‘Fantastic Four’ Script Complete; Cast Testing This Month

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fantastic four 2015 cast Fantastic Four Script Complete; Cast Testing This Month

After months of rumors and updates on Marvel properties like X-Men, The Avengers and Spider-Man (while DC’s Batman vs. Superman has now moved back to 2016), it’s time for the Fantastic Four to hog the spotlight. Filming on the movie reboot from director Josh Trank (Chronicle) is slated to begin in Louisiana in March 2014, so official casting announcements will be coming soon; in fact, just earlier today, Miles Teller (The Spectacular Now) confirmed as much and indicated that he is still a front-runner to play Mr. Fantastic.

At the least, it sounds as though Teller will be part of the last group to audition for the four coveted lead roles in Trank’s superhero flick, once the final round of testing gets started later this month. Furthermore, the latest update reveals that Simon Kinberg has completed his Fantastic Four script draft, some four months after initial reports on him performing revisions on the film’s screenplay.

Kinberg also wrote this year’s X-Men: Days of Future Past and has a three-year deal with 20th Century Fox that involves him overseeing construction on the studio’s shared Marvel film universe; it makes sense from a studio perspective for Kinberg to have “final cut” on a developing script that’s been worked on by the likes of relative newcomer Jeremy Slater, T.S. Nowlin (The Maze Runner) and Seth Grahame-Smith (Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter), among others. There are no details on the F4 screen story featured in the new report from Variety, but the site does assure that Kinberg is done tinkering with the plot/script at this point.

As for casting: Variety is reaffirming the previous claims that people like Game of Thrones alumni Richard Madden and Kit Harington will test for a role (or roles), while Kate Mara (House of Cards) and Saoirse Ronan (The Grand Budapest Hotel) audition for the role of Sue Storm/Invisible Woman. Moreover, the site backs the previous reports that Michael B. Jordan (ChronicleFruitvale Station) is attached to play Johnny Storm/Human Torch, and that he will test with other actors in order to determine “which group has the best chemistry.”

Michael B Jordan in Chronicle1 Fantastic Four Script Complete; Cast Testing This Month

Is Michael B. Jordan the new Human Torch?

A number of our readers have expressed concern about the Fantastic Four reboot, and not without reason – given that, from afar, it seems as though pre-production on the film has been a rocky process. Keep in mind, this movie not only has to re-introduce the Fantastic Four after the lackluster live-action movies of the mid-aughts (starring Captain America‘s Chris Evans, among others), but also lay the groundwork for bigger developments in the future; that could include a crossover with the X-Men, at some point. So, the prolonged development is (at least, partly) because this is a film that Fox, Trank and Kinberg want/need to get just right.

As for the controversy about race-bending the Human Torch and taking cues from the Ultimate Fantastic Four comic books (which also feature a younger Mr. Fantastic): every person reported to be either attached or testing for Trank’s reboot is a well-respected acting talent whose star is only rising higher and higher. That’s all the more important in this case, since Fox will certainly want them to commit to multi-picture deals before any of them become too big a name (see how things are working out for Sony, once it set Andrew Garfield for The Amazing Spider-Man franchise early on).

Which of the aforementioned cast members testing for Fantastic Four do you like best as Mr. Fantastic and Sue Storm, respectively? Any suggestions for who should be recruited to play Benjamin Grimm/Thing? Let us know in the comments section!


Fantastic Four opens in theaters on June 19, 2015

Source: Variety

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  1. I have really high hopes that this is going to be the best movie of 2015…

    … just kidding

    • As of now, this will be the worst of how ever many superhero movies there are in 2015. Ant-Man is sounding so much better than Fantastic Four. Even though these movies are coming out at different months, I just think its funny Fox thinks people will care about Fantastic Four in the same year as the Avengers 2 comes out. Nobody is going to be talking about Fantastic Four when the Avengers is being hyped up.

      • I think Fantastic Four has potential to be a really cool movie. I hope they don’t mention mutants or anything because the X-Men will hopefully be rebooted after Apocalypse now that they’ve introduced time-travel… and they’ll do it right then, without introducing 30 mutants per movie, but taking their time and doing it RIGHT, and I think the FF could be a part of that universe already so there’s no need to mention anything on this movie just yet. We’ll just have to wait and see.

