Angry Watchmen Fanboy Calls For Fox Boycott

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angryrorschach Angry Watchmen Fanboy Calls For Fox BoycottOh 20th Century Fox, you had to know there would be blowback when you took legal action against Warner Bros. over the rights to the Watchmen movie. Did you really think fans of the greatest graphic novel of all time were just going to take your cash grab move lying flat on our backs?

Luckily for Fox, another riled fanboy has beat my letterbomb/fecal-matter-throwing campaign to the punch. ComicBookMovie was “lucky” enough to get in touch with that fanboy, twenty year-old Wyatt Barlup, for an interview. And boy was Wyatt letting the rhetoric fly.

A small snippet from the interview:

CBM: What exactly are you planning on doing?

Wyatt: If I get enough support, I would like to go picket Fox Studios and even perhaps the local Wolverine opening night. Aside from that I want to cover up all Fox movie posters with signs that read: Who Watches the Watchmen?

CBM: What would you tell the Fox execs if you could get a meeting with them?

Wyatt: They have no idea who they a f**king with. Watchmen fans are not regular comic fans. We’re f**king crazy. There will be retaliations if they keep this nonsense up. Also I would say that they had their chance and blew it. Stop being assholes and give the people what the want. They have a chance to look like the good guys if they just pull out now and say sorry.

You tell’em, Wyatt.

Barlup is right about one thing though: we Watchmen fans are indeed “f**king crazy.” (I myself needed two months of institutional care back in ’03 so that I would stop walking around the the city at night in a trench coat, dirty sock pulled over my head, muttering “Hurm,” every few seconds while I popped sugar cube after sugar cube. I still owe my dentist a check for all the fillings I had to get!)

Seriously though, Fox, this will only get worse for you guys. Take it from me, your longtime friend, (I’ve been loyal to your network since ’87!) LEAVE WATCHMEN BE. Wyatt is only the first of the nuts to pop up out of the woodwork and the Net is a big, scary place. Obey the will the of fanboys. You’ve been warned.

For those who would like to join Wyatt Barlup’s campaign of justice (or just get him even more riled up,) you can get in touch with him @

Meanwhile, I’ll be here, trying to decide just where to toss this fecal-matter I’ve been holding in my hand.

Watchmen WILL hit theaters on March 6, 2009, one way or another.

Source: Comic Book Movie

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  1. haha, great article Kofi.

    Although, I don’t think I’ll be all crazy adrenaline-rushed like Wyatt everytime he speaks, I’m definately getting frustrated with Fox (/already am).

    They screwed up the X-films, they’re currently screwing Wolverine, they screwed over Firefly, and they completely screwed over Bablyon A.D. to the point where the director is publicly bashing his own film and all those who screwed it up.

    Pretty messed up stuff. What’s really wierd about all of this…is that if they didn’t ruin all of these things…they would still have the same profits, if not, wayyy friggin more. So why are those executives constantly interfering with that which they do not understand?

  2. If they own the rights, they should be paid.

    It’s not Fox’s fault that WB allegedly made a movie illegally. Pay Fox and watch them go away. It is the fans who do not understand, not the execs.

    If you owned something wouldn’t you be ticked if someone took what you owned and was going to make a huge profit of it without you getting anything?
    Thought so.

  3. I think its great that the fans are taking a stand. We just have to follow thru with our threats of Boycotting and get the word out. 8-)

  4. Btw,,,
    I still say this will be settled soon. ;-)

  5. Unfortunate but certainly not worth getting upset about as crazy fanboy is…It’s just a movie and life goes on with or without the Watchmen…Rereading the graphic novel again right now and am still amazed at how deep and significant this series was to the world of comics…

  6. Your looking at this the wrong way ink. First of all take a look at Vics post above he explains some of the legality her. Second of all Fox is definately the bad guy here and the main reason is because they are not looking to get paid for something they “own” they are simply going after the movie. They want to stop this movie from ever being released.

  7. he is my hero if that movie dont come out….. RIOT

  8. Fox doesn’t REALLY want this movie “stopped.” What they want is a big fat payday and they’re making an extreme threat in order to start their negotiating position as far to the “scary” side as possible.

    Believe me, they’d be pissed if Warner Bros. pulled the movie from release. It’s not what they want to see happen.

    You’ll see.


  9. From everything I have read it seems as though it is what they want to have happen. One they know it would hurt Warner to pour all that money in this film and then not show it and two they would have less competition for Wolverine to give it a bigger payday.

  10. Daniel,

    The other option is that they could make money from both and Wolverine won’t be affected at all. Everyone who wants to see Wolverine will see it, everyone who wants Watchmen will see that, I dont think either hurts the other. However, by pulling all this crap with tons of their projects, people are getting quite up-in-arms over Fox Studios and maybe some people will boycott some Fox films like Wolverine.

    Could you imagine if Watchmen was actually cancelled…after its mostly done? There would be riots on the streets! lol. The entire film, geek, and entertainment industry would be going nuts and Fox would have a horrendous reputation…not that they have a good one now, heh.

    I think this will settle quickly, WB will pay them something or the case will be dropped. The movie will be shown as planned and on schedule.

  11. Right here and Screen Rant they said them self an article or two ago that fox was going to try and simply ban the film. A smart thing for fox to do (not that it’s the right thing.) would be not to get the film banned but hold it up in legality enough to where the film is delayed and can’t open for another 2 or 3 months on top of getting a settlement. That way they win on multiple fronts. Not only do they get cash, they eliminate competition for Wolverine and the film still comes out so us crazies drop the boycott. Though to be honest I still strongly dislike fox for X3 and what they did to Firefly.

