‘Fantastic Four’ Reboot: Michael B. Jordan Responds to Human Torch Criticism

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Michael B Jordan Responds to Human Torch Criticism Fantastic Four Reboot: Michael B. Jordan Responds to Human Torch Criticism

It’s impossible to cast a comic book movie without fans getting up in arms over who is chosen to embody their beloved characters. If recent reactions to the casting of Ben Affleck as Batman, Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor and Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman in DC’s upcoming Batman vs. Superman movie have taught us anything, it’s that us comic book fans are seriously hard to please. But we’ve known that for a while. Remember the chaos over Heath Ledger?

Unfortunate backlash has now caught up with actor Michael B. Jordan, who is confirmed to play Johnny Storm/The Human Torch in Josh Trank’s Fantastic Four reboot. Once the news of his casting hit the web, fans took to Twitter, Facebook, you name it to lash out at the placement of a black actor in an originally white role. Well, now Jordan has a response.

TMZ recently caught up with Jordan on his way to dinner and asked him for a reaction to the criticism. What does he think about the cynics who are upset that Johnny Storm is going to be black? Said Jordan:

“They’re still going to go see it anyway.”

Jordan appeared unaffected by the suggestion of controversy, and why should he be? He has been having a fantastic year with a powerful performance in the critically praised Fruitvale Station and a role in the romantic comedy That Awkward Moment. Jordan and Trank also have an established working relationship from 2012′s Chronicle. We’ve already argued that Jordan deserves the role. If anything, this is just another sign of the actor’s rising star.

Trank’s Fantastic Four reboot is already taking a variety of steps in a new direction. Since so many of the actors who tested for these roles were younger than previously considered, we assume that the film will take its cues from the Ultimate Fantastic Four comic book continuity. Now that Jordan’s casting has been announced, we don’t yet know how screenwriter Simon Kindburg has set up Johnny and Sue Storm’s sibling backstory, but the idea of adoption is not farfetched.

Ultimate Fantastic Four Movie Cast 2015 570x320 Fantastic Four Reboot: Michael B. Jordan Responds to Human Torch Criticism

‘Ultimate Fantastic Four’ by Mark Millar & Greg Land

Of course, this type of uproar is nothing new. Comic book movies have always had their fair share of casting controversies. For many, Chris Evans was the perfect Johnny Storm, and yet Evans faced his own brand of backlash when it was announced that he would embody Steve Rogers/Captain America. Now that Evans has taken over as another iconic character, The Human Torch is free to be re-envisioned.

But the hostile response to Jordan also touches on the cross-racial casting nerve that many can’t seem to get over. There was uproar when Idris Elba was named as Norse god Heimdall in Thor, when Michael Clarke Duncan was announced as Kingpin in Daredevil, when Laurence Fishburne was cast as Perry White  for Man of Steel and when Jamie Foxx became Electro for The Amazing Spider-Man 2. And let’s not forget Halle Berry as Catwoman. (On second thought, maybe it’s better if we all forget about that Catwoman movie).

This pandemonium is getting old. Can we really call this controversial casting in 2014? Unless a character’s race or ethnicity is essential to the plot of the film, such as in Fruitvale Station or the upcoming Black Panther film, this shouldn’t be such a big deal. When an extremely talented actor is awarded a role in which he could very well be awesome, we shouldn’t adhere to an outdated vision that we might have of the character in our heads. Rather, we should be open to new faces of any color looking to  make their mark on an iconic role.

What do you think of Jordan’s casting and his response? Let us know in the comments.


Fantastic Four is scheduled to hit theaters March 6th, 2015.

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Source: TMZ

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  1. all you have to do is read the comics and be a fan of the constant sibling interaction to know that making the human torch a black guy and also an adoptee totally changes ALL 4 characters interaction. very silly decision and no, i won’t be going either.

    • I doubt it, in fact I doubt most people saying they won’t see it in the theater, actually will, it’s call being honest. I’m not paying to see this in the theater, period.

  2. I am going to have to take a pass on this. And Batfleck v Superbrit.

    I am tired Hollywood being so uncreative that they will take someone else’s idea, tweak it and call it a “reboot”, “new take” or “using their artistic license”.

