‘Falling Skies’ Renewed For Season 2 After 4 Episodes

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falling skies season 2 noah wyle Falling Skies Renewed For Season 2 After 4 Episodes

With only four episodes under its belt, TNT’s hit sci-fi drama Falling Skies has been picked up for a second season (10 episodes), which is set to air in the summer of 2012.

In its series premiere, the Steven Spielberg-produced series drew an extremely impressive Live +7 audience of 8 million viewers – with 3.8 million falling within the ever-favored 18-49 demographic. This number, while extreme impressive for TNT, also served to unseat USA’s continual ratings high for series premieres, as Falling Skies became the highest-rated new series on cable this year.

Proving that Falling Skies is not just a ratings winner in the United States, the freshman series – which follows Boston history professor Tom Mason (Noah Wyle) through the aftermath of worldwide alien invasion – has already been picked up in 75 additional television markets around the world and, in some instance, is garnering record ratings internationally, as well.

Says Michael Write, executive vice president, head of programming for TNT, TBS and Turner Classic Movies:

Falling Skies is a true standout series, from its ambitious storytelling, high-profile cast and production team to its phenomenal success when it comes to international and time-shifted viewing. We’re reaching new audiences with Falling Skies and look forward to seeing where this fascinating and exciting series takes us next.”

With Falling Skies instantly resonating with sci-fi fans, no longer will viewers who are looking for their next sci-fi fix have to wait for FOX or Syfy to present their newest endeavor (ones that are generally canceled rather quickly), as TNT has proven that great writing and a clear vision can transcend any network stereotypes for audience expectations.

noah wyle falling skies1 Falling Skies Renewed For Season 2 After 4 Episodes
On top of the success that Falling Skies brings to TNT, the fact that the first of two Steven Spielberg television projects set to air this year has been so well received certainly shines a positive light on Spielberg’s upcoming prehistoric series, Terra Nova, which is set to premiere on FOX.

Can the proverbial lightning of television success strike twice for Steven Spielberg?  If there anyone that could do it, it’ll certainly be him.

Since Falling Skies will be at Comic-Con 2011, make sure to keep an eye on Screen Rant, as we’ll be bringing you live coverage of the panels, and interviews with your favorite stars, over on our Official Comic-Con Coverage Page.


Falling Skies airs Sundays @10pm on TNT

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  1. @mustang4696
    How do you know ”the only thing that stand in there way of conquering the planet earth is the people of UNITED STATE OF AMERICA”. Keeping with the show’s spirit it is highly unlikely that resistance movements have not organized in most if not all the other countries. Specially those that didn’t rely as much on high tech communications and weaponry and that are more experienced in guerrilla warfare and militia tactics. Please learn to write.

    • Because we still have our guns you Dick head !

      • The reason I like this show better than “the walking dead” is that the writers at least throw in some M-16′s , 60′s and a ma Duece once in a while.. Where as the Walking dead seems to be affixed on civillian weaponry per’se… shot guns, hunting rifles and pistols.. the writers just cant get out of their anti gun mind set. They need to realize that America is full of GUNS we have more guns than Russia has communists ! In 1941 Japan woulda tried to invade America if it werent for a gun behind every blade of grass .. this was a quote from the emporer look it up. in any effect both shows are great with the exception on the vaginal W.D. writers .. I mean come on out of the whole country they cant find some Armored hummers with easy to find diesel, no assault rifles ? come on ! every other household in the US has at least one AK47 if not good weaponry like a tried and true Eugene Stoner desined AR based rifle … but I guess wee will accept that the Smith And Wesson 357 is the only gun that will survive the 2012 hollocaust

        • The walking dead has good acting, better writing and a solid lore and lots of apocalypse.
          In contrast, to blunt, this show sucks. Ive watched season one and the final twist is enough to keep me interested, but only cause ALL THE GOOD SCI-FI HAS BEEN CANCELED (or has terrible marketing)!
          The last decent “hard sci-fi” Ive seen before this was star gate univers, wich I though was great (otherwise a few unnecessary plots).

