‘Fantastic Four’ Reboot Casting Rumor: Miles Teller to Play Mr. Fantastic

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fantastic four reboot cast miles teller Fantastic Four Reboot Casting Rumor: Miles Teller to Play Mr. Fantastic

As discussed in The Wolverine episode of the Screen Rant Underground Podcast, there’s been limited information provided as to get comic book fans excited about Fox’s developing Fantastic Four movie franchise reboot. The situation’s all the more curious because director Josh Trank is slated to begin production on the film in Louisiana next month (September 2013, at the time of writing this); not to mention, Fox’s creative consultant Mark Millar has continued to drop hints about the importance of Trank’s F4 movie to larger plans for expanding Fox’s Marvel Cinematic Universe.

The latest update from insiders is that the Fantastic Four script – which is reported to feature contributions by Trank, in addition to Ashley Miller and Zack Stentz (X-Men: First Class) as well as Seth Grahame-Smith (Dark Shadows) – is currently undergoing revisions, and that Fox hasn’t recruited a casting director yet. All the same, we know Trank has been considering potential cast members to portray the titular superhero squad for some time now.

The Wrap‘s Jeff Sneider is reporting that Miles Teller is currently the top choice to portray Reed Richards (a.k.a. Mr Fantastic) in the F4 reboot – with the 26 year-old actor said to have already met with Trank to discuss the project. Teller has been picking up lots of critical acclaim for his performance in the Sundance breakout film The Spectacular Now (which opens exclusively in NY/LA this weekend), but this writer became aware of the actor’s charisma and naturalistic presence earlier this year – when Teller served as the emotional center for the “Hangover in college” raunch-com, 21 and Over (read my review).

the spectacular now Fantastic Four Reboot Casting Rumor: Miles Teller to Play Mr. Fantastic

Shailene Woodley and Miles Teller in ‘The Spectacular Now’

Many hard-core F4 fans are probably scratching their heads right now, about the prospect of Teller playing Mr. Fantastic – since, traditionally, the character serves as the father-figure of the superhero team; outside of Marvel’s “Ultimate” F4 comic book continuity, he is usually portrayed as a less sociable intellectual and accomplished scientist over the age of 30 – which is a very different character than the kind Teller has played before. This isn’t the only non-conventional casting rumor we’ve heard for Trank’s comic book movie reboot either, along with the circulating rumors about acclaimed young (read: in their mid-20s) actors Michael B. Jordan (The Wire) and Allison Williams (Girls) being wanted to play a biracial version of the siblings Johnny and Sue Storm.

That said: Millar has talked about Trank’s vision for the F4 movie reboot as being something revolutionary, having claimed that the film will include stuff that “you haven’t seen in a superhero movie before.” Moreover, Trank managed to put together something quite special with Chronicle, when he and screenwriter Max Landis added a super-powers twist to the dark and emotionally-challenging adolescent drama present in the film (not to mention, the duo made surprisingly effective use of the found-footage storytelling approach).

Chronicle Found Footage Movie Fantastic Four Reboot Casting Rumor: Miles Teller to Play Mr. Fantastic

Dane DeHaan, Michael B. Jordan and Alex Russell in ‘Chronicle’

That’s a round-about way of saying: Trank has enough artistic credibility right now for him to deserve the benefit of the doubt, when it comes to his casting selections for the Fantastic Four reboot – whether it be hiring on a youthful actor with a chill screen presence to play Mr. Fantastic (like Teller), or embracing diversity and the changing times with a non-white Human Torch.

After the previous live-action Fantastic Four movies, a change-in-pace is all the more welcome, right? Plus, as mentioned before, the casting of Teller in particular seems more reasonable when you keep in mind that there there is a similarly young version of the Reed Richards character in the “Ultimate” comics – the same continuity that is guiding the Amazing Spider-Man movie franchise right now (hint, hint).

Let us know if you are intrigued by the rumored Fantastic Four casting choices, as well as your thoughts and feelings towards the project in general.


Fantastic Four is scheduled to begin a theatrical release on March 6th, 2015.