    If you can’t come up with an original idea, don’t twist someone else’s. There was nothing wrong with the FF they way they were.

  3. I have one point to make. If Micheal Keaton (Beatle Juice) could be taken seriously as Batman then all other preconceptions are out the window. Seriously? Micheal Keaton?…

    • He did a great job. What’s your job?

  4. sure when the announcement of a reboot people we’re looking for something a bit more to the source material. Not to say Mr. Jordan wouldn’t do a good job but Sue Storm and Johnny have always been siblings and always been White and I don’t have a problem with that. Unless Marvel has drawn them differently or altered their back story to support such a change, why change it. I also gotta disagree with Mr. Jordan on one thing though, not everyone will go see it. Sure i might catch it on one of my international flights where I’m trapped and completely desperate for entertainment. But otherwise why would I go see it if I already know that they are taking creative liberties from the source material.

  5. Jeez. Everyone’s aflame ! Can’t we just have fun ?This is just one version of FF. Let them do it. See if it’s good. If it is, then good for us. If not, it’ll tank and that’ll not be good for them. The studio is taking all the risks. Just don’t know why everyone’s so Talibanized. Jeez come on. Just a freaking movie. Not the end of the world. Have some humour. Have fun.

  6. Yeah, not the end of the world, but let us express our opinión on something we don´t like.

    And no, this is not going to be good, in fact I don´t want it to be good. Maybe the movie is good but it´s not a movie about FF, so I really want it to flop so that they do a real FF movie next.

    • yeah let us be racist jeeze

      • no, it´s better to be demagogic….

    • In your opinion it won’t be good this does not make it a fact.

      • Its a pretty good bet tho right? (=

  7. Garbage. My interest is lost. This film won’t be worth the paper the script is written on. Hello Daredevil. And Catwoman

  8. “They’re still going to go see it anyway”… WRONG!

  9. “Remember the chaos over Heath Ledger?”

    Please let’s just stop using Heath Ledger as if his extraordinary performance is something that can be easily repeated. It is an insult to his memory to suggest that anyone can be that awesome. It is demagoge and irritating to try and extrapolate an exception into the norm. Heath Ledger was not the norm and he is not the saint for lost causes (i.e. bad casting choices). Respect.

    • Agreed. Well said.

  10. Pass more sh*tty casting calls

  11. Another of Hollywood’s Kleenex.
    Reboot reboot reboot reboot reboot reboot reboot.
    Kleenex Kleenex Kleenex Kleenex

  12. Jamie Foxx became Electro for The Amazing Spider-Man 2.
    Alternate universe
    Alternate universe
    Alternate universe
    Alternate universe
    Alternate universe

    Just write everything that’s a craptastic casting choice off as an alternate universe.
    Marvel has a ton of Alternate universes, DC has a ton of Alternate universes.
    A bad casting choice just write it off as an alternate universe & don’t pay to see it.

    • Don’t pay to see it is right, how else should we respond!? This is a slap in the face.

      • Damn right!

  13. Well as far as i am concerned I will pass on even seeing the movie cause it is garbage already. Fruitvale station was the worst movie ever and he is not as talented as people say. I think i will stick with Marvel/Disney doing movies cause also casting jaime food as electro was bad cause he is nothing but a race-baiter and thinks he is better than other actors. That is why we never watch these. Heimdall was perfectly cast because Idris Elba is a phenomenal actor. And he brought more character to the part. Josh frank should stick to non conformist crap like chronicle

    • well said dude, well said

  14. I won’t see it. and I personally GUARANTEE that this movie will FAIL horribly. I would never wish this for a Marvel movie but bad casting decisions, especially Jordan as Johnny Storm; a young Reed and Ben Grimm will be a vehement slap in the face to Marvelites and let them go forward with this; when the studio sees a crappy opening weekend, and poor ticket sales it will be a wake up call to ALL the studios to stick to the SOURCE MATERIAL and stop deviating from the origins!!!


  15. “When an extremely talented actor is awarded a role in which he could very well be awesome, we shouldn’t adhere to an outdated vision that we might have of the character in our heads. Rather, we should be open to new faces of any color looking to make their mark on an iconic role.[/color]

    Really ?
    Okay so that means Superman can be japanese, Batman can be scottish?
    Or better yet why stop at race.

