‘Fantastic Four’ Clarification: Not Based on One Specific Comic Story

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Fantastic Four Kate Mara Clarification Fantastic Four Clarification: Not Based on One Specific Comic Story

Although Fox has been planning the upcoming reboot of The Fantastic Four since 2009, the new franchise didn’t start gaining traction until Josh Trank (Chronicle) was hired to direct in 2012. Aside from the discussion of whether it’s too soon to reboot the characters, The Fantastic Four production has been rife with controversies. Between the casting choices (specifically Michael B. Jordan as the Human Torch), the script, and the manner in which Marvel has handled Fantastic Four, Fox’s upcoming superhero flick is no stranger to the online fan debate – in publications and comments sections alike.

Most recently, the reboot’s very own Sue Storm/The Invisible Woman, Kate Mara, was at the center of a media maelstrom after a partial interview with Esquire Latinoamérica concerning Trank’s The Fantastic Four surfaced online yesterday.

Though Mara said many controversial things within the short interview – including admitting she’s not a fan of comics but rather comic book movies – the major takeaway was that Trank, along with co-writers Simon Kinberg (X-Men: Days of Future Past) and T.S. Nowlin (The Maze Runner), would not be pulling inspiration from the comics for their Fantastic Four reboot.

EW reached out to Mara’s representative for clarification of the quotes that circulated yesterday. The actress said she told the reporter from Esquire Latinoamérica that “the film is not based on one comic, but rather drawn from the entire canon.” The other major players involved with The Fantastic Four – Fox, Trank, Kinberg, and Nowlin – have remained silent on this particular issue.

Fantastic Four Kate Mara Clarification Sue Storm Fantastic Four Clarification: Not Based on One Specific Comic Story

Mara’s amended comments about The Fantastic Four most likely fall more in line with what fans were expecting from Fox and Trank’s reboot. As our own Kofi Outlaw pointed out in his analysis of the Esquire Latinoamérica interview, Marvel’s Fantastic Four is not a financially successful comic book series.

But, while Trank may not be pulling a storyline directly from the not-so-popular comics, it also wouldn’t make sense to completely alienate the built-in fanbase (read: guaranteed ticket sales) for the upcoming film – no matter how few in number they may be.

So Mara’s clarification — essentially that the film will pick and choose from the Fantastic Four canon in order to (hopefully) make the best movie possible — makes a lot more sense and should give even F4 superfans hope.

Fantastic Four Kate Mara Clarification Not One Comic Story Fantastic Four Clarification: Not Based on One Specific Comic Story

With so much comic book canon at their fingertips, few (if any) of the Marvel films – from Marvel Studios, Fox, and Sony – have stuck strictly to their source material. Whether these movies are successful (or not) because of, or in spite of, their deviation from the books is debatable, but it’s not a new practice in the least.

No matter how many rumors surface concerning the inspiration behind Trank’s Fantastic Four reboot, we won’t be able to judge the finished product until it hits theaters next year.


The Fantastic Four will be in theaters on June 19, 2015.

Source: EW

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  1. 4, 3, 2…

    • For some reason I’m really looking forward to this. I have a feeling the visuals are gonna crazy.
      If I was writing this I would open with Doom’s origin rather than the Four. I’d make allusions to how they gained their powers but wouldn’t show it until the climax, via flashback.
      The most intriguing part of Chronicle to me was when the boys got their powers in the cave.
      In F4 the team’s origins could be incredible, be it cosmic rays or negative zone, visually it could be stunning.
      I say save that moment until the end.

      • I say save that $10 until it hits Netflix

  2. It seems like there are a lot of these stories the past couple days… Have the fanboys not learned to overreact yet?

    Having said that… So what if it was a brand new story with the characters from the comics? The comics tell a brand new story all the time. You’d think the movies would be well enough saturated by now to not be treated so differently. It’s just another medium to tell new stories with the same characters.

      • Sweet talk her way out of what? Look at what she said originally. The clarification wasn’t over what she said, it was over the way the fanboys took it out of context and went crazy.

        • No, 5aucy, the “clarification” (see damage control) is specifically over what she said.

