‘Fantastic Four': Josh Gad to Play The Thing? Josh Trank Denies Rumor

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josh gad gilligans island Fantastic Four: Josh Gad to Play The Thing? Josh Trank Denies Rumor

There have yet to be either any official casting announcements and/or details script revealed for 20th Century Fox and director Josh Trank’s reboot of the Fantastic Four movie franchise, though we’re at a point where that may change any day now. Trank is expected to begin filming his superhero project in Louisiana by the end of March for a June 2015 release date, and potential Mr. Fantastic actor Miles Teller recently indicated that actual casting news shall be arriving soon.

Curiously, before now we’d gotten unverified reports about possible names for each of the Fantastic Four team except for Ben Grimm (a.k.a. The Thing). The Shield alum Michael Chiklis played the role of Ben – whose super-powered transformation results in him becoming a giant rock-like creature – back in Ride Along director Tim Story’s F4 movies from the aughts, while more recently the character has been voiced in animated form by Fred Tatasciore on The Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes cartoon series.

Movies.com is reporting that Josh Gad is Fox’s top choice to play The Thing in Trank’s F4 reboot, claiming to have gotten the scoop from “casting circles close to the film.” Gad, as it were, is starting to breakout as both an actor and writer; besides having voiced the likable snowman Olaf in Disney’s hit animated musical Frozen last year, he’s also scripting the Twins sequel Triplets and slated to co-write/star in a modern film take on the 1960s sitcom Gilligan’s Island.

frozen disney ana olaf kristoff sven 570x294 Fantastic Four: Josh Gad to Play The Thing? Josh Trank Denies Rumor

Josh Gad voiced Olaf the Snowman in ‘Frozen’

However, before you (over-)react either way, it’s worth noting that Trank has already responded to this particular F4 casting story:

That said, Trank also previously denied that Miles Teller had been cast as Mr. Fantastic back in August 2013, and while that may’ve been accurate at the time, Teller later confirmed that he has been in talks for the role and is still considered a front-runner to play Reed Richards now.

Furthermore, the Gad/F4 article on Movies.com does not claim that Gad’s been made an official offer by Fox, nor that he’s even in active talks to play The Thing – simply that he is (or was) the studio’s “number one choice” – so who knows, this might not be the last we hear of this potential casting, either. Indeed, Movies.com has updated its original report with a response to Trank’s denial, saying:

We stand by what was told to us, but it’s a long casting process and we imagine various names are floating in and out of contention on a daily basis. 

Fantastic Four Reboot Cast Fantastic Four: Josh Gad to Play The Thing? Josh Trank Denies Rumor

For my money, Gad has a good-natured screen persona and is capable of being quite sympathetic even in over the top situations (see: Thanks for Sharing), so he’s arguably not a bad choice for The Thing and could bring real humanity to Ben’s conflict over his newly-evolved inhuman form in the F4 reboot. Regardless, it’s best to not get too worked up about any of these F4 casting rumors, until some concrete news is made available.

Similarly, the revised F4 script draft by Simon Kinberg (X-Men: Days of Future Past) was apparently completely not too long ago, so that might be key to the explanation for why there’s been information – like the rumored plot and character details from last week – floating about that’s either outdated or never correct; and thus, why it’s been difficult to figure out what’s going on with this comic book movie project from the outside.


Fantastic Four is currently scheduled to open in theaters on June 19th, 2015.

Source: Movies.com

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  1. It doesn’t say Marvel Studios so it’s gonna suck…..(seems to be the attitude now a days)

    I’m looking forward to this movie, as long as they do the right thing with Silver Surfer and Galactus

    • I agree with you Jushoua W. The mentality seems that only Marvel/Disney can make good comic book movies. Yes Disney has done well releasing their Marvel properties but not all of their films have been great. I feel Disney has crossed the of lighthearted and family friendly and delved headfirst into a cartoony direction.

      • Oh please, this movie has nothing good for it. Has nothing to do with Marvel.

        1. The rumored casting doesn’t help.

        2. Galactus won’t be in it, and even if he is included, it’s basically going to have the same storyline as the previous film, or they’re going to use him for the X-Men crossover, which really isn’t creative.

        3. I can’t see the Silver Surfer being utilized to his full potential being stuck in this small universe.

        4. Most of their villains are lame.

        5. An origin story, if they change it or not, will most likely suck.

        6. The fact that Fox only has the rights to these guys and X-Men don’t help.

        7. Don’t think they can use the Kree, Skrulls, or the Inhumans.

        8. The only thing that gives this film hope is Josh Trank.

        • Well, they are Marvel characters but I’m sure you meant Marvel Studios.

          After reading your comment it seems like you just don’t like The Fantastic Four and the idea of their movie.

