‘Fantastic Four’ Reboot May Cast ‘Chronicle’ Actor Michael B. Jordan as Human Torch

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michael b jordran fantastic four reboot Fantastic Four Reboot May Cast Chronicle Actor Michael B. Jordan as Human Torch

There are few ways to poke that proverbial bear with greater effectiveness than to argue that increasing the diversity of casting in superhero movies is a good thing; not to mention, necessary, to reflect the growing fanbase of superhero and comic book movies, which continues to break down the barriers of race and gender (case in point: just ask Tumblr how many women love Tony Stark and Loki).

It’s one thing to fill a traditional African-American character role such as Falcon in Captain America: The Winter Soldier with Anthony Mackie – or to consider an up and coming black actor to portray the African prince Black Panther onscreen – but go and cast Oscar-winnier Jamie Foxx to play Electro in Amazing Spider-Man 2 and, well… you can just sit back and watch the fighting begin.

It’s time to revisit that discussion, with the latest casting update for the Fantastic Four movie reboot. According to insiders, 20th Century Fox and the film’s director, Josh Trank, are looking at Michael B. Jordan – who played one of the three leads in Trank’s breakout Chronicle - to portray Johnny Storm, a.k.a. Human Torch.

The Wrap says its received this tipoff from “numerous individuals familiar with the project,” and Jordan’s chances of landing the Human Torch role depend partly on how much chemistry he has with other actors in consideration. We learned earlier this week that Allison Williams (Girls) is shortlisted to play Susan Storm, a.k.a. the Invisible Woman, in the superhero flick; however, Jordan is reported to have had several meetings with studio executives over the past week (meaning, he may be a more serious candidate to sign on, for the time being).

fantastic four chris evans human torch Fantastic Four Reboot May Cast Chronicle Actor Michael B. Jordan as Human Torch

Chris Evans, who now plays Steve Rogers/Captain America in the Marvel Universe, portrayed Johnny Storm in the 2005 Fantastic Four movie adaptation; indeed, the character has traditionally been portrayed as a caucasian man in the comic books, which begs the question: Is the casting of Jordan appropriate and respectful to the series lineage?

We say yes, for a few reasons:

  • Johnny Storm/Human Torch is characterized by a hotshot attitude, charisma and anti-authority tendencies (not by his race). Jordan has proven more than capable of handling those demands, with his performance in Chronicle and on the television series Friday Night Lights, among other projects.
  • The personal obstacles faced by the Fantastic Four – Reed Richards, Johnny and Susan Storm, and Ben Grimm – are very much universal, as opposed to being restricted to people of a certain ethnic background.
  • Fantastic Four is about a group of superheroes who struggle to work together as a family, despite their differences in personalities. Hence, the series has always been about diversity (thematically), so it is fitting that casting should reflect that.

fantastic four reboot Fantastic Four Reboot May Cast Chronicle Actor Michael B. Jordan as Human Torch

Similarly, there’s no reason why Williams and Jordan cannot play brother and sister in the Fantastic Four franchise reboot, just because of the differences in race; after all, there’s nothing to prevent the characters from being the children of a biracial couple (welcome to the 21st century, folks). More importantly, both are hot acting talents that have previously tackled roles that show they are up to the challenges presented by the Storm siblings.

So again, we see no problem with this acting pair coming aboard on Fantastic Four, anymore than when Foxx joined the Amazing Spider-Man sequel – or Samuel L. Jackson played Nick Fury in the first two Iron Man movies, Captain America or The Avengers – among other examples of comic book characters that changed races during the transition to the big screen.

Of course, you may share you own feelings in the comments section – just keep it civil.


Fantastic Four is being directed by Josh Trank and produced by Matthew Vaughn (director of Kick-Ass and X-Men: First Class), based on a script written by Jeremy Slater and revised by Seth Grahame-Smith.

It will open in U.S. theaters on March 6th, 2015.

Source: The Wrap

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  1. Lol wrong race. I get wanting more diversity sure, but don’t blatantly try to force it onto characters just for the sake of it or the attention.

