Fall 2013 TV Preview – SR Underground Ep. 95

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Screen Rant Underground Podcast Header Fall 2013 TV Preview   SR Underground Ep. 95

The Screen Rant editorial team is back with episode ninety-five of the Screen Rant Underground podcast.

Join host Ben Kendrick fellow SR editors Rob Keyes, Anthony Ocasio, and Kofi Outlaw as we preview the best and worst new Fall 2013 TV show trailers, discuss the trailer for Insidious 2, the return of creator Dan Harmon to Community, as well as round-up the latest comic book movie news.

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Screen Rant Underground: Episode 95 - Fall 2013 TV Preview

We preview the best and worst new Fall 2013 TV show trailers, discuss the trailer for Insidious 2, the return of creator Dan Harmon to Community, as well as round-up the latest comic book movie news.

[0:00] News: Benicio Del Toro joins ‘Guardians of the Galaxy‘, Lucas Till’s Havok Returning For ‘X-Men: Days of Future Past’Henry Cavill Talks ‘Justice League,’ ‘Batman/Superman’ & ‘Man of Steel 2′, the ‘Insidious 2′ trailer, and Fired Community Creator Dan Harmon Asked Back for Season 5.

[1:05:03] Rants and Raves: Reader Mailbag – Modern Classic Kid Movies & The Best and Worst Movie Marketing.

[1:34:52] Fall 2013 TV Preview (read our full 2013 TV Trailer Preview):


  • NBC – The Blacklist (Drama) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k9_qgX7pTlc
  • FOX – Almost Human (Drama) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ykwxg534yAw
  • NBC – The Michael J. Fox Show (Comedy) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SXl-krlLoxg
  • CBS – The Crazy Ones (Comedy) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pWEL-FqBW0o
  • ABC – Resurrection (Drama): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F3dGcgHKru4
  • CW – Reign (drama) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=62zFbgY3psw
  • NBC – Dracula (Drama) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z1jVcmDH43Y
  • ABC – Mixology (Comedy) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9sXkzoNOw5E
  • NBC – Sean Saves the World (Comedy) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2QqNLDrJGB4
  • CBS – The Millers (Comedy) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-UOkcqYl6po

[2:18:25] Twitter Handles and Contact Information.

[2:20:13] Game Rant News Brief: Pre-E3 Predictions.

Hosts: Ben Kendrick, Rob Keyes, Anthony Ocasio, and Kofi Outlaw.



Next Week’s Review: Man of Steel

Last Week’s Official Box Office Battle Reader Winner (After Earth opening): Sal reports that Joshua D and Chris A tied with scores of 11. But Chris A. nailed the tiebreaker and has won yet again.

Opening in theaters this week (Wide):

  • Man of Steel – 4,200
  • This is the End – 2,900

Opening this Week in Theaters (Limited):

  • Before Midnight – 600

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  1. 1 – Man of Steel
    2 – This Is The End
    3 – The Purge
    4 – Now You See Me
    5 – Fast 6
    10 – Before Midnight

  2. Yeah, Havok’s power was kind of like a hoola-hoop. It wasn’t portrayed very well in X:FC.

    In the comics the summers bros relationship was quite complex and could be a film in itself. Both brothers had trouble controlling their powers, Scott needing the ruby quartz lenses to hold back the force, and Alex… he never used his powers at times because they were so dangerous, people died. All thanks to their time spent at Mr. Sinistr’s orphanage, where he inhibited their powers unbeknownst to them.

    And Scott hasn’t always been such a perfect leader as some imply, once he left his wife and child to be slaughtered by the maurauders when he found out jean grey was alive.

    And Havok began to make attempts to control his powers when the x-men were hiding inthe aussie outback, where he picked up Scott’s leftovers and started seeing Scott’s ex-wife (of course she was actually the goblin queen and manipulated the whole thing but thats another story).

    • Wow! I kind of want to see a Uwe Boll version of that Goblin Queen love triangle story!

  3. 1.Man of steel
    2.this is the end
    3.the purge
    4.fast 6
    5. Now you see me
    10.ironman 3

  4. When I was a kid, I loved reading about Mary Queens of Scots. Reign feels like an insult to my intelligence. Will not be tuning in!

    • C’mon… it’s the untold story!

