New Release Dates: ‘Fantastic Four’, ‘Assassin’s Creed’, ‘Secret Service’ & More

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fantastic four movie reboot release date 2015 New Release Dates: Fantastic Four, Assassins Creed, Secret Service & More

The final movie roster for Summer 2015 continues to change on a weekly basis, yet there’s no doubt that the season is going to be pretty insane; especially, if you’re a movie buff who turns out to see every major cinematic event. And so far, the list of movies arriving during the hottest days of 2015 include Avengers: Age of Ultron, Batman vs. Superman, Terminator 5 and Jurassic World, among others.

Just last week, Disney added director Brad Bird’s (The Incredibles, Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol) anticipated sci-fi adventure Tomorrowland to the Summer 2015 lineup – after confirming that Star Wars: Episode VII won’t launch until December of that year – and now, Fox has scheduled two additional heavy-hitters for the season, in the forms of the Fantastic Four movie franchise reboot and the Melissa McCarthy spy comedy, Susan Cooper.

Fox has pushed the new Fantastic Four movie back from March 6th to June 19th, 2015, where it will face-off against Disney/Pixar’s new original project, Inside Out (a film set inside the mind of a young girl). This announcement doesn’t come as a huge shock, given that Chronicle director Josh Trank’s superhero blockbuster always seemed more befitting of a Summer release date.

Not to mention, it was less than six weeks ago that reports emerged about Simon Kinberg (X-Men: Days of Future Past) having been recruited to do some revisions on the F4 script. Combine that with the ongoing casting process – with rising star Michael B. Jordan (Fruitvale Station) being the only potential cast member rumored to have struck a deal already – and it stands to reason that Trank could use the additional three months of development time, in order to get Marvel’s famous super-powered family unit “right” on the big screen.

Fox Distributing Secret Service Matthew Vaughn Mark Millar New Release Dates: Fantastic Four, Assassins Creed, Secret Service & More

Assassin’s Creed was originally slated for the June 19th slot now occupied by F4, which is why Fox has moved the Michael Fassbender-starring video game movie adaptation back to August 7th, 2015 (one week after Marvel Studios will release Edgar Wright’s Ant-Man in theaters).

Likewise, Fox has bumped back The Secret Service – the new Mark Millar espionage comic book adaptation from Kick-Ass writer/director Matthew Vaughn and screenwriter Jane Goldman – back from November 14th, 2014 (a week after Christopher Nolan’s space-travel adventure Interstellar opens in theaters), in order to fill the March 6th, 2015 spot left open by the F4 reboot.

Lastly, fellow spy flick Susan Cooper is now set for a theatrical bow on May 22nd, 2015 (the same day as Tomorrowland). Star McCarthy and director Paul Feig (Bridesmaids) are fresh off their second critical/financial success with this year’s summer action-comedy offering, The Heat ($230 million worldwide on a $43 million budget). Will Susan Cooper complete the hat trick for the duo, possibly with assistance from potential costar Jason Statham? Chances are good that the answer will be yes.

Which of these Fox releases are you most excited to see? What movies in general are on your must-see list for 2015?


The Secret Service opens in theaters on March 6th, 2015.

Susan Cooper hits theaters on May 22nd, 2015.

Fantastic Four bows in theaters on June 19th, 2015.

Assassin’s Creed will be released in theaters on August 7th, 2015.

Source: Box Office Mojo

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  1. Which of these do I want to see?

    So far, just Assassin’s Creed.

    I’m a fan of Statham but will pass on his movie since I don’t enjoy Melissa McCarthy at all. Fantastic Four needs to have more information released before I can even begin to think about that movie. Same for Tomorrowland, The Secret Service and as for Inside Out, it seems like it’d be good to watch on TV so far but that’s about it.

  2. Sorry, Fox. Barring something completely insane, I’m skipping the FF for Pixar. Inside Out looks like perfection.

  3. im just not excited about Fantastic 4…hopefully it suprises me

  4. Stupid move by Fox, it will get crushed. Even if it has great actors and looks amazing, the interest still isn’t there.

  5. Who cares about Fantastic Four, they should have kept that movie in March instead of in the summer. The X-Men are about as big of an universe as the rest of the Marvel universe is. Fox should just keep X-Men, and give f*cking Fantastic Four back to Marvel because clearly Fantastic Four would mesh way better with the Avengers universe than the X-Men. Clearly. And it pisses me off that Fox still has Silver Surfer, Skrulls and Galactus which I would love to see in Marvel Studios. Thor vs Silver Surfer? Ain’t gonna happen, thanks Fox.