          This is barley scifi anyway! otherwise the aliens (wich they seem to have too little of a budget too show more then 1/2 on the screen at any given time even tho apparently there are billions/trillions of skitters in the initial invasion) barley any actual SCIENCE FICTION elements. It is absalutly rediculuse that all of these dudes have automatic weapons when the vast majority of weapons in the us are semi-automatic.
          why do they have all these military grade machine guns yet no grenades, body armour, C4 ect that would be on a soldiers corpse. Plus they have like unlimited ammo.

          I think the only reason anyone watched season one is cause no other science fiction programs are running.

          • Dude lol, what’s ur issue, no one forces you to watch it, its a great show and it is Sci-Fi.. You honestly think those things actually exist to human knowledge lol. and the story is getting better and better as the series progress, take your bashing back to the Xbox 360. Falling Skies is a great show to watch after the Walking Dead. And to be fair FS was alittle slow at first and yes low budget, but sorry not all of us can afford a Ferrari or big Mansion. At least they are trying, what shows have you created sanyc????. :p

    • As Anti American as you sound from your post you have no buisness driving or owning a Mustang you need to change your tag .. to I wanna die in a smart car when hit by a skate boarder ..

  2. Other than the last 2 or 3 minutes I thought the finale was pretty boring. The part with the RPG was laughable and I almost felt like I was watching the end of The Phantom Menace.

    I’m glad it is getting a second season, but I personally found the show to be a major disappointment.

    • Dont be dissapointed dude .. the Democrats in the USA are the invaders you just dont realize it yet !

  3. Falling Skies picks up where Independence Day would have left off if the counter-offensive had not been successful. I keep waiting for Will Smith to fly in. Great series!

    • every other household has an aka47 wow thats news not so sure i get the point of that part of your comment.

  4. Such an awesome series, easily my favourite one of the year! It sucks that we have to wait for next summer though. Is there any way to make it go faster?

  5. I can’t believe it! Who had planed to re-start in 2012 summer???
    Start 2011, October latest! Why should we wait a year??? Everybody will forget it, and start to look for something new…

  6. Summer is the best time for it!!!! If its in the summer it’ll pretty much be the only good show on the air and continue to get good ratings, 5.6 million viewers for the finale, WHAT?! To many, in my opinion, good shows try and go toe to toe with deep pocketed networks in the Fall season and get stomped into cancellation. Case in point Jericho. Awesome show and literally got “sambaed” off the air by Dancing with the Stars. It would be a huge disappointment to see Falling Skies try and compete with piece of garbage shows like American Idol, Glee, and America’s Next Top Model. It sucks that we have to wait a long time for it but that’s what happens with pilot seasons, i.e. The Walking Dead on AMC.

  7. Love, it, love it, love it! With the cancellation of Stargate Universe, my husband and I despaired of finding quality sci-fi. Fallen skies is great. I hope to see it for many seasons to come!

  8. Great series. They are doing everything perfectly. Season two will be another 10 episodes, I’m guessing with a clearly defined story arc and story to story continuity.

  9. Summer 2012 is too long to wait but i guess while im waiting for it i can watch the series 2 of the walking dead.

  10. I love this one am glad for the second season but that long I can’t wait.

    • Good point, Tom has no reason at all to trust them, a great ending was weakened by this, Its a point I missed when writing my comment, mind you there are so many points to pick at. If only they kept it real it would of been far more enthralling and believable, I thought all the action scenes seemed a lil rushed and not very well thought through.

    • Cause they threatened to turn his son Ben into an alien if he didn`t come with them and “talk”.

      • He`s already being turned into an alien, and still he walks willy nilly into a space craft. Spielberg at his worst lmao.