  5. For me personally I think I want to see a Superman sequel and a solo movie from a character like Wonder Woman before Justice League. Setting up the Universe would be best way but I think if they are going to anything after Man of Steel other then Man of Steel 2 that they should do a Worlds Finest movie. Batman/Superman movie would sell and you could feature the 2 most recognizable characters & introduce a new Batman in a different way from what Nolan has done.

    Of the ones up there Almost Human is the one I’m most interested in because of the concept & the involvement of Karl Urban & Michael Ealy. Blacklist looks cool because of James Spader, so it looks worth a look but I’m not sure. S.H.I.E.L.D. I’m curious on what it will feel like, is it an episodic procedural or will it be break that mold into something different.

    Anthony I’m surprised no love for CBS Intelligence with Josh Holloway I know it really didn’t have a trailer but I think it’s got a cool concept could make for interesting show.

    • Intelligence falls too close to CBS’s comfort zone of generic shows for me to get excited. I did have the “trailer” ranked somewhat high on my list, though, but then I realized it’s mideseason.

      Here’s my issue w/ CBS: CBS has the numbers to make anything work. Sure, their ad money takes a cut because of the older demo, but they have so many “textbook hits” that it doesn’t even matter. CBS hasn’t really “tried” in many years.

      • I hear what your saying about CBS’s police procedural formula & the fact that usually coming on during mid-season has a negative connotation. It coming out on mid-season Monday nights might helps it from not going up against Monday Night Football and some mid-season shows like the Following catch on why couldn’t something CBS put it out there do the same.

        I agree that CBS does the same procedural type shows but the concept has a feel of something different from NCIS/CSI. It does seem like they are at least breaking away from an atypical episodic police procedural and it feels more like a serialized Six Million Dollar Man meets Persons of Interest.

        “I figured you out Rob Keys, you have this weird obsession with Vampires”
        – Anthony Occasio
        – Rob Keys

  6. Box office battle

    1 – Man of Steel
    2 – This Is The End
    3 – The Purge
    4 – Now You See Me
    5 – Fast 6
    10. Hangover Part 3

  7. Damn I felt my question from two weeks ago was going to come up when you were talking about Hansel & Gretel Ben!! :P

    • I actually planned to address that one in the mailbag section and then we ran out of time. It would have been a good point to bring up when talking about Hansel & Gretel for sure! We’ll get to it.

      • Haha, yeah I thought so and it was a fun remark when I heard it!

        No worries though, still enjoy every podcast, each week!! ;)

  8. Die Hard 2 is great!

    The worst marketing that I’ve seen so far was the trailer for “The Bridge to Terabithia”. Here we have a pretty heavy and sad drama about friendship, bullying and loss that only uses some fantastical effects to visualize the two children’s imagination. The trailer, however, makes it look like some silly fantasy movie for kids along the lines of Harry Potter.

    What is the point of misleading marketing like that? It raises expectations that cause disappointment when people actually see the movie, while it alienates people who might be interested in the actual movie but who are being put off by the seeming fantasy scenario. Plus it has the potential to traumatize kids who don’t know what they are getting into when they watch this movie. Sounds like a lose-lose-lose situation to me.

    • Yeah, judging by the comments in my ‘Beautiful Creatures’ review – a similar thing happened with that book series. There was a lot of fan backlash and on top of that, no one went to see the film. Definitely seems like disappointment played a role.

  9. So I guess Damion Poiter is not officially on for Thanos then. As for Days of Future Past, I don’t know there just seems to be too many characters and stuff going on. I liked James Marsden as Cyclops but he never had any cool moments and he was the worst leader ever. He was barely in X-Men 1, knocked out and mind controlled most of X2 and killed the first five minutes of X3.
    As for DC, I’m all for solo movies first. They should just make a Man of Steel sequel, Wonder Woman, Flash and then Justice League and reboot Batman and Green Lantern through that. I don’t how anyone can think a Wonder Woman or Flash movie won’t sell. Geez and Aquaman, I’m sick of the Aquaman hate. Put him in a movie. I tell you, if DC can keep the same tone and atmosphere like Man of Steel in their other movies Marvel will have some legitimate competition.

    • Yeah, James Marsden definitely got shafted in those movies – regardless of how you feel about the various portrayals of the character in the comics. As an actor in a film, he was definitely playing fourth-fiddle to most of the other X-Men.

