‘Falling Skies’ Season 3 Details Revealed

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The cast of Falling Skies TNT Falling Skies Season 3 Details Revealed

Although it teased the possibility of a strong and cohesive human resistance in the ruined city of Charleston, the real reveal during season 2 of TNT’s Falling Skies came in the last few minutes of the season finale. From the true purpose of the invader’s secret weapon, to Hal becoming an unwitting pawn in the alien’s battle with the human resistance, and, of course, the big twist of a mysterious new species of extraterrestrial – whose motivations and allegiances could spell doom or salvation for the human race – ‘A More Perfect Union‘ was all about surprises.

Now, with production on season 3 already underway, EW spoke with the series’ executive producer Remi Aubuchon on what fans can expect out of Falling Skies season 3.

The New Aliens

New Alien Falling Skies A More Perfect Union Falling Skies Season 3 Details Revealed

‘A More Perfect Union’ began planting the seeds that something else was en route to earth when Ben (Connor Jessup) casually mentioned that the weapon the overlords had devised was not intended for humans. According to Aubuchon, the correlation there is that by destroying the skyward-facing weapon, the 2nd Mass essentially paved the way for the new aliens to make their presence known.

Aubuchon stated:

“Well, it seems to be a big coincidence that they took down this huge weapon, and all of the sudden these guys landed. So I would say that it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure that there must be some kind of connection between the two of them.”

Now the question becomes: What exactly did the 2nd Mass leave the door open for? With the skitter rebellion facing a major setback following the death of Red Eye, some outside help would likely be a pretty welcome sight. Additionally, if these (hopefully helpful) aliens are familiar with the overlords and their skitters, perhaps humanity will be getting some much needed intel on the still somewhat mysterious enemy.

“One of the things that I hope the fans will see is that of course this is an alien that doesn’t look anything like the aliens we’ve been confronted with since the beginning of the series. And in fact there’s a certain benign-ness. It’s uncertain as to whether or not he’s friendly or unfriendly, but the one thing that we can definitely determine is he kind of looks a little like us in a way. His eyes do not seem as shark eye-like as the overlords’ eyes did or even the skitters, who have a frightening look to them. So I’m hoping that some of the speculation will be “Wow, this is not only a game changer, this could be a game changer for the good.” And then that begs the question of “is it too good to be true?” I’m hoping that there’s a lot of questions running around the blogosphere and the Internet world because I think that that’s certainly what we had intended.”

Hal Controlled By Overlords?

Drew Roy Falling Skies A More Perfect Union1 Falling Skies Season 3 Details Revealed

After a brief and apparently exhausting encounter with his old flame Karen (Jessy Schram), during the siege on the overlord’s weapon, Hal (Drew Roy) was rendered unconscious and thought to have suffered some sort of injury during the skirmish. When Hal awoke, however, it became immediately apparent that whatever had been done to him may be far more injurious to those in Hal’s company than to the young man himself.

So why choose Hal? Well, according to Aubuchon, there’s still enough of human Karen left to make bugging her ex-boyfriend part of a ploy in getting him back, while simultaneously striking a blow against the resistance.

“…The main thing that we were discussing in the writers room, and this is an idea that we had right at the beginning of the season, so it was very hard for us to keep holding back on it until the last episode of the season, is there’s this weird love triangle going on between Maggie, Hal and Karen. And in a weird way, we made it as subtle as we could, but Karen wants him back, and there’s nothing worse than an old girlfriend scorned, and so what did she do to him in order to make sure that a wedge was driven between Maggie and Hal? And since she’s sort of now a minion of the overlords, she has the power to do something really nasty, and I think that’s fun, and it should be fun in the third season too.”

The Creepier Aliens of Season 2

Noah Wyle Falling Skies TNT Falling Skies Season 3 Details Revealed

Along with the goal of reaching Charleston, season 2 also introduced a bunch of new and creepy ways the aliens can attack and potentially control the human resistance. The parasite in Tom’s (Noah Wyle) eye set the season on the right foot, and things just got worse from there with the harness factory and the spider-like aliens that killed poor Jamil. To hear Aubuchon tell it, that’s part of the challenge he loves taking on with Falling Skies.

