‘Falling Skies’ Season 2 Premiere Review & Discussion

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falling skies season 2 Falling Skies Season 2 Premiere Review & Discussion

Making its highly-anticipated return to television, the Falling Skies season 2 premiere presents a compelling story with enough twists and plot points to help drive the series into what appears to be an extremely exciting season.

Picking up months after the Falling Skies season 1 finale, the Overlord decides to speak to Tom. Given Tom’s knowledge, the Overlord looks to him as a historian. Speaking through a harnessed Karen, the aliens make an interesting comparison to humanity itself, by revealing that their actions are simply reflecting what the inhabitants of Earth have done many times over. By using Karen as the Overlord’s mouthpiece, it presents an intriguing way to deliver an impactful conversation without taking a bigger chunk out of the show’s already limited effects budget.

Instead of using Tom’s interaction with the Overloard to simply progress the second season’s story, numerous intriguing plot-points were seamlessly layered into Falling Skies‘ currently progressing story. Upgraded to be more than reoccurring targets for fire through the use of ocular tinting, a Skitter named Red Eye has become the first of the “lesser” aliens to be given his own clearly defined personality.

Additionally, Tom’s connection to the aliens following the interaction helps to establish some interesting storylines that will be played out as the season progresses. Even though he escaped (relatively) unscathed, having Tom being “tracked” by a bug in his eye serves to expand the capabilities of the aliens, as well as the extent that they’re willing to go to achieve their goal.

While having a somewhat-undercover agent in any series involving a revolution isn’t exactly new, it’s typically used as a surprising plot twist towards the middle of the season. Giving credit to the series’ producers, the characters react as one would expect someone constantly at battle for survival. Suspecting Tom right from his initial return, it’s very likely that the characters were one step ahead of the audiences watching. After all, we saw him escape.

falling skies season 2 tom Falling Skies Season 2 Premiere Review & Discussion

Also stepping away from the plot expectations, the revelation of Tom’s tracking implant comes with the historian requesting to be tied up. As if it were testing viewers to figure out what’s going to come next, the Falling Skies season 2 premiere takes away many presumptions audiences have learned from television viewing. This element certainly helps the series to side-step many of its genre cliches, as well as provides a completely engrossing viewing experience.

Of course, Tom does ultimately get free when tension is at its highest – though not much craziness ensues. Well, besides being blown up. Luckily, Tom’s son Ben has things under control.

Providing more background for Ben’s character and what exactly the effects are of his harnessing is certainly an interesting storyline to explore. While attacking an alien structure with a camera and some friends did feel a bit rushed, given its scale, showing the survivors’ ability to defend themselves against aspects of the aliens’ infrastructure gives hope that the war is not lost.

falling skies season 2 ben Falling Skies Season 2 Premiere Review & Discussion

Even though the ultimate goal of crossing a bridge was achieved (after 2 hours), the typically simple task was brilliantly wrapped in so many layers of storytelling and character development that, in the end, making it to the other side of the river felt like a grand conquest. However, it would have be nice to see some seasonal arcs (and intended goals) conveyed in the premiere – even if they’re only briefly touched upon in each episode.

Overall, the Falling Skies season 2 premiere successfully continues the compelling story of survival that began last year. Through slight twists on expected plot progresion, and the inclusion of new and interesting elements, the series has managed to take a large-scale battle against humanity and turn it into an inclusive tale, where everyone can be affected without even noticing it.

While further episodes will reveal more, the type of character development, intriguing storylines and exciting action that will be contained in Falling Skies season 2 , there’s no doubt that TNT’s hit drama will likely become an epic adventure, spanning many seasons.


Falling Skies airs Sundays @9pm on TNT

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  1. I was surprised to see it on TV last night. I could have sworn it had been axed for good after the first season. Such a great show!

  2. i love this show , i think its great tv.

  3. After watching last nights season premier looks like things will get more tense. I enjoyed season 1 and looks like season 2 will not disappoint. I’m looking forward to next weeks episode.


    First off the revelations of the new Alien Ambassador imo that Tom was brought before and the options that were suggested to him. Also the condition of Ben’s harness removal as he revealed to his father what looks like to be spreading on his back. Lastly the parasite that was removed from Tom’s eye reveals that the aliens have some intresting tools at their disposal.

  4. great premiere! the second part was really intense! looking forward to the rest of the season. I hope this becomes a regular series occurring every summer.

  5. I watched some episodes of the first season which seemed pretty cheesy and poorly written, so I bailed on it. Seems like it must’ve picked up tho. Might give it another shot.

