No ‘Fantastic Four’ Presence At Comic-Con 2014 [Updated]

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Fantastic Four Comic Con 2014 No Fantastic Four Presence At Comic Con 2014 [Updated]

Comic-Con International is just two weeks away and the annual event in San Diego traditionally offers a powerful conclusion to the summer blockbuster season by with major film announcements, teases and surprises for the largest of upcoming geek-friendly projects. With that in mind, we’ve hit the time of the year where we learn daily of events, showcases and celebrities that will be at the show to promote upcoming projects and to meet fans.

For Twentieth Century Fox, their television plans for SDCC have already been announced and they’re bringing 13 shows including 24, American Horror Story and their animated lineup of The Simpsons and Family Guy (crossover time!) among others. On the film side, only the first day’s (Thursday, July 24th) schedule has been released so far – unveiled today – but we know at least one thing Fox will be presenting to Comic-Con attendees: the new Fantastic Four.

We’ve learned from an insider that the five young leads of director Josh Trank’s Fantastic Four Reboot will be making an appearance and that must mean the following talent will show up on stage:

  • Jamie Bell (Ben Grimm – The Thing)
  • Kate Mara (Sue Storm – The Invisible Woman)
  • Michael B. Jordan (Johnny Storm – The Human Torch)
  • Miles Teller (Reed Richards – Mr. Fantastic)
  • Toby Kebbell (Victor von Doom – Doctor Doom)

The big movie panels traditionally occur on the Friday and Saturday in Hall H of the San Diego Convention Center. Last year, Fox held their grand presentation on the Saturday where they made a splash by bringing out almost the entire cast of X-Men: Days of Future Past, preceded by a little love for The Wolverine. Fox’s Marvel’s brand is important to their future tentpole lineup and they have big plans for the Fantastic Four, having already dated a sequel for 2017 with consistent rumblings that they could eventually crossover with their X-Men franchise.

X Men Days of Future Past cast by Gage Skidmore 1024x577 No Fantastic Four Presence At Comic Con 2014 [Updated]

X-Men: Days of Future Past Cast at Comic-Con 2013

Whether the Fantastic Four is officially announced as part of Fox’s panel or planned as a surprise remains to be seen, but with production deep underway in New Orleans and the film slated for release next June, it’s almost a certainty that the studio will take advantage of the venue and crowd to at least tease the project with a trailer or some early footage. The expectation is that they will show it off and maybe tease some other Marvel-related projects since they have several with release dates, included an unannounced one for 2018 – with talk of additional spinoffs. Gambit? X-Force? Deadpool?

Update: Moments after publishing, Fox announced their official Comic-Con movie plans which includes Book of Life, The Maze Runner, Hitman: Agent 47, Let’s Be Cops, and Kingsman: The Secret Service. No mention of Fantastic Four so assume it’s their surprise bookend.

Update 2: Simon Kinberg says FF will not be at SDCC 2014 and we verified through several sources that it’s a maybe but that they had wanted to.

Update 3: Fantastic Four did not show at Comic-Con.

With competitors at Marvel Studios and Warner Bros. certain to bring something big with their comic book movie universe lineups, Fox needs to bring their A-game to sell the world on the new Fantastic Four and its found footage style. What would you see Fox present from their Marvel movie lineup?


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Fantastic Four releases June 19th, 2015, X-Men: Apocalypse on May 27th, 2016, The Wolverine 3 (not the official title) on March 3rd, 2017, Fantastic Four 2 on July 14th, 2017, and an unspecified Marvel film on July 13th, 2018.

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    • Okay they deleted the other guys comment. Good looking SR

  1. Interesting move by Fox. I wonder how Marvel will react to this.

  2. Found footage FF? Guess it could work, but how would we see Victor’s side of things…unless…don’t tell me he’s gonna get “powers” the same way as the FF like the last movie

    Trank y u do dis

    • The exec said found-footage feel, which probably means a lot of handheld filming. That can look great in the right hands.

      • Idea time:

        Since this is based on Ultimate FF with a younger team based in Dr Storm’s scientific school for young prodigies, Doom will work on the Negative Zone transporter with Richards like he did in the comic, giving them all their powers.

        What if the found footage parts are their video diaries as they work on and experiment with the tech that ultimately reveals the Negative Zone and gives them the powers we know them for?

        That makes the most sense to me.

