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falling skies finale alien Falling Skies Season 1 Finale Review & Discussion

Despite the continuous dialogue problems wrapped in marginally acceptable acting, drawn out storylines and enough deus ex machina for an instructional video on convenient plot progression, the Falling Skies season 1 finale finally highlighted the sometimes overreaching charm that millions tune in for week after week.

With an animated film from the ’70s presented to an auditorium full of Falling Skies characters looking to take their minds off of the less than encouraging events, the double-length Falling Skies season 1 finale begins with a hint at the convolution that’s yet to come. In the first half of the feature length episode, viewers are presented with an artificially-lengthened storyline mulled within a stagnate episode that takes twice as long to accomplish even the most menial task (15 minutes of story packed into 45 minutes of “drama”).

As the previous episodes in Falling Skies’ first season have shown, many barriers – both proverbial and literal – are not only quickly resolved, but are done so without any visual penance to those that were impacted by it. The first episode, entitled “Mutiny”, presents Tom Mason’s attempt at overthrowing the suspected drug-riddled Captain Weaver’s control over the 2nd Mass. After a short imprisonment and flavorless “gun show,” the episode closes with grins of misunderstanding (he stopped taking those drugs a while ago – silly), and a returned focus to the task at hand: bringing down the Skitters’ structure.

Continuing into its concluding half, the Falling Skies season 1 finale undoubtedly shines in as many ways as it falters. The long-awaited showdown between the Mechs and the few awaiting members of the 2nd Mass. was interesting at best, but was not at all as fulfilling as any typical purveyor of television would have wanted. That being said, the showdown presents itself in such a way (literally integrating so many characters) that it becomes almost impossible not to simply enjoy it.

falling skies mech showdown Falling Skies Season 1 Finale Review & Discussion

Providing even more fuel to the proverbial Falling Skies fire is the lack of reasonable executions and reality-based repercussions. The symbolic sight that has served as the driving force of this season – the Skitters’ structure – was easily destroyed by a well-fired bazooka shot, which caused a crashing spaceship to set-off a series of explosions within the massive towers. Even if one would simply ignore the literal one-minute timespan that it took for all of the scene to awkwardly unfold, this quick moment of revolution hardly felt like underdogs finally asserting against Earth’s newfound overlords. And, with that, one must mention the events that close the Falling Skies season 1 finale.

If a general interest in following the story of Tom Mason and then 2nd Mass. wasn’t enough to entice you to watch next year’s Falling Skies season 2, the jaw-dropping cliffhanger surely will. No matter how laughable or awkward the season 1 finale closure appears to be when looked at under close inspection, the notion that the producers are willing to introduce a storyline that brings the aliens together with one character’s arc must certainly be applauded.

After blowing up their towering structure, a harnessed Karen serves as the vocal chords for the landing space shuttle. As the lanky alien waddles his way out, he quickly begins to speak about the impressive resistance that the 2nd Mass. has shown. This resistance was so impressive that the aliens would like to discuss it with Tom Mason – and help for his son Ben was certainly implied.

falling skies mason gun Falling Skies Season 1 Finale Review & Discussion

As Mason and Weaver stare down their alien foe, their tune quickly turns – as it usually does in Falling Skies – from that of anger to understanding and acceptance. As Tom joins the alien aboard his space craft, the first season of Falling Skies comes to an end.

The signs of a Roman pantomime, whether intentional or not, are overwhelming – and, yet again, this is all part of the charm that Falling Skies brings to the television landscape. For all of the series’ glaring inadequacies, Falling Skies presents a new form of captivating televisual preposterousness that has only been presented in the US on BBC America (or on PBS in the late ’80s, early ’90s).

American television is riddled with a sort of narrative conservatism that prevents us from exploring additional avenues of storytelling. Compared to the rest of the world, we have stunted ourselves within familiar genres that produce television series much more similar than they are divergent and original. While it’s a bit specious to say that Falling Skies will serve to shift the ] level of narrative diversity in television, one has to admit that for the 4 million viewers that tune in each week, it certainly has.

falling skies finale tom mason Falling Skies Season 1 Finale Review & Discussion

Yes, Tom Mason walking into the spaceship of the creatures that he’s been trying to destroy is ridiculous. Yes, the alien coming to them after getting their structure blown up is preposterous. But why not?  Thanks to Independence Day and a myriad of other alien invasion stories, we’ve seen what the story of the revolutionary humans typically leads-to. Falling Skies was definitely not typical in the execution of its finale.

