New ‘X-Men: First Class’ Trailer Offers More Mutants & Story

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New Longer X Men First Class Trailer New X Men: First Class Trailer Offers More Mutants & Story

Despite some unimpressive stills, photos and movie posters, the trailers for X-Men: First Class have sold us on Twentieth Century Fox’s attempt at launching another X-Men film series with the help of Bryan Singer and director Matthew Vaughn. The only problem is that all of the X-Men: First Class trailers so far have remained mostly the same.

Enter Yahoo with an exclusive extended trailer to offer something new and different for eager fans and those still debating whether the X-Men prequel is worth seeing compared to its summer superhero counterparts in Thor, Green Lantern and Captain America.

The new trailer runs 2 minutes and 40 seconds and right off the bat, you’ll raise an eyebrow, noticing that the intro and structure of the trailer is exactly the same. Don’t fret, the trailer does offer lots of new goodies, not the least of which is a much deeper look into the story and relationships of X-Men: First Class.

The most interesting elements presented in the added scenes involve more of Xavier (James McAvoy) and Erik Lehnsherr’s (Michael Fassbender) debating of philosophies, them discussing their young team of newfound mutant friends and their readiness for action, and lastly, the decision on the best way to introduce mutants to the world. Lehnsherr/Magneto and his horrifying history with the Nazis leaves him to believe mutants will be shunned, even though in his mind they are superior -whereas Charles/Professor X believes they should put their lives on the line to help stop a war, thus earning the trust of the world.

The extended trailer also looks at the supporting cast of mutants and their powers, showing off more of Havok’s energy blast, Angel Salvadore’s wings, Banshee’s underwater sonic scream and Beast’s transformation into the lovable blue fur ball. More importantly, we finally get to see and hear Raven Darkholme/Mystique (Jennifer Lawrence) and Hank McCoy/Beast (Nicholas Hoult) actually speak.

And the international version which features a few brief shots of Riptide:

While we are offered more of the political slant of the X-Men: First Class 1960s era story and many more shots of the “First Class” of X-Men mutants, the studio is still holding back on the Hellfire Club aspect of the plot, specifically the characters of Sebastian Shaw and Emma Frost. Perhaps that’ll be the focus of the final theatrical trailer as we edge closer to the film’s release, or better yet, maybe they’re keeping that a surprise to enjoy in theaters.

The X-Men: First Class cast includes James McAvoy, Michael Fassbender, Kevin Bacon, Jennifer Lawrence, January Jones, Rose Byrne, Nicholas Hoult, Jason Flemyng, Zoë Kravitz, Lucas Till, Oliver Platt, Ray Wise, Edi Gathegi, Caleb Landry Jones and Álex González.

X-Men: First Class hits theaters June 3rd, 2011 and I’ll be there.


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Source: Yahoo

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  1. Man, the McAvoy/Fassbender duo has great chemistry. This is the first X-Men movie I’ve really looked forward to.

    • likewise!

  2. The movie has potential, now if only they can squese a cameo of Wolverine in there somewhere, to keep the continuety with the other films, I think would be the frosting on the cake.

  3. movie looks awesome! mystique looks terrible.

  4. X-Men deserves better continuity treatment in a TV series format… what the films have shown to people over the past few years is mostly just explosions and the Bryan Singer signature flying people on wires, extremely wretched costume re-designs (i.e. the Juggernaut wearing a toilet bowl for a helmet) and Hugh Jackman as ‘young looking studly handsome’ Wolverine. But again, for those totally oblivious to the comic books, these movies are excellent popcorn-chewing entertainment. Until the proper First Class and origin of the X-Men comes to TV (the one including Marvel Girl, the Beast, Angel, CYCLOPS!, and Iceman) – non-comic book movie goers will have to digest the Bryan Singer version. I just hope I don’t see another backwards triple somersault from someone in this flick…