  3. Who cares the fantastic 4 are the most one dimensional characters in comics.

  4. Johnny Quid and the Quidlickers!
    I just hope Doom is badass! Like Fassbender/Magneto levels.

    • I had my doubts but after his performance in Apes I am now sold on Toby Kebbell as Doom

  5. did you guys hear they already replace the character liv from the constantine pilot with a new character for episode 2

    • Yep, read about that about half an hour before typing this, she’s gonna be replaced by Zed, John’s former lover from the Hellblazer comics.

      • Well, one of since in the comics, John was bi and had relationships with both men and women (including Zatanna too).

  6. Well, for starters, the photo should be changed for one with the title of the film: “The f4 (with lower case) Crap”

    Then the director should say this is not a F4 film but rather a caprice of his.

    Finally, what I have always said; the team working on the X Men Franchise must stay away from this whatchamacallit, whatchamacallit, conundrum, to avoid losing fans on the process.

    • Except so far, it’s pretty much exactly like the Ultimate FF comics, only differences being that Johnny and Dr Storm are black and the villain keeps his traditional name rather than being called Victor Van Damme.

      Otherwise, it’s completely faithful to the FF comics

      • Who is Dr. Storm?

        Did you mean Dr Doom? If so, he wasn’t black.

        Am I just really missing something here? Sorry if I am misunderstanding something.

        • Sue and Johnny’s father has been cast and is being played by Reg E Cathey.

          • Ahhhh…Dr. Storm as in Sue and Johnny’s Dad. I didn’t put it together.

  7. Yeah! Marvel themed Chronicle.. yeah… nooo. And I like found footage. but no

  8. Hopefully the audience is kind to them.

  9. Many people don’t like the Ultimate F4. That’s just a move from Marvel to sell some more comics and please some groups but that doesn’t mean they are great.

    People at SR could make a poll asking people which comics have the most value. Although I know what the outcome would be. The originals by far!

    X Men team, this movie is going to be risky business. For the sake of the Franchise, please stay away!

    • True, the original FF comics are better but still, I’m tired of people complaining that “they’re not being faithful to the comics” when actually, they are. People just need to educate themselves before whining about something they clearly know nothing about.

      I’ve never even liked the FF as characters before yet I seem to be standing up for this film more than anyone because it appears that I’m the only one with common sense when it comes to this property.

      • Dazz, I know and have read your post for some time now, however, I want to give a serious side to this FF film.

        1. 78% of the population that goes to see these films don’t read comics. (Example) my 68 year old mom and 64 year old aunt . What can I say they like the comic book movies. Also many people have no idea who us who in the comics. They go with the idea for action and fun, a great way to escape in the movies.
        2. It is well known that many people avoid the found footage movies. Not a single person I work with has watched “Chronicle”, it’s about 40 people at an aquarium where I work between 2 departments. When at our round table lunch(yes we all have lunch about the same time each day) I asked if people liked the found footage, many of them said no, I referenced Blair Witch, Cloverfield, and a few others. Almost all said they hate that feel to a movie.
        3. These are not comic book fans either, but they do see some of the comic movies. But don’t know the books. So it beckons to me. Will this movie only attract comic fans? Where the found footage may cause the bigger population to keep away? Out of that poll I asked only a few said yeah, but wait for video.

        4. I think it will have a medium first weekend, then drop off.

        5. If I were Marvel, I would schedule a marvel film the next week, it would kill the FF sales. The die hards will see it and the non die hards may kill the found footage deal, by word of mouth, therefore, hurting the movie profit.

        To be honest I am wanting to see this film, however, I will wait to hear what people like my co workers think,

        • @Wampler…I’m not taking sides with Dazz but you say 78% of population that goes to the movies doesn’t read comics. Is there a source for this “fact?” Your mom and aunt don’t present reliable source of information compared to the 7.2 billion people on this planet.

          Also, you say it is well known that many people avoid found footage movies. Is it well known? What is your source other than the 40 people you work with? You say that many of the people you work with don’t like found footage movies. That means some of them do right? Again, the 40 people you work with who haven’t seen Chronicle doesn’t exactly present a large test group.

          You said, “So it beckons to me.” That sentence doesn’t make any sense.

          Either way, you say you conducted a poll? Is this something you are going to publish? The 40 people? Just saying, it doesn’t bode well when you start stating things as fact without backing it up with sources or when your said sources are 40 people at work plus mommy and aunty.