    WonderWoman can be a man, Batman can be gay, a The Hulk can be played by Verne Troyer.

    Hollywood/DC/Marvel doesn’t understand comic book readers has favorites not just for the costumes these characters wear, but the person wearing the outfits.
    Part of the character identity, they aren’t just a disposable prop.

    • I was thinking that since what’s in the comics is out the window they could cast Paul Giamatti as Batman. He’s a really good actor

  16. Exactly,and he may be right, I may eventually see this one way or another but, I will make damn sure I don’t pay to see it. This is the kinda news that makes me nostalgic over the 2005-2007 film series, in fact I’m breaking it out right now.

  17. If they do show Galactus in this new one I’ll just edit it into Rise of Silver Surfer. (=

  18. They’re trying to one up Dragonball Z and that other movie which thankfully i can’t recall now with M Knight and the little bald headed white kid with bad acting all-around.

  19. I was dead serious, cross-race casting *is* extremely stupid and irresponsible, just as the plenty of other comments by many others on here have spoken up and proved my point, in agreement, by stating the similiar opinion as I have about this matter.
    Furthermore, the matter of casting a black actor in the part of a white character, is NOT racist, due to the fact a I stated in my first comment, “the character must also *look* the part, and changing the race, simply put, does NOT look the part, and is obviously, very bad casting.

    • @profxaviersq – You have every right to disagree with the casting if you don’t like it, but to call it irresponsible is a tad…no…extremely silly. How up in arms were you about the Dragonball Z, The Last Airbender, and Lone Ranger castings? #rhetorical


      • Isn’t Johnny Depp Native American? What was wrong with his casting?

        • I think the problem is that he thinks he has Native American ancestry, but it’s not confirmed. I think he said that his great grandmother was. I personally think he has some in him, but then I thought that we had some in us because of stories of things that might have happened. But according to ancestry DNA, we have none.

          • Does it need to be confirmed? IMO, if I say I am Welsh and Scottish, I find it offensive for another group to say I’m not or for someone to question my race/ethnicity.

            Honestly if you told someone of your ancestry, and someone questioned it, would you be ok with them saying, “Oh, you think you are but you are not.”

            The bigger problem is some Native American’s have said he should do a DNA test to prove it.

            • I think the only confirmation one needs is for their own self gratification. I think if Johnny Depp wanted to find out if he was, then he should, but only for himself and not to please anyone else.

              • Agree. So why were we arguing again? My initial point was that JDepp IS part Native American. For others to be angry about his casting because they THINK he is not is ridiculous.

                It’s like saying a black actor can’t be a black character cause he isn’t black enough or just simply saying “Oh, he thinks he is black but he is not.”

                • We were arguing? You asked if Johnny Depp was Native American and I just replied that he thinks he is, but it’s not confirmed. I think it was just a misunderstanding.

                  • Lol, I thought you were arguing that he wasn’t Native American. Came across that way anyway…My bad.

                    • No problem. I should have been more clear.

                  • hmmm…comment didn’t post…

                    Anyway, thought you were arguing that Depp isn’t Native American. Lol, I see you were just stating the fact that he says he is.

        • @clay – He’s like 1/9th Cherokee or something along those lines. Are you telling me there isn’t ONE great full-blooded Native American actor in Hollywood?


          • @Paul,

            I never said there wasn’t another Native American out there to play the part. I don’t know of anyone who could but obviously doesn’t mean there isn’t anyone.

            To be fair, who would you suggest?

            All I am saying is, he says he has Native American blood in him. Who are we to judge? Is it fair for others to question your ancestry if you say you are one thing?

            • @ Paul,

              Also, were you arguing that he shouldn’t have played the part because he isn’t Native American? He looks like a descendant of Native American blood and says he is. He looked the part.

              • @cLAY – No, if you recall, I’m talking about people getting bent out of shape regarding casting a character as a different race but no where near as much as they do when white actors are cast in roles where the character is a different race. Hence why I also mentioned Dragonball Z and Avatar.


                • @Paul, (sorry about long message :) )

                  Gotcha. Me personally? I take Depp at his word when he says that his Grandmothers (or whatever) were Native American (Cherokee?). I don’t feel he needs to prove his ancestry to anyone. He appears Native American too. The argument here becomes…Is he Native enough? To me that is ridiculous.