Even if the level of convolution continues to rise, there’s something to be said about Falling Skies wanting to tell this story. And, as a self-described fanatic of television, I can honestly say that I’m interested in watching what comes next.

…whether I’ll enjoy it is a completely different question.


Falling Skies season 2 airs summer 2012 on TNT

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  1. I stopped watching after four episodes. Lol. I had such high hopes but it was an uninspired snooze-fest.

  2. I am little confused, someone help me out. Have the Skitters been harnessed by the tall aliens like the kids? Or are the Skitters an evolved version of the kids? Simply, are the Skitters alien slaves or do the harnesses turn the kids into Skitters?

    • Marc… Have you been watching??? The Skitters are slaves to the taller aliens. They are what used to be other lifeforms from other planets that the aliens have previously invaded. It’s funny to me (same goes for Lost) how many fans of a show can’t creatively think beyond what they see. Earth is obviously not the first planet these aliens have invaded. The good ol’ Doc said herself that the Skitter she autopsied used to be “something else”. Doesn’t necessarily have to be human. And yes, eventually the humans turn into there slaves. This was all foreshadowed way back earlier in the season when it was asked why the Mechs have 2 legs when the Skitters have 6. It seemed odd to them that the Mechs wouldn’t be modeled after their own bodies… this was hinting at them being modeled after another the life form… the tall 2 legged aliens that are really in charge.

    • yes

  3. from what i can tell is the harness changes the kids into the skitters

    and i thought the finale was a let down could have done it better.

  4. Thanks for the kind words, Uncle Jesse. ;-)

  5. I’ll bet he knows how to spell “baloney” though. 8)


    • I’m sure you meant bologna.

      • I usually don’t like spelling comments… but this one is very funny… it works well when the word used to insult is spelled wrong… I got a good laugh.

      • Google baloney and you’ll find it all over the place as a valid variation of balogna.


        • That’s BALONEY Vic!!! Don’t believe everything you read on the internet… :) hehe. Oscar Meyer is super pissed right now.

  6. well very good introspective of the show and it’s finale. I was a late comer to the show as I only saw the last 4 episodes but I do agree with what you have laid out of the show

  7. As former military, the last episode lost all credibility for me. The Captain would not have let Tom go onboard with them, may lose any advantage they had for survival. Plus, just agreeing that they may save his son would not be the outcome for all of the other encampments, what’s left of humanity, that could be found by interrogating Tom. Season 2 can go on without me.

    • If you listened to the dialog, the aliens were not offering help to Toms boy. It was more of a veiled threat that they could, at their discrepancy, take his son away from him again if he did not go with them. It was not a “hey, come with us and we will make everything rainbows and sunshine!”. It was more a “come with us or we will make your son and your life even more of a nightmare.”

      Also, watching the show, I think the Captain knew he couldn’t stop Tom from going. It’s not like he listened to him all the time.

  8. I was so not ready for that to happen. But I ask….again and again…over and over…..why Tom? You can’t believe them about anything…did he not learn from that woman they found in the apartment alone….or the other Mass who came and so he would take the children to his site because they was expecting to be invaded…and he started give the children to the Skinners. OML….and to know that the Skinner are reincarnations of WHAT? And on the words of your ENEMY…you just walk up into their ship….Yeah…TNT…you got me and now I have to wait a year to find out WHY? Oh Tom…what about your other boys.