    • Oh God another one using the “fanboy” argument. You’re reading the same articles the same pandering that SR offers, the same stupid rumors that comes along every week. This article may seen “fresh” to you but it is NOTHING different from what other, if not all, movies are already doing. They don’t follow the book or sources exactly but for the most part still maintain the relationship the audience has with the material. That is why the first SC article was BS and this is even more BS.

  3. So they’re ignoring comic book storylines, guess they’re also ignoring real life stuff like not being able to be blood siblings if one person is caucasian(A redhead at that, recessive trait) and the other dark skinned.

    • You do know these people can put on wigs to fit the character more appropriately right? As far as Jordon’s casting goes, all the force P.C bs that no ever one ever asked for, screw it, lets all just call this an else world FF and call it a day.

    • One of them could be adopted. Then they’d still be siblings, just not by blood. But the sibling dynamics between them could be intact.

    • You know what else is genetically impossible? Getting hit by cosmic rays and suddenly being able to burst into flames and fly.

      • You’re missing the point behind why most people are hating the casting. People wanted a superhero played by a minority yeah but they wanted the actual existing minority superheroes from the comics. They didn’t want Fox to simply go the ultra lazy route and race change an established character simply to add more to their ticket sales. The only good that will hopefully come from this nonsense is that if it is successful other studios will give the “real existing” minority heroes their shot on the big screen.

        • Nah, more likely if this is a hit we will more likely see more white characters get their race changed, maybe

      • Well we also know the amount of gamma radiation Bruce Banner was bombarded with would be lethal, many times over, tomato- tom- ato.

    • They are making it up as they go along!

    • My God, every time there’s a topic about the new F4 reboot, this gene-mix-race thing always pop up. It’s exhausting, and almost always end up with someone being called a racist, or something along that line. Calm down, people. I’m sure we’ll make fun of FOX if the explanation in the movie is ridiculous anyway, but I’m sure it’s a simple one.

  4. who knows how this movie will turn out – but what I find interesting is ….

    this site seems to have a few (several??) female writers and I’m just guessing here – but also many female readers ??
    where were all these girls when I was growing up … I certainly don’t remember many of them at the comic book store

    – re: the FF reboot –
    I hate to say it – but I kind of hope it sucks and eventually just forces Fox to give up the rights to Marvel
    and yes I know if/ when that happens it doesn’t mean they’ll remake it right away – who cares about that – hopefully it just means that Marvel can make a GOOD FF movie and then they’ll all be integrated in the MCU

    • Yeah, I believe it’s not a matter of IF Marvel gets the rights to Fantastic Four and Spider-Man back, but WHEN. X-Men I’m not so sure.

      • The Fantastic Four yes, Spiderman maybe not. This movie is starting to sound like a shameless attempt to dress up a crappy Hunger Games/Divergent knock-off teeny bopper action movie as a “reboot” of an established comic property. They might as well call it The Fantastic Four: Hittin’ tha Streetz!

      • Based on how Sony is handling Spider-Man and the ‘eh’ reception from most people (I personally didn’t find ASM2 as utterly disgusting as some people seem to have) I would think Sony will make some sort of deal with Marvel/Disney where Marvel can have a lot of creative control and possibly bring him into the MCU but Sony is a co-producer or something. Basically just a way that Sony can still make millions from Spider-Man, which is what they want. I think that’s more probable than Sony outright giving Spider-Man entirely back to Marvel.

        • Amazing Spiderman 2 made 705 million dollars don’t count on it going back to Disney marvel.

          • True, but like MOS, they were expecting IM3 type of numbers(1B). Yes, they ended up making a profit and the numbers seem high but it does not by all means meet the numbers Sony was expecting. Due to this, if TASM 3 doesn’t hit the 1B mark this time around then I could see Sony budge in giving Marvel, not Disney, the creative rights on how a movie gets made while Sony still maintains a large portion of the big screen profits

          • amazing spider-man 2 did make 705 mil. however, the marketing costs and budget came to about 600+ mill… spending 600 million to make 100 million is not really something that a major company like sony wants to do… they’ll look for another way to still make spider-man films that do more than break even.

            I see some sort of future deal with marvel so that they avoid diminishing returns.

