Will ‘Family Guy’ Bring Back Brian? [Updated]

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family guy brian returning Will Family Guy Bring Back Brian? [Updated]



Since Sunday night, petitions and online rancor have been directed at Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane and FOX for the stunning decision to kill Brian Griffin, one of the show’s most popular characters. But earlier today, it seemed as though this might all be a bit temporary when it was widely reported that a website had popped up bearing FOX branding, links to the Family Guy social sites, and a countdown clock with 10 days left on it.

What was supposed to happen when the clock struck the zero hour? Apparently, Brian Griffin was supposed to make an announcement  - doubtlessly promising a return, offering a profound goodbye, or admitting that his death was a farce – but now it appears that the validity of the site may be in question.

According to TV Line, 20th Century Fox has denounced BriansAnnouncement.com, stating:

“The producers have confirmed that the ‘special announcement from Brian’ website is a hoax and was not created by anyone connected to the show, studio or network.”

So, end of story? Not quite. Though FOX says that the site is fake, the conversation that it has sparked is very real: is Brian ever coming back, and if he does, will viewers return, or has that bridge been burned?

family guy brian returning brian stewie Will Family Guy Bring Back Brian? [Updated]

For their part, TV Line also speculated about an upcoming episode of Family Guy called, “The Christmas Guy”, which is set to run on December 15th. In that episode, “Stewie hatches a plan to get ‘the one and only thing he wants for Christmas.”

That could be something or it could be nothing, but what will angry Family Guy fans say if Brian does come back three weeks after this whole roller coaster ride, revealing this whole thing to have been either a massive PR stunt to juice ratings (which are down), a chance to tinker with the show, and/or an opportunity to sell more Family Guy baubles? The reaction could range anywhere from joy over the return of Brian, to a sense of betrayal and irrevocable anger toward the series, Steve Callaghan, and Seth MacFarlane.

Damned if they do, damned if they don’t, many are still trying to figure out why they did the damn thing in the first place, but it could be something as simple as boredom settling in among the show’s creative team.

Let’s face it: fans don’t usually take to change when someone is messing with something that they have loved for almost 15 years. However, if you put yourself in Seth MacFarlane’s shoes and realize that he’s been playing and writing the same character for 12 seasons since 1999, you have to realize that it is possible that there may be nothing more appealing to him and the rest of his team than the idea of change. Even if it is just for change’s sake and even if the result is a wrong-sounding dog on Family Guy.

ted 2 sequel release date Will Family Guy Bring Back Brian? [Updated]

What is not likely appealing, though, is the destruction of the thing that they have spent all of that time building and living off of, even if you’re Seth MacFarlane and you now have other plates spinning. Boredom can make a person re-arrange their entire house, but it won’t make a sane person paint their walls with fire.

If MacFarlane didn’t realize the jeopardy that he was putting the show in when he signed off on this, it’s impossible to imagine that he doesn’t know it now after the loud and angry response. Will the fan-rage subside? It must, to some degree, but there really is no precedent for this kind of poke in the eye to a show’s fans, so no one is going to offer up a sunny forecast where this turns around and has a positive effect on Family Guy or its ratings.

So, even if the plan was to keep Brian gone (which seems, unlikely because of how reckless a move that it), it seems likely that we are inevitably headed for as quick a course correction as the show’s logistics will allow, and one that will try to stop the bleeding and mend the wound. And if it seems unlikely that Family Guy‘s vocal fans can kick up enough dust to make the network and the showrunners do their bidding, please do recall that they already brought the show back from the dead once, so they can probably do the same thing with an animated dog.


Back at the end of October, EW reported that Maya Rudolph was set to appear in an episode of Family Guy later this season.

Rudolph, a veteran of SNL and Up All Night, will assume the role of an avid runner who catches Brian’s eye. To win her over, he pretends to be a fellow jogger. “After Brian experiences the ‘runner’s high’, he becomes a distance running douche, and even signs himself up to run a marathon,”  Family Guy executive producer Steve Callaghan tells EW.

Obviously, Callaghan knew what the future held for Brian three and a half weeks ago, so was this a slip up that undermines the gravity of the “Death of Brian” storyline, or a bit of pre-planned misdirection?

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Family Guy airs Sundays on FOX @9PM

Source: TVLine, EW

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  1. I liked Brian and this dynamic with Stewie, and I will miss him, but I feel as if Seth did this because he is VERY BUSY. Not only is he voicing many characters on Family guy, but he is also voicing many characters on American dad, working on FOX new show Dads,creating a new animated series, and working on Ted 2. So I can understand if he wants stop voicing a character to free up some time to work on other things. I say give the man a break.

  2. Seth MacFarlane has never had an original idea in his life, he just rips off everyone else’s ideas and calls them his own. This is just his rip off of comics killing off super heroes, like the death of Superman, or Batman, which also were ultimately temporary. It’s just a dumb publicity stunt grasping at straws to try to reverse the trend of declining ratings. Just pathetic.

    • A-to-the-men

  3. I’m pretty sure they’ll get him back somehow. It’s like the time that they “killed” Lois. It was never meant to be permanent. They’re just pulling a fast one on the fans again.

    • Bringing her back, they lost a lot of regular viewership. I don’t think they will bring Brian back. Maybe once, to give a final goodbye. But bringing him back, would kill the show entirely. The large portion of the fanbase would leave. With the ratings low, it’s too risky to bring back Brian.