  9. It is non-sense TV for crying out loud. I love the show.

  10. Not to nitpick too much.. but 2 things on this review that I am not agreeing with.

    1. You can CLEARLY see that TOM used an RPG-7 to shoot that spaceship.. NOT a Bazooka….Completely different weapon systems. Specially since the RPG-7 has the payload , on the TIP as opposed to a Bazooka which is hidden on the inside and towards the rear….. Now, I am not sure if Pope fitted the tip with some kind of heat seeking mechanism not native to that weapon system or if it was just pure TV “luck” that , it’s 4.5 second timer just made it explode next to that ship….whatever it’s TV right..

    which brings me to the second point

    2. The tower structure was not completely destroyed. You can see clearly it only destroyed part of it. Granted, there were several explosions, but only to a certain region of the tower… you never see the WHOLE tower fall down…

    3. I know I said 2 things but this has to be said..the SG-1 team would have driven those pesky aliens back to their home planet in just 2 episodes :)

  11. I wouldn’t say that Tom and Weaver stared down the alien and they turned from anger to understanding and acceptance…it was more like desperation…Tom would do anything to protect his kids and if he can help Ben he’s going to do it…the aliens did say they could force him to come with them if they had to so in the end what choice did he have anyway. I think that Weaver just didn’t know what to do…it was a situation he wasn’t prepared to handle.

    As for help for Ben…I don’t believe it…probably be like them letting Rick think they wanted him back and that they loved him…they are letting Tom think they can reverse the affects of the harness on Ben to lure him to them…to what end who knows…perhaps they simply think that by removing Tom from the equation the resistance will dissolve.

    The show was really slow for me at first but it has grown on me over the season…despite some of the things that could be to nit picked about it has become pretty entertaining. I’ll be waiting for next season eagerly.

  12. They lost me on the first episode. The people writing the show have no knowledge of weapons and the physics involved. Add in the bad acting and the terrible plot holes in every episode and it makes it unbearable to watch. No one on the show looks like they know what they are doing and it come across loudly.

    • As if you, as a surviving member of our species would know how to put together a nuclear reactor?

      These are basically just a bunch of lucky people who survived… most of them do not know what they are doing. That is the hook. It would be like a investment banker suddenly being forced to work construction. It wouldn’t be pretty.

      • Totally agree RK… and I was about to say that myself… Aleric obviously misses that point… the point that these survivors don’t know what they are doing in most cases is the point. A history teacher is 2nd in command… what is Aleric expecting??? This is a story of regular people being forced to survive.

    • I agree that the weapons tech is not very credible. I was turned off by the fact that “mech metal” is hard enough to penetrate the seemingly indestructable armor of the mechs but soft enough to be melted and moulded in standard moulds for lead bullets. Also, their basic “spray and pray” shooting is not something that any experienced soldier would use. However, if you can just suspend your disbelief and enjoy the story, it’s pretty entertaining. The show was obviously made on a tight budget and with very limited resources.

      • Lawrence… most of these people aren’t “EXPERIENCED SOLDIERS”. Dir.

  13. if i were tom both the harnessed girl and that alien would have been shot right there. i then would have explored the interior of the shuttle to see if we could take it or anything in it we could use for later attacks.

    also i don’t think the entire alien tower in boston was destroyed..it looked like 1 hanger had exploded, that’s it.

    • I agree that this would be the normal conclusion for modern sci-fi drama but this show seems to always do the unexpected. Besides, this wasn’t a conclusion but the setup for next season. There are a million ways they can take the story line after this. Sort of makes the old “who shot JR” (are you old enough to remember that?) speculation pale by comparison.

  14. It’s not surprising in the least that Tom went with the Aliens and Weaver didn’t try to stop him… he did the same thing a few episodes back… he went with the enemy. “FIRST RULE OF COMBAT… SURVIVE”. Weaver knows that rule.

  15. All in all, I was impressed and look forward to next season. I admit to a certain amount of withdrawal from the usual overdone FX and tours de force of hardware, but The series is all about the people involved. The FX, aliens, space ships, critters, etc are just to support the characters. I find the people very human believable and the broad range of character types refreshing. I also like that the characters are always surprising us with their reactions to the events and other people in the story. In this first season they are obviously feeling their way through a very complex story and group of relationships. I look forward to seeing what settles out after a period of reflection on this season and what they put together. The people who made this left themselves wide open for variations on the theme.

  16. Falling Skies was entertaining despite its flaws. I am hoping that the writers have a clear plot structure so that it does not meander like “Lost”. And a satisfying ending in the final episode unlike the final episode presented in the show “The 4400″ where the trees waved as the baby who was to save the world past by.