      • But the galactic characters (Silver Surfer, Skrulls, Galactus, etc) could also feature in cosmic movies like Thor, Guardians, Inhumans etc.

        Plus Franklin was sent to Hell by Dr Doom and Dr Strange helped Reed get them back in a pretty cool story from Fantastic Four: Unthinkable.

        I think his point was that it would be cooler to see them alongside Marvel’s characters rather than the ones Fox owns and I agree with him. He’s also not in the minority because most people who comment on this site want the same thing.

        • Yeah. What would be cooler, Hulk slugging it out with Thing then teaming up together or Mr Fantastic and Storm making another damn water spout? And you could have Silver Surfer with the Nova corps and all that jazz. So much potential.

          • Surfer also joined a team that formed alongside the Guardians to help fight off the Cancerverse if I remember correctly, then featured in their own separate team books.

            It’d be such a waste to have Surfer kept separate from most heroic cosmic characters.

          • or get the classic FF/Avengers vs Hulk (FANTASTIC FOUR #25,26)

      • @Iceman. You actually might be the minority. I also would rather FF go back to Marvel. Franklin might be a mutant but they could adjust his story so that he becomes a mutate instead of mutant. Or they could have him born that way and not call it mutant. Just born with gifts.

        Surfer against Thanos or Terrax would be epic too!

  6. Summer 2015 – looking pretty insane! Better start stashing some cash below the mat already!
    Definitely ones to watch – Avengers 2 (words not necessary)/Bats vs Supes (which by the way starting to seem more like a justice league origin – whatever it is, take my money !)/ Tomorrowland (Really intrigued by the project!)/ F4 (Marvel+ Josh Trank !)/ Inside Out / Ant Man
    Not convinced yet but still will end up watching – T5 – for Arnie & Alan Taylor/ Jurrasic World (guess nostalgia!)/ Assassin’s creed (love the game)…

  7. Ive figured it out…DC cant do shyt because Warner Bros cannot devote enough time to DC movies…wheras Marvel has its own independent movie studios, not to mention the freedom & flexibility to put out movies whenever they desire. Fox (although making less then stellar movies) can also put out Marvel superhero movies…making DC always seem to be 5 steps behind.

    Fox studios problem is that they have 20 movies in production at any given time….

    • The fact that Marvel Studios isn’t an independent entity and is owned by Disney completely passed you by then?

      • Its an independent arm of Disney…Disney has little say so on what movies Marvel decides to put out.

        • I’m not sure an exec at Fox decided to take the X-Men to the Cuban Missile Crisis so no idea what your point is.

            • You’re making no sense here, sorry. I only deal with logical comments that make sense and have an air of intelligence about them, enough to explain what they mean.

              Apologies if you’re on a lower level of intellect than myself, I just don’t know what your point is because Marvel Studios are like Fox and Sony, they just have Disney’s money to help finance things.

              Also, nope, a Fox exec isn’t likely to say “You know what would be a good plot for a new X-Men movie?”, otherwise you wouldn’t have Jane Goldman’s name as a writer. Execs usually green light an idea but the stories come from writers who send in scripts to get approved or discarded.

              Not sure you understand how the movie business works in that case judging by your first post and subsequent response to my comment on the matter.

              • You mad bro? I guess so…no, I clearly understand the way movie studios work they buy scripts & then change them according to their vision. Maybe you should brush up on your own research…I live in LA. I know a few execs & script writers…your coo-coo if you think FOX Execs dont come down to the movie set & change stuff lol. Do you honestly think it was Marvels decision to cast a black johnny storm (rumored) or make Galactus a giant ball of dust.

                As far as the intelligence comparison…I wont sink to you level, just for that one you are already beneath me.

                My main point was that DC should have its own studio much like Marvel does. It should be free of Control of studios that only seek to cash in on its properties. Disney is the parent company of Marvel but the main thing they do is provide distribution & marketing.

              • I’d ignore people like him. Bringing up silly little DC vs. Fox vs. Marvel comments in a random article like this is just a way to attract attention to him. It’s kinda sad to be honest.

        • You could in essence say that Disney is more of a silent partner…or absentee parent.