  2. So what all of you are saying it that if Jordan gave the best tryout for the role enough to warrent him getting a call back he should be discounted becuase of race? If race doesn’t change the story and your argument is all about the story what is your basis other then fear or change?

    I bet if Marvel retconed him in a comic book as a black guy you would be upset as well. Show me where and why a black playboy hot head risk taker can’t go into space and become a superhero.

    Now if they try to make it a sequel I’m right there with you!

    • Impossible, how many times have you seen Johnny Storms blonde hair, lol I’m an artist it’s almost symbolic of his fire, so that means who ever is casting this was never interested in the actual comic we’ve been buying for however many %^&* years that kept this franchise alive, now were all supposed to jump the shark and dump any investment we had in this other characters roots and be on board with someone else. It’s insulting.

    • I absolutely have no problem with them making all the black superheroes they want to make. I would watch a black superhero the same as one from any other race. I even have no problem if they make a black Human Torch. I DO however, have a huge problem with them making Johnny or Sue Storm black. I would have the same problem if it were Reed Richards or Ben Grimm. I don’t give a darn how great his tryout is, he should be discounted for the role because of his race. I would feel the same if they tried to make Blade, Black Panther, Luke Cage-Powerman, Falcon, or any other black character a different race.

  3. This is so exciting, he’s awesome and YES FINALLY new Fantastic Four movies that have the potential to not blow.

  4. So…if people decide to re-make Blade, does that mean he gets to be white? Only fair, right? If us White people have to be more open minded when a race is changed, then it should work both ways. Also, if you’re going to make Johnny black, then you need to make Sue black, unless one of them is meant to be adopted. Thanks Hollywood for screwing the Fantastic 4 up yet again. I thought the idea of a re-boot was to make the movie better, not to re-screw it up again.

    • Your a bigot

      • I saw nothing racist in his post. You sound like the bigot to me. I love Blade, and I would not want to see it remade with him as a white guy. It just wouldn’t work for me. And it is completely unfair to ask generations of people that grew up with Johnny and Sue Storm to accept them as a different race than they always were. They can’t relate to them as the same characters they grew up with. It just doesn’t work.

    • So let me get this…The Avengers had 3 different Bruce Banners but no one complained right? oh,I forgot..we like Hulk because he is white..or because he’s green? Or maybe we just like the hulk because he is just awesome.. If Anthony B. plays a good johnny storm, what difference does it make? In my opinion, FF is about the team..not just one character. I understand if we make batman black there will be a riot because he is the central theme in.. Batman -_- but the FF is about the team, not just one person or siblings…They could make the Thing spanish and Mr. Fantastic chinese for all I care.

      • *TWO different Bruce Banners. The 2003 Hulk film by Universal is not canon with the MCU. Just sayin’…

  5. Wow, I am disappointed that us as fans are turning this into a debate about race. Whether Sue Storm is portrayed as black, white, blue or green doesn’t matter. In this day and age their are so many biracial marriages and kids of different ethnicities being adopted by different families of different races this is what your arguing about. Nick fury was white in the comics but I bet every last one of you loved Samuel Jackson as Nick Fury. Him being black is an issue? Our government just had a shutdown and u worried if Johnny Storm is white? I personally would for Amber Dawn Stevens or Kylie Bunbury to be cast as Sue Storm. It would nice to see Super Heroes of different races for a change.

    • Nick Fury, though he was around for a very long time, and throughout several different comics, was NEVER really a mainstream character. Sure, he was synonymous with S.H.I.E.L.D., but he was always a background character in whatever superhero comic he appeared in. Samuel Jackson worked fine as him. But to screw around with not only the best superhero group Marvel ever created, but my personal favorites? UNACCEPTABLE!!! And yes, I would punch Josh Trank in the face for it, had I the opportunity.

      • Yeah, Josh Trank needs a beating.

  6. Affirmative Action, on personal stories people have created, I forgot this was public property to alter at will, meanwhile there is plenty of great characters that are already black that could be in the movie. It’s silly, it’s retro-acting something that has no business being retroacted, it’s merely Foxs answer to Marvel poaching their staff. It should be equally insulting to whites as well as blacks and furthermore all races for not even being in the running to change someones personal material.

