First Trailer for True Story CIA Thriller ‘Fair Game’

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Fair Game Trailer First Trailer for True Story CIA Thriller Fair Game

Over the past few years Summit Entertainment has wielded a powerful one-two punch of financial and critical success in Hollywood.  The combined worldwide gross for the first three Twilight films is over a billion dollars. The cherry on that financial cake was the company’s Best Picture win at last year’s Academy Awards for The Hurt Locker.

This year Summit has assembled a team of creative powerhouses to tell the tale of Valarie Plame’s controversial public “outing” as a CIA agent in Fair Game – and today we’ve got the first trailer.

In Fair Game, Naomi Watts play’s Plame with Sean Penn’s portraying her husband, Joseph Wilson. The film’s director, Doug Liman, is no stranger to all manner of political intrigue spy films. From The Bourne Identity to Mr. and Mrs. Smith Liman is adept at weaving dynamic characters and heart-rending action into compelling and entertaining stories.

This film faces the challenge of creating dynamic tension for a tale that we all already know the ending to. There is also a strong likelihood that many will go into this movie with preconceived notions about the story it is telling – and powerful feelings about the people it is depicting.

Check out the trailer, courtesy of Yahoo! Movies:

In July of 2003, the name Valarie Plame unleashed a firestorm of controversy in Washington that reverberated throughout the world. Columnist Robert Novak exposed Plame as a CIA covert operative in the Counter-Proliferation Division. Mr. Novak’s actions potentially endangered her life, the lives of her loved ones and any classified operations she was involved with at that time.

Ms. Plame had been charged with overseeing the investigation into weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. As a part of her investigation, her husband, former diplomat Joe Wilson, was asked to look into an alleged large scale depleted uranium sale in Africa. The Bush administration had hoped to use that sale to lead credence to its allegations that Iraq was stockpiling weapons – and that Saddam Hussein posed a clear and present danger to the United States.

Fair Game Naomi Watts First Trailer for True Story CIA Thriller Fair Game

Many felt that Plame’s exposure was in retaliation to her husband’s New York Times Op-Ed piece “What I Didn’t Find in Africa” - which disavowed any evidence of the sale. Mr. Wilson’s testimonial severely undermined the Bush administrations public opinion agenda. WMD’s are now infamously known to be the principal reason the administration used to start a war that still rages today – seven years later.

Fair Game tells the tale of Valarie Plame’s exposure and the ensuing fall out for her family, the CIA, the journalistic community in Washington and the Bush administration at that time.

Fair Game Sean Penn First Trailer for True Story CIA Thriller Fair Game

With fascinating source material, strong performances from both Watts and Penn, and a hard-hitting visual style – Fair Game looks like one to watch.

Fair Game opens on November 10th.

Source: Yahoo! Movies [via FilmSchoolRejects]

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  1. well, i dont say this too excited about this PG-13 movie :)

    • Me too :)!

  2. Wow. This came totally under the radar for me. Sean Penn is such a good actor, as is Naomi Watts. The trailer looks fantastic and I’m sure it’s going to be great. AND you got Doug Liman who made The Bourne Identity directing this?!

    I’m there!

  3. When i first read this headline i saw trailer and true and thought i was true grit. Can’t stand penn (to pretencious, thank you team america). But looks good still. I’ll just pretend penn is a good actor lol!

  4. Too bad it’s not going to be factually accurate…I guarantee it’ll bomb. Penn cursed himself by being a hypocritical jackass for which I can’t separate his acting from his pretentiousness.

    • Agreed, he’s a tool

  5. I am just so sooo soooo in love with Naomi Watts! OMG! She is sooo hottrer than Nicole Kidman.

  6. The cast is a bit of a turn off for me. I mean Sean Penn can be a good actor, but sometimes he doesn’t do great. He’s like hit or miss and he is a couple douche in public as well. Watts isn’t exactly on my top actress list either. Lets face it Liman is pretty hit or miss. I mean hey Bourne was great but like you said he also did Mr and Mrs Smith which was awful.

    Penn being in it means it will be highly inaccurate and very very slanted in one direction. Expect a very preachy liberal interpretation of the facts and a few obvious and blatant lies thrown in just to prove an inaccurate point.