  12. I get so confused by all these legal trappings. Either you have the right or not no? You can pass on the rights and let someone else pick them up but then sue years later when someone else makes it? I’m confused.

    If Fox wanted money out of The Watchmen so bad, why didn’t they make the movie when they held the full rights? I don’t understand how it works with them passing up the rights and twenty years later once it has passed through several others hands and then someone makes it, suddenly jump out of the shadows and claim that they once held the rights so they want compensation? My understanding is probably all wrong… but like I said, I just don’t understand.

  13. im agreeing with daniel, i read that fox want to stop watchmen being released fullstop.

    but supposedly its not because of the reasons already said, its because fox are setting an example, so that nobody else will try an do the same thing. if they make an exception now, then more films are gonna be made exspecting the same..

  14. Well…at least we have Transformers 2 ;)

    and Star Trek!

  15. Transformers 2, yikes. No thanks. Lol. ;-)

    WB marketing is still full go! on Watchmen, magazines are still writing about the movie, using images for Covers,,, I don’t see any slowdown on the release of the movie, from a marketing standpoint.

  16. I could argue that its a classic case of hydraulic despotism. Fox says pay up or we shut the release valve. The argument has been held up that Fox should have drug this into court earlier but I could also say when?? Doing so in preproduction could have killed the film. It’s not unreasonable that WB would have wrote it off at that point. During production? Only the second worse time to do it. Fox would have been in a hole with its own failed attempt preproduction costs plus legal fees and WB perhaps the entire production costs of the film up to the point of a ruling. I think as mad as everybody is now, they would have been even madder at that point. From a public point of view both scenarios would have meant no “Watchmen” movie, maybe ever.

    It’s the lesser of two evils no pie or share the pie. If Fox gets a favorable judgment on a suit they can get their preproduction money back and a profit. WB can still make money on “Watchmen’s” release. Then too they (Fox)could be stubborn about it and have it shelved, but I think they would rather be forgiven eventually and get some money rather than no money and be hated for who knows how long..

    A fair judgment would be Foxes preproduction costs, which is owed to them anyway and a small percentage of the film. I say punish WB a little for not clearing this mess up in the first place.

  17. Got to say, just experienced something like this personally.
    A dispute of ownership that only came about when one individual smelt money. A sale could have gone smoothly, but this person came in and ruined it by being greedy. I’m glad to say people moved around the idiot and left him with nothing. He had rights, I’ll admit, but he acted only with spite and greed. So #### him.
    The same to FOX. To be honest, I don’t care if they have rights or not, I’m all for boycotting their movies.
    For one, most are rubbish. Two, anything against Murdoch. Three, love to see how they spin it on FOX NEws.
    But most of all, would love all these companies to realise they are messing about with real people. If two companies want to fight it out, please do, but not at our expense.
    Let them know how angry we get and maybe they’ll learn. Maybe.

  18. Yeah, the thing that gets me is they bought the rights to this property about 25 YEARS AGO and did NOTHING with it during all that time.

    I mean seriously, in mid 1980s dollars, how much could they possibly have put into development on Watchmen? I’d be surprised if it was anywhere near even $5 million.


  19. Is there any way to put pressure on Fox NOW to get them to drop this?
    The release of Wolverine is months away.

  20. @Vic; I don’t think it was even that much. WTF, I don’t care for Fox either but man that’s like cheat-in on chump change or shorten the waitress because the cook got your steak just medium-well instead of well. From what I understand it’s the same situation. You got a third party that has some understanding with Fox peddling a property to WB then not following through on the monetary details. Fox even speaks to WB about it before they go into production, according to Fox, but WB moves ahead with the property anyway. Now if this third party is misrepresenting seems like both companies and the courts would be breathing down his/her neck. I don’t know anything about that. I just know if I was paying for the dinner I would be sending that steak back for further treatment. WB didn’t do that. Is that Fox’s fault? I don’t think the courts should just sanction handing Fox a big fat paycheck! They do deserve a share though, however small, it’s just fair, given what I know.

    By the way, remind me never to buy a car from you guys.. ;)

  21. Doing some research I see that if Fox keeps stalling Watchmen I could boycott Max payne,Dragonball Z And The Day The Earth Stood Still.
    That ought to be a nice chunk of change!

  22. Guys – I haven’t read thru all the angry post so if someone came up with this I apologize. Remember the ‘Nuts’ campaign for Jericho? Instead of waiting for opening night of Wolverine, let’s escalate and see what Fox does. I propose sending a bunch of the Comedian’s Happy Face Buttons (with red adornment of course) to the Fox folks as a sign of encouragement. Anybody?

  23. I’d rather boycott, The Day the Earth Stood still.

    Let’s make it the Day the Box Office stood Still. ;-)

  24. So Wingnut, are you the go to person for the buttons?? ;)

  25. Lol,,,
    You know what would be really cool is happy face stickers. ^
    Old Man, I forgot what thread we were talking about Riddick, but he has to go Underverse to save his homeworld
    Out of knowhere his army is attacked by one surviving force from one of the worlds they destroyed ,,,, yadda yadda yadda….

    Could be awesome!

  26. Yeah, back-em with glue like on sticky notes with a message sign and send to Fox to save “Watchmen.” Then slap em on every windshield you can..

    OH man wait.. something just struck me I’m right in middle of life about to imitate art.. reference “Ghost In The Shell S.A.C.” the laughing man.. Well, not exactly but close enough..

  27. Um, their actions could probably make Fox’s efforts to shut down The Watchmen to INCREASE out of spite. I’m sure they have more tan enough money to feel like they need to succumb to the actions of a few fanatics.

    Basically this guy expect them to act out of fear of their “retaliation.” Um, does anyone see the similarities to terrorism or am I just imagining things?

  28. Oops, should read “more than enough money”