                  Apparently the Comanche Nation adopted him into through a ceremony and the Navajo blessed the filming. That is an important detail since he was portraying a Comanche Native.

                  I would say, no offense, that part of your statement appears as if you had issue about the casting of Depp because of his race. You did say he is only 1/9th Cherokee and said “Are you telling me there isn’t ONE great full-blooded Native American actor in Hollywood?” That is why I asked you if you were arguing against the casting of Depp.

                  Also, I do have a problem with switching a characters race/ethnicity of major iconic characters when there are other actors available. When wanting to use an actor of a completely noticeable differing race/ethnicity, I feel that movies should create new characters or infuse already established characters. I don’t follow Dragon Ball Z or Avatar but if those roles were switched out for whites then that IS lame and wrong.

                  It would make me angry if they made Luke Cage white or Asian for instance.

                  Either way, I’m gonna give the movie a shot. I think Jordan will be really good as the Torch. I just will go into the movie with fan frustration and realize, “Hey, I can be upset but if you can’t beat em, join em.”

                  • @Clay – There was actually less of an uproar when Cedric the Entertainer was cast as Ralph Kramden in The Honeymooners – something EVERYONE should have been bothered by, not because since Cedric is black but because he’s a horrible actor. I quite enjoy MBJ’s acting to date, so I’m looking forward to what he can bring to the table.


                    • Same here, I like his acting and I think the new dynamic will be interesting but, like I said, wish they would have stayed more true to canon…

                    • @clay – Well, if this one ends up being a stinker they can always reboot it again. Ah…the resilience of Hollywood lol.


                    • I think the difference between the Honeymooners, the Preacher’s wife, and this new Fantastic Four remake is that those movies were remade with a whole new black cast and even though the Honeymooners wasn’t really good, they didn’t just take Ralph Kramden and change only him; they changed all the main characters. Same thing with the Preacher’s wife.

                    • @Joseph – I’ll concede that point.


  20. I was dead serious, cross-race casting *is* extremely stupid and irresponsible, just as the plenty of other comments by many others on here have spoken up and proved my point, in agreement, by stating the similiar opinion as I have about this matter.
    Furthermore, the matter of casting a black actor in the part of a white character, is NOT racist, just the fact as I stated in my first comment, “the character must also *look* the part,” and therefore, changing the race, simply put, does NOT look the part, and is obviously, very bad casting.

  21. Poll:

    Who will not pay to see this movie based on what is now known?

    • Forgot to add that I will not pay for it.

  22. ok ill let this slide if we can get white panther

  23. @profxaviersq
    Each character should be though of as casting for Superman, Blade, Kato, John Stewart, Storm, WonderWoman, Batman.

    The character should look the part.

  24. Sooo, Peter Dinklage??? Oh right, because he’s not black. No internet controversy??? Oh right, because he’s not black. See a pattern here???

    • Why would there be a problem with Peter Dinklage?

      • He is playing Bolivar Trask in the next X-Men movie, a character who is not traditionally of his stature. You know what comments his casting gets? “I like him in Game in Thrones.”

    • Yeah, I see a pattern. The pattern is no one cares about how Bolívar Trask looks. It could have been also black and the result would have been the same.

      It´s not a matter of race, it´s a matter of looking like the source material and the more important the original carácter the more people are going to care about the changes.

      Perry White was also made black in MoS. There was controversy, but not even closer to this. Changing a minor character is a minor change, changing a major character is a major change. It´s a simple as that.

      • There was less drama when Eartha Kitt took over as Catwoman. I guess that was during a time when viewers didn’t think they owned everything, the faces of entertainment were more diverse, and no one cared about ethnicity. No wait, this was the 60′s.

    • Bolivar Trask is a minor character, a villain and some did complain. Some like me had hoped he would play Puck.

      Johnny Storm is one of the Fantastic Four and comparing him to Trask just shows how little you know.

      So, point is that Fox has no idea what they are doing.

      • So the only reason you had an issue was because you wanted him to play another character? The point is that entertainment is catching up with the times in a continuing effort to fight some the cultural fears Marvel’s characters and stories have always represented.