  17. Do over: Falling Skies in 10 episodes (really 8 if you take out one Sanctuary and Mutiny that was of no use) has been a waste of TV air. You would think with the money they are spending the writers would be of higher caliber. The writers are leaving out a lot of information that should be given to us. For one we all know that you cannot trust the aliens as they have all ready killed off 80 percent of the human population. Shot and killed 6 children in front of Hal to make a point. They’re using out children for slaves turning them into Skidders. In one episode in the medical center the Doctor (before he was killed) is talking to one Skidder through Rick. The Skidder after being told he cannot leave tells them to kill him, as he will be punished. SOOOOO question, maybe the Skidders want to get away from the tall aliens who are using them. Maybe the Skidder’s can be used to over through the Humanoid Aliens. Pope, who I thought should have been killed off in his first debut, now is found to be one of the most complex characters on the show. Well done to the writers for getting this right. Also there is no why, Tom could have shot down the spaceship with a RPG, and two he should have shot the alien at the end regardless of the consequences. However in the end the show needs to have a two-hour DO OVER for the last season episode and fill the blanks they left out.

    • @DoOVER… you need one yourself…

      Sorry, but Tom shooting the alien at the end would go against everything his character represents and the entire tone of the show. This has been as much a battle of whit and strategy as it has been about strength of arms. You miss the main point of much of the shows message… the strongest army doesn’t always win… boil that down to it’s most simplistic form… shoot first might not be the best plan… FIRST RULE OF COMBAT… SURVIVE. If the show has developed a theme that would be it. Tom just practiced this method while surrendering to the group trading with the skitters. So Tom heading off with the alien suits his character completely. Also, it was his only choice. He had no way of knowing if a bullet would even kill that alien and furthermore, he couldn’t be sure there weren’t more aliens on the ship.

  18. falling skies is the best series i have see from the best ever director of the world MR. STEVEN SPIELBERG this series are emotional, suspense, scary and too much exciment I do not why he went to them when he supose to fight for the resistant but I think he have a plan to save his son and the other childrens that they took so I cant wait to the next season it is going to be very extraordinarie and excited. THANK YOU STEVEN YOU ARE AN EXCEPCIONAL AND VERY TALAENTED DIRECTOR THE BEST…….

  19. A good sci-fi story contains one leap of logic & reason: i.e. aliens with armored slaves invade the Earth. From there, the story telling must unfold in a logical and rational way. The complaints about off-screen action, low budgets and relative acting skills would not bother me in the slightest, if every character remains credible, thoughtful and with some clear motivation. I detest when any show resorts to the “stupidity plot”-where the dramatic conflict only continues through some impossibly stupid and irrational act. The failure of anyone to recognize that the black kid was too far gone was dumb, but the story line needed someone to tip off the enemy. This show had great promise but it has dissolved in stupidity plots. The rash decision of Mason to hand himself over to the aliens was dumb, dumb, dumb. To sacrifice himself, Mason needed to know if the threat was more than empty, and whether his sacrifice would be in vain when his son is taken anyway. The cliffhanger ending was one stupid plot turn too many for this weekly viewer to accept. Tell the skitters I said goodbye.

    • @Charlie… you, like many others are continuing to miss the message of the show… FIRST RULE OF COMBAT… SURVIVE!!! That’s what Tom was doing. He did the same when surrendering to Clayton’s group a few episodes back… granted he had a hopeful plan… the point of the show is strategy, it has been from the very beginning. Do you forget that Tom isn’t a soldier, he’s a history buff and he knows all about what’s worked and what hasn’t on the battlefield and he acted logically. He did the only thing he could do to “survive” at that moment… he was given the option to come peacefully or by force. He chose the latter, he chose to survive one more day. He’s no good to anyone dead.

      • … furthermore Charlie… you speak of logic and reason but missed the shows main message and failed to understand Tom’s character. His actions weren’t out of character what-so-ever. You don’t understand the logic behind his decision thus you deem the show stupid? There best chance of surviving (main goal) is to learn more about them and this was his opportunity. Resistance at this point was futile. Tom hasn’t done anything the entire show without logic behind it… why for one second would you assume he all of a sudden stop thinking and acting strategically and with the well being of his people in mind??? Give the guy some credit… he’s SURVIVED thus far.

