character might be gender-switched. Nothing is set in stone just yet, though, so best to wait for additional information on this topic.

UPDATE: Josh Trank has commented on the Doom gender-switch rumor:

Meanwhile, screen testing is ongoing for Trank’s comic book film, though some of the previously-mentioned names have been ruled out due to scheduling conflicts or related issues. The two actresses reported to have tested for Sue Storm/Invisible Woman just yesterday are Kate Mara (House of Cards) and Emmy Rossum (Shameless), while Christian Cooke (Romeo and Juliet (2013)) is reported to have recently tested for Ben Grimm/Thing. In addition, Miles Teller (That Awkward Moment) appears to still be the front-runner to play Reed Richards/Mr. Fantastic, as competitor Kit Harington (Game of Thrones) has moved on to other projects.

Mara has been shortlisted for the F4 reboot for several months now, whereas other previously-named starlets like Saoirse Ronan (The Grand Budapest Hotel) and Margot Robbie (The Wolf of Wall Street) appear to be no longer in the running. Like Teller and Jordan, Mara in particular is someone who’s arguably “earned” the right to headline a superhero franchise, after doing fine character work on shows like House of Cards and American Horror Story, in addition to films like 127 Hours and 10 Years.

Kate Mara Transcendence Cast Fantastic Four Cast Test Update; Michael B. Jordan is Attached [Updated]

Kate Mara is in the running for ‘Fantastic Four’

If nothing else, the cast shortlist for the F4 reboot is evidence of something that our editors discussed on a recent Screen Rant Underground Podcast episode (as part of a conversation that partly dealt with the latest Batman vs. Superman casting): that in general, major studios are no longer interested in pleasing hardcore fans with the casting for superhero comic book movie blockbusters. Even Marvel Studios – widely considered to be one of the more fan-friendly studios – has begun to move further and further away from that box (see: Ant-Man casting).

So far, though, a good chunk of these casting selections/rumors (including those for F4) have involved bringing in top-notch talent and/or embraced diversity and change in the comic book industry (if only for commercial/demographic-marketing purposes) – neither of which reads as a bad thing, when you stop to give it a fair amount of thought. Feel free to take that into consideration, while sounding off about the latest F4 news in the comments section of this article.


Fantastic Four is scheduled to open in U.S. theaters on June 19th, 2015.

Source: THR

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  1. What will the female versions name be, Victoria Von Doom? I wish Fox had lost the rights so that Marvel Studios could finally make a GOOD FF movie.

  2. I like Michael B. Jordan as Johnny Storm, but I wish they would cast a black actress as Sue Storm as well. I hope that they’re at least adopted siblings, as to remove that relationship altogether would significantly alter the dynamic.

    As for a female Dr. Doom, it Could work, but they better make damn sure to properly pull off the presence the character demands. I’m definitely less comfortable with this gender-switch than the race-switch on Torch, but I’ll hold off judgement til I see it executed (assuming there’s even any truth to this rumor).

  3. So is anyone who complains about a female Doctor Doom a sexist pig?

  4. Mary Elizabeth Winstead for Doctor Doom.

  5. Old school marvel fans are already heading towards the exit Door.

  6. Whoa race switch and gender switch. Nice *clap *clap *clap. Prepare my jetpack I’m leaving this ship. Anyone else?

  7. Horrible casting choices. At least Marvel gets it mostly right and in some cases ideally right (RDJ as Iron Man is prime example of what perfect casting is all about. RDJ is Iron Man and Iron Man is RDJ. I still think the original cast was fine and this actress should never ever be cast in a FF4 movie. I have no intention on seeing this, and after what i just saw on another site, this will be a teeny flick and I like to have my FF4 crew as ADULTS and not guys and gals who are conflicted because of puberty.

    • If they’re gearing this movie to be a more of a “teeny flick” it makes sense. FOX is looking long term, it seems they are trying to establish a new demograph with a generation they can “grow” with so their audience becomes more invested in future installments.

      Its all about money for studios. Establish a wider fan-base and gain long term box office sales. May seem a little farce but if they do it right, you’ll have fan-boys plus families and 14-17 year olds lining up in 2 more years ready to see “What’s next!” By the time you get to cross-over phase, you’ll have a layered demograph and a studio potentially getting ready to sit on stacks of the almighty dollar$$$

      • This will tank big time. Fox is unlikely to sit on the “stacks” of dosh you speak of. Marvel will never make more money with future instalments of Iron Man if they go the teeny-way because RDJ was the correct choice from the start. I guess, for me personally, it comes from liking my heroes as being adults. Even when i was a kid i liked reading about adults.

    • You’ve never read Ultimate FF then? None of the stories in those books involve puberty.

      It comes to something when someone who finds the FF characters boring is one of the few standing up to defend the film for seemingly being close to the actual source material it’s basing itself on.

      • You may be right but i consider the source material to be the original and that had actual adults in it and really was fantastic. I guess i stopped reading it when they made it “ultimate”. Guess this crapola is not for old farts like me then.

  8. I absolutely love what fox is doing to the Fantastic Four… At this rate Marvel will have them back as soon as this film loses 100 million!!!