“As you probably know, Steven Spielberg loves the show and is very involved in it…we had one discussion about The Tingler, which is an old ’50s horror movie about this thing that would creep around and suddenly attach onto you and stuff. A lot of the harness factory came out of that discussion. And one day we were trying to think of how to come up with a clever way that we’ve never seen before that the aliens have somehow implanted something in Tom, and I think it was [producer] David Weddle one day sent us all a link of these parasite eye worm things in Brazil or whatever. I watched it and jumped out of my seat when I saw that, and I said, “OK, we’re doing that.” And the crawlies, well, that was a combination of everything. Steven said, “I want to see if there’s small aliens. Can’t we do small aliens?” And we started popping ideas back and forth and the writers and me and everybody. Then of course you get artists like Aaron Sims involved in the design of all that. It’s pretty amazing.”

Chances are, season 3 will play host to a whole bevy of new alien creepy crawlies that will plague the 2nd Mass, and maybe more. Who knows, perhaps the aliens that introduced themselves so dramatically at the end of the season will have some disturbing minions of their own to better serve whatever goal they have in mind.

New aliens, twisted love triangles and the high probability of more weird parasites and bug-like creatures to give everyone the willies; Falling Skies season 3 will likely have something for everyone when it kicks off next year.

Falling Skies season 3 will premiere next summer on TNT.

Source: Entertainment Weekly 

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  1. The show is going to become a cult classic and I quite like the idea of a ten episode season. The acting and story telling is great. I think the reason Ben stays with the Second Mass at the end of the second season is because Red Eye named Tom as his successor of leader of the skitter rebellion.
    Ann probably has twins, a boy and a girl, and we finally learn more about Ann’s son and husband.

  2. I just hope it makes it over the pond as I have got really into it and want to know the outcome of the new aliens!

  3. I just hope it makes it over the pond (UK) as I have got really into it and want to know the outcome of the new aliens!

  4. the new alien( i think is a female)

  5. This show just start in Asia…
    Love Hal and Karen, but the story line make different turn
    Can’t wait to see how the story continues
    Hope not getting weird like many other TV Series ^^

  6. I’m not to shure about this new alien but it could be bad

    • I think good for the main reason 1 the weapon came down and then the new alien shows up 2 why would the new alien show his true face if he was bad ???

  7. “Falling Skies season 3 will premiere next summer on TNT.” Summer of 2013? That is a ridiculously long time to wait for the next new episode of Falling Skies! We will have forgotten so much of it by then, and will lose a lot of the emotional ties with the story. Why such a long wait?

    • Well its not to bad that its a long primier date, As we get the chance to catch up and watch it again online with new eyes, And then we will be ready once again to wait for the new episodes. Without the massive space between.

  8. P.S. In spite of one person’s dislike of Karen’s method of departure,
    I thought her skittering up the wall was way cool…after all, she is
    part alien(Skitter) now.

  9. Most of the second season being about building alliances and taking it back to the aliens was a more entertaining direction. The first season had seemed a little too dragged down my inter human conflict. I was disappointed that drudgery was brought back with Charleston and quite messily. The conflict there was rather thrown together and too quickly resolved to be worth while. It took away a bit from the rebellion arc. The creepy crawlies also seemed a bit unnecessary. I felt like the writers were trying to be more like The Walking Dead by adding the horror element. And now we have to be concerned that everyone is a Zylon with the whole Hal thing…

    But there is still enough of the show that keeps me strangely addicted. New intelligent aliens joining the battle. Looks like the French finally showed up.

    Oh, and Glass has to have a boy because it reinforces the old wives tale that a father who has had 3 boys will have a fourth.

  10. If anyone cares to sit down and watch some other good Apocalyptic and Post Apocalyptic shows, Amc has the walking dead which is availiable on most streaming sites, Survivors is another good one, But the last episode leaves you wanting more and its a pretty good guess that its not going to happen, Im looking for more suggestions for shows that i have not seen yet that deal with the same basic content. The world ends and the survivors that remain are trying to survive, Ive seen a few others that never really caught my attention to much, but open to suggestions, Im also looking for a location to stream Day One, when ever i type it in to google search it only gives two or three blog sites, And then offers listings for One Day a chick flik to the best of my knowledge, Any help would be aprecieated.