          • Yeah, I was going to say 78% is rather high. If it was 50% then I would be more inclined to believe. Since Avengers, Arrow, TWD, MOS, and TDK people have gotten more into the comic scene so while I’ll agree that there are more people that don’t read them as oppose to people who do, I would say that the interest has gone up. Also, found footage is more based on the movie being presented. While I will agree that Chronicles was a good movie, the marketing for that movie was very poor and thus isn’t a popular well known movie among the general public. Now, if the marketing is done right along with the movie then I see no issues with people seeing this movie. We shall see though

          • A poll was conducted thist year that indicates that about 24million people read comic books in the US alone. In a population of 313 mil US known residents. Based on comic book sales of things like batman only selling 150,000 a month the us population buying books is very low compared to mainstream magazines. So in the US is only about 24mil people. That % of people buying and or reading is only about 6% give or take a percent. Now if you factor other countries your % will go up. Comic sales of our titles are big in countries like china, but they have their comic books that out sell our books in that country. So please do your due delligance and read about it on the web. Infact I employ you to do so. Yes every year we have more comic readers, but in the overall world population we don’t read them, and if you take the population that does. It’s even smaller then 10%. Using my mom,aunt and co workers was showing that people watch the movies but don’t buy books. Most only know what they watch in movies. Another pool was done a few years ago suggesting that people don’t care for the found footage and is only marketed to a very small demographic or you would have more of this type. FF will be the first main stream movie of this type. That hits a mass market of people in the US. If you take comic book movie fans+ found footage fans, you don’t have a very big demographic. It will do well but sales will drop like flys after the first week. I would bet on it. And if you have a big title the next week, it would die off fast.

            • A) There has not been a reliable survey or poll. You claim there is one? What is your source? I researched and there is not one that I’ve found.

              B) The U.S. population is over 318 million not 313 million according to US Census Bureau.

              C) Your math doesn’t add up either. If you are using 150,000 Batman readers as your basis for all comic readers then your calculations are off even with using 313 million. You need to recalculate.

              D) Either way, you can’t base your argument that only 6% of the American population reads comics just because Batman sold 150,000 a month. That doesn’t prove anything. Here are some holes in that line of thinking.
              1. There are tons of comics besides Batman. Batman’s followers aren’t the only comic readers. There are tons of titles out there. Some people follow one title, some follow multiple titles, some start a title and stop a title. I don’t read Batman at all but I’m currently reading Silver Surfer, GoTG, Uncanny Avengers, and New Avengers.
              2. What if a household is full of comic readers but they buy 1 issue to share for the family?
              3. What about people who buy comics and sell them back? I see that happen at my comic shop all the time.
              4. What about friends who share comics. My buddy reads Thor and Batman. I don’t. However, he wants to read the titles I’m reading and vice versa so when we are done with the story arcs we are on, we are switching.
              5. What about online comics (e-comics)?
              6. What about people who buy from e-bay from private sellers?

              As for found footage movie …I’m not the biggest fan either but…these movies did very well according to Rotten Tomatoes.
              VHS 2 at 70%
              Cloverfield at 77%
              Chronicle 85%
              End of Watch 85%
              Paranormal Activity 83%
              Blair Witch Project 87%

              So please do YOUR due diligence and go back and read about it on the web. At the very least, have the courtesy to provide sources to your claims.

                • Clay, Please remove yourself from your moms basement. you have to much time on your hands and you really need to go out and see the world. I am sorry man, I apologize for making you waste your time and effort for I really don’t care as much as you do. I think you need to see someone about your obsession with this stuff. Apparently you are too highly invested in comics and may need something else to do in life. I hope that you find something. From the looks of your anger on this site with trying to prove people wrong, you need other avenues in life. God speed to you man.

                  • A. Lol…Funny how when proven wrong you are the type who chooses to be cowardly by resorting to insult. Shows what kind of character you have. You chose to post false information to make yourself sound smart without evidence. Even worse for your character. So not only do you come off as uneducated and lacking of research skills, but you also look immature.

                    B. I am a history, Economics, Geography and Government teacher (going on 10 years now). It is my nature to research evidence to support my arguments and to understand the world around me. It is my nature to support my findings with citations and/or sources. What can I say? That is how I was trained in college and that is how I train my students. I train them to use their research skills to find evidence and use common sense to support an argument and/or stance. I teach them this so that when they get in situations like this, they come out looking like the intellectual one.

                    C. Admittedly, I’ve had a lot of time on my hands lately. Since I’m a teacher, I am on my 2 month summer break away from my 10 months of 65+ hour work weeks educating 170 students a day, lesson planning, coaching sports, being a behavior consultant, meeting with parents, grading papers, etc. My wife works year around at a law firm. My other friends? Yes they work year around too. So yes I end up bored and puttering around the house and doing what comes natural to me, reading and watching the news and researching stuff. Often I take solace in reading up on some of my 2 favorite on-line sites…ESPN and Screen Rant.