        • A few hours after tom lectures weaver about needing to protect the civilians, he just hands himself over? That is out of character imo.

          I really dislike how all the action takes place off screen too. and some of the science is bogus. Turning an entire car into a radio transmitter? do you realize how much energy that would take? let alone that a car has different metals and paint on it.

          and.. wouldn’t they send an air attack against dug in infantry?

          and.. the frequency changes every few minutes for a bit, and then never changes again?

          and.. the bond between jimmy and the blonde at wall totally fell flat. “Watch my Back!!” umm, if you are going to make a broment, than at least back it up with some real bonding action.

          and.. those ~5 mechs could have just fired their missiles from 50 yards and have been done with it?

          and.. all the christian overtones are REALLY annoying.

          and.. they could change the set once and a while

          it’s all so weak. if it wasn’t the summer, i wouldn’t even give it my attention. I give it a D-.

  20. I see some people on here have descended into kid jabs/insults instead of writing constructively. I’ll try not to follow that trend.

    Do I think there are some problems with the series? Yes. Do I think that the first season spent maybe too much time trying to force the background or inter-personal relationships instead of naturally developing? Yes.

    Do I think that as you stated the only reason this is worth a watch in the 2nd season is the willingness to tell the story? No. Please forgive me but from top to bottom, there wasn’t really anything you had to say positively. Any marginal compliments, were laced with immediate negatives to negate them.

    I enjoy this show thus far and will continue to want to watch it as the narrative unfolds. I’m surely hoping for a few changes, and time will tell if the studio implements that. It really seems like the best is to come and honestly, that is how any show should be.

    Shows have poor 1st seasons and later become hits at times. Two that immediately come to mind are Cheers & Star Trek.

    Cheers was almost cancelled it’s first season because of the terrible ratings but later turned into one of the most successful year in and out for 11 years.

    Star Trek was going to get the ax the first season and it took a producer (Lucille Ball, I Love Lucy) & her efforts to get that second chance. Look where that went. I have no clue what the franchise is worth total, but it is highly successful.

    I guess, bottom line, berating a series off the first go is just not for me. There may be issues to resolve, but all the pieces are there. This could turn into a very successful series for TNT.

  21. Oh and to Travis, haven’t really read everything you said, but I absolutely agree with you in what looks to be your first post along this thread. I know some people have to see it plainly to follow, but the storyline isn’t very muddled to me. They have interjected enough to start forming the picture.

    • Agreed Jay,

      I’m surprised at how many viewers struggle to connect simple dots on their own.

  22. The other point no one has mentioned is that humanity has no idea who the aliens are, what they want and what is their their intentions. The best they have ever done is captured an alien who couldnt or didnt want to communicate and who we now believe is a slave to the true invaders. What better way to get intel than to talk to the real invaders.

    Not saying that Mason saw it that way when he agreed, but assuming he escapes and I am sure he will, he will be the only human alive who knows anything about their true intentions

    Since the aliens didnt want Rick back, I am assuming that they give him another harness so they are lying about Ben

    • Yeah, I mentioned that. :)

      • Regarding Rick, I think it’s quite plausible that once Rick told them what he knew, they panicked and ran back to spread the word. I think the next steps for that character are completely open.

        To the person who said the characters logically would have killed him, I think that is completely contrary to the motivations these characters have. The whole story is fighting with hope and optimism against overwhelming odds–both on a macro and micro level. We’ve already seen that they won’t kill a harnessed kid, even if that harnessed kid is firing on them with automatic rifles. I could see them locking Rick up for everyone’s safety, but really I expect them to always hope that they can get him back–and I expect Ben will continue to play a central role in that effort.

        Regarding Mason going with the aliens, I do think he had little choice, but it would seem to me he’s also the best possible person to put in that position. He’s the most highly educated about warfare history, and is the most thoughtful about strategy and how to turn things against the enemy. I have no doubt that he’ll emerge next season with a lot of valuable information.