    • Mark Millar is the head creative consultant of Fox’s marvel movies and is the one who most likely oversees what happens. But he still has mandates and stipulations as being employed by Fox Studios. So Fox essentially has final say on the story of the film and finished product if they really want to micromanage.

      The difference between Fox and MCU is that Disney has a studio dedicated to just Marvel movies of the MCU called Marvel Studios. Kevin Feige is head. Feige is ultimately employed through Disney and thus Disney most likely has final say on the story and finished product if they really want to micromanage.

  8. God how I wish that fantastic four was part of Marvel studios.

    • +100

    • +1000. I wish the same. Marvel is so competent when it comes to their babies…and no they have messed up & arent perfect…but they keep improving thats all we as fans could ever hope for.

  9. Ive been doing my research on Disney’s reacquisition of all things Marvel…it looks like Disney has really been strong arming Studios into giving back the rights of its Movie & characters. Its just a good guess but we could see Spider-man, Fantastic four & the X-Men back at Marvel studios in the next ten years or less.

    I found this on Wikipedia & it looks like Disney was set to get the rights back to Spider-man but spared Sony & just took back all profits for merchandise…which is a wise decision since Marvel is on a schedule, there would be absolutely no room for a Spider-man movie for 5-10 years. By that time Spider-man will be well back within Marvels reach.

    from wikipedia:

    Upon the release of The Amazing Spider-Man, Disney and Sony negotiated a two-way agreement. Disney would receive full merchandising ancillary rights to future Spider-Man films in exchange for Sony purchasing out Marvel’s film participation rights.

    • “it looks like Disney has really been strong arming Studios into giving back the rights of its Movie & characters.”

      Could you explain how this is ‘strong arming’ or even remotely hinting that SM will come back to Marvel/Disney?

      From what I have always understood as long as Sony made SM movies within “x” number of years apart and they were finacially succesful they would remain with Sony.

      Ancillary rights to the merchandise from the films appears to mean they provide support in the distribution of that merchandise. It does not mean they take back all the profits. They dont create the items, provide input to the items, sign deals for the items. Just help with distribution.

      Sony co-chair Amy Pascal told Ain’t it Cool that the company would “never ever ever” let the Spider-Man rights go.

      Now I know you say 5-10 years. Even at the long point of 10 years what would change that Sony would be SILLY enough to revert the rights back? Especially if ASM becomes as succesful as it appears it will be.

      You can then offshoot Venom and possibly other strong (Black Cat, Madam Web, etc?) heroes or villians.

      The only LOGICAL way Marvel/Disney could get access to Pete and his ilk is by going into a joint venture film. That or Disney just throwing planet sized gobs of money at Sony.

      And while Im a big fan and would love to see Wolverine, Spiderman, Luke Cage, Hulk and Ghost Rider all in the same scene I just dont see it happening unless it is a joint effort.

  10. Really looking forward to Fantastic Four, Josh Trank did a great job with Chronicle so I’m excited to see what he does with that property. Plus Michael B. Jordan is a great actor. I don’t think it’s a good move for the Fantastic Four to release alongside Pixar’s Inside Out though, not very wise if you ask me. I’ll have to wait for reviews and trailers to choose which film I’ll go see on opening day.

    While I can see the benefits of giving the properties back to Marvel (I don’t see this happening though), I’d much rather have it connected to the X-Men Universe. A Fantastic Four in a realistic, slightly outlandish and serious world interests me much more than dropping them in the world Marvel created. Even if Marvel do get the properties back, we won’t be seeing a film until 2022 at the earliest. Their schedule is reportedly already jam packed and let’s say they replace one of unknown films in 2016 or 2017 in order to include the Fantastic Four, that just means one less comic book property brought to the big screen. It would be Black Panther getting the ax or the Inhumans, who knows.

    • i agree…

  11. At this point they can do pretty much whatever mess they want. Messing with the characters in F4 is just the tip of the iceberg. Fox has already lost my ticket.

  12. I want to watch Fantastic Four, but I have a hunch they are making some huge mistakes with it. One of those times when I hope I am wrong…..

  13. I am definitely most excited for Matthew Vaughn’s “The Secret Service.” He is one of my favorite working director’s today. I love his Kick-Ass, X-Men: First Class, Stardust and Layer Cake. A very underrated director I’d say.

  14. I predict FF to be one of the casualties of 2015.