    • Im thinking the same thing. I have actually tried to watch this series twice (I have all the episodes on DVR). Ive made it throught the first two episodes but I still dont see the appeal. I’ll give it one more shot. After that I just have to realize its not for me.

  6. There were admittedly some real WTF moments I just didn’t get:

    1- Did I miss something or did no one actually ask what he did for 2 months aboard the alien craft? Seems to me that would be a primary guiding plot point and the first thing I would want to know.

    Add to that the fact Tom didn’t volunteer the information either which was also confusing. He was clearly let go to rejoin the group for one of 2 reasons; Either a) He was supposed to communicate the alien’s offer of living on a reservation to everyone b) To be an unwitting spy for them (or a combination of both).

    2 – Why did the alien implant let itself be caught? Seems it could have just let Tom’s body at will so this plot device felt very contrived.

    3 – Why exactly did Tom suddenly feel the need to be cut loose to RUN to the front of the fight and start firing off the 50cal gun? Was there no one willing to be that brave/stupid? He just escaped from the aliens and has more to live for because he has 3 kids to look after so running to the front line and committing suicide felt out of place. Again another contrivance to build some excitement/tension.

    • Well the crazy guy Pope did ask how he just got off the ship and wandered back, at gunpoint no less. And he did try to blow him up later, so at least the resident psycho was concerned with those rather good questions.

      The implant technically didn’t allow itself to be caught, since it got away with relative ease and went back wherever it was supposed to go. Better question is why did they keep it? That was pretty dumb on their part.

      Why Tom decided to play hero, maybe make people trust him more after his long stint with the aliens. Maybe he’s just nuts, probably has more to do with Wile being an Executive Producer on the show. Worst part about that sequence was the kid firing off an assault rifle at the aliens, and not only hitting his targets but still being upright. The kick from a gun like that would have broken that kids arm….

      • Yeah, Mr. Psycho did pose the hard questions only to be quickly dismissed because everyone else has complete belief in Tom (except for Tom himself? WTF?)

        As for the implant….well it did conveniently leave its tail exposed which seemed stupid. It could have easily just slipped out and no one would have ever known. As I said this was a contrived point to show the humans the level of tech the aliens have and to demonstrate Tom is compromised in some way.

        You do pose a similarly silly point beyond mine. I can understand the possible need for study but you can study the shattered bits much more safely. Now if someone had tried to pull a Gimli vs the One Ring and had the ball bearing remain intact, that would have been one thing but they didn’t even try.

        Does no one even read these scripts anymore for stupid plot holes?!

        • As has been the case with many discussions lately, many television shows and movies have a lot of carrot and stick scenarios. It is just the way many writers think and assume that is what viewers want. The problem becomes when it becomes more of a poke in the eye with the stick and less carrot.

      • Slayer – LOL @ “Well the crazy guy Pope did ask how he just got off the ship and wandered back, at gunpoint no less. And he did try to blow him up later, so at least the resident psycho was concerned with those rather good questions.”

        I too agree with other posters that Tom had time to explain what happened to him when he was with the aliens. For crying out loud the moment he came back from the bullet being extracted every single member of the community should have been asking him what happened while he was up there!

        I think the producers / writers are saving this for another episode. They have to be. I really hope there is no possibility they are going to just skip over his explanation to the community what the aliens said / want. Another twist may be aside from Weaver, Pope & some of the fighters; they are the only ones shown knowing Tom went on the craft. Perhaps they did not tell the gang?

        In any event, great return for this show. Yes, some headshaking questions but the good highly outweighs those moments. It will be interesting to see how far this season is willing to go if they are not yet sure of a 3rd season yet.

    • I can answer all those questions easily… it’s a TELEVISION SHOW… However…

      !- His time spent with the aliens (In the first 2eps) was irrelevant, the group had their backs against the wall, being attacked from all sides. I don’t know what you would do in a fire fight but the last thing I would do is ask what he was doing last weekend. a little exaggerated but, talk or live, your choice.

      2- You don’t know that it let it self get caught, it may have been damaged from human physiology and had trouble getting out, hence returning to it’s orb form for repairs.

      3- His son Ben “Razor-back kid”, also did some ‘brave/stupid’ acts in the name of hate which is what he told his father, it’s likely to assume that he may have just used his anger to fight back, or… yes he was allowed to return to the 2nd Mass and given that parameter he could have concluded that they would not kill him until they where sure he’d passed on their message giving him free reign to fight back.