        I dont know if I’m more excited about Ant-Man or Fantastic Four yet… probably Ant-Man because it’s the MCU…

        • I’m also hoping days of future past reboots the x-men franchise kinda of like DC’s flashpoint paradox, it would be cool if the film ended with the x-men wearing their classic outfits, of course a modernized version of it.

        • X-Men won’t be revolted after Apocalypse. By the time it comes out X-Force will already have been released, starting a new trilogy, and pre-production will have begun on the third Wolverine film. There will be no redo, no reason too. X-Men is in a very enviable place that Disney and Sony, with their Marvel Universes are not. That is that they don’t have to worry about plot holes and continuity issues for one simple reason: the introduction of time travel & alternate realities allows them to correct any discrepancy while still honoring the original films.

      • Making judgements on movies you know next to nothing about, over a year before their release date… You must be a good audience member.

        • AS OF NOW, based on what I have seen and read about this movie, to me it looks to be the worst. I could be wrong, but as of now for me it sounds not to good. Opinions…

          • But there’s nothing to have read that’s actually fact. It’s all rumour. Open- mindedness is a strong trait to have.

      • I have to agree with Deadpool, partially. Fantastic Four is going to be released in the same year as The Avengers: AOU and it release a month before FF. Fox had no chance competing against that, even if the Batman/Superman movie didn’t delay, FF is screwed between two movies. Fox needs to market this movie the heck out of it next year if they truly believe that this movie will be a success. Hell, they wanted FF to be shared universe with X-Men. I’ll say that this movie has the potential to be good, it probably be better than the previous films. As of now, this movie is not in my list of anticipated movies of 2015.

          • It’ll be curious to see how Avengers: Age of Ultron does. Personally I don’t think it will make as much as the Avengers 1. I think there was more hype for Phase I than there is Phase II, so far anyway. But its definitely going to make a sh*t ton of money but I don’t believe it will surpass Avengers 1. It could though, but it’ll probably get damn close.

  2. Mark Ruffalo as The Thing
    Scarlett Johansson as Invisible Woman
    Robert Downey Jr. as Mr. Fantastic
    Samuel L. Jackson as Human Torch
    and Tom Hiddleston as Dr. Doom

    … oh wait.

    • yes. do it Fox.

    • I think Don Cheadle would make a better Torch;)

      • Either him or Terrence Howard.

    • + 1,000,000 Lol

  3. I think they need a Brie Larson/ Anna Kendrick type for Sue Storm, attractive but funny. I can see this film having alot of back-n-forth banter between the 4.

    • Anna Kendrick is attractive? I never noticed.
      But Larson would definitely be a viable option.

  4. So it seems the black Johnny Storm is happening no matter what. Face Palm.

    • How are they going to have a white blonde Sue Storm and a black Johnny Storm? They’ll probably have a black mother and white father or vice-versa. Oh fu*k this means they’re parents are going to be on the movie that’ll suckkkkkk

      • Yikes. “suckkkkkk”. Too many “K’s” man. Too many “K’s”. Someone with internet logic might read way too into it and think you work for some super double KKK.


            But in all seriousness, I’m not sure if you’re mad at me…maybe you’re agreeing with me I don’t know. Is that a question?

      • Lol ever hear of adoption? Either Johnny into Sue’s fam or vice versa. Its pretty easy actually.

      • Wasn’t Sue Storm Hispanic in the first movie anyway?

    • I know, it’s really s*** that people are black, that’ll probably distract and ruin the whole movie for me.

  5. Noice, really looking forward to this movie. Miles Teller as Mr. Fantastic is a bit off if I may say so but if it fits their vision, then so be it. He’s a great actor. Really happy for Michael B. Jordan as well, excellent addition.

    • + 1

      Michael B Jordan is the best thing going for this project.

      • Definitely. I think it also helps that Michael B. Jordan has also worked with Josh Trank before on Chronicle.

        • Right on.

          I’m sure Michael B Jordan and Josh Trank’s association had everything to do with the casting of Johnny Storm.

          It has nothing to do with “demographics” or whatever else people are whining about.

          It’s about finding a good, accomplished actor suiting the role and giving the role credibility.

          I’m rather surprised with all the comments questioning the motive of Jordan’s casting.

