Fan-Created CGI Incredible Hulk Best Of The Bunch?

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fan cgi hulk sm Fan Created CGI Incredible Hulk Best Of The Bunch?

[UPDATE: Maybe the Hulk will look better than we thought in the upcoming movie, check out the new facial close-up below.]

With the rising interest in The Incredible Hulk movie following the release of the latest trailer I thought this was worth checking out.

There has been a lot of discussion regarding the “look” of the Hulk in the upcoming film – both as a standalone and as compared to the Ang Lee version. Well /Film has posted an image of a fan-made CGI model that looks like it’s far better than either of the movie versions (based on what I’ve seen so far).

There have been lots of comments stating that the new version of the Hulk is way too “ripped.” I actually thought that in some of the scenes he looks like he has no skin and it’s just green, exposed muscle. On the other hand Ang Lee’s version looked too “soft,” almost like a pro-wrestler that forgot to cut salt out of his diet. icon smile Fan Created CGI Incredible Hulk Best Of The Bunch?

While it seems like this movie’s version is kind of an over-reaction to Lee’s, it looks to me like Sweden-based artist Jonas Thornqvist got it just right not only in muscle definition but overall physique and facial structure:

fan cgi hulk Fan Created CGI Incredible Hulk Best Of The Bunch?

The point has been brought up stating that “Just how ‘real’ can you make a 9-foot, green behemoth look?” Well I think the fellow above looks pretty damned realistic considering his un-real qualities.

Here’s a comparison of the three and tell me you don’t think the version above is the best one:

hulk comparison Fan Created CGI Incredible Hulk Best Of The Bunch?

Sure, this one isn’t animated, but even for animation you have to start with a decent static model.

Maybe the movie version will look better in the final analysis – could be that like that Super Bowl Iron Man shot that what we’ve seen just isn’t quite complete.

Update: Speaking of “the final analysis” check out this screen grab from one of the latest TV commercials:

hulk closeup2 Fan Created CGI Incredible Hulk Best Of The Bunch?

For a much larger version head over to the SuperHeroHype forums.

The Incredible Hulk opens on June 13th.

Source: /Film and here is the artist’s web site: which has some amazing other artwork. I highly recommend you visit and check it out.

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  1. Great post! Like the look except the chest, but if the new movie Hulk had the pics skin, I’d be very satisfied. Unfornately, even Ang Lee’s Hulk looks more realitic.
    Vic, I agree, I believe this is not the finished product(cross your fingers).

  2. Looks cool, but not functional. He would never be able to turn his head. there is too much muscle around it. He would have a turn radius of about 45 degrees.


  3. When do I get to be a fan and create a CGI Hulk? Waaaa waaa

    Looks good, I’ve never seen arms that big on any human life form. Color and texture looks good too.

  4. Ummmmm nice artwork but nothing even remotely close to the CGI in the current film or the 2003 version. Like the person said above…it’s not functional. It’s easy to create a 2d imagine and try to act like it’s better without seeing it in motion in a live action environment. While the art is nice ( and I saw this on superherohype weeks ago) it’s not eve close to the f/x in the films. If that artist drawing was in the trailer the movie would have already been cancelled.

  5. It’s the Hulkback of Notre Dame.

    Memo to whoever: The Hulk is G-R-E-E-N. What’s with the formaldehyde rot?

  6. it looks like the grinch on steroids look at the mouth LOL

  7. andy, ang lee sorta answered the pants thing in the movie (and a little more in the commentary). when the hulk started to diminish, his pants did drop. remember he approached betty all sweaty, sans britches after dispensing with the fido bitches.

    i think we can assume after that, banner gets the “super huge colossal expandable waist” purple pants.

    sigh…at least ang lee and kermit the frog knew that the Hulk is G-R-E-E-N!

  8. Well Jimmy the C, that is green. Maybe a touch too much yellow but its green.
    The fact that its a CGI image means the color could easly be changing.
    I think whoever that fan is did a neat job!!

  9. Andy – given the broken law of conservation of mass, the pants aren’t that big of a question

  10. Sorry the new movie Hulk looks best, and why not? That’s the one were going to see animated that counts probably for more in the long run, as somebody already said, they’ve taken time to ensure that one really can move, thats the foundation of a cgi model.

