Fantastic Four Conspiracy: Is Marvel’s CEO Trying To Hinder Fox’s Movie Plans?

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Fantastic Four Marvel Zombies Fantastic Four Conspiracy: Is Marvels CEO Trying To Hinder Foxs Movie Plans?

At New York Toy Fair in February, merchandise tied to 2014 Marvel-branded movie releases earned major buzz and plenty of headlines from movie and collector blogs and mainstream press. We saw toy props, Hasbro action figures and LEGO sets – among other goodies – for Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Guardians of the Galaxy and The Amazing Spider-Man 2. For X-Men: Days of Future Past, there was practically nothing.

The same story holds true for 2011′s X-Men: First Class, the previous franchise team-up installment; First Class and its successful followup in Days of Future Past got some Minimates figures from Diamond Select – and that was it. There are Hasbro Marvel Legends X-Men figures coming later this year, but none tied to the latest film.

Perhaps the tonally darker X-Men movies are simply less appealing to kids and merchandisers compared to their Avengers and Spider-Man counterparts, or perhaps it’s something more. Go to the official website and click the movies tab. Marvel is promoting its own Marvel Studios projects because they don’t own the film rights to the X-Men. Twentieth Century Fox owns that license alongside the Fantastic Four - just like Sony owns Spider-Man.

The odd scattering of properties dates back to the ’90s when, during a time of bankruptcy, Marvel sold off film licenses to most of their library. The company has since reacquired most of their properties, aside from the key aforementioned flagship brands. [See a full breakdown of character ownership HERE.]


The Fantastic Four Conspiracy

fantastic four 2015 reboot details Fantastic Four Conspiracy: Is Marvels CEO Trying To Hinder Foxs Movie Plans?

Because of the reality that key characters are still outside Marvel’s cinematic grasp, reports this week are painting a potentially dark picture for the comic books behind these movie franchises. Bleeding Cool reveals that Marvel Comics is planning to end (or put on hiatus) Fantastic Four and its Ultimate Fantastic Four counterpart later this year. The characters can still appear in other books and crossover events, but their two series will not be in print – if insider info proves true.

Why would Marvel do such a thing during the 75th anniversary of Marvel Comics, just as the Fantastic Four movie reboot enters production? Well, the answer is in the question, and it’s because Marvel’s high-ups may not want to promote the competition; according to Bleeding Cool’s insiders, Marvel is attempting to spotlight its own properties that are getting eventual film treatment, like Guardians of the Galaxy and The Inhumans. They claim that when it comes to internal promotion, it’s these books getting pushed more than the popular X-titles (which consistently sell well), and as for crossover events, the X-Men will only get some titles if shared with other teams (i.e. AXIS – the upcoming Avengers/X-Men event this fall).

In a followup article, Bleeding Cool added credence to the bigger picture issue this presents. Fantastic Four imagery was apparently taken down at Marvel HQ and an artist claims that they were instructed by Marvel not to use “FF characters or supporting cast such as Dr Doom, Galactus, Surfer, Skrulls etc” when it came to sketches for the 75th anniversary. Another artist backed the claims up, submitting an instruction sheet (check it out here) from Marvel which read, “all Marvel characters related to Fantastic Four are now off limits and will be immediately rejected by Marvel.” It even listed the characters that couldn’t be used. Even Fantastic Four-related assets have been reportedly been taken down by Marvel, so that promotional partners and licensors can’t access them.

So, is Marvel actually attempting to push away the Fantastic Four to minimize promotion of Fox’s in-development FF movie reboot?

fantastic four movie reboot release date 2015 Fantastic Four Conspiracy: Is Marvels CEO Trying To Hinder Foxs Movie Plans?

Comic Book Resources stepped in and confirmed with their own inside sources that indeed, a “hiatus” was/is being planned for Fantastic Four books – but with all this bad buzz resulting from this revelation, these plans could of course change. The timing of such a hiatus is indeed odd, given the summer 2015 release plans for the Fantastic Four movie.

A third report from Bleeding Cool claims from additional multiple sources that all of this may be down to the decisions of Marvel Comics CEO Isaac Perlmutter, who allegedly has an issue with seeing Marvel Comics give free promotion to Fox’s work, hence the minimizing of new X-Men characters and promotion, and plans to put a stop to the Fantastic Four.

You can pile together hearsay, rumors and reports from recent years which saw Marvel try to get back Galactus and Silver Surfer in exchange for an extension on Daredevil rights – a case where Fox wouldn’t play ball. Some even say that scene-stealer Quicksilver was added to X-Men: Days of Future Past instead of the originally intended Juggernaut character as a shot towards Marvel’s The Avengers: Age of Ultron, since it’s also attempting to introduce a version of Quicksilver. That’s all circumstance and may not mean anything, but the idea that Marvel isn’t in the business of promoting Fox properties is absolutely true.

