‘Fantastic Four’ Script Being Revised by ‘Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter’ Writer

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Fantastic Four Seth Grahame Smith Fantastic Four Script Being Revised by Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter Writer

Of all the Marvel Comics properties, Fantastic Four seems to be the easiest to explain on paper (close-knit super-powered family has adventures in SCIENCE) but, oddly, the most difficult to translate onto film. Fortunately for fans of Marvel’s first family, the upcoming reboot of the Fantastic Four franchise is in the hands of director Josh Trank (Chronicle) and producer Matthew Vaughn (X-Men: First Class).

With talent already behind the camera, Fantastic Four just needs a solid script in order to differentiate itself from its less-successful predecessors. The journey toward that goal has recently been bolstered from a somewhat unexpected source – Seth Grahame-Smith, writer of Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter.

The Hollywood Reporter has the scoop that Seth Grahame-Smith has been brought in to polish the current script for Trank’s Fantastic Four. Previous contributors to the script have included Zack Stentz (Thor), Ashley Miller (X-Men: First Class), Jeremy Slater, and director Trank himself.

Like Trank, Seth Grahame-Smith is a comparatively young but up-and-coming creative talent. He vaulted onto the cultural stage in 2009 with the novel/act of creative vandalism Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. The combination of undead ninja action scenes and Jane Austen Victoriana spawned a slew of imitators (for example, Sense and Sensibility and Sea Monsters) and allowed Grahame-Smith to pursue more free-form exercises in cheeky historical adventure. He has since published Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter and the Nativity-as-crime-caper Unholy Night.

It’s unknown what in the existing screenplay Grahame-Smith has been hired to alter. Given his reputation for black humor and tongue-in-cheek pastiche, Grahame-Smith may be adding a bit of levity to the script – or, perhaps, balancing out existing humor with darker elements. Given that both sides of the continuum are ever-present in the universe of Fantastic Four, it could go either way.

Fantastic Four Kirby Fantastic Four Script Being Revised by Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter Writer

For all his geek bona fides, Grahame-Smith may be a controversial choice to tweak the script for a property as venerable as Fantastic Four. After all, Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter didn’t exactly light the world on fire. Also, his sole other feature film credit is for the screenplay for the cheesy-yet-tepid Dark Shadows.

It would take one heck of a disaster to create a Fantastic Four film worse than those already produced (this includes both the two by Twentieth Century Fox and the infamous unreleased Roger Corman debacle). Though Seth Grahame-Smith has some dubious entries on his resume, he has proven himself as a writer of comedic adventure. Hopefully, his contributions will streamline and enliven Fantastic Four rather than hinder it.


Fantastic Four is expected to hit theaters in 2015.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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  1. Well, looks like any hope for the new FF movie just got shot down. AL:VH and Dark Shadows were both utterly horrible. This might make the other FF movies look good.

    • Don’t be too fast to jump to conclusions, il princerino. The other people working on the script would still have a say in to and wouldn’t let it get ruined.

  2. Interesting but I know that someone on here is gonna find something negative out of this, at least fox is trying.

  3. Abe lincoln and DS were both ok films but their plots werent the greatest so that has me worried. but if he is just doing some polishing or whatever, hopefully it will still be a solid script since he wont be the sole contributor to the plot.

  4. Yeah, I was gonna say that it sounds like FF is doomed but who knows how much he’s actually having to contribute.

    The article says “tweaking” so maybe we already have an amazing script worthy of rebooting it and Trank/Vaughn decided to bring this guy in not only for a fresh approach to a certain scene they couldn’t quite get up to scratch but also to give him a potential success on his resume so he can get more big budget work down the line?

    Guy has to start somewhere after all. Spielberg was making crappy movies too until he got the chance to work with better people and he’s been a pretty big name in Hollywood because of it. I’m willing to give this guy a chance.

  5. I don’t want a lot. Just a good fantastic four movie with a good story that makes sense and a great cast to go with it.

    Is it too much ask. Lol

  6. Itll be tough, FF is very uninteresting to me as a super group along with xmen.

  7. What im hoping for is Marvel to do the Illuminati so they can pave the way for Planet Hulk and WWHulk. They’ve already got the Captain and Ironman, Strange will appear in Phase Three, the Black Panther is a possibilty (that being the key word) because of GotG, and maybe if all the ‘who owns what’ issues are settled Professor Xavier can come in and we’ll basucally have them right there. And i think we can do without Namor (personally, he’s not a favorite. Its all here, they just have to figure out how to get it done and do it RIGHT.