  7. Just go back in time and pretend you broke your ass night and day to make a black Johnny Storm character work and sell. This is silly, are we even having this conversation, it is exactly what they wanted, free press. You know it’s silly, I know it’s silly, I’m done.

  8. Just for the record…I was a little pissed with a slightly lighter shade of Roadblock as well, meanwhile his cousin, not nearly as popular, already represented pretty prominently in the first installment. Too many liberties with other peoples work.

  9. I have a feeling Stan-Lee would not give a damn if they cast Michael. What matters just add much as source material is talent and creating and ADAPTATION that tells a story the audience can connect with.

  10. Why is it ok fir white characters to be played by black actors but its not ok for black characters to be played by white actors? Just stay true to the comics. You ruin the story if you play around like that. Some things just dont make since. Woukd you like to see a movie about michael jordan for example and he is played by a white actor? It doesnt make sense!

  11. Is Michael B. Jordan a good actor, considering people are banding about his name with the term Oscar and Academy Award, let just all agree and say yes.

    Can he play a hot shot, bad anti-author figure, with a bad attitude. I have seen him act you won’t get an argument from me.

    Is he old enough to play the part?
    Remember the 2005 Fantastic Four movie, what was the complaints, oh yeah Ioan and Chris were too young for starters. Now for the reboot they are casting even younger actors.

    I like the fact they are talking about chemistry of the cast, the previous installment had none what-so-ever.

    And now time for the racist remark, even if Michael B. Jordan pulls off an academy award winning performance, the only thing people are going to talk about is his race. They are not replacing a second string Marvel Character with a known badass, they are replacing a character that the core audience of movie goers grew up with, with a “unknown”. You knew who Samuel L. Jackson was you didn’t need to say that dude from “Pulp Fiction”.

    Where this leads is looking at the demographics of a typical audience that’s coughing up almost $8 a ticket. In America that’s 66% Male, 60% over 35, and 75% White at least those are the numbers banded about on places like Box Office Mojo, Forbes and multiple Hollywood “insider” publications. What happens when studios target other demographics, The Wolverine 58% Male, 42% under 25, and under 50% white…
    “Thor: The Dark World” vs. “The Wolverine”, yeap the lesser know title that targeted its core Audience in one weekend has for all intensive purposes out earned the other that was relevant in theaters for a solid month. Did you get more of your targeted audience to show up or did fewer of your core audience show up? Considering how much good word of mouth that Wolverine got and is still getting, I’ll let you decide.

    That is where this is going, the audience just isn’t going to show up and watch the movie, me included. Considering that I saw both Elektra and Daredevil in the theater …

  12. Is the casting of Jordan appropriate and respectful to the series lineage? NO!!! I would like to give Josh Trank a beating for even considering casting a black guy as Johnny Storm-my favorite Marvel character of all time. I have no words to express the rage I feel at this. Unfortunately, the only power I have is to NOT watch the movie.

  13. People are picking this up as a dig to race, when it’s not, it’s the opposite. Be who you are, in Johnny Storms case it’s a white dude. End of story.

  14. All of you supposed die hard fans pretending you are insulted by them changing the race of the character because it is part of the established characters back ground are really just racists. If you are really that big of a comic book fan you should understand the workings of a multiverse and realize that any movie version of a comic book character takes place in an entirely different universe than 616 or Earth 6 and therefore is the story of a completely different version of the Marvel or DC character. Every universe is different and when traveling between universes it is often shown that alternate versions of the same character have different appearances. If race isn’t an integral part of a characters background than it should make no difference what ethnicity the actor is who plays him. Most white geeks who are whining about these race changes are just self entitled racists who feel like they’ve been cheated out of something they think should belong to them. Until Stan Lee declares the need to preserve the original ethnicity of all his characters for the sake of their stories shut up and get over it.

    • It’s silly, and a slap in the face to the creators. Why would you care though, muggers don’t care about the victim. lol

    • Nice double standard though, as soon as a non-black person has an opinion that doesn’t kiss black ass, they’re a racist. Get over yourself.