Update: Oddly enough, Fantastic Four’s director Josh Trank was just tapped by Disney to helm a standalone Star Wars movie which effectively may remove him from the director’s chair of Fantastic Four 2 which is already scheduled for 2017.


Next: The Marvel 75th Anniversary Issue


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  1. Can someone help me out with the info of what percentage of the movies profit that Marvel gets?Spider-Man and X-Men movies that is

    • Marvel get no movie profits, at all. they do get money from all other merch relating to the movie though, such as toys, and they are in control of the toy tie ins for Sony and Fox Marvel movies.

  2. That poster is disgusting.

    What a way to dishonor their past for shameless promotion of a current movie line up.
    Just yet more reasons I do not like the current state of this company.
    The Disney buyout was the worst thing to ever happen to Marvel.

    • Thank you thank you
      U spoke my mind

    • +1 TOTALLY AGREE!!! Guardians of the Galaxy, Iron Fist, and the Falcon are chosen over the X Men and FF to represent 75 years of Marvel!!?? That is such a travesty!! Not to put down those characters(cant wait for Iron Fist on Netflix)but they’re second teer characters and should take a backseat to Xmen and FF… Totally made to promote there movies and NOT the spirit of 75 years of MARVEL… so sad :(

  3. It’s only normal that they want to promote their new cinematic properties, as far as artwork and toys I think it is orchestrated that way, and it makes plenty of sense. How many characters can they have in a poster? so why not bring in some cinematic properties in the poster and crosspromote, makes sense. As far as comic book releases, I don’t think it makes any difference.
    as with everyone I agree that the x-men movie paved the way for superhero movies as we know it. but that was only a small part of it. Plenty of other movies and tv-shows around that time that paved their part.

    So don’t rage about marvel/disney promoting their own toys and posters, it’s logical.

    • Marvel promoting their own current products/projects is not the issue. Disney/Marvel being in the business of business (making money, of course) is not the issue. ALL companies that produce something for mass consumption do these two things (yes, including WB/DC). Marvel releasing posters (and whatever other promotional materials there are/will be) SPECIFICALLY IGNORING two components of their multiverse that have held SIGNIFICANT places/roles in that selfsame multiverse, however, IS the issue. It, very clearly, shows Marvel (maybe, Disney/Marvel) to be petty, scummy, greedy, and ARROGANT.

  4. People seems to forgot Marvel started it by killing Wolverine in the comics. Meaning no wolverine for some time now in comics….. But i still love Marvel, bold move.

    • Yeah, but DC killed off Batman the same year the the TDK movie came out. I’d argue that the buzz around the Death of Wolverine might have actually helped DOFP’s Box Office slightly.

      • Well Marvel is not DC. Plus not mention your big name character is the hands of a competitor. In my opinion the move to kill wolverine in comics gives them the reason to stop making stories about wolverine because they are not just promoting Fox movies but they are also giving them story plots for them milk.

  5. In some way Disney is telling Fox; okay you (Fox) make the movies (now) and you should make your own toys. But sadly you dont have the rights to make one.

  6. that 75 years poster is crazy. I’m excited for GotG and I like the comics, but they are not and have not been a staple of Marvel by any means.

    • Let’s look at that poster again

      Captain America: Created 1941/Formal reintroduction 1964
      Spider-man: Created 1962
      Hulk: Created 1962
      Ant Man: Created 1962
      Thor: First Marvel Comics Appearance 1962
      Iron Man: Created 1963
      Black Widow: Created 1964
      Hawkeye: Created 1964

      so who’s 75th anniversary are we celebrating again?

      Fantastic Four: Created 1961

      oh yeah

      • So nobody? No 1939 hero is on that cover. We need Namor and Original Himan a Torch on the posters by that logic.

  7. Sony is willing to play ball with Marvel. Maybe they wanna be in the good graces of the House of Mouse.
    I mean seriously, who doesn’t wanna see Spider-Man in Avengers 3 ?

    As for Fox. Well, it kinda makes sense business-wise. Would you wanna promote your rivals product and getting nothing in return ?
    I think Marvel will cancel all F4 titles in the near future.

    • Also with RDJ and Chris Evans most likely quit after Avengers 3, meaning that Iron Man and Cap are more background character (until they got recast), while Dr. Strange, Ant-Man, Netflix series superheroes and Black Panther (was he confirmed? my memory kinda blur) join the rooster, Spider-Man may serve as “the magnet” replacing Iron Man, perhaps boost the popularity even more.