    • For one, Singer has nothing to do with xmen 3, in fact his story was completely different than the crap pot we got. So you can’t blame Juggeranut, or the host of mutant deaths, or the crappy phoenix story, or the crappy cure story, or the half second glimpses of other xmen like Angel, all on Singer. Hugh Jackmen does an amazing job at wolverine, he looks like Wolverine. The only ‘issue’ if you wanna call it that, is that he’s a tall dude. No where in the comics is woly ever a scruffy-goofy looking dood.
      So I must render your statement about those oblivious to the comic enjoying the films false, because I am a long time xmen fan, who owns all the uncanny xmen comics, and I for one out of many who love xmen 1 and 2. Singer did a good job of making it real. The whole fanboy argument of not being pleased that the films have been 100% accurate to the comics is just getting old. i am glad to not see an exact replica of the comics on screen. If it were like that, I’d get bored, fast! And I think many others will.

      Yes, I know there is confusion with the title being first class and it not being the actual first class, but come on, the film is about prof x and magneto, who did meet other mutants and do stuff before the school was founded. And that’s what this is, its the xmen’s origins.

      I wouldn’t be apposed to an xmen tv show though, that does sound cool.

    • LOL@Backward triple somersault!

  5. I want to go out there and call out all the “fans” of the series (of any comic series) who nitpick every little single tiny detail to death. That is why you dont like the movies. Because even the smallest little detail bugs you so damn much it ruins the movie for you, so you decide to ruin it for others by complaining about it. Now I will admit some BIG changes annoy me and ruin the movie for me (Im looking at you Baraka-Pool) but something like “OMG Mystique is a whore with a big forehead I HATE THIS MOVIE” leaves me sitting here thinking “really? reaally??” WHen i read that i think well Jennifer Lawrence has a slightly big head. and mystique is sometimes a promiscuous. i mean she was married to lord wagner when she had an affain with azael then had Kurt. She came on to Gambit and tried to seduce him so that Rogue would find out and go out with the guy Mystique had picked out for him. Hell the last time i saw mystique in a comic showed her and Daken seducing each other.

    The only thing I like more than comics are movies. So i understand why some changes have to be made. some of them i dont support (looking at you Fox/Sony). But it’s the nitpickers who throw little hissy fits over stupid things that are a disgrace to true believers. if you are a fan then have an open mind. when i heard they changed the ending to watchmen i was a little worried but the new ending was one i liked alot more than the original. so dont throw hissyfits over Havoc’s chest symbol looking corny (ill admit it can look better) or how the story focuses to much on Magneto (they admited that this film merged with Magneto Origins) and just take it like a man (or woman). You can mention it once on here, but there are certain people (i wont name names but you know who you are) mention their nitpicks in every single reply-comment on every single comment on all the threads.

    PS: Get the directors right for God’s sake. Bryan Singer directed X-Men and X-2. He left and Brett Ratner directed X-3 (ill admit i didnt like it) and Gavin Hood directed Origins (ill admit I HATED it but not all for fanboy reasons. mainly two many characters and plots in an 1 1/2 hour movie is nver a good idea)

    • Spearman19,

      You proved our point in your long comment with each parenthesis used.

      Thank you for the support and have a great marvel day.

      • I apologize for how long it got. not my original intent. i tend to rant in person and on keyboard. My apologies

        • Spear,

          You’re Ok with me man. I always ask people if they’d let Singer touch Batman or the Transformers and I haven’t had one yet say “helz yah!” LOL.

          Keep collecting and enjoying the books. I’ve actually stopped because it was getting way too exensive and stuff was getting stoooopid. Civil War was the last series I kept up with. Anyway.. thanks for the civil back and forth.

          oh.. Mystique is Amoral so her being with everyone and their momma fits her character. I just had to put that out there for those who care to read

    • @”want to go out there and call out all the “fans” of the series (of any comic series) who nitpick every little single tiny detail to death. That is why you dont like the movies. Because even the smallest little detail bugs you so damn much it ruins the movie for you, so you decide to ruin it for others by complaining about it.”

      The first two X-men, and they made lots of changes. X3 and Wolverine were crap (IMO) b/c of wasted/misused characters (Deadpool, Dark Pheonix), poorly written scripts, bad acting, and several other problems.