  11. Okay if you follow the rev war motif this the marquis de Lafayette has arrived. What you saw landing was Lafayette’s personal guard, the main French Forces are still engaged elsewhere and if this line of reasoning continues will show up eventually prolly near the very end.

    Vie Le Roi

  12. Damn good series, can’t wait till the next season. Can somebody freeze me in and wake me up summer 2013?

    • Ugh, I know!

  13. A great show. I agree with others, that waiting until 2013 is absurd! Absence makes the heart grow fonder for someone (something) else. I may take up a new hoppy & get away from TV – not much on anymore – I’ve seen it all… Maybe actually do something useful. I’m done with this show cause its done – I’m not the only fan who thinks this way!

  14. If they have the ability to control adults like they did Hal why haven’t they done it before? Seems a little odd to introduce it now.

    • Simple The Invaders by their own statemeents don’t usually encounter such resistance perhaps it wasnt deemed necessary until recently to take such action ………….Any Other Thoughts

  15. Makes you wonder about these new aliens that they might be the parents of the skitters. Seeing how only children could be harnested maybe these skitters are also the child form of these new alien race? Make you wonder doesn’t it.

    • Hmmmmmmmm Quite Interesting

  16. I’m sorry to disappoint everyone but we’ll never find out what is the real purpuse of these new alines because our real world will going to change and the movie will be the last thing that wi’ll going think :)

  17. I just hope that the show has an Ending and the Fand will NOt be left alone like the “”sara connor crhonicles”” plese have soem respect for the audience!!!

  18. Falling skies is by far the best sci-fi series i have ever seen, the focus on fine detail in the story lines is fantastic i.e. the harnest story line n the fact these harnests are alive and can be used to pilot the mech forces is even better… My only concern is that this series is focused maily for the amaerican population, in the uk the is a massive sci-fi following and if this got onto a uk main stream tv chanel, the show would double if not triple in followers! E.g. my girlfriend isnt into anything sci-fi i had here watch falling skies and she is addicted and i think this example would be heard over n over again if it fell into mainstream tv.

    The shows content and script is well thought out give its ten show limit but at the same time feels very rushed. If this series could get a ten show limit every 6 months instead of yearly, then the stories could be refined and fine tuned, more indepth detail could be added and even a history of the alien forces could be included to make us understand more about were they come from and what they have done to get to earth i.e. aliens they have killed or enslaved, other planets they have encountered and has there been rebellions in the past and have they won all there wars ( new aluens could be survivers of a war looking to free us, to mass an attack against the greys (overlords).

    I feel this show has bucket loads of pertential but not enough time.. if it is to survive it needs to grow over seas, thus providing a stable income to pay for its large cgi bill and cast n crew bills. Also longer seasons or split seasons i.e. ten episodes in spring and ten in autumn would provide the script writers with room to breath giving them the ability for indepth stories, more fighting seens and whole episodes concentrated on all out war.

    Only time will tell if the resistance will survive on screen or just in our hearts. I hope the series producers do the write thing and help this master piece to survive across the globe. Support falling skies any way we can people so it doesnt end up a distant memory.

    P.s. sorry for any spelling mistakes my spelling isnt the best lol

  19. Holes, Holes, and more holes. I find so many that are dropped in the plot. They discovered that radio waves interfere with the aliens communications..and use it successfully, and then its dropped!!!!If it were me, I’d be looking for any and all advantages against the invaders that I could come up with. There are about 75,000 RPGs and LAWS rockets in the US, and they havent found any?? Poor planning, Id hate to be with these guys….Lack of initiative!
    Pope discovers that the mechs bullets can be used against them, so what…they do nothing about it? If it were me, I’d be collecting as many of them as I could carry, and start seriously going after the mechs.