    Ang Lee’s Hulk is ridiculous and always has been, and none of the above Hulks are wide enough to be a proper rendition of the character, the Hulk isn’t just tall is he?

    But don’t get me wrong, your cgi rendering of the Hulk is very good, its incredibly sharp and deadly looking and i like it.
    But what’s that he’s holding? A gun? Give me a break.

  11. The arms, shoulders, and especially the neck muscles are out of proportion with the rest of the body.

    Do like the skin texture though.

  12. But what’s that he’s holding? A gun? Give me a break.

    Yes, that is a gun….a gun that’s bent. Someone mentioned how out of proportion some of his features are? Well, in the comic, these features are also out of proportion. These are CGI models, so they can move the way the computer program wants them to move. This isn’t about reality, it’s about making a comic-book movie. If this were about reality, Banner would die once exposed to gamma radiation. I like the artist’s rendition of the Hulk, and wish someone would give him the duckies to use it in a future movie.

  13. I’ve noticed that in the new TV spots for the Hulk that they’ve went over the SFX/CG a bit more. He looks better, IMO.

  14. the new hulk look created by a fan stinks. he has no neck. i like the look of hulk they have for this movie that’s coming out. ang lee was wrong at every corner. his hulk looks like he has flab hanging from his midsection. plus, he made his hulk look more like an anime version of the hulk. his movie indeed smelled big time

    and, BACKLASH, look, hulk has a gun in his hand which he just finished smashing. see even he thinks it’s BORRRRRRRING. HULK SMASH YOU!

  15. Hey guys, check out the new image I’ve added to the post above. Looks like the CGI is definitely improving on the Hulk in the film!


  16. ^ THAT looks good.

  17. I reckon the new hulk looks cute ^_^ and not sooo scary! The way I always imagined him!

  18. What an outstanding picture. We’re going to be using that on the front of our website to coincide with the release of our “The Incredible Hulk” Feature Film Review podcast. That’s a great picture and we’re happy to link back here for it.

    Additionally I wanted to agree with you about the look of this “new Hulk”. When I look at the chest just under the neck, I’m totally not sold. Though I will also DISagree with the look the the Ang Lee Hulk. I LOVED that Hulk, both in shape, but – what my Podcast Partner Tony called “Texture” in our detailed review.

    Kudos to such great comments. It’s great to see more people that actually tell people what they think and not just fall in line to love “yet another comic book movie.


  19. @Mike

    Thanks for the props, bro – much appreciated. We try to speak our mind here at Screen Rant. :-)


  20. I am sorry to tell you… but there is no doubt that the Hulk in the newest movie is the best. The fan-made looks too much like a monkey. Don’t take for granted everyone has the same opinion as you have.

  21. I think the fan created one is the best of the bunch. Let’s face it, the Hulk means to kick ass – not resemble on oversized plush toy to prove his vulnerability – his actions in his down time delivers that. The latest hulk, though better – is no where near as aggressive and looks “stiff”. This artist rendition has a natural flow despite the fact that he is a Monster — Great Work!

  22. The Hulk in the new movie is anything else than stiff, Mike Ray. And he looks at least 10 times more agressive than this stupid green monkey on the fan created picture. It just looks embarrassing. The funny thing is; THAT ONE looks stiff. It doesn’t have to do with my personal opinion this time; it’s about how they look.

  23. helloo i like hulk and i think it is so cool for me the movies

  24. Well I will agree that this artists rendition of the hulk is better than the first. I disagree completely on it being better than the hulk from the second movie. The first one looked totally fake, even though we all know it’s just a comic book character, we should get some sense of realism. The artist rendition does look far more aggresive than the other two, however the flaws I point out are, one as a previous poster mention the muscle around the neck would make it impossible for him to even turn his own head, and though he has huge arms,his chest seems small for a character whose supposed to possess such amazing strength, and third, and maybe not as important to others as myself, Hulk was supposed to be a human transformed as a result of a lab experiment gone bad, the third hulk doesn’t even look like a human being. When I look at the second Hulk I see the potential of what might happen to a real human being in that situation, and though his movements are a bit stiff, I notice in real life most guys with that much dense muscle (bodybuilders) seem to move pretty much the same way. So I like the second one the best.