Surprise! Fans Watch Transformers for Robots, not Actors

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tf2 header Surprise! Fans Watch Transformers for Robots, not Actors

It’s hard to believe that we are merely TWO days away from the biggest movie to be released in 2009 – Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen! That’s right, all the waiting we’ve been doing for the past year and a half is about to pay off. Screen Rant has brought you breaking news, pictures, interviews, video clips, trailers, viral videos and more pictures and more video clips. If Paramount has released it to the public, then we were there to bring it to you.

So grab your ticket, turn off your cell phone, prepare to slurp your popcorn and eat your drink because Megan Fox is about to be shown larger than life in the awesomeness that is IMAX! What? You’re not there to watch Megan Fox?

Oh, OK then, find your seat and tell your friends to stop talking because Shia LaBeouf is fixin’ to rock your world, bandaged hand and all! OK, that’s not working for you either? Well, I’m not surprised…

Fandango did a survey of 2,000 people that were planning to watch Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen. Here are some of the more interesting results they found and it would seem they coincide nicely with what we were just discussing:

92% of respondents said that Megan Fox’s political statements do not affect their interest in the movie.

84% of respondents said they would still be in interested in seeing Transformers 3, even if Megan Fox did not appear in the third movie.

69% said they would still be interested in seeing Transformers 3, even if Shia LaBeouf did not appear in the third movie.

If anything, this should make Michael Bay feel good that he wasn’t an important enough part of the survey to be included in the results, but it should speak volumes to the actors and actresses that tend to get “too big for their britches.” In some cases, they are replaceable in big budget action films such as this one because fans are not there to see them, but rather the real stars or objects of the film – In this case, the robots!

megan shia unknown Surprise! Fans Watch Transformers for Robots, not Actors

A recent report from Fandango shows that Transformers 2 pre-ticket sales are out pacing Transformers 1 pre-ticket sales at the same point in the sales cycle (which is two days prior to the release date in case you were wondering). In fact, TF2 isn’t just outpacing TF1, it’s selling TWICE as many tickets as before.

Theaters are adding extra showings at 3:45am and 4:00 am just to keep up with the demands of fans. Almost every theater in a major market is already sold out: New York, San Francisco, Orlando Philadelphia and Buford, Georgia (I’m not sure that qualifies as a major market but apparently you shouldn’t go there to watch TF2 tomorrow night). My hometown of Jacksonville, Florida still has tickets available if you feel like making the journey.

This reminds me of an interesting observation. Back in 1999, before websites like Fandango really started thriving, the only way to ensure that you saw the first showing of your favorite movie was to wait in line for a stupid amount of time. I’m going to use Star Wars Episode 1 as an example. There were reports of people (obsessed fans) waiting outside the theater for up to a month in advanced to get the magical first showing ticket. Gone are those times with the advent of Fandango and similar websites that sell advanced tickets

Do you agree with the survey and would you watch Transformers 3 without Shia or Megan on screen? What do you think about advanced ticket sales, do you buy them or just take your chances opening night?

For those slow on the uptake, Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen releases June 24th, 2009.

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  1. personally, im in it for the robots. man i do love my robots. don’t really care if Fox is there… she is NOT hot. there. i said it.

    although i think Shia is funny cuz he hates the wii.

  2. I love robots but without Shia, I think they’d get old pretty quickly. Too much of a good thing can give you a bad headache. Shia complements the CGI perfectly. Wouldn’t see it without him. Megan’s probably replaceable.

  3. Absolutely … assuming I would see TF3 at all … the overarching story is about the Transformers themselves; the humans are there as touchstones and nods to the original continuity. Megan and Shia did their jobs, but their characters are “disposable” as far as the continuing story goes, unless something changes in this movie.

    Transformers is unabashedly primarily a “visual spectacle” movie, not a (human) character drama. Sure, the old comics and cartoon had recurring human characters, but they were pretty much secondary to everything going on with the robots, particularly after the first season or two, if I’m remembering correctly. I’m not super-hyped for the movie myself (visually spectacular, but …); still, I’ll probably end up going to see it with some friends anyway — and just for the spectacle.