    Oh and it’s Summit Entertainment which 90% of the time isn’t entertainment.

    • Penn will never ever top his Spicoli perfomance :)

  7. what’s the 10% Daniel.

  8. If you mean Hurt Locker then its still 100%. That movie wasn’t that good

  9. Lol I liked Hurt Locker but I guess 10% is nice I probably should of said 97% is crap.

  10. Please, the Plame affair wasn’t what most people are being led to believe it was. Joe Wilson lied about what happened in Africa, he was not debriefed in a written format only orally. When he was put under oath he recanted his original story. Valerie Plame was not covered under the law as an agent. For god’s sake she parked in the C.I.A. parking lot every day. Victoria Toensing, the women who helped write the law covering the naming of undercover operatives stated that Plame did not meet the requirements of the law. She needed to be stationed overseas within 5 years of the event, she needed to have an official deep cover story, and she was neither of those things. This movie is going to be an over hyped fake account of these two people.

  11. Keep in mind as well that Joe Wilson was an out of work ambassador with no experience in searching for weapons in foreign countries. Both he and his wife were opponents of the Bush administration, and Valerie Plame got her husband the job in Africa. Besides, Bush reported what the British intelligence services told us. Saddam was trying to buy yellow cake uranium and the British have always stood by their reports.

  12. Valerie Plame was not a covert operative at the time of the Novak report. To be considered a covert operative, you had to live overseas within 5 years of the exposure. You must also have been officially classified as covert, which she wasn’t and the C.I.A. had to have given you an extensive deep cover background with a detailed false history. Remember, this alleged deep cover, covert agent parked in the C.I.A parking lot every work day.

  13. What a waste of time,,,
    This is like telling a story of how a murdering group of deceitful scumbags, jay walked one day and got fined for jay walking.
    “Oh wow they caught the Bush admin red handed jay walking. Got them all, real good that time!!!”

    “Yeah, let’s make that into a film!”

    “I’ve got Sean Penn on line 3, let’s do a conference call, get me Naomi Watts agent!!! I smell Oscar!!!”
    I really loved Sean Penn’s film “Into the Wild” but the guy clearly has some mental issues, and I wish he would get out of politics. He has no idea what he’s talking about.

  14. 790. You liked into the wild? That film that glorified a guy who did foolish things to cause his death. The soundtrack was cool though :)

  15. Well I guess you could take it that way Sully,,,

    You can judge the main character or you can try and see his point of view, and enjoy the journey.

    I can see how the film wouldn’t appeal to some, but enjoyed it…

    • I totally can see and respect what he did. I just think sean penn has a thing for glorifing things by manipulating facts. by reading about that guy and all the evidence I just feel Penn made the situation more than what it was. But to each his own.

  16. 790 glad we can agree that Sean Penn is absolutely insane.

  17. Gonna have to agree with you on the road Sully.

  18. If you liked Motorcycle Diaries and Syranna you’ll love Fair Game.

    Some in Hollywood have a hard time living with the capitalistic success achieved by their carefully cultivated “rebel” images. Every now and again they must make a film like this as a form of therapy.

    It will be a critical success and a hit at Cannes and Sundance, then go straight to video. The principles will then whinge about how ignorant common Americans are, and bear the loss on the venture as a badge of honor.

    Once they have gotten that out of their systems, they can then go back to “acting” like they are on our side, and hopefully make something we really want to see.

  19. This is all you need to know about this “true” story: Richard Armitage, the State Department deputy who eventually admitted he was Robert Novak’s source, is not listed at all in the list of cast and characters for this movie – but of course, since this doesn’t fit the movie’s narrative of a political vendetta, i.e., Armitage was only trying to explain to Novak why a retired diplomat with no experience at all in WMDs or counterproliferation was sent on the Niger mission: oh, turns out his wife at CIA set it up – mystery solved. Something else that won’t be in this “true” story: the fact that a bipartisan Senate investigation found that Wilson lied in his infamous New York Times piece. Of course Plame and Wilson perpetrated multiple lies during this idiotic affair; too bad there were – and are – plenty of useful idiots to enable their deceptions.

  20. Mooner its all a big distraction anyway. I think on that we can agree. ;-)

  21. Two simple words: Not interested.