Fall 2009 TV: Premiering Tonight – Sept. 24

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tv network logos update  Fall 2009 TV: Premiering Tonight   Sept. 24

The premiere of FlashForward, CSI, Grey’s Anatomy and The Mentalist head this Thursday night’s primetime lineup. Let’s run down what’s on to tonight in hopes of easing the pain that Thursday night DVR’ing can bring.

What’s New?

8:00 PM

ABC – FlashForward: “No More Good Days”
Everyone on earth blacks out for two minutes and seventeen seconds and sees a glimpse of their future, but they must decide if they will accept their destiny or do anything they can to change it.

I was able to watch the entire pilot and I wasn’t exactly impressed with what I saw. Will I watch it? Yeah, but that doesn’t always mean I’ll like it. It does have a Lost vibe to it in that you’re intrigued about what’s going on, but you also know it’s going to take many seasons before the pay off comes.

Another odd thing about this show is that you’ll notice many familiar faces popping up during the pilot. Some of them good, some of them bad, some of them really interesting. Family Guy‘s Seth Macfarlane belongs in the interesting category. (I enjoyed him in this show; Even if it is brief.)

I don’t trust ABC with time-related shows. After they canceled Daybreak and screwed up Life on Mars (see the British version), I refuse to become attached until I know there’s going to be a payoff. That’s the problem with shows like this. If nobody watches it, they’ll cancel it and we’ll never find out what’s going on. If everyone watches it, they’ll extend it and ruin whatever the original plans were for it and we’ll have to wait years and years for a conclusion (see Prison Break). So, despite promises by the show’s creators that FlashForward has a carefully plotted beginning to end, it seems that we, the viewers, could end up left at the crossroads.

flash forward premiere  Fall 2009 TV: Premiering Tonight   Sept. 24

Check out our sneak peak on FlashForward where you’ll also be able to watch the first 18 minutes from the pilot. (If you’re interested in what the producers are looking to do with this series, check out our coverage of the FlashForward panel from Comic-Con.)

What’s Returning?

9:00 PM

CBS – CSI: Crime Scene Investigation: “Family Affair”
The CSI team, with the unexpected but welcome return of Sara Sidle (Jorja Fox), comes together to investigate the death of a famous young actress killed in a dubious traffic collision.

csi sidle return premiere  Fall 2009 TV: Premiering Tonight   Sept. 24

I’ve had quite the disconnect with the original CSI. After Grissom (Peterson) left and was replaced by Langston (Fishburne), the entire show changed. It was less interesting to me and things started to feel long and drawn out. It doesn’t help that Fishburne’s delivery as Langston is monotonous. Still, there are diehard fans out there and I’m sure you’ll be turning in to it. Especially with the return of Jorja Fox as Sara Sidle. I don’t even know how they’re going to play that, considering the whole reason of Grissom leaving was to be with her. If she shows up, where’s Grissom? They better not play the angle of, “Oh, he’s stuck in Memphis” or something equally as unimaginative. I’ll tune in tonight because I’m interested in seeing Sara again, but the rest of the season might be stay on my DVR until I’m in the mood to watch it.

ABC – Grey’s Anatomy: “Good Mourning” & “Goodbye” (two-hour episode)
In the first hour, entitled “Good Mourning” (9:00-10:00 p.m.), the hospital staff is left to deal with the aftermath of George’s passing. Hitting the staff hard, they all find unique ways to get through the various stages of grief. George’s mom returns, faced with the difficult task of deciding what to do with his organs. In the second episode, entitled “Goodbye” (10:00-11:00 p.m.), time has passed… Everyone is struggling after losing one of their own and are turning to any distraction they can find. Meredith and Derek seem to be consummating their marriage anywhere and everywhere, while Cristina and Owen have been instructed to abstain from sex by Dr. Wyatt.

greys anatomy premiere  Fall 2009 TV: Premiering Tonight   Sept. 24

This is another show that I never really got into. I understand that it’s really popular and something really crazy happened last season and everyone can’t wait to see what’s going to happen. I wish I could add more, but I’m out of the loop on this one.

10:00 PM

CBS – The Mentalist: “Redemption”
Jane and Lisbon learn that the Red John case has been reassigned to a new CBI team led by the straight-shooting officer Sam Bosco (Terry Kinney).

baker mentalist  Fall 2009 TV: Premiering Tonight   Sept. 24

For me, this show has sort of fallen in with Everybody Loves Raymond and Two and a Half Men in the fact that it’s one of the most popular shows on television, but I don’t know anyone that watches it. I originally started watching it when it premiered last year, but never got into it. I always felt that this show was kind of a rip-off/mash up of USA’s Psych and British mentalist, Derren Brown (Google him. Seriously. You won’t regret it). I know a lot of people love this show and many more love Simon Baker and his hair, so I’m sure to get some flak for this.

