‘Fantastic Four’ Reboot May Cast ‘Chronicle’ Actor Michael B. Jordan as Human Torch

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michael b jordran fantastic four reboot Fantastic Four Reboot May Cast Chronicle Actor Michael B. Jordan as Human Torch

There are few ways to poke that proverbial bear with greater effectiveness than to argue that increasing the diversity of casting in superhero movies is a good thing; not to mention, necessary, to reflect the growing fanbase of superhero and comic book movies, which continues to break down the barriers of race and gender (case in point: just ask Tumblr how many women love Tony Stark and Loki).

It’s one thing to fill a traditional African-American character role such as Falcon in Captain America: The Winter Soldier with Anthony Mackie – or to consider an up and coming black actor to portray the African prince Black Panther onscreen – but go and cast Oscar-winnier Jamie Foxx to play Electro in Amazing Spider-Man 2 and, well… you can just sit back and watch the fighting begin.

It’s time to revisit that discussion, with the latest casting update for the Fantastic Four movie reboot. According to insiders, 20th Century Fox and the film’s director, Josh Trank, are looking at Michael B. Jordan – who played one of the three leads in Trank’s breakout Chronicle - to portray Johnny Storm, a.k.a. Human Torch.

The Wrap says its received this tipoff from “numerous individuals familiar with the project,” and Jordan’s chances of landing the Human Torch role depend partly on how much chemistry he has with other actors in consideration. We learned earlier this week that Allison Williams (Girls) is shortlisted to play Susan Storm, a.k.a. the Invisible Woman, in the superhero flick; however, Jordan is reported to have had several meetings with studio executives over the past week (meaning, he may be a more serious candidate to sign on, for the time being).

fantastic four chris evans human torch Fantastic Four Reboot May Cast Chronicle Actor Michael B. Jordan as Human Torch

Chris Evans, who now plays Steve Rogers/Captain America in the Marvel Universe, portrayed Johnny Storm in the 2005 Fantastic Four movie adaptation; indeed, the character has traditionally been portrayed as a caucasian man in the comic books, which begs the question: Is the casting of Jordan appropriate and respectful to the series lineage?

We say yes, for a few reasons:

  • Johnny Storm/Human Torch is characterized by a hotshot attitude, charisma and anti-authority tendencies (not by his race). Jordan has proven more than capable of handling those demands, with his performance in Chronicle and on the television series Friday Night Lights, among other projects.
  • The personal obstacles faced by the Fantastic Four – Reed Richards, Johnny and Susan Storm, and Ben Grimm – are very much universal, as opposed to being restricted to people of a certain ethnic background.
  • Fantastic Four is about a group of superheroes who struggle to work together as a family, despite their differences in personalities. Hence, the series has always been about diversity (thematically), so it is fitting that casting should reflect that.

fantastic four reboot Fantastic Four Reboot May Cast Chronicle Actor Michael B. Jordan as Human Torch

Similarly, there’s no reason why Williams and Jordan cannot play brother and sister in the Fantastic Four franchise reboot, just because of the differences in race; after all, there’s nothing to prevent the characters from being the children of a biracial couple (welcome to the 21st century, folks). More importantly, both are hot acting talents that have previously tackled roles that show they are up to the challenges presented by the Storm siblings.

So again, we see no problem with this acting pair coming aboard on Fantastic Four, anymore than when Foxx joined the Amazing Spider-Man sequel – or Samuel L. Jackson played Nick Fury in the first two Iron Man movies, Captain America or The Avengers – among other examples of comic book characters that changed races during the transition to the big screen.

Of course, you may share you own feelings in the comments section – just keep it civil.


Fantastic Four is being directed by Josh Trank and produced by Matthew Vaughn (director of Kick-Ass and X-Men: First Class), based on a script written by Jeremy Slater and revised by Seth Grahame-Smith.

It will open in U.S. theaters on March 6th, 2015.

Source: The Wrap

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  1. WAIT…What?

  2. Cant be any worse than evans

    • I quite liked Evans in the role!

    • I thought Evans was the best cast, followed by the actor who played The Thing.