      Unless Seth is intentionally trying to end the show permanently. I would like him to focus more on American Dad.

  4. I don’t really care. The show has been going downhill for quite some time. I’m surprised they didn’t cancel the show along with Cleavland.

    With that being said, bringing back Brian would kill the show all over. It’s bad entertainment. If they leave Brian dead, they’ll lose some of their fans, but they’ll gain some new ones (Maybe) It’s a gamble.


    It was a gutsy move in my opinion. It’s not the Dragonball series.

  5. Here’s the plot to bring Brian back: If you watched that episode carefully you’d notice that Stewie admits that he doesn’t like waiting for his xmas presents so he uses the time machine to go into the future so he doesn’t have to wait til the holiday. Now he destroys the time machine and cannot get the parts to fix it. But in the coming episodes Stewie will bump into his “future-self” before Christmas, find out that Brian’s dead, and then he’ll return back in time to save Brian. Now remember, he’s gone into the future before he destroyed the time machine and therefore he can return to that time, before Brian’s dead and before the time machine is destroyed. And there’s your Christmas Special folks, Merry Christmas :)

    • Yes. THAT IS SO TRUE. But what if Seth doesn’t want to voice him

    • I like the idea of stewie of bringing him back, but what if, we all know Brian has been a confused Atheist, what if he met God and learned all about him and what he doesn’t believe exists. (Don’t want to start any religion arguments) but that is what i think will happen. After he dies, he meets god and is resurrected and becomes a believer.

  6. I personally don’t care what they do, or who they kill off. I will continue to watch as I always have. Simply because I want to see what they’ll do next.

  7. Omg i would be so happy if he did come back i would have stopped watching it if i didn’t look it up and found this really want him to come back! i really don’t like this new vinny:/!!

  8. I personally think they’ll have to come up with some way to bring Brian back because when Louis and Peter were on the boat for their “vacation” Louis was shot by Streisand, but therefore brought back

    • Sadly, the thing is. At the end of that episode it had turned in to a simulator stewie made hadn’t it?

  9. By stewie *

  10. I’m shocked that people would think this was a permanent “cast” change. It seems fairly obvious that it’s temporary, plus Family Guy has a history of making strange story endings and then restoring things back to normal the next week… In many cases there is no explanation of how things got back to “normal”. In this case I’m certain there will be an explained resurrection (some time-travel or clone cop-out I’m sure).

  11. What this boils down to is Seth.Macfarlane is bored he’s been doing family guy for over 11 years and he is ready to move on, after season 7 of family guy he admitted that he thought seven seasons was more than enough for the lifetime of a show, so what better way to kill a show than to litterally kill its most popular character. A little extreme yes, and fans of the series will probably never forgive him but at least now he can be done.

  12. What they are doing is the same thing South Park did they killed off Kenny for a season to try to get better ratings so they just had a replacement for Kenny which was Tweak.But in this case it’s Vinny But after this season is over there going to find a way to get Brian back so don’t freak out Brian will be back in a few months or maybe later this season.

  13. Brang him back

  14. Bring him back! .Don’t like this new vinny :/

  15. bring him back its sad him not being on family guy anymore so bring him back

  16. Who really cares? Man that was a wasted read, I mean these articles treat this death as some sort or crisis. Get over it. The nit picking, and barrel scraping never ceases at screen rant, not to mention convoluted theories to satisfy their own disappointment. Oh well, too each their own I guess but really who cares enough about this to fish for “clues” on if Brian is back or not, kind of pathetic.

  17. Just watch, Brian will come back, the producers will laugh at peoples reactions, they will possible keep Vinny around for special guest episodes and the “road to” episodes will continue on as usual. I’m not gonna bash Vinny cause hey he can be a cool character down the like but as it stands there isn’t much in terms or character interactions with him and the family especially stewie. Brian was the perfect foil for them and when he comes back it’s gonna be a grand joke on everyone, they wouldn’t keep him gone when they crossover with the Simpsons

  18. PLEASE BRING HIM BACK. I’ll go back to watching family guy again all the way from season 10 and keep up with it.

  19. omg! i loved brian! he was my favorite character. and i loved how stewie and him were so close. even though they had a love hate relationship. they have to bring him back! they just have to! heres the plot: stewie gets an annonymous gift for christmas, and the present is the part he needs for the time machine. so he fixes it. then he goes back in time to save brian.

  20. i dont liek this replacement “vinny”. BRING HIM BACK

  21. Probably not permanent but will you plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz bring im back

  22. Dont bring back like all others stories out there , kill of another, just for another twist haha
    Mean but unexpected “Family Guy”

  23. Seth McFarlane don’t know what’s good. Family guy was the only one of his shows I liked,and it has been loosing steam for a while. The only thing that kept it good was Stewie and Brian.

  24. Ok this is not DBZ! Quit killing off characters and bringing then back. If you knew people were going to react like this then why kill them off in the first place?! If you’re goin to kill off characters make sure it’s someone you want dead for good.

  25. They can’t just bring a character back once they’ve killed it off, it’s silly.


  27. I feel that it was good to kill off a main charcter. While he will be missed by many
    It does open up some potential new content. I hope Brian stays dead and hope not too see flashbacks or alternate timeline where he’s alive. Now all this show needs is a slight time skip 1-3 years


  29. Thank God He’s back