    • I have the same feelings as you g on the not so secret hope it sucks so it the FF can revert and be in the MCU.

      And as a female, you borrowed books from guys you knew because when you went into stores you got treated like you were dumb or had three heads.

  5. The waves of hate are coming, prepare your bodies.

  6. Well that didn’t take long. Unfortunately for them I think the damage is done. I can’t speak for anyone else but I was on the fence about this one already after yesterday I’ve decided I’ll just catch it when it comes on cable. Sorry guys but when people say “wait and see” on stuff like BvS or Ant-Man there is case to be made that the creators have earned a little trust from us based on past successes. But come on Fox screwed up the FF twice already why should anyone think this time will be any different? Especially after everything we’ve been hearing over the past few months.

    • Okay seriously Johnny and Sue can still be related by blood, they could have the same father or the same mother. The color of either of their skin does not matter, it is the character of the characters that matters.

      • I never said what my problems were with the movie. But its telling that you went ahead and implied I’m racist just because we disagree. I mean thats the what internet is really for amirite? Why don’t you try defending against any of the numerous other legitimate red flags me and others might have about this turd? No you guys always try to make it about the changes in ethnicity because thats the only change they’ve made that isn’t inherently dumb. So come on guy why don’t you climb down off your high horse and explain away the rest of it. Or do you want to make “OMGZ! MEGAHITLER!” your final answer?

      • Yes, but in the comics they’re 100% blood siblings, same father same mother.

        • Yea, and in the comics Hank Pym creates Ultron, but in Avengers 2 Tony Stark creates him. Seems to be no outrage about that. It’s hardly the first time things were changed from the comics for a movie.

          Anyway, people really should at least wait for a trailer before declaring it a failure.

          • The only reason why people are up in arms is because it’s a Fox production. If it was High King Marvel, these people would think it was a stroke of genius from Feige.

            • Really?

              People seem to like what Fox is doing with X-Men.

              • Yes, NOW they do. Remember when the back to back blows of Last Stand and Origins occurred? First Class suffered because people lost faith in Fox and it left a bad taste in their mouths. Eventually people came around between First Class and Future Past and the X-franchise is back on top. Because the 2 FF movies were so horrendously bad, the same people who thought the X-Men were going to continue to bomb are the same ones blasting this movie with every step that is made, ONLY because Fox is in charge and in their opinions Fox has no clue what theyre doing. Marvel has gotten away with murder with some of their films and all is forgiven, but Fox can’t seem to catch a break with the FF all because Johnny is black and Kate Mara has never read a comic book, oh and did I mention Johnny isnt white? With what was done with the X-universe Fox should be the first studio to have the benefit of the doubt.

                • Yup, but Last Stand and Origins are still only 2 out of 7.

                  I agree that people are up in arms about those changes. But I am not convinced they’d be okay about it if it was Marvel doing it. I’ve seen people be up in arms too about Ant-Man and Wright, and that’s all down to Feige and Marvel.

                  So it doesn’t look to me like people are all for and all against stuff simply based on which studio is doing it.

                  Btw. just to make things clear, I actually didn’t think the first FF movie was that bad. I quite enjoyed it. Maybe the hate just isn’t strong enough in me ;)

                  • I also enjoyed the first one and appreciated it for what it was; a comic book movie for it’s time.

                    • Finally two guys who aren’t hating on the first fantastic four films, flawed as they are they do emulate quite well the wacky 20page type story the stan lee jack kirby era was. When watching them that way there not half bad, it’s only when you think all the stuff they could have done with those characters and arcs when they become bad, since by taking the brilliant stories stan and jack made as sources of inspiration instead of trying to capture the silly comedy which does not work on screen like it does in the books. But overall there are things to be enjoyed in the movies, and the silver surfer looked and sounded perfect, that fox nailed, even if they did screw up galactus and tried to cram too many iconic storylines into one sequel

                • Ehhh idn, not to defend Marvel obv cuz I believe all studios making comic book superhero movies r created equal, but ppl did b**** about Iron Man 2, Thor The Dark World, and ESPECIALLY Iron Man 3 hah and it still goes on especially with the latter film.