  3. hmmmm, this troubled me at first, but except for the race, this guy would be perfect. I honestly don’t know how I feel about this…

  4. Wheres Wallace at String?

  5. Depends, on who they cast as the invisible woman, since Sue and Johnny are related.

    • You sir are correct i completely forgot. Tho now adays its far uncommen to be related yet have diffrent fathers or w/e

  6. I have no issue with Jordan being cast, as I am a massive FNL’s fan and he was great in that as he was in Chronicle.

    But surely Sue would have to be black aswell then as she’s his sister?

    • adoption

      • Yes that is what I thought as well. If they just drop real quick that one of them was adopted and not go to much into it ( not sure how much the history of there parents plays into the comics ) that should work out just fine.

        He has the attitude, knows how to work in a super power team enviroment, and has expierence flying for a movie.

        • *their

  7. Also that means that Sue Storm has to be black too (as they are siblings). This is a conundrum.

  8. I wouldn’t say Nick Fury changed races transitioning to the big screen, considering Sam Jackson’s Fury was based directly on the Ultimates version, which was itself based directly on Fury. Anyway, I loved the points made about a diverse cast used to represent the diversity of the family, and I think Jordan would be great for the role. Will the Storm siblings be adopted siblings, then? That’s fine with me, personally.

    • *directly on Jackson.

  9. Well, they can go the adopted route, or mixed heritage with Sue and Johnny.

  10. This is just a load of B.S.! Nothing against the actor, but this is just political nonsense.
    If they’re going to do this then just forget it.

    • I see no politics.

      • Then you do not see the truth.

  11. “Similarly, there’s no reason why Williams and Jordan cannot play brother and sister”

    Uhh…yes, there is. Because they’re brother and sister. Do we now have to invent a convenient back story to explain why a white woman is the sister of a black man? Adoption perhaps? Is that really necessary? That just feels like forcing the whole diversity issue.

    I would have no problem if say Ben Grimm was a black astronaut who became The Thing. Black astronauts are a good thing, role model-wise. But the whole family dynamic of the FF is that Johnny is Susan’s hot-headed (no pun intended) younger brother. It just won’t be the same if they’re not of the same race.

    • You are familiar with the concept of biracial couples having children, right?

      • Much more familiar than you, I’m sure. And in the real world, it is virtually unheard of for a biracial couple to have a blonde, blue-eyed daughter and a fully black son. It just doesn’t happen that way. A biracial couple is more likely to have half-cast (i.e. brown children). even if one child is darker than the other, they are still going to be different shades of brown, with fluffy hair.

        So sorry, that argument doesn’t fly.

        • Well, why does Susan Storm have to be blue-eyed and blonde? It’s not really necessary for the character, I would say. Besides, the prospective casting (as it stands) wouldn’t require a *huge* suspension of disbelief, in my humble opinion.

          But, to each their own, of course.

          • Susan Storm doesn’t have to be blue-eyed and blonde, but just a couple days ago Screenrant reported on possible casting of Susan and she was definitely white. So now either Johnny and Sue aren’t related (one was adopted) or they are only half siblings becasue they have at least one different parent. Look I don’t mind changes in race for many characters. Wanna make The Thing or Mr. Fantastic a black man – I personally don’t care. I’d even be fine if both Johnny and Sue were black or asian or whatever you want. But if you are asking me to believe that a black man and a white woman have the same parents and are siblings – well forget it. They would HAVE to change the relationship between the characters. At this point I’d have to ask why completely alter the characters’ relationship. Surely there is an actress and an actor of the same race that can play siblings in this movie.

        • I personally know several sets of siblings that you describe as unheard of.

          • No you don’t.

            • lol, cute

              • Yeah, you don’t know genetics apparently. That’s what’s laughable.

          • No you definitely don’t. It is biologically impossible. If you know two people where one is clearly white and the other is clearly black and they claim to have exactly the same parents then they are LYING to you.

            • Why? Because science told you? Good grief, here we go with this. New things happen all the time. Nothing is impossible

            • It is possible for one sibling to look like they belong to one race and a different sibling to look like they belong to a different race. My friend is a light shade of black, but his brother is basically white. Just because you haven’t seen it doesn’t make it not true haha.

              Would it be realistic to illustrate that type of situation with Michael B. Jordan and a white actress? Most likely not, but there are many ways around that issue. Adoption, maybe they are step-brother/sister, maybe they are half brother/sister, etc.

              • Also, they may have different fathers. This happens all the time, I see numerous children with different fathers, one being white (or black) and the other being bi-racial. In fact, just saw it the other day.