  11. I thought it were ok, despite an odd moment or two of bad lines and amateur acting, ho, and the occasional unbelievable story line, I find it hard to believe that a band of odd ball militia fighters succeed where every other army in the world failed, and why didn’t the aliens take that jamming thingy when the black boy betrayed and divulged all there secrets, an that’s without mentioning the aliens lack of superior air power ever making an appearance, an it all turns around by the use of a lil bazooka lol. They must think us so Gullible stupid. I will watch the next series it was entertainingly funny.

  12. Like others before it, this series is doomed with no new episodes for another year. Hello? This is 2011, we won’t wait that long any more… Get with it TV execs…

    • A year between seasons is pretty much standard practice for shows on cable channels, especially between season 1 and 2. Some networks like USA and TNT have slightly larger season orders for veteran shows and break the episodes up in order to stretch it out more. Since the majority of cable shows have 12 or 13 episodes there is just not enough content to fill most of a year like network shows.

  13. I thought he show was fantastic, it was a great show to watch till the next season of amcs the walking dead, and i cant wait till seaon two of falling skies, i only started to watch this cause of fallen eart friends told me bout this show, but c’mon guys, theres not a whole lot of good tv shows out there te ons that are… are nomally cancelled like lights out that was an awesome show, but seriously falling skies is my second fav after walking dead and third is terra nova. i love dinos zombies and aliens and wow they made seies on those categories hehe, nice combo. but i think the shows are great while waiting for season 2 of falling skies i will have season 2 of walking dead and first pilot season of terra nova to watch, then americas horror story to keep me accupied till season 2 of falling skies hope they push it out sooner though im querious to see what happens to him at th end hope he comes back he was my fav character n the show.

  14. When will SEASON 2 start?

  15. im going to asume bout the same time as we had to wait for the walking dead season 2 bout 8 to 9 months for first premiere sucks huh lol.

  16. “With only four episodes airing”

    Yes, but that represents HALF the series since it has half the number of episodes most seriues do.

  17. Wish I hadn’t found out about season two for another few months, now I’m on pins and needles waiting for it to air. I think the aliens came prepared to battle the earths military forces and that’s why they were defeated, but the show only projects a small area, We don’t know what may still be going on in other areas of the US or the rest of the world. I don’t think they are as aggressive towards the civilians because they need them. This is Sci-Fi at it’s best, If it were predictable, it would be boring, now wouldn’t it. I’m not going to pick it apart, I’m just going to enjoy it while I can. Yes, I love Terra Nova as well but havn’t watched the walking dead ’cause I figured it was just another Zombie show, but I’ll give it a try to see what’s different. MORE…MORE…MORE, I WANT MORE!

  18. More aliens and there back ground would help. I became involved because the cancellation of Stargate Universe. Would swap this show for Stargate in a HEART BEAT.

  19. Don’t know if I want to schedule my time for a show that only airs 10 episodes once a year. But then What I think doesn’t matter anyway, I’m over 49 and dead to them.

  20. Anything by spielberg sucks he ruIned raider of the lost ark with aliens, Spielberg can go suck an egg whole with the shell and die. He sucks and now this crap can’t get his own idea huh looks like district 9 for. CRap sake. Get a life steve

  21. Spielberg sucks

    • wow and i couldn’t Stand back to the future where were you?

  22. wonderful serise falling skies also is terro nova both theses seem to be the only thing on tv besides walking dead serieas 2 that are any good so come on lets have theses serise brought forward not wait for a year or as some one has already said people go off of series and find something else to watch

  23. this show was great, i dont know why most of you are saying bad acting and writing, but this show was great, tera nova was good could have been better, but still good, this show doesnt beat walking dead, but its good to watch when your waiting for the next season of TWD. And im glad they didnt cancel the show, obviously it got enough viewers, or it owuld have got canceled, but regardless of how good any show is, theres going to be some bashing anywhere. but the actors did a great acting job. And the animation could have been better, but im sure they would have done better if they have known it would have survived also, hopefully the animation will get better, thats the only complaint I have was the half fast animation that made for it. other than that cant wait to see season 2, so many people here in texas are waiting for this show to appear again :p.

  24. Falling skies is brilliant and hope there is many seasons to come !!!!