                  • There will always be ppl bitching about movies ;)

                    And still those movies rate pretty well among the majority of moviegoers.

                    Sometimes the ppl bitching are jus so loud they can make it seem like they are the majority. But the stats don’t lie.

          • The Pym/Ultron story was changed to fit the Cinematic Universe. It has a specific purpose to the plot. Tell me how changing a character’s race is the same. It serves no plot purpose, and was a change made just to make a change. They are not the same things, and that is why less people are upset about the Ultron Origin change.

            • Yes, exactly that. Also, the presence of ‘Ant-Man’ coming out DIRECTLY after AOE makes me think that Pym might not be as unconnected to Ultron’s origin as previously thought…I mean the coincidence is just too close.

              • Yes, I agree completely. I feel really strongly that Antman is somehow going to be connected to the Ultron story. Maybe not directly, but in a way that still acknowledges the source material and the fans

          • and if we wait until we see the trailer and still thinks it sucks, we’ll get told to shut up and wait till the movie comes out, and after the movie comes out and we still think it sucks, we get told to shut up and get told that we don’t know what we’re talking about, ala Man Of Steel.

        • @justsomeguy
          “Yes, but in the comics they’re 100% blood siblings, same father same mother.”

          how many times was that a crucial plot point in the comics? how many times did johnny or sue say to each other “thank god we are 100% blood relatives. it’s a good thing we have the same parents. i’m glad one of us isn’t adopted.”?

      • Yeah except that that isn’t the part that bothers me. I said the same thing when I heard. Its just about everything else I’ve heard that has turned me off to this movie. Teenagers, found footage, the director of a movie I thought was boring, apparently they’re disregarding a lot of the source material which I personally liked and to me the most important thing they’ve already blew it twice why should I think this time will be any different? Sorry but this movie is probably going to be terrible. Its shaping up to be a Hunger Games/Divergent knock-off dressed up as a comic book movie.

        • What did you hear that makes it sound like Hunger Games or Divergent?

      • actually in they could have the same mother and the same father
        FYI – it is possible for siblings to be different if their parents are different ethnicities – it’s not impossible

        two cousins in my family – full blood sisters about 7 years apart from each other
        one is light skinned the other is dark skinned – full blood sisters but their skin tone is different so
        and that’s just one personal example – I’m sure there are many others people could mention

        either way – it’s not a big deal – so for people who have a problem with it – just give it up, it doesn’t make a difference anyways
        Marvel comics have always been about inclusion and diversity – and now so are the movies – so just accept it

        • Yeah, but how much is their skin tones different? I have a slightly lighter skin tone than my brother, which I get from my Father’s side, but if my brother turned out black (I am white), I think my Father would have been a little leery of my Mother.

    • I agree about making a case based on creators and their past successes. But shouldn’t you apply that method to FF movies also instead of switching it up and distrusting the studio instead?

      If we look at creators only, the first two FF movies was directed by Tom Story who had previously directed Taxi with Jimmy Fallon and Queen Latifah.

      This time around, they’re getting Josh Trank, the director of Chronicle. That does seem like a more promising choice to me.

  7. How many times must people judge before even seeing a movie? It has been done with every big box office blockbuster for years. Future Past was supposed to suck. Man of Steel was supposed to suck. People think GotG and TMNT are gonna suck. Grow the hell up and give a film a chance. If it’s horrible guess what? YOU STILL HAVE THE ORIGINAL SOURCE MATERIAL TO HOLD ON TO.

    • Unfortunately alot of ppl thought man of steel did suck, and alot of ppl are excited for guardians and think it’ll be one of marvel’s best films. But I see what u mean

      • Man of Steel was GREAT!

    • Completely agree mikeee.

    • Man Of Steel did suck.

  8. Seriously? Are we debating STILL on the issue of race? I highly doubt anyone likes the Human Torch simply because he’s a white guy. Why can’t we judge the characters on how they’re written instead of their skin color or family relation.
    This is so stupid.