      • No one is talking about when his sons found him, which was plot point itself. When they did get back to camp Pope and Tom himself were the only ones who didn’t trust the convenient way he made it back. It’s a minor thing overall, but it goes against the same amount of paranoia they had when Ben and the other kid came back. Granted they had alien lobsters on their back, so it would freak people out more.

        The implant thing was just handled in an odd manner once they actually got it out of him. Perhaps it didn’t let itself get caught, and was trying to get away when he freaked out and felt it crawling around his eye. Still once they removed it, not even trying to destroy it made little sense. They really don’t have the means or the know how to study it and it is almost a given that it could cause problems in one form or another.

  7. So the aliens will let mankind live, IF they agree to be bound to reservations? Do the aliens intend to make worker slaves of them? Of just let them in peace but close confined? We need to learn more about them and their intentions.

    • Well since the kids are being used as slaves it might be a combination of both, which does make some sense. The Aliens would enter periodically to harvest a few kids.

    • Tom and the Overlord touched on that. The mention of reservations for mankind is more a form of concentration camp than peaceful reservation.

  8. This show is the last stand for television sci fi. Terra Nova was axed, Fringe is in it’s final season and the new JJ Abrams drama would last if it weren’t saddled to the worst entertainment network on television. This seasons first 2 episodes have been better than the first season, but keep in mind EVERY show on television takes a year or 2 to find itself.

  9. Anyone else find it interesting that Ben was able to: 1) carry his camera in his backpack WITHOUT getting it wet and 2) develop the pictures (if it was a film camera) and produce prints or print the pictures (if it was a digital camera) in such primative settings?

    Convenient that the resistance would have either a photo lab or a PC-printer combination.

    Other than those small little oddities, I like the season premier and can’t wait to see more.

  10. The way I understand it, Ben wasn’t that long on the ship. It was it journey back that was the longest. Has for the others question, I don’t really see the importance of it. The premiere was better than the hole first season.

  11. Has anyone else noticed the apparent rewrite of the final scene from season 1? Not only are the “tall” aliens different, the ship arrives earlier in the scene. In S1, the alien came from the side and the ship later. Huge change on the tall aliens….less humanoid and more fish like……

    • Yes! And I haven’t seen it in a year, but I remember thinking that something about the story/Tom’s reason for getting on the spaceship didn’t even make sense!

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  13. I am just now starting to watch the 1st season. What do you all think about the series in general?

  14. The plot of this series is the same as that of an old Argentine science fiction comic called “El Eternauta” (“The Eternauta”). Excellent comic by the way …

  15. Have watched a few episodes and they are sort of interesting but it seems most of the comments are missing the main point. How is it that the invaders could take out every last member of our armed forces and yet these ordinary people can live in large groups and take them on? Come on!! I know that in these days of “all volunteer army” the rest of us loose track of reality. Both of my sons are in the Army. I have no doubht that either of them, properly equiped with armaments, could kill the entire cast of the show without breaking a sweat.

    • I’m not sure you’ve watched the show from the beginning or you would know the answers. Some of the people in the group are military. Also, the group is a resisitance, not a volunteer army. They are all stragglers of some sort who found each other after the invasion and formed a resistance. Weaver, a military dude, has been leading them from the beginning. The group started out small and grew as they picked up more survivors.

  16. I know its a while since the first few season 2 eps were shown, but I’ve only just got round to catching up with Falling Skies in the UK. First of all, I have to say that I too get a bit annoyed with the many WTF moments, but hopefully some of the glaringly-obvious plot-holes will be explained in later episodes… hope so, anyway. As someone else mentioned, that’s the way a lot of sci-fi writers construct story arcs these days – Dr Who’s writers for instance have been known to explain/wriggle out of a previously perceived plot-hole 2 or 3 seasons later, even if it means re-shooting an earlier scene to suit their needs. Of all the WTF moments in season 2 though, the one that really puzzled me was the one with the alien parasite being removed from Tom’s eyeball and placed in a jar, to subsequently eat its way out and fly away to reunite with Red Eye. Lourdes discovered the hole in the jar, and she is later seen apparently looking for the parasite under a bed/trolley, but unless I missed something, did she mention its escape to anyone else, and have any other characters referred to the missing parasite since?

  17. I personally think this show is terrible. The idea is awesome, a post-catastrophic world after an alien attack….great idea. But for being on the brink of extinction from this alien extermination this show is full of nothing but mushy music and deep feeling scenes that are covered with bad acting.