            • Nope. Have you ever heard of the law of independent assortment? Where chromosomes exchange data, and slip into their different, independent pairs, and shipped off in sacs (sperms)? It’s one of the basic laws of inheritance. See it this way, one parent (black) and another parent (black) have 2 children. However, one of the parent’s parents (grandparents) are bi-racial, and so are the second parent’s grandparents. It is possible for sections of the chromosomes (locus) that are associated with the “white” side to become isolated from the alleles associated with the black side. Therefore, through independent assortment, it’s possible for only the genes from the white grandparents to be matched, and create a white phenotype child. But this can only be possible if both black parents have white ancestry down the line, or vice versa. It’s not impossible, but not probable. The Nazi government of Germany back in 1930s recognized this, and sort to use it as a “ethnic cleansing” tool through interbreeding. And they focused their sights on Brazil, as we all now, is the most racially mixed country on the planet, and has a wide-range of genetic variety.

        • I agree with Etrigan here.

        • Well, I for one mother is of Italian and Irish decent, my father was African American and Italian.

          My features are mixed, my twin sister is mixed but like two of our sisters, they have natural blonde hair, and are fairer in complexion than I am.

          There are twins of mixed race where one has the color trait of one parent and other has the traits of the other parent.

          So it is not out of the realm of possibility.

          • You and your siblings are only 1/4 african american. The more you dilute the african gene the more possible it is to have caucasian features or light hair colour.

        • Yea, because in the real world, people can turn invisible, catch on fire and fly, and turn into big giant rock beast things.

          I am so glad your racism is grounded in reality.

    • Actually, simple genetics demonstrates that after the 3rd generation of a bi-racial union, the offspring can be all white, all black and any combination thereof. So really it would not be that hard or far-fetched that they be true brother and sister.

    • Google black parent having white child and you will have your answer. That exist. And white parent can also have white child.

  12. Here we go again!

    Wasn’t that Jamie Foxx / “Annie” thread enough for one week, Screen Rant?!

    Let the comments fly !!!

  13. “there’s no reason why Williams and Jordan cannot play brother and sister in the Fantastic Four franchise reboot, just because of differences in race “… ummm how about genetics??? The guy would PERFECT if it wasn’t for that. I guess they could make him adopted? idk…

    • Biracial famiies… having diffrent fathers its quite commen

      • Since they have the same last name, I would think different mothers.

  14. You should all read the whole article before you post. lol

    “Similarly, there’s no reason why Williams and Jordan cannot play brother and sister in the Fantastic Four franchise reboot, just because of differences in race (welcome to the 21st century, folks).”

    • Thanks for noticing (seriously). :-)

      I added an extra detail, to better clarify my meaning.

  15. I liked him in The Wire. And if you watch chronicle, his role is pretty much johnny storm to an extent. Popular, fun all around guy. Can fly. Add fire to him and thats human torch. But yeah, the big issue would be the casting of sue storm, unless they just do adoption or mommy was white, daddy was black, thing. But if he gets part, im all for it.

  16. Can we seriously just stop doing this?

    • what? diversifying hollywood?

      • Lazily diversifying Hollywood. How about Marvel get to work on making actual, good heroes of different races instead of changing old characters? It kind of feels like a lazy attempt to get more minorities to come watch their movies.

        • DING DING DING!! You get the prize!!

          Why change a fundamental part of a character that has existed for 50+ years? Just to be PC? They now have to add a whole new backstory to the family just so they can “diversify”. Why not have Ben Grimm or Reed Richards be black instead? Race isn’t important to their characters and would not require a whole reimagining of the character’s history. This is just laziness on the part of Fox.

          • Why is his race fundamental? He’s not a different species, he’s just a different color!

            • You do understand that race and ethnicity play a huge role in someone’s identity and life experiences, especially in the U.S, right? We’re not just characters from a coloring book, “just a different color” doesn’t quite cut it.

              I have to say, I’m with Etrigan on this. You can make one of the siblings adopted, sure, or half siblings or something, but the whole “biracial parents” excuse that some people are suggesting is a bad, just hilariously childlike explanation. Is it possible? Yes. Is it at all probable? No.