      • I think you’re all missing the point. You are a racist because you believe no matter how good of an audition a black actor gives for the role they should not have the same opportunity as a white actor to get the part. You would prefer minorities be banned from playing any traditionally white roles simply because of their skin color. Denying opportunities based on race is racism. A mentally challenged 4 year old could understand this concept. Bigots have never been much for rational thought though, so I wont be surprised if this concept is too difficult for you “comic purists” to understand.

        • So you can’t cast a certain ethnic type because if you do your a racist? So If I’m making a a movie about Chinese history. I have to cast anyone for the role otherwise I’m a racist.

          • It’s amazing how stupid some of these comments are. When casting a part for a film there are times when race must be taken into consideration. If changing the ethnicity of a character would involve rewriting the characters history or modifying the entire story than it makes since to stick with the original. Please refer to my other posts if you are confused on why it’s fine to modify the race of some characters and not others. You really don’t need to worry about who you would cast in a film however. You lack the skills to write a halfway intelligent comment so you have no chance of ever writing a screen play, much less a historical screen play about a foreign culture.

            • And this is when race must be taken into consideration! Create new heroes stop hijacking ones with 50 years of history! Sorry that my opinion even if you don’t like it.

            • So, we’re ok then to make that all white Black Panther film since I’m sure in some alternate universe everyone in Africa is white?

              It’s a hyperbolic argument sure but no less straining of the truth than your own. By your claims being white means nothing. You sir are the real racist in this conversation.

    • Johnny Storm was a rich little white kid…whom was an smart ass f up whom never got in trouble because he was a rich white kid..sorry..it had to be said…if he was black he woulda been in jail before he reached any schooling thatd allowed him into space…happy now, it’s been said. He does come into his own, and grow into the role of superhero but, you’re just as racist saying that being a privileged white kid had no bearing on the character he becomes. I said it, everyone knows it, now you too, whom obviously never read the books know too. Good luck with that info no one wants to see this movie anyway.

      • O.J. Simpson and Chris Brown. Just two examples off the top of my head that got off with little or no repercussions because of the position they hold in our society. Yes, privilege can extend to other races.

        • You don’t care about the source material, as long as a black actor gets the role…that’s irresponsible, this is probably the comic film revolution and you want to start by rewriting everything, nice. lol

          • I just want to add that as a reader who’s seen a fair number of my favorite books become movies I definitely consider respect to source material important. But I have also come to understand that those movies are adaptations and cannot be directly translated into a movie, it’s just too different a form of media. I just personally feel that casting outside the characters race is a reasonable adaptation and that personality is not dictated by race. Katniss from the HG just as a for instance, was described as tiny and somewhere closer to Hispanic in physical description, but obviously most people feel that Jennifer Lawrence has done a stellar job. As I stated before I think culture often has more to do with social class. If you’ve ever heard the term “white washed” you’ll know that many people have a hard time separating skin color from identity. A wealthy well spoken black person seems more white than black, not because that’s true, but because we’ve come to accept a certain culture as applying to all black people. This can be true even among black communities. Or any other race. Ever heard of a twinkie? Yellow on the outside, white on the inside. An Asian who is more white than Asian. But those people are usually middle to upper class Americans who’ve assimilated to the national class system. The problem with calling it “white culture” is that geographically and economically that varies massively. `I don’t have the same culture as an Irish or Romanian or South African Caucasian. I just don’t think identity has as much to do with skin color as it once did now that it’s so easy to travel anywhere in the world. Obviously it still has some effect, but I really think as more people are educated and interracial relationships continue we’ll see less separation based on race.

            • I think the people of Wakanda would laugh at your idea of “black culture”.

        • How many black astronauts have you seen?

          • A quick Google search revealed that 14 African American astronauts have been into space. So imagine that, black people can be rich and astronauts. I don’t consider it disrespectful of the source material to cast other races in a role that is not heavily influenced by a characters racial culture. The fact that your concept of what black people can or cannot not be seems stereotypical and ignorant at best.

            • I think you meant to say how accurate I was literally, since there have been about 552 astronauts, 14 astronomically low, no offense, more so I find your lack of respect that white people may actually have a culture beyond black folks disturbing. I think youre making the case for me, more so youre trying to paint anyone who disagrees a flat out racist, and its not true, so stop being so butt-hurt, he doesn’t fit the description, period, you know that time of the month you get when someone tells you the truth yet you whine and complain anyway.