          • Agreed. The motivation to cast Jordan is there, it’s just not the ‘skin color’. It’s the fact that he’s Oscar worthy (Fruitvale Station), has worked with Trank before, an up and coming actor who is going to be huge and clearly shows character traits of Johnny Storm in Chronicle.

            • @ Coldsc, Y! At least Mr. Fantastic(Reed)won’t be @70 yrs. old. :D

              • No, he will be 7. It will be awesome to have the 7 year old Reed chatting with the 30 something Bruce and the 70 year old Hank….

  6. I’m ok with Michael B. Jordan getting a role in episode VII but as for the F4, I completely disagree. I want a movie as the characters are intended otherwise don’t call them the F4. The name of the movie should be “The F4 that wants to please demographics.”

    • Fantastic Four: Age of Demographics.

    • Like i said before in another post, studios need to stop ignoring all the non white superheros if they want please demographics. You can argue that those characters wont reel in big box office numbers but if they restrict themselves to a small budget a la saw style it could work. Characters like Blade, Luke Cage and Blach Panther dont need big budgets for their films. People liked had to have liked the Blade movies, seeing as how they made 3 movies, with part 2 being personal favorite.

      • Does Fox own any of those characters? I know Blade reverted back to Marvel earlier last year.

        • its not a question of which studio owns what character but, but this trend where they change race and ignore existing characters, thats the issue I’m pointing out. I honestly don’t even see the need for that strategy, Fox still owns x-men, any x-men reader will tell you that franchise has loads of characters from different backgrounds that can appeal to the masses.

          • Ah gotya!

    • You’ll get over it. It’s called the movies BUSINESS, you have to appeal to your demographics in order to stay in business. Human torch can be hispanic, asian or whatever for all I care. As long as he’s a sarcastic, womanizing, playboy that’s all that matters! Get over it!

    • F4: Tokyo Drift

  7. If they dare to film this crap, then I want Jean-Claude Van Damme as; Victor van Damme.

    • Yeeesssss! Van damme for every role lol

  8. Hoping FF is a mega-success. I want multiple sequels, spinoffs for Thing and Silver Surfer and crossovers with X-Men.
    Joss Whedon has a really good relationship with Fox and when he’s done his Avengers run if anybody can bring Disney and Fox together then HULK VS THING may just happen.

  9. I love Michael B. Jordan as The Human Torch. Haters, stay pressed. If you want your lily white blonde superhero fix, then go watch Captain America, Thor, The Avengers, or the original Fantastic Four with Chris Evans.

    • I’m not white and I’m against Michael playing as the human torch, only becasue id rather have him play as cyborg in a Justice league film, with his charisma he can totally own that role. Plus im only upset because if studio execs decide to put a black human torch it will only be to appeal to demographics. Which is dumb because there are a ton of non white superheros that can be adapted into films, ignoring those characters is insulting.

      • Are studios planning on introducing Cyborg anytime soon? Because if not, that’s just wishful thinking. Besides, in a Justice League movie, Cyborg is going to be overshadowed by other heroes like Batman and Superman. I agree that studios should adapt more non-white superheroes for film, though.

        • well cyborg is founding member in the new modernized justice league comics, in fact he acts as the heart and soul of the group replacing martian manhunter, plus people who read teen titans and watched the cartoons will recognize him and Micheal already voiced him in the flashpoint paradox.

          • I think they should bring Cyborg in later on. I mean look what happened to Hawkeye in The Avengers *yikes*. Cyborg is a great character but I have to agree with Hera. For the time being, he’d be overshadowed by the big 5 with ease, which would be a huge waste of Jordan’s talent.

            • Except Cyborg isnt Hawkeye, he is not gonna run around shooting arrows at parademons, he’s gonna launch into the air with his rocket boots and jet packs and shoot his insanely big sonic cannon while screaming “booyah!’. There is no overshadowing that,the thought of that image can attract every little kid and adult who like the ironman films.

              • But compare that to Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern and Flash. It’s the idea of just throwing all these characters at the audience at once. Which characters is the audience and even writers going to focus on? Cyborg can be badass and I agree that the audience would be attracted to him but the big 5 are some big characters to stand next to, especially for the first team up. I’d rather have Cyborg appear later on so the audience have already seen the big 5 and are ready to gulp down the next great character. At that time, I think Cyborg is the perfect way to go because he’ll get the spotlight he deserves.