    • Again, it´s not a matter of liking the Human Torch because he is White. It´s simply that we like Human Torch as HE IS. We want to see a versión the closest posible to the carácter that we read in comics. That´s the point in making movies based in comics: you want to see your favourite characters in movement (and I stress here the Word “see”)coming to “real life”. If the carácter doesn´t look at all as his comic counterpart, how are we supposed to link them? The way the character looks is as important as the way it behaves if you want to get that feeling of seeing the comic come to life.

      It´s not a matter of race. It would have been exactly the same problema if they had made Superman a long haired blond guy. The irony is that in that case I´m pretty sure that every single one would complain about Superman being like that, but in this case those same people seem to be cool with Johnny Storm not looking like in the comics. I just don´t understand why.

      • I agree, especially about Superman. Guy I work with is a huge Superman fan, after he watched the first teaser trailer he had to check out pictures of Cavill to make sure he looked the part. I think he would’ve been extremely offended if it had been a white guy with blonde hair.

        • An analogy on the flip side would be D. Craig as Bond. People lost their s*** about him being blonde but he has turned out to be one of the best (IMHO). Though I concede he is a different style bond than any others.

          • Not to me. I still don´t picture him as James Bond because of his looks. Anyway, Bond is not physically as clearly defined as Johnny Storm.

  9. Is this really news? Of course the FF movie will draw from the “comic book canon”. It is based on comic book characters. If it’s an original story that never happened in any issue of FF, it still is a comic book adaptation. Stop whining.

    • Very free adaptation… too free

      • It’s called FF and it has four people with the exact superpowers from the FF comics. That’s all it takes for it to be a comic adaptation.

        • That is the dumbest thing I´ve read in a long time.

  10. I’m really excited to see this adaptation of the Fantastic Four… but the way Kate Mara handled the interview really bothered me… just like Michael B. Jordan’s off-handed response to reporters, “people are going to see it anyways”

    It almost seems as if the actors don’t really care for, or have any respect for, the source material or the fanbase… and that makes me uncomfortable

    • Well the only reason Fox is making this movie is so the rights don’t revert back to Marvel.

  11. Michael B. Jordan was a poor casting decision for this film. Period. End of story! I’m a Black Man and I don’t like it when politically correct people are being patronizing towards me and my common sense! This was an unnecessary move that will impress no one.


    Black Pegasus

    • What is so Politically correct about it? Maybe some people dont just take the cast of MBJ as a FACT of being poor and are just okay with the race change. I guess this is the point where I have to state that I am a black man too. I really like that MBJ as an actor and am happy that I will get to see him in a comic book movie. Thats it. No feeling of having to push the black actor agenda forward just am a fan of the actor and have no problem with a fictional characters races getting changed.

      • So there are plenty of Superheroes out there who are already black, why can’t they cast MBJ as one of those instead of changing an already established character’s race?

        • Yes, this is the problem everyone is experiencing. It’s nothing against the actor, it’s about how Fox shouldn’t just change the human torch’s race just because they can.

    • You should talk to Kofi…

  12. “They’ll see it anyway.”

    Jordan said it first, but clearly it’s a production wide attitude.

    After hearing about that shitheel’s comment, I’m making it my business not to spend a dime on this film. If the word of mouth is good (HA. Unlikely), I will see the film, but I will not pay. EVER.

  13. “They’ll see it anyway.”

    I wouldn’t bet on that.

    • I am soooo wanting that this movie sinks….

  14. Ugh not the whole “theres no way in hell they can be siblings if one is black and one is white tantrum” it truly isn’t that difficult to wrap your head around it . My father is midnight black and my mother is a s white as you can possibly get , my brother takes after my mom while I take after my dad so it isn’t that unfeasible that they can have the same parents. Like really did you see the guy they got to play the father he is light skin with freckles , Micheal is the same complexion (more or less) so to be honest they might have a white mama . So can we just please put this whole race thing to bed ?

    • I think I like that you are throwing a tantrum directed at other people’s tantrums. Cut and dry, Johnny Storm should be a white, he was written that way and has been followed that way. I wonder though, would you be okay with, say, a white guy being cast as Black Panther? Oh, that’s different you may say, nope Johnny Storm should be played by a white actor and Black Panther should be played by a black actor.

      To me, this is just another way for Fox to hold onto the F4 rights, and I hope it blows up in their face.