      • Yes those are legitimate reasons for not liking a movie. Bad acting, bad stories, bad writing, not using characters to their full potentials. All of those are things that make bad CBMs. I was calling out the people who said this movie is going to be crap becuase Jennifer Lawrence’s forehead is big and because Magneto is being used again

        • Spearman/Ghost,

          Those are “your” reasons why a movie won’t work (and this movie has “Several other problems). Yes, these are fictional characters.. but they are characters whom people are intimate with every detail.
          When movie studios don’t pay attention to that detail, then fans have the right to complain.
          Some complaints may be petty (to others) and some may not be.
          Again “I’M” tired of seeing magneto. “I’m” tired of seeing him in the comics. How many times can you tell the same story..but…um, different about the same character..but, um,..different, that’s been around for over 40 years?
          You can’t.
          How many people want to see the Joker in EVERY Batman movie, or Docter Doom in EVERY FF movie, or the Goblin in EVERY Spiderman movie?? ugh.. and Lex Luthor is every Superman flick.. There are other villains, other stories to tell. That’s lazy storying telling to “ME.”
          Some people may love that idea.. That would drive “ME” crazy!
          So, “I’M” not going to see this because “I’M” tired of anything dealing with any version of another Magneto story and this is the Twilight version of the Xmen, not because of the hubcap on Havok’s chest.

          • I agree. Why does Lex Luthor have to be joined at the hip with Superman? Wheres Mr.Mxylplyk, or Darkseid, or Metallo? Redundancy is boring.

      • Also Ghost, I’m not saying you are not bashing the movie just to bash it. If there is a legitimate reason, and yes this film does have some flaws, then by all means bash. I just hate when people have to search and search till they find a tiny flaw then they bash it to pieces. And yes, I have only read a few of your comments on the other threads. You bring up good reasons. And sometimes not following the source material 100% is good but at least make the character recognizable. The biggest example for that is of course Deadpool from Wolverine Origins. I saw that movie with my dad and was telling him how Deadpool is hilarious smart-mouth and bad ass at the same time. And they sew his mouth shut. I’ll admit, that pissed me off.

        • Once agian, to Ghost (sorry i keep getting messages saying you commented and i can’t find the original comment). This is about the continuity. While at first I was upset about “breaking obvious continuity”, which is a big thing for me, now I am starting to think once the movie is seen continuity will be set straight. I am guess that you are talking about some of the continuity in Wolverine Origins? Here are some of my answers to potential flaws: The Emma Frost in this movie and the girl credited as “Kayla’s sister/Emma” are two different people. It’s the media that said it was Emma Frost. And that in the end when Xavier shows up, he is obviously the older Xavier who already has set up the school. In this one he is younger, starting the school for the first time and they just switched the ages of Cyclops and Havok. Keeping Beast in this First Class is in continuity as well.

    • As much as this has become a debate between two different types of fans the fact remains that when the first X-Men movie was released it relied on and cashed in on people who had been fans of the comic up to that point. Whether they had stopped reading the books in the early or mid 90′s or were still collecting the first movie in 2000 depended allot on fans having some knowledge of the characters, which is why they never seemed to worried about explaining or fleshing out allot of the characters.

      Now ten years later and four movies in there seems to be a disconnect with the people making these movies as to who they are marketing these movies too and what story they are trying to tell. It has just come to a point where they have created a confusing narrative that fans from all eras try to make sense of based off of whatever version of the comics they are familiar with and none of it seems to fit. That would not be such a big gripe with allot of people though if they actually did a better job of explaining their version of events better.

      • Slayer,

        I gotta agee with you there. They don’t “owe” it to the fans, but they should if they want to continue making money off us.
        Singer himself admits that he never read an Xman or Superman comic before being approached to make either films.

        Just tell us a bunch of lies or nonsense, but make them sound really, really good and we’ll buy it. It’s all in making us believe it.