  4. CLEARLY WE WANT BOTS!!! although I haven’t seen Revenge of the Fallen yet but, TF3 I want to see all bots, as if I were watching G1… Ultra Magnus, Hot Rod, More Aerial Decepticons, , Prowl,

  5. megan who?

  6. I want to see more robots not Lebeouff’s and Fox’s horrible acting.

  7. Robot battles is all I’m looking for, nothing else.

  8. If you’re lucky – and this is rare – you can figure out which robots are fighting and, eventually, who won.

  9. If I gave a cog, I would say I agree with the “Voice of Reason (Played by himself).”

  10. I’ve seen the film now and i absolutely loved it, obviously i prefered the robots but i dont mind there being humans in it aswell. The good thing about Transformers 2 is that robots are in it for much much longer and it doesnt go 5 minutes without atleast showing a robot. I do reccommend it (:

  11. It has always been the Robots..the robots are the Actors in this show…what are they thinking?? …

    This has been since the very existence of the fandom itself…

  12. I saw Transformers two last Friday (for some reason they released it in the UK five dys before the US. WTF?) and it is fun despite some MAJOR problems: too many human stuff, unnecessary humour, too long, some annoying characters (both human AND robot). But the visual effects are phenomenal and the action is improved this time around, with us actually being able to see what’s going on this time around. Check out my review if you wanna’ know more –

  13. Maybe its because I am old, but this movie does not interest me anymore. In fact this type of movie does not interest me anymroe, the CGI, Explosions, etc.
    Guess I am old.

  14. There’s only 1 reason Fox is in the movie, so she can definately be replaced. I do like LaBeouf’s acting but he too can be replaced in this type of film. I actually thought the 2 lead marines were the best human actors in the first film, but they too can be replaced. The Bots are the only reason to see the film, and I don’t mean those dumb Jar-Jar Binks-type critters. My oldest son will probably see it tomorrow and I will probably give my daughter and 2 young-uns the money to see it with him. I will wait for the weekend.

  15. Certain movies, like Transformers, can have the main actors replaced and most people wouldn’t care because the actors are not central to the story. I’m going to see Transformers for the robots and SFx (and maybe a booty shot of Megan Fox). In the case of Transformers, the robots are the stars and the human actors are ancillary characters. They can find another egotistical starlet to take Fox’s place and no one would care. Me included. However, try to take an iconic human character, say Dirty Harry, and try to recast them and it would scream failure. Can you imagine anyone besides Clint Eastwood as Harry Callahan, or anyone besides Harrison Ford as Han Solo??

  16. I think you would actually have a better chance of me seeing Transformers 3 without Shia, he can’t act to save his life. If Fox was in it or not i’d see it. I go to see Transformers for big shiny talking robots.

  17. @Andy S
    I remember watching SPace Cowboys and seeing an actor portray a 20-something Eastwood. The actor, I thought, did a great job mimicking Eastwood’s style. If they did do a reboot of Dirty Harry (I know, heresy), I think this actor would be the perfect choice.

    I just looked on IMDB and the actor’s name is Toby Stephens.

  18. @Ross

    thx for the review but I don’t except chicken when I buy a hamburger. I use the same thought process when going to a movie.

  19. See the review over at latinoreview, El Guapo gave this an F! Now, out of all the reviews out there I trust this site’s and also Latino’s so until I see what the verdict is here, I think I will be skipping this one because Guapo’s was really harsh.
    And it also adds to my hate for Kurtzman & Orci, the two braindead noobs who wrote star trek (Lindeloff played a huge role with that I bet fixing their mess).