Source: The Wrap

Update Source: Josh Trank

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  1. Great. F4’s gonna be another Twilight.

  2. Saying “Im not racist, but…” doesn’t allow you to than say racist things. In some cases, ethnicity matters, eg. Black Panther as a ruler of an African Nation. In most cases, ethnicity does not matter, has nothing to with a characters story. Superman is a perfect example. Its already a stretch that an alien from another planet looks exactly like us, that he could blend in without notice. But being African or Asian is completely unbelievable? Being a white guy is not Supermans story, nor his motivation. He could be just as heroic if his skin color was a few shades darker.

    And if we could all move past the argument of casting different races in historical biopics, that would just be dandy. Comic book characters aren’t real, and are re imagined, some times in small ways, sometimes in large ways, everytime a new writer takes over a run. Xorn from X-Men is a good example. Google him if your not familiar. He even changes race. And if you cant see why Martin Luther King needs to be African-American in a movie about himself, and why its massively more important than the race of a comic book character in a comic book movie, than there really is no hope for the human race.

    As for the Human Torch, same applies. Skin color is irrelevant to his story. White sister and black brother impossible you say? So is getting hit with cosmic rays and than being able to fly and cover yourself in fire. But actually no, inter racial siblings isn’t impossible. Adoption or inter racial parents explain that. Most would say it doesn’t even need explaining.

    Not how it is in the original comics? Still going to see movies when they change costumes, backstories or origins of powers but not when they change race? Kinda hypocritical, isn’t it? They updated the time periods for most comic book movies. The first Iron Man story was released in 1963, Iron Man the movie was set in the present day. I heard no one complaing that comic books don’t need updating, they were perfect the way they were written when the year was changed. Comic book stories do need updating if they are to continue being as successful as they have been. The world has changed a lot the last 50 years. Please continue to read your comics if you find the world back than a much better place, but I like that women can vote and drive, that black people can hold positions of power, that a persons sexuality no longer limits them to certain jobs, that whites and blacks can get married, that a family can be multi racial without having to explain themselves.

    Fun fact about Nightcrawler from the X-Men. His biological parents were supposed to be Mystique and Destiny, both women. Mystique became a man, and got Destiny pregnant, but Marvel at the time refused to have openly gay characters. Ironic for a story about those being persecuted for their differences.

    “As far back as 1981, Claremont had intended Destiny to be the lover of Brotherhood of Mutants teammate Mystique, and had originally intended for Destiny and Mystique to be Nightcrawler’s biological parents, with Mystique taking the form of a man for the conception.[1][2] However, at that time, the Comics Code Authority and Marvel policy prohibited the explicit portrayal of gay or bisexual characters.[3][4] Destiny was simply referred to as the only member of the new Brotherhood that Mystique saw as a friend; all the other members being male and prone to arguing amongst each other. Much later,[5] the two were confirmed to have been a couple.[1]”

    But back to race. Lets pretend your interviewing two people for a position in a company. Both are equally qualified, both able to do the job as needed. One is white, one is black. You decide to give the job to the white guy because you would rather see a white face at this job. That is racist. A character like The Human Torch is like that job. Either race could play that part. But if you would rather see a white guy cause it makes you more comfortable, that’s fine. But own your decision, accept it. And stop saying, “Im not racist, but….”.

    • Well said!

      • Agreed. And here’s what is interesting. None of the detractors have responded to this post. Which is further evidence of how on point it indubitably is. Well, Gold said something. But that hardly counts because Gold doesn’t understand how racism works.

        In the end, all that matters is that this film turns out well. And the race of the actors selected to play these characters is not a factor. I’m also a big fan of what ArrkAngel said below me, because therein lies the relevance of Trank’s decision (and courage), and is also why it’ll be interesting.

        Personally, I’d rather open-minded and progressive thinking intellectuals (who love comics!) making these films than archaic in the closet bigots with no vision. Get it done, Trank. And godspeed.

    • People who insist on blacks playing whites and whites playing blacks are reverse-racists.