  10. 1. GOTG won’t be the next Green Lantern. The visual effects won’t be as terrible, and I’m sure Marvel has learned from Thor about how to create these other worlds now. Thor II looks miles better visually compared to the first film. GOTG cast is better imo, minus Bautista. I think GOTG will be a hit, maybe not financially, but critically.

    2. X-Men DOFP is looking more and more like a mess. Some characters in the film are going to get sacraficed in terms of character development for awesomeness. Yes it’s going to be great seeing all of these people together, but if they’re just there to be there and not contribute to the story at all, then it’s a waste of character and cast. I hope this isn’t going to be X3 all over again.

    3. A Justice League film should happen, after a World’s Finest film. If Superman can’t get something done by himself, and with the help of Batman, that’s reason alone for them to create a team. A World’s Finest film will for sure top the Avengers financially.

    • A World’s Finest film would be really cool for sure – and could, as you mentioned, provide a good setup for the larger Justice League team-up.

      Given the interplay between Batman and Superman in the comics, it would be great to get one film where that chemistry can really play-out and be explored instead of just a few lines or scenes in a JLA team-up.

  11. They should do the MoS sequel and then leave that character established for Justice League; Superman isnt the most interesting character, being so powerful and all. Then with that, launch the JL movie or the Batman/Superman and go on from that. I´d be fine if they stop making MoS movies after the first 2 and focus on the JL and on the others superheroes. I´d like if they dont deny or avoid the existence of the other superheroes like Marvel did with Iron Man 3.

    • This one is even trickier than Avengers – since we are talking about numerous characters with God-like powers. Suspension of disbelief in their solo films is going to be challenging for sure – which is one reason continuing the Nolan Batman films might be harder than some people think. Since a lot of people would be asking where Superman was during the siege of Gotham (since Clark Kent would have been active at the time – albeit still hiding in the shadows).

  12. Im with Anthony, I too want that movie where humans f*cking fight back.

  13. #1 Man of Steel
    #2 This is the End
    #3 The Purge
    #4 Fast & Furious 6
    #5 Now You See Me
    #10 Before Midnight

  14. I 100% agree with Kofi on WB’s future DC films. Right now, they don’t seem to have a concrete plan set in stone (unless there’s a major Comic Con announcement I don’t know about) and this is something they should not rush.

    Take it one movie at a time and make sure that movie is great. Focus on the one character and don’t undermine the themes or characters of the main story for the sake of having Easter eggs and references a la Iron Man 2.

    If we get a Justice League film, that’s great. If we just get a solo Superman trilogy, I’ll be more than happy. We should all just sit back and enjoy Man of Steel and not worry about crossovers or shared movie universes.

    • I’m less and less convinced there’s going to be a major JLA-ish Comic Con announcement from DC. Maybe WB will detail a couple upcoming standalone films but it really seems like there is no current long-term plan in place.

  15. Hey! What do you mean Montreal is the weird part of Canada!! :P

    Here’s my box-office pick. It’s been a long time since my last entry, am I still eligible to some kind of contest anyway?
    1- Man of Steel
    2- The Purge
    3- This is the End
    4- Fast & Furious 6
    5- The Internship
    10- After Earth

    • Yep, there’s a prize for overall average too.

  16. 1.Man of steel
    2.this is the end
    3.the purge
    4.fast 6
    5. Now you see me
    10. After Midnight

    • lol, i meant 10. Before Midnight..

  17. Do any of our hosts watch venture bros, season 5 is awesome so far?

    Anthony should play luigis mansion on 3ds.

    Do you think there will ever be a wolfman 2 with benecio del toro?…no..sad.

    Maybe there are multiple villains in avengers 2 but they gotta do Ultron sometime.

    • Wolfman 2 would be amazing!

      I do not watch Venture Bros. but might have to check it out now.

      • You would love it
        heres a clip from the premiere

        • Ben hates cartoons.

          • Then we’ll have to fix that.
            First we’ll start by calling them animated, not cartoons.

  18. 1- Man Of Steel
    2- Is This The End
    3- The Purge
    4- Now You See Me
    5- Fast and Furious 6

    10- Iron Man 3

  19. I wonder what will happen first

    NBC will be back on top of the broadcast channels or our Deadpool movie that we all want will actually happen

  20. 1 Man of steel
    2 This is the End
    3 Purge
    4 Now u see me
    5 fast 6
    10 hangover 3

  21. 1. Man of Steel
    2. This is the end
    3. Purge
    4. Now you see me
    5. fast 6
    10. Hangover