Family Guy ‘Empire Strikes Back’ Parody Trailer

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Family Guy Empire Strikes Back Parody Family Guy Empire Strikes Back Parody Trailer

To round off this Friday nice and easy, I thought I’d post a little something to get you laughing (or hopefully at least chuckling). Family Guy has become a household name at this point, but the show managed to out do itself back in 2007 with its season 6 premiere, “Blue Harvest”, an hour-long parody of Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope.

Well, today we have the trailer for Family Guy’s follow up to “Blue Harvest”, which could only be an equally hilarious skewering of the next film in the Star Wars canon, The Empire Strikes Back.

With “Blue Harvest” the Family Guy team lampooned pretty much everything you could ever want to make fun of in a Star Wars movie, and earned extra points for inserting all our favorite characters from Quahog into ironic (and gross) Star Wars roles. [NERD ALERT] “Blue Harvest” was the fake working title used during the shoot for Return of the Jedi and the parody was done in honor of the the 30-year anniversary of George Lucas’ space opera.

It looks like the laughs are only get bigger for this Empire Strikes Back parody, which is entitled “Something, Something, Something, Darkside”. Have a look (Giggidy!):

If you don’t think that trailer is funny, be sure that there will be more dirty humor and ironic family incest jokes galore packed into the full feature – and who doesn’t love those?

“Something, Something, Something, Darkside” will be released on DVD/Blu-ray on December 22, 2009 – before it ever airs for free on Fox. Will you be checking it out?

Family Guy airs (for free) on Fox Sundays @ 9 pm.

Source: THR

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  1. I’ve been waiting for this. I don’t think the trailer was all that funny, but I still have high hopes for the episode.

  2. My friend pointed out to me that the reason he didn’t like Blue Harvest was because, unlike most parodies, this was essentially the exact same story with a few jokes added, whereas he expected a new story with lots of Star Wars themed jokes… that and it was too short. I’m inclined to agree, but I still loved Blue Harvest, and am looking forward to this.

  3. If this is anywhere near as good as Blue Harvest I will be buying it. The trailer is so-so, but I think they don’t REALLY want to spoil the good parts. I’m betting this will be just as good.

  4. I am pumped beyond words

  5. the chicken is gonna be Boba Fett hooray !

  6. The Star Wars franchise has turned into a milked to death joke and these FOX/Adult Swim generic cartoon parodies only make it worse.

    If this continues future generations will look at the Star Wars franchise as comedy to be laughed at,,,

    (I’m serious)

  7. LOVED blue harvest and I know I will love this one also

  8. After the video it comes up with other family guy related videos. There is parodies for Misery, Stand by me and Shawshank redemption lol they are all great if you’ve seen the movies

  9. @Joshi

    Coming up with a new story with Star Wars references, like Space Balls, instead of just rehashing the whole movie with stupid toilet jokes here and there would require some level of creativity. This is Family Guy we’re talking about remember? You’re expectations are far too high…

  10. Heh, mine aren’t, my friends expectation on the other hand…

    But yeah, I get what you mean. I did really love Family Guy before, but don’t much like the newer stuff. I’ll likely buy this Star Wars special, but I refrained from buying the newest Box set because I just wasn’t that interested.

  11. People are always talking about how hilarious Family Guy is. Sorry, but I just don’t see it. They have like 3 methods to try to get you to laugh, none of which are coming up with a creative joke. Either they do something dumb then repeat it over and over and over until you eventually find it funny (which I don’t), or they just make random pop culture references that aren’t even relevent to the story, or they just turn whatever’s happening or what someone said into toilet humor. That’s about it. I’m sure I used to find those things funny at some point in my life, but now when I see it, it’s just *yawn* Like Austin Powers 2, can’t believe people found that garbage funny. The first one was hilarious, a lot of creative jokes there, and even the third one was pretty funny, but the 2nd was all rehash of the 1st’s jokes then throw in a ton of toilet jokes (toilet jokes of course refer to anything “dirty” like sex related, drinking poop, etc., what you would consider not appropriate to tell in a classroom)

  12. Ken J, while i found some of the other family guy parodies funny i am a massive family guy hater as well. “That’s just like the time we saw Will Smith at the zoo.” Cut to Will Smith at the zoo saying “Aw Hell Nawww” to everything. There you go family guy writers, you can have that one.

  13. Yah, that’s pretty much every episode…

  14. hehehe, this is pretty funny…
    all that love for Stargate:SG1 and all this hate for Family Guy.
    All that love for Michael Bay and a ton of hate for M. Knight Shyamalan.

    Guess you just can’t account for taste.

  15. I’ll wait until I see it on FOX before I buy it. That being said, I loved “Blue Harvest.” I laughed out loud at all the crude humor and ridiculous jokes. And I don’t even watch “Family Guy” on a regular basis.

    You know they have persmission from George Lucas to do this, so if he finds it funny…

    What you have to recognize is that “Star Wars” needs parodies. People have to find the funny.

    I know that my friends and I have talked about these movies and their themes and the characters and the plots and the story lines, but when Aunt Beru yelled to Luke to calm down and have some blue milk, we all lost it. BLUE MILK! Still gets me.

  16. Yah Mike E. Good taste means liking senseless toilet jokes that require 0 creativity…

    And Michael Bay and M Night Shayayamalanananan are both equally crappy, except Bay is more of a crappy action movie director while M Night is a crappy wannabe creepy movie director. They BOTH suck… But I guess I need to have good taste to appreciate a movie that tries way too hard to overdramatize every line spoken by every character throughout the entire movie that has a completely incoherent plot…

    Oh yes, let’s fight aliens that die from water who invaded a planet that’s 70% water and even has moisture in the air, or let’s run away from the killer trees, lol. Man, come to think of it, his movies are more hilarious than Family Guy can ever wish to be. Only problem is that he never intended it that way…

  17. The best parody related to Family Guy was the Family Guy parody on South Park. Stone and Parker nailed it (as usual) that Family Guy is terribly written and not really that funny. But I guess this is what Family Guy is good for, one long parody released online. That’s what the show should be anyway.

    Why fans lobbied to resurrect it after it was canceled is beyond me – particularly when shows like Arrested Development and Futurama were cancelled around the same time.

    I admit that Family Guy has its moments, but I look at it like a string Farside cartoons held together by plots that have nothing to do with the parodied scenes. At least parodies within The Simpsons are part of the plot of the episodes and not flashbacks “like the time…. [insert parody]“. Lame.

    Sorry, bit of a rant.

  18. @Ken J

    It’s a shame most of those quotes are from the much superior earlier seasons. I really hate the newer episodes, everything from season 9 onwards was disappointing.

  19. @Joshi

    Yah, that’s what I was saying, it seems like they’re running out of ideas… Soon they’ll be completely not creative and they will rely on repetition, stupid random pop culture references, and nothing but dirty jokes to get their laughs… In other words, they’ll be like Family Guy, LOL!

  20. Ok, well written, but the guy above me lol. Ok, I forgot what I was going to say