      Disney/Marvel’s moves toward Fox may considered as petty, greedy, and all of their synonyms existed in the dictionary, but it’s understandable.

      Think it like this:

      Marvel once very weak, they can’t protect their properties and let them fall into other people’s hand. And then Marvel acquired help from powerful force named Disney. With their combined forces, they make themselves as rising star and one by one, Daredevil, Ghost Rider, and the other properties returning to them. While they have come into agreement to “joint-custody” for Spider-Man with Sony, 20th Century Fox doesn’t seems like showing any kind of cooperation with them, thus forcing them to use more “offensive” move.

      While Marvel is facing external threat, they also facing internal threat. Who is in charge, is Marvel really in charge or Disney is slowly corrupting Marvel?

      • Hail Hydr- Disney!

    • Btw, I am a big fan of this bit:

      My un-informed prediction, Sony will split producing/financing w/Marvel on next Spidey film and open door for inclusion in Avengers 3

      — robertliefeld (@robertliefeld) June 1, 2014

      I really hope that happens! I love Andrew Garfield as Peter Parker but the Amazing Spiderman movies have not been quite what I hoped for. Him joining the MCU would be great news!

      Please note I am not an advocate of everything going back to Disney, because there are so many movies they can make a year and if they had the rights to Avengers plus Spiderman plus X-Men plus Fantastic Four they couldn’t do anything other than that (forget about Guardians of the Galaxy or Ant-Man or Doctor Strange or The Inhumans or Black Panther or Ms Marvel, etc), but I think those collaboration are great. Fans love it and it is a guaranteed financial success.

      If DC and Marvel managed to do some cross overs in the comics, I hope Disney, Sony and Fox, that at the end of the day all have Marvel properties, manage to reach agreements. Fingers crossed.

  8. If this helps to sink the new Fantastic Four movie and revert the rights back, that is great news for me.

  9. If I were Marvel I’d do the same thing, to Fox, at least. Look at how poorly they’re treating their characters; Deadpool with the powers of multiple mutants, a mech Silver Samurai, and a black Johnny Storm. At least Sony does a decent job at respecting canon

    • Yup, Sony respects canon, that’s why they have a mech Rhino and a black Electro.

      • If they go on 616 route, we’re going to see Alexei Styevich in a rubber leotard with pointy forehead and Electro who’s costume are more flashy than new year fireworks. Same goes with Hawkeye. I mean come on, do you expect to believe a guy who wear purple costume and weird mask is an assassin?

        I mean, yeah, at first they would be more intimidating once they have shown their actual ability. But as time went by, those costumes are just bad for your eyesight…

        I had no comment regarding the black Electro part.

  10. It’s just Disney being Disney, Disney always tries to screw everyone over.

    And they want to kill the golden goose just to choke out Fox, apparently. Even if there’s no tie-in edition merch, there should be new merch lines to coincide with the new films, to “get money”. But, Disney’s Marvel is not interested in profit for the sake of money, only in profit if its for Disney.

    By not taking advantage of the FF movie to make money on their existing title, they’re just letting money go fly away to DC, or others, because it’s Disney. By denigrating the X-Men they’re reducing their income, because Marvel is not a publishing house, it’s a movie studio, and comic income is worthless compared to what they make in movies. But continue this trend down the road, and the comics will end because they aren’t profitable enough. All the new interesting stories will come out of some other publishing house (though probably not DC, considering how corporate they are) Eventually only grandpas will remember the comics (just like The Shadow, etc) and they’ll have killed a source for adaptation for new movies.

  11. All the xmen talk is bs. Half the comics marvel puts out are x-related. They’re only adding more solo titles as the year progresses. Storms getting her own title. Hell even Doop has a mini series going. They even had a GOTG X men cross over. So I think you need to take off your tinfoil hats. As for FF I don’t know what they’re planning.

    • I agree X-men are not being mistreated in the comics at all, but I can also see Marvel pissed at Fox for not agreeing to releasing Galactus and Silver Surfer and especially for using Quicksilver ahead of them. If they are pissed, which is likely, I guess so sort of punishment can be in the cards.

  12. I wouldn’t pay too much attention to this.

    Worst case scenario: The petty spats and rivalries that exist mainly on sites like this have may now have seeped into the offices of the studios. But even if Marvel Studios is getting Spiderman back and is then trying to squeeze Fox, they’re plan is to do it through the books? That makes no sense. I don’t think the books have any power, especially over X-Men.