              Since this is fiction, you don’t introduce a dynamic like that without reason. Consider the things I wrote in the first paragraph. A pair of biological siblings who grew up looking like completely different races (not just kind of looking like one race but mostly looking like the other) would have grown up with some REALLY unique experiences from the rest of us and that is going to need to show through in their characterization. It would need to be deeply explored and tactfully handled, otherwise it would be a complete slap in the face to any mixed race siblings, especially ones who grew up in that situation. In other words, you wouldn’t be able to write it off with a quick “oh their parents are biracial” and just be on your merry way… which brings me to my main point:

              Why bother changing a character’s race and background just to lazily diversify an existing group of characters? What if the situation was reversed and they had done this to a black character? Luke Cage, Hero for Hire, played by… Channing Tatum. Nevermind that a big part of Luke’s character is that he grew up deep in the inner city and the black community during a time of civil unrest, was unjustly convicted and imprisoned twice partly because of his ethnicity. Nevermind that he resolved to carve out a name for himself as an entrepreneur and a businessman despite the fact that a good portion of the country was not very trusting or friendly to people of his color or background during that time…. go ahead and take all that away from him so you can cast the bigger name, it’s cool.

          • Denzel Washington or Blair Underwood as Reed Richards?

            Bonus’: Idris Elba or Benjamin Bratt as Bruce Wayne.

            Leon Robinson as Martian Manhunter

            Lance Gross (with a lil age or not) Green Lantern.

            Lol Im just winging it, artciles like this get me thinking..

          • Denzel Washington or Blair Underwood as Reed Richards?

            Bonus’: Idris Elba or Benjamin Bratt as Bruce Wayne.

            Leon Robinson as Martian Manhunter

            Lance Gross (with a lil age or not) Green Lantern.

            Lol Im just winging it, articles like this get me thinking..

        • I have to agree. I am not even as concerned about a racial change as much as I understand this movie to be a REBOOT so that they can create a feature that has a chance of being a blockbuster as opposed to the “relative” success of the prior films.

          In all seriousness, doing risky things doesn’t make sense to me and having the opportunity to do a reboot shouldn’t be an excuse for it.

  17. I have nothing against the actor but if Johnny Storm and Sue Storm are brother and Sister which they are then the actors have to be the same Race…Forget about Jessica Alba being a Latina that she is and Chris Evans a Cacassian that he is the reason why it worked out was because Jessica looked like a white girl because of her white skin now if she was darker toned then thats a different story..here you have a African american and a Cacassian it just doesnt fit the picture regardless of the Acting Skills

    • adoption?

    • Exactly. It’s amazing how silly people become when trying to be politically correct. A white girl and a black man can’t convincingly play brother and sister, period. If you want to add diversity to the FF, then make either Ben Grimm or Mr. Fantastic black, for all I care. But for God’s sake, let’s not murder common sense on the altar of political correctness.

      • … Or, this possible casting is based more on the idea that both Williams and Jordan are excellent fits for the respective roles, and not much else.

        But, again, to each their own.

        • They may be excellent fits individually, but this is an ensemble cast. When you watch a movie, you’re supposed to suspend disbelief. Imagine if Reed Richards was played by a 17 year-old actor. How credible would that be?

          Why were all the kids on the Cosby Show black? Why not throw in a white daughter just for diversity? Because you have to reflect reality. And white sister, black brother just doesn’t reflect reality, sorry. Unless you have to manufacture some convoluted back story about someone being adopted, or even more messy, about their mother having slept with both a white and black man. And why is that necessary- this is a superhero movie, not an HBO drama!

          • White sister and black brother does reflect reality, just not your reality. Do you really think that in the World today that there aren’t bi-racial couples who have two kids, one that comes out dark skinned and one that is very light skinned so you can’t tell their parents are bi-racial? Or if they come are half brothers and sisters because the parents re-married? Furthermore, why does this need to be explained at all?

            It is only convoluted because your narrow mind and thinking convoluted it. But it is not convoluted for me.

            The Cosby show was in the 1980′s when the world was when there was not a visible African American Voice. The time’s needed to reflect a normal African American family on TV. This was part of the growth of our society and the impact of the civil rights movement 30 years before.

            Now, 30 years later (from the Cosby show) the world and our society is much more accepting to diversity (though, this post and others on this board proves that we still have a long way to go).