  15. I bet the whole Johnny/Sue thing will either be explained with one line of dialogue or not touched upon at all.

  16. Good. I’m fine with them coming up with an original story that still pulls from canon. Just don’t change the character dynamics and it’s fine. They can all still be the same people and have the same relationships and viewpoints within an original story. Look at the Star Trek reboots. Same characters, very similar dynamics, but totally new story.

  17. Nice back pedaling (damage control) there, kate. Now, explain why Trank would specifically instruct you to NOT read the source material, if all you meant was “its not about one specific story from the comics.”

    • Lol, I’m glad someone else caught that too. She’s clearly lying in order save her ass and do some damage control. Once again, a F4 cast member has shot-from-the-hip only to have the bullet lodged in their foot; meanwhile Josh Trank still remains silent counting down the days till he can start his Star Wars project.

      I hope they all get boo’ed at Comic Con.

      • To be fair to the actress, it was her representative that clarified. But yes, I agree. Definite back peddling.

  18. At first I was thinking that this was going to be horrible, how they are changing the core dynamic of the group. Making The Storms a black family except for Sue, who is adopted. Making them all SOO young. Not following any official canon, etc.

    But then I got to thinking, after looking at some of the older comics, the different Titles of character’s like the X-Men, Avengers, Spiderman and Wolverine and even more specifically with Nick Fury (Movies vs. Original Comics) and I remember that Marvel has an infinite number of “Worlds” or “Earth’s” that they have decided to create so that they can have all of these dynamics in character and story flow…

    Maybe this FF is from Earth 25,612,738,415… Who Knows?

    The bottom line, like all the other TV and Movie adapted comics, it is a new story and we should suspend our disbelief and judge them on their own basis. I just know NOT seeing Jessica Alba in Skin Tight Spandex is going to make me sad!

  19. Just my humble opinion, I at first had issue with the race change thing, but have gotten over that and look at it as an alternate universe or whatever kind of thing. I think it can still be a good movie with that. My main problem with the casting is specifically Kate Mara, and not because of her looks or her prior acting, but because of her attitude. It is one thing to have never read a comic book, not have been interested in them, whatever, it is a whole different issue when everything you say basically shows how much disdain you have for comics and that you just want to be in a comic based movie because its the popular thing right now. Every single quote I’ve read from her basically states that she doesn’t give a flip about the source material for this movie and is just jumping on the CMB bandwagon. I have lost all respect for her as an actress because of this. If you don’t have a passion for something your acting in, that’s fine, but if you are acting in something you should at least show some respect for what it is based on.
    Ok, rant over (for now).

    • Shouldn’t have much respect for her as an actress in the fist place. Every character she’s played has been for eye-candy…just like her 2-line role in Iron Man 2. She’s a spoiled rich brat that went into acting because she had nothing better to do. Her sister is a much better talent, in my opinion. Don’t get me wrong, I think shes gorgeous, just not a good actor.

      I think Michael B. Jordan is a great actor, just not right for this role. Not becase of the race thing either. He hasn’t really blown up as much as they expected him to following ‘Fruitvale Station’.

  20. I said it before and say it again. Fox thinks this is a smart move to make and they don’t care if they alienate the fan-base as long as they make a buck. This crap is going to happen. The suits at Fox now it and these actors with their stinking attitude know it too.


    To the X Men team, don’t get involved in this crap or you will lose supporters as well.

  21. Not alienate the fan base as few as they may be? Ya, good luck with that…you already did.

  22. Hell, why not go for broke here? Make Reed a Filipino midget, Ben a Puerto Rican transvestite, and Doom a sentient gay alpaca? After all, it’s all about diversity, right? And if you have any problems with these sorts of changes, well, you’re clearly a racist, sexist homophobe and not worth discussing, right?

    Besides, the less it resembles the source material, the less they have to pay Stan and Jack’s estate, so it’s a win-win for everybody…

  23. so THIS is “post racial ” ameriKKKa ?

    you ppl make me laugh reading through your twisted melange of sheepicrisy justificationisms &discrimination envy, keep the hilarity coming, with all the atrocities on the world I need a good chuckle