                • If it were me I’d introduce Vic Stone in Man of steel 2/batman vs superman/ worlds finest as he was before the accident that made him cyborg. He’s a highschool football plyer and his dad works at star labs, that right there would be his connection to superman and possibly Bruce Wayne. Assuming Wonder Woman wont be some silly kryptonian descendent and instead the demigod amazon that we all know and love, her and batman/ suprman can fight off Mongul played by Dwayne Johnson, or Jason Momoa while a Phoenix/Cranston Lex Luther is running for president and making superman look like a jerk for letting Zod use his[suprman] head as battering ram on metroplis.

                  During this plot a retired green lantern jon stewart is helping rebuild metropolis( his ties to lex corp will introduce him), rumors of a powerfull and no nonsense aquaman is keeping Maine safe while at the same time dealing with ridicule and terrilbe fish jokes, and rumors of flash appearing in the Gem cities can be thrown in. Movie ends on a cliff hanger with Darksied and his apokalypse army getting ready to enter earth through boom tubes, one of which destroys half of Vic Stones body.

                  Because Dc films tend to be more dark and gritty as opposed to marvel films, the actual JL film will show parademons destroying various cities all across earth. This large army led by an evil new god will be reason why the movie needs a group of seemingly overpowerd heroes to team up. If need be, start with a scene of the justice leugue from Earth-2 getting killed by parademons just to show how serious this threat is.

      • +1.
        I think he’d be good as HT, but I feel it would be a major loss locking him into this character instead of one who is canonically black. Paersonally, I’d like to see him as Cyborg in a main role, or Prowler in the growing SM universe, or as Patriot eventually in the Captain America franchise

      • Or, Jordan had brilliant charisma and a good relationship with Trank who thought “you’d be perfect for the new Johnny Storm” and thusly cast him, because it doesn’t matter whether he’s black or white or purple. Furthermore, can you actually think of any black superhero characters that could carry their own film, that Jordan could play? Perhaps ‘Black Panther’, but, if a black superhero film bombs, then other studios won’t put faith into them. However, by happening to cast a black man in a ‘white man’s role’, the worries about character strengths are diminished (especially in a team set- up), and so, if successful, studios might pick up on the appeal a black superhero can have, and build movies around a few more ‘white characters’ cast as black, and black superheroes, such as a Jon Stewart Green Lantern. This is, in reasonable opinion, a good thing. Just because a decision can please demographics, doesn’t make it a bad one.
        If they use the black superhero as a marketing scheme, that’s when it becomes wrong.

        • “Just because a decision can please demographics, doesn’t make it a bad one.”


          Pretty sure studios are always pandering to demographics, anyway.

        • If box office numbers are what troubling studios they can always use a low budget for their films, it worked for films like a saw, paranormal activity, district 9 and chronicle. I guess whenever someone brings up the idea of a black superhero adaptation the studios look up the box office numbers of “steel”, ignoring the blade movies as well as possibly that hancock movie, although im not sure how much money those films made i can be certain they didnt tank. If they wanted to get audiences/and other studios to appeal to superheroes of different colors than why not use the xmen films, those comics have heroes of different color, religion, nationality and sexual orientation, its a gold mine for studios wanting to please demographics. I mean that franchise is basicly the superhero virsion of MLK’s “I have a dream” speech.

      • ” if studio execs decide to put a black human torch it will only be to appeal to demographics”

        Not necessarily. Jordan has history with the director. Directors tend to hire the same actors for multiple projects because they tend to do great work together (nolan -> tom hardy, scorsese -> dicaprio etc). Yes he’s black but maybe, just maybe he’s being considered purely for his talented and not just because he’s black.

        • +1

          • And quite a talent he is by the way, Fruitvale Station clearly showed it. No way in heck is Jordan being part of the film a bad thing if you ask me.

      • You should google Mechad Brooks. I think he would make a better Cyborg than Michael!

    • People are not hating but want F4 to stay true to its roots. I have no problem with Michael B. Jordan but he is not the human torch. The human torch is a white male with blond hair…that is just how the character is. And comparing the human torch with captain america is just lame.

      • Fantastic Four’s roots are in the 1960s. Time for some updates.