              • Low, not unheard of, and you’ll only see it more often as the years go by. The thing is he DOES fit the description EXCEPT for his skin which you say should disqualify him. His SKIN color is the only problem you’ve addressed. I don’t know how else that’s supposed to sound. Social class and geography have a lot more to do with culture these days, especially in the US, including Caucasians. It’s funny that you call me butt hurt when you’re the one whining about casting and source material. But I concede to your stubborn griping, there’s no point in going in circles.

                • Him being black is the least of it, I think I’d have a problem if he was anything other than a blonde haired kid so if MJB agrees to wear a blonde wig I think we can agree. lol

                  • Now all I can picture is Sisqo shouting “flame on.”

                • That’s pretty funny lol its been 27years since the last black astronaut and you there waiting for the next one to have an argument, hilarious man.

                  • Yup, we’ll definitely never have another black astronaut.

            • Nice lol “not heavily influenced by a characters racial culture” be honest, being white to you has no culture…were as bland as water to you, why would it matter if anyone changed any of us right?

              • All I’ve said is the truth and furthermore, everyone can see that, but, why do you care, I’m sure he will be in the movie, this means nothing. It is a little aggravating though for this to all come out,1 you cant read percentages and its doubtful youve ever really seen a black astronaut before you looked since the last one was in the 80s,2 you think being white has no culture and it’s obvious your fellow blacks feel the same from their arguments which is wayyyy insulting, 3 you didn’t care about or support the source material before time. Right,Exactly.

                • Now here come the lies…

                  • Whoa, calm down. I’m also not black. Lol.

                    • Who cares, you obviously think white and black people are interchangeable. Do you find that, that is so?

                    • I cannot eyeroll hard enough at your attempt to feel as if you’re being discriminated against.

                    • I’m don’t feel that way, I’m just not supporting the product, nor am I condoning the affirmative ass-kissing”coughs action, going on, it’s pretty disrespectful to the fans and creators is what I’m saying. You should support the product though, if you feel a certain way alternate to my feelings, that’s your God given right.

    • So, you would be more than happy for a black character to be played by a white person? No? So white people shouldn’t have the same chance as black people? That’s racist! What about women? Shouldn’t they have a fair go? No? That’s sexist!

      Characters should stay true to what they are. Black, white, man or woman. Old or young. Otherwise, anything goes, and the entire superhero world is ruined. If it’s okay for this then it’s okay for everything.

  15. Hey did you guys hear about Chronicle II is being shot, its working title is Fantastic Four.

  16. Hey did you guys hear about Chronicle II, its working title is Fantastic Four.

  17. Hmmm, “The Creation of Microsoft” starring Denzel Washington as Bill Gates??
    Or “Nixon the Lean years” starring Robert Guillaume as the former president.
    To have a black Johnny Storm they would have to change the whole back story the whole history (as make believe as it is) of the FF…. it just aint right…. please don’t do this.

  18. i love this if they are to make super hero black then people get mad, but in daredevil when they made the kingpin – the villian – black nothing was said at any point. Comics are recreated and drawn and written differently by different people all the time they have spin offs and new writers and artists drawing characters differently all the time, when it come to a superhero being black theres a problem. NOBODY here has said ….. i wonder why there are only a handful of black hero of which most will never have a feature film… think about it

    • Obviously you didn’t read enough boards!

    • Michael Clark Duncan was a mountain of muscle, he added the character validity, Wilson Fisk, also a mountain of muscle drawn in many different ways, though I couldn’t imagine many other men at the time to have his talent and size combined to have cemented the image of Kingpin in all media. His physique is so imposing I dare say he made Kingpin one of the big boys again when it comes to actual threat. He made Daredevil a must see, even if only to dismiss it as a near miss on the whole, after. Though I don’t, to me Daredevil was pretty good and a huge amount was because of Michael Clark Duncan. God rest his soul.