        • @RM This just shows you how little you really know about the subject…Peter Dinklage would have been perfect for Puck, he’s small and very fit and has no problem mixing it up with big people on screen if the shot calls for it. Pucks a mutant who hails from the Canadian based group Alpha Flight, the government funded installation whom once employed Wolverine. As of yet have we haven’t seen anything on Alpha Flight at all on the big screen, it would have been a welcomed addition indeed.

          • Yeh, and Wolverine is only like 2 feet taller than Puck. Guess we gotta recast Hugh Jackman. Don’t worry about casting Puck, Tony Cox has that on lock anyway.

            • Now pay close attention because I’m only telling you this once, Hugh Jackman was decided to be the best for the role universally and the difference is Hugh Jackman actually worked for his role as Wolverine, read for it and everything, if you were to look into it there were other people who read for the part, and being the best candidate, actually beating others in the casting was selected to be the most talented and capable to play Wolverine.
              Michael B Jordan was handed the role simply because he is Josh Tranks friend. No one else, in the whole wide world read for this part or was even in contention for the role of the Human Torch. Explain that to me, the exact opposite of what the Johnny Storm looks like was selected, right, not one other person read for the part and you’re trying to make me believe is the best fit for the role. There comes a time when you just have to be honest with yourself, the only reason you champion this cause is to further this “black” actors career and in essence presuming you are of colour, yourself.
              You’re welcome pay the receptionist on your way out, see you next week.

              • I am not one of those who harp on Jackman being too tall to be Wolverine. but he was only cast because Dougray Scott dropped out at the last minute and Hugh had read for the part and was available. That said it was never the producers intention to cast someone who was 5’3″, so all the complaints are just in vain.

                • Hey slayer, while I appreciate your attempt to dilute and muddle the point but here are some of the others who were up for the role, not to make you look stupid, just to show how hard you tried to make a liar out of me out of some misplaced loyalty to your cause:http://www.hollywood.com/photos/movie/55023602/actors-who-almost-played-wolverine#908237/0 so now what you have is many other people who were available and yet they still chose Hugh Jackman, thanks for…oh right, nothing.

                  • And fairly certain it’s like 5’6” right, great.

                  • I really have no need to make a liar out of you, but all you have done is quote rumors that other people printed. Dougray Scott did not do the original X-Men film because he choose to do Mission Impossible. This is a well documented fact.

                    As for the link you posted to that list, most of it is fantasy casting and baseless rumors. The Bob Hoskins casting was mentioned when James Cameron was trying to get an X-Men film off the ground years ago, and has nothing to do with the Fox films.

                    And you’re welcome for nothing.

                    • There is ten people on that one list..you chose one name on it…manipulate information much? So they didn’t ask Dougray Scott to put on a lot of a muscle that he felt he was incapable in the time alotted..I guessallthose articles are wrong huh? Not likely…

                    • I also find it hard to believe there was only two actors up for the role throughout the whole development and production stages. I’m sorry, it just doesn’t sound logical.

                    • @Charles

                      When did anyone say that there were only 2 people up for the role?

                      Obviously there were many people who auditioned but they narrowed there selection down to finalists. Dougray Scott and Jackman were both some of the finalists. In the end Scott was given the role but when he couldn’t do it (cause of MI:2), they screen tested the next best (Jackman) with Anna Paquin. Jackman then got the part.

                      Not sure what is so confusing but all this. And not sure why people are getting offended by these facts.

                • Slayer is correct…

                  Dougray Scott was offered the role first. He couldn’t commit. Jackman was then picked cause he was the next best.


                  • These links only link to stories nearing the end of the casting…what about before that???

                    • Exactly, fn, exactly castings are long hard processes just because you got the tail end of a process doesn’t mean he didn’t beat out many actors for the role and was obviously on the short list, if someone was to back out. I’m not sure what you’re saying differently than me that would require you to continue to respond derogatory of my original, in fact you haven’t said anything different you just pointed out that there was a competitive casting for Wolverine and now you’re forced to admit to yourself you can’t say the same for The Human Torch.