            Comparing the social and racial climate now to the one 30 years or 60 years ago is pretty unfair. You have to adjust for further growth and more reflect what the climate of the world is now. And, black brother/sister and white brother/sister happens all over the world, and there is NOTHING wrong with that.

            But if you look at that show, the variation of their skin color when from very light to dark. Sandra, Theo, Vanessa, Rudy, and Raven all had very different skin tones. So did Bill and Claire Huxtable. But from your view, genetics

            • bleh sorry typos, grammatical errors? Can’t we edit these things? lol

              • @Stupidheads

                Been asking the same thing for over a year. lol

          • Hahaha a “white sister, black brother just doesn’t reflect reality, sorry.” What reality do you live in my friend? Through adoptions and second marriages it happens all of the time.

            It sounds to me like you are worried that an explanation for a brother and sister belonging to two different races will take away valuable time from the plot of the movie. I’m sure the writers would have the explanation given in passing.

            “How are you guys brother and sister?”

            “We’re adopted.”

            It could be as quick and painless as that. Either way, Michael B. Jordan hasn’t been officially casted yet. It’s not set in stone. You’re worrying over a lot of hypotheticals.

            • Or just cast them as brother and sister and let the audience worry about how that’s possible. If they want to worry about it, that is.

      • Murder common sense? Dude we’re talking about a movie that has a guy that turns to fire and flies around.. I think everything is fair game after that.

  18. I wonder when things like this will stop being so divisive. I’m all for it. Like someone else said, his Chronicle character was pretty much Johnny, so he has experience.

  19. SWEET!! I’m a huge fan of Jordan’s he was great in chronicle Friday night lights and his small stint on parenthood. I have no doubt he is perfect for this casting!
    And he can easily be Allison Williams brother in the movie. Come on guys bi racial couples isn’t a new thing. Either is adopted kids or half siblings. There’s ways around appearances.

    Bottom line he is a great actor Nd I can see him portraying human torch.

  20. I see no problem with this,like they said they did it with electro and Nick Fury, I think what we should pay attention to is the acting, Jordan is a good actor, and also Susan Storm does not have to be black, in fact in biracial couples usually when these couples have children the kids can come out either race its not that hard to think about guys or haven’t you heard of a Punnet square?

  21. Had the chance to see fruitvale a couple weeks ago and michael b jordan pulled out an incredible performance

  22. i think this is a bad move…..i dont think there should be a reason to force the whole “diversity” thing here, i got no problem with a black actor being cast for a role, but if the source material a character is based off of is white, then he should be cast white, while were at it lets make mr fantastic a woman, and sue storm a transgender woman transitionin into a man, and ben grimm gay man strugling with coming out and his affection for dr.doom if this ff reboot is only going to focus on “yay diversity”…..look im all for diversity and equality and whatnot, but for christ sake its a movie based on a comic book! just cast actors that fit the physical and personality characteristics of the characters in the comic

    • You think its a bad move to diversify, really?

      Keep in mind, some of the source material in comic books comes from a time during or before the Civil Rights movement. Most main characters were written, drawn, or cast as white in the main parts. Marvel helped get past some of these barriers and took a look at this movement, especially with X-Men. So for characters to change gender or ethnicity is not to far of a stretch. It only opens you up to more variety and puts a fresh new angle on source material that is going on 50 years old.

      Look at Starbuck in the Galactica reboot, Sam Jackson as Fury, or the girl who is playing Jenny Olson in Man of Steel. It modernizes these stories, makes it more like the social consciousness of our time and keeps these stories fresh and palatable.

      I am not sure how you can say that this is a bad move and then in the same breath say you all for diversity, equality, and whatnot, because for christ sake you really are not.

      • nothing you said made any sence at all there pal,for one sam jackson as fury wasnt “modernizing anything” he was based off of the nick fury in marvel’s “ultimate universe” where nick fury is already black…. so they actually cast him in that role partialy because he’s black and alot of furys lines in the comics were written to sound like something he would say, and as for keeping the stories “fresh and palatable” as you so put it, if you dont like the story for what it is when it was created in the source material aka the comics and feel that drastic changes need to be made soley for the purpose of being “fair” to other races and whatnot then maby you miss the point of these movies, i dont want to see the fantastic 4 after a ton of changes have been made to the story, i like the stories as they have been made….that would be like having another re-release of star wars where chewbacca is now a different alien race type character with actual dialouge other that growling noises, it kills the essence of the story and what it was meant to be..and screw you to say im not for diversity and its a bad move to diversify, i never said that, if the movie was based off of a fantastic 4 series (which by the way, the fantastic 4 stared after the civil rights movement had already begun) where johny storm was a black adopted brother of susan storm or maby their father married a black woman and had johny after his 1st wife (susans mom) had died, or something similar i would have no problem with it,i just dont think its good to drasticaly change a characters story for no good reason

        • I apologize that my proper punctuation, grammar, and spelling made no “sence” to you, bud.