      • The reverse argument doesn’t hold much water for Johnny Storm though…people have watched that blonde hair in cartoons, comics, even the movie all portrayed as the Human Torch that grew on us as kids. Shoot Reed and Sue even have a son that looks like it could be his Franklin from PowerPack. I don’t think people understand the family unit Fantastic Four is, and that’s why they just don’t get it. They weren’t legitimately along for the ride, so how could they know what the wind felt like.

        • How could they prepare a FF movie for “fans” when they don’t respect the source media? When it’s blatantly obvious they never were true fans that supported the franchise monetarily themselves at all. Marvel had tough times, they went bankrupt and all, it was sad, now in order to keep their franchise alive they have to butcher their main characters. Fantastic Four may very well be the royal family of the Marvel Universe. How would they know that though. Sure, Josh Trank may have a zillion FF comics now, brushing up for his chronicle2/FF reboot but, I challenge you to find more than 30 comics of FF he purchased before he hit it big, before he had dispensable money.
          I know I do. Can he say that…how bout Michael B Jordan…how many times do you think he picked up the Fantastic Four comics, seriously. These are not people true to the source. I too agree..we need more black heroes, we need more heroes of all ethnicity and they do exist, especially in Marvel, but, this isn’t the way to go about nor will it work. This movie can be an immense commercial success but it will still be a fail to true fans. Sorry.

          • Want to see mass diversity amongst heroes and villians, amongst all races, pick up The Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe.

  19. What’s that you say, no??? Well then why the $%^# are you interested in this topic, asides the furthering of this black actor you don’t even know nor fits the physical description they had to have written down somewhere, or did that? Who knows

  20. People are individuals for that matter no matter who they are, and when that character description was written up for them I’m sure they wrote white male, blonde hair somewhere, thats the point, they saw this, and ignored it, how is that not disrespectful to the source?

  21. Not to mock this discussion but, the same image came to mind for me too, sisqo and Aqualad lol

  22. You forced me to be factual…all I did was present numbers lol I’m sure there are plenty African Americans involved in NASA or what not…I merely presented the counter argument consisting of logical scenarios and the actual numbers involved which in this case is like…what,2%. That’s the actual percentage and I’m not certain I’m kinda guess but, I think I’m being generous. Thanks for that again lol…catch us next week when all the rappers write our new os software and all the desk jockey techies lace up their shoes for the play offs lol

    • So is your argument that as a minority it isn’t accurate to represent it in film? Can a black man or a woman portray the President of the United States? Because out of 43 different men to serve as President a little over 2% of them (less than black people who’ve been to space) has been black, meaning 1. And none of them has been female.

      • No your argument was discrediting my comment, I merely supplied it with factual evidence that this is not a common occurance. I think you’re trying to twist things to take away from what I actually said. Everything describing Johnny Storm up to this point has depicted him as white male, blonde hair. It’s not a fair comparison to cast a President whom changes at least every 8 years. That arguments plain silly but since you brought it up a president must be 35years of age or older, so if he or she didn’t have this characteristic, I’d think it was miscast.

        • It’s logic, not racism.

  23. I think when they cast for movies they should find the right person to do it based on the way they look act age and performance. If you dont fit the part then dont do it. Not just talking about race. I mean would you put reed richards as a female? Prolly not… the lady who tried out for the part couldv gotten actor of the year for her performance but i still wouldnt make her reed richards… same thing dont change the race of a person that was always written as a different race. Now if they were innerchangeable like in the comics (nick fury) then who cares. But if i made a character for marvel and they changed the race of my character id be mad. Because obviously i made him that race for a reason. Idc what stan lee says… ITS MY CHARACTER NOT YOURS!! jk… if stan lee did say it was ok id say sure do it. But secretly id be mad. Rather be mad than lose a paycheck. Haha

  24. I can see the arguments that many are trying to make on both sides. Agreeing with some, disagreeing with others, Johnny being black or any other race doesn’t/shouldn’t matter. Johnny was never “written” as a white kid..he was drawn that way. And yes for many years that wasn’t changed. But that doesn’t mean it can’t be. Adopted, half brother and sister are just a couple ways to make this transformation work. Blade could be white. Stories never say he was black. Half human, half vampire. That’s it. No one said this “acting/cast” change has anything to do with race. It just so happens that Trank has a great relationship with MBJ and because of that he believes his acting abilities would do this part justice. I don’t think people commenting on here are racist for voicing their opinions. Even if it comes across that way. They are fans of a story line and choose it’s best to not change what they are accustomed to.