  20. Firstly Megan Fox is georgeous and if you dont think so than you likely like men
    That being said I think she is a TERRIBLE actress and has no power in the movie, she is highly replaceable and would barely have any effect on the story of the movie or of the financial outcome of teh movie.
    Shia IS a GREAT actor in my opinion and having him in teh story maintains a sort of continuity. He is not 100% essential but he is a major aspect of the movie as he is teh person in teh movie that we can attempt to relate to. If the movie solely revolved around robots than they might as well save their money and make it a cartoon.

    In addition the first movie was good but NOt great. It was your standard Michael Bay movie—lots of explosions, a cute girl or two, fast paced action, and a bunch of bad acting. Neverthess I still enjoyed it but would not say that the first shoudl be a renoundly cherished movie.

    Now, I also believe taht the 2nd will do but here we will lose much of the good story telling and the story will not become less interesting and there will be twice as much action…its going to be probably even more fast paced and there will be twice as many explosions, and Fox will be running around half naked most of teh time…will I see it? Probably, but it comes out tommorrow and I am leaning towards going out to hit up the bars instead

  21. Humans in TF2 are like the guys in the red shirts in the Star Trek:TOS..expendable and not really needed to sell the product..

  22. I’d honestly rather see only robots in the film, but I’m especially okay with dumping Megan Fox. She is really overrated physically speaking, and is not that great of an actress. Plus she seems like kind of a … yeah…. Shia is okay, but I liked him better on Even Stevens than anything else, haha. I would totally see it with a different actor… and… director *coughs*.

  23. i think people don’t give meagan fox enough credit. i mean damn she’s hott, yes, but i think she does a good job acting wise. i think shia is awesome in these movies, but yes even stevens was probably his best

  24. Revenge of the Fallen is AWESOME
    Loved It.. Will see again.

  25. To be fair I wouldn’t watch the movie if one of my fave actors was in the lead and Megan Fox was nude for 45 mins of the film….. Ok umm maybe the last one would convince me.

  26. As a MAJOR TRANSFORMER FAN i would love to see Unicron but it may not happen due to:

    1. Bay’s vison of transformers is something that is cool and realistic, for example, other than the allspark he won’t incorporate the “mass shunting” that the tv show and comics use. So something as massive as Unicron, remember Cybertron in the comics is the size of Saturn, would be impossible due to scale.

    2. I think Bay would also have a problem with Unicron due to the comparisons to planet killers in sci fi. Galactus (fantastic 4), Death Star (star wars) and a Borg sphere (star trek). Cybertron in the 1st move looked like a rubics cube with heiroglypics i was expecting it to look like Curosant.

    3. If the transformers battled Unicron it will have to be a space battle, that is George Lucas arena not Micheal Bay’s. Plus a space battle will now exclude Bay’s hard-on for the military scenes he has been using so for in TF and TF ROTF. The US hasn’t made a space fighter yet so there would be no need for humans in the final Unicron battle.

    A better final villian that would work with Bayfromers would be a decepticon city, Scorpinok is now normal sized but you have Tripticon. I have seen concept art for Tripticon as an aircraft carrier but it was not used in Revenge of the Fallen. That most likely will be the closest you will get to Unicron.

  27. Also maybe the introduction of QUINTESSONS would be fun… Maybe a united Transformer army VS the Quints… I have the prefect title for that, Transformers Till Are One. AHH robot goodness.

  28. Bay’s vison of transformers is something that is cool and realistic,

    That is a hilarious line. I would say out of every film I have ever seen in my life Transformers is the least realistic. I would believe in Vampires, super heroes and tiny little workers in a candy factory long before I would believe in Alien Robots from another planet coming to earth and fighting while befriending a human.

  29. “Daniel F says:
    July 2, 2009 at 6:14 am

    Bay’s vison of transformers is something that is cool and realistic,

    That is a hilarious line. I would say out of every film I have ever seen in my life Transformers is the least realistic. I would believe in Vampires, super heroes and tiny little workers in a candy factory long before I would believe in Alien Robots from another planet coming to earth and fighting while befriending a human.”

    Well that’s basicly what the man said on the directors commentary, go figure… (I shrug my shoulders)