                    D. It is odd that you accuse me of living in my mom’s basement when you are the one who mentioned your mom and aunt multiple times in your posts. EVIDENCE would suggest that you are more likely to live with your mom.

                    E. Either way, where I live means nothing in this situation. I could be in a basement, business office, living room couch, coffee shop…It doesn’t matter because the fact remains that you were wrong. You can dance around it all you want but we will both live with that knowledge. You chose to do what many of my students do when they lose, they choose to insult others. I see it in my students all the time. Bullies are generally students who are threatened intellectually so they act out aggressively and by name calling.

                    I will sleep at ease and at peace knowing all this… Will you?

                    • F. Way to much hostility brother. I am happy for you. good luck, see you at comic con. I will buy you a beer and we can laugh at our craziness.

  10. Good for you. I, on the other hand prefer the real Thing! No pun intended. I hope that once the executives at Fox see the error of their ways, they will give us a proper FF film and not a mediocre average farce.

    • I have a strong feeling that the comic con hall H will not be very kind to this panel. It may not get the reaction Fox hopes for.

      • To me this movie sounds like a train wreck.
        It may very well be the first Marvel movie I don’t go see in theaters.

  11. That’s why I’m calling to all those people who made the Fantastic Four what they are, to speak their minds and let these bunch of suits at Fox know that just because they make a film based on such an endearing comic, we as fans are going to watch it with blind faith!

    • So, how exactly do you know what “those people who made the Fantastic Four what they are” think? Do you know them personally? I mean, if you did, I would assume you would include their names… you know, Stan Lee, Jack Kirby, or any of the 25+ writers who have given life to these characters in the comic? Just because you think this is going to stink doesn’t mean it will. It also doesn’t mean that that the movie will be false to its source material. In the end, if you don’t want to watch it, just stay home. But don’t condemn a film you haven’t seen just because the rest of the fanboys say it isn’t faithful. And don’t put words in Stan Lee’s mouth.

  12. I hope this puts the racists and haters to rest. They’ll definitely show some footage and clarify the names for the Wolverine sequel and X Men film for 2018. This should be interesting and of course Mocheal B. Jordan will say his peice, that’ll be a good way to boost excitement

    • Just because people don’t like blatant disregard for the source material, does not make them racists, we would be just as upset if they were to reboot Blade but cast Karl Urban in the title role.

    • I hate Michael B Jordan’s casting, I would be just as upset if they were to reboot Blade but cast Karl Urban as Blade.

      • I wouldn’t. Urban is just that good, LOL

    • This movie will be a TRAINWRECK!
      Found Footage -1
      Johnny is Black -1

      I’m not racist, but it worries me when the Director will change something so important from the original comics. Anybody with some sense should be worried about what else Mr. Trank thinks it’s ok to change.

      • Im pretty sure the only reason to take issue with the race of the actor here and to call the whole movie a TRAINWRECK! for that is that you are in fact, racist, at least on some level. This is tantamount to the people who say, “Im not racist, but…”. That aspect is just not that important to the character at his core. Sure, he’s part of a brother/sister team. So, he’s adopted, or the whole family is black and Sue is adopted. They still grew up together from infancy as brother and sister and nothing changes in their relationship. Skin colour doesn’t change the story so you can’t hide behind that and say Im only worried cause what else will he change in the story, because even with a black actor in this role, the Trank isn’t changing the story.

        And in regards to the found footage, Im pretty sure that they said only one aspect of this movie will include that style. The entire movie is not found footage style.

  13. Paul Bettany as the voice of H.E.R.B.I.E., holding the camera?

  14. I hope this movie is successful.

    If there are any comic book characters that desperately need a total reboot, it’s the Fantastic Four. That’s why Marvel comics constantly rotates their members. Like when Reed Richards and Sue Storm were replaced by Black Panther and Storm.

  15. Well considering Chronicle made only about 126 million at the box office, I doubt this will be the huge hit Fox is counting on. 126 million will probably be a fraction of the reboot’s budget.