    • Then!!!!!!!!!!! Nuff said!

    • I want to watch a movie where my comic came to life! I don’t like it when they change the origins. Ticks me off. Nor do I like it when they change the back stories and the costumes. (Although even in the comics the costumes change over time so more willing to forgive this) Whats wrong with the Fantastic Four staying the same?? When did being white become a sin?? Leave my super heroes alone!

      • I’ve grown tired of the racist rants that have been bouncing around the internet in regard to this topic. Just sick of it. Not a single legitimate argument has been rendered yet by any one of these butthurt fake fans for why Johnny Storm absolutely has to be white. Of ALLLLLLLLLL the countless white characters in comics (in movies as a whole), there’s always these people who come out of the word work to pretend the world is coming to an end when a single “iconic” character is revisioned as a different race. Thinking comic book fans (and thinking comic book writers) have pointed out several times already that comics has always been about change. Nothing is static in comics. And messages of diversity are recurring. It’s why so-called comic fans b1tching about this are the worst of the lot. They can’t render anything resembling a cogent argument to hide their irrational prejudices behind, so what all of them say eventually all starts to sound the same after a while: “People who insist on blacks playing whites and whites playing blacks are reverse-racists.” See, dumb. “Whats wrong with the Fantastic Four staying the same?? When did being white become a sin?? Leave my super heroes alone!” See, dumber.

        • You know just to piss off these little racist girl scouts they should make all four of them black. lol.

    • FF is a family (thing excluded). So they should all be the same colour. In that sense, either make them all black or all white. This is not a racial issue, this is is just basic coherence in a storyline. Instead of whining about racism in movies, go fix your ghettos and justice … ‘murica.

  3. If they cast johnny Storm as a different race it will mess everything up. please just make a superhero movie that has African-american actors, such as Luke Cage, or Black panther, reboot spawn,for crying out loud wats up with changing the race with iconic characters? Electro is an exception becuase the amazing spiderman triliogy is looking more like the Ultimate Spiderman version, that being said electro is African-American so im perfectly fine with that.

  4. This is rapidly going in my “skip it” list.

    Seriously, what was so horribly wrong with the last two FF films?

    • For me, they felt too disposably silly. Not all the time, but too much. (Kind of like what Joel Schumacher did to Batman – of course not as bad as B&R.) I would like a serious version.

      • When you get a “serious” version, you’ll get something too serious, I don’t know how you balance something like that. Also, I believe Josh will do justice to FF. His Chronicle film is pretty fantastic, pun intended.

        Plus, in the comics, aren’t these characters supposed to be witty, funny, ect.

        The last two Fantastic Four films… for one.. I mean.. the second one just lacked something… It gave us a big cloud as Galactus and a Laurence Fishburne voiced Silver Surfer. PLUS it focused on Dr. Doom once again. There was no need to focus on him again. He could’ve stayed.. whatever happened to him….

        A reboot is in order.

    • Everything

  5. I’m kindle happy Trank denied the rumor this guy just doesn’t come off as Mr. fantastic to me :) I’m sure he’s a pretty good actor (I haven’t see him in anything) but I like the casting of Sue Storm I think she will be good whether or not she’s confirmed at all is unknown to me. And I think the guy thats rumored for human torch is a good actor so we’ll see what happens

    • I am IPad happy.

      • I am tablet happy…

  6. With the amount of mixed families in the world I’m sure a black guy can be half-sister/brother of a different race .

  7. Chronicle was dreadful and this sounds to be the same.

    • Chronicle was a good flick, bro.

      And how does this sound dreadful? Did you not read the update noting the director’s denial of the “dreadful” rumor floating around?

    • Chronicle was dreadful?

      What about it didn’t you like? I found it innovative in the found footage genre using multiple cell phones and the story was good, characters rounded and well acted, great script, overall better than a lot of big budget superhero movies.

  8. Can we have a F4 where they are all teenagers? Because obviously getting a doctorate is so easy these guys get them before leaving high school!! Don’t get me started on having a 16 year old Chechov!! Bring captain America back as the human torch :) oops!! Didn’t think the last two were that bad but thought dr doom was not quite mean enough, I hope DD makes an appearance in a Spider-Man movie at some point.