    Best case: Marvel Comics has plans for FF. Some kind of alteration before the movie arrives. They could be waiting for more details from Fox so they know how to write/draw them.

    But let’s not forget that 99% of movie goers and 75% of comic book readers don’t even know that multiple studios have different title rights and are competing. I know I’m usually the only nerd in a conversation that knows these details. The studios know this too. Kevin F. knows that a successful X-Men or Spiderman film is good for the MCU because it’s likely to boost ticket sales for Avengers and what not.

  13. MARVEL

    Celebrating 75 Years since 2008!

    • And?

      • Hail Hydra?

        • Too embarrased to explain the meaning of that comment of yours out of the blue? Don’t shy away now.

          • Disney purchased Marvel in 2008.

            Sorry if that was too advanced for you.

            • Advanced? hahahaha dream on smarty pants

              My question remains… And???

              Your answer states a fact and not what you meant by statying that fact. Own it.

              As I said the other day you can’t help yourself: uncalled for and obessesive.

              • “Your answer states a fact and not what you meant by stating that fact.”


                Since you really need this spelled out for you:

                It means that poster is only celebrating the last 7 years in which Disney owns Marvel, not actually celebrating 75 years.

                • “MARVEL: Celebrating 75 Years since 2008!

                  Disney purchased Marvel in 2008.

                  It means that poster is only celebrating the last 7 years in which Disney owns Marvel, not actually celebrating 75 years.”

                  AND????? Fact after fact after fact…

                  What you MEAN and don’t say is that Disney, the current owner of the properties, is being petty for not honouring the previous history of the company under the pretext of not given free publicity to other movie studios. You obviously have an OPINION about that, as otherwise you wouldn’t have made that comment, correct?

                  • woah, woah…come down marvelite.

                    • I am calm and I don’t think the good Dr needs your help. Thanks for stopping by though. Good bye

                  • Actually I was just having fun. You should try it.

                    Obviously you can’t celebrate 75 years of something since 2008, which is obviously what is happening in that poster.

                    75 years aren’t being celebrated… the properties that they own and upcoming films are being hyped.

                    I swear dude, Mousketeer Marvelites are a cancer to this entire genre.

                    • Great, right where I wanted you Doc. I am also glad you brought friends (Yam and YoureAllCrazy) so you can all be educated for the same price. I am gonna enjoy this.

                      The reason why I wanted you to explain your statement was so you could not back pedal later one when I prove you WRONG:

                      1. Please hurry and e-mail Marvel with your Fantastic Four, X-Men and Spiderman picks so they make it into the Omnibus:

                      [Here I was going to paste a link from Bleeding Cool but perhaps that is not allowed - Google it]

                      Did you really think they were going to be forgotten?

                      2. Please also hurry and buy the Deodato 75th anniversary poster (the one in this article is not the only one):

                      [Here I was going to paste a link to ebay so you can buy it, but again that might not be allowed - Google it]

                      Please note all the non Marvel Studios characters like Mr. Fantastic, The Thing, Torch and Doom from Fantastic Four (Fox); Cyclops, Wolverine, Storm, Colossus, Magneto, Sabretooth and Juggernaunt from X-Men (Fox); or Spiderman, Venom, Electro, Green Goblin, Dr. Octopus and Rhino from Sipderman (Sony).

                      3. Please also check the trailer for the 75th anniversary and tell me if you cannot clearly see non Marvel Studios characters in there

                      [Here I was going to paste the link to the Marvel website or youtube, but again, I am living it out - Google it]

                      So basically MARVEL IS CELEBRATING THE 75th ANNIVERSARY, and it is only uninformed obsessed people with Disney like you (you do have a track record on this site) that never miss a chance to make diminishing comments.

                      I said in an earlier post that the poster in this article is an absolute disgrace, but that is not all there is to the anniversary. So don’t be sad Doc and rejoy with the Anniversary :)

                      PS – You really should stop using the Marvelite word. You truly are the most biased on this site

                    • Yeah, I’m the one who is obsessed.

                    • Well, you were the one that made the comment out of the blue, like so many times before you made similar comments. I could quote you endlessly on the subject…

                      I simply wanted to give you more information on what Marvel is doing with the anniversary so you are more informed.

                      You are welcome.

                    • Okay, y’know…

                      That’s all well and good “nightcrawler” (hey syndrome, been a while bro) The conversation at hand was always referring to those posters featured on this page.

                      Don’t give me that uniformed crap either. This article is about shunning properties that Disney doesn’t own. Which they are doing, and that’s a smart business move. And again… I will go on to say that people who support the business side of things ARE NOT REAL FANS… they appear to be company hype men above all else.

