F. Gary Gray Pulls out of ‘Captain America 2′ to Direct N.W.A Biopic

Published 3 years ago by , Updated July 24th, 2013 at 9:24 am,

It’s time to play, musical chairs with the potential directors of Captain America 2. As we previously reported, the shortlist for Captain America 2 directors were F. Gary Gray, George Nolfi, and Anthony and Joseph Russo.

Quite a mixed bag of names considering that Gray has worked on films such as Friday, The Italian Job, and Law Abiding Citizen. Then there’s Nolfi, who made his directorial debut with the quiet hit The Adjustment Bureau. Finally, and perhaps the most surprising of them all, the comedic pair who brought us Welcome to Collinwood and You, Me and Dupreee, as well as a couple of episodes of Community, Anthony and Joseph Russo.

Now the field has narrowed to two, as Gray has taken himself out of the running for Cap 2 to direct a biopic about the rise of the infamous rap group N.W.A – this according to a story reported by Deadline. One of the most prolific and controversial rap groups of the late ’80s, N.W.A consisted of Arabian Prince, DJ Yella, Dr. Dre, Eazy-E, Ice Cube, and MC Ren. While most songs from the N.W.A can be considered influential – some say that their work set the stage for gangsta rap – their explicit and sometimes troubling lyrics subsequently got them banned from radio airwaves.

The biopic, Straight Outta Compton, and is now being set up at New Line by Ice Cube’s Cube Vision. Gray has also directed music videos for Ice Cube, so the pairing seems inevitable.

Captain America Battle Avengers 570x320 F. Gary Gray Pulls out of Captain America 2 to Direct N.W.A Biopic

With Gary now out of the running, field of choice for the Captain America sequel has come down to Nolfi and the Russos. This sequel is set to pick up right after the events of The Avengers and has been rumored to follow a modern-day storyline. As mentioned, Nolfi has only one directorial feature on his resume while the Russos have two, but those are comedies – far from what an action-packed film like Captain America 2 is calling for.

That would make Nolfi a safe bet and The Russos more like a gamble (and I don’t mean that in a negative way). We will keep you informed about who gets the job.

Captain America 2 is set for the release date of April 4, 2014.

Source: Deadline

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  1. This is great news I don’t want a guy who would rather do a glorified rap video directing a movie of a american icon.

    • Don’t get it twisted, the N.W.A. film shouldn’t be considered a glorified rap video. That group just exposed the seedy side of society that no one wanted to hear. Besides Gary Gray is an excellent director and would have made a very good Captain America movie that would have smart and action packed. His credentials speak for themselves

    • I might have missed the NWA era but even I know calling a biopic about one the best rap groups ever a “glorified rap video” is reprehensible. You use the words “American icon” as if it cannot be applied to NWA as well. Dude!!

    • Not that you’ll likely elaborate, but you act as though Gray’s desire to direct an N.W.A film somehow negates his competence as a capable director regarding a fictional comic character.

    • JD5DAD,
      Your reasonning concerning the director`s choice on NWA instead of Cap, shows how much poor judgement you have on the art world. As an artist he has every right to pick the movie of his choice. and just the fact that he was considered for the job proves his talent. i would suggest you read his resume before you quickly judge someone because they chose a project which subject you are not related to. :)

    • “American Icon!” LOLOLOLOLOLOL! That’s like saying Supeeer…ah, nevermind.

    • racist

  2. damn take it down a notch, sheesh

  3. To be honest, I was wondering when an NWA film would be made. Just a matter of time imo. And “glorified rap video”? If it’s done right, then it would be a “glorified rap video” that a lot of people (myself included) would probably go see.

  4. Just as well, that film sounds like the antithesis of what Captain America is meant to be. So if that’s what he wants to direct, I’m glad he won’t be directing Captain America as well.

  5. Why isnt Joe Johnston coming back?

    • Good question???? I think it has something to do with how he may be portrayed in The Avengers….I guess???

  6. you may have my place in line, as i cant stand rap. i understand the “legitimacy”(for lack of a better word) of it, i just cant stand (most of) it, and i cant relate, as i didn’t grow up in the ghetto, or have cops harass me, or been involved in a shooting. but that’s just me, an old white guy. i do like the beastie boys, and some of eminem’s funnyish tracks, and some of the old old stuff…but to the real point, that’s a shame because he has dome some solid movies (the negotiator, Italian job, law abiding citizen) i hope someone good will be brought on board. personally i think peter berg would be a good choice. there are a couple of younger-ish directors i thought would be good with some marvel films, but i’m apparently having a brain-fart and cant think of whom else at the moment.