  9. You know who I think could REALLY nail the casting and tone and balance of lighthearted humor and serious sci-fi adventure necessary to do the FF justice? Marvel Studios.

    Yep, I think they might just be able to pull it off… too bad. :(

  10. I see this guy as Johnny Storm. Mr. Fantastic needs to be older.
    I would hope that no one in Hollywood would really do something like this.

  11. That would be stupid casting.

    If you want to change the characters but keep the powers then do that and call it something else. Like The Incredibles did.

    It would be dumb to do something that will make 80% of existing Fantastic Four fans decide to give it a miss before the cameras ever start rolling.

    • Unless he is playing a younger version of the character in flash backs.

  12. This could work. I mean it worked for me. I am black and my sister is white we have the same dad but different mother’s… It worked in real life why not in a movie.

  13. Just as a side thought, with Fox owning both X-Men and FF, I am wondering if it is within the realm of possibility for DOFP to have Franklin in it….

    • i would love that…you could introduce PowerPack…but Franklin Richards is a mutant & I believe Fox owns the movie rights.

      • Well, I am 99% sure he was in Days of Furture Past (Maybe it was Days of Future Present). Either way, introducing him in DOFP would be a great way to have him debut and then maybe be alive in the new FF movie as his 5 year old self.

  14. The ‘invisible girl’ played by a mixed-race actor = irony.

  15. I want the fantastic four reboot movie action figure toys

  16. johnny and susan storm are going to be a mixed race? whats the world coming too? that aint what the comics had them as! wtf! im sick of this race crap! make your own superheros then, lets make MLK movie as a white dude then! i hate all these reverse racists stuff! make it as they are! make a movie version with all races then why stop at black? lets do a chinese version, mexican version, etc! why do they have to say we need black and white sister!? the honeymooners bombed when they made it a black couple! they need to come up with there own! fantastic four are caucasin. why not make theyre own version w black heroes and add one more hero and call it the jackson 5 instead of fantastic four?

  17. I think Mr Fantastic, The Thing and Johnny Storm should be played by female actors and The Invisible Woman should be played by a man. They should also bring back Herbie the robot. How’s That?

  18. 1. Skin color and race don’t matter. Ok. They don’t. If they don’t matter than why change a character’s skin color and race?

    2. When these changes are made, why is it always from white-to-black? Why do we act like the only ethnicities are black and white? How about we change Black Panther to a Native South American? Or the Human Torch to a Sioux or Inuit? Or Mr. Fantastic to a Korean? Or the Invisible Woman to a Mexican?

    “Now you’re just being silly on purpose!”

    Why? Why would those things be silly but changing a white character to a black guy isn’t silly?

    If we MUST make sure that one of these characters isn’t white (which apparently we must), how come the “new version” HAS to be black?

  19. Johnny Storm black and Sue Storm white, this is diversity run amok

  20. Who cares about race really, Craig Robinson was rumored to play The Thing before they wanted to go younger in the new FF,

    I wasn’t a fan of chronicle, I felt it just didn’t blend together

  21. A streetwise youth, the man called “Lucas” was sent to prison for a crime he did not commit. In exchange for parole, Lucas clandestinely underwent an experimental procedure, originally intended to generate immunity to all illness; instead, it inadvertently granted him steel-hard skin and heavier, enhanced muscle.

    Based on the premise of his story, Luke Cage could be presented as any ethnicity and race. That doesn’t mean he shouldn’t remain black. He grew up in Harlem and was sent to prison for a crime he didn’t commit because no one cared if a black youth was framed. In their eyes he would have eventually committed a crime, anyway. His experiences on the street are what made him the hero he ultimately became.

    A white, Asian, or Latino youth growing up in Harlem has a very different kind of experience than a black youth would, to the point that it becomes a defining characteristic. Yes, efforts can be made to explain a new “unorthodox” take on the story, but that doesn’t mean they should.