                      And don’t worry, I am celebrating. Right now I’m celebrating the 75 year anniversary with Marvel’s best CBM to date in X-Men: Days of Future Past. Think I’ll go check it out for a THIRD TIME in theaters.

                    • Glad to hear you are supporting Marvel characters at the box office. I hope you buy the comics too.

                      Ah, for the record, I have never written anything in my life under the nick “syndrome” as you appear to imply. I guess you are just very popular.

                • Don’t be so hard on the Marvelites Doc, if they were smarter they wouldn’t be Marvelites!

                  I understood exactly what you meant.

                  And it’s spot on!

                  • I understood him too and it is not spot on…

                    • “If they were smarter they wouldn’t be Marvelites!”

                      Is about as spot on as spots could be on spots on spots.

                      Marvel fan =/= Marvelite. Big difference.

                    • Do you also need grammar lessons now?

                      Your friend YoureAllCrazy said that he understood what you meant (i.e. MARVEL: Celebrating 75 Years since 2008!) and that it was spot on.

                      The IT is your statement, not his statement.

                      Regarding the Marvelite label, the problem is when you are the one in charge of delivering the badges… you hand them over way too easily.

                      I am a Marvel fan and a DC fan. I actually haven’t said anything against DC ever, if any I have complained about the lazy people at WB that have only done 5 movies in the last 10 years with DC properties.

                    • Don’t twist this into a “take shots at DC” double spin.

                      Nobody brought up DC but you, and in turn said “I don’t say anything negative about DC… except for this negative thing that I’m going to say.”

                      (Which by the way, isn’t a negative. At least somebody is keeping things special and exclusive, as opposed to over-saturating the market for the sake of $$$.)

                      I hand over badges way too easily huh? You just admitted to post baiting, twisting an argument so it only supports your points… and all for the sake of supporting Disney/Marvel.

                      No sir, Marvelite… you earned your label. You earned it well.

                    • Sorry Nightcrawler, I saw your long post and and said nah…maybe if you could give a cliche, yet entertaining (like the Avenger’s plot) response, maybe I could stomach it.


                    • Yam, I am not here to entertain you and your sad comment is not going to trigger anything from my side. Just dont bother me please. Thank you

                    • You see, you are doing it again. All righteous and self entittled to label people you dont know.

                      1. I admitted to post baiting indeed, because I have seen your ways before and i didnt want to leave room for misunderstandings. I didnt twist anything though. You said what you said and you were wrong.

                      The poster in this article is a disgrace but Marvel is doing more than that for the anniversary. Your Disney phobia clouds your judgment. Your statement was incomplete and misleading.

                      2. DC and WB are not the same thing. Are you ever going to learn this? I was reading DC comics way before they had any deal with WB for the movies. I am as entitled as you to express my opinion on how WB has been handling such DC properties. At no moment i have said i dont like those movies, in fact I do (except for Green Lantern)

                      Of course i purposely brought DC up, because the same way i know of your Disney phobia i know of your DC affiliation. I just wanted to establish the difference between you and me: you hit at Disney every chance you get and i dont do that with any stdio.

                      Nice try Doc but you are not gonna talk yourself out of this one with Marvelite mantra. You use it so much that it is a reflection of you, you are the opposite to a Marvelite, the other extreme. Whats the word for that? Mindbender?

                    • Yeah, I’m officially bored with this.

                      My statement was made towards the poster on this page, and I don’t need to talk myself out of anything…

                      …which is exactly what you are doing.

                      Go ahead and quote me on my posts. Please. Repeat what I had to say.

                    • And btw, before you go as usual for the easy answer, saying that I wish WB was more hands on with their DC properties is not euivalent to your goes at Disney. I have similar comments to that one for Disney, Fox and Sony. There are good and bad things in all of them.

                      But are you capable of saying something good about Disney? Ive never heard it…

                    • Look Doc, I am not gonna waste my time searching your old posts to copy and paste them under quotes. You know perfectly well what you have said about Disney a million times (conspiracy theory, they are dishonest, they boicoted Man of Steel, they are flooding the market, evil money making machine, dishonouring the anniversary, etc, etc, etc).

                      As I said, you have a go at them at every chance you get, and as I also said, I don’t recall you ever saying anything good about them. That’s called being biased because surely not all can be bad. Don’t you ever have anything good to say?

                      From where I stand, you are a hater and that’s just sad. You are infamous on the site for this obsession of yours. If you don’t want to be perceived as such, then stop campaigning against them. Otherwise just own it. You are entitled to hate them, but don’t pretend you are balanced and level headed. Masks off Doctor.