What Else Is On?

With Thursday night being one of the most episodic filled evenings, not everyone is clamoring for Grey’s Anatomy or The Mentalist. So, here’s a rundown of everything else that’s on tonight.

8:00 PM
FOX – Bones: “The Bond in the Boot”
NBC – Saturday Night Live: Weekend Update Thursday
The CW – The Vampire Diaries: Friday Night Bites

8:30 PM
NBC – Parks & Recreation: “The Stakeout”

9:00 PM
FOX – Fringe: Night of Desirable Objects
NBC – The Office: “The Meeting”
The CW – Supernatural: “Free To Be You and Me”

9:30 PM
NBC – Community: “Spanish 101″

supernatural awesome  Fall 2009 TV: Premiering Tonight   Sept. 24

What will you be watching? Are you interested in FlashForward? Excited for Grey’s Anatomy? Going to watch Supernatural twice? (Yes, I am.)

Let’s hear it!

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  1. Is Supernatural really that good? I have not seen it yet.

    Here is my rundown of my Th DVR (in no particular order):

    * Fringe
    * Community
    * FlashForward
    * Vampire Diaries (never seen it, this is to check it out)

  2. Slightly interested in flash forward, don’t watch Gray’s Anatomy, the Mentalist is a total rip off of Psych but I still watch it (And make fun of it being a rip off, and Baker’s hair. Ausie’s and their curly hair.) The only thing I’m really excited for is Supernatural. I’m with ya’ watching it twice. Is that Castiel without his trademark suit! BLASPHAMY.

  3. @Evie

    Supernatural really is that good! It somehow reminds me of this old Nickelodeon show “Are You Afraid of the Dark?” from when I was younger. The show is very much monster of the week, but it’s always very interesting and new. After 5 seasons, it has yet to start feeling old.

    Frigne is a definite watch. Love John Noble as Walter Bishop. (He’s from Australia too.)

    If you’re going to give Vampire Diaries a try, you might want to stick around for Supernatural.


    That is completely Castiel without his normal attire. I probably shouldn’t have used that promo pic as it’s from next weeks episode. I just thought an angel a machine gun looked awesome.

  4. Speaking of time related shows where you never really see a real “ending,” what happened at the end of Quantum Leap? I remember watching that religiously when I was younger, but lost track of it and now I have no clue how it ends…

  5. NM, I just went on wiki on my phone and read about Quantum Leap’s ending. I’m glad I didn’t watch it, what a load of crap, I know I would be pissed if I sat through so many seasons of a show only to find out that “Dr. Sam Beckett never returns home.” WTF???

    That’s like Sliders, from what I read, they dragged it on and on until eventually the show just fell apart before they actually had a proper conclusion. Not that it would have mattered since most of the original cast was gone by then, lol.

  6. @ Ken J

    Basically, Sam created Project Quantum Leap to “right the wrongs” and has control of where he leaps. He wants to leap home, but has one more thing to fix before he can. He leaps out, fade to black and we’re told Sam never made it home.

    Was originally supposed to continue next season, but it got canceled and that’s the ending we’re left with.

    I apologize to any time travelers from 1993 reading this. Didn’t mean to spoil anything for you. Buy Microsoft!

  7. I’ll check out Flash Forward but I’m not expecting much.

    CSI disappointed last season was it was okay I guess. Hoping for a bounce-back.

    The Mentalist is awesome.

  8. Yah, that sucks, would have liked it better if he made it home, lol. I guess that’s the problem with a lot of these tv shows, especially when the character(s) has an ultimate goal. Most of the time, you will never see that goal… Sliders, Battlestar Gallactica (original), Quantum Leap, etc…

  9. Watched FlashForward and liked it enough to keep watching.

    Cougartown with Courtney Cox was very funny.

    That was it for me. A banner night actually. Usually 1 to 2 shows a week is all I get to enjoy.

  10. just finished watching Flash Forward. It wasn’t bad. I have it set on my dvr now and it’s more interesting then Heroes.

  11. The Office is the only interesting show on that list.

    I laughed about the description of Mentalist. You nailed that (although I do have one friend that watches it). I’ll stick with Psych, a MUCH better show (funny, original, etc.)

  12. Forgot about the Office. I just thought it was understood that i watched it. :) Good as always.

  13. @SK-47

    Wow, those guys are such idiots… lol