  8. AL:VH good movie, even better book. Dark shadows was just awful. I really hope that FF is going to be good.

  9. Just hope this FF movie is far better than the two pieces of crap that Tim story gave us.

  10. Come on Fox, don’t Eff this up like you did to almost every other CBM you’ve produced to date. If Fox pulls off this FF reboot, I will have new found respect for the studio that failed the X-Men so miserably.

  11. Well this is doomed. Its sad because I like the FF and the other movies were crap.

  12. One thing I can not understand about Fox with some of the properties is why it takes so many writers to do these scripts. The amount of hands involved in the stories might be what makes them seem so uneven on screen.

    • Someone writes a script that the studio likes but feels it’s missing something or could be improved.

      A new writer is brought in to add, take out or rewrite a scene or just to enhance a scene.

      If the studio and directors/producers still aren’t totally happy but don’t wanna throw the entire thing out and start again, they bring in someone else, usually to change some dialog (because at this point, if they don’t throw it out entirely, it’s usually a dialog issue).

      It’s incredibly tough to write something, get it greenlit and then have it made without going through an extra writer adding or changing something of some description.

  13. Too bad. AL:VH was really-really bad.

    • I thought it was amazing fun, personally.

      Everything out there today is a remake of a remake of a remake.

      Not Abe Lincoln vampire hunter… I found it be daring and fresh.

  14. NOOOO!!!
    AL:VH was #1 on my worst of 2012 list and Dark Shadows was in the top 10.
    Am I missing something or wouldn’t it be smart for Vaughn to bring in Jane Goldman (Kick Ass, XM:FC) or Trank to try and hire Max Landis (Chronicle)???
    Both have proven themselves with this type of film and IMO don’t have the baggage of Grahame-Smith.

    • You can think of all the good ideas you want (and those are some good ones) but they’re wasted on Fox.

      As a matter of fact, I nominate you to be the new President of Fox Studios. No way you could be any worse. I’m also sure you, I or the next person who posts something could do better.

      • I vote for Kevin7 as the new President of Fox Studios as well.

        • Thanks for the nomination. I accept and plan to start work immediately…

          • Well, that didn’t last…
            I just got fired because I tried to sell Marvel back all their properties for $1, an autographed copy of the Phase 1 Box Set and a 6 pack of Red Stripe.
            Sorry folks I tried…

            • @Kevin7, LMAO!!!!! Thanks for trying buddy.

  15. Please give those rights back to marvel so we can have galactus and silver surfer back!!!

  16. Bad move Fox, bad move for hiring this hack writer!

  17. didnt abraham lincoln vampire hunter sucked?

  18. Well I thought ‘Dark Shadows’ had some amusing dialog that was relevant to the situations and subtle. That’s probably what they’re shooting for…

  19. The dream scenario for me is the FF and X-Men eventually share a cohesive universe and then Marvel/Disney become so powerful with their profits from being Disney/Marvel/Lucasfilm that they outright buy those properties back. More realistically, all the studios decide to play nice and make an awesome team-up film to include Spider-Man. And then I’ll be 40+ years old, RDJ will be grandpa status. Where does this all end when it starts so shakily?

  20. I want the new fanatastic four to be great beause c’mon it’s the fantastic freakin four the very first comic in the marvel style I felt the first two films were below mediocre and personally I want a ff movie that’s as great and magical as the first iron man and it sounds like Trank is the right man for the job. I didn’t care for the original cast at all I hated doom, mr. Fantastic, and invisible woman theonlyones who I felt they ailed in terms of character and casting were the human torch and the thing I like Chris Evans as an actor and love him as Captain America and can’t wait to see him again in that role, but not nearly as much as I love Michael Chiklis I love the shield it’s one of my favorite shows and his performance of the thing was like Robert Downey JR’s Tony Stark to me even though I had mixed feelings about his costume. If I could bring anyone back it would be Chiklis to voice the thing since he will be CGI in the reboot. Overall I’m looking forward to this and I think they can learn from e mistakes they made on the original two and totally kill it Witt he reboot.