          You’re right if the used Silver Surfer again they would have to use the same story but who knows it could be done a lot better, and have an actual Galactus (doubt it) but we can all hope.

          Yeah, I very much like the idea of the movie. Until I hear something official there isn’t really any reason to be nervous about the movie. Rumors are rumors.

          Josh Trank is awesome you are correct.

      • Yeah sometimes it becomes too much and monotone. Marvel is great but they get too much credit sometimes for using the same formula for each movie. If there was an exact mix between Man of Steel and Avengers it would be the most epic movie ever. Great Action, great Cinematography, and a lighter tone not just humor I don’t care for it much.

        • I think FOX has the rights to the Skrulls. And so far from what I can gather from what they were going to do in the last film may be included into this one, that being the villain ANNIHIlUS. Not sure if they’ll be going the Ultimate route with the origin, but their origin in that is that they got their powers when they passed through the Negative Zone, which works as a kind of nexus for many realities, so they all were given powers that alternate humans had evolved into. That being said if they go that route then most likely they’ll introduce Annihilus as the villain.

          Though maybe they don’t necessarily have to do that origin to have that character but either way I hope it is true.

          • Also the difference between the Fantastic Four and other heroes is not only do they function as more of a family unit, but they don’t see themselves as superheroes, just others see them as heroes. They’re scientists. Think of them as the crew of the Enterprise or just any frontiersman. They take things on as they come as they expand the horizon.

    • Marvel Studios has a better track record for listening to the fans about all. Fox=Ehf the source material+ehf the fans.

  2. Wow, thats definitely an odd choice. But Josh Gad is great. Fox obviously knows what they are doing and has professionals that are pad to find the right actor to cast in there movies. I can sort of see him playing the Thing. But it is kind of difficult to see it. Depends on how much of Ben’s back story they have before he becomes the Thing.

    • Riiiight Fox knows what they are doing…. That’s why we got crappy x men films, crappy FF films, canceled Family guy multiple times, canceled Firefly, passed on Ted, etc….

      • BOOM! amen

      • Don’t forget DareDevil

        + 100000000

      • In regards to casting the comic book movies I think they have done a great job. I’m not necessarily talkng about story wise. That’s a totally different thing.

        But the more I think about it, I don’t think that Josh Gad is imposing enough to pull off the role. Its hard to follow Micheal Chiklis in that role because he pulled it off so well

  3. Just saying, but this casting for F4 looks like the cast is younger than the kids in Twilight

  4. What are they doing ? Casting 20 somethings for this film. The youngest should be johnny. I’m really not feeling this reboot at all.

    • They could be going with the Ultimate FF.

      • If its anything like chronicle where the characters are aware how serious their new found powers are, and if the story has some actuall character development than the film might be good. I know Ultimate Thing tried to commit suicide so there is potential for this film to take a serious dive into each FF members psyche, kind of like pg13 watchmen.

  5. this might be the first movie in history that gets the green light to reboot after the first act

    • LOL well played sir, well played

  6. Never heard of the guy, nor seen his work but since nothing’s confirmed, not gonna give this much thought.

    I feel like the lack of characters that crossover into other character stories as well as featuring in FF books is a huge hinderance, not just to Fox but other studios.

    Marvel can’t have a truly Cosmic world without Galactus, Silver Surfer, Uatu and others that may belong to Fox and likewise, the Inhumans and Namor have ties to the FF but belong to both Disney and Universal so can’t be used.

    • Josh Trank directed Chronicle you may have seen that.

      • I meant the actor, not the director. Saw Chronicle a number of times since its release.

  7. So far, the casting rumors for F4 are worse than Batman/Superman. That’s hard to do.

    • So, you’re being ironic then since the Batman/Superman casting has been brilliant so far?

      • Not unless the definition of “brilliant” has been changed to mean “completely wrong, horrible, pathetic.”

        • They’ve only fasted two other people for Batman vs. Superman…. Ben Affleck is a great choice and I can’t support or bash Gal Gadot until I see her in the movie but I will be optimistic.

  8. Isn’t Josh Gad just a poor man’s Jonah Hill?
    I swear, if they make The Thing the “Funny fat guy” I’ll loose my mind.

  9. I don’t even know who this guy is, he looks like a giant baby.

  10. Going to wait for Redbox for this one. Nothing against the actors I just have no interest in the Fantastic Kids.

    • But it should be awesome.

      The Fantastic Four: The Wonder Years. They can cast Stewie as Galactus. And they could make it a musical, maybe even get Miley Cyrus to play Malice and Selena Gomez to play She Hulk.

      The drama and angst of a street musical would surely win an oscar!

      • Now I would pay theater price to see that! lol

  11. Exactly what I was thinking. If they want this film to flop then the studio has to hire Seth Rogen as the Thing. They can even have 3 versions of the thing; one played by Rogen, the other played by Jonah Hill and another with this guy. In the end this is not a F4 film; this is a F4 Crap. It’s like the Green Hornet Happening all over again. Déjà vu?