              • Presuming you ‘can’ read…when did I “champion this black actors career”? All I’m pointing out are possible reasons why this choice was made, (open narrow minds)and why anyone crying about source material need to chill, if you wanna look at all things maintained accurate. Apparently you’re new to the world if you think this is the first, and will be the last time anyone is give anything because of who they know. Now back to the program, it’s crazy how you’ve got British acting as Canadian, Canadian playing Russian, short substituting for tall, and for years Peter Pan was only played by women on Broadway…this artistic license stuff is a trip.

                • I grow tired of these emails, even if it is in my spam folder, I’m entitled to my opinion, more so I am entitled to change my mind if inclined to do so, but, everything I’ve said is true to the best of my knowledge offhand and the responses from Michael B Jordan and his supporters haven’t exactly swayed me to do so. In fact they seem to be forcing me to hold my position for the moment, I wish the world would understand.

          • @Joe

            Slayer is correct…

            Dougray Scott was offered the role first. He couldn’t commit. Jackman was then picked cause he was the next best. Hey it did work out for the best!


            • Listen, this isn’t information you two alone are privy to, please cease from acting so, do you think this is the first article I’ve seen on this, seriously!? I know what you know, what anyone with an internet service knows, stop acting like your executives at Fox or something, and this is how roles are decided, according to fit, talent, physical attributes, and availability, I’m missing the point again obviously on how Hugh Jackman didn’t read for this role…please tell me you don’t think they pulled his name out of a hat or he didn’t work hard to get the role, he is a stage actor as well and takes his profession pretty seriously. I doubt he was the only name left on the list as in the case of Jamie Bell. There is a casting calls and by your own admission obviously Hugh Jackman was the second choice ahead of anyone else considered, I’m not wrong in even the broadest sense of the term. These situations are entirely different, Stop the bs and doubletalk.

              • not to intrude on this lovely debate, but there is a video of Hugh Jackman X-men audition. Just type in Hugh Jackman auditions for the part of Wolverine in X-men

                • That’s great stuff Joseph, I’m sorry if I come off too angry or stubborn guys, I’m not really this angry, my buttons are being pushed, I said a couple of comments here and there and I’ve got a lot of mail over them, with pretty much everyone demanding another response. It’s rubbed me the wrong way a bit and it’s probably showing,and while I don’t feel much different about this movie I do apologize to everyone involved.

                  • Are you clicking the notify me of follow comments box? If so then don’t because I don’t get any emails.

              • Not sure what you are getting worked up about. You said that Slayer was randomly picking a name from a list of 10 actors. He wasn’t.

                I’m simply telling you that it is common knowledge that Dougray Scott was offered the part first. Hugh Jackman was one of the persons who also auditioned but the role was first slated for Scott. Scott couldn’t do it because of schedule conflicts with MI:2 so the put Jackman into the role.

                That doesn’t diminish my opinion of Jackman at all. I LOVE Jackman as an actor and as Wolverine. Ever joke around with fellow guy friends about your man crush? Mine’s Jackman LOL!!!! My wife hates it when I joke about it!

                Lastly, if you type in Hugh Jackman vs Dougray Scott through GOOGLE, the top 10 sites appear that state Scott was slated for the role first but was recast by Jackman. The site you linked had 1 sentence about this at the beginning saying, “As the story goes Scott wasn’t chosen because he wasn’t big enough” or something like that. Never a good rumor to believe when it starts with “As the story goes…” That just exudes rumor all over it.

  25. ok, i appreciate all the strong opinions i have read, but im afraid you are all failing to see the bigger picture. there are just too many people on this planet who could not care less who is cast in a movie, some do not even know the names of said actors, they rely on hype to watch something, so as long as marvel markets the heck out of this movie, its still going to do well. not as well as normal marvel outings but in the raange of the x men movies.

  26. ok, i appreciate all the strong opinions i have read, but im afraid you are all failing to see the bigger picture. there are just too many people on this planet who could not care less who is cast in a movie, some do not even know the names of said actors, they rely on hype to watch something, so as long as marvel markets the heck out of this movie, its still going to do well. not as well as normal marvel outings but in the range of the x men movies.

  27. Us middle class white republicans are being screwed over and our heritage taken away by a bunch of minorities who are being employed by rich white republic..ans.. It’s the liberals!

  28. I think that R. Murdoch had a hand in the new FF casting. It was tailor made for Fox News to exploit the division caused. Don’t trust Fox.