  10. Lauren Shuler Donner please, stay this madness!

    At least don’t let the “F4 crap” get involved with the X Men films.

  11. I will have nothing to do with this reboot. Making the human torch black is NOT ok. I’m not racist I just don’t like it when a characters race is changed. Even if they made a black panther movie and made him white I would not be okay with that. This will not go over well.

    • I hear you.

      I am Hispanic. My Favorite hero is the Flash (Barry Allen)
      Those rumors of a hispanic Flash really don’t sit well with me. I just want one Comic adaptation of Flash that is accurate. After that they can reboot the franchise however they want for all I care.

  12. Marvel Studios has made some hiccups but of all of the rights that needed to go back, it was this one. Fox can ruin the X-Men from her to Genosha, but the FF fit more and should be with Marvel Studios, especially being that Fox had its chance with FF and failed.

  13. I bet this movie will be really cool, Trank I hear is supposed to be great and I bet he’ll do something magical with this franchise he certainly seems to care a lot about it as does everyone since they’ve done a bunch of rewrites and are really taking their time with everything. I think Michael B. Jordan would be really cool as Human Torch but I don’t think I’m completely sold on Miles Teller as Mr. Fantastic I honestly just don’t think he’s old enough I would want someone who’s at least mid thirties or something like that if theyre all really young (like Johnny Storm’s age) I may be a little bit iffy about the casting, one of the things that I loved about the FF was that they were the first super hero team that argued and didn’t always get along when really they were family and all they had was each other and being family felt like all of them were different in age and opinions about their new found powers. I really wanna know who’s playing the Thing though, I didn’t like the original movies but Michale Chiklis just was the character of the Thing even if the costume could look really lame to me at times, I love him as an actor and I’ll honestly have a difficult time picturing anyone else in that role but him. I wonder who the bad guy will be I thought Doctor Doom was really lame in the original movies but I really think this…
    … but then again maybe they’ll use a different bad guy since people didn’t like Doc Doom in the originals and they may wanna try something different like Sub Mariner but if I remember correctly he’s currently owned by Universal, so maybe Mole Man even though he can be pretty cheesy at times, they could always do King Rama Tut I thought he was so cool. But we’ll have to wait and see, and honestly I can’t wait to see!!!!!!

  14. I am excited about a FF reboot. I am not X-cited about the current X-men franchise.

    To reboot one franchise and not the other makes no sense to me.

  15. I’m maintaining optimism. At least Trank is the right sort of person for this project. And the actors sound qualified if a little off of what I might inherently want age-wise.

  16. I hope this does amazing just to shut all these racists up.
    Sue Storm was played by Hispanic Jessica Alba, Bane was played by a Brit. And oh what? Nolan’s Bat-Man was British!?
    It’s funny when hypocrites say, ‘I’m not racist, buttt….’ Hilarious. And come to think about it, Thor’s Aulstralian, Spider-Mans British. SuperMan’s British.
    It’s about whether or not the actor can best represent the character in the overall film. Imo Michael B Jordan as Johnny Storm will be excellent! I prefer this than Samuel L Jackson’s Nick Fury 100%…. and I’m black.

  17. Christian Bale is British. BatMan’s American. Professor X is American yet the films turned him British. Wolverine is Canadian, Jackman is Australian. Black Widow is Russian, Scar Jo, American. Storm is African, Halley Berry, American. SuperMan and SpiderMan both recently portrayed by Brits. Anyone okay with these but who has a problem with Jordan playing Johnny Storm…sorry but you might be racist. Eric Bana Australian, Bruce Banner American. Cummins, British right? Kurt Wagner, German. Juggernaut American, his actor, crap what’s his name, British!

  18. It’s about 1) the actor 2) the characters representation.
    As a black man, I didn’t like Samuel L Jackson being cast as Nick Fury. Not because he wasn’t white, with graying brown hair, but because he wasn’t the right actor for the role. Michael B Jordan and Miles Teller could act the hell outta Richards and Storm respectively. I for one, as a true comic/Marvel fan and film buff, cant wait for this reboot.

    • If we just want acting ability lets just cast Viola Davis as Sue and Judi Dench as the Thing.

    • Well, why dont we have Mr. Fantastic actually be Mrs. Fantastic and have the Invisible Woman be the Invisible Man? Maybe also we can have the Thing be blue and look like pebbles instead of Orange and look like big rocks?