  7. I know this will never happen in a million years but i would love to see a Steven Spielberg Captain America film !

    • jj abrams could do a good job. MI3 was the best of the MI films, imho (i havent seen ghost protocol yet) but he’s too busy with star trek. i also think ben afleck could do a decent job

    • That would be epic.

  8. Joe Johnston did a great job with first Cap America and after watching the Rocketeer I can see why he was picked for it. He has a way of capturing that classic action adventure feel with certain movies (Cap and Rocketeer being prime examples). The settings for both films were similar WW2 era and maybe it is best to have a new director with a modern setting for Cap, I just wish it was someone a little more experienced.

  9. Did anyone notice the above picture of Captain America? Seems there’s ice all around him, possible an ice blast behind him as well. Could this mean the Frost Giants are back in action with Loki?

    • Never mind. I think its just dust and debris.

      • [facepalm]

  10. I really don’t like any of those directors to be honest…
    But if I had to choose I guess I’d pick Nolfi.
    I’m hoping Marvel does what they did with Thor 2: hire a director that didn’t really fit, then fire that director and hire someone that knows his way around the genre.

    • I second that idea.

  11. I am personally glad this guy is out. The NWA choice really doesnt bother me. I just dont think this guy is right for Cap.

  12. Agree with the Spielberg suggestion, but he wouldn’t do it. Maybe his protege’? Does he have one?

    As long as Cap 2 is BLACK HAWK DOWN meets FIRST BLOOD meets APOCALYPSE NOW, and no more montages, let’s see a continuous action movie with war and violence and CAPTAIN AMERICA proving that what he represents still matters!

    I don’t mind one dance number, the boys overseas needs a bit of r-n-r afterall.

    Characters: Cap, Fury, Widow, Winter Soldier and either Zemo, Red Skull and maybe Falcon.

    • Spielberg’s protege? — You mean like Joe Johnston?
      Yeah, I could see him doing a Cap movie
      Oh wait…

      • Really? Is he? That’s too funny.

      • Johnston was more a George Lucas protege than Spielberg. He was heavily involved in Star Wars and only worked with Spielberg b/c of his affiliation with Lucas.

        • Damn! I got mixed up there… :(
          Thanks for pointing it out Ignur.

  13. Of the three, F. Gary Gray was probably the best choice to put Captain in the modern era. However, I respect his decision to create the N.W.A. biopic. N.W.A. shouldn’t have had an effect on a Caucasian teenager from the midwest living on a farm, but it did. Because of the explicit lyrics and parental advisory and my own personal rebellion from my parents, I had to own Straight Outta Compton. And it changed my ideas about music, and opened me up to different styles. Now I’m proud to say that I’m one of the few people from my area who didn’t go country (I didn’t go rap either, but that’s beside the point). I’m glad to see a documentary of this influential group finally happen.

    As for Captain 2, from this short list of choices, I’d go with Anthony and Joseph Russo. Lots of comedic directors have moved onto other genres and fared well, remember Rob Reiner’s Stand by me, Kevin Smith’s Red State, Terry Gilliam’s Twelve Monkeys, Shawn Levy’s Real Steel, Frank Oz’s The Score, or the Coen Brother’s transformation from goofy comedies to Oscar caliber filming. I think the Russo’s are the best choice…of the choices being given to us.

    • I second that! :)

    • Well said B list porn star.

  14. I want to see the NWA movie!

    “Straight outta Compton, is a brother that’ll smother your mother, and make your sister think I love her!”
    Easy -E rip

  15. NWA biopic >>> Cap 2

  16. NWA Biopic?!?!!

    Sign me up!

    Can’t wait to see it!

  17. I wasn’t the biggest NWA fan but if it wasn’t for them my favorite rappers wouldn’ve come to be such as Above The Law,Bone Thugs-N-Harmony,2pac,and my favorite and most underrated artist\producer of all time Dj Quik.But the main point is if Gray would’ve directed Cap 2 it might’ve turned out pretty good.

  18. This director shuffle is going to be a thing with all of these Marvel movies it seems. Guess it’s the best way to keep those who aren’t ever satisfied happy and make sure nobody can be a scapegoat when/if something goes wrong.

  19. NWA biopic? Everybody should know by now that gangster rap and nwa in particular was created by covert organizations within the U.S. govt. The proof is in John Potash extensively documented book and video The FBI War on Tupac Shakur and Black Leaders.

  20. And nothing of value was lost.

  21. Its really not a big deal to me hes out….I believe Marvel believes in their characters almost as much ad the fans…..plus Stan Lee is still quality over quantity in my book. These movies are his legacy….his children so I believe he will always try his hardest to stay true to the comical.

  22. Sorry meant comics

  23. I clicked on something for the assassin’s creed movie and it brought me to this.