    • Don’t give ’em funny ideas.
      BTW, Seth Rogen as Grimm isn’t as bad as it sounds.

  12. Jesus!!! I’m beginning to think these sites like nothong more than to piss people off. Dont know who Gad is so I’ll withold judgement but I would appreciate ACTUAL news to this constant drip of rumors.

  13. I really don’t want this guy in it as Thing I just can not picture it in my head and i really don’t want to, I also can’t picture Teller as Mr. F that to me doesn’t work he doesn’t look cool or smart enough Jordan as the Torch I can probably be okay with but the thing is my favorite character of the FF and I loved Mike Chiklis as him in the originals even though I didn’t like them that much. I really want this to be good I’m sure it will be because I think they have a good creative team but Josh Gad is not Ben Grimm to me just that picture posted on top of the article makes me want to not see this movie if he will be in it, Ben Grimm is tough as nails, soft on the inside, has a dark sad past, is a wise cracker, is cranky, is grumpy, and a bada@# (at least thats what he always was to me) I don’t want him or Teller in the movie everybody else I’m probably fine with. We’ll see what happens I hope the creative team is being serious when they say that its not happening this time.

    • The funny thing about all of this…is that having Jordan as the torch is the only highlight of the movie now, they oddly enough somehow made me okay with him cast in the role. LOL

    • I completely agrees with your description of Ben Grimm. I would love a great Fantastic Four movie…..but here’s to hoping.

    • Teller doesn’t look smart or cool enough to play Reed?

      Explain what someone who is smart or cool looks like then.

      • Fonzie?

      • You may be right I guess I wasn’t all that specific about what I meant by that, to be honest I’m not all that sure I guess Teller just doesn’t fit Mr. F for me I’m not really sure why bear in mind I haven’t seen him in anything so maybe I just need to see him in something that he was really good in and that may change my mind, of the choices I heard about for Mr. F though I heard Teller, Kit Harrington, and Jack O’connell of these choices I thik iLife O’conell the best I haven’t seen him in anything though but for some reason he just looks more superhero and explorer and nerdish at the same time if that makes any sense but to me those were some qualities that I personally saw in Mr. fantastic in the stories and they always stood out as my favorite, I think Teller just looks nerdy and unadventurous but hey that’s all based on appearances. I love Harrington on game of thrones and I thi he’d be a great choice but O’conell I think looks more like Reed than Harrington does and Harrington looks a little too pretty and not nerdy enough. But hey all that is just me I really hope this movie is good I like the creative team a lot if I were casting the Thing, I would would think of Adam Baldwin, Bruce Willis, Scott Paterson, ( if we were gonna go in a younger age range like it looks like they’re doing with Reed) Jai Courtney, Jason Clarke, or maybe Donnie Wahlberg or something like that. I heard from a lot of places the thing will be cgi or maybe mo-cap in the new movie so we’ll have to see what happens.

  14. Let go for that campy teen drama feel pleeeeeeease! Fox presents Marvel’s Chronicle 2…Fantastic Four-ish this. Josh Gad is a poor choice.

  15. Brenda Song for Sue Storm.

  16. Here we go again changing white characters to black to get more green $$ they think.. hmm hey go ahead and cast Will Smith for the part of Mr. Fantastic to really ruin it now

  17. Jonah Hill as The Thing.

  18. This must be a prank, no way.

    Ben Grimm was the leader of a gang, Yancy Street, while a teen before he went to college on a football scholarship and met Reed. Upon graduation he joins the Air Force where he becomes a fighter pilot and then an astronaut.

    Josh Gad, really?

  19. What if I could cast the new Fantastic Four:

    Reed Richards- Benjamin Walker (Good Actor, right age, American and tall, skinny)
    Ben Grimm-Michael B. Jordan (Good actor, previous experience with Trank and CGI performance)
    Sue Storm- Alexandra Daddario (Good actress, would look like Sue if her hair was changed, previous experience with Lerman and CGI)
    Johnny Storm- Logan Lerman (Decent actor, right age, seems young compared to the rest, previous experience with Daddario and CGI)

    Doctor Doom- Til Schweiger (Good actor, too old to be Reed’s classmate but could be his professor instead, German, he can bring menace to the role.)

    • Also, not to troll and I am happy with Gal Gadot. But… how did Alexandra Daddario not get cast as Wonder Woman? I don’t even remember her being rumored.

  20. Nobody is as good as Michael Chiclets. Except maybe Tommy Tic-Tac.

  21. Oh great. Now the crazy casting rumors have leaked into Fox’s Marvel. Somebody starts suggesting Dwayne Johnson or Jason Momoa for Doctor Doom I’m out.