  16. Micheal B Jordan has a huge fan base it doesn’t really matter if the fans refuse to see because he has so much support and Hollywood title to “carry” the film if you will, example see his twitter and instagram followers he can tell them to go see the movie and promote it same for Miles Teller plus the F4 fans who aren’t being puszies about the race change like it’s not a big deal oooooo a white hero is being black for a film if you have a problem with that then that shows your view on things and attitude towards that type of change smh America

    • Ummmm, no. Hate to break it to ya, but Michael B. Jordan is not a HUGE star as you make it seem. Just to prove this I asked everybody in my office if they had heard of him before. There are 12 people, not a single one of them recognized the name. As of the race issue that’s not the real issue, it’s the fact that it strays so far from what people have already came to accept as the Fantastic 4.

      What if in the Batman reboot Bruce Wayne was played by Idris Elba(think that’s how you spell it) or Superman is cast with a black lead. It’s not the race issue, it’s the fact that it is not what we EXPECT from the F4.

      • Stan Lee (yes, THAT Stan Lee) wrote a story about a black man who becomes Batman. Bring on Idris Elba as that (very cool) version of Bruce Wayne!!!

        You were saying…?


  17. If it’s found footage I will def not see it… That stuff gives me a headache…

  18. Fantastic Crap at its best.

  19. 12 People in an office setting are your statistics? Lol why didn’t you say so so I guess Micheal B Jordan isn’t an award winning actor and he does have a large fanbase and he definitely won’t be able to promote hi own movie.

    • Lee,

      He’s a good actor no doubt. I was just stating that as far as actors go he isn’t that famous. I only know of one movie he’s been in; Chronicle. I’m sure there are other ones but the fact that I don’t know them kind of sums up my argument. JOHNNY IS WHITE!!!!!
      I’m sorry but that is just how it is. THIS MOVIE WILL BOMB especially if they compare it to other Marvel movies. It’s already created a lot of negative reaction with the plot, found footage, and casting choices. The majority of the buzz around this film is negative.

      I just don’t think you should start changing the ethnicity of iconic superheros. It doesn’t mesh well with the general public. Honestly, with the found footage aspect of it and the director chosen I seriously think this movie would bomb even IF they had cast a white Johnny.

      • What’s your opinion on Christian Bale playing Moses?

        • I know this is going to sound terrible and catch a lot of flak, but I always pictured Moses as a white male. In Sunday school all the pictures we ever saw of him he was a white male.

          So it doesn’t bother me that Bale is playing Moses. While on the other side I’ve always seen Johnny’ as a white cocky privileged white male. When the trailers start coming for this and the general public sees this for the first time it will be confusing to them, and regardless of how you feel about it that’s not the way to sell tickets. Even if this movie is good I don’t think it will be anywhere near other Marvel properties sales wise.

  20. I didn’t think they’d bring them out in public. I haven’t been this cynical about a movie in a long time.

  21. Okay. Found footage is genuinely terrible, even in horror movies, and sucks when kids are the main target, as proved in Echo. I personally want to see this, not excited or anything, but this genre could either blow your ass in suprise, or make your eyes wither away in horror.

    Honestly, if it is just Found Footage for the government asoect of it, like security cams, lab recordings etc, (kinda like Iron Man test flight) might not be so bad. Since it is a new way about things…I’ll wait to see it.

    PS: if they want an x-men FF teamup, do NOT use that genre of film. No.

  22. Smh it’s not even out yet and there’s no footage but you can call as you think you see it

  23. Amen to that, a twilight piece of turd in the process.

  24. Haters gonna hateee. Lovers gonna loveee!

  25. Let us assume this movie movie will be a big hit, big enough to warrant a sequel, but for whatever reason Michael B Jordan is unable to reprise his role as Human Torch, would it be okay to recast the part with a white actor and just ignore the swap?

    • I’m not touching that one with a twenty foot pole.

  26. It’s funny because according to the current writer of Ultimate F4, the book just got cancelled as of August 2014 with issue #6.

    • I’m wondering if there is special reason related to the movie. Could be that Marvel is cancelliing the comic so it has a weaker following cause maybe secretly unhappy with the way Fox has handled it’s property. Or maybe Fox and Marvel wanted to cancel it just so they can reboot comic once the movie hits.

      Gambit was also cancelled a few months ago and yet there is a planned movie. Correlation? Again, could be Fox and Marvel working together or Marvel trying to hurt Fox’s movie following.

      It is true that Guardians and Avengers basically did this. It can be argued that both titles have been rewritten to mirror the movies or movies mirroring books with the success of the MCU.

      I have been an avid reader of Avengers titles and new guardians. Both charcters have resembled their movie counterparts in many issues i.e. Stark/RDJ, Pratt/Starlord, etc.