‘Falling Skies’ Renewed For Season 3

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Drew Roy Noah Wyle Moon Bloodgood Falling Skies TNT Falling Skies Renewed For Season 3

Rest assured, Falling Skies fans, the members of the 2nd Mass will still be fighting the alien menace that nearly wiped out the human race even after season 2 comes to a close. In somewhat expected news, TNT has announced they have renewed the sci-fi drama from Dreamworks Television for a third season to air sometime next summer.

Falling Skies has had an impressive go since the second season premiere a few weeks back, becoming the number one drama on cable television by pulling in an average of 5.9 million viewers an episode – and the season is only half over at this point. The ratings for season 2 have been as good, if not better than those of season 1, and those numbers likely figured heavily into the decision to produce more episodes of a program requiring a fairly hefty budget – believed to be around the $3 million per episode range.

As far as casting is concerned, fans will have to wait until the second season finale to find out which characters will survive and move on to the next 10-episode arc. Those hanging with us for the season 2 recaps will be pleased to know that Lost alum and future resident of 666 Park Avenue, Terry O’Quinn, will be making an appearance later on as a fellow history professor and former mentor of Tom Mason (Noah Wyle). At present, O’Quinn is slated to appear only in the final two episodes, so whether or not he’ll be a figure in season 3 remains to be seen.

Noah Wyle Drew Roy Falling Skies TNT Falling Skies Renewed For Season 3

TNT president Michael Wright had this to say about Falling Skies and its renewal:

“‘Falling Skies’ is television storytelling at its very best, a powerful drama that’s told on both an epic scale and on a deeply personal level. We can’t wait to see what DreamWorks Television and ‘Falling Skies” terrific production team and cast members have in store for season three.”

TNT certainly seems to have found its groove in terms of summer television. Along with Falling Skies working well for the network on Sunday nights, the nation seems ready to welcome the Ewings back with open arms on Wednesdays. The successful return of Dallas has also earned impressive ratings, in addition to a second season renewal.

Fans looking for more Falling Skies information can either attend the Comic-Con panel featuring showrunner Remi Aubuchon and stars Noah Wyle, Moon Bloodgood (Anne Glass), Will Patton (Captain Weaver), Drew Roy (Hal Mason), Sarah Carter (Margaret), Connor Jessup (Ben Mason) and Colin Cunningham (John Pope) – which will be moderated by nerd king Wil Wheaton.

If you won’t be at Comic-Con, you can follow Screen Rant for complete coverage of all the announcements made in relation to your favorite shows and upcoming films.


Falling Skies season 3 is expected to air on TNT in 2013.

Source: Deadline

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  1. Just a thought but while Earth has a lot of water, one of the constituents of life, Europa theoretically has twice as much! Ganymede given the data collected has water and so does Callisto, Enceladus, Titan, Oberon and quite possibly many others, as well as the distant Oort cloud. So the question becomes if an invasion force comes to the solar system why target Earth first? Because we’re going to mount some extraordinary resistance to fight off invaders? Hardly, we can’t even mount a collected effort to colonize the Earth’s moon little lone lift heavy loads that with current viable impulse methods takes what 7 years to get 4685 Lbs to Saturn at a cost of 3.26 Billion dollars! I found this data in under 20 minutes! So how industrious do you have to be to write Science Fiction for Hollywood? How stupid or bored do you have to be to bother to watch such drivel?? Do something interesting explore http://saturn.jpl.nasa.gov/ your taxes at work…

    • *cough* slave population *cough* INHABITABLE planet *cough*

      It’s not just all about the water ;)

      • Did it come up that they came to Earth for water? They could just steal all the water off the planet without going through all the trouble they are on the show. Odds are the writers haven’t come up with the purpose for the alien invasion yet, or they are just trying to think of something that will be a good swerve for the viewers.

      • OK I like it that you’re thinking but go a few steps further. As a species we’ve at least been able to take a look around. The closest possibly inhabitable exoplanets for our own species are from 20 light years and for the best candidates up to 600 light years away. Don’t you think that if you’ve conquered those kinds of distances it’s highly likely you’ve conquered the petty problems of environment and labor? Don’t you think it would be easier to design a race of slaves, self adapt your own species to inhabit more hostile environments or come up with innovative technologies to adapt the environment? Wouldn’t it be easier to conquer laziness within society and increase the birth rate than engineer a race of slaves? Look around, what’s our own unemployment rate? Take our own solar system as an example too. Wouldn’t it be easier for us to push two small bodies together and make habitable places in the solar system than travel somewhere far away to look for one that might serve our purposes?

        I don’t think These are the reasons you come so far for so little.

        • its a poorly and clichè ridden show. It was hard form me to get thru 5 episodes i gave it. Truly suprised its still on TV.

          • oh shut the f*** the up. Its a good show. The reason the aliens are on earth is something the show offers us something to think about. Like in the walking dead how did the infection start? we dont know. Percent of people infected? answered which blew the minds of the viewers. Just because the show doesnt answer everything and spoon feeds you all the knowledge doesnt mean it sucks. It makes your think of possibilities and you b**** about it.

          • like to see you make a better tv show

        • There really aren’t many steps to go with Sci-Fi or any of this really. Even if you take aliens out of the equation, what is the purpose of world domination? Any plot where you have some “bad-guy” who wants to take over (insert people or place), and the “good-guys” are hell bent on stopping them is almost a zero sum game. If the antagonist ever actually succeeds and there is no resistance, then what do they do? Now they have to actually just run things, which is probably a crap job anyway.

          With these alien situation everything you are saying is in play, but you also have to figure that as a species they actually have either ruined their own world, or just don’t have any purpose in life and just go around destroying things. Using your example with Earth and humans, as it stands now what do you think we would do if we managed to travel vast distances and discover new worlds? People would probably screw up whatever planet they find just as bad as they have this one.

        • Wonderful argument but now you get into the “ancient alien” theory. Supposedly we are bred to be a worker race and evolved to this point from there. If you are digging for info on the show…. Good luck with those answers. If you are trying to enlighten us…. STOP!!!!! We like the show and will wait for the show to give us it’s answers, thank you

      • Who says Earth was their first stop

    • You should change your name to : “The Angry Old Man Who Has Nothing To Do But Annoy People Who Understand The Defintion Of Science FICTION”

    • Calm down, it’s just entertainment. Go back to reading your Webster’s Dictionary.

    • nerd

    • The aliens have come to earth to build a weapon that will be used for there war against another even more fierce race. The Alien Warlord even stated that if extinction was in their plans, they would have been wiped out, and as soon as they were finished with their mission, they would be left alone.

      Season 2 finally the destruction of the large gun (that was not facing earth) and killing of the Warlord himself.

  2. I love the show, don’t listen to the old curmudgeon. Glad to see it’s been reupped.

  3. “Hardly, we can’t even mount a collected effort to colonize the Earth’s moon little lone lift heavy loads…”
    “How stupid or bored do you have to be to bother to watch such drivel??”
    Uhh, The Old Man, how stupid do you have to be to not know that it’s ‘let alone’ not ‘little lone’?

    I like Falling Skies and Dallas. Glad they are both renewed.

  4. Yeah John sorry I was in a hurry I knew when I hit submit that ‘let alone’ not ‘little lone’ was a problem. Dinner was waiting and I’ve seen such atrocious writing go by that I’ve never criticized, I thought the message would be considered more than the small grammar mistake. Oh well if you can’t hit back or defend what you like with a cogent argument or find the time to build a discussion you can always find fault in the grammar.

    I’m not a writer or professional story-teller. Flunked 8TH grade English simply because the teacher couldn’t control the delinquents in the class. I don’t get paid 10′s of thousands of dollars to stuff one more Coke commercial down your throat or squeeze the last dollar out of your pocket for uninteresting programming on HBO. I certainly expect more from those who do…

    • it shows mate

    • Get over yourself. The show is great entertainment. If you don’t like it, don’t watch. It’s better than dancing with the stars or other reality crap that is on now a days.

    • troll

  5. Finally! A decent sci fi tv series makes it past season 2. Now they can further develop what has become an engrossing story thus far.

  6. I have no clue where you are getting the water theory from? I recall when Mason was in captivity the overlord hinted to some sort of mass cleansing of Earth. Now that horrible movie Battlefield:LA the aliens were after water for a power source.

  7. Nothing was ever said about water imxaequitas is right. They said something like they were because we were over populated, useing all our resourses, spiraling out of control. They also made there own slave race there called skitter and the children of earth. I beloved they also did there research, making there alien master fifteen foot tall like in the summerian text. How it say that they created us in there image. Probably why they have two eyes two nostrils two legs two arms and also why they seem so worried about us. I think there here to help in there own twisted lil way. But you know I see y the old man so worried about it

    • I also had a lot of miss spelled words and alot grammer mistakes but I could care less I’m not going to spaz about it. But at the end I ment to put y is the old man worried about it if u don’t like it don’t watch it… I love the show they should keep it going. Lil touch screens got love them but u cant help but to hats them!!!

  8. yeah if you dont like the show then why waste your time watching it and our time by telling us how much you hated it just quit and save us the ear ache.Now thats off my chest i would like to thank TNT for a truly entertaining sci-fi show and i cant wait to see what happens next.

    once again thanks TNT
    Jon Wilson

  9. Firstly this is entertainment and as far as entertainment goes, this is a good piece of sci fi entertainment. and for those who love scifi entertainment it is a good shot at it and has kept us entertained, but as this is the nature this argument has taken then so be it. if an advance alien race has already conquered the challenges of interstellar travel then yes I. agree that having to fight is not a challenge they would allow to stand in your way but like it has been said many a time if water was the objectives there are many a planet that would offer the same prize without the same price. its already been suggested by the shows writers that this is
    more an ideological endevour but the point remains, this is a good show that keeps us all glued in and thats the point if you’ve watched the show enough to know what you should say to explain your hatred for it then the writers and network has achieved their objective. shut up enjoy and like the rest of us await whats coming next with anticipation!

  10. To all the haters on this thread. Why are you reading a news story about a show you have no interest in? You may not like it but clearly many people do. If I saw a news story about Coronation Street or Paris Hilton or some other show I thought was rubbish I would skip to something I was interested in.

    In other words grow up and stop being trolls and go and find something that actually interests you.

    As for me I can’t blumin wait until series 3, the series has had me captivated from the very beginning. I don’t care if maybe there are better solar systems to go and raid, if the story was about the effects on human society of some uninhabited solar system being mined then the series would basically be Eastenders based in Charlston. Hmm I bet that would make an exciting series.

  11. desculpe pela tradução feita pelo google
    No Brasil tenho acompanhado a serie e como fan de Star trek desde 1970 (12 anos) finalmente achei algo que me cativasse.
    Acabei de ver o ultimo episodio da 2º temporada e não vejo a hora de assistir os novos episodios…
    Com certeza entramos no meio de uma guerra entre extra terrestres e seremos manipulados pelos 2 lados pois agora a outra nova raça ficara ou não apoiando a revolução até que seja conveniente para eles…
    sorry for the translation by google
    In Brazil I have followed the series and as fan of Star Trek since 1970 (12 years) finally found something that captivate me.
    I just saw the last episode of the 2nd season and can not wait to watch the new episodes …
    Surely we enter the middle of a war between aliens and will be handled by the two sides because now another new race had been supporting the revolution or not until it is convenient for them …

  12. Show it now there may not be a next year for many.

  13. When is the premiere date for episode 1 of Season 3???? I miss this show.

  14. I just really really loved Jimmy! Compass is my favorite episode because I think it had the most scenes with Jimmy Boland. I wish Compass could have ended differently. :(
    But I still love the show to death, and I can not wait until season 3! Aggghhh!!!
    Now everywhere I go and everything I do, I cherish and try to remember because I’m truly afraid that we’re going to be attacked! The show is so real for me, I feel like I’ve known all the characters (especially Ben) for, like, ever.
    Don’t listen to the haters.
    If you don’t like the show, why are you here?

  15. I think the new allins should bring new tek to help fight the fishheads
    because the skiders are thire childrn an they know how the humans feel.

  16. Lots of you saying writer need to come up with a reason for the alien invasion , For me it was obvious (might be wrong tho) To boost their numbers thru the children harness ….

  17. when does season 3 2013 return on tnt

  18. When will the first episode of season 3 be aired on tv

  19. There is a reason that fits the series.
    The firsts aliens are retreating on a galactic war. Because they need to gain time in a flight, they see our planet as a opportunity to make a barricade using our population as slaves and the remains of the civilization to make some defenses to build a barrier that stops their enemies enough time to wait for the reinforcements.

  20. The Espheni and the Volm are fighting each other in a huge galactic war. The Volm are about to end this war. Earth must be in a perfect galactic line of sight for building super weapons that can destroy an alien home world. We’re just the primitive race caught in the middle.

    Some of the science fiction is awesome, like terraforming our DNA.

    Problem (for me)is the humans characters, all the human characters are awful. Who can relate to these vapid characters that non stop do stupid things? I cast blame on the director, not cast. I don’t have a problem with any acting on the show.

  21. The title of this site is “screenrant.” To rant is to complain. The Old Man came here to complain about what he considers to be a stupid series. Those who want to hurl personal insults at him are childishly rude at best; not to mention they are violating the rule against personal attacks. The web has become a place for immature barbarians to reveal their inner garbage without restraint, sad to say.