    If anything, characters like Falcon and Luke Cage are more impressive because they made it through that adversity – not just in their stories, but as intellectual properties being published during decades of segregation.

    Changing established characters for publicity or to pander to a demographic or “just because it’s the year 20xx” is turning that character and every other character into token and racially-charged pawns.

    I promise you the same comic fans complaining about a black Johnny Storm would complain about a white Black Panther, Falcon, Storm, Blade, or Luke Cage. No one is saying only white heroes are important or should exist, but rather, the changes that are being made to established characters to appeal to specific ideals could be left undone, as there are already shining personifications of those ideals in existing characters, and those are the characters to be proud of.

  22. stay true to the source material

  23. They need to stick to the recipe from the comic. Reed SHOULD be a father figure to the group. And if they cast a black or any other than white people as the main characters, I will never watch it. I am not a racist, but the main characters have always been white, and should stay that way. Alicia Masters being black did not work for me in the first two FF movies, because I am used to her in the comic. If this wasn’t my favorite comic of all time, I might be able to forgive it. And the Thing should be cgi, and not a guy in a suit. The Thing is only slightly smaller than the Hulk, and only cgi could accurately portray his size/power.

  24. No offense, but Miles Teller is no Mr. Fantastic. The age difference between Reed & Sue is an important factor for the FF. More important than whether Johnny Storm is white or black imo

  25. Sorry, I am old school and I grew up with the white Fantastic Four. Why do we have to change ethnicity of characters to appease people. Perry White in Man of Steele is a prime example. It wasn’t Perry White! There are more and more black heroes like the newer Green Lantern and Static Shock. Stop messing with the way the comics are DRAWN!!!Is his sister Sue going to be the hot blonde she always was or will she be black too? If this is the case this is one I will skip!

  26. Amazing that if you’re against a character who was created white, written that way for the last 50 years… you are racist? The argument that follows is that he is “not real” and just a “ficticous” character somehow justifies YOUR idea that the character IS open for racial experimentation or adaptation. You can’t accept that the character has been written a certain way, has a long history and was a major reason for appeal by they way he was written. I am a LONG time fan of the Fantastic Four, so I make no apologies for my feelings. Just because people use the “cast a white guy” for Luke Cage or Black Panther, doesn’t mean they are wrong or racist either. They are merely pointing out YOUR attitudes on the “fictional,” and “not real” argument you so proudly use. But none the less, if you’re willing to throw out years of printed material and storylines, then you should be ready to accept Justin Timberlake as Luke Cage. Luke can be a white guy’s name too and a criminal who gets dumped in chemicals. Black Panther HAS to be black because he is rooted in Africa? The hell I say! He is not real as well, and could very well be played by Chris Pine, who landed in Africa and became a saviour to the African tribes there and was bestowed with riches for his kindness. So don’t, DON’T even think they are untouchable, they are just as FAKE and NOT REAL to be changed by idiots in Hollywood. And to go down the path, that those characters were made WHITE because of the “racist” nature of publishing or the “times” is absolutely ridiculous! Marvel paved the way for black heroes during those times: Gabe Jones, Sam Wilson, T’Challa, Wyatt Wingfoot etc., are excellent examples of inclusion and all were well written and not as fops or for comedic effect. I suppose Superman also fits the idea of racist times and not real and should be portrayed by a black actor? Just like it is written in stone with the Pharoahs, so are the heroes who have been etched on newsprint and baxter paper, that they shall forever be as they were written and not interpreted. Look, left wing liberals have already interpreted the Bible and changed it to suit their agendas, leave us alone.

  27. There are countless characters that were intended to be people of colour, but were whitewashed ‘just because’, and yet when an actor of colour gets a role that has nothing to do with race then people (primarily white) go crazy? How on earth is that double standard okay? I’m sick of people freaking out about stuff like this since they are the first people to say stuff like ‘you’re being too sensitive’, or ‘why is everything a race thing with you?’ when they systematically whitewash coloured narratives. Excuse my generalizations btw.