                      And for how much of a Marvelite I am (not that I think I need to defend myself but I’ll do it anyway as at the end of the day you don’t know me), it is gonna be pretty hard for you to have more Batman comics than I do for instance. I loved the Nolan trilogy and I even liked Batman Forever very much! I still have the four original Superman movies and I even bought Superman Returns on DVD! Also, of course I don’t have anything personal against WB who has given us Matrix, Harry Potter, etc, etc.

                      That’s why I feel very comfortable having opinions on WB or Fox or Sony or Marvel Studios. The comics, which I love, were there before any of them so I don’t feel the need to marry myself with any of those studios in particular. You on the other hand mix DC and WB like if they are the same thing and are always ready to jump.

                    • ^^^ Take a good look at yourself… fake internet.

                      Hey Disney! Guess what!?!?

                      X-Men and Spiderman movie rights DON’T BELONG TO YOU.

                      That’s why your movie product is featuring crap villains ala Baron Von Strucker.

                      Do what you can to convince the kids otherwise… but unforntunatley…


                      Can’t wait to see that bastardized version of Quicksilver.

                      Blow it out your @$$ Mousketeer Marvel.

                    • Hahaha finally, your true colors!!! Let it all out, let your rage run free!!!

                      As I said you are very much entitled to your opinion and being a hater, just dont pretend otherwise. My only issue is that Someone that writes “I hate you so much Disney/Marvel” (just 2 days ago) cannot be the self appointed bias police. Thats all.

                    • Who’s pretending?

                      Disney/Marvel is the worst thing to happen to the genre since… well…


                      No one is hiding here sir.

                      Phase 1 was incredible.

                      Phase 2 has been garbage outside of Cap 2, which in itself isn’t as great as the internet wants you to think it is.

                      Edgar Wright, who is cooler than both of us, just gave Marvel the finger.

                      I’m right there with him.

                    • ‘scuse me.

                      Edgar Wright didn’t give “Marvel” the finger…

                      …he gave “Disney/Marvel” the finger.

                      Marvel is still cool. In fact, it’s more than just cool it’s awesome.

                      I did just see X-Men DoFP again today for the THIRD TIME, and yes, Marvel is absolutely incredible.

                      FOX actually started this, not Disney. Disney caught lightning in a bottle with Avengers and the properties that weren’t owned yet by FOX or SONY which is probably why they bought it all in the first place.

                      But where does Disney/Marvel go from here, I ask?

                      I still don’t see Black Panther on that 75 year “celebration” poster.

                      What happens after Avengers 3? I enjoyed the Disney/Marvel product right up until they made it apparent that it is all about global marketing and maximizing profits ala Iron Man 3.

                      I’m a real fan of this stuff sir, and you can label me as much as I label you. Go for it.

                      This is a real voice. Not some manufactured marketing bullsh*t.

                    • @ DM
                      “FOX actually started this, not Disney. Disney caught lightning in a bottle with Avengers and the properties that weren’t owned yet by FOX or SONY which is probably why they bought it all in the first place.”

                      ACTUALLY, Marvel started it as it was their IP to begin with, and FOX made 2 good films, and turned the whole franchise into crap with X3 and XO:W. silly continuity errors all over the place but i still liked all the movies. I have not yet seen DOFP, but i will. Marvel started the “shared film universe concept”, and have done a pretty decent job of keeping things connected, even if some of the threads are a bit thin, it’s still working for them. you said disney was the worst thing to happen to the genre. i think most people will disagree. [the box office numbers prove that]. i also didnt need the internet to tell me how good CA:TWS is. my own 2 eyes and ears told me that. i didnt even read a review before i saw it. i would have given it 4 stars myself. the one glaring error i saw was when cap and BW went back to caps old army HQ, and they went down a very deep elevator shaft, then the bomb hit, and they were able to just walk outside. maybe i missed something, but repeat views of the bluray when it come out will show me i suppose.
                      I’m curios why mark millar is no longer heading up FOX’s Marvel universe. he kept running his mouth how x-men and FF were absolutely going to crossover, and now that seems to be not happening. i guess time will tell.

                      you say “owned yet” as though marvel was still trying to sell more of their IP to different studios, or that FOX was somehow going to acquire the rights without marvel’s ok. also, i think disneys acquisition of Marvel wasnt finalized until late ’09, early ’10. (per the couple articles i found on google)
                      i have to say, your hatred of disney is hilarious. keep up the entertaining rants.

    • This is one of those times I really wish SR had some kind of like or up vote system.

      Damn right!

