The Expendables Spoilers Discussion

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expendables spoilers The Expendables Spoilers Discussion

While we do have anĀ  Expendables review where you can leave comments, we’ve set up this as a place where you can discuss The Expendables spoilers without concerns about ruining the movie for folks who haven’t seen it yet.

If you’re posting comments here, assume that anyone in the conversation has seen the movie – if you haven’t seen the movie, I would recommend you don’t read the comments here until you have. icon smile The Expendables Spoilers Discussion

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Discuss away!

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  1. what spoilers ? the only thing i can think is the main female lead being the generals daughter.

    imo crews was an extra which could have been left out, i mean we learn nothing of the guy expect he loves the AA 12 shotgun and that he’s really masculine. if they extended the movie to 2 hours they could have gone in more depth with randy and terry’s characters, plus added alot more jet li fight scenes

    • I set this up just in case. A lot of times I don’t know which films people will want to discuss freely or which ones where just the review thread will suffice.

      Shutter Island, Book of Eli, Inception are obvious, others, not so much.


  2. Loved this movie. Start to finish.

  3. Saw this at Midnight. I enjoyed it quite a bit. Very graphic. I thought the camera work in a lot of the fight scenes was too chaotic. I like when they pull the camera back and let you see what they’re doing. Especially when it involves matial arts. Jackie Chan Movies are the best example of this. I hate when the camera gets too close and shaky…. but other than that little gripe… Very good movie.

    two thoughts/observations.

    1) When the 5 of them are running through the palace setting mines on everything (a scene which is easily upwards of a minute long and shows 25 to 30 mines being set) I was hoping one of the guys would kill one of the guards right at the end of that scene and slap a mine right on his forhead. LOL. The audience would have loved that. I just felt like that scene was building up to something… but nope… I was wrong.

    2) this has nothing to do with the movie… but… one of the previews was for that movie Devil. Everyone was kinda watching it seriously as the scene was unfolding… until…. It flashed on screen “An original story from M. Night Shyamalan” and half the audience just started laughing. I think he may have lost his clout as a good story teller. (I know this post would have fit better in the article that was up here a few weeks back about M. Night’s career…. but honestly… who would have seen it. lol)

    Anyways… check out Expendables… It has to be better than “Eat, Pray, Love, Sleep, Work, Relax, Rinse, Wash, Repeat” or whatever the hell Julia Robert’s new boredom simulator is called.

  4. @Raven I agree with your comment on the chaotic camera work specifically in the car/truck chase.

    The only real spoiler I think is that Dolph double crosses the team. I was hoping for more really. The action was AWESOME though we had to wait to the finale to get to the stuff we were all awaiting for. Sadly this seems like a glorified TNT movie. Still liked it, just not loving it.

    Oh and the M. Night thing happened in my theater too as well as when I saw Scott Pilgrim on Tuesday night. It was like it was planned…I didn’t expect the WHOLE theater to start laughing:P

  5. I haven’t seen it yet, but I hope they show the “Devil” preview at my cinema. I’m almost anticipating that now more than this movie. Almost.

  6. I loved it. Excellent!

  7. Awesome movie, the figt scenes are amazing! Terry Crews was great at the end with that super weapon!

    • AA 12 shotgun, look it up hehehe they screwed it up, it can only shoot 120 shots per minute not 240. what i dislike is how he talked about the explosive round yet never used it.

        • @jwalker
          Didn’t he use the explosive rounds twice, on the lookout towers?

  8. sorry I mean fight

  9. The movie was good, I agree with both Raven and Marc. But I think everyone knew Lundgren was gonna betray the team. Sure it was explosives and kicks, but it was only an entry towards the story of the film. Stallone’s films do better everytime they get a sequel.

    And I believe there will be one. You gotta hand it to the Italian Stallion that he pushes both his mind and body to make a film that would please action fans around the world.

  10. More spoilers include the fact that Stone Cold Steve Austin and Gary Daniels die. Both are pretty big names to action fans.

    I loved this film from start to finish. Realistically, Vic is spot on with his analysis of the film. But for me I didn’t care about story or fleshed out characters. The characters all worked for me without having to know their history, the all had personality and they where all distinctive.