      Those all sound like great ideas!

  19. I don’t think they should have Jordan playing Human Torch just because I don’t think it makes the Fantastic Four anymore or less interesting then the first two film adaptions (or three for those blessed to see the awful first attempt).

  20. It´s a fail because of the properties of the main heroes. Yes you could do a cool human torch and yes thing can be made to look amazing but the rest – nope. I love the FF comics because it´s just weird and wonderful and reed is such a badass but I can´t see this being great cinema.

  21. Stop this while you can!!!!!!! It’s a bad idea and it keeps getting worse. There hasn’t been a thing published about this that doesn’t make me nauseous… I’s like a bunch of people sitting around a table and brainstorming “How stupid can we be???”

  22. They are really trying to piss people off with the casting lmafo I LIKE it !!! Bring on the chaos FF !!!! :D

  23. I think the operating question in Hollyweird is “Can you make a $100+ million blockbuster movie about four white people and make your money back?”

    Maybe the answer right now is “nope.”

    I don’t believe in the liberal progression of diversity so much as I do profit-generating demographic strategies.

  24. I have high hopes for this movie. I am more excited for F4 than Antman for sure. I don’t agree with the human Torch controversy if its even true. But I will still give it a chance. Fantastic Four was my favorite Marvel cartoon.

    I just hope this F4 is not a let down like the other F4 movies were. I see the potential of crossing them with the X-men. They can have F4 and X-men fight the Skrulls. I would love the see Wolverine and Cyclops take on the Super Skrull. Or the Fantastic Four helping the X-men take on Apocalypse and the four horseman. I would like to see the Thing ,Cable or Bishop,and Wolverine take on the horsemen of Apocalypse

    I see a lot of potential crossing over both franchises. I just hope they don’t screw it up and ruin this big chance for great movies.

  25. Emma watson, daniel radcliffe, rupert grint and tom felton

  26. James Earl Jones as the Human Torch!! Why not.?

  27. This movie is going to be a big fail!

  28. Emily Rose(Sue Storm), Alex Pettyfer(Johnny Storm), Dean Jeffrey Morgan(Ben Grimm), Jon Hamm(Reed Richards).

  29. Im sorry, but i will not accept a movie that race-bends the characters in an effort for “Best Chemistry” when clearly its an effort for the producer to go “See, we arent racist, we cast black people in white people roles!”. Nick fury as black is not a deviation from the comic; as a matter of fact, the character is the original Nick Furies son, so those who taut it as proof race change can work are just silly. The move disgusts me as a purist and offends me as a fan. If you are going to do a movie, respect the characters or dont do it; I wouldnt support a movie where Luke Cage and Black Panther were played by asians or whites, either, so dont get your panties in a wad.

    I, unlike most, have been a Fantastic Four fan since i was old enough to pick up a comic, the Thing being my favorite marvel character of all time. I Have an extensive collection of the original run, and can remember when the thing looked like a cross between an orange rock, a pineapple, and a stegosaurus and was stronger than the hulk :P

    As for Casting, a younger reed richards doesnt bother me at all. His age is even questionable in the comic, given that the comic has been around for over 50 years if i recall correctly. Ben Grimm in my book should be voice acted by Dave Chiklis, but, barring that, almost anyone can do his voice and it wont affect the character. Pre-Thing Ben Grimm, in my view, should be played by Sylvester Stalone: Hes old, but thats hollywood and can be fixed with cgi or just makup. i mean, he did well in the expendables, so i dont really see much of an issue. The accent is down, hes proven he can do a brooklyn accent like a trillion times with Rocky. Barring Sylvester Staolone, my next pick would be Gerard Butler who also has a good voice and a strong face.

    The Human Torch could be played by David Wenham Who has already proven his chemistry and ability with Gerard Butler in 300. I liked the other guy but hes with disney now, and i really wish hed play the human torch too since they are owned by different companies and will never cross cause Fox doesnt know how to share, and will destroy everything they ever touch super hero related and dont care.

    The Invisible Woman was a good Invisible Woman but my wife disagrees, so im going to go with Alexis Bledel.

    Mr Fantastic i feel like could be bent towards Patrick Dempsey.