  14. I notice Tom Brevoort didn’t actually deny it. To answer his questions: no it wouldn’t make any sense, but it definitely is plausible. If the history of big business in this country has shown us anything, it is that the CEOs, execs, and others up towards the top in those decision-making positions, in most (M-O-S-T… but still far too many) cases, are little more than a bunch of petulant, egomaniacal, alpha-male cutthroats who feel slighted and vindictive if they can’t have every last little thing exactly the way THEY want it. Partly why the US and world economy is such a hot mess of a roller-coaster ride.

    Besides, that sort of garbage has been a frustratingly intrinsic part of the comic book world for years (Stan Lee taking all the creative credit from guys like Ditko and Kirby, then running them out the door to DC, just to name one), and Hollywood back-lot maneuverings are even more widely known for their endless drama… and now we’re combining the two. Good times.

    Seriously, is there anyone who is surprised at this at all or DOESN’T believe any of these rumors could be reasonably accurate?

    I know it wouldn’t surprise me in the least. I figure discussions between Fox and Marvel execs are probably not entirely unlike “discussions” here at SR, except with suits and ties and, you know, actual authority to make decisions.

    It also makes sense from a few other standpoints:

    Yes, Fox acquired the rights to many of the properties, but fighting tooth-and-nail with Marvel over certain shared character rights that were more in question was probably not the best way to maintain a friendly working relationship.

    With a lesser-known property like GotG, that they already acknowledge is a bit of a risky proposition, due for release very soon, it also makes sense Marvel wouldn’t want to draw too much (read: any) of the attention away by supporting one that is already so widely popular like the X-Men.

    As for the FF… well, I’m sure Marvel will continue to print the comics to maintain the copyrights and trademarks (though I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s more for the related characters like Dr. Doom, Galactus, Silver Surfer, the Skrulls, etc.), but the sad truth is they have become an outdated premise and are no longer one of the cornerstones of the Marvel U, and really haven’t been for a decade or two. Oh sure, Reed Richards is part of the Illuminati because he’s long been established as one of the smartest guys, and because Dr. Doom, but beyond that they’ve become the unwanted stepchildren that no one really knows how to handle properly.

    • Oh, and the people that believe this doesn’t go on at DC or WB or Fox or Sony and is ALL Disney and Marvel… you’re completely fooling yourselves. But, what else is new?

      • Sorry, but this doesn’t go on at WB.

        They own all the rights to DC. They don’t need to shun properties and have promotional posters that only hype the things that they own while neglecting the properties that they don’t.

        • Well thats corporate/business move for you. If marvel keep making comics to the characters they dont own. Marvel/Disney is not promoting the movies of their competitor but they are also giving them free story plots for them to make a movie, sequel, trilogy or whatever.

          • Dude, even if Disney cuts “story-plots” for X-Men and FF both properties have over 50 years of material to work with.

            It has nothing to do with that, and everything to do with this, a tweet Rob neglected to post-

            @RobertLiefeld tweeted:

            It’s not money that matters in this strategy, it’s the hearts and minds of kids/toy buyers, not-too-subtly communicating what’s “important.”

        • No, they shun all non Batman-related properties equally, whether they “need to” or not; and those that aren’t completely shunned are altered to conform to a more Batman-like aesthetic, whether it fits the character or not.

          As for “this doesn’t go on at WB”… apparently the term “the original writer” doesn’t mean anything to you. No, it’s not the EXACT same types of shenanigans, but they aren’t completely different, either. Playing semantics won’t change that, no matter how hard you try.

          So no, at least one of us doesn’t have blinders on, and is able to remain at least somewhat dispassionate in our appraisal of major studio business tactics. I recognize Disney/Marvel for what they are. Unfortunately, in today’s society, if you want completely unsullied entertainment produced and performed solely by only the most pristine of souls the options are pitifully limited, to maybe being able to sit in the bedroom with the lights off twiddling your fingers; or becoming a Tibetan monk.

          Like I said, WB, Fox, Sony… the exact same types of companies with the exact same cutthroat mentalities– just making much worse movies.

  15. This is sad. Looks like a real- life civil war is brewing between companies, and the Marvel characters are ones being torn.

  16. Why can’t we have a world where Fox can keep making good X-Men films and the Fantastic Four and Spider-Man can be part of the MCU? Fox’s X-Men don’t fit with the others and the FF would’ve been reverting in a couple of months THIS YEAR if they hadn’t just started supposedly filming. Trank has demonstrated more excitement for the Star Wars spinoff that was just announced then he ever has in the past year he’s been working on FF. I hope Fox’s FF crashes and burns and Marvel gets back the rights.