  9. And once again Fox is deliberately flushing its Marvel properties down the toilet. It’s become a custom of mine to never pay for any Fox movie

  10. I hope this is a massive flop for FOX !! and they give up all the racial changing once and for all.

  11. I actually like Jordon for HH. Johny’s race doesn’t define him. Overall he is a cocky, self centered playboy. I think Jordon will do him justice. As for female Doctor Doom. Well all I can say is that I hope they make her be in love with Sue lol.

  12. I don’t want this film anywhere near an X-Men cross over, especially since Singer looks like he has got his s h 1 t together. This film screams car crash, I don’t like FF to begin with but this is a slap in the face to fans.

  13. My only beef is making this a teeny movie…I really was hoping we would see an older cast for Fantastic 4…middle age preferably. And I reaaaallly want a Power Pack movie…a young cast means no chance of Franklin Richards and without lil Reed (mutant) Richards Its less believeable for a cross over with X-Men.

    • Not really.

      Again, this movie seems to be basing itself on Ultimate FF.

      In that continuity, Franklin is a part of a future team of X-Men that travel back in time and is the host to the Phoenix Force instead of the traditional continuity where Jean Grey is the host.

  14. If i were going to cast a woman as Doctor doom it would def have to be a woman who looks like she could kick your ass…Im thinking Linda hamilton (terminator 1 & 2) or Lena headey (Dredd, sara conner chronicles etc) to play Doom…the twist could be we never see her outside of the armour…and FF thinks they are fighting a man the whole time…at the end we find out its a woman.

    • Like Samus Aran in the first Metroid game back in the 80s?

    • Remember who is making this movie, consider the things they have done in the past, and then ask yourself if they are indeed that clever or willing to approach it in the way you mention? I bet a lot us here could come up with a better script then what they will have. If not, then at least just as average.

  15. The people who feel strongly about these issues should start a petition, maybe the actors will get the hint and find something else to do.

  16. The first f4 movies fox made received lukewarm response though they stuck to canon (except galactus). Now they are trying to restart the franchise and bring in success by making radical changes. Lets be honest the only reason this movie is getting any publicity among all other comic book movies are bacause of its controversies. This is what the studio wants.
    As for changing the race of the character. When the comics were first published almost all of the customers were white males thus the characters were also white. But now the target audience are of different ethnicities and gender thus we see the colour switch and gender switch. The studios don’t want political correctness they want money above all. Saying this i am willing to accept all changes as long as the movie is good.

    • I actually did a long list where recent movies (last ten years) where characters of other races were changed to white…strangely enough Screenrant blocked my list saying it was spam.

    • Irony: All of those movies sucked ;)

  17. just for good measure Noah & shredder in TMNT will be white when clearly they are not white in history…I dont see the same people on screenrant getting upset over those casting choices…only when it is a white character who has been changed to another race.

    • Obviously you haven’t been reading your TMNT posts because people were pissed when they cast William Fichtner as Shredder and were asking for a traditional Asian character a la Ken Watanabe

  18. I love how everyone is like “wow they have John Stewart, Blade, Cyborg, Black Panther, Luke Cage” those are probably the most relevant black supeheros. And they are only 5, and all males.
    If the race of totally fictional characters is more important for you than variety and more fans and kids having at least one cool role model in supehero movies, then dont even watch this reboot, please.
    PS: sue and johnny can be brothers bc biracials couples exist.

  19. Looking good. Can’t wait for this. Jordon will kill this role, and he will be the only Human Torch that matters.

  20. I not keen on the black human torch at all. IMO that is to far removed from the core decades old material. I don’t know if it will effect the box office or attendance over all but my circles of friends scoff at the thought. I even posed the idea to my 16yr old daughter and one of her African American friends who comes over and loves watching my animated collection of super hero titles and both hated the idea of changing the race of Johnny Storm and didn’t want to see it. Of course this is not a valid statistical model but I was a bit surprised at the response I suspected the younger generation would of been cool with it. And both like MJ think he is cute. I just think people dislike change of their expected view point.

  21. Why is everyone talking about a female Doctor Doom? At no point in the article is that mentioned.

    • “The word from their insiders is that the role will be filled by a big name – a bigger name than Julian McMahon (who played Doom in director Tim Story’s F4 movies) anyway – and that the character might be gender-switched.”

      Yup, you’re right. At no point was that mentioned. ;)


  22. Lets be clear here. If Johny storm is now African American then there is a very strong chance that his sister Susan Storm will be also.

    Here are some suggestions.

    Meagan Good

    Joy Bryant

    Zoe Saldana

    Gugu Mbatha-Raw

    Zoe Kravitz

    Gabrielle Union

  23. Glad to hear that the plot rumors were bogus. Jordan being attached makes sense, Trank knows he can rely on him. Teller is still in the mix because he is friends with MBJ, I guess?

    If MBJ plays Ben Grimm instead of Johnny Storm then it would make way more sense. Johnny is a lot younger than Reed,Reed and Johnny aren’t friends they are future brother in-laws. However, Reed and Ben are friends from college and the same age.

  24. *long yawn* movin’ on (or keep’on trucking)…………..(Y)

  25. and already the 2005 Fantastic Four movie is looking a lot more credible than this one.