          The problem with your logic with all these “modern” (oops, I said it again) superhero movies is that none of them are exact adaptions from the source material.

          When comics do their different variations, which every major superhero has gone through, they change things. The origin stories get tweaked, some of their backgrounds evolve.

          Look at FF4 #1 from 1961 and the origin story. Now look at the origin story for Ultimate FF4. The stories are pretty different because they were written in different time periods, that reflect the sign of the times from those era’s.

          Do you want them to do a frame by frame of the 1961 comic which is outdated? Flying up in a rocket ship like sputnik?

          The point is, you claim to want to stick to the source material, but in every incarnation in comic book history, the stories get handed off to new writers/artists to re-invent the wheel. The new 52, Marvel’s Ultimate, Uncanny, Batman, Superman, and all the other reiterations constantly change the stories.

          Are they all for good reason or not? That depends on you.

          The fact that you said “i just dont think its good to drasticaly change a characters story for no good reason” just proves my point more. Maybe, the good reason is that they found an actor who is going to KILL the part and is a great fit.

          The stories have been drastically changed over and over again. I am starting to think you don’t even read comics or you would know this.

          Hey, I don’t know you, I can only go off of your initial post. I was speaking to your comments because you were communicating in this ONE post how un-diverse you were sounding.

          By the way, I said during or before the civil rights movement from Comic Books. It was a general statement trying to explain that there wasn’t any multi-cultural source material to draw from, from this time period, misconstrue much?

          Good job telling me to go screw myself though, way to command an argument!!

          Your analogy for Chewbacca doesn’t really compare though, because we are talking about the difference of color in skin-tone, not the total change of a species. You’re point is moot.

          What if in episode 7 Chewie’s hair color changed hue? As long as he roars and has the same personality traits and that roar, he is still a Wookie and is still Chewbacca.

          • If only your well worded, concise and legitimate arguments could be heard over people sticking their fingers in their ears and screaming “LA LA LA I CAN’T HEAR YOU!” Kudos, Stupidheads!

          • first off…you seem to be taking yourself a little too serious there with the whole grammar, and punctuation thing there pal…get over yourself its the internet,ya know, this all comes down to opinion, you feel butthurt that my opinion that is that its not a good idea is different from yours, too bad for you, its my opinion, dont like it? then f*** off i diddnt think about your poor wittle feelings when i made my opinion, you dont want to take my analogies into consideration because you want to win the “super serious internet argument” apparently so go ahead and take everything i say out of context and think your superior little attitude about others opinions is going to somehow make you feel better about your obviously lonely existence sitting in your parents basement starting stupid arguments with anyone who will listen to you…

            • Here I am going to respond in a wahey you meight understand…..Wow you are actually using this is the internet so it is ok to suck defense? That is lausghable at best.You are right that is your opinion and just as you have the right to voice it, I have the rigrht to oppose it and expres my onion.
              You were the one that came on the message board mouthing off your opinion in the first place. And you are right, I don’t like your opinion. I have every rieght to solicit a debate when you go posting on a pubic message beard.

              Anyways, you haven’t engaged my arguments in any substantial way. All you have tried to do is attack my intelligence by swearing and addressing any of the points that I brought up.

              Great job on using the 2,000 year old I live in my mom’s basement insult. 10 points to originality to you. You forgot to say that I work at Taco Bell.

              • No you are the one that seems to get off telling people they are racist. You little diversity queen. Your the only one chastising everyone, keep your opinions to you self.

      • “So for characters to change gender or ethnicity is not to far of a stretch.”

        Except that just simply changing their gender or ethnicity isn’t diversification. Basically you’d just be writing them as a white person who happens to have black skin. It doesn’t put a new angle on anything, it just changes their color. Sorry, that’s lazy and terrible writing.