    • now that is an eyebrow raiser there. could disney have offered him the job, and whispered in his ear “delay the F4 film so we can get it back”? I am certainly not one for starting conspiracy theory’s, but that one would certainly seem plausible. there have not been any new reports on the status of that film for a few weeks now.

  17. I’m not getting a pretty penny from all the BS between them so I really don’t care. All I care is that I’m getting to see all these super hero movies! Can’t be more happy than that hehe.

  18. Can someone tell me who owns ghostrider rights? Still waiting on a good ghostrider movie…

    • The link in the article that says “see a full breakdown of CHARACTER OWNERSHIP HERE” would have been a good place to start.

      But to answer: Marvel does. I think there is some lawsuit or another pending though with one of the original creators of the character, so it might be awhile before he sees the screen.

  19. I like to see Spidey back with marvel. More so I’d just like to see another group of actors and productionists handling the franchise. I don’t like the ASM series.

  20. It takes a keen journalist mind to turn ‘Company won’t promote another company’s products for free’ into an essay.

  21. The movie universe should not impact the universe being built in the comic books, after all, the comic books are the reason the movies are being made so if they are going to cut anything in size, let it be the movies. I’m not saying I don’t LOVE the movies because I do, but this petty arguing between the studios is starting to lessen my enjoyment of them. Marvel will buy back the properties in the end, obviously they are going the farthest and are the most successful. I mean lets be honest, marvel has almost an unlimited lineup (minus of course their most popular characters) and has broken box office records with almost every movie since Captain America: The First Avenger. The X-Men have a limited universe with only the core players (Wolverine, Professor X, Magneto, Storm ext.) to play with, and Sony is just stalling with only one superhero filling the ranks. The comic books allow all these characters to interact and create the best stories they can TOGETHER and some of them are a heck of a lot better then what Fox and Sony and even Marvel have spewed out in the past. If anything I’m getting tired of Marvel shoving Guardians and Inhumans down our throat, its like yeah we get it, a raccoon with a gun…cool

  22. If I was stan lee I would be pissed off my rocker. As a long time ccomicbook fan I it discracful that marvel would dare to make that poster and cut out there key note heroes. Xmen has been a staple of many collectors and and readers for generations. The fact that wolverein is excluded is a shock with his half dozen books out right now. That poster is a spit in the face of is an utter discrace. And it really sours my veiw of marvel even more than it has in the last decade. To ff, many people know the human torch, they know the thing, even if its the rock guy from marvel. You show a pic of groot to a random person odds are they won’t have a clue. Starlord makes the cut standing shoulder to shoulder with captain america, the fact that cyclopes or the thing is absent is a pure disgrace to comic fans.

    Good job marvel. Your welcome…you know what f**k marvel.

  23. So I’m confused. Maybe I read this wrong but aren’t there 2 posters depicting “75 Years of Marvel?”

    If so, has no one noticed that Jean Grey (Phoenix) is in the upper left corner of one of the pics.

    • Yes, that is Jean Grey…a small pic showing the ugliest, most psychotic version of her “Dark Phoenix” personality. It is extremely doubtful that they randomly or accidentally chose THAT particular pic out of the countless multitude of Jean Grey (or even X-Men) pictures.

      Marvel was making a very clear point.

      • Right but they did include it. Point is that Lots of people were saying that there were no X-Men in the pics and that X-Men are getting cancelled when both claims are obviously false.

        I do agree that Marvel is trying to keep their MCU properties front and center but it doesn’t mean the others are cancelled. Even if they are cancelled it will only be for a short period.

        • X-Men are not getting canned. We made a point of that because of how well they sell. All of the sources are saying both Fantastic Four series were being planned for a hiatus.

          • The irony of some of this is that Fantastic Four and the Avengers were “put on hiatus” and rented out to Image in 1996-97 because their sales has fallen off so much. The boom and bust period for comics is cyclical and I doubt any of this will even matter in 5-10 years.

          • @ Rob…

            Sorry man, I didn’t mean to imply that Screen Rant writers was saying X-Men comics were getting canned.

            I have seen some comments in the threads though about X-Men getting canned (or something similar or alluding to that)

            On a side note…I think the FF may be put on hiatus but I think its characters will still play a role. For instance, Reed Richards has played a big role in the New Avengers lately.

  24. I can’t remember the last time I bought an FF comic? The Thing hasn’t done anything since Fear Itself and more of nothing before that. He’s a punching bag. Sue and Johnny have zero value to the marvelverse any longer. Only Reed is functional in any number of books these days.

  25. Great comics are great comics. The fantastic four… Never really been a great comic.