    • I understand your thinking but lets be honest here.. in a world like that they barely can find gas, medical supplies, nor food… that was emphasized throughout the entire season… the radio couldn’t be rebuilt because they didn’t have the guy who built it in the first place, nor the electricity, knowledge, resources, or place to build it as they were on the run for most of the time and with only half the people they started with. In regards to the bullets, i agree during the end of the season, and it came to mind when they said they are low on ammo but there clearly weren’t any resources to do so, plus the number of soldiers they had with the different surroundings they weren’t familiar with… chances of finding the right tools and materials is pretty slim pickin, especially with the aliens bringing their A game every time they got close… kind of was too easy for them to get away so easily so many times without losing almost anyone… but I can understand they dug themselves into a hole when having 75% of the soldiers killed by the end of the 1st season….

      So holes? I don’t think so… if this show wasn’t as challenging for the 2nd mass and instead would be unrealistic then I would probably get bored of it instead of sitting on the edge of my seat, trying to tear myself away from the computer to avoid watching another episode

      Well otherwise, I think they did a brilliant job, and I couldn’t believe how action filled the episodes leading up to the finale were…. it was as if I was rooting for a sports team! literally… shouting “kill it kill it!!” I’m just worried cause the same with Lost and the Walking Dead… the 3rd season begins to lack consistency with the original story which seriously kills it and begins to lose my attention.. so I pray that the script will stay religious to its origins.

    • Oh my god, i was thinking the same thing about the mechs.

  20. Love the show, but it is difficult to maintain interest with the long gaps between seasons when I already feel the season length is too short in the first place. I have to wait until next summer, Wow!!!!!

  21. so now there in charlston i assume they have the means to make mech bullets again?

  22. when does the next season start?

    • Season 3 is supposed to start Summer of 2013. I agree with the others that there should be a longer season or a split one spring and fall. I too am addicted to the show but abhor the advertisements every four or five minutes. My only other fear is that they don’t shaft the viewing audience like good ole ABC did with V. that was a very big disappointment on their part and it showed lack of compassion to the viewers.

      • Well, I truly hope TNT is better at veiwer satisifaction than lets say SYFY shutting down shows that quite literally had massive cult followings not giving any attention to its viewers opinions …….How Bout it TNT Keep it going strong til we win or our planet is a cinder that they cant use PERIOD!!!

        • SyFy is the worst at killing good viewer loved TV. I’m still upset about losing my favorite show, Farscape.
          I just found Falling Skies on Amazon and watched both seasons in a couple days. It’s definitely up there in the bet of sci-fi.

  23. WOW. Over the past month i have watched season 1 to season 2. Throughout this i have been saying,”PLEASE BE ANOTHER SERIES.” I am so excited about this. I have literally just finished the last episode!

  24. Regarding the new species: Don’t get on board – it’s a COOKBOOK!! LOL

  25. This might be a spoiler, but here are some thoughts. The new aliens aren’t new. They happen to be the Skitters prior to bioforming (or at least one of the conquered species). The ‘Fish-heads’ have extremely advanced biotechnology and ‘breed’ their superior work force (think Southern slavery). I think that they conquered a technologically advanced, but peaceful society for a workforce and probably converted their planet into a ‘plantation’ of sorts. Either the ‘Fish-heads’ were expelled from that planet or free remnants of that planet are fighting back just on an interplanetary scale. I think we could see other new aliens that are from other conquered worlds as part of this uprising/war. I think that the new aliens will be wary of the humans at first, but that the humans will prove their worth.

  26. Love the show

  27. I believe redeye told Ben to stay with his family because he knew there was a new danger to come. I think redeye knew these “new aliens” were waiting to enter the planet and dominate the old. After domination, they will turn on the human race and begin what ever idea’s they have of their own. Ben is the key to defending all aliens attempting to take over earth.

    It’s obvious if the new aliens were waiting outside of earth for an entry point, then both species are wanting resources of earth, however being enemies only one can conquer.

    So, new aliens gain the trust of humans; defeat old aliens, sending them into retreat, leaving new room for new aliens to begin their evil on earth.

  28. I also feel that you could make it very interesting if the new aliens could get the humans Some history on how they became on this planet to begin with almost as if they were watching us from the get go.
    1 thing I feel could make the movie a little better would be if they should flashbacks of the United States in world powers being dominated by the aliens when they first arrived

  29. Sorry for the Miss spelling, as I am using voice speech text