  23. While I agree with a lot of what you wrote I’d like to point out that as far they delve into the realm of unreasonable I highly doubt that they would let the ENTIRE tower be destroyed 90 percent off screen. Tom only blew up a single wing with his RPG chain reaction but good read otherwise.

    • exactly the structure was damaged but not nearly taken down, and i like this show, there hasnt been an episode that i disliked.

      • I was going to say the same thing. I hardly think the tower was -destroyed- At most, one arm was damaged and likely a bunch of the ships were either destroyed or damaged as well.

        It was a very “well, we’ll take one last shot for s&g” which ended with a very “well.. i’ll be damned” moment of shock and amusement as not only does he hit it (more on THAT in a second) but hits it just perfectly so it spirals directly into the bay and explodes in a chain reaction along the arm. Damaging, but not destroying the ENTIRE structure.

        On the fact he hit the thing with a blind-fire weapon when Weaver JUST pointed out that “When they first arrived our boys unloaded everything they had and couldn’t hit a thing’ and they he just shoots the ship down?

        Is that telling in some way? Is that pointing towards the jamming signal being more use than we thought? Is it pointing out that something has changed, or was it just weird dialogue and wasn’t meant to imply what it sounded like?

        Either way, all in all, most of the inadequacies of Falling Skies can be overlooked if you take it for what it is.. Its not necessarily an overly serious, grim and gritty (for all its grey and brown tones..) alien-resistance series. I like to take it a little lighter than that.

        • Not sure if you were meaning to imply that it was improbable that he could take it down with one RPG, but Pope _did_ mention that it was modified with a mech-metal shell. That explains the alien craft being destroyed.

  24. I applaud the fact that they’re not relying on loud explosions and FX to make it appealing. The problem is… well, the whole season lasted, what? Eight or nine episodes? And what has actually happened? NOTHING! Literally NOTHING! The only revealing moment throughout the entire season was the fact that the “skitters” are slaves to the true invaders. Aside from that, no answers have been provided about anything (who are these creatures? Why are they here? What’s happened to the rest of the world?) There hasn’t been a single breakthrough or revelation; no real excitement or emotion. The whole thing could be set anywhere, anytime, and it would be just as interesting (or boring). If you haven’t watched a single episode, you don’t need to watch in order to catch up. Here, let me tell you: aliens invaded. They seem to have killed most people. They enslave kids. That’s it! I don’t know if I have the patience to wait a whole year to see if SOMETHING actually happens here… sigh. I miss Battlestar Galactica.

  25. In this season finally the young girl who talked with Rick in the woods was clearly morphing. She will become a Skitter or some kind of hybrid of that I have no doubt. I’m hoping the Skitters will eventually side with the humans and take down the Aliens. I think the episodes were a bit drawn out. A good 3 hr Spielberg movie could have easily covered this seasons episodes. Each week we were tossed a clue that’s what kept me coming back. Love to solve a mystery.

  26. I did not think this disappointing series was original. The plot was extremely predictable; following the worn out theme featuring a normal dysfunctional family turning into super-thinking, super killing alpha dogs. No one gets a chance to do anything because the family of alpha dogs does it all. The standard killdown of all the “noble savages” was a real turn-off. Besides the obligatory corny dialogue about “son, don’t do this or that”, disconnects in the flow of the series bought up thoughts such as “this scene was intentionally made to be stupid because of budget” or that the actors could not get it together and do the scene right. How zillions of rounds of skitter/mech bullets could be made overnight by people who don’t know how to make bullets, was a real leap of faith. Poor Pope never could get his hobble down correctly from one scene to another. Just how one kid succumbs to the harness while the other goes on to showing weakness and then losing his father in one of those noble savage scenes was an insult. In short, everyone had a supporting role to the alpha dogs. This series would’ve been better crafted if it emphasized competent teamwork, with the members of the team beating up on the skitters rather than the alpha dogs running from scenario to scenario doing all of the “Heroic work”. There were plenty of bloopers, from the crummy make-up to the corny dialogue, that contributed to making this series a real stinker. Spielburg can do better than this…

    • @Earl…

      I’m going to have to rant a bit here… this post is getting annoying with all the incorrect complaints about the show. It’s one thing to dislike a series… but it’s entirely another to dislike for incorrect, misinformed, and LAZY fact checking reasons.