    • Austin Dying was inevitable as was Gary Daniels. Im thinking Gary Daniel’s Part was supposed to be meant for Van Damme had he accepted Stallone’s offer. Good movie, the only scene I had calms with was the CGI hand chopping and throat stab scene towards the end when he saves the girl.

      • I doubt that. In fact it’s because Daniels was cast that The Brit was even given anything to do.

        Still, he had a freaking awesome death scene.

        • There’s nothing to doubt, Van Damme has played the bady guy role before, Black Eagle, No Surrender No Retreat but I guess we will never know.

  11. Did anyone else think it weird that Dolph Lundgren was alive at the end? I thought he was dead…it was kind of like a Pineapple Express moment. I also didn’t really care about the character development because the character were the actors themselves, right? Haha.

    • No remember the shot was 3 to 6 inches above his heart so I kinda figured when he didnt put the final bullet in his skull that lundgren was gonna be alive in some kind of way.

  12. Very good action movie. I like the chaos of the camera during the fight scenes it made me feel like I was in the room during the fight. The only real gripe I have is that I thought we would get a little background on the characters before they headed back to the island. instead they hopped on the plane a poof the movie was over and left me thinking. What did jet li need a raise for?

    • because he was shorter and and smaller LoL

      • He also had a family, with a child in college.

  13. Odd thing happened to me on Saturday watching Expandables. The damn reel burnt up near the end of the movie. I’m not giving anything away but could someone tells me what happens right at the end? Jason Statham is saying a poem about Tool during their knife competition he starts walking out of the shop… then the film died. What happens?
    Also was their any post credits stuff?

    • lol, did the real actually burn up or were you just watching the same downloaded copy i was :P cause the same thing happened to me

  14. One long distance throw by jason and it ends.

  15. I felt the movie was a bit long. I was expecting more from the film. The first fight in the island n the climax fight was jus owsm. Other than that the film kinda lets you down..

  16. @ Jwalka – I’m not sure but it looked like explosive rounds when Crews fired at the guard towers and they exploded.

  17. Stallone has more heart than me. I would not have rescued that chick. Statistically, women loathe you when they ask U to do things for them. He had to try to save her twice, and what happenned? He slaughters a ton of guys, a ton, and then it looks like she’s into him, then he gets to the plane and it gets to this whole thing, “I’m staying here.”, and then it goes into how he’s too old for her. I’m sure she had a boyfriend somewhere in the village, whom probably started hitting it with other girls the day after the troops dragged her off. Stallone’s too old, but her young boyfriend doesn’t have the energy or the skill to commit mass slaughter for her. He was somewhere in that village with a forty and another chick, trying to reconcile. I guarantee you, she’ll let Stallone and his sucker friends help her, and then it’s off to the loving arms of her boyfriend whom is probably at home watching T’V., or at some other chicks house having his heart healed. Soon, she’ll call Sly back to the jungle to have him move furniture.

    • If Barney did not return to rescue the girl, we’d have a 30 min. movie…

  18. I really loved the movie, tho my only nitpick goes to the “Church & Trench” church scene. Not only was it gratuitous, but it was flawed. I mean, are these three people in the same room? It seems it was filmed separately, Bruce & Sly and then Sly & Arnold, with a quick take using a Arnold stand-in (back to the camera) for giving the illusion of the three of them being on the same place at the same time. Also, when Arnold leaves the room, it looks like blue-screen (you know, like the subway fight in MATRIX). And, when Trench enters the room, there’s some “heroic” back lighting that makes he look as if he was to be more than the 3 seconds he is in the movie. What else? Ah, yes, the flames looked sort of fake throughout the whole picture. Did I hate the movie? NO WAY! You cannot hate a good old-fashioned macho flick with Sly, Statham and Jet Li. And Mickey Rourke was awesome!

  19. Did Crews have and extended mag? I mean the two mags available are an 8 round clip and the 20 round tommygun clip. He shot WAY more than 20 rounds when went on that rampage at the end!! Any one help me with This?