        You can’t change a team of characters that grew up white and suddenly turn them (or just one of them) black without serious consideration about how that changes their character. They might be fictional heroes but oddly enough that is all the more reason to carefully consider how they should be written rather than just treating them like a paint by numbers picture you decided would look better if you colored the 9 section with the 4 paint.

    • xmisfit666x – You need to stop with your “while we’re at it” suggestions… Some knucklehead at the studio may read your comments! I don’t care who’s black or white, gay or straight but when you suggest that Sue Storm should be a transgender woman transitioning to a man… THAT IS WRONG! Everyone knows Sue Storm is way too hot to become a man, dammit! ;-) Sheeesh!

      • LMAO!! ok fine susans a duck then!!!

        • That’s funny

  23. I wonder who they’re looking at to play Reed? That’s what I wanna know!

    • The way we’re going, they’ll probably cast Susan Sarandon.

      • Overreact much?

        • Fail to get jokes much?

          • Not when they’re funny.

            • Not when they’re NOT funny.

        • This article has ruiend his week. Lets not be to hard on him.

          • Ok Stewie

    • The kid who played Webster.

  24. Ok i’m a black dude and this doesn’t sit well with me. To be honest it makes me uncomfortable because it doesn’t make any sense. Like why change the character? Just plain out weirdness.

    • It seeme to be the trendy thing to do these days. Heck if he or she can bring something to the character, so be it.

      • Wait til Man of Steel 2 is cast with a black man. No reason not to, right? Morals, ideals, ambiguous alien skin pigmentation can vary. Earth doesn’t hold a patent for the black man. I say, do it.

  25. I am so sick of them casting black people in white roles. Everybody is all for it, yay diversity, but if we cast a white guy in a black role watch out. Then they yell racist. I want black panther to be played by a white guy, or better yet let’s cast blade as a white guy. While we are at it we can cast superman as a Chinese and batman as a Native American.

    • Wow. You just seem mad.

    • Just because some of you cannot accept in your closed-minds that a brother and sister who is a product of a bi-racial marriage can be white and black; I’ve got news for you. In RL there are plenty of bi-racial families out there that proves you wrong. Saying this can’t be possible because of genetics is just ignorant and insults every beautiful bi-racial person that lives in this world.

  26. GO WALLACE!!!

  27. Whaaaat? F that. Race is such a big part of someone’s identity, why can’t they just TRY to pay a little respect to the source material?

    • Because the source material is almost 50 years old? Really, we can reboot everything but let’s change the race of a role. Do you read comics? They have been changing race and gender in comics for years and years now.

      Why are you having such a problem with source material being changed when it is a white character to a black character?

      Is not feasible for a White Man/Woman and Black Man/Woman to have offspring that come out white and black, or mixed?

      You better take a look around in the world because it is happening all over. This is the world you live in, why not update these stories so it better reflects what goes on in our times?

      I also don’t see why this even needs explanation as far as story goes. What you cant figure out on your own that they are brother and sister and one of their parents is black and the other is white. Or that they are half brother and sister? Why does this need to be explained at all? Geez.

      • Which character has changed Races exactly? I can think of one

        • Spider-man, Agent Fury, Spawn (from the comic to the movie), Nick Cruz from R.I.P.D. Perry White in the upcoming Man of Steel, Jenny Olson swapped genders. Should I keep going?

          • Wasn’t Al Simmons (Spawn) always black? Even in the comics?

            • My bad on Spawn, It was a character in the Spawn movies that changed races from the book to the movie. My bad though, I can’t remember the name so disregard that part. lol.

          • Yes. Keep going. Because you have nothing left in your arsenal. Also, you’ve mentioned only changes within comic books when they were representing alternate realities. Because you were wrong about Spawn. And Spider-man doesn’t count. It’s not black Peter Parker. It’s an entirely different character who picks up the mantle.

      • I’d be just as made if they did a Black Panther movie set in the Middle East or cast a white man as Luke Cage. It’s more of an anal retentive for the details thing.

  28. everyone simmer down the only thing to consider here is if hes a good actor can we agree on that, he is a good actor, lets not get our panties in a twist, he’s a human male, i’m pretty sure that fits the criteria for playing that role so everyone chill lets not make this about race lets make this about his credentials

  29. Hhmmm….Interesting.

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