      1. Mason’s family was nowhere near “dysfunctional” what the hell are you talking about??? And super killing alpha dogs??? Did you even watch the show… they did nearly everything as a team!!! Many different supporting characters had their moments. And I’m not sure if you noticed but every show has main characters and supporting characters, it’s how stories work.

      2. “Zillions” of mech bullets!!!???? What? the few guns they had left at the school had 30 rounds each (pay attention). The rest went to the fighters for the mission. So that’s more like a thousand TOPS. And you obviously know nothing about making bullets because the equipment they had for bullet making can absolutely do those type of numbers in a few days time. NO PROBLEM.

      3. Rick was harnessed longer than Ben… THAT’S WHY HE WAS FURTHER ALONG… Please pay attention if you’re going to “insult” something. Your lack of attention is insulting to the writers.

      I don’t think the show is all that great, however I do enjoy it… what I don’t enjoy is people that make uneducated remarks… I could care less that you don’t like it but it’s irritating as hell when the reasons are based on false assumptions. It insults the intelligence of TV watchers everywhere.

      And if you’re going to insult someone… do them the respect of spelling their name right… (Spielberg). Yet another example of your poor attention skills.

      • Travis,

        THANK YOU!


        Please don’t quit your job to become a critic or blogger! Seriously.

        • You’re welcome Ela… I just couldn’t take it anymore. :)

          • I would also add that they’ve gone to great lengths to show that Rick had a miserable, sickly life before he was taken, while Ben was portrayed as being very strong, and having a much happier, “normal” sibling-rivalry sort of childhood.

            Apart from the length of capture, it seems quite plausible to me that Rick would mentally cave in much sooner than Ben. Rick simply liked his “new” life better than his old one. This is a broader theme on the show as well–the need for the characters to have a good reason to keep fighting, usually a family member to save or protect.

            • Moonshot,

              I caught on to that as well. Rick has Stockholm Syndrome to the tenth degree. He’s gone beyond empathy and sympathy to thinking he is one of them. He’s gone Patty Hearst.
              I would have liked to see him being active and enjoying his “new” body instead of sitting around pouting.
              I’m also surprised that pike,park,poke (hahah) isn’t focused his hatred on the two boys..especially Rick (considering he’s racist).
              I can see a larger story brewing with Rick as a villain to Ben’s hero as they get older.

            • I would also add that the harness the kids wore made more of a psychological impact than anyone has yet addressed. The harnesses directly manipulated the “happy receptors” in the brain much like heroin and narcotic pain-killers do. That Captain Weaver self-imposed this prison of addiction upon himself speaks to the depth of what the writers (although convoluted) are trying to convey via ‘The Matrix’: some people choose not to live life the way it is. However, I do have a complaint, the shot by Tom with the RPG is absurd. Also, that young cute brunette who’s all holy-roller annoys the heck out of me. She needs a re-write of her character FAST! Dialogue and story can get bogged down in “who cares land?” (i.e. the lady who had a baby, the big group prayer, etc.) Note to writers: we want more action and we want to feel loss to help identify with the characters.

      • Thank you. This bonehead was getting quite irritating in his rant.
        This is a pretty good show with decent acting and fine supporting efforts by a multitude of different characters.
        Classic? No. Worth watching? Yes.

    • Another thing that bothers me about this guys comment is the fact that he says this series would’ve been better as if this was its one and only series when we know there is a second season coming.

  27. I really Enjoyed the series,this is the first alien TV Series I have watched and it kept me thinking about the next Sunday night it airs threw-out the week.

    I do Agree with some of the comments that it was drawn out.Nothing really happened in the series as a whole but each episode gave you a small piece to the puzzle(really small piece though :D)

  28. Been really long and drawn out to get here, but has been a reasonably enjoyable ride so far. Like many, I hope that the acting gets better as that is really taking away from the story somewhat in my eyes.

  29. Finally a show that i couldnt wait to see each week and then i have to wait about 9 months to see Season 2,,,,forget it im not waiting you idiots are losing viewers