        Thor isn’t exactly keeping inline with the comic continuity with a black Himdall and and Asian Hogan, or magic being science..blah,blah.. BUT, we can buy that that isn’t TOO far outside the realm of possibilities… plus the costumes look pretty cool. hhahah.

        • They just never seemed to know where to go with these X-Men movies due probably to a lack of knowledge of the material by the writers, directors and producers. The first movie predates the Ultimate’s books so trying to stick things in from those books when they didn’t have a decent grasp of the original volumes just has caused more confusion among die-hard fans and probably turned some people against the movie version.

          Oddly the Avengers movies and the solo films that are preceding them have the benefit of having been kind of buried in a sense after that World Without Heroes mess and sort of revived with the Ultimate’s books. As long as they keep things close to what has been depicted over the last few decades then it should be accessible to enough fans that it won’t alienate people too much.

          X-Men also suffers from the fact of sheer character volume that has made it harder to give everyone equal time and tell the characters story in a way that will please everyone and move the stories along. The handling of villains has been even worse with everyone other then Magneto just being background henchmen that seem to be there for scenery.

          • @Slayer,

            yah, the Xverse is all over the place. I think a movie with a nice number of characters is doable. For one, they can stretch the movie length out and second..they can “care” about the characters.

            The Watchmen did a pretty good job squeezing everyone in as did Sin City. Hell, even Oceans 11 had a HUGE cast and Bernie Mac got good screen time.

            I also think about Lord of the Rings cast…..
            It can be done.

            Like you said before.. we’re already hip to their origins, so no effort to retell them is needed. Get on with the story

            • It can be done but all those other sources had one definitive source they were working from and even in the case of Lord of the Rings they had to cut things out just for time purposes.

              Problem with X-Men is that they relied on people to fill in the blanks on their own with allot of the characters. That’s why when they switch things up it might turn some fans off because they lose interest in a story they aren’t able to follow anymore.

        • I have a friend in Germany who has already seen Thor and he said Idris Elba did an AMAZING job as Heimdall. Jus throwing that out there lol

          • The casting of minorities in Thor was clearly done to make it more marketable to a wider range of audience. It also probably was done to make up for the fact that there were not allot of minorities in comic books in major roles. Granted Norse Gods would seem to be exempt from having to be diverse but, hey it’s all make believe anyway and it happens allot in movies.

            • Spearman.. I heard that early in the year. Edris turned it out! I’m glad for that.

              Slayer.. that’s the part where I was saying the studio gets us to “Buy into” the lie.

    • I would just like to state for the record, its not a “big head” some spot one the chest of Havok, or any other “little” thing. Its the fact the whole story of how Eric and Charles even met is wrong. The whole story was screwed the minute Singer got on the project. Its not that he can’t make a film, it’s the fact he has to put his “artistic expression” into it that ruins it. Someone needs to make a film exactly from the book just take it an put it on screen. No need to add your stupid little things you think might make it more interesting, there is a reason some of these characters have been around for 30 years. Its not because of your dream to make it how you want it, its because they were interesting enough already. No one little thing that I would like to point out in this video except failure to make it like the book (ANY). It just disgusts me, they got the same idiot who spoiled 2 whole x-men movies and brought him in AGAIN!!! Here is how I see it, if you are a fan of a particular Steven King book, then you see the movie an you are like “Man that wasnt in the book”, or “Why the hell did they NOT make it like the book”… It spoils the “Fan” in us to see something we like torn an shredded an made into a “Brian Singer soup” I for one will find EVERYTHING Brian Singer does from NOW ON, download it an put it online for EVERYONE to download free..(if you want free internet, go to the library.
      I cant help those of you who complain about the complainers have never read a comic, I cant help that those same people like anything put on screen that has super powers.(or whatever it is) I can however correct you at least from my point of view, If you want to know the real story read the freaking book. Something apparently Brian Singer has NEVER done. He is an idiot in the truest sense of the word.


  7. hero complex film festival said to have the world premiere of new captain america trailer and the writers of X-Men ; First class are interested in writing Fantastic Four reboot.