    • Its funny how you left out the main reason Diversity. Diversity means but one thing to the big Studio’s, MONEY! They would never cast all black FF because that wouldn’t make any money. But if they can slip an African American in there, they figure great we have that audience demographic covered. Now I’m sure they would love to put an Asian, Indian, etc etc. in there to cover all the diversity demographics & sell this Product around the world. If they felt they could get away with it. But at what point does it compromise the original history & story. I’d rather they just create a whole new multiracial team call it something else. But see it doesn’t have the FF brand name.

  25. I find it interesting that people are so insistent that sue and Johnny must be completely biologically connected now that it’s a black vs. white issue. Jessica Alba is half Mexican; Chris Evans is half Italian – obviously they are not completely biologically portrayed and yet this was never an issue in that reboot.

    • Yes it was a problem. These two didn’t look like brother & Sister.

  26. Its the thinking of most racist white people. “Its racist that they choose a black actor to portray the human torch?” Sure ok!

  27. You guys are crazy the reason why you dont change black panther into white panther is his back story completely changes and for those saying its a publicity thing grow up could it no be because the guy fits the role or because the director thought about what jordan did in chronicle witch the director also directed also thos saying so whit people have no culture so you can just replace them jhonny and black Panthers backstories are different in the sense that jhonnys culture does not affect his back story while panther is an african prince from a long line of african princes the black panther name is also passed along from prince to prince changing black panthers race changes everything not that jhonny’s race does not matter it does not heavily affect his backstory. It was the same reason spidermans costume covers his whole body so anyone of any race could imagine they were spider-man stan lee said it himself. Jhonnys race does not have any strong connections to the charecter it self. And i use the word it because a character can be recasted. But you cannot apply the same logic to black panther. You guys are crazy if they had a black doctor on doctor who you would go insane.

    • So generous will others manuscripts it appears not only your grammar is limited so is your vision, picture this, you do know of course there are white people in Africa, and the mantle being based on an animal, the black panther, the rules you speak of should apply. So good, we’re agreed, the next movie should be The Black Panther but, starring someone like Jason Statham. You got Nick Fury, Kingpin, the way I see it, you owe us one. You can have The Human Torch after you catch up.

      • …and Electro.

  28. I think everyone needs to calm down. My opinion cause this is all this really is here. Is that Johnny Storm should stay white, the creators of these films and franchise shouldn’t ruin the back story by changing things now. Especially if they haven’t been changed in the comic book. This is truly the largest issue we have here when it comes to movies dealing with comics or video games. These writers and directors run rampant and willy nilly by doing whatever they want without actually researching it or turning to reference points. I mean look how they wanted to do the new Ninja Turtle movie having them be aliens from another planet, or the Jurassic Park 4 with these half human half dinosaurs. But people didn’t accept that because guess what that’s not how it’s supposed to be. You can’t go changing stuff that isn’t so. People cursed a black spider-man because well Peter Parker has never been black in any of the parallel marvel universes. Until recently in the ultimate universe *spoiler* where they kill Peter Parker off battling the Ultimate Sinister Six and is replaced by half hispanic half black Miles Morales. Which is good to have diversity, and he’s not a bad Spider-Man to boot, and people wouldn’t mind that in a movie because that is how it is written. It sound stupid but that’s how us nerds think, if it is written and already has happened in a comic book it should be the same in a movie. None of Johnny Storms alternates are black, and so they shouldn’t cast someone who is black to play that role. Nick Fury was written into the Ultimate universe as black, but he’s white in the other so either way it wouldn’t matter who they casted. But Samuel L. Jackson is a bad ass. But that’s besides the point, there are certain heroes people would be pissed to change the ethnicity of like Captain America, Tony Stark, Bruce Banner, Thor, Loki, Peter Parker, the Fantastic Four, etc. Even in the DC world that would be an awkward arrangement. I think people in America need to get off their high horse and just let things be, because it’s stupid to throw the race card out on people who have read comics their whole lives with certain characters being black, certain being white, certain being asian, hispanic, and so on. You can’t just change it now, just because we want to make a positive impact on the youth of tomorrow because kids are growing up more messed up now then they did back in the 80′s and 90′s when I was growing up. It’s because everyone is pussifying the country by doing the whole have diversity make it fair, don’t do this and don’t do that. Hey just my opinion though.

    • You have to admit the reason we have Miles in the Ultimate Universe was a take that fans that were against a black spiderman movie. Now in a future movie they can do it.

  29. Dumb f**ks nick fury wasnt a race change for the movie the to nicks are from different universes so do ur f*****g homework

    • The black fury was literally created for the movies, do your research. He was made specifically because Marvel had no black characters. They made him in Jackson’s image just for the movies.

      • Ryan, He was created for Marvels Ultimate comic book universe & he was modeled after SLJ. There’s Marvels 616 universe & Ultimate Universe. Like DC’s Earth 2 universe. They wanted a more diversified Universe in the Ultimate universe. A few others were changed as well one being Wasp she is Asian now.

        • “The reaction by comic book fans to the revelation of Johnson being Fury’s son and his replacing his father has been mixed. Marvel’s Vice President of publishing, Tom Brevoort believes this is a prudent move by Marvel because the African American incarnation appears in films, animated shows, and other licensed adaptations.”

          From Wiki

          • Seriously, dude, please do your fact checking before posting. The “black” Nick Fury premiered in comics in 2001. Nick Fury in Iron Man did not appear until 2008. Nick Fury, Jr. may have been in response to streamlining Earth 616 in response to the movies (ie, there would be perceived confusion by non-fans seeing a white Nick Fury in Earth 616 titles if they were unfamiliar of the existence of the Ultimate Universe), but the original black incarnation long preceded the films.
            Also, are you serious in trying to claim that a white girl and a black boy could be the result of an interracial marriage? I have never seen a pale white offspring of a union sufficient to produce a black man, and I have known dozens of interracial couples, not to mention every celebrity couple of this nature produces mixed children. I imagine there have been instances where a black child is born with pale enough skin that – with some work – they could potentially pass as white, but this would be a rarity, not reflective of a norm – and not a credible backdrop for the relationship between the Storm siblings.
            Personally, I would have no objection to a black man being cast as the Human Torch if the Invisible Woman was also cast black to preserve their family ties. But I am opposed to presenting a black man as Johnny Storm *just* to have a black person in the cast – and that’s all this casting would be: publicity, ie, let’s get some recognition for the controversy of recasting one of Marvel’s First Family as black. If you’re going to do that, cast Reed or Ben as black, not just *one* of the Storm siblings…
            Actually, I would *dare* Fox to shake it up and recast Sue Storm as a black woman, too – let’s have a real interracial relationship take front stage here! Too bad the cast has already been set…

        • I’m African-American and I truly dislike Halle Berry as Storm as much as I disliked all those white actors playing native Americans in those old Westerns. But I loved Halle in the 007 movie. Loved Zoe Saldana as Uhuru, can’t stand the thought of her putting on dark face and prosthetic lips to play Nina Simone. Kerry Washington as Alicia in Fantastic Four movie – no. Leave Johnny Storm as Johnny Storm. Next thing you know they’ll cast Drake as the Black Panther or Eminem as Static Shock. Sure, comic books are fantasy – fiction – but that “make believe” has years of real understanding, appreciation and gravitas established with its true fan base (of all race, creed, income, religion and sexual preference). As a “true believer”, I say go with history, not break it. Use some of that creativity to storytelling which includes characters like Luke Cage, Shang-Chi, T’Challa, Bishop, Storm, Isiah Bradley, and others. Hell, with a name like Johnny Storm the studio might have gotten away with a story-line which made Sue and Johnny part native American. That’s my 2 cents. Until Tanya Fey is cast in the reboot of the John Henry legend, make mine Marvel. Nuff said.

          • I am also African American and I agree with you 100%

    • i know right! But remember dude the guy said to keep it civil