First Look At The Fallen From Transformers 2

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It seems most of our first looks at characters for Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen are coming through images of the upcoming Hasbro toy line for the movie. Some of the characters we’ve gotten sneak peaks of through the toys so far include Sideswipe, Soundwave and a new tank variant of Megatron (who director Michael Bay later said would not be in the film).

And now, we finally get a first look at the title character for Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen – provided again through yet another unofficial release of some images of the Hasbro toy.

While the original character color scheme is mostly kept intact (for the toy anyway) the design looks like it meshes Stargate with Transformers with the obvious Egyptian styling and structure of the face.

I’m not blown away by the design and it’s hard to tell how big the character will be on screen from these pics but the one thing I can say is that I’m not liking how there seem to be several characters that don’t have a vehicle mode disguise. Similar to Megatron from the first Transformers, The Fallen’s vehicle mode appears to be a Cybertronian-type jet. This is also similar to the new design of Soundwave we saw from the toy.

Take a look and see what you think:

the fallen 1 First Look At The Fallen From Transformers 2

the fallen 2 First Look At The Fallen From Transformers 2

the fallen 3 First Look At The Fallen From Transformers 2

This helps explain why there was plenty of shooting for the film out in Egypt with Pyramid backdrops and better yet, we can now match a body to that face from the Transformers 2 poster. For the toy collectors out there, this particular item is being released as a Deluxe size figure.

I don’t like how some of these new designs appear to be stepping even further away from the original Transformer designs but I’ll wait to see how they look on screen before judging.

And for a comparison, here is the original design for The Fallen:

the fallen original First Look At The Fallen From Transformers 2

What do you think of the design for The Fallen?

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen opens on June 26, 2009.

Source: TF08

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  1. Bummer they couldn’t have kept him more like the original… Looks awkward just like all the other toys. You’re right, the concepts we’ve seen so far are getting pretty out there.

  2. remeber those scret pics of that weird transformer or the one that looked like cloverfeild remeber the fallen is that cloverfeild type

  3. the cartoon of the fallen looks like a Gundam.

  4. [Michael Bay on "Transformers desings"] “”””Well, it’s just, you know, listen, it’s like…I didn’t want to make the boxy characters, you know? Think about it, 30 feet in the air in the real world, just boxes, you know and it’d just look more fake, you know?
    And by adding more doo-dads, you know, stuff on the…stuff. Stuff on the robots, more car parts, and…you know you can just make it look more real.”””

    Bionicals: Revenge of the Fallen
    A Michael Bay film

  5. So…. the Fallen, is he like Galvatron or something? These new TF toys are absolutely horrible. I feel like our kids are getting ripped off and not getting the great toys we once had! Not only did some of their modes look great, but some actually worked like Reflector, >the camera that was 3 robots<, It’s bad enough to waste my money to take my kids to see the new movie, but I sure as heck won’t be buying the toys….
    Michael Bay and Uwe Boll are 2 of a kind…………..

  6. @ Alpha Trion

    Bionicles! Good call dude, That’s exactly what they look like.

    @ Dannyboy

    Adding to your rant about the toys – they make so few of the ones actually in the movie and 10 times the amount (and 10 times the variants) of others not in the movie – all repaints that look cheap but cost quite a bit.

  7. The purpose of the shapeshifting is camouflage, right? What does this thing have to hide from? In the previews its as big as a building, and it looks like the transformers shown at the beginning of the first movie( in the Cybertron scene). i guess it did kind of suck that Megatron did not have any discernable alternate form, he would have looked kind of stupid as a big gun, but he has been a lot of different things, they are kind of incorporating them all.
    What did the original Fallen transform into?

  8. @ Kyyle23,

    The Fallen wasn’t in the teaser trailer. I think you may be thinking of the giant robot with the huge centered wheel? That’s one of the Contructicons that will help form Devastator.

  9. I didn’t keep up with the Transformers cartoon very much, but looking at the toy’s design of Fallen and the picture comparison… That’s just silly off.

    How can you get it that wrong? Don’t directors have access to google images?


  10. i think the fallen is in the trailer, remember when prime got his hit in the face, well i think that was the fallen, and no, as far i and a lot of others are aware the fallen and megatron(who isnt supposed to be in the film) are two different characters.

  11. Just wonder if Starscream or Megatron will fight the Fallen character. Hope Megatron is in the movie, would like to see him face off with the Fallen.

  12. If you look at the teaser again, the giant character has two wheels and looks like one is on the back. I have a theory: he’s one of those gigantic dump trucks:

    But I think he and another transformer like him make up the dump truck. Other twins, maybe?


  13. @ Rob
    Yeah, I’m just glad they re-released the vintage stuff… some of these are as lame as the old Go-bot Rocklords… Oh cool I got a robot that turns into a rock, sweet……
    I just don’t see how these look better at all, or are more realistic…..

  14. Looks like a grasshopper stood up on it’s hind legs and went, hey im going to be a transformer… Look at the original, why couldn’t the designs have stayed true to the originals.
    I will watch this film but, this ain’t transformers to me.

  15. Lol @they look exactly like bionicles.
    The Fallen looks awesome,he is a bit mistransformed in these pics. They aren’t suppose to look as simplistic as you wish for them to be Rob. It’s called a new take Ryan. You aren’t obligated to watch the Transformers movies.

  16. One thing I do like about the plot so far is that the Fallen look to be the first Decepticon because of he’s face. Sideswipe interestingly enough looks to possible be the orginial Autobot because of he’s face. I could be wrong about Sideswipe.

  17. I think the new take needs to be taken by someone else. God forbid any robots looking like this in the future. Sure I ain’t obligated to watch it but I want to watch it.. I just want to watch something that actually looks half decent.
    In the future the Japanese will design the transforming robots and you know what they’ll look like?
    Nothing like Bay’s robots, thank god. Macross plus designs all the way. Now those…are transformers.
    That and the G1 designs, the end.

  18. Why is it most new takes on things are actually worse than the originals? I love it how people say they are fans of the original material and proceed to completely mutilate it. Good job Bay.

  19. @ryan

    you say its only half decent then why do you want to watch it?

    the designs are awesome, would you rather have the blocky designs from the toys, well they tried that and it didn’t work, the new designs made them look realistic

  20. Because at the end of the day it’s transformers and I’m a sucker for the brand name, also im tempted to see how much better this is over the first movie.. It certainly can’t get any worse. LOL @ the designs are awesome..your one of the few that like them… they don’t need to look that way to look realistic, blocky designs? Have you even checked out dreamwave’s transformer designs? They stay true to the original form but make them way more pumped up. BTW current humanoid robots are “blocky” in design.. you can’t get more real than that Gigan300. These designs ain’t realistic.. they’re just a mess.. I prefer a solid flat form over a million tiny bits protuding out trying to pretend to be a solid flat form. Original TF designs are clean.. there’s nothing clean about these designs.

  21. I don’t think they’re supposed to look just look like future robots, they’re organic alien robots, right?

    I honestly didn’t mind the designs of the first film and I don’t think comparing to any of the shows is a fair complaint because it’s simply not the show. It’s a live action movie using the ‘ideas’ of alien robots that can transformer into vehicles.

    That being said, I’ve seen concept art of many characters (including Devastator and Soundwave) that look much better than the actual on-screen designs IMO.

  22. I think the movie also has arcee,jetfire…… megatron, starscream,baricade.a trailer can’t show much…..besides Bay said that he’ll leak false info intentionally.

